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Honey Badger

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Summer in New York was hotter than any. Sun blazing almost all day, not even taking a rest during the late hours of the night. Anything and everything burning your fingertips at the second of touch. George Washing High School, located in the borough of Brooklyn, was no substitute to the heat that plagued the state, and if anything could even be considered to be worse than standing ten hours in direct sunlight by some of the students. The principal, Mr Fury, pursued with his stand against turning on any form of air conditioning to spare money and teach the adolescents a thing or two about 'sucking things up and getting on with life'.

Stuffy classrooms piled in with twenty to thirty teenagers was equally as unhelpful as Mr Fury seeing as they were all sweating profusely and clamped together like atoms in a solid. You swear if one more sexually repressed sophomore pervert 'accidentally' grabs you by your abdomen again then you'll tear of their limbs one by one. You were already unsuccessfully dealing with the unfortunate and extreme warmth of the early days of the summer season, you without a doubt didn't need any horny assholes making it any worse than it already is by placing their sticky hands all over you.

Homeroom use to be your safe sanctuary. A place where you could escape the oddly lustful grade above you and just relax with your best friend Natasha. That was until the school decided to mix grades together for classes after an unexpected surge of new freshman's this semester. So for the past few months you had been dealing with a consistent parasite in the form of a junior dickhead. Bucky Barnes was his name, and you loathed him. It felt like someone put the accelerator on the pedal for hatred and wouldn't let it go whenever you were around him.

You were a sophomore, soon to be a junior at the end of the week once summer term began, and you couldn't wait. Most of the seniors this semester had been nothing but pestering vermin who craved anything with a hole to let them stick it in them. Most of the time they pursued after unsuspecting freshmen who knew no better, but with a reputation like yours you seemed to be the victim they gravitated towards more than others.

It was as if they thought just because you were known around the halls as, well, easy then that meant you were open for business for just about anybody. You didn't care about the unwanted attention like you did at the beginning, but it was tiring to attempt to keep up with who you had apparently fucked that weekend. It wasn't all rumors however, you did in fact have an active sex life, but you weren't ashamed. You were attractive, guys wanted you, and you were allowed to like sex just as much as anybody else. And the slut shaming whispers of your peers wasn't about to stop you from having harmless fun just because other's ignorant views disagreed with it.

However, for some unknown reason, whenever Bucky decided to join in on the social pitch fork mob against you it angered you just that little bit more. He was stuck up, judgmental and infuriating. Whenever he was around you felt like slamming your head into the nearest wall and scream.

He was nothing more than just some average nobody who thought if you didn't focus purely on your schoolwork then you would end up nowhere in life. It was as if he couldn't comprehend the simple thought of balancing out a social and school life. His eyes were like a hawk, waiting for you to do absolutely anything so he could reprimand you for it. As if he lived for putting you down, making you feel like nothing but dirt under his shoe. You couldn't win with the jerk.

"Isn't there some sort of dress code against that? I mean she looks like a prostitute for fucks sake." You heard Bucky mutter to his friend, unfortunately not as hushed as he assumed because you had heard it all. Your brows furrowed as soon as the words slipped past your ears. Eyes following suit and looking down at your outfit. In his defense it was quite revealing but it wasn't that bad. Your larger than average breasts were out on display in the white bralette you were wearing. It was long enough to be worn as a top but also short and lacy enough to have underlining sexual tones to it as well.

But it wasn't your fault that you were striving to keep your body from overheating. So why was the blue eyed asshole treating you as if you controlled the climate? You closed your eyes and steadied your breathing in attempts to calm yourself so you wouldn't turn around right then and there and punch him in his stupid face.

"Hey babe, you alright?" Natasha asked, placing a hand on your bare shoulder as she sat down besides you in her own desk. Your eyes fluttered open, taking in the view of your best friend as she gave you a comforted smile. You shook your head, letting yourself go back to normal and ignore whatever previous emotions you were feeling,

"Yeah, just fucking Barnes not knowing how to keep his mouth shut like usual is all." You saw her roll her eyes at the mention of Bucky. The pair of you both despised the guy for obvious reasons. However Nat tended to be more reserved than you were about your open hatred for him. "You'd think he must be hot shit with the way he talks about how me but all he looks like is a wet hair ball my grandma's cat would hurl up."

You turned around to take a glance at the man you were currently gossiping about, maybe even throw him a glare or two, but your eyes widened as you saw his eyes gazed well and truly trained upon your cleavage. "Perv." You said, loud enough for him to hear you and snap his eyes back up to yours and shoot you his middle finger. He never had shown any attraction towards you had never felt more confused in your life than when you caught his gawking eyes.

"Whore." He retaliated back. You scoffed, turning your head away from him and back to your redheaded friend who had long forgotten whatever you two were talking about beforehand and instead gazed dreamily at the blond haired boy sat next to Bucky.

"Rogers? Really?" You chuckled.

"What's wrong with Steve." Natasha pouted, observation being drawn back to you.

"The kid use to cry when it rained because he thought it meant we would be flooded." You reminded her, well aware of the miniature panic attacks a young Steven Rogers would have back in Middle School whenever it would begin pouring down. You can distinctively remembering him punching an also young Bucky Barnes in the groin when he got to close to him (you assume he was going over to contribute in calming his friend down) and ran off to the teacher where he spent the next ten minutes clung onto her legs as he screamed about how he didn't want to die.

"I don't know, it's kinda cute how... gentle he is." Nat defended. She wasn't wrong, Steve was a very fragile boy. You just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket and sing him a lullaby whenever you saw him. "I could actually do with someone emotionally available after Clint." Clint Barton, Natasha's ex boyfriend. And boy was he an asshole to her. They were more fuck buddies than anything else. It was an entirely one sided relationship, all on Natasha's part, which only ended badly once Nat demanded he finally clarify how he truly felt about her before she got hurt anymore than she already had. And it was safe to say, it didn't end on the note Nat had hoped.

"You know what, Steve seems like a good guy, I say you should go for it." Although you wished for nothing more than to stomp Bucky's face into the ground with the heel of your foot you couldn't help but want your friend to be happier more. And if that meant giving your blessings for her to freely date, or at least fuck, his best friend then so be it. Plus, Steve seemed like a genuine guy. Yes he was more inexperienced than Natasha was use to, but maybe he could be good for her.

"Good morning class, please open your Romeo and Juliet booklets to Act 2, Scene 3." Mr Stark greeted with a demand whilst sitting himself down at his desk. The man had to be your all time favorite teacher. He simply couldn't care less about his job and you adored it. You would of been shocked he hadn't been fired yet if it wasn't for the fact he somehow always managed to pull through and teach his classes enough for them to pass their exams nearing the end of the semester.

"Sir, this is homeroom." A voice near the back of the class informs the salt and pepper teacher in front.

"Is it? Shit, alright, just do whatever then I guess." He mumbles. Then beginning to read through the multiple pages of paperwork he was given in his pigeonhole that morning. "Never mind forget that, I have an announcement about the camping trip to Vermont so listen up." He loudly projected over the loud environment of teenagers chatting absentmindedly to one another. "The cut off date for permission slips has now passed so if you still haven't given yours in, too bad you can't go now." He publicized, hands shuffling down the paper as he read out more.

"And the camp site supervisors have asked you bring only practical clothing seeing as a lot of what you will be doing is outdoor activities. So that means no short shorts, skirts, heels, flat shoes, crop tops, tube tops or what other tops that don't cover your navel. Reminder that this is Vermont so weather will be significantly colder."

"There goes all of Y/N's wardrobe." Bucky mumbled with a snicker. You simply flip him off, not even sparing him the decency of a glimpse as your attention remained on Mr Stark.

"Please keep your comments to yourself, Bunky." Mr Stark warns. You couldn't help but let out a choked laugh at his purposeful misspoken version of Bucky's nickname. "As I was saying, it is also suggested you bring your own toiletries and begin to chose your groups of six to bunk with as soon as possible. Mixed gender bunks are allowed but not encouraged." He spoke, reading out the words as they were written. "Well that's fucking dumb. They haven't said it anywhere on here but I feel like I've got to say this now. Nobody be dumb and get pregnant, because that'll be on me and I really don't want to deal with Fury up in my ass about a teenager coming into his office crying about the growing fetus inside of them." He stated.

"And a friendly reminder that Miss Danvers does in fact give out free condoms in the counselors office, which I can't help but beg you to please take advantage of. I do have ears and know what some of you get up too." He took a swift look your way. He didn't mean any harm by it but you couldn't help the flush of your cheeks appear at the realization that even your best loved teacher viewed you as a irresponsible sex crazed addict. "That's all, continue with what you were doing before."

"We should totally bunk with Steve and his friends." Natasha suggested swiftly with a hopeful grin. Your face instantaneously faltered at her words. Steve and his friends. That meant Bucky included. "Y/N no, don't do this. You literally just said you want me to go through with this and try things with Steve."

"I know, it's just-" You exhaled, elbows against your desk as your hands were pressed against your temples. "That means Bucky too, they're like a two for one deal that I don't want to buy it." You tried to joke with hopes it'll cheer up Natasha's current disappointment.

"Please Y/N, c'mon, who knows when else I'll get a chance to be that close with him again." She begged, green eyes widening into her classic puppy dog look. "Please." She repeated, dragging out the word for as long as she could.

"Fine. But I'm allowed to back out at any time if I want to." You couldn't believe you were giving into this, but then again you also didn't have much of a choice. It wasn't exactly like anyone else would be willing to allow you to room with them in their cabin. Most girls hated your guts and most guys either looked down on you or expected something from you if they gave you the slightest bit of attention. As well, you didn't feel like getting felt up by some greasy seventeen year old while you were trying to sleep.

"Oh my god yes! Thank you Y/N, I love you so much." She beamed, wrapping her arms around you and squeezing tightly.

"Don't get your hopes up just yet Romanov, you haven't even asked him yet." You teased, earning yourself a playful nudge to the ribs. She only gave you a cheekish wink as a reply before getting up from her seat and walking down two desks and to the right where she was met with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes staring at her with wide eyes.

"Don't worry, he'll say yes." The green eyed beauty promised, biting her plump bottom lip as she gave Steve yet another brief moment of attention with her eyes. God you hope she was wrong, but knowing Natasha and her persuasive ways that wouldn't be so likely.