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Canon Vignettes

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“Toot … toot … toot”


“Hi Dudley, its Harry.”

“Oh. Hi. Mum and Dad aren’t here.”

“I know –“

“You are watching us?”

“No. I asked Hestia when I could catch you without them.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. But you don’t have to worry about being watched. The safe house is protected against that.”


“Yea. It is part of any set of standard protection wards.”

“You learn this kind of thing at school?”

“Eh, no. But being run will teach you a lot.”

“Oh, wow. It was that bad?”

“Yea. A lot of people were on the run.”

“But it’s over now, right? We’re going home soon.”

“It is. That’s why it’s safe for me to call you.”

“Right, why did you call anyway?”

“I wanted to hear how you are doing.”

“Things are ok. I’ve finished my A levels, just waiting on my grades now.”

“Congratulations. How did it go?”

“Well enough I think. I have conditional acceptance into the University of Leeds to study psychology”

“Wow. That sounds great. What inspired you?”

“Well being in hiding and all that I couldn’t go to Smeltings anymore. At my new school I was just Dudley Peters who just moved into town. Not Dudley Dursley resident bully or Dudley Dursley that delinquent Potter’s cousin – no offense.”

“None taken.”

“And I also wasn’t Dudley Dursley Vernon’s boy and heavy weight boxer. It was so different. Like, the nice girls actually wanted to talk to me.”

“Good for you. Did you meet someone?”

“Yea. Amanda is really great. Her family is really nice, too. She has a younger brother she says is really annoying, but she doesn’t let anyone badmouth him.”

“Sounds like she is a good older sister.”

“It got me thinking, you know? Could we have had that if Mom and Dad hadn’t…?”

“I would like to think so.”

“Me, too. But with our history…”


“Anyway, that got me interested in psychology. Amanda helped be improve my grades so that I would have a chance to get in at all.”

“That’s really great, Dudley.”

“Thanks. I still need to tell her that my name isn’t Dudley Peters though…”

“I’m sure it will be fine. They gave you a muggle excuse now that the Ministry is running properly again, haven’t they?”


“She she’ll understand that it’s not your fault that you couldn’t tell her.”

“Thanks, Harry.”

“No problem.”

“So how are you doing, now that you won?”

“Things are getting better here. I’m fast tracking into the auror program – our police.”


“Thanks. We’re officially a branch of Special Forces, because apparently we sometimes have to cooperate with the muggle police.”

“So I can tell Amanda about you without having to lie?”

“Yep. Though I don’t know how that jives with your story as to why you were in hiding.”

“It fits fine. She will believe that my cousin, who was instrumental to bringing down a bunch of terrorists, is now Special Forces. But more importantly: Do you have a girlfriend? I imagine with the way Jones and Diggle talk about you, you don’t have any shortage of candidates.”

“It’s complicated. Ginny and I are still trying to figure out if we still work, with breaking up for the war and all that.”

“Sorry, man.”


“I think I hear Mum and Dad coming back. Do you want to talk to them?”

“Not really. Say ‘hi’ from me?”


“It was nice talking to you.”

“Yea. We should do this again.”

“Sure... Well, good bye.”