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There are no lights left in the city

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Everything is always a matter of perspective. Someone who just freshly arrived in a new city will see it with vastly different eyes than someone who has lived there all their life. People who come from the countryside might find it too loud, too crowded and confusing even if they had been happy back home. Others from the same countryside might have hated everything they grew up with and instead see that same city as a possibility, something full of opportunities.


Always different. Always changing even. The tiniest bit of additional information can change one’s entire perspective after all. Changing one’s life’s circumstances could. Meeting a new person could, as could losing someone. So if you ask two people to tell you about the same events, you might hear some vastly different stories. The great thing about that? Neither of them has to be untrue. They can be completely different and yet be entirely truthful at the same time.

One person might say the story is about finding your way, learning what you really want from life and gaining the courage to go for it. Another may say that the story is about learning to let go, of leaving the past behind and finding out what they are willing to fight for. And of course it could also be about love.

When it’s all of that combined though, that’s when you know it is going to get interesting.