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{On semi-hiatus}Living For The Both of Us

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Midoriya Izuku, well known for his impeccable kindness and selfless nature, was probably the best friend anyone could have ever asked for. Not that Katsuki would ever admit that though, no way in hell. Or well, so he through.

Bakugou Katsuki, on the other hand, was notorious for being aggressive and violent, one to lash out at any and everything.

What is it they say? Opposites attract, or something like that? Well, whatever the fuck it may be, Katsuki kept the nerd around.

The two had been best friends since birth basically, because their mothers were best friends, and Katsuki’s dad’s uncle was the adopted parent of Izuku's father. So they were basically family.

The nerd was pretty useless all in all, quirkless and weak, but he was smart, always analyzing.

But another thing that was well known about Midoriya Izuku was, that he was ill. Chronically ill. As in, uncurable, as in, Katsuki could do shit as his best friend withered day by day.

Back when they were kids, they could race each other and have equal chances of winning, but now, that damn Deku was close to collapsing after just the walk to and from school.

Katsuki would always belittle him and mock him with it, but inside, he was panicking every time Deku had one of those attacks. It hurt to not be able to help out more, because how the fuck could he be a hero, if he couldn't even save his best friend- no, his brother in all but blood?

When he and Deku were both age 12, Midoriya Inko died in a car accident, which prompted Izuku to live with him and his parents.

At age 14, a year before he would be applying to UA, Bakugou Katsuki’s life took a turn for the worse.

In May, Izuku was officially hospitalized permanently. He had screamed something about ‘Deku being weak for not getting over it, so that he could be the one to beat the damn nerd when they were both heroes’, but inside, he felt as if he died a little.

It only ever hurt more seeing the disease attack with more force than before. Izuku coughing blood wasn't uncommon, and the doctors had said that he had, at bedst, three more years, and, at worst, he could pass away at any moment.

On July 16th, Bakugou Katsuki was hit by a drunk truck driver, when going to see Izuku, and his heart stopped. They were able to revive him, but not without severe heart muscle damage.

Without a transplant, he was likely to die as well.

His mother did not handle it well, nor did his father, but Izuku had it the worst. Without the only one he trusted with him, he fell into a depression.

But a speed decision was made by the young Midoriya, who's lungs may be tattered and decaying, but who's heart was in pristine condition, to seek euthanasia and give his best friend the most important, most precious gift in existence.

A second chance.

July 21th, Katsuki got the news that there was a heart donor. He was thrilled! He could become a hero, he could live, and perhaps most importantly, he could be there for Deku.

When he awoke though, it was to some of the worst news ever. When he had asked about the heart donor, his mother had looked at him in shock, realizing that Katsuki had never been told. It broke him to the very core.

“Oh sweetheart- It… It was Izuku. He gave you a second chance.” Bakugou was not a crier, but that day, he sobbed, and nurses around him worried and fuzzed because of the difficulties it could bring the new heart.

“Hey hag,” he had called to her one particularly lonesome evening, “did… did Deku say anything, before-?” He cut himself off, and his mother smiled so sadly at him, “He asked you to become hero enough for the both of you.”

It took a long time of training to get back up, and his diet had to be very well monitored and he had to take medication, but eventually, Katsuki got better. Even if he wanted to just give up, he was living for two now.

It was a random day in September when he finally got home from the hospital. The bill was insane, but his mother told him not to worry. The first thing he saw when entering his room, was the reflection in the mirror.

There was two people shown in the mirror. By his side, looking healthier than ever, donning a turquoise, unzipped sports sweater with short sleeves, and a black tee, stood motherfucking Deku.

His emerald eyes shone like stars, and his black hair, shining iridescent green, glowed with a strange light that made it look like he had stars in it. Small frost crystals sailed all around him, like small stars, sparkling and glittering in his eyes. His skin shone like ice, and the freckled stood out quite clear.

He was standing a Katsuki’s side, like he had for as long as Katsuki could remember.

The scent of all four seasons seemed to hang in the air. The tang of winter, the fresh scent of summer, the musk of fall, and the sweet blossom of spring.

On the back of his best friend, were two giant wings, white and glowing, and filled with frost stars too. One of them was gently shielding Katsuki, and over his iridescent hair, a white ice halo shone bright.

They made eye contact in the mirror, and Deku smiled brightly at him. Katsuki cried once more that day, and everytime he looked up, he could see Deku fussing soundlessly over him.

“I'm sorry, Deku, I'm so fucking sorry,” and Izuku just shook his head and hugged him.

Midoriya Izuku would forever be Bakugou Katsuki’s guardian angel, watching over him. Katsuki saw him in all reflections now, and would talk to him. Or well, at him, since Duku couldn't answer.

Now, on the 27th of April, just a few days over 15, Bakugou Katsuki is standing in front of the UA high building, ready to become a hero for both him, and for his best friend.

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“Bakugo! Please get your feet off the table, it's disrespectful! I thought we went over this!” That damn, annoying ass voice rung through the only half-full classroom.

He cracked open a single maroon eye, glaring at the class president, making ridiculous hand motions. Whas he chopping the air? Gesturing at Katsuki? Who knew.

In the window reflection, he could see a the nerd smiling and laughing, shaking his head at Kasuki in displeasure. He repressed the urge to grin at the idiot.

It was monday, the week after he was accepted into U.A high. In reflections, Deku looked so proud of him, which kinda hurt to see. He really, truly wished that Deku could have been here with him, being a hero with him. Living with him.

They should of had their own agency together, like they always said they would, yet here he sat, without the nerd.

The door crashed open, jarring Katsuki out of his thoughts. Loud laughter flowed into the room as the dumb extras who hung out with him burst through the door.

Deku would have liked them. Even now, he could see the nerd starring in wonder at everyone in the class, mesmerised by all the different quirks and personalities.

A handful of the aforementioned extras had decided to hang around Kasuki. He had dubbed them ‘the idiots’.

Though, it was kinda nice. Not that he would ever openly admit it, but having someone stick around was nice and familiar in a way.

Shitty-hair and Dunce-face were the loudest, but were also the best at distracting him from the fact that the only green in the room was that one frog-girl and a silent reflection that only he could see.

Everything changed so fast, and it was changing again. It was fascinating how his life was perfect for a while, and then became so sickeningly horrible, and now, it was improving again. Everything changes everywhere, Katsuki supposed.

The world was funny like that.

Four-eyes let out a frustrated sigh when Katsuki made no move to remove his feet from the desk. ‘Serves him to realize not everyone had a stick up their ass from birth’, Katsuki chuckled mentally.

Raccoon-eyes joined up with Ketchup and Mustard. She glanced up at him, and their eyes caught for a moment. His eyes narrowed at her, and in response, she grinned. Fucking dweep.

Aizawa was ten minutes late. Of-fucking-course. His son or buddy or minion or whatever the fuck Mind-switch was, was following him closely.

He didn't pay particularly much attention, but he did catch onto the fact that they would be going on a field trip to some facility called USJ. When Caterpillar-Sensei started talking about the different zones, he didn't particularly care either. Well, until…

“The car crash zone-”

Screeching tires, blinding headlights, impact, pain, black.

Waking up in an empty room with a literal broken heart.

Getting another heart and having that one figuratively broken.

Not knowing what hurt the worst.

Maroon eyes unconsciously sought out the cool-colored image in the glass and a calloused hand gripped his shirt over his chest without permission.

Deku smiled solemnly at Katsuki, gaze soft and kind. A draft of that scent, the one of the seasons, flowed around Katsuki, and his eyes went soft.

In a blinding flash, the image on the glass disappeared, and in its absence, his brain focused on whatever was behind it, out the window, by pure instinct. On a willow just outside the window, his eyes found pastel green.

The large luna moth flapped its wings in the warmth of the sun as it waited for night. His eyes softened. Even when the nerd wasn't visible, he never left Kasuki alone.

He would be fine.

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The trip to USJ was rather uneventful. His classmates we talking, he was stuck with his dumb ass group of extras, and Deku was not in the glass of the bus.

Fucking great.

Glaring out the window at the trees passing in a blurr, he heard someone say his name and something about flashiness. He glared up at Shitty-hair who just grinned like an idiot.

And then, the fucking toad had the audacity, “Bakugou is always grumpy though, so he probably won't become popular.”

“You wanna fucking fight?!” he challenged her, but she just looked back to Shitty-hair, “See?”

Well, fuck her too.

“It's funny, we haven't even know each other for that long, but everyone already knows that Bakugou has a temper worse than a pomeranian,” Dunce-face grinned. Oh how he wanted to blow that shiteating grin of that fuckers face.

Katsuki was about to yell at Dunce-face when the the bus came to a stop, almost abruptly enough to throw them all out their seats.

As he stepped outside, stretching from the long ride, his back popping, Racoon-eyes let our an excited woop.

Playfully, like small kids, she chased Pikachu around the so-called Bakusquad.

They stumbled, crashing into Kasuki when Aizawa yelled at them.

The surprise from being all but rammed into had made his heart rate spike slightly.

The sun seemed to catch some class, making it reflect right into his eyes. Only, it wasn't the sun, it wasn't physical, and only he could experience it.

Deku watched him, concerned.

He didn't pay much attention to what the heroes said after that. Something something introductions.


“Shall we being?” The voice of his teacher made him look up. In the glass building, out of the corner of his eye, he could see Deku gushing about the entire place. Nerd.

And then Thirteen started talking again, and he felt the hope and energy drain from his class as the numbers of information started piling up.

It was gonna be a long fucking day, wasn't it?

He allowed himself to space out again when the pro stated blabbering on, glancing around at his classmates.

When they all started clapping, it just kinda confused him. What had Thirteen said to get them all this excited?

“Alright then, first-” Aizawa was cut off when the lights went out, the water from the fountain splashing oddly as though it was clogged or turning off.

A black void appeared before them, swirling bigger and bigger. Katsukis heart begun racing. This didn't seem right. Something was wrong.

He looked around, where the fuck was Deku? What was going on?

Aizawa’s expression of shock only furthered his growing anxiety with the situation.

The void suddenly exploded outwards and upwards, like fire or electricity, a pair of yellow, gleaming eyes stared out from the purple-tinted darkness.

Someone, covered in hands stepped through, close behind him, monsters exited. They looked wrong and warped. Unnatural, even though it was just quirks.

Theories started popping up in the light panic, but Kasuki found himself slipping into a defensive stance. Next to him, Mind-switch did the same, apparently feeling the wrongness of the situation as well.

Aizawa was serious about this. It wasn't an exercise.

“Those are villains.”

That triggered a chain reaction between his classmates.

This shit was real.

Some big, black monster stepped out besides the man with the white hair and pale skin. It's prain was exposed, it's eyes wide and popped out. Fucking disgusting was what it was.

The man said something about All Might, but he could barely hear it with the blood pounding in his ears. He felt dizzy, and a small voice in his head screamed at him that he needed to calm the fuck down, or this could get really, really dangerous.

“-I wonder if he will come if I kill some kids?” That, he heard clearly. That man, he was seemingly the leader, his voice was dark and twisted.

Orders were barked out, to evacuate, to call the school. Icyhot came up with a solid theory that seemed to explain how they got in, but all he could hear was ‘get the class of 20 heroes-in training out, and let me 1 single person go against dozens of villains.’

Wow, Katsuki hadn't realized that his teacher was a suicidal fucking idiot.

“Are you fucking serious?! Do you think you can fight all these motherfuckers off yourself, ha?!” he yelled at him, earning quite a few gasps from his class.

Four-eyes looked like he had something to say, but refrained.

“You can't be a hero, if you only have one trick up your sleeve,” the raven countered, shutting Katsuki up. ‘Only one trick?’

“Kacchan, Kacchan! Look!” The nerd waved around his book, finned with scribbles. Katsuki turned around, looking down at the other kids clumsy writing and small doodles.

“What the fuck is this, Deku?” he growled, unable to read the chicken scratch that was his friends hand writing. But he knew it was gonna be good.

Deku half ignored him, and instead, excitedly started telling him about a theory.

“Since an explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, I thought, that it may damage your hearing over time, since you're always so close to them,” he explained, eyes gleaming and smile wide.

Katsuki blinked. He hadn't even thought of that.

They went on to talk about how that could be prevented or helped, talking about anything from hero outfits to earbuds and so on.

It was really nice.

Even as Deku deteriorated, he was always annalycing, always coming up with ideas.

He was an idealist where Katsuki was a realist. An optimist where he was a pessimist. Logical where he was instinctual. Calm where he himself was brash. They canceled each other out nicely.

But he was also… He was also dead where Kasuki was still alive.

Deku always had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, even when he discovered that his quick wouldn't push him in the direction Kasukis pushed him.

Explosions and Empath. Not really that much in common, huh.

And then, Aizawa was gone, leaping into the frey.

As they turned to run out the building, a deep swirling black appeared on the ground before them, rising up like flames.

“I'm afraid I cannot let you do that,” a disembodied voice told them, presumably, the one with the void quirk.

“A pleasure to meet you,” the voice started, “We are the League of Villains. It may be a bit presumptuous of us, but nevertheless, we have invited us self in,” he told them, in a deep, hollow voice.

“We are here to oversee that All Might, Symbol of Peace, takes his last breath.” What the fuck was it with villains explaining their motives? And dialoguing?

What the fuck?

Nevertheless, he took a defensive position, on pure instinct, shielding the person closest to him, which just so happened to be Shitty-hair.

“Ha! You're useless, aren't you? You'd be much better off quirkless than with your stupid quirk!” It was childish insults.

Some that a teen would have probably even cringed at the bs-itude of, but to a 7 year old, who was already ashamed of his quirk, it was really hurtful.

Even more so, when he could feel everything the bullies felt, emotionally. Most bullies were also subjects of bullying, or things like that. Maybe things even worse than that.

The three kids moved closer, threateningly, and he was prepared to have to go home with yet another lie about why there were bruises all over.

But he didn't have to. An arm was defensively put in front of him. He felt the hate and the protectiveness rolling off his best friend in waves.

Katsuki would save Izuku whenever he could.

That was one of the reasons, that Izuku found it okay to give his own life. He would be the one saving Katsuki for a change.

“Has there been a type of change in your plans? Our sources said he would be here,” the void-villain continued.

The fogs golden eyes narrowed, as he stared down at them. “We,, that is neither here nor there in what matters,” the void seemed to outfold, like a pair of wings, “this, is the pars i am to play.”

Kasuki shared a glance with Shirry-hair, and the two gave each other a nod, before lunging past the class and Thirteen, at the villain.

He triggered his quirk, and an a violent, flaming force consumed the area, smoke filling up the area afterwards.

Shitty-hairs arms were hardened and raised, “Ever considered that we'd beat you before?” he bragged.

The urge to tell the redhead to shut the fuck up was huge. It would jinx them or some shit.

“Oh dear, that's dangerous, you know?”

Fucking Shitty-hair fucking jinxing it.

Tendrils of black and purple waved the smoke away. The man looked different when they could see him. More humanoid. A shirt-collar of shining metal rings solidified a neck.

Light amusement colored his dark voice, “I supposed it's true. Even though you are just students, you a excellent golden eggs,” his eyes narrowed to thin lines.

Thirteen told them to get out of the way, but the void-man interrupted them;

“My job here, is to scatter you, and make sure you meet a tortured end!” The black tendrils spread like wildfire, the blood thundering in Katsukis ears, and his head was spinning and pounding.

It confused them, with nearly enough force to know them off their legs.

And then he got a weightless feeling, like he was floating or something, and his stomach made a drop as if he was on some dumb rollercoaster, which didn't help his head-ache a lot.

Then promptly felt himself in the middle of a half crumbled building, surrounded by villains.

The collapse zone.

He exchanged a nod with Shitty-hair who had, by a twist of fate, ended up with him, and the two attacked. Relentlessly, they fought their ways out, opting to regroup instead of fight two on however many there were.

The two ran side by side, almost in sink, to the Shipwreck Zone, the closet.

They stopped on a hill above the water. If they ran along the hill, they would get to the Landslide Zone, but fist, they'd get whoever the fuck had ended here.

Spotting the three shapes on the water, Katsuki let off an explosion, both to chase off a villain who was making her way up towards them, and to get the attention of his classmates.

Mind-switch, Frog-girl and Grape-fucker looked up at him, nodding acknowledgingly.

They were thoroughly surrounded, and Katsuki had never been a strong swimmer, so he opted to let himself slide down towards the water, hellbend on taking down the villains on the shore.

He could faintly see a hand of water, rise from the late, the work of a villain, knocking th ship in half, but couldn't help much. It annoyed him, but contrary to what may believed, Katsuki knew what fights to pick.

Frog-girl leapt, holding Grape-fucker in her arms, and Mind-switch in her young. Gross.

He didn't pay attention fully, more interested with just how many of those sticky balls the tiny pervert could throw at a time, and got sucked in the jaw by some motherfucker that got too close.

The three landed in the water, closer to Katsuki and Kirishima, but he couldn't focus on their conversation right now.

He could see his sensei fighting both that Handy-man and a large group of other villains behind him, but was a little fucking busy right now.

All he got was that the fucker did something really bad to Caterpillar-senseis arm, so he had to avoid being touched by that guy.

And then, with a beastly sound, the monster thing attacked their sensei.

The raw power. How could anything human be like that? Maybe… Maybe, it was not human?

A well placed roundhouse kick sent yet another villain sprawled out on the ground. The last one.

He turned to the monster, expecting to see his teacher fighting it, only to be greeted with the sight of it slamming his battered and bleeding seinseis head to the ground with enough force the make the ground give.

He didn't particularly want to know what Aizawa's skull did upon impact.

Mind-switch was watching in horror, Grape-fucker was crying, and Frog-girl was shocked still. Shitty-hair stood as if nailed to the ground.

The void villain appeared by the hand villain, and the two exchanged words.

Him being here was not a good omen for the rest of his class, or for Thirteen.

The hand guy seemed displeased with something the void man said, the began furiously scratching his neck. A nervous tick perhaps? Kasuki knew them, was doing his own right now: Left hand clutching at his shirt, where the scar was, and right hand gripping his left shoulder, where the tattoo was.

There was some conversation, but he didn't hear. His ears were ringing from the constant explosions, and the rushing of blood worked fine to mute the world further.

The hand guy lunged at Frog-girl, and he waited in horror for her to disappear till nothing but dust was left, until he stopped. Aizawa.

He took the opportunity and went in for the hit on the hand guy. “Die!” he screamed, unleashing an explosion. One of the biggest he had ever made perhaps.

He leapt back the moment his hand made contact, putting some distance between himself and his target, with a big grin, worthy of a villain.

The fucker had to be dead.

But when the smoke cleared, his- Izuku's- heart plummeted to his stomach.

The monster thing had taken the blow for the hand villain, and on it, where his hand had made impact, -were the explosion had been the strongest, was not a single scratch.

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The monster made a deep hollow snarl.

It's fist raised, and Kasuki knew, he knew; he wouldn't be able to dodge.

As if they had been nailed to the ground, his feet refused to move from the spot. Terror had him rooted and he could do nothing against it.

The only though his mind was capable of in that moment was sent to his best friend, whom he would most likely be meeting now anyways.

‘I'm sorry I wasted the chance you gave me.’

The fist plummeted towards him.

He shut his eyes and waited.

There was a flash beyond his closed eyelids.

The sound of flesh meeting something solid rung out.

Kasuki's eyes snapped wide open at the sound of shocked gasps. What met him, was a wall of glowing white, near blinding, solidly wrapped around him.

Two hands rested on his shoulders, a cold yet comfortable presence. There was something instantly about the presence around him, filling him, Bakugou Katsuki, with awe and deep respect.

Something, presumably the monster, let out a howling schree of dissatisfaction, and another sound rung out. Almost like someone punched ice.

Katsuki couldn't stop himself from gasping, after having accidentally held his breath.

A cool, fresh, musky floral sent forcefully entered his lung. Forcefully enough to be suffocating. He almost choked.

Then, like two sheets, the white glow bellowed outwards, and though the blinding light, he could faintly see the dark form be forced backwards with a stumble and another schree.

The white disappeared fully, but the hands still rested on his shoulders.

People were staring towards him. Even the villains seemed rooted to the ground.

Kasuki spun around, effectively pushing the hands away, heart racing.

Never had he expected to see those glowing emerald eyes in real life. They blinked at him gently, stars flicking off of long eyelashes.

Raised high above the smaller form, two gigant wings were outfolded, bending in a half arch. They had to be at least three times the size of his best friend.

His best friend, who was supposed to be dead. His best friend who he had been able to see in reflections. His best friend, who now stood in front of him, very real, and very much an angle.

“D… Deku?” His voice died, becoming of of a choked gasp.

The villain let out a chuckle, causing Katsuki to sin around again. The chuckle was laced with something that was balancing on a thin line between mania and disbelief.

“It appears,” he stated, “that there is a boss we didn't prepare for.”

Under the hand covering his face, the man suddenly grinned. It looked kinda painful with the state his lips were in. “Well, no matter. Noumu, kill it.”

The beast, now identified as ‘Noumu’ lunged forward. Internally, Kasuki nearly panicked. The fist of the monster was coming rapidly closer, and past the thundering and ringing in his ears, he could hear someone yell at him so move.

Seconds before the fist would make contact, Izuku’s left wing moved in front of it with a sound not unlike billowing fabric.

The punch hit, making small icy stars scatter like sand around it. There was a slight crunchy sound. Ever stepped on a frozen lake, but then heard the smallest of cracking noises? A warning that the ice was about to give?

Kasuki had, and that was the exact same sound.

All he could do was back up, further into Deku's hold. Numbly, he realized that he was still in shock.

A comfortable calm selled over him when Izuku defensively half-folded his right wing over him. It felt like being in his mothers hold when he was a kid.

Another punch connected with the glowing white feathers, and once more, there was a cracking noise. Sharper, more crisp. Two feathers broke off. The moment they had been disconnected from the appendix, they turned blackened and cracked. They fell to the ground, shattering upon impact.

‘Can ice rot?’ he faintly wondered. If it could, that was what he just saw.

The noumu backed up, and the world seemed to hold its breath. His classmates had gone quiet. Properly to avoid putting the things attention to them.

Katsuki wanted to yell at the fucking nerd. ‘Fight back, fool’ or ‘Your wing is gonna break’, but the words died in his throat.

His eyes started itching a bit.

Deku lifted his hand to around his face height, the back of his hand facing the noumu. What the fu-

A bright flash disrupted his thoughts.

Izuku's fingers were folded, and between each of them, was a long, sleek feather, totaling three. It looked to be the same type as his wings, just pointier and glowing emerald green instead of white.

The way he held them reminded him mildly of how one would hold throwing knives.

Not a second after he had thought that, Deku flicked his wrist, sending the feathers flying at the noumu.

He half expected them to just bounce off or even break upon impact, since even his explosion had done nothing to it, but instead, they buried up to their calamus in the black skin.

The skin around the feathers, the skin began sizzling like it was being burned away, and the monster let out a horrific howl of agony.

“Impossible,” the hand villain murmured.

The noumu lunged again, earning three more feathers to the chest, and then another round.

When it got too close for comfort, Kasuki expected Deku to block it. He should have learned a long time ago that his friend was unpredictable.

Uncurling the wing from Kasuki, Deku flapped them in front of himself, creating a gust that had the glass on the nearest wall shattering. It pushed the noumu back a couple steps, and the sandcloud that the wind had created made the beast swing it's head around in an attempt to clear it's eyes.

Izuku stepped forward, passing right through Katsuki. He shuttered. It was cool, but not freezing. It reminded him a little of walking through that one air conditioned door frame some stores had.

Okay, so maybe he was losing his mind. Comparing his dead angle best friend/brother-in-all-but-blood to a fucking store ventilation, but right now, he couldn't find it in himself to care.

Izuku stopped in front of the noumu. It raised an arm, and terror dawned in Katsuki anew. He wouldn't be able to move. Could the monster phase through him, or would it actually hit him?

Could Izuku die again?

A pale, shining hand reached out, hand phasing the monsters chest. It let out a pained noise.

Izuku pulled his hand back just before the fist made contact with his head, and the beast collapsed.

In front of their very eyes, stood a man, glowing and covered in stars, just like Izuku- save wings and halo, staring at the iridescently haired angel with a face of shock, fear and awe.

He looked to be roughly in his early twenties, tan skin and white hair. He had blue eyes that glowed with starlight, a birthmark underneath the right one.

The fear ebbed away into a disbelieving thankfulness. Tears glimmered in the man's eyes.

Katsuki remembered where he had seen him before. 3 years ago, sometime during the summer, there had been reports of a man that had gone missing without a trace on his way home from work. 24 year old Soma Ryuto, a mallstore receptionist.

The young Soma said something, and though everyone was too far away to hear, they could all lipread it as ‘Thank you’, with a large smile, his body was enveloped in a swift light, and where he stood not a second before, was now only a few resident ice-stars that dwindled into nothingness.

The main villain stumbled back. “A cheat?! How?! Noumu was made to beat All Might!” What the hell was this kid? Yet, no one had the answers for him, it would seem.

He shared a look with the mist villain. “It would seem that its game over for now, Kurogiri. Well have to restart with this new boss in mind.” What was with this guy and video game references?

“Were leaving,” the man told the void, and before anyone reacted, they were gone.

When Katsuki glanced around. His classmates and villains alike were staring. Most villains were on the ground or otherwise immobilized. Some had fled. His class was starring both at him, but mainly at the fucking real life angel.

Round-face and Raccoon-eyes were trying to help Aizawa, Mind-switch comforting his guardian or whatever. Where were the fucking pros?

Izuku turned around to face Katsuki.

Then began walking. Steady, calm steps, yet with purpose. His face had been blank the entire time, Katsuki realized.

“Deku?” Not a moment after he had said that, did the emotions get the better of him. He crashed to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks and jaws slack.

Izuku crouched down in front of him. He didn't say a word, but when he opened his arms, and his wings folded the slightest around them in a soft arch, he didn't waste a second in throwing himself around his friends neck.

Solid now, huh?

It didn't feel like a person was there. It was more felt like the absence of a touch. A lingering presence. Like if someone really cold touched you, then removed their hand. The lingering pressure and the slight chills were there, but not the actual person.

Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki, and curved his wings just a bit more around them.

A wall cracked, and he heard the voice of the number 1 hero faintly, but couldn't bring himself to care about anything other than the cool comfortable presence, the vivid scents and the light beyond his closed eyes.

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Holy fuck.

Okay so, first of all, wow. This story got so much support for some dumbass reason which is way beyond me, and I just wanna thank everyone for that.

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Writing is a deep passion of mine, but you know why I don't do it more? Because I tire of a singular story really, really fast. I have no inspiration for this story, I already hate the idea, and I've got nowhere to go with my plot.

The urge to just end it on a "He opened his eyes to a blinding white light. A voice told him "Ah, you're awake. The transplant was a susses" is so fucking big, but I feel like that would just be disappointing myself.

Chapter Text

Of course, good things don't last.

The presence slipped away like sand, and only the afterscent clung to the air. He knew that Izuku was gone, but he was still just sitting there, clinging to the hope, that his friend had really been there.

Only when a hand touched his snap did he startle out of it.

“Hey, Bakubro? Are you-” On pure instinct, he spun awkwardly, twisting his torso and half on his knees, and swinging a right hook. Shitty-Hair didn't have the time to react, so when his fist connected, it would likely bruise.

He could faintly see the shape of All Might coming over, but suddenly, the world tilted and a feeling of nausea overcame him. It felt like he had cotton in his ears. Or he was underwater.

The last thing he was aware of before everything went dark, was he lingering chill in his bones, and a faint soft melody, humming a melancholy tone.

Katsuki’s dad was a kind and honest man. But he was not naive or a pushover. He would teach Katsuki things, never sugarcoating it.

His father did not sugarcoat death either.

From a young age, Katsuki had know the concept of death, from his dad. How people wither away. He would talk about where people go after. Katsuki grew up with the same theory as his father for that reason.

“When we die, our bodies stay here, withering and eventually disappearing. But our souls go elsewhere,” he once told Katsuki. “Where?” He had asked.

“There is no solid way of knowing. Most people have different idea. YOur mother thinks we go somewhere called the Astral Plane.” Katsuki poked a curious finger at a long-still moth on the ground. “Where do you thing they go?” He had asked his dad, who was resting in the chair on the porch.

His dad had stood up, and moved over to the ash blonde. “I believe,” he said, crouching down and swatting Katsukis hand away from the green and isabelline fuzzy thing. “That our souls live on in the Lepidoptera.”

“Lepidoptera?” Katsuki’s father liked using big words.

Masaru scooped the small oleander moth up in his hand. “These,” he said. “Moths and butterflies.” He took Katsuki over to the big cherry blossom in the garden corner. They knelt by the foot of it, and Masaru instructed Katsuki to dig a hole under a root.

They buried the moth under the blossom. To this day, Katsuki still goes out with a small flower, placing it over the grave. It felt sentimental in a way.

When Katsuki had awoken, he'd been bombarded with questions. He could only really answer a few of them.

Izuku had been staring at him in the mirror, dead eyes looking into his own confused ones.

Over the three days spend in the infirmary, overcoming the shock, talking with his therapist once and discussing his medical condition with Recovery Girl, he had come to realize that he was not crazy.

Katsuki was gifted with something very rare, and very valuable.

“Once upon a time,” Recovery Girl started on day two. He had almost snapped that he didn't want any fucking fairytale, he wanted a fucking explanation, but had stopped himself when, in the mirror on the wall, Izuku had glared at him.

“There was a brother and a sister. They were royals, but lived in the time of the Sekigahara Battle.Ori Shikamaru, the brother, was a samurai. His sister, Ori Chise, had great herbal knowledge. She was a very fair, but vary frail lady,” Recovery Girl continued seriously. Katsuki felt like a kid again, listening to his dad.

“Chise died from an illness. When her brother went out to join the fight, he was wounded. His team did not believe he would make it, for their healer had died. But in a flash, Chise had appeared, guiding the team to herbs that could heal her brother. She grew the ones they didn't have, in her very palm.”

His brows knitted. Deku had acted different, but it sounded like the same theme going on.

“She was an angel too?” he questioned, voice raw.

The elderly lady smiled at him. “In a way, yes. They are called Angelic Guardians. Only a few records of them has been made. I did however, find this,” she held something out to him.

A leatherbound handbook.

Four kanji were etched into the front. The kanji for guard, protect, defend or obey, the kanji for safeguard or protect, the kanji for heavens, sky or imperial, and the kanji for use, send on a mission, order, messenger, envoy, ambassador or cause. Guardian Angel.

Something else entered his field of vision. A pen. An actual ink using calligraphy pen. He looked up at Recovery Girl questioningly.

She smiled at him. “Add your own notes. It's a collection of the few cases of Guardians, written down over time.”

So, that night, after being visited by some of the stupid extras from his class, he went to reading.

There were a total of seven writers. Seven writers. Over the past 700 centuries. One each century. That. Rare. It was hard to wrap his mind around.

Logically, nowhere near all records had been written down, but still, it held power. Ofcourse, there were unregistered cases. And non-japanese ones. But still.

Reading the entries proved way harder than he had expected. It was outdated and some was slightly smudged. The pages were so fragile that they nearly tore by just being looked at.

Eventually, he worked out a system though.

And even if he would never in a million fucking years, admit it, Katsuki was a nerd himself. Getting to first hand behold something like this was really amazing, as was deciphering old japanese.

Over the experience, he found several similarities in the stories.

Everyone chose a different term for their Guardian, depending on how they acted. Everyone had been saved in one way or another by their Guardian.

The most curious of all though, was that they were all closely related to their Guardian.

The first case had been Ori Shikamaru. Chise had been his sister. The kanji for see or watching over, the kanji for safeguard or protect and the kanji for soldier, private, troops, army, warfare, strategy or tactics, spelled out army nurse. The two kanji for angel repeated again. The Nursing Soldier Angel.

The second one was signed by a Aisha Myta. Her Guardian had been her mother. The Mentoring Angel.

Then Fukuyo Ryu with his brother Fukuyo Keiki, the Hunting Angel. Nagano Chikage with her daughter Nagano Hitomi, the Dawning Era Angel. Okawa Maresuke and a close cousin Okawa-Endo Keiji, the Sailor’s Angel. The Warrior Angel was the unnamed brother of a girl named Kagiyama Rea. Finally, there was the Starlight Angel. A mother named Kobayashi Maiko. Her 13 year old son, Kobayashi Shogo, had written the entry.

Katsuki signed down his own name. For a long time, he just sat there, staring blankly at the page, before finally deciding on the Morning Moth Angel. Morning, because he was bringing forth a new beginning in Katsukis like, and moth from the stories his father would tell him.

He spend way too long, up reading and make a few notes. It was almost 1 AM when he finally went to bed.

But by day three, there were questions.

A man named Naomasa Tsukauchi stood in the opening of his door at 8 AM, and he couldn't help from sighing.

This was gonna be a long, long day.