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The Five Times Damien and Shayne Acted Gay (And One Time They Weren’t Acting)

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12:32 PM
Dames: hey what are you doing saturday

SuperShayne: Nothing

Dames: Do you want to sleepover friday night?

SuperShayne: Ill go ask my mom!

Friday night, little middle schooler Shayne walked up to little middle schooler Damien’s house with his stuff in his duffel bag he used for sleepovers. He knocked on the door.Damien’s mom answered, Damien standing excitedly behind her.

“Hey, Shayne!” She greeted as she turned to talk to Shayne’s mom. Shayne moved past her to see Damien.

“Hey, dude!!” Damien exclaimed excitedly, “Brittney has a friend over too” Shayne looked past Damien and indeed saw Damien’s older sister petting a cat and talking to another girl Shayne didn’t recognize.

“Wait, Dames, I got an idea,” Shayne began with a mischievous grin.

“I like where this is going Shayne,” Damien shot back, only enjoying the nickname a little.


And that’s how Shayne and Damien spent the night chasing the two girls through the house as Damien’s mother looked on in- disapproval? Confusion? Who knows?

“Come on guys, it’s time for dinner.” The race through the house paused as everyone took a seat at the table and the family and their +1’s began to eat.

Dinner was awesome and actually enjoyed his banter with Damien at the table. As soon as the boys were done eating they were up and out of their seats, already scheming against the girls again.

Bedtime came all too soon but the boys really didn’t mind. The protests were all for show. Plotting is tiring job, man. Plus, it was past Shayne’s bedtime anyways.

The thing was Damien had a full bed, but both the boys were sharing Damien’s bed. Damien’s parents said that the two bean pole preteens would more than fit. Shayne was a guest so he bit his tounge and didn’t argue. Not that he’d ever admit it but even if he wasn’t the guest he wouldn’t really have argued. He wouldn’t particularly mind sharing a bed with Damien. NOT BECAUSE HE LIKED DAMIEN. HE WASN’T GAY. But Damien was better than any of the girls at their school. Not because the girls weren’t cool, Damien was just… better. What? You know what, new thought! It was time for bed and Shayne was tired so he changed in pajamas and climbed into Damien’s bed.

“Dames?” Shayne called out. At the call, Damien appeared in the doorway with a toothbrush in his mouth and toothpaste foaming around his mouth. Damien gave a mumble that sounded kinda like a ‘wassup?’ Shayne was going to tell him he was just going to go to bed now but Damien was about to come to bed in a moment, so it would just easier to wait. Also the fact Shayne wasn’t really forming words at the moment for some reason. He didn’t know why but he pushed the thought away regardless.

Damien eventually finished brushing his teeth and came into the room, finished getting ready for bed, and turned off the lights as the room fell to a calming darkness.

The next morning when Shayne woke up, it was bright outside and there was unwelcome light in his eyes from the window next to the bed. He turned away from the window toward the middle of the bed, and (half-asleep) tried to blindly curl around and cuddle the phantom partner on the other side of the bed. After a minute of searching around Shayne stopped abruptly as his eyes flew open. What. Was. He. Doing?!?!?

He also noticed when he opened his eyes that Damien was nowhere to be found and he was alone in bed. Alone in Damien’s bed, to be specific. In Damien’s room. Shayne was also distantly aware of a vacuum cleaner going off. Shayne laid in bed for a minute, sort of gathering his bearings for a minute, before picking up his phone and looking at the time.

Turns out it was already noon.

Shayne eventually got up out of bed and padded out into the main house. There he found Damien’s mom vacuuming and a plate with a fresh cinnamon roll and some fruit left out on the kitchen bar. Damien’s mom finally noticed the blond boy standing there with a blank look on his face.

“Good morning! Sleep well?” Damien’s mom asked playfully, as she turned off the vacuum for a moment.

“Oh, um yeah. Where’s Damien?” Shayne responded, his brain still half asleep.

“He’s out on the porch with the cats,” Damien’s mom pointed to the sliding glass door leading out to the back patio, then went back to vacuuming.

“K, thanks,” Shayne mumbled as he was drown out by the vacuum again. Shayne had also had a distaste for vacuums. But he walked over and saw Damien sitting out on the porch reading a book, waiting for the cats to finish prowling around the caged in porch. Damien looked up from his book at the sound of the door opening, though, and smiled when he saw Shayne standing there, bleary eyed and still in his pajamas from last night.

“Morning!” Damien chirped brightly. Shayne grunted in response. “You see your breakfast on the counter?” Damien asked, undeterred by Shayne’s unenthusiastic response. Shayne only grunted again. “I’ll take that as a ‘no’,” Damien laughed and thought he saw Shayne let out a little smile too. Damien hopped up out of his chair, set his book on the table and cheerily told Shayne “Do you want to sit down next to me and I’ll go get your plate?” Shayne moved to sit down in the chair next to the chair Damien had been sitting in and Damien took that as a sign of affirmation. So he opened the sliding glass door and went to grab the plate

Damien came back outside not a moment latter with Shayne’s plate, and Shayne had to admit it looked delicious, and the moment it was in front of him it was in his mouth. Damien sat next to him and alternated between reading in comfortable silence or happily talking to Shayne about anything and everything. And Shayne was.. content. Yeah… he was happy. He loved this. And that’s how they spent their morning until Shayne’s mom came to pick him up.