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{On semi-hiatus}Living For The Both of Us

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Midoriya Izuku, well known for his impeccable kindness and selfless nature, was probably the best friend anyone could have ever asked for. Not that Katsuki would ever admit that though, no way in hell. Or well, so he through.

Bakugou Katsuki, on the other hand, was notorious for being aggressive and violent, one to lash out at any and everything.

What is it they say? Opposites attract, or something like that? Well, whatever the fuck it may be, Katsuki kept the nerd around.

The two had been best friends since birth basically, because their mothers were best friends, and Katsuki’s dad’s uncle was the adopted parent of Izuku's father. So they were basically family.

The nerd was pretty useless all in all, quirkless and weak, but he was smart, always analyzing.

But another thing that was well known about Midoriya Izuku was, that he was ill. Chronically ill. As in, uncurable, as in, Katsuki could do shit as his best friend withered day by day.

Back when they were kids, they could race each other and have equal chances of winning, but now, that damn Deku was close to collapsing after just the walk to and from school.

Katsuki would always belittle him and mock him with it, but inside, he was panicking every time Deku had one of those attacks. It hurt to not be able to help out more, because how the fuck could he be a hero, if he couldn't even save his best friend- no, his brother in all but blood?

When he and Deku were both age 12, Midoriya Inko died in a car accident, which prompted Izuku to live with him and his parents.

At age 14, a year before he would be applying to UA, Bakugou Katsuki’s life took a turn for the worse.

In May, Izuku was officially hospitalized permanently. He had screamed something about ‘Deku being weak for not getting over it, so that he could be the one to beat the damn nerd when they were both heroes’, but inside, he felt as if he died a little.

It only ever hurt more seeing the disease attack with more force than before. Izuku coughing blood wasn't uncommon, and the doctors had said that he had, at bedst, three more years, and, at worst, he could pass away at any moment.

On July 16th, Bakugou Katsuki was hit by a drunk truck driver, when going to see Izuku, and his heart stopped. They were able to revive him, but not without severe heart muscle damage.

Without a transplant, he was likely to die as well.

His mother did not handle it well, nor did his father, but Izuku had it the worst. Without the only one he trusted with him, he fell into a depression.

But a speed decision was made by the young Midoriya, who's lungs may be tattered and decaying, but who's heart was in pristine condition, to seek euthanasia and give his best friend the most important, most precious gift in existence.

A second chance.

July 21th, Katsuki got the news that there was a heart donor. He was thrilled! He could become a hero, he could live, and perhaps most importantly, he could be there for Deku.

When he awoke though, it was to some of the worst news ever. When he had asked about the heart donor, his mother had looked at him in shock, realizing that Katsuki had never been told. It broke him to the very core.

“Oh sweetheart- It… It was Izuku. He gave you a second chance.” Bakugou was not a crier, but that day, he sobbed, and nurses around him worried and fuzzed because of the difficulties it could bring the new heart.

“Hey hag,” he had called to her one particularly lonesome evening, “did… did Deku say anything, before-?” He cut himself off, and his mother smiled so sadly at him, “He asked you to become hero enough for the both of you.”

It took a long time of training to get back up, and his diet had to be very well monitored and he had to take medication, but eventually, Katsuki got better. Even if he wanted to just give up, he was living for two now.

It was a random day in September when he finally got home from the hospital. The bill was insane, but his mother told him not to worry. The first thing he saw when entering his room, was the reflection in the mirror.

There was two people shown in the mirror. By his side, looking healthier than ever, donning a turquoise, unzipped sports sweater with short sleeves, and a black tee, stood motherfucking Deku.

His emerald eyes shone like stars, and his black hair, shining iridescent green, glowed with a strange light that made it look like he had stars in it. Small frost crystals sailed all around him, like small stars, sparkling and glittering in his eyes. His skin shone like ice, and the freckled stood out quite clear.

He was standing a Katsuki’s side, like he had for as long as Katsuki could remember.

The scent of all four seasons seemed to hang in the air. The tang of winter, the fresh scent of summer, the musk of fall, and the sweet blossom of spring.

On the back of his best friend, were two giant wings, white and glowing, and filled with frost stars too. One of them was gently shielding Katsuki, and over his iridescent hair, a white ice halo shone bright.

They made eye contact in the mirror, and Deku smiled brightly at him. Katsuki cried once more that day, and everytime he looked up, he could see Deku fussing soundlessly over him.

“I'm sorry, Deku, I'm so fucking sorry,” and Izuku just shook his head and hugged him.

Midoriya Izuku would forever be Bakugou Katsuki’s guardian angel, watching over him. Katsuki saw him in all reflections now, and would talk to him. Or well, at him, since Duku couldn't answer.

Now, on the 27th of April, just a few days over 15, Bakugou Katsuki is standing in front of the UA high building, ready to become a hero for both him, and for his best friend.