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What a difference it makes

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Robert Sugden had not been home for awhile but now he was back. He had left London when he came out to Chrissie his ex finance. She had shouted and he had shouted and told her that he couldn't marry her. Luckily for him he had some investment money which James had held on for him. He had used some of the money to buy Home Farm and also the Mill so the Whites couldn't as he really didn't want trouble following him. But he was still worried. He couldn't believe he was back here again after his dad funeral watching from the bridge Andy spotted him and begged him to stay but he couldn't he went and swore he would never come back again. Oh well family is everything he couldn't wait to see Vic and Diane and even Andy even though he was dreading that. He would also need to come out to them before they found out another way. His head was spinning as he approached the sign Welcome to Emmerdale he took a deep breath and kept driving till he saw it the Woolpack. He stopped and parked his car and got out and pushed open the door took a deep breath and walked in.

He looked around and went towards the bar and the lady smiled and said “what can I get you handsome”. He replies “pint ta” and gives her the money. She pours the pint and then say “I am leyla what's your name” I reply “Robert Sugden nice to meet you” I take my pint and is about to go over to the booth when I hear a scream “Robert Robert oh my god it is you” Vic my little sister she grabs me and pulls me into a hug luckily I had put my pint down. I laugh and say “yes Vic it's me I am back where Diane?”. She replies “through the back come on” she grabs my hand I notice a guy who was with her had sat down at the booth and is speaking to Chas Dingle I think great another Dingle he is easy on the eye though he is hot and attractive I quickly look away as I feel Vic pushing me through the door. I hope no one had noticed as I go to the table and sit down Diane say “pet I can't believe you are here” and grabs me into a hug and then I say “I need to talk to you both”. They both look at me but don't say anything so I continue “I am bisexual it means I like both and I am back I have brought Home Farm and have bought shares in Home James Haulage and also the Mill where I will be living”. Vic and Diane both get up and grab me into a hug and say “if you are happy then we are happy and we are both so proud of you and it couldn't have been easy coming out to your ex fiance”. I say “no there was shouting and a lot of words but I didn't want her money so I left nicely I built their company up but it was in London and I wanted my family around me so here I am”. Vic say “you need to meet someone” I look and say “who” she grabs my hand and pulls me back towards the bar and goes over to the booth with the guy from earlier who is now sitting with a another guy and say “Robert this is my best friend Finn Barton”. The guy looks away and say shly “hi I am Finn nice to meet you Robert, you have quite the reputation here”. I shake his hand and say “yes I bet I do but not that guy anymore I have just come as bisexual so guys and girls now, so I need to be shown around no anywhere” I flirted . At this the other guy say “Vic you going to introduce us”. Vic looks at the guy and say “oh sorry Robert this is Aaron Livesy, Chas Dingles son”. I shake his hand and say “aw nice to meet you”. At this Aarons eye light up and I get tingles when he shook my hand, who was this guy I needed to know more. He then say “so what is the mighty Robert Sugden doing back I thought you were in London” I then say “I am back brought Home Farm, Home James Haulage and the Mill so I am staying” at this he smiles and I get butterflies. I then say “so any nightlife in Hotten or Leeds”. Aaron and Finn both reply “we go to Barwest it's not far we are going out tonight if you want to join us, we can meet up here about 8 and get a taxi”. I smile and say “sounds good”. At this both guys move out of the booth say their goodbyes and walk away. I am about to walk away when Vic stops me and say “you don't have to go it's a gay bar” I smile and say “yes Vic I gathered and I also know why you wanted me to meet Finn as he is gay and also Aaron is gay”. She looks shocked and say “how did you know” I laugh and say “don't worry sis this isn't my first gay bar and also when we came out of the back they were both checking me out”.

Vic say “where are you staying” I reply “I was going to book a hotel until the Mill is ready”. Vic says “you can stay with me I have spare bedroom” I am about to ask “are you sure Vic” when suddenly her mouth drops and she looks behind me and the door opens and Debbie, Andy and Katie walk in. I whisper “it's OK sis” and all of a sudden I am getting pulled into a hug by Debbie. I look shocked at first then say “nice to see you too” she laugh and she say “so are you back or is this a flying visit”. I say “I am back and have bought Home Farm and have bought shares in Home James Haulage and the Mill it's where I will be living”. She say “good you can get to know your niece and your nephew”. I smile and say “looking forward to it”. Then Andy say “are you really back” I nod and say “yes and i don't want any trouble so if you want me to stay out of your way then I will” gesturing to him and Katie. Andy then say “no it was a long time ago so let's start again” Vic looks between us and say “what's the catch”. We shake each other hand and I say “don't worry Andy no more games I am not interested i have just left my ex fiance in London and I am also bisexual”. Andy looks at me and say “seriously” I nod and then Katie say “can't make your mind up so now it's both” she scoffs and I say “it's doesn't work like that Katie but I would love to catch up but I am going to Hotten tonight so I need to go and get ready”. I nod to Vic who say “see you soon” and starts walking towards the door when Debbie say “hang on you don't know anyone so who you going to Hotten with”. I say “Aaron and Finn” just then the door opens and Cain walks in and say “what's this about our Aaron”. Vic say “nothing we were just going”. She grabs my arm and pulls me towards the door before Cain can say anything else. When we get outside Vic say “let's go” she then looks over at the car and say “this is yours” I reply “yes I bought it when I left Chrissie I did have an audi but it wasn't really my style it was more Chrissie’s style so I got a porsche instead ”. She say “ok then let's go” I get into driving seat and drive to Keepers Cottage and park the car and then I pop the boot. I start taking my stuff out and go over to Vics front door and put it down. I am finally finished unloading all my stuff and bring it into the house. She slams the door and she say “what you going to wear?”. I shake my head and she points to upstairs the door right in front of me she say “that's yours go and get changed and help yourself to a shower”. I say “thanks sis will do” I then go towards my stuff and sigh and then I go and have a shower. A while later I come downstairs I come down the stairs I had opted for a black shirt, black jeans and my leather jacket Vic puts her thumbs up and say “no bringing guys home”. I laugh and say “don't worry I am just going for a drink”. She replies “just be careful with Finn he is really a great guy but he doesn't hit it off with people or he gives in too quick like with Aaron”. I say “Aaron and Finn, I didn't see that one coming” I laugh and she says “neither did they it was just after Aaron got let out for prison and suddenly he is sneaking down the stairs and Finn gets besotted with Aaron but Aaron it was just sex, bloody blokes”. I say “I can handle my drink thanks and I won't be sleeping with anyone so don't worry”. She catches up on some stuff like she is in a relationship with a guy called Adam Barton, but he is in prison as he is the guy Aaron was covering for when he fled to France with Ed but they both told the truth as Aaron wanted to come home and Adam couldn't live with the guilt. I say “ok well I am going to go over to the Woolpack now” she say “I will come with you” I say “you don't have to” she replies “I do actually as I work there as a chef and I have work now so let's go”. I look over at her and say “Jimmy said something about not having an office I need to work something out as there is no way I am working from nicola and Jimmy house I might use Home Farm do you think Jimmy will mind”. Vic starts laughing and say “oh yes nicola”. I say “let's go” dragging her to the door.