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We Only Have Tonight

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“I’m not coming to a party with your friends tonight,” Waverly huffs at her sister, Wynonna. She’s clearing the table of dishes from dinner and washing them in the sink.

“Come on, babygirl!” Wynonna whines. “If I have to come home to you asleep on the couch with the end credits of ‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ I’m going to die!”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Waverly laughs. “You’re being dramatic.”

“You need to get out more!” Wynonna tells her. She makes her way up to her sister and starts drying the clean dishes.

“I get out plenty,” The younger Earp retorts. “I just don’t need to go get drunk with your work friends to have a good time.

“You’re really going to make me go to this alone?” Wynonna asks. Her tone is more serious now.

“What’s the big deal? You hang out with them all the time! Nicole is one of your best friends at the station,” Waverly tells her.

“Not with Nedley!” Wynonna whines.

“You want me to go so I can act as a buffer to whatever beef you still have with Randy Nedley?!” Waverly realizes she’s getting a little loud. “Damnit, Wynonna, you’re not a teenager anymore! You work for the man now,” she lowers her voice a little.

“Well, he still likes to treat me like I’m a teenager,” Wynonna huffs.

“Stop acting like one,” she suggests under her breath.

“I’ll pay you!” Wynonna yells out. Waverly stops in her tracks and gives her sister an unconvinced look.

“You’ll pay me?” She questions.

“No,” Wynonna admits with a small laugh. Waverly sighs and shakes her head, turning back to the sink. “But I’ll love you forever!”

“And you’ll only love me for a little while if I don’t go?” Waverly asks. She continues washing dishes, not turning back to see her sister.

“Don’t test me,” Wynonna teases. She makes her way back to her sister after putting the dry dishes away.

“What do I really get out of this if I go?” Waverly asks.

“A chance to spend a night with your favorite sister?” Wynonna gives her a hopeful smile.

“Fine,” She huffs. She watches as her sister beams with excitement. Waverly shakes her head at Wynonna.

“Get ready, we need to leave in an hour,” Wynonna grins, hitting Waverly lightly with the dish towel.  Waverly groans at the thought of being rushed. She finishes washing the last dish and makes her way upstairs. She digs through the closet, finding something to wear. She’s not sure why she feels the need to put any effort into this, she’s basically just going there to babysit her sister while she drinks. She decides on a pair of light washed jeans and a black, fitted tee shirt.




They arrive at the Nedley house and there are a few police cruisers in the driveway. This house isn’t new to Waverly, she practically grew up there. She had been friends with Randy Nedley’s daughter, Chrissy, since they were 3 or 4. They’ve grown apart over the past few years, but are still friendly toward one another when they see each other. Chrissy is more into going out and partying most nights, while Waverly is, well, apparently old and boring these days if you ask her sister.

“Looks like the cops have already arrived to break up the party,” Waverly jokes. She nudges her sister, who doesn’t find her joke that funny,

Waverly parks the car by the curb in front of the house. She sighs at the thought of having to look over her sister for the night. It’s not that she doesn’t like spending time with Wynonna, but spending time with her at a party usually is her making sure she gets home safe by the end of the night. Maybe this time it’ll be different since she’s at her boss’s house, but she doesn’t put anything past Wynonna.

They make their way to the front door of the house, which swings open before they even reach it, making the pair jump. “What the hell, Chetri?” Wynonna yells.

“Young people!” Jeremy calls out. Jeremy is a researcher at the police department. Wynonna mostly makes fun of him, but Waverly feels like she actually has a soft spot for him. Waverly laughs at the comment when she looks past Jeremy to see Randy Nedley inside with a few other older police officers.

“This party looks riveting,” Waverly jokes.

“Is Haught even here yet?” Wynonna groans. She walks past the pair to enter the house. Jeremy leads them into the kitchen where the drinks are. Waverly enters the room, catching a glimpse of the tall, redheaded officer out of the corner of her eye. She has seen Nicole around since her sister has been working at the station, but she hasn’t actually even spoken to her very often. They had the occasional friendly conversation here and there, but she hasn’t gotten to know her very well. From the little interaction that she’s seen while being around her, she’s not sure that they would have much in common.

“Haught stuff!” Wynonna calls out as she walks up to her, smacking her playfully on the ass. Waverly shakes her head at her sister and slowly walks up next to them. Jeremy trails behind like a puppy dog. She likes Jeremy. He’s always been interesting to talk to and she often finds herself in conversation about different science related topics when she swings by the station.

“Earp,” Nicole says. “What did I tell you about touching my ass in public?” she gives her a fake angry look.

“Only in the bedroom?” Wynonna says with a wink, causing Waverly to roll her eyes at them. Nicole notices the brunette standing on the other side of Wynonna and peers around her.

“Ah, the infamous Waverly Earp,” Nicole says almost as if she’s in the presence of greatness.

“Infamous?” Waverly asks, confused.

“Wynonna talks about you often,” Nicole tells her, gesturing toward the older Earp. Waverly becomes instantly nervous about what her sister could have told her.

“Hopefully you don’t listen,” she laughs.  

“Nothing bad,” Nicole assures her. “I’m impressed though,” she says.

“Impressed?” Waverly asks.

“You actually got her to come,” Nicole says to Wynonna.

“I told you, Haught!” Wynonna laughs. “Now pay up,” she puts her hand out.

“Are you serious?!” Waverly scoffs at her sister. She’s instantly angry and storms out of the room, Jeremy following behind. She takes a seat on the couch in the living room. She notices the room really hasn’t changed since the last time she was there in high school. The photos on the mantel are mostly of Chrissy. There’s a few with Waverly in them. Jeremy sits down next to her.

“You okay?” he asks.

“My sister is just an ass,” Waverly huffs.

“I think she just thinks she’s funny,” Jeremy tells her. “Nedley told her earlier than she can bring you tonight if you wanted to come and she said she wasn’t sure if she could get you to come out.”

“Well, she practically begged me,” Waverly tells him. “But if she’s making money off of me I’m going to kick her a-”

“Those two just get around each other and everything’s a joke,” Jeremy assures her. “I’m not sure that they really made a bet.”

“Are you just going to sit here and defend them all night?” Waverly huffs. She looks up and sees Nicole in the doorway. She gestures to Jeremy to leave. He looks back at Waverly asking for permission to leave her alone. Waverly nods and Jeremy makes his way out of the room

“Peace offering?” Nicole holds up a drink, shaking it in the air a little. Waverly sighs and doesn’t give her an answer. Nicole makes her way to the couch and sits down. “I was just kidding,” she tells her. “I didn’t make a bet with your sister.”

“Well, it wasn’t that funny,” Waverly tells her.

“I’m sorry,” Nicole tells her. “Thanks for coming to see me off,” she says.

“It’s my favorite thing to do on a friday night,” Waverly tells her. “Go to parties for people I don’t know, who are leaving for a whole year in the morning,” she laughs. Nicole smiles back at her. Waverly notices a predominant dimple on her cheek. She likes it.

“Well,” Nicole says. “That’s great because my favorite thing to do is hang out with people, I don’t know at my going away parties, when I’m about to leave for a year in the morning.”

“I guess we have a lot in common,” Waverly says. Her demeanor has softened since Nicole first entered the room. There’s something about the redhead that is calming.

“So this party is kind of lame,” Nicole says. She places her arm on the top of the couch, just over Waverly’s shoulders without actually touching her. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“This is your party,” Waverly laughs. She turns her body on the couch to face the redhead a little more.

“Do you think they’ll miss me?” Nicole asks.

“Apparently enough to throw you a party,” Waverly says, sarcastically. “I’m not about to be responsible for you ditching out before 8:00. Where are you going anyway?”

“Top secret,” Nicole tells her. Her eyes widen and she grins.

“Top secret?” Waverly asks, confused.  

“Police business,” Nicole shoots Waverly a wink. Waverly rolls her eyes, unimpressed. “Okay, so if you won’t let me leave, will you be my partner?” The redhead stands up from the couch. She reaches her hand out to Waverly.

“Your partner?” Waverly asks. She doesn’t take Nicole’s offer to take her hand.

“Beer pong!” Nicole smiles.  

“Fine,” Waverly sighs. She stands up from the couch and walks past Nicole. She glances behind her to see Nicole staring back at her. “You coming?” she asks and watches as the redhead nods and follows quickly behind.



Waverly is a lot better at beer pong that she thought she would be. She played at a few parties in high school, but it had been quite some time since that has happened. As the game goes on, the drinks are flowing more and she notices Nicole closing the gap between them a little more. The more she drinks, the less she seems to care.

“Come on, babygirl, don’t miss it!” Wynonna taunts her from the other side of the table. There’s one cup left and Nicole missed, leaving it up to Waverly to win the game for them. She tries hard to ignore her sister, who is clearly a few more drinks in than she is. She’s flailing around on the other side of the table, doing anything she can to distract Waverly. Waverly gives her a look indicating that she’s being ridiculous, but that doesn’t stop her.

“Wait,” Nicole calls out before Waverly has a chance to throw the ball. She takes Waverly’s hand and kisses the ball she’s holding. “For good luck,” she grins. Waverly smiles back at her and aims for the cup again. Tossing the ball into the air, she swears the room goes silent and time slows as she watches the ball soar through the air, hitting the rim of the cup, spinning around the edge and falling slowly into the liquid on the inside. Nicole immediately cheers and she sees her sister groan from across the table. She feels Nicole’s arms wrap around her body. She’s surprised, but reciprocates the hug. It seems to last a little longer than she thought it would but she doesn’t hate it.

They win two more games before Wynonna and Dolls come back for a rematch, finally winning a game. Waverly surrenders to her sister and tells Nicole she’s going to go outside and get some fresh air. She makes her way to the backdoor to find an empty back deck. There’s a faint smell of cigarettes in the air from people smoking out there earlier in the evening, she coughs a little and makes her way further into the back yard. There’s a bench near a garden that she always found peaceful to sit at. She takes a seat and watches as the sky as it becomes darker, the sun is starting to set.




“I didn’t realize you’d be so good at that,” a voice comes from behind her, breaking her from her peaceful moment. She looks up to see Nicole holding out another drink for her. She takes the offer, grabbing the cup from her hand.

“Good at what?” Waverly asks. Nicole takes a seat next to her on the bench.

“Beer pong!” Nicole says.

“I get out,” Waverly tells her. She’s a little more defensive than she means to be.

“Hey, hey,” Nicole puts her hands out in front of her. “I wasn’t saying you didn’t.”

“I’m sorry,” Waverly sighs. “It’s just..Wynonna..never mind,” she huffs.

“Well, for what it’s worth,” Nicole starts. “I’m glad you came out. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer pong partner that good,” she smiles. Waverly shakes her head at the redhead. She has this cocky outer shell to her that Waverly feels like she can see right though. “Do you want to play 20 questions?” Nicole asks.

“Not really,” Waverly tells her, honestly.

“Oh, come on!” Nicole groans. “I need entertainment,” she laughs.

“Fine,” Waverly gives in. “What’s your favorite color?” she asks.

“Really?” Nicole asks. “That’s it? You have free range to ask me anything in the world and you go with the most boring thing about a person?”

“Why is that boring?” Waverly asks.

“It’s cliche,” Nicole huffs. She leans further back on the bench, taking a sip of her drink.

“Okay, what would you ask me?” Waverly asks.

“If I were you asking me?” Nicole asks.

“Whatever,” Waverly laughs.

“Sex positions?” Nicole grins. Waverly immediately shakes her head, shutting her down. “Fine, I like blue,” the redhead huffs.

“I think a favorite color says a lot about someone,” Waverly admits. “Blue for example, while it’s very popular, it displays peace and tranquility.”

“Okay, so what’s yours?” Nicole asks.


“Let me guess,” Nicole says quickly. “Sunshine And happiness?”

“Optimism,” Waverly smiles. “It’s warm and welcoming. Like a friendship.”

“Are you friendzoning me already?” Nicole smirks. Waverly sighs, attempting to ignore the comments. “Okay, another question, shoot!”

“What’s your favorite book?” Waverly asks.

“You think I read?” Nicole teases.

“Well, I’m supposed to trust you with my life, right?” Waverly asks.

“Huh?” Nicole asks.

“You’re a police officer,” Waverly reminds her. Nicole nods in realization of what she is talking about. “So I hope you can read,” Waverly teases.

“I actually read a lot,” Nicole admits. Waverly looks a little surprised. “Wow, don’t be so shocked. There’s more to me than you think,” Nicole laughs.

“Okay so what do you read?” Waverly asks.

“I’m a sucker for the Harry Potter series,” Nicole admits. She looks like she’s bracing herself for Waverly to laugh.

“I just restarted from the beginning last night,” Waverly smiles.

“I thought you’d laugh,” Nicole admits.

“Harry Potter is a classic!” Waverly says. “Major cool points. And I won’t tell anyone you’re a nerd,” she teases.

“Check out the sky,” Nicole says. She taps Waverly on the arm when she speaks. Waverly turns to see the top of the sun disappearing behind the trees. The sky is mostly dark with traces of pink and blue still visible.

“It’s beautiful,” Waverly says softly. She finds herself quickly caught in the moment.

“It is,” Nicole says. Waverly can feel the redhead looking at her rather than the sky.

“Question 3,” Waverly says as she turns to make eye contact with Nicole. “What’s your favorite time of year?”

“Uh, this time,” Nicole says. “Early summer. It’s warm during the day, but still cool at night. Amazing sunsets,” she gestures back toward the sky as the rest of the sun disappears.

“Haught!” Wynonna’s voice comes from across the yard. Waverly internally groans and remembers she originally came to hang out with her sister. “I need a pong partner!”

“She beckons,” Nicole says. She winks at Waverly as she stands up from the bench. Waverly wants to stop her and tell her to stay, but she smiles at the redhead and tells her she’s going to hang out for a little longer outside.

She watches as the redhead walks away with her sister, who playfully pushes her when she caught up to her. Waverly thinks about how after all the time her sister has worked with Nicole, she was never really interested in getting to know her. She had a preconception of her that she seems to be wrong about.




Waverly decides to make her way back in the house after being alone outside for a while. She sees Jeremy standing alone on one side of the room and joins him. He’s watching the beer pong game intensely.

“How’s it going?” She asks the man.

“It’s intense!” Jeremy says with excitement. “It’s been neck and neck!” Waverly laughs and looks toward the table.

Waverly watches as Dolls shoots the ball into a cup across the table. Wynonna taunts him, calling him a traitor for dropping her as his partner. Nicole then takes the ball and shoots it across the table, sinking it into the cup. Waverly smiles as she watches her and Wynonna celebrating. The game continues and Wynonna and Nicole end up winning, bringing them to play another game. Nicole glances behind her and smiles at the brunette. Waverly smiles back at her. She asks Jeremy if he wants to go back outside to get some fresh air. She gets a little tired of watching the others play beer pong. Jeremy agrees and follows her outside. She makes her way to the other side of yard where there is a treehouse. Waverly and Chrissy used to spend nights in the treehouse together. She climbs the ladder and finds that it hasn’t changed much either. She gestures for Jeremy to join her and he climbs the ladder right away.

The pair spend time talking about anything that comes to mind. Waverly has always found Jeremy interesting to talk to. He usually controls most of be converdetion, but Waverly doesn’t mind. She likes to hear what he has to say. After a while, Jeremy tells Waverly that he’s going to go get himself another drink and asks if she wants anything. Waverly asks if he will bring her another drink and he agrees. She watches him descend down the ladder until she can’t see him anymore.



Waverly continues sitting in the treehouse alone for a few minutes before she hears someone climbing the ladder. She sees a hand reach in and set drinks down before climbing fully into the building.

“Nicole?” Waverly asks when she sees it’s not Jeremy.

“I traded off with Cherri,” she says. “I figured maybe we could continue 20 questions,” she suggests. Waverly smiles and nods at the redhead.

“Question 4?” Waverly asks.

“What’s an annoying habit you have?” Nicole asks.

“Maybe you should tell me,” Waverly laughs.

“I’m sure you have none,” Nicole laughs.

“I ramble when I’m nervous,” Waverly admits. “I overplan. I care too much-”

“Okay, okay,” Nicole laughs. “You don’t have to give me 10!” Waverly blushes a little. Nicole looks deeper into Waverly’s eyes. Waverly feels her mouth become suddenly dry. She takes a quick sip of her drink.

“Do you have any siblings?” Waverly asks.

“Is that question 5?” Nicole asks. “Also, unfair because I already know your answer.”

“But I don’t know yours,” Waverly says.

“Only child,” Nicole tells her. “Can you tell?”

“Is that question 6?” Waverly teases.

“No,” Nicole says. “Question 6 is, if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

“Well,” Waverly begins. “To answer the first question, I can tell a little,” she admits. “And Italy.”

“Ah, Italy is beautiful!” Nicole smiles. She leans back against the wall behind her.

“You’ve been?” Waverly asks.

“I have,” Nicole says. “But I’d definitely go back.”

“Are you offering to go with me?” Waverly laughs. She’s not sure what to say.

“Man, Earp, first you friendzone me, then you want to go on a romantic vacation with me?” Nicole teases.

“You’re impossible,” Waverly groans, pushing Nicole playfully.

“Haught, a word?” Wynonna pops her head into the treehouse, scaring Waverly.

“What the hell, Wynonna!” The younger Earp huffs.

“I’ll be right back,” Nicole tells her. She stands up and makes her way down the ladder of the treehouse. Waverly leans back against the wall, missing the warmth of having Nicole close to her. She watches out the door as the redhead walks away with her sister. They talk at a slight distance from the treehouse in hushed tones. After a few minutes, she sees them both descend into the house. She waits to see if Nicole will come back, but when she hasn’t returned, she shifts and stands up. She turns to climb down the ladder and hears a voice from behind her.

“You’re leaving?” Nicole asks from the ground.

“I didn’t know if you’d be back,” Waverly tells her.

“I told you I would!” Nicole tells her. She has returned with another drink. One for her and one for Waverly. Waverly makes her way back into the tree house and reaches down for the drinks so Nicole can safely climb up. Waverly sits down on a chair in the corner as she watches Nicole plop back onto the floor. “So do you think I’ve stuck around long enough?” Nicole asks.

“What did you have in mind?” Waverly asks. She assumes Nicole still wants her company. Maybe she shouldn’t just assume. Maybe she wants to be alone now and it’s time to part ways.

“I’m not sure,” Nicole admits. But if I only have one more night here, I’m not going to waste it. Come with me?” She asks.

“You only have one night and you want to spend it with me?” Waverly asks.

“You’re the most interesting person I’ve encountered all night,” Nicole tells her.

“I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not,” Waverly laughs. “Question 7,” she says as she stands up from the chair. “How would you spend your ideal day?” She asks.

“Follow me and find out,” Nicole smiles. She stands up and makes the climb back down the ladder to the ground.

Waverly follows Nicole down to the house. They make their way inside the house. The party has fizzled out. There’s not much happening in the house. A few officers are getting ready to leave. Nicole says goodbye to them. Waverly turns toward Wynonna, letting her know she’s going to go for a walk with Nicole. She makes sure her sister is okay and will make it home safely if she’s not back in time. Wynonna agrees but shoots Nicole a warning look that Waverly decides not to think too much into. She makes a mental note of asking Nicole about it later.



“So, what did my sister say to you?” Waverly asks as they make their way down the street into the dark.

“She told me to stay away from you,” Nicole says, nonchalantly.

“What?!” Waverly yells. She turns back toward the house. Nicole puts her arm out to stop her from leaving.

“Hey!” Nicole says, trying to calm Waverly down. “Because I leave tomorrow,” she reminds her, almost as if she’s reminding herself too.

“So I can’t hang out with you tonight?” Waverly asks.

“No. You can. You just can’t fall for me tonight,” Nicole turns her head to the side and grins at the brunette. Waverly shakes her head at her.

“Oh, okay,” Waverly says sarcastically and laughs.

“It’s a fair warning, Earp,” Nicole says.

“You think very highly of yourself, don’t you?” Waverly asks.

“Confidence isn’t a sin,” Nicole tells her.

“Confidence or cockiness?” Waverly asks.

“I guess it depends on who you’re talking to,” Nicole grins. Waverly can’t help but smile back at her. Even through the cocky comments, there’s something about her that she finds endearing.

“Next question. What are we on? 8?” Waverly asks. Nicole nods. “What was your first impression on me?”

“Tonight or when I first saw you?” Nicole asks.

“Do you remember the first time you saw me?” Waverly asks.

“I remember when you came in to see Wynonna a couple years ago.” Nicole tells her. “I thought ‘wow, Wynonna has a hot sister’ and she immediately gave me a warning look like she could read my mind,” Nicole laughs.

“Seriously?” Waverly asks.

“I swear,” Nicole laughs. “Tonight though, it was different.”

“Why’s that?” Waverly asked. Nicole pauses for a moment and looks back at the brunette. She reaches up and tucks a loose hair behind Waverly’s ear.

“You just seemed different,” Nicole tells her. “In a good way.” Waverly takes a deep breath in and let’s it out slowly. “What was your first impression of me?” Nicole asks as she turns to keep walking down the street.

“Cocky,” Waverly states plainly.

“Confident, Earp! Confident!” Nicole argues.

“Whatever,” Waverly huffs.

“I have a question,” Nicole says. “Number 9. Would you rather lose all of your memories or never be able to make another memory again?” She asks.

“So I get to keep them from this point on?” Waverly asks. Nicole nods. “I like those chances,” she smiles.

“Me too,” Nicole says softly. Waverly walks ahead a little, turning toward a park. She stops at the sign to the park and turns back around to see Nicole catching up.

“Have you ever swung drunk at a park after midnight?” Waverly asks.

“More times than I’d like to admit,” Nicole laughs as she turns to follow Waverly deeper into the park.



“So where are you really going tomorrow?” Waverly asks again as they make their way through the park. It’s poorly lit by street lights but their eyes have adjusted fairly well to the dark by now.

“I can’t tell you,” Nicole says. Her tone is more serious now. Waverly wants to push it a little further but she respects her need to keep it quiet.

“Fine. Question 10,” Waverly says. “What’s your favorite animal?”

“Sloth,” Nicole says quickly.

“A sloth? Really?” Waverly asks.

“They’ve got it made!” Nicole laughs. “No one expects much out of them because they move so slowly. It’s perfect!” Waverly laughs and shakes her head at the thought. “Well, what’s yours?” Nicole asks.

“Monkeys,” Waverly told her. “I could watch them all day.” She smiles at the thought. “Okay, 11, biggest fear?”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Nicole huffs. She jumps up on a wooden ledge near the playground, balancing her way down it. She probably feels like it’s going smoother than it is. Waverly watched as she teeters back and forth, almost falling.

“I don’t believe that for a second,” Waverly laughs.

“Cops can’t have fears,” Nicole tells her. “It’s in the handbook,” she teases. Waverly shakes her head at the redhead and sits down on one of the swings. “Okay, Earp, What’s your biggest fear then?” She asks.

“I won’t tell you unless you tell me yours,” Waverly gives her an ultimatum. She looks back at Nicole, who is thinking for a moment. The redhead shakes her head, still refusing to answer. “Okay, question number 12. What’s your favorite thing about Purgatory?”

Nicole laughs and sits down on a swing next to Waverly. “Your questions just got harder,” she says.

“I’m serious! You must not totally hate it here,” Waverly tells her. She plants her feet firmly on the ground and turns to face the redhead.

“It has its perks,” Nicole smiles back at the brunette. “What about you?” She asks.

“It’s home,” Waverly says. She looks around the park as far as she can see in the dark. She’s always appreciated the small town she grew up in, but even now, she feels like she’s seeing it in a whole different light. Or lack thereof.



Nicole makes her way over to the slide on the edge of the playground. Waverly remains on the swings for a moment as she watches Nicole climb the stairs and sit at the top of the slide. “You coming?” Nicole calls out. Waverly laughs. She can’t remember a time she felt so free from life just to have fun and see where the night brings her. The more time she spends with Nicole, however, the more the ache in her chest grows when she remembers she’s leaving in the morning.

Nicole slides down the slide by the time Waverly has made it to the top. She sees the redhead waiting at the bottom. “You might want to move over,” Waverly calls down to her. “I’m going to hit you where you’re standing.”

“No you won’t,” Nicole tells her. “Trust me.” Waverly shakes her head and starts the descent down the slide. Just before she reaches the bottom, Nicole moves her legs to straddle the bottom of the slide. Waverly stops at the bottom with Nicole hovering over her. “Told you,” Nicole grins.

“Smooth,” Waverly teases. Nicole smiles back at her. She leans down closer to the brunette’s face.

“Question 13,” Nicole says as she pushes off the slide, moving so Waverly can stand up. Waverly finds herself disappointed with the change in position, but follows Nicole back to the top of the slide. “Who’s your favorite superhero?” Nicole asks.

“You’re going to hate me,” Waverly cringes. “I’m not really into superheroes.”

“Point reduction right there, Earp,” Nicole teases. Waverly playfully puts on a pouty lip. “I’m kidding,” Nicole laughs. “Captain Marvel is my favorite,” She tells her. Nicole sits back on the slide and makes her way to the bottom. She lays back on the hard plastic when she reaches the bottom.

“Okay, now I’m really going to hit you if I slide down,” Waverly laughs as she sits at the top of the slide. Nicole groans and looks up at the brunette over her head.

“Fine!” She huffs as she stands back up. Waverly makes her way down the slide. She stops at the bottom, laying back on the surface, looking up at Nicole. Nicole straddles the slide again and sits down on the edges of it, hovering over Waverly’s body. “This works,” she laughs. Waverly just smiles up at her. There’s a single street light shining down on them. It’s reflecting off of Nicole’s red hair, which Waverly finds captivating.

“To answer your question earlier,” Nicole begins. “At this moment, you are,” she says with a smile. Her dimple makes another appearance on her cheek.

“What? Waverly asks, confused.

“My favorite thing about Purgatory,” Nicole tells her. Waverly stops for a moment and stares back at her. She feels her heart beating so hard she’s convinced the redhead can hear it.

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to fall for you tonight,” Waverly says, softly, almost in a whisper.

“You’re not,” Nicole replies. She leans in, closing the gap between the pair.

“And you think saying things like that is helping?” Waverly says.

“Probably not.” Waverly can feel Nicole’s breath on her lips. “So we probably shouldn’t…” Nicole trails off.

“No,” Waverly says. “We shouldn’t.” She reaches up and grabs the front of the redhead’s shirt, pulling her closer to her. The kiss feels more natural than Waverly had expected, as if they had been doing it for years. Nicole’s lips were warm and soft and tasted less like alcohol than other drunken kisses she has had. Despite Waverly coming close to losing control, the kiss is soft and sweet. They continue to kiss for a few minutes, tongues lightly brushing again one another every once in a while.

The sound of someone coughing to gain their attention comes from behind them. There’s the sudden light of a flashlight shining down on them and Waverly feels like she’s back in high school, sneaking out of her home, getting caught by someone’s parents. Nicole cringes slightly and slowly turns around. “Officer,” she smiles.

“Haught, What the hell are you doing at the park at this hour of the night?” The man asks. “Well, I mean, I see what you’re doing,” he stutters.

“First of all,” Nicole says as she climbs off of the slide. “Fuck off.”

“Sorry, sorry,” the man puts his hands in the air in front of him. Waverly’s eyes adjust a little more after he moves the flashlight from their faces. She recognizes the man as Robin Jett, another Officer that works with Wynonna. He wasn’t at the party, she figures they left him on duty while the rest of them partied. She shakes her head at the thought.

“Listen, Jett,” Nicole continues. “It’s my last night. If I want to spend it at a park at…” She looks down at her watch. “2:47am, I’m going to.”

“Fair,” Robin says. He seems a little intimidated by Nicole. Waverly doesn’t know much about him, mostly just that he’s a rookie and her sister says he talks a lot. “I just got a call that there might be a couple of kids fornicating in the park. Just doing my job.”

“Well, none of that is happening,” Waverly chimes in. She laughs when Nicole seems disappointing and gives her a playful pouty lip.

“Nedley isn’t going to hear about this, right?” Nicole asks. “He will metaphorically kick my ass if he knows I was out all night,” she laughs.

“Secrets safe with me,” Robin tells her. “Besides, you’d probably kick my ass. And not metaphorically,” he laughs.

“Maybe,” she laughs.

“Have a nice night, ladies,” Robin says with a nod as he turns and walks back into the darkness.

“So I’m going to get you in trouble?” Waverly asks. Nicole looks back at her and grins.

“You’re already a bad influence on me,” she says with a wink.

“We can go back,” Waverly tells her. “You should probably get home.” She stands up from the slide and gestures for Nicole to follow her. Nicole reaches out for Waverly’s hand and pulls her back.

“Wait,” Nicole says. “We haven’t finished 20 questions,” she tells her. Waverly sighs.

“I don’t want you to be in trouble,” she tells her.

“Hey,” Nicole says. She moved closer to Waverly, placing a finger below her chin, lifting it until they’re making eye contact. “If I’m going to give them the next year of my life, no questions asked, they can at least give me tonight.”

Waverly finds herself getting easily lost in Nicole’s brown eyes. She smiles and nods. Nothing in her wants to end this night right here anyway. “Question 14,” Waverly says. She boops Nicole quickly on the nose before moving away from her and heading over to the nearby monkey bars. She climbs the ladder on the side and starts swinging from one of the bars. “What’s your zodiac sign?”

“Capricorn,” Nicole answers as she makes her way over to Waverly. The redhead reaches up, grabbing another bar with her hands. “Yours?”

“Virgo,” Waverly answers. “And you’re a show off,” she laughs.

“Why?” Nicole asks. She swings down a few bars, becoming closer to where Waverly is.

“You’re tall,” Waverly huffs. Nicole laughs and jumps back down to the ground. Waverly puts her legs up on the bar and flips herself upside down on the bar. She gestures for Nicole to come closer and pulls her in for another kiss when she is close enough.



“It’s getting late,” Nicole says. “Are you tired?”

“Not of this,” Waverly smiles. She continues hanging upside down on the bar for a moment. Her shirt slides up toward her head, exposing her bare abs. She catches the redhead staring at them. Nicole leans in and lays a soft kiss on the exposed skin. Waverly’s abs tighten involuntarily under Nicole’s kiss. She smiles up at the redhead and realizes, by now, most of the blood is rushing to her head. She puts her hands back on the bar and flips over, landing gracefully on the ground.

“Question 15,” Nicole says. Waverly turns back to look at her before she speaks again. “What’s your biggest turn off?” she asks.

“Cockiness,” Waverly teases. She watches as Nicole’s eyes widen a little before she smiles.

“What about confidence?” Nicole asks.

“If that’s what you want to call it,” Waverly finally accepts it. “Yours is kind of sexy,” she grins. She turns to go back toward the slide, taking a seat on the platform near the slide entrance. Nicole quickly joins her. She sits with her back against one of the bars of the structure, with her knees up. Waverly nestles between her legs, resting her arms on the redhead’s knees. “What about you?” Waverly asks.

“Hm,” Nicole thinks. “Lacking a sense of humor,” she says. “I need someone who can put up with me,” she laughs.

“I bet that’s hard to find,” Waverly teases. She steals a quick glance at the redhead behind her.

“It’s not easy,” Nicole admits. “Especially when you agree to leave home for a year. Makes romance a little hard,” she laughs. Waverly tries not to think too much about it. She realizes the more time she spends with Nicole on this night, the harder the morning is going to be. She had no intentions on going to a going away party and developing instant feelings for the person who the party was for. Instead, she leans up for a kiss. Every kiss might be her last, but there’s something about this woman that she is willing to take that risk.

“So what are you doing here with me then?” Waverly asks.

“Making it harder to leave,” Nicole answers honesty. Waverly sighs and rubs her face with her hand. They sit in silence for a moment before Waverly asks another question.

“What about your biggest turn on?” Waverly asks.

“Question 16?” Nicole asks. Waverly nods. “Now we got a real game going,” Nicole laughs. Waverly playfully nudges her. “Honesty,” Nicole answers. “I need someone who’s going to be real with me. I won’t lie to them. They won’t lie to me.”

“I didn’t expect that,” Waverly tells her.

“Why not?” Nicole asks.

“I expected something more physical,” Waverly laughs.

“Well, in that case, I’m totally an ass girl,” Nicole grins. Waverly laughs and finds herself leaning further back into the other woman. “Are you going to tell me your biggest turn on?” Nicole asks, softly. Waverly can feel her breath against her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

“That dimple,” Waverly admits. She looks up at Nicole, who is now smiling again, and pokes her cheek lightly.

“Sure, you go right for the physical stuff,” Nicole teases.

“Well, I didn’t say your ass!” Waverly huffs. “That’s nice too though,” she laughs. “Fine. Kindness. Always kindness. If you have a big heart and truly care about others, not just yourself, that’s a huge turn on.”

“How am I doing?” Nicole asks. Waverly doesn’t speak. She shifts slightly in Nicoles lap so she is facing her more and immediately pulls her in for another kiss. This time, it’s quickly deepened. Waverly brings her hand up to Nicole’s cheek, sliding her fingers to the back of Nicole’s head, tangling them in her red hair. They continue to kiss until they need to come up for air. “I’ll take that as I’m doing well,” Nicole smiles.



They sit together for a while longer until Waverly finds herself yawning. “Are you sure you’re not too tired?” Nicole asks.

“I’m fine,” Waverly says. “Maybe we can walk around a little more?” she asks. “What time do you need to be back?”

“If I’m home by 6:00 I can sleep for a few hours,” Nicole tells her. “We still have a few more questions,” she says.

“You’re very dedicated,” Waverly laughs. She stands up from where she was sitting and reaches out her hand to help Nicole up. They make their way away from the playground, following the paved trail through the rest of the park.

“Question 17. What’s your biggest regret?” Nicole asks. She leads the brunette toward the road outside the park.

“That’s a hard question,” Waverly says. “I try to live so I don’t have any.”

“Nothing at all?” Nicole asks.

“What’s yours?” Waverly asks.

“Yeah, it is a hard question,” Nicole laughs. “Right now, saying yes to this assignment,” she says.

“Why’s that?” Waverly asks.

“Because I didn’t realize I’d meet you tonight,” Nicole admits.

“Well, technically, you’ve met me before,” Waverly argues.

“As Wynonna’s little sister,” Nicole says.

“Ouch,” Waverly says. She cringes a little at the sound. Wynonna did apparently tell Nicole to stay away from her. How’s she going to react when she finds out she’s been out all night with a friend of hers? It’s not like anything can really happen, Nicole is still leaving.

“I didn’t mean…” Nicole trails off.

“Hey, it’s fine,” Waverly says. “Question 18,” she says to change the subject. “Have you ever played any sports?” She decides on a more neutral question.

“Basketball, softball, typical lesbian sports,” Nicole says. Waverly laughs at her reply. “There’s your smile,” Nicole says. “Lighten up, Earp, we only have tonight! Let’s not waste it upset.”

Waverly sighs. She knew very well from the start of the night she shouldn’t get too deep into this. She has only spent the last 10 hours with this woman, talking about things she probably has never told anyone else she knew for years. So what if this is the first time she’s ever really felt connected with someone like this. So what if she wishes she could wake up and feel like it wasn’t just a dream. So what if Nicole is leaving for a year. Who says they can’t pick up where they left off when she’s back. It’s just a year right?



Waverly realizes how long they’ve been walking when they turn the corner to the street her house is on. The sky is now a little lighter, but the sun isn’t quite up yet.

“So you’re really leaving?” Waverly asks. She already knows the answer. Nicole nods without saying anything. “Is it dangerous?”

“I’d like to tell you no, but I’m a police officer,” Nicole tells her. “Some days it’s dangerous.”

“Thank you for not lying,” Waverly says.

“One more question,” Nicole tells her.

“But that’s only 19,” Waverly says. She thinks back quickly to try to see if she has lost track.

“I’ll ask the last one in a year,” Nicole tells her. Waverly feels her heart start to race again. How could this woman be standing in front of her, saying all the right things, but feel so out of reach?

“That feels like forever,” Waverly groans.

“It’ll fly by,” Nicole assures her. Waverly isn’t sure if Nicole believes that, but it’s nice to think of it that way.

“It’s just a year, right?” Waverly asks. She’s not convinced that it’s not going to feel like an entire lifetime.

“It’s just 12 months,” Nicole tells her.

“52 weeks,” Waverly says.

“365 days,” Nicole says.

“Five hundred, twenty five thousand six-” Waverly starts.

“Don’t tell me you’re about to start singing musicals,” Nicole laughs.  

“If you don’t like musicals it’s a deal breaker,” Waverly teases. “So what’s the question?”

“Question 19. Do you believe in soulmates?” Nicole asks. Waverly looks up to see they’re outside of her house. The sun is now rising over the trees. She stops for a moment to watch it. She steals a glance of the redhead, who is now mesmerized by the sight as well. She smiles at her. She’s full of mixed emotions. Fear for Nicole’s safety over the next year, the desire to get to know even more about her, determination to wait for her. Nicole must have noticed her staring when she turns to look back at Waverly.

“How about I tell you when you get back?” Waverly finally answers her question.

“Deal,” Nicole smiles. She leans down and lays a soft kiss on Waverly’s lips. The kiss doesn’t deepen, hands down wander. It’s a simple and sweet moment that Waverly engraves into her brain.

“Goodnight, Nicole,” Waverly says with a smile.

“Good morning, Waverly,” Nicole grins. Continuing to smile, Waverly turns and makes her way back into her house. She turns around briefly before closing the door behind her to see the redhead standing in her driveway, waving back at her before she turns to leaves well.

“Until next year,” Waverly says out loud to herself as she shuts the door of her house.