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I See You

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Staring at the courser bees buzzing around their dripping honeycomb hive, Link stuck his tongue out in concentration.

He was five and Onyx had reluctantly allowed him to go out with the others to help hunt.

It made him ecstatic. Now he was officially part of the pack.

Link had already gathered a handful of juicy red apples and managed to spear two fish.

The hive had caught his attention and even though he was encroaching in a Hinox’s territory, Link wanted the sweet honey desperately.

The only issue was the bees stung and stung fiercely. They became even angrier when their home was messed with.

Link growled in the back of his throat, pacing side to side as he eyed the honeycomb.

The honey would be a special treat for the pack. They rarely had it. Was it really worth getting stung?

Yes. Yes, it was.

Link moved around behind the tree, clambering up it. Sliding along the branch, he swatted at the bees that buzzed closer to him before grabbing the hive and yanking it off the bottom of the branch. Once he had it, he dropped to the ground and bolted, bees chasing him with incensed buzzes.

Link slipped behind a tree and watched as the bees buzzed past his hiding spot. With a chuckle, Link made his way to the alcove where he had hidden his food so no other monsters would steal it.

Adding the honeycomb to the apple and fish pile, Link stared at it proudly.

He was a good hunter. His pack would be so proud.

Covering the food up again, Link ran off to see what else he could find the pack to eat.

Cautiously edging closer into Tabahl Woods, Link spotted the Hinox sleeping in the distance. He stared at it.

Onyx had told him to not mess with the Hinox, but there were shiny weapons around its neck.

“Shiny…” Link whispered to himself.

He wanted one of the shinies.

Picking up a tree branch, Link inched closer to the snoring Hinox.

Poking it a few times to see how deep asleep it was, Link then hit its leg.

When it only snorted in response, Link dropped the stick and climbed up the Hinox’s mountain of a stomach so he could get better access to the weapons.

He grabbed at a metal bow and pulled on it, trying to get it off the rope necklace the Hinox had around its neck. It was knotted tightly though.

After a bit of tugging, Link managed to get the bow free, tumbling off the Hinox as a result and awakening the Hinox.

Link looked at his prize with a grin, not noticing the Hinox getting to its feet.

A shadow fell over him and Link looked up to see the Hinox looming over him with a greedy look in its eye as it licked its lips.

Link managed to roll out of the way when the Hinox slammed a hand on the ground, but he dropped the bow as a result.

The Hinox picked up its stolen weapon, reattaching it to its necklace.

Link stomped his feet in anger, a bad habit he had picked up from Boulder and Talus. “That mine! I stole fair and square!”

"Mine first,” the Hinox rumbled. “Now you mine.”

Link avoided a swipe the Hinox made, backing up but not backing down. Grabbing his dropped tree branch, Link rushed at the Hinox.

Smaller and faster than the lumbering giant, he whacked at its legs all the while avoiding the swipes and stomps.

“Hold still, little morsel!”

“Gimme the shiny!” Link demanded.

“My shiny.”

Link whacked the Hinox’s leg again.

With an annoyed growl, the Hinox swatted at Link and managed to clip the blond with its fingernail.

The strike caused Link to drop his weapon as he fell to the ground. He barely had time to get to his feet when the Hinox grabbed a leg, lifting him off the ground and upside down.

The Hinox brought the tiny attacker up to eyelevel.

Link gave furious hisses, trying to claw at the Hinox.

The Hinox gave a grunt at the futile attacks before raising Link higher until he was over the Hinox’s gaping mouth.

“Ironhide, wait!”

The Hinox, Ironhide, paused. Dropping its arm to its side, Ironhide looked to see who had called them, spotting Amber rushing over to them. “Eh? What Amber want?”

“That’s…that’s Onyx’s.” Amber pointed to Link.

Ironhide looked down at Link, lifting him up a bit to make sure Amber was indeed talking about the blond. “This?”

“Yes. You can’t eat it.”

Ironhide grunted, scratching its chin with its free hand. After a bit of thinking, it dropped Link. “Fine. Next time not so lucky.”

“Of course.” Amber nodded furiously, hauling Link to his feet. “He’s very sorry.”

She swatted the back of his head, giving a stern look. “Aren’t you, Link?”

With a grumble, Link rubbed the back of his head as he nodded. “Yeah….”

Ironhide sniffed, lumbering back to their napping spot and plopping down.

Amber lead Link away by the arm. “Are you nuts? Picking a fight with Ironhide?”

“He had shinies…” Link mumbled, staring at the ground.

“I don’t care if he had the Triforce! Onyx is not going to be pleased when she hears this.”

Link sulked, shoulders drooping. He looked back at Ironhide who had resumed sleeping. “Shinies…”


“You must have a death wish,” Onyx grunted as she focused on grooming Link’s hair.

Link remained quiet, letting Onyx reprimand him while she picked out parasites nesting in his hair.

“Picking on Ironhide of all monsters….” She heaved a sigh. “At least it wasn’t Thunderstriker….”

“He’s too close to those stupid Zora…” Link mumbled. “And he always glares at me if I see him….”

“Good. He’s a Lynel. They’re private monsters. As is Ironhide. I know he had some weapons on him, but those were won through battle. They’re precious to him. Just as you are precious to us.”

Link gave a quiet grunt as Amber nodded at Onyx’s words.

The twins rightly stayed out of the conversation, focusing on grooming each other before dinner.

To get Link to look at her, Onyx put hands on either side of his face to catch his gaze. “Promise me you won’t do something so reckless like that again.”

Link stared at Onyx’s pleading eyes and nodded, giving a nod. “I promise.”

“Good.” Onyx seemed satisfied with the answer as she released Link. “Let’s eat.”