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Violent & Complicated

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“What are your plans for the summer, Todoroki?” Izuku Midoriya took a deep breath and asked, as he caught the other boy’s beautiful heterochromatic eyes.


Shouto Todoroki had been walking alone until he heard his classmate's voice. He had turned immediately and looked over at Izuku, silently ignoring the feverish rush in his skin.


The two of them hadn’t spoken much during the school year...only in passing: Hellos, goodbyes, and questions about exams while only in a group setting. Now here they were on the last day of the semester, walking out of school together.


It was a coincidence if anything. The rest of their class moved forward and parted ways, while saying farewells and embracing each other. 


Izuku smiled for a moment and felt ecstatic to be having a break. It had been a rough year at U.A. High School, and Izuku secretly always wanted to speak with Shouto Todoroki about the things that had occurred. 


Fate always seemed to keep them separate. Until now...   


A few moments went by as Shouto studied Izuku’s emerald colored eyes and tried to get his act together. It wasn't until Izuku started to blush that Shouto decided to answer the other boy’s question.


“I’m going to be around here actually. My mother will want me to see her more often now that school is over.” Shouto said as he subtly licked his lips and braced himself to look back at Izuku’s deep emerald green eyes. Izuku blinked, and from that action Shouto noticed how big his eyes were. 


People often referred to Midoriya as plain and unappealing. He was short for sixteen, and considered rather petite compared to other boys in his class; especially Todoroki. But right now, to Shouto, Izuku was absolutely lovely. 


Pushing the thought down instantly, Shouto tapped a finger on the strap of his bag and turned away. Izuku lifted his brows and noticed the small action. 


“I figured you’d be doing something as thoughtful as that,” Izuku eventually said, and smirked lightly before readying himself to say goodbye until Shouto continued the little conversation.


“Will you be training more with the former High Commissioner?” Shouto asked, then added, “I saw how you mopped the floor with Bakugou when he was trying to pick on you that one day. The fighting skills you’ve gained seem to be giving you the strength you’ve always needed.” 


Izuku blushed, smiled, and then chuckled under his breath, “I’ve always needed?” 


“Yeah…” Shouto lifted his brows. In shock at himself for saying what he said, sounding as if he’d been watching and observing Izuku’s growth. It made him feel...peculiar. So much so that he almost excused himself from his classmate, until Izuku continued,


“Well yeah, Toshinori-Sensei and I are actually going to be working on weaponry over the break. Though he’s not letting me use guns with actual bullets just yet...only blanks.” 


“That’s pretty cool.” Shouto nodded with approval now, while keeping his expression stoic. He didn't want to seem too excited now...he didn't want his emotions to show, but there was something about Izuku Midoriya that made Shouto feel some type of way. 


“Thanks.” Izuku smiled wider and blushed deeper. There was silence for a moment as Izuku looked down to the ground. He noticed that Shouto’s feet were close to his own and it tied his stomach in knots. Izuku swallowed back the numbness in his throat and wondered on what to say next. Since he started the conversation…


When he looked back up, he noticed something odd about Shouto Todoroki. His face was flushed and his eyes filled with a certain intensity that made Izuku’s heart thump painfully. 


“Todoroki?” Izuku started for a moment but then stopped, as Shouto stepped closer.


Shouto looked down and sighed. Izuku gulped back some anxiety he was feeling and flinched when he felt Shouto’s hand touch his. He didn’t know what was happening, neither did Shouto, but the two of them suddenly started to walk, heading down the pathway toward the school’s back entrance. 


There didn’t seem like much reason to talk; there was nothing much to prevent the emotion and confusion between them. Izuku bit down on his lower lip as he squeezed onto Shouto’s hand tightly, and allowed the taller boy to lead the way. 


Reaching the empty area near U.A. High’s back doors, Shouto stopped and slowly pulled Izuku around and carefully pressed his back up against the wall. 


Shouto didn’t notice that he was breathing heavily, his heart was racing and his hands were shaking. All Shouto saw and could think of was Izuku’s big beautiful eyes. 


“Midoriya, I...” Shouto struggled until Izuku reached for him and touched his crimson-white hair. In an instant… gripping Shouto’s soft hair and pulling him forward, their mouths collided roughly and the two of them were completely overwhelmed by the warmth of it blossoming between them. 


Their bodies melted in that warmth. Their knees grew weak and small moans escaped from their lips as they took breaks to breathe. 


“Ah!” Izuku groaned and gasped as Shouto bit on his lower lip gently and pulled. Sucking on it and letting it go, Shouto kissed away the faint pain the bite left, as he felt Izuku squirm. Their tongues met and slid together like silk. The feeling was marvelous, and the two of them stopped for only a second to look into each other’s eyes. 


The world seemed to fall away. 


Izuku danced his tongue against Shouto’s, and watched as Shouto’s eyes grew ablaze with a lustful want. Shouto kissed Izuku again and took hold of his waist. The heavy sensation enveloped them as their lower bodies met and pressed together. Moving slowly, Izuku wrapped his arms around Shouto, and the kiss ceased as he turned his attention to Shouto’s face.


For ages, Izuku wanted to touch Shouto’s face. He wanted to caress his jawline and study his features, and even kiss the burn scar on his left eye, though as Izuku attempted to touch Shouto’s scar, Shouto flinched and shook his head. 


“I’m sorry,” Izuku said quickly, and frowned. Everything stopped for a moment and Izuku’s heart pounded in his chest. He was scared that he had just ruined the one and only chance to be with the guy he liked. The guy he liked a lot. 


“Why haven’t we...why haven’t we done this before, Izuku?” Shouto looked to the side and took his hands off Izuku’s waist, carefully. Izuku missed the feeling of his firm hands as soon as they were gone…


“I didn’t know if you ever liked this. I didn’t even know if you ever wanted to talk to me.” Izuku confessed. He searched Shouto’s eyes and shook a little. His heart was pounding too fast and he didn't want the moment to be over. He wanted Shouto.  


“Kiss me again...Please.” Izuku pleaded and his hands went numb as Shouto obliged him a little too quickly.


This time the kiss was harsh and deeper. Shouto groaned and held Izuku, squeezing him tightly and touching his messy hair. He didn't feel Izuku’s hand on his waist...going for his belt, Shouto was too busy untucking Izuku’s shirt and reaching under it to feel his heaving chest.


Shouto froze as he felt Izuku unzip his pants, but he didn't want to stop. He nodded his head and allowed Izuku to push down his pants and boxers.


Izuku wasn’t thinking about what the hell he was doing as he lowered to his knees. He just wanted Shouto...he had wanted him for so long. Izuku didn't care if they were moving too fast...he wanted Shouto, because he was scared about never having this chance again.


So he opened his mouth slowly and closed his eyes.  


“Midoriya, aww!” Shouto’s eyes widened and welled up with tears. A shiver rushed down his spine and his backside trembled violently as he pressed his shaky hands against the brick wall in front of him. He braced himself as he felt Izuku’s lips wrap around his manhood. 


Shouto gasped and bucked his hips as Izuku went down on him. Hunching over and gripping the other boy’s dark green hair, Shouto moaned deeply with his eyes closed and swore he saw stars. 


It was his first time, and he started to sweat as he felt the sensation build up. He wasn’t prepared for how good Izuku was at it... and Izuku took as much into his mouth as he could.            


The wind blew and the world seemed so quiet around them, save for their moans escaping into the air. Izuku continued to suck slowly, ignoring the shooting pain in his knees and relishing in the feeling of Shouto massaging his scalp as he bobbed.


What seemed to last forever was only five minutes. Five minutes of Shouto’s low groans and panting, until he nearly cried out through tears, 


“Izuku, I’m!--” Shouto couldn't finish what he needed to say. He was already coming. He threw his head back and shook hard, wanting to break away. The feeling was too much for him, and he didn’t know if Izuku was going to want that. But much to Shouto’s surprise, Izuku allowed him to come completely into his mouth.


Izuku gulped back the bitter taste quickly without thinking. Gagging only a little, Izuku licked his lips and adjusted himself on his knees before gently kissing Shouto’s tip.


Shouto’s eyes shot wide open and he nearly fell backwards to the ground as Izuku kissed him there repeatedly. But Izuku held onto his hips and worked Shouto over until the taller boy shivered and pleaded,


“Midoriya, Ah!...Izuku, please!” 


He stopped--but not without one last kiss--which made Shouto crumble. 


Panting heavily, Izuku got up off the ground and wiped his mouth. He watched as his classmate slowly regained his senses. Shouto needed a moment to readjust his thought process as well as his clothes. 


Pulling up his pants and straightening his uniform, Shouto was astonished by what just happened, and so was Izuku--who didn’t plan on doing that at all. 


It was in all his lust and want that Izuku had lost himself. A pang of sudden guilt flooded his mind rapidly, and he frowned deeply. 


“What’s wrong?” Shouto asked quickly...worried that he just did something wrong. 


“It’s nothing...I just. I’m sorry, Todoroki. I didn’t mean to--my body just moved.” 


Shouto shook his head, “No...I’m not mad at you. I liked it. I really did.” 


Izuku looked to the ground and blushed. He forced a laugh of relief and glanced up at Shouto sheepishly with his big green eyes. The expression nearly drove Shouto crazy. They both laughed and touched each other’s arms. Without thinking, Shouto pressed his forehead to Izuku’s. 


“What did we just do?” He asked...returning to his stoic mask. Stopping the shaking in his hands by gripping onto Izuku’s arms firmly, Izuku’s shoulders hitched up and his eyes squinted in the other boy's grip. He shook his head. 


“I don't...I don't know.”


“Did we move too fast, Midoriya?” Shouto let Izuku go and slid his hands down the other boy’s arms. Izuku looked at Shouto’s lips and hungered for them again. 


“We didn’t move fast enough,” Izuku answered carefully under his breath and 

kissed Shouto again. 


Leaving Izuku Midoriya was nearly heartbreaking for Shouto...but they walked up to the front entrance of the school together, talking, laughing softly, and eventually sharing their cell phone numbers. They would have stayed together longer if Shouto hadn’t noticed his father’s vehicle had arrived. 


Shouto’s heart fell into his stomach, and he looked back at Izuku and frowned slightly. He wanted to kiss him one more time before having to leave. But no, certainly not when his father, High Commissioner Enji Todoroki, rolled down the back window in order to get a better look at his son and the other boy beside him.  


“I’ll see you around, Midoriya,” Shouto said, before walking away without looking back. 




“Shouto,” Enji began as he signaled to the driver up front to slow down. Swiping open his cell phone, he started to reply to a number of emails.


“What do you want, father?” Shouto asked, nonchalantly. He was not in the mood to have a conversation with the monster of a man his father was. The teenager shouldn’t have been surprised when his parent looked up and said, 


“I know that boy is Izuku Midoriya, a pupil of Toshinori Yagi’s. If you continue to associate with the likes of him, I’ll make sure you are never able to see your mother again. You understand that?”


Shouto blinked and remained indifferent. Externally. Inside the boy went numb, his heart pounding and his blood boiling with rage. But he remained emotionless and cold on the outside. 


Enji studied his son and smirked, delighting in Shouto’s calm demeanor. It was twisted enough that Enji was close to saying that he was proud of his son for having no reaction. Sated by his own words, Enji returned his focus to his phone; he didn't need a verbal response from Shouto. 


The boy’s silence was loud enough. 


Two weeks later


Carefully, Izuku aimed the Glock .40 in his hands at the moving target. The gun was heavy and his arms wavered as he held the weapon. 


“Just calm yourself and relax.” Yagi Toshinori stood beside his student with ear protectors on and watched Izuku. The man could tell that something was up with the adolescent; that the young boy’s mind was not fully focused. Toshinori folded his arms, and was not surprised when Izuku fired and missed every shot. 


“Crap,” Izuku muttered, knowing that his sensei was minding him closely. 

The student reloaded his gun and felt his stomach lurch. It was correct, Izuku wasn’t all there; his mind was gone and his heart was broken. 


Shouto Todoroki hadn’t spoken to him since the last day at school, and Izuku was hurt. Pissed and tired, of waiting on the cold-hearted boy to call or text him back.


“Again,” Toshinori ordered, and Izuku slowly readied himself to aim, then fired.


He missed the target again. He reloaded.


“Again,” Toshinori said. 


Izuku fired again; he missed and reloaded the blanks. 




Izuku aimed and did something before pulling the trigger...he thought of all his anger that had built up...the embarrassment and humiliation for thinking he could have had any form of a relationship with a classmate he never had even spoken to. 


He felt furious. 

Unworthy and ready to shoot something. 

Izuku fired. Repeatedly. Missing his targets. 


“Stop!” Toshinori ordered, and Izuku put the handgun down immediately. 


With his head low and anger pulsating through his veins, Izuku shook violently and waited for his sensei to speak to him. Toshinori walked up and took the gun away carefully.   


“What’s wrong, Midoriya?” 


“Nothing.” Izuku lied quickly, and felt it when Toshinori shook his head. 


“Well if it’s nothing or something, we’ve got to talk either way, kid.”


“About what?” Izuku asked. He placed a hand against the wall, bracing himself for whatever Toshinori had to say. 


“It’s about the new High Commissioner’s son, Shouto Todoroki.”


“What about him?” Izuku’s voice cracked harshly as his heart pumped rapidly at the sound of his crush’s name.   


“Well, Commissioner Todoroki isn't too fond of the fact that his son was walking with you a couple of weeks back. He knows you are my student also, so this may add tension to the fact that he considers us as rivals. He’s given me a warning about you and Young Todoroki.”


“What does it matter anyway? Shouto and I don’t really talk.” Izuku sniffled and fought back tears. He really didn’t want to talk about this, and Toshinori could tell. So the man said quickly, 


“Midoriya, I’m not here to scold you for liking who you like. I’m not your father, I’m your mentor. But I will tell you this...Izuku... be careful around the Todoroki family. They are violently complicated.”  


“What do you mean?” Izuku asked, and remembered how close to Shouto he had gotten, back on the last day of school. Too close...and probably violently complicated


“Enji has done many awful things to his family. Some of it I am not entirely aware of. But what I do know is that Enji locked his wife, Rei, away for harming Shouto when he was a child...hell, I was the one who convinced Enji not to kill her.”


Izuku’s eyes widened and shock numbed his body. Toshinori knew Izuku would be taken aback, but he didn't go further into the story. The man just reloaded the Glock and handed it back to the teenage boy.  


Izuku had always wondered where Shouto got the scar on his eye. Maybe it was the incident with his mother. Izuku thought about it, and instantly pushed the thought away as Toshinori handed him the gun and said, 



Shouto shut the door quickly while his mother was in her hospital room. She was shouting abuse at him and screaming wildly at the top of her lungs. Rei Todoroki was not well today, and Shouto felt terrible for coming to see her. He felt as if he was a waste of space, and that he was ruining his own life by sacrificing everything to be with her. 


To be there for her.


Shouto shook his head and walked away from the door as Rei’s voice grew more strained and vicious. 




Shouto couldn't breathe as he walked away...he was close to giving up on his mom. But Shouto couldn't help it. He loved his mother despite what she did...what she did and what she said. 


Traveling through the city streets after leaving the psychiatric ward, Shouto shoved his hands into his pockets and held his head low. He wandered around for a while before he decided to look at his cell phone for the time being.


He bit his lip as he looked at the screen. He had been wanting to contact Izuku again since that day. He missed him as much as he loved his mother. Desperately. 


The thought of it rushed through his mind and left him in pain. Even though he didn't show it on his face, Shouto was hurting, and he wanted to talk to someone he cared for. 


Still, so much time had passed since he saw Izuku Midoriya, and Shouto imagined that Izuku wouldn’t want to speak with him. Especially after going ghost for two whole weeks. 


He thought of what his father told him in the car that day. Oh, how Shouto was burdened with grief and rage. He wanted to help his mother and have Izuku all to himself. He needed both of them in his he thought. 


After today’s visit, Shouto was pissed, and he couldn’t help but think… ‘Father doesn’t have to know...that evil bastard doesn't have to know shit.’ 


“Shit.” Shouto sighed and started to call his classmate. His heart thumped in his throat and he coughed harshly, trying to find his voice…

Izuku was just leaving the gun range and walking home when he felt his phone vibrate. His heart stopped immediately when he noticed it was finally Shouto.


He didn't know what to do. 


Answer? Deny? Block? 


Izuku was pissed and ready to throw his device into the street but he gulped back his anxiety and ignored his brain, his anger, and embarrassment. He was hurt and confused and ready to shout at Shouto when he finally answered the phone. 


But all of his emotions seemed to wash away instantly as he heard Shouto’s voice for the first time in weeks.




It didn't take long for the two boys to meet up, face to face. As soon as Shouto heard Izuku say, “I’m leaving the police station’s gun range right now.” Something clicked inside him, and he started running while telling Izuku to stay put. 


Shouto couldn't help it. He allowed himself to feel the emotions… the excitement...  rush through him. He wanted Izuku...needed him. He could barely think or breathe, but he moved. He moved through the hell ravaging his own mind, and sprinted to get to Izuku. 


A half hour later... 


Izuku had stayed put in front of the police station, waiting patiently. It was getting late in the evening and he was worried about coming home too late. But all his worry quickly went out the window when he heard Shouto’s footsteps slamming against the pavement. 


“Todoroki?” Izuku turned and witnessed the other boy running up to him. There wasn’t time to greet each other and play coy; Shouto rushed directly into Izuku’s arms and buried his face into Izuku’s neck. 


It was out of the ordinary to see this...Shouto was always the calm, cool, and collected one, now here he was huffing and puffing and holding onto Izuku desperately. He couldn't even fight back his own tears and the little sobs trembling out of his lips. 


“Todoroki...Shouto? Shouto, what happened?” Izuku asked quietly, hoping that no one noticed the two of them yet. 


Shouto shook his head, too anxious and upset to answer Izuku’s question. He wiped his face and said, “Let’s just get out of here. Please let’s just get out of here.” 


It didn't take much...Just those words. Izuku nodded quickly and guided Shouto down the street away from the station. 


The two wandered the streets quietly holding hands. Shouto whispered multiple apologies to Izuku, who shook his head and honestly said,


“I forgive you.” 


The words comforted Shouto and he smiled. He wanted to explain everything to Izuku...the things his father said and what happened with his mother. He just couldn't bring himself to do it at that moment. Shouto was exhausted in every way, and all he wanted was to have Izuku hold and kiss him again. 


“Izuku, I don’t want to go home tonight...not yet at least.” 


Izuku thought of his responsibilities and chose to ignore them. It was foolish...childish even. But the dark emerald haired boy didn't want to be separated from Shouto and the sad look in his eyes. Not now or ever, so he said quickly, 


“Where do you want to go?” 


Shouto smiled a little and moved on to lead the way as he did before. 


“I have a special room here on reserve whenever my father and I have a fight. Which is a lot,” Shouto said as he unlocked the hotel door and guided Izuku in.


“Sometimes, I just prefer being alone after seeing my mother. So I come here.” Shouto switched on the light and watched Izuku as he marveled at the fancy room. 


The five-star hotel was cream colored and surprisingly elegant with a western feel to it. There was a California king bed with satin linens, soft cream carpeting, a flat-screen TV, and a massive view of Tokyo from the window. 


It wasn’t to Shouto’s taste at all. He actually enjoyed his own traditional Japanese-styled bedroom at home, though he took the hotel space as it was. Just a secret place that allowed him to be free from the abuse he always faced. 


Izuku was impressed though by the space. He was used to having his own room stuffed with manga, anime figures, weights, plus the knives Toshinori gifted him once. For Izuku, it was pleasant to be in a space that was clear, clean and totally unfamiliar. 


It was strange, but it was safe and private. Izuku chuckled softly,      


“Bringing me to your hotel room, Todoroki? Classy.” He smiled wide and walked over to the center of the room, heading for the enormous bed. Shouto smirked a bit and licked his lips a little.


“I know it’s wrong...we should be able to do other things.” He sighed heavily and watched as Izuku crawled onto the bed. 


“Like hanging out…” Izuku started. “Talking…” 


“...Playing video games,” Shouto interjected.


“Reading manga...making out.” Izuku continued, and looked at the other boy’s lips.


“Making out with girls, you mean.” Shouto shook his head. 


“And boys...” Izuku motioned for Shouto to come over. The crimson-white haired boy obliged, just as Izuku set himself up on his knees. 


“I can tell you like boys from the way you were with me last time.” 


Shouto’s face heated up from the comment and he ached as he remembered how Izuku went down on him; how good he was at it. Shouto felt his whole body blush at the memory, and he cleared his throat to act as if he wasn't hot and bothered. 


“Hanging out and having an actual friendship is what we are supposed to be doing," Shouto said. “Not having some sort of an affair.”


“You want to be my friend?” Izuku asked perplexed, realizing what they had both done wrong; that maybe they were moving too fast for their own good’ he worry in his gut loosened and evaporated, when Shouto whispered, 


“I want to be your everything...I’ve been thinking about you so much. I’m sorry for what I did. For what I can’t do.”


“What are you talking about?” Izuku forced out a nervous laugh and rested his trembling hands on Shouto's shoulders. 


“My old man... He said I shouldn’t talk to you. But I don’t care...I don’t give a damn what he thinks or says. Because Izuku, I know I want you.”


Shouto cupped both sides of Izuku’s round face with his hands and studied his emerald colored eyes before kissing him. There was a ripple in their bodies that changed the atmosphere between them, and the two boys knew the clock was ticking for them. 


Sure they were together now, but it was only a matter of time before Izuku’s mother worried about him, and for Shouto his father would search for him. 

So quickly they kicked off their shoes and helped each other out of their clothes.


The sounds of their kisses and rushed moans increased as the moments passed. The boys were alone and secluded now, and could be as loud as they wanted to be. Luckily for them, the hotel had thick walls. 


Getting onto the large bed, Shouto embraced Izuku and laid on top of him. Feeling Izuku gently caress his firm shoulders and his arms, Shouto shook and muttered, 


“You’re my first, Izuku...I mean...I never did this. Not even before that day at the school.” He felt embarrassed to admit it and his stomach was in knots until Izuku moved, flipping Shouto over and pressing his back onto the bed. 


Getting on top of him, Izuku started to kiss Shouto everywhere. He pushed the boy’s mixed colored hair back and kissed his burn scar, running his lips slowly against Shouto’s forehead, his eyelid, and down to his bruised cheek. Izuku kissed the reddish skin gently and listened as Shouto whimpered.


Moving down to the boy’s neck, Izuku grazed his tongue against Shouto’s collarbones and Adam's apple. Kissing him there, Izuku started to grind his lower body. Shouto moaned loudly and trembled while mindlessly opening his legs.


They were barely having sex yet but still, Shouto felt an electricity thrive inside him, and he threw his head back into the pillows and groaned. His toes curled and his eyes rolled just from feeling Izuku’s body on his own. 


“How are you so good at this?” Shouto gasped, as Izuku continued to grind and roll his hips. 


“Practice,” Izuku whispered, and kissed the boy’s neck before sinking his teeth into Shouto's skin carefully. 


“Aww!” Shouto let out, and shamelessly ran his hands through Izuku's dark hair, digging into his shoulders with his nails, and eventually gliding his fingertips down his back.


They spent a long moment just like that on the bed, grinding and pumping their bodies together until sweat made them wet; until their skin started to smack together. 


Izuku rubbed and humped against Shouto while still biting down on his neck. Mindless and greedy, he bit and sucked brutally on the spot until there was a new large bruise on Shouto's neck.   


“Not so rough, Izuku,” Shouto writhed. “Please...please.” 

“I’m sorry,” Izuku mumbled, and licked the bruise before moving around to bite on the other side.


Shouto moaned madly and cried out Izuku’s name. With each moment that passed, there was a new deep red hickey on his pale skin. Everywhere. On his neck, chest, his biceps and his stomach. Izuku only stopped to kiss Shouto’s hands and suck on his fingers.


The room began to spin and Izuku moved downward to Shouto’s hips, taking him back into his mouth for the second time in their lives. 


“Ahhh, aw!” Shouto flinched and thrashed away from the overwhelming heat. His eyes rolled back and his hands clutched the covers desperately. So hot and lost, Shouto didn’t realize that Izuku stopped to kiss his thighs. 


He didn't notice until afterwards that Izuku had sat up and held him by his hips, turning him over on his stomach. 


“Go slow...please,” Shouto mumbled, reaching back for his beloved’s wrist. Izuku laid on top of him and pressed his chest to Shouto’s back. 


“Of course I will,” Izuku whispered deeply into Shouto’s ear, and heard him whimper desperately.


“I love you.” Izuku placed a hand on Shouto’s head to soothe him. Stroking his hair, Izuku carefully began to move his hips. Shouto buried his face into the soft pillows to hide his tears and to muffle his gasps. He couldn't believe how vulnerable he felt. How open and emotional. 


“Awww! AW!” he let go of himself and all his hardened strength. He felt Izuku inside of his body and it unraveled him. Destroyed him, almost. He was no longer the same person he thought he was. Not the cold-hearted, aloof and apathetic young man he was always trying to be. Someone who was willing to fight against his emotions to remain like steel. 


He couldn't do it any longer...not with Izuku inside him, kissing his face and leaving hickeys on his shoulders. There were so many love bites on his body now, Shouto nearly lost his mind and pleaded, 


“Don’t...please. Too much. It’s too much.”


Izuku heard him and ceased the biting immediately, but began to thrust, watching as Shouto fell apart emotionally underneath him, shuddering and panting hard. 


Holding onto Shouto's waist, Izuku moved and gritted his teeth. More sweat beaded on his skin and pleasure bloomed in his body.  He could barely take it.

The heat from Shouto’s body was overwhelming and Izuku was close. Too close. 


The sounds and smell of them filled the room. The time seemed to go so slow, despite the clock on the end table moving fast. It was later in the evening, and the sky outside the window was a purple black with a bright crescent moon. 


The sounds of phones vibrating in the background was faint. There were over thirty missed calls on Izuku’s phone. Some from his mom...others from Toshinori. 


Izuku didn’t hear it and he didn’t care. He pounded harder, faster, and listened to the sounds Shouto made. Pulling on his hair and holding down on a bitten shoulder,  Izuku slammed uncontrollably, growing closer and closer until Shouto abruptly arched his back and they both screamed at the top of their lungs.


The climax was frantic and unbelievable. Heat rushed through their bodies as they came together, and wildly they both squirmed and twisted around the bed, grappling for each other desperately, and crying out each other’s names.


After a while the two lovers calmed down. Panting harshly and kissing, they laid together under the covers, mindless and exhausted and holding on to each other, unwilling to separate.


Shouto and Izuku quickly fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, and the hours passed. The sleep was peaceful, warming, and romantic. They moved in their sleep, caressing each other’s arms and cuddling. Half in and half out, Shouto opened his eyes and nestled closer to Izuku. His heart was calm and the troubles he faced seemed continents away. 


He was at peace. 

Until there was banging on the room door.     


Shouto and Izuku jumped out of their sleep alarmed, shocked, and confused. 

But it was too late to do anything. The room door was already being forced open.


Shouto's eyes widened as his father stormed into the room, and there was no time to think or defend himself as Enji snatched his son by the hair. Pulling Shouto out of the bed the middle-aged man roared,




"LET ME GO YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Shouto shouted as he was dragged across the floor, his body thrashing as he attempted to break free from his father’s iron tight grasp, hitting and punching at Enji’s large arms. Enji was seething with rage, and bellowed savagely at his son and began to beat him senselessly, punching and kicking the boy in the stomach so hard that Shouto started to vomit, choke and heave on the floor.


"SHOUTO!" Izuku cried and tried to get up, but was given a deathly glare by the High Commissioner and a punch to the face. Izuku fell back and hit his head against the bed’s headboard brutally. 


Everything went black for Izuku Midoriya while the room was filled with Shouto’s screams. 

One day later.


Izuku stepped out of his bedroom when his mother, Inko, called him over to the living area. He walked slowly and carefully down the hall of his home while holding onto the walls. His concussion was nasty, and he could barely see even after coming home from the emergency room with Inko.


Worried and angry at her beloved son, Inko scolded the boy at the hospital until she realized how bad things were for him, until she had seen Izuku’s tears. So now in the late morning, Inko chose to go easy on her son...though there were no promises that his mentor would. 


Toshinori turned around just in time to see Izuku walk into the living room. 


“Sit down, Midoriya,” he ordered, and Izuku did so knowing very well what the man was about to say. Toshinori looked at Izuku and sighed,


“Are you okay, kid?” 


“Not one bit.” Izuku frowned and began to ask, “How is Shouto?” until Toshinori shook his head. 


“Not good. He’s still in the hospital. Enji did a number on him and wants to have you arrested.” 


“Why?” Izuku’s eyes widened. “For what? He’s the one that attacked us.” 


Toshinori bit down on the inside of his cheek and leaned forward. 


“He is saying that you sexually assaulted his son, and even had doctors examine Young Todoroki last night.” 


Izuku froze as Toshinori said this. Fury boiled in his veins and a sickness lurched inside his gut. 


“But Toshinori-sensei...I didn't...I wouldn’t...I wouldn’t do something like that. Shouto and I were having sex.” 


“I understand...but Enji is doing everything he can to keep the fact that he attacked you both under wraps. He knows he could get into trouble for hurting the two of you, and he wants to blame you.”


“It’s perfect for him...This is his way of getting to you because I am your student.” The realization hit Izuku like a ton of bricks. He began to weep. Toshinori furrowed his brow...his own worry was eating him alive. But he had to add in, 


“The situation, Midoriya, isn’t looking in your favor, and I’m sorry.”


“What do you mean?” Izuku asked, shakily.


“The bruised bite marks on Shouto’s body and the semen they’s all going to add up against you.”  


Izuku shook his head wildly and pressed his palms to his face. “No no no no no...No! I didn’t. I love Shouto. I love him. I did not hurt him.” 


“Listen, I know--” 


“You have to talk to Commissioner Todoroki. You have to convince him to drop this! Toshinori-Sensei, you once said you were able to convince him not to kill his wife. You have to do the same for me, please!”


Toshinori got up and immediately knelt in front of his student. 


“I’m trying Izuku...I’m trying. I’m doing everything in my power to stop this...I just need your side of the story. I’m not going to let Enji do this. But you have to tell me everything about last night.”


Izuku nodded and sobbed, “What has Shouto been saying?...what has he said?” 


Toshinori frowned, and finally told Izuku the detail he had been afraid to tell the poor boy.


“Young Todoroki is in a coma, Izuku.”




The days passed quickly for everyone else, though for Izuku everything was in slow motion. Depression and anxiety hit him hard as he waited for the situation to be resolved, and for his Shouto to wake up. 


Izuku was wounded deeply. He couldn’t fight the illness wracking his mind as worry, fear and regret drove deep into his heart. He wanted to die when the police officers came to his home to question him; Toshinori and his mother by his side. 


Everyone had knowledge of what he and Shouto had done in the hotel room. What was private now was open to the public, and rumors spread through the city about the High Commissioner's son being beaten and raped. 


Everything was vague in the news reports, and it was by Toshinori’s efforts that Izuku’s name wasn’t shared to the press. No one cared about his side of the story because he was just a civilian, and The High Commissioner reigned with both power and fear. 


Citizens were with the Todoroki family either way, but it all boiled down to what Shouto would say if he ever woke up.


Until then Izuku remained fearful, ashamed, and heartbroken. 




"Izuku, baby, I'm heading out." Inko said as she grabbed her bag and went out the door.


"Okay, mom." Izuku was in the kitchen cleaning when he heard her, and flinched hard as the door slammed shut. 


The early evening was quiet and calm and it was a rare day for Izuku. His anxiety attacks and bouts of depression had lessened. He was still numb inside of himself from everything that happened, but now just more high functioning and steady. Not stable. 


He cried less as if there were no more tears left inside him. He pushed away all hope that Shouto would wake up, and began to live day by day in the mundane routine of silent pain. 


Izuku made as much peace with himself as he could in order to stay alive daily.


He didn't do it for himself, or even Shouto. He fought himself to stay alive because of his mother. He could see the awful strain this put on her, and how much pain she was in to see him hurt. 


So mindlessly Izuku pushed down his sorrows, his emotions, and his anxiety, to be there for her. It was hard, but he did it knowing it was something Shouto would have done for his mother. And in becoming stoic, Izuku strangely felt closer to Shouto. 


After a short while, Izuku heard a rapid knock on the front door. He had just finished cleaning and thought it was Inko. 


"Did you forget your keys mom?" Izuku went to the door, though fear and shock hit him directly in the chest as he opened it.  


Tall and intimidating, High Commissioner Todoroki stood in front of Izuku with a dark scowl on his face...then he smiled. 


There was silence for a moment. Izuku couldn't think or breathe as the Commissioner stepped into the Midoriya household uninvited. 


"Why...why are you here?" Izuku stammered. "Are you here to arrest me?"


Enji rolled his eyes and laughed, 


"No, boy. I'm here to speak with you. Just you." 


"About what?" Izuku's tone cracked, and was desperate.


"I know that when Shouto wakes up he will tell everyone exactly what happened. I get it...I would too. So I am here to propose a deal with you, Midoriya."


"What kind of deal?" Izuku pulled his brows together, and wondered what more could the man possibly want from him; especially after destroying his life. 


Enji sighed a little and touched his crimson red beard while thinking darkly. He stepped forward to the teenager and looked down at him. 


Izuku grew insanely uncomfortable as Enji eyed him, and he backed away until he nearly tripped over. Staggering and straightening himself up, Izuku started to breathe hard as anxiety built up in his chest. 


"What...what do you want from me, Commissioner?" 


Enji scoffed and finally spoke, 


"I'll drop the case against you and allow you to be with my son, Midoriya, if you are successful in keeping him quiet when he wakes up and…"


"And what?" Izuku asked, his heart racing wildly. Enji showed no emotion or want, but his actions explained everything. He grabbed the adolescent by his chin and lifted his face. Izuku’s eyes widened and confusion ripped through his mind as he heard Enji say the words. 


“And if you let me fuck you.”


The man let go of the boy and laughed as he saw the horror in his big green eyes. 


“Shouto has grown too attached to you…and I’m going to make sure your boy’s little bond is under my control. No one is going to take away the years of work I have invested in my Shouto being strong. Especially not you and your silly summer romance.” 


Izuku could barely think, or feel his body. He was cold, scared and trembling. Disbelief ate his nerves, and he wanted to kill himself rather than be faced by such a thing. The High Commissioner just ruined his life by saying those words. 


“Think about it. You two will be free to do what you want together. Just make sure Shouto keeps his mouth shut and give me one night. You won’t have a record, and I will leave you be until I require anything I want from you.”     


Izuku shook his head and felt the room grow hot. He couldn’t speak. He wished that his mother would walk in. He wished his mentor could help him; protect him and save him because Izuku’s mind was lost. He was lost as soon as he walked into the hotel room that night with Shouto. 


“I...I…” The boy stammered and shook. Hot tears ran down his face and he died completely inside when he thoughtlessly nodded at the High Commissioner. He wasn’t going to actually say yes to the man...he was ashamed and tortured with guilt when he realized what he had just done. 


Enji laughed darkly and rolled his eyes. He stepped closer and crowded his body around Izuku’s then whispered, 


“Go get in my car. We’re going for a ride.”

Enji pushed Izuku into the master bedroom of his home. Falling to the floor and collapsing in tears, Izuku sobbed and started to sweat in agony.


“Get up boy,” Enji said roughly and grabbed Izuku by the back of his neck, lifting him off the floor. Izuku yelped as he was pushed onto the man’s bed. 


Enji didn’t waste any time. He unzipped his uniform pants, spat into his hands and grabbed his manhood.  Just as he began to grow hard, he forced down Izuku’s pants and ripped at his underwear. 


“No! Don’t, please!” Izuku sobbed quietly.


“No boy...It’s way too late for that...Now hold still. NOW!” the crimson haired man roared as he pushed down the boy’s face and snatched up his hips. Taking hold of his backside, Enji separated the cheeks and said, 


“Bet you liked fucking my son huh? Fucking faggot! I’m going to teach you a lesson, you fucking brat!” Enji quickly bent over and spat into Izuku’s entrance before savagely shoving his member inside the poor boy. 


Izuku’s eyes shot open in terror. His stomach caved in and he screamed; he thrashed and shouted as the High Commissioner started violating him.


The night went on filled with horrors. Inko Midoriya returned home and realized her son was missing. 


Toshinori boxed up a new Glock .40 for his student, hoping to continue training the boy when everything blew over. And in the hospital on the other side of town, Shouto Todoroki opened his eyes.  


Chapter Text

Enji pumped hard and rutted as Izuku screamed for everyone he knew and loved. 


The teenage boy knew no one could save him from the High Commissioner, but he shouted for his loved ones either way. He was so scared and humiliated; deeply mortified as Enji guided his hips backward, causing their bodies to smack in Enji’s harsh thrust. 


Tears burned Izuku’s eyes and his heart tore into pieces as he started to think of Shouto; Shouto’s mixed colored hair and heterochromatic eyes. Izuku missed him. Wanted him. Cried for him. The boy clutched onto the bed covers and thought of what was being done to him. What he was doing to save himself and Shouto. 


‘I have to do protect us. To save what is left of our friendship. I have to...I have to. I just have to.’ Izuku cried anew. ‘Just think of him. Just think of Shouto. It will be over soon. It’s all going to be over soon.’ The thoughts helped Izuku calm down, but he was wrong. It wasn’t going to be over. Enji had more things in mind, and he was going to ensure young Midoriya’s cooperation by humiliating him further. 


Pulling out of Izuku, Enji slapped the boy on his backside and ordered, “Come over here and suck this dick.”


Izuku paled in horror and didn't have time to refuse it. Enji took hold of his ankles and pulled him off the bed so roughly, that Izuku hit the floor. 


He shook his head as Enji quickly took hold of his jaw. He opened his mouth slowly and retched. He couldn't do it.


“Please, please...I’m giving you everything already. Don’t make me do that. Please.”


Enji shook his head and laughed darkly, “Oh, kid, you haven’t done shit but prove you’re a screamer. Now, open your mouth. I ain’t nowhere near done with you yet.”      


Izuku heaved and nearly threw up at the thought. Enji slapped him quickly. Izuku cried. Enji slapped him again, and again and again, until the boy’s face was red raw, and he was ready to obey. 


Destroyed and tired of being hit, Izuku did it quickly. Mindless and with no second thoughts, he opened his mouth and started to suck. 


The High Commissioner groaned and gripped Izuku’s dark green hair. Moments passed and the man moaned as Izuku labored and gagged, sucking hard and fast to hurry and get it over with. 


“Slow the fuck down,” Enji ordered, and slapped Izuku again, who flinched and did as commanded of him, shaking all over and seething inside with rage at himself and at the High Commissioner. He wanted to bite off the man’s cock...but he was scared of everything and he desperately wanted to see his Shouto again. 


“Tease it. Tease the slit,” Enji moaned. “Make this good...and I’ll leave you and Shouto alone.” 


Izuku rolled his tongue over the man’s opening and flinched as Enji suddenly roared and released in Izuku’s mouth. Lost in his indecent pleasure, the man grabbed the boy by his face and started to thrust his cock down into Izuku’s throat, repeatedly, groaning, cursing and laughing as dark ecstasy overtook him. 

Eventually, Enji’s cell phone rang. The High Commissioner pushed the poor mistreated boy away and pulled his uniform pants back up.  


He smirked looking at the phone, and answered, 


“What, Toshinori?” 


Izuku slumped down to the floor. Hopeless and defeated; so numb that he couldn't react to the sound of his mentor’s name. As Enji calmly spoke to Toshinori--as if he wasn’t just raping his student-- Izuku moved slowly to get up. 


His body was sore and his underwear was torn up, but slowly the boy pulled his pants up over the ripped fabric and zipped up his jeans. 


“Alright...I’ll be there shortly,” Enji said and hung up the phone, then said to Izuku, 


“Go home, kid. We’re done here.” 


Izuku held his head low as he started to limp out of the room. Enji looked and studied Izuku’s movement, and saw how crushed the teenager was. Enji scoffed and rolled his eyes, furious that his son would choose someone that easy to conquer. 


“You don’t deserve my son...always remember that, Midoriya,” Enji commented before Izuku could get past the door. Izuku froze, fury clouding his mind and burning in his nerves. He may have been broken, but the desire to be there for  Shouto was strong and Izuku sucked back tears as he said,


“You can have this night! You can have my body in your memories...But from now on Shouto doesn’t belong to you. He’s mine and I’m going to give him everything that you were never able to provide. Consider the years you’ve invested in him a guaranteed waste.” 


Enji’s face dropped and Izuku continued to limp away.  




Shouto opened his eyes slowly and exhaled sharply as his consciousness jumped into his mind, waking his body. His eyes roamed the room and his chest heaved. His limbs were sore and his entire body felt as if it were weighed down with lead. 


Groaning harshly and gritting his teeth in pain as he tried to lift himself, he sat up and placed his palms to his forehead. 


He groaned again and shook side to side. 


"Who am I?" Shouto mumbled to himself as he rocked himself side to side. "Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?" 


Shaking all over, Shouto curled into himself and wept. 


"Mother. Mother...mother." Shouto yearned, ached, and wanted for Rei. "Mama." Shouto began to cry a child's cry while trying to remember his mother's face and voice. 


He couldn't. 


"Mama!" Shouto screamed and held himself, sobbing and whimpering, scared to be alone. Oh, how he didn't want to be alone right now. He couldn't think of anything. He couldn’t remember anyone. Not his mother...father...location, or even his name. 


But there was a vision in his mind of a pale boy with freckles, emerald green hair and big eyes. 


His voice was sweet, comfortable, and the sound of it roamed through Shouto's mind. It calmed him down. His breathing slowed and his rocking subdued. 


The thought of the lovely boy grounded Shouto Todoroki and he even smiled, thinking about how adorable and wonderful that person was.


Thinking of this person, Shouto took the pillows in his arms and held them close to his body, trying to imagine how it would feel to hold him.


In Shouto's mind, the embrace was soft and warm. It gave him hope, and he wished to see the boy, hear his voice and feel his touch.  


Then the hospital room door opened suddenly. 


Shouto looked up and smiled, knowing in his heart that it would be his lovely boy.


But there were heavy footsteps crossing the threshold. 


Tall and brawny with crimson hair and an intimidating aura, High Commissioner Enji Todoroki approached his son, and saw the frightened childish look in his eyes.


The man paused and allowed a fiery wrath to sizzle every nerve in his body as he studied Shouto's disposition. 


Meanwhile, Shouto suffered from being under the man's glare, as he suddenly remembered being beaten and tormented. 


The memory of being beaten by the same man in front of him flashed through his mind for a split second then vanished. It left an intense anxiety behind; a confusion that he felt soared to high levels, and with this sudden agitation, young Shouto Todoroki began to scream at the top of his lungs. 




Toshinori drove up to the Midoriya house, just in time to see his student walking down the street. The news about young Todoroki spread like wildfire throughout the evening, and Toshinori had wanted to deliver the news in person to Izuku; though as he saw his student walking slowly, the man quickly got out of his car. 


“Midoriya!” Toshinori called out for the boy and narrowed his brows, perplexed, as he noticed Izuku’s limping. 


Izuku didn't hear his mentor’s call. He was too caught up in his weeping and breaking down, flinching as he heard Toshinori’s heavy footsteps rushing up to him. 


“Izuku! What happened?.... Izuku! Izuku, What happened to you!” Toshinori grabbed hold of Izuku’s shoulders and felt the boy jump away from him. 


“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!” Izuku suddenly shouted and started to punch at Toshinori’s torso. He pushed the grown man away and dropped hopelessly to the ground. “Please...please just don’t touch me...just don’t.”


Inko heard the commotion coming from outside and looked out of the living room window. She saw that her son was out on the pavement sobbing. The beautiful emerald-haired woman rushed out of her home to get to her beloved son. 


“Izuku! Izuku!” Inko quickly made her way over. Toshinori turned to her to warn her not to come near but Izuku cried out, 




He allowed her to come near him. It could only be her. Inko picked Izuku up off the ground slowly and guided him into the house. Izuku looked at his sensei and saw the calculating look on his face. Knowing that he knew, Izuku wasn’t angry at Toshinori, he just couldn't handle being touched by another man; not least not now.

And Toshinori sensed this. Something in his gut had been bothering him the entire evening; it let him know that something terrible had happened and Toshinori also knew it involved Enji Todoroki.   




“I got jumped by Kacchan and his crew, mom. They were trying to bully me again.” Izuku lied quickly to his mother as she helped him into his bedroom. “I’m sorry, but please, mom, don't scold me. I just need some time to myself to lie down for a moment.”


Inko frowned and knew Izuku was lying. Her hands shook and she was indeed ready to question her son, but she saw the distress in his eyes...and felt for him. 


“Call me when you need me,” She said blandly to him, and watched as Izuku began to take off his shirt. The woman winced as she saw the purplish bruises on the back of his neck. She studied the mess of his hair, which was usually messy but now looked matted, as if someone had been pushing at it. 


Inko readied herself to leave and close the door behind her, until she looked back and noticed as Izuku undid his pants. 


Izuku had forgotten that his underwear was ripped and he took off his jeans mindlessly, not thinking that his mother would see. 


Inko gasped silently and turned, shutting the door quietly. Her eyes filling up with tears, she shook and immediately went to Toshinori, who was walking into the house. 


“Yagi!” She called to him and he rushed to her. 


“I know, I know...I can tell.”


“He’s saying he got jumped. But Yagi,” Inko shook her head in disbelief. “Yagi, his clothes...his underwear. His boxers are all ripped up and there are bruises everywhere. Someone hurt him. They hurt him, I know it.”


“Calm down, Inko…” Toshinori touched the side of her face and took the woman into his arms, letting her cry and shake. “Listen to me...okay?”


Inko nodded. 


“Do not let him shower. Whatever you do. Not tonight or even tomorrow. We have to get him to a hospital so he can be examined.”


Inko nodded again. 


“Watch over him tonight. Keep him within your ear and eye range, okay? rom what I've seen he's been having too many mental breakdowns. There is a strong possibility he could be suicidal, Inko. ”


Inko flinched at the last word the man said. She released herself from Toshinori’s hold and wiped her face. 


“Why is all of this happening?” She asked--mostly to herself than Toshinori-- “First Izuku’s father leaves and now this, I just...I just can't.”


Toshinori wanted to comfort Inko, but just as she asked the question he froze, realizing everything was entirely his fault; the whole ordeal. Enji's first warning, the attack in the hotel, the rape accusations and now this; his rivalry with Enji had led to all this. Toshinori blamed himself and looked at Inko. Seeing her and her son in pain made something in him rip in half. 


He had let the Midoriya family down completely. He was there, but he wasn't allowing himself to step in as a father figure...or even a lover to the woman in front of him. 

He didn’t want to take the he realized that maybe he should have all along. 


"Inko... I'm so sorry." Toshinori said slowly, running his hands down Inko’s soft arms. “Please forgive me.”


“Don’t...don’t blame yourself. It’s just, I can’t understand it and it’s too much,” Inko mumbled, and allowed Toshinori to take hold of her again. “It’s like no matter what we try, Izuku always ends up hurt. No matter how hard we try to protect him.” 


Toshinori didn’t reply to Inko’s comment. He felt it was right to stay silent and just embrace her. Then he remembered why he had come to the Midoriya’s home in the first place. 


He looked down at Inko and whispered, “We have to tell Izuku something. But we have to tell him when he is ready. Right now he needs time to settle his emotions. But he has to know.”


“What is it?” Inko asked. 


“Izuku’s friend, Shouto, is out of his coma,” Toshinori answered. “But Inko, the boy suffered some memory loss from his attack. He doesn’t remember what happened...let alone his own name.”    


“What does this mean?” Inko asked, but she already knew. 


“It means that Shouto won't be able to give his side of the story. As long as his amnesia lasts, the charges against Izuku will remain. Shouto is the only one who can prove that it was all Enji’s doing that night.”


“What about Izuku! What about him right now! Someone just hurt him!” Inko nearly grew hysterical. 


“I am going to protect him, Inko, I promise! I’ve done what I could to keep his name out of the media and keep the High Commissioner at bay. The case itself is at a standstill. But for now, we have to wait until Izuku is ready to talk about what just happened. But please, Inko, please stay strong for him. Please stay strong.” 


Inko nodded quickly and wrapped her arms around Toshinori’s waist, who patted her hair and sighed. Toshinori didn't say anything, but he knew that all this was Enji’s doing. It was always Enji.


Resting his face against Inko’s hair, Toshinori sighed deeply, and looked up in time enough to see his student looking at them both.  


Izuku heard everything Toshinori just said about Shouto, and it didn’t take long to piece it all together. In his room, he had been wondering why Toshinori would call the High Commissioner. He was trying to figure out everything until he heard his mother crying. Izuku came out quietly and saw his mentor hugging her. 


Izuku wanted to say something, but he stopped himself even after catching Toshinori’s eye and overhearing about Shouto’s amnesia. Izuku was broken, and disturbed by the fact that his sacrifice to save his chance with Shouto was in vain.


Ultimately, the boy was exhausted and tired of being used, seen, heard and even talked about. So slowly, he turned to step back into his room while hearing his mother’s sobs, and feeling Toshinori watching him.  


The High Commissioner stepped out of the hospital room as the nurses assisted his son. Shouto’s screaming reverberated throughout the room, and Enji smiled secretly as he walked away. He was not delighted in the fact that his son was as insane as Rei, but because Shouto couldn’t remember what Enji did; how he beat him so brutally that night. 


The irony was rich, and Enji laughed softly to himself as he left the hospital. The man was glad...and shamelessly satisfied that everything was still under his control as he believed it should be. 


Getting into his patrol car, Enji Todoroki laughed hysterically as he remembered Izuku Midoriya, and how he made the boy scream on top of his bed. Enji chortled and drove away from the hospital building knowing the deal he forced Izuku to make didn’t mean anything. Enji cackled, and was glad that in the end Izuku’s rape was all for nothing. 


But as he drove down the road Enji thought of young Midoriya’s last words to him and felt angered. All of his investment in his son, his prodigy, was now gone. The boy he raised was a wreck now, and Enji’s smile fell off his face completely as he realized that Izuku was right all along. The years invested in Shouto--along with tonight’s actions--was all a guaranteed waste.