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He had done it at last. It had taken him eleven years, most of that time spent in grueling research, but Dulse finally had the means to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the truth behind Necrozma's condition.

The first person he'd relayed the information to was Phyco. The former captain of the Ultra Recon Squad hadn't believed him, still too wrapped up in the superstitions of their world - and, perhaps, Phyco wasn't that interested in the light returning, after having experienced it himself once or twice. Soliera was far more receptive of the idea, her optimism and joy palpable in the message she sent back to Dulse; she had already made plans to visit the world where Necrozma currently resided, in the hopes of acclimating herself to the light.

Of course, even if Necrozma did make a complete recovery, there was no guarantee that it would be during any of their lifetimes... but the hope for the future was enough, to the people of Ultra Megalopolis.

Unfortunately for Dulse, Zossie's reaction was the most exuberant of all. She decided that, after all the hard work he'd done, Dulse needed a vacation - and she mentioned this to the Aether president just two days after the report concluded.

Dulse would not soon forget Gladion barging into his office and telling him to "get out", then explaining to him that he was on forced vacation. There were a few things to be said about the president himself, but Dulse knew better than to disobey a direct order like that.

That was how he found himself sitting on a cheap plastic chair on Heahea Beach, staring up at the moon; it hung low in the sky, having just risen after the sun's departure.

"This is pretty great," Zossie said from beside him, breathing a long sigh as she leaned back in her seat. "We get to stay out all night, y'know. The staff at the hotel were all informed about us before we came."

For the time being, the two of them were staying at the Tide Song Hotel. Due to lack of space, they had ended up sharing a room - though this was not as much of a problem for Dulse as it would have been a year ago, thanks to his new relationship status.

"...Do you wish to become nocturnal?" Dulse, ever the logical one, pointed out the flaw in her line of thinking. "I thought you enjoyed the Alolan sun."

Zossie made a face. "Yeah, I enjoy it in small doses." She leaned forward again, looking over at him. "Besides, we're on vacation now. We can get back to a real schedule after it's over."

Dulse couldn't help the feeling that Zossie's eyes were wandering; he was dressed in 'proper beach attire', which consisted of nothing but a set of waterproof shorts that covered his lower body. It was more than a little embarrassing to be exposed like this, and he was grateful that there were only a few other beach-goers out at this time.

"It would be more efficient to work on that before it's over," Dulse pointed out, averting his gaze - he'd made the mistake of not wearing his visor. "If you want to do things that way, you should re-acclimate yourself in advance, to prevent interference at the workplace."

As he finished speaking, a young Alolan lady walked into his vision, her outfit almost as revealing as his. He ducked his head, hoping to avoid further humiliation.

"Hey, vacations are meant to be enjoyed!" Zossie refused to budge on her stance. "So what if it's hard to get back into the swing of things? I'm gonna take full advantage of this opportunity!"

Dulse pressed a hand against his forehead. "...If that is your decision, I can't stop you. I will be taking the reasonable route, myself."

"Which means you'll be staying up all night with me tonight," Zossie suggested, sounding more than a little excited about the prospect. "You can't fix a schedule that isn't ruined, right?"

There were times when Dulse wondered why he'd agreed to start a romantic relationship with this frustrating girl. Now was shaping up to be one of those times.

"There are ways to enjoy a vacation without ruining one's established schedule." Dulse folded his arms across his chest, still looking away from everyone and everything. "For example, during the day, we can-"

Zossie interrupted him with a raspberry. "No thanks!" She stood up and stepped over to his chair, leaning over him. "Vacation, for me, means enjoying the light without getting sunburned. I don't know what your definition is, but if you wanna be boring..."

Though she was an adult now, Zossie still displayed frequent bouts of childish mannerisms. Dulse often wondered if she would ever grow out of it, though he sincerely doubted it.

"Are you two together or something?" A third voice interjected - the same lady that had walked into Dulse's vision earlier. "It's not good to- huh?"

Dulse felt a pair of eyes studying him, even more intensely than Zossie's. He fought against the incredible urge to flee.

"Do you have... blue skin?" The young lady sounded genuinely curious as she scrutinized Dulse, and it was clear that she was interested in more than just the color of his skin. "How'd you get that?"

Dulse couldn't help the rapid flush that spread across his face. "...I was born with it," he said, his tone thick with embarrassment. "I'm from another world..."

"Oh, a real alien!" The woman's excitement increased by another level, and then she looked at his face. "Your face is turning even bluer! Is that a blush?" She paused, giggling. "You even have blue blood! That's so cool!"

"Yep, all of us do!" Zossie answered the woman's question, far too enthusiastic for someone who was ogling her boyfriend. "Our world doesn't have any natural light, so we adapted to our environment like this. That's also why we're out now - we get sunburned really, really easily."

"I was wondering about that, actually." Though she was still clearly excited, the young lady's tone softened. "I'm a bit of an oddball myself, so... I like to go on the beach at night. But to think that the reason is because you have trouble with the sun..."

Dulse lifted his head, and immediately regretted his decision; the Alolan girl was standing right in front of him, and Zossie - thankfully dressed in a much less revealing outfit - stood beside him. He looked away, covering his eyes with his arm.

"Well, my boyfriend has some funny ideas," Zossie explained, giggling. "He thinks he can go out during the day just fine. He's a bit of a workaholic, see... doesn't wanna ruin his sleep schedule."

"Oh, how admirable!" the young lady said, her tone shifting right back to enthusiasm. "You're one lucky girl to have a man like him... but I guess he takes things a bit too seriously, huh?"

"Yeah, so I'm trying to get him to loosen up a little." Zossie placed her hand on Dulse's arm, trying to pull it away from his face; he refused to let her. "He's always been like this... too serious for his own good. He's a great guy and everything, but like... sometimes you need to just kick back and relax!"

Dulse dared to peek out from beneath the illusory safety of his arm, and saw a devious smile spread across the young woman's face. He returned to hiding behind his arm, tightening his muscles so that Zossie couldn't pull it away.

"Well, I have a few suggestions," the Alolan said, mischief plain in her tone. "Are you sharing a room?"

Zossie's grip on Dulse's arm faltered. "...Uh, yeah, we are... wait, are you saying we should-" She cut herself off mid-sentence, her tone turning very flustered. "I- I mean, we've been together for nearly a year now and- like, actually, I've been thinking about asking him, but- oh, sorry Dulse!"

It was clear that Zossie had momentarily forgotten she was having a conversation like this in front of the man she was talking about. Dulse breathed a long sigh, and finally removed his arm from his face; at the very least, he wasn't the only one seething with embarrassment now.

"...Is that true?" he asked, after a brief pause; he had to admit that he was a little curious. "That you wish to... spend the night with me?"

Dulse didn't miss the Alolan lady's face turning red - a mirror blush to his own blue. He wasn't sure if she'd realized the unbelievable awkwardness of this situation, or if she was proud of herself for successfully counseling them.

"...yeah," Zossie responded, her usual exuberance somewhat dampened by her own embarrassment. "I- I mean, if you don't want to, then... but, like... since we're on vacation and... y'know..."

"I will consider it." Dulse looked up at Zossie, and noted that her face was bluer than usual as well; he had to admit, it was kind of cute. "...Though, perhaps you could have avoided this conversation transpiring in public."

"Yeah, um..." Zossie glanced over at the Alolan, rubbing the back of her neck with a hand. "Sorry about all this."

The young lady waved her hand. "Oh, no, it's no problem! I'm just glad you two can be honest with each other... even if it leads to conflict every now and then." A slight smile crossed her face. "I hope things work out alright between you two!"

And with that, she walked off; Dulse leaned back in his chair, allowing himself to relax a little. Even if that girl had good intentions, her presence had put him on edge, and he felt like that ruined the entire purpose of this outing.

"...Aren't you bothered?" Dulse inquired, once he was sure the young lady was out of earshot. "She seemed... interested in my body."

"Nah, she knows you're taken," Zossie pointed out, grinning. "She wouldn't have tried anything funny...  not with me here, anyway." She placed a hand on his arm, leaning closer to him. "I don't mind people window-shopping, as long as they don't actually buy anything!"

Dulse blinked twice, somewhat confused by the analogy; he understood well enough what she meant, but why she'd chosen to word it like that was a complete mystery. "I... will have to keep this in mind."

"Seems like it bothered you a lot, though." Zossie quirked an eyebrow, and her expression turned devious. "Or were you just getting all hot and bothered?"

"I..." Dulse struggled for a response; he knew Zossie was teasing him, but he did want to answer honestly. After a long moment of deliberation, he decided on, "I would say it was both."

Truthfully, what had bothered him more than that young woman ogling him was his concern for Zossie's feelings. With that concern unfounded, he really was just hot and bothered, and that led him to consider the request Zossie had made.

"Maybe I'll have to hide the merchandise next time," Zossie suggested, continuing with the shopping analogy. "After all, it's rather delicate, and tends to deteriorate without proper packaging..." She gave a loud giggle. "...Sorry, couldn't resist."

"...please stop that," Dulse murmured, covering his face with his arm once again. He still didn't fully understand the analogy, but he knew Zossie was teasing him again, and her words brought heat to his face. "I'm not..."

"No, but you're super cute!" Zossie made another amused noise, then tugged on Dulse's arm. "You wanna go back to the hotel? We've been out here a while."

For once, her suggestion sounded reasonable. Dulse gave a small nod, then pulled himself out of the chair and looked over at her; he saw the mischievous glint in her eye, and suddenly found it very difficult to move.

Even though she didn't have a very feminine body, Zossie was still beautiful in her own way. The moonlight illuminated the flush across her body, painting her skin a deeper shade than normal, and her outfit - a simple one-piece swimsuit - accentuated the curves she did possess. The most stunning aspect of her was her legs, toned from her extensive adventuring across this world, and Dulse couldn't resist sneaking a peek-

The area between her thighs was visibly damp. No wonder she wanted to go back to the hotel.

"...Let's go," Dulse said, trying to ignore the shock of arousal that shot through his body at that sight. He still hadn't decided on his response to her request, and the last thing he needed was another reason to forget logic and indulge his body's desires.

He'd had to deal with that far too much in his youth, after all. This feeling had always served as an unwelcome distraction, and he didn't want to become addicted to it.

By the time they made it back to the hotel room, Dulse could no longer ignore his physical urges. The events that transpired on the beach had worn down his resistance, and he'd ended up following Zossie the whole way back - giving him plenty of opportunities to stare at her legs.

He was sure that she knew, too. His arousal was not exactly easy to hide.

"...Whoa." Zossie glanced back at Dulse as he pulled the door shut behind him; the already-present flush on her face deepened. "You, uh... you want me to leave you alone for a bit?"

"No," Dulse stated, shaking his head. "...I'll accept your request."

Dealing with this situation on his own would certainly be simpler, but all things considered... they were both sexually receptive, she wanted him, and on some level that he'd kept repressed for all this time, he wanted her. Even his more rational side recognized that this was an inevitable conclusion.

"Really?" Zossie sounded uncertain - perhaps concerned, wondering if this was what Dulse really wanted. "...I told you, you don't have to if you don't-"

He didn't let her finish the sentence. Pulling her close with both arms, he pressed his mouth against hers; she stumbled back, surprised at first, but then reciprocated, her hands grasping his shoulders as she deepened the kiss. It was more than a little sloppy - this wasn't their first kiss, but physical affection was more Zossie's thing, and she often preferred to stick with hugging or cuddling.

Dulse didn't care. If there was anyone in the world that he was willing to break his facade for, it was her, the woman he'd come to love.

It wasn't long before Zossie pulled away, gasping for breath; she met his gaze, enthusiasm clear in her eyes as she tugged him down onto the bed, laying beneath him in a rather submissive pose. Though she was certainly strong - stronger than anyone else could realize - she wanted him to take the lead this time, prioritizing his desires over her own.

"...Zossie," Dulse breathed, as he pinned her against the bed with both hands. "I wanted to apologize..."

"Don't worry about it," Zossie insisted, giving him a weak smile. "I know how you are... just, try to enjoy yourself tonight, okay?"

Dulse nodded once, then shifted away to remove his swimwear. "I intend to."

Once he was fully bared before her, the reality of his decision settled in. Anxiety crept into his thoughts, and he found himself looking away from her; she'd never seen him like this before, and no matter how much he trusted her, it still felt... strange to be naked in front of another person-

"Hey, Dulse." Zossie's voice jarred him from his thoughts, as she pulled his body closer to hers. "What do you think?"

Dulse looked down at Zossie, and realized that she'd removed her own outfit while he was distracted. He'd caught teasing glimpses of her form in the past, but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw now - her smooth skin flushed blue with arousal, her small breasts standing out against the moonlight, the slight patch of orange hair that coated her nether regions...

He'd expected to feel different, perhaps more nervous, but all he could feel now was simmering desire - an animalistic need to claim her as his own, no matter the cost.

"...we have to be careful." Dulse was reminding himself as much as her, the weak rational side of his brain pushing forward. "Let's not..."

Before he knew it, he was on his back, and Zossie was on top of him, pinning him down with her thighs. The sudden reversal of their position caught him off guard; he looked up at her, confused, as she just grinned in response. He wasn't sure what had gotten into her, and it was almost enough to drag him out of his haze of lust.

"You really like my legs, right?" Zossie observed, sounding triumphant. "You can enjoy them more this way!"

"Ah- wait." Dulse shook his head, placing his hand on her side. "I don't see how this position is conducive to-"

This time, she was the one to interrupt him mid-sentence. She shifted her position, just enough to trap his shaft between her legs, and began moving in a way that startled him at first; he hadn't realized how flexible she was, and the moisture from her own arousal made the friction far better than he'd anticipated. He didn't know when or how she'd prepared herself like this, but he couldn't ask her - even speaking seemed like a tall task at this point.

On reflex, Dulse closed his eyes and shuddered. There was an edge of danger to what Zossie was doing, and that just turned him on more - he trusted her enough to keep him outside of her, but he was close enough to her heat that it felt as though he could slip at any moment. It was just like her to take risks for the sake of a thrill, but he was in no position to complain this time.

"Ah- Zossie..." Dulse managed to say her name, and then she shifted her position again, pressing him even closer to her slit. He breathed a loud moan, his hand shifting down to her thigh as his hips moved involuntarily, his body chasing the sensation in a way that would have scared him if he was capable of being rational. As it was, his thoughts were clouded by the delightful feeling, far stronger than he'd ever experienced before.

Even just being with her had an incredible amplifying effect on his enjoyment of this act - and the fact that she was doing most of the work only made it better. As he looked up at her through half-lidded eyes, he noticed that her expression had changed; she looked more focused than he'd ever seen her before, and her mouth hung open just a bit.

Was she enjoying this, too?

"...How's it feel?" Zossie asked, sounding breathless, as she pressed herself against him. "Pretty great, huh...?" She breathed a gasp as her sensitive flesh contacted his directly, and her motions grew more erratic as she held herself above him, her fingers digging into the bedsheets below. That served as an excellent answer to his silent inquiry.

"Yes," Dulse managed to say, as he gripped her leg a bit tighter than he'd intended; she squealed in response, her thighs tensing as she began moving faster, and he wondered if maybe she had a thing for pain. The thought vanished almost as soon as it appeared, swept away by a new and far more intense sensation - she'd navigated one of her hands to his chest, and caught a nipple between two fingers.

The spark almost sent Dulse over the edge right then and there. He was already close, and her teasing - it took an immense amount of effort to maintain control, and he could feel himself slipping with every passing second. He retaliated by reaching up his own free hand, grasping one of her petite breasts, and the noise she made in response to that was the best thing he'd ever heard by far.

Zossie's own control shattered first. Her breath hitched and she threw her head back, moaning his name as her body shivered with the intensity of the sensation; when Dulse felt her fluids washing over him, his focus snapped and his mind was consumed by pleasure, his muscles tensing as he released - thankfully onto his own abdomen, due to the position they were in.

It all lasted far too short, in Dulse's opinion. When Zossie was spent, she flopped down on her side next to him, panting into his ear; he fell still, savoring the warmth that flowed through his body in the aftermath. There was a mess to clean up now, but he wasn't in the right frame of mind to consider that.

"That... wow." Zossie found her voice, though she was still out of breath. "That was... even better than I thought it'd be..."

" was," Dulse admitted, heat rising in his face. "I... enjoyed it, a lot. Thank you, Zossie..."

Zossie gestured to the pool of fluid on his abdomen. "I guess you did, huh?" She giggled. "Don't worry, I'll take care of this for you. You just sit back and relax, alright?"

For once, he decided to take her up on her suggestion. The experience, as wonderful as it was, had drained most of his energy, and he found it difficult to move now; he didn't protest when she pulled away from him, then returned with a towel to mop up the mess. He hoped, for decency's sake, that she'd chosen a white towel - he couldn't focus enough to look.

Once she was done cleaning up, Zossie settled herself beside Dulse, slipping an arm around him. He looked over at her, still blushing a little, and managed a small smile as he returned the gesture.

"...It looks as though I'll be sleeping tonight after all," Dulse murmured, resisting the urge to laugh. "Perhaps... we can continue in the morning?"

A shocked expression crossed Zossie's face for a split second, and then her eyes lit up. "Yeah, that's a great idea!" She leaned in, pressing her forehead against his shoulder. "You really are the best, Dulse..."

There were at least three people he could think of that were objectively better than him, but Dulse chose not to contradict Zossie's statement. He knew that she'd meant it as an affirmation of her affection, and that he shouldn't let his own feelings toward himself cloud his judgment - though, it was likely time to lay those feelings to rest anyway.

After all, even if he did fall into addiction, at least it would be with the one he loved more than anyone else.

"Good night..." Dulse reached his hand up, running his fingers through her hair - loose for once, though he didn't know when that had happened, and he didn't particularly care. "Please... wake me in the morning."

Zossie hummed her affirmation, snuggling closer to Dulse. "Yeah, I'll do that... sleep well, okay?"

She didn't need to ask; he was already drifting off, his exhaustion claiming him. His last conscious thought was of how comfortable it was to sleep by her side, entwined with her like this, and how he hoped that this was only the first time of many.

When Zossie woke up, the first thing she noticed was the blinding light streaming in through the window. She'd remembered to close the curtains last night, so the daytime sun would not be harmful; however, she was still quite sensitive to it, and she had to block her eyes with her arm as she pulled herself into a sitting position.

The room was a little messier than she recalled, articles of clothing strewn across the floor beside the bed. She was still a little tired, and couldn't remember all of what had transpired last night - until she glanced over to the other side of the bed, and saw Dulse's sleeping form.

At the sight of him, naked and only covered by a thin blanket, Zossie's mind flashed back to the events of the previous night. Never in a million years had she imagined something like that would happen; it was a dream come true when he accepted her request, and-

Just thinking about it made her body tingle with excitement. She wanted, more than anything, for the opportunity to do that with him again.

In her time traveling this world, Zossie had learned how to judge the time of day by the position of the sun or moon. It was late morning now, she guessed, and it came as no surprise that she'd ended up sleeping in; Dulse, on the other hand, was a different story. Most of the time, he was up before dawn, getting just enough sleep to sustain his body.

Either she'd worn him out more than she thought, or he had finally been able to relax enough to realize how tired he was in general. She hoped it was the latter, knowing how much he pushed himself - that was the whole idea behind this vacation, after all.

While he slept, Zossie took a moment to inspect Dulse's body. She peeled back the cover, careful not to disturb him; in her enthusiasm, she hadn't gotten a good look at him last night, but now she noticed that he kept himself clean-shaven, with only the faintest signs of magenta-colored hair across his chest. She suspected that had something to do with his uniform, and how it might cause him discomfort to wear something so tight-fitting without removing his body hair.

He was well-built, a sign of the one field where he did maintain his health properly. She could see the lines of muscle beneath his skin - not as prominent as some men she'd seen, but noticeable nonetheless, and she decided that she preferred it this way. After all, it wasn't just his personality she'd fallen in love with; he had always been attractive, with his eyes in particular always mesmerizing her in the best way possible.

Like her, he hadn't changed much over the years. Of course, he had already been well on his way to adulthood when they first arrived in this world, but it still amazed her how similar he looked to how he had back then; it wasn't a bad thing in her eyes, just an interesting fact that she took note of.

As Zossie moved the cover down a little more, Dulse stirred in his sleep, and she stopped for a moment; she wondered if she'd accidentally woken him up, but his breathing remained slow and steady, and he didn't open his eyes. She breathed a quiet sigh of relief, and continued to observe him-

She took note of the one place that she hadn't uncovered yet, and felt her face grow hot. There was a... tent in the covers.

Zossie had heard that men often developed erections in their sleep; it was a peculiar biological adaptation, and while it had been explained to her in detail a few times, she still didn't quite understand why it happened. This was the first time she'd seen it in person - it was surreal, almost, and she wondered how he would deal with it when he woke up.

Well, there was one surefire way to handle such an issue. It didn't guarantee that he'd do it, but...

"...Zossie?" Dulse's voice was quiet, and she almost didn't hear it at first; she looked up at his face to see that his eyes had opened partway, still looking a bit tired. A wave of fresh shame swept through her, unrelated to her seeing his little... problem.

"Oh, um... crap." Zossie looked away, coughing once. "Did I wake you up? Sorry..."

"I'm not upset..." Dulse pulled himself up slowly, looking over at her. "...I suppose I didn't realize how tired I was. I feel... much better now."

As grateful as she was that he was feeling better, Zossie had one major concern. "Is that... uncomfortable for you?"

It took Dulse a moment to figure out what she was talking about. He stared at her, curious and confused, and then realization dawned on him; his face turned a darker shade of blue, and he averted his gaze.

"It... is," he murmured, sounding embarrassed. "I would not say it feels the same as... how I felt last night, with you. However, that..."

Zossie studied his face, and her previous shame turned to amusement - and just a touch of curiosity. "How do you usually deal with it?"

"...The quickest and most efficient way." Dulse leaned back on the bed, and pushed the remaining covers off of himself. "If not... the cleanest. Would you like a demonstration?"

The suggestion hit Zossie like a ton of bricks. She still couldn't fully believe that she was in this situation to begin with, and now - now he was offering to touch himself in front of her, shy but willing, and her body heated up as she gave him a silent nod in response. If she was to be honest, there was nothing she wanted more right now... other than pleasing him herself, of course.

For now, she decided that could wait. His offer was a sign of trust, an affirmation of his affection for her; he rarely expressed it in words, preferring to do so through actions, and he had never outright said that he loved her - but she was okay with that, since he made it clear enough anyway.

Dulse took a deep breath, then let it out slowly; he looked up at Zossie as his hand migrated to his nether regions, still looking somewhat nervous as he slid his fingers around his shaft. She couldn't blame him - the mood was completely different from how it had been last night, more awkward and uncertain, but it was clear that he'd chosen to go through with his idea regardless.

"You know," Zossie said, as she observed him; he started slow, one finger stimulating the sensitive line on the underside. "I didn't notice this before, but yours is... pretty big. I wonder if it'd all fit inside me?"

Dulse shuddered, and his eyes closed partway; it wasn't difficult to discern that he'd imagined it himself. "You would... be surprised. With adequate preparation..."

"I guess we'll worry about that when it actually happens." Zossie had no plans for it herself, at least not in the near future - she was content with just touching him, or doing what they'd done last night. "You okay with that?"

"...Yes," Dulse managed, giving a weak nod. "There would be... consequences to doing that now..." He swept a finger across his tip, and moaned at the feeling; some moisture had gathered there, and he spread it along the rest of his shaft as best he could, limited by the aforementioned size.

...He really was big, Zossie thought to herself, as she recalled the clinical texts she'd read. Above average, at the very least, though she had no way of judging his actual size at the moment. Most of the people in Ultra Megalopolis would have laughed at her for expressing a sentiment like that, but she wasn't there - and her investigation of the more twisted side of this world had turned up a much greater interest in the subject.

"Feels good?" Zossie inquired, though it was kind of a silly question - he made it pretty clear that it did. "I mean, it looks like it does to me, but... just want to make sure, y'know?"

"It... yes, it does." Dulse closed his eyes fully as he began rubbing himself faster, his precision weakening; the flush across his upper body indicated that he was well and truly aroused now, getting into the flow of things, and Zossie wanted so badly to lean in and caress him - but she resisted, reminding herself that she'd have to ask him first, and she didn't want to do that when he was showing off for her.

That didn't mean she couldn't tease him, though. "How often do you do this, anyway? This happen a lot?"

"Ah-" Dulse tried to speak, but his breath hitched and he gave a moan instead; he made an effort to look at her, shifting into a massage as he spoke in a low, strained voice. " it does. Most mornings... I have to..."

His breath hitched again, and Zossie guessed that he was close; she recognized the signs from last night, the way he reacted to every touch and tease, and it just made the urge to help him directly even stronger. Still, she resisted, watching as his movements reached a fever pitch, his mouth hanging open as he panted and moaned with every stroke.

It really was something else, watching the stoic and collected Dulse losing himself like this, letting himself fall apart before her; no amount of emotional suppression could hide his feelings from her, and with every passing day, it seemed as though he became more expressive, more trusting - but only with her, his facade going right back up when he was around others. She saw it as a privilege that he allowed her to see him like this, one that she was more grateful for than anything else.

It wasn't long before Dulse tensed up in climax, his eyes shutting once again as he gripped himself tight, his other hand grasping at the bedsheets as his essence painted his abdomen. The slight contrast of white on blue sent a spark of arousal through Zossie's body, and she noticed her own breathing growing heavier as she watched him come down from his high, his ever-frustrating hardness dissipating as he moved his hand away, relaxing against the bed.

"Looks like it worked," Zossie pointed out, giggling. "You want me to help clean up?"

Dulse gave a weak nod in response. "That... would be much appreciated." His face flushed. "...It was... more intense than usual..."

Zossie had already guessed that, but to hear confirmation from his mouth made her skin tingle. She pulled herself out of bed, and stepped into the bathroom to grab a towel; fortunately, most of the ones provided by the hotel were white, so that would prevent some potential awkwardness.

When she returned, Dulse had calmed considerably, looking as if he was ready to go back to sleep. It didn't come as much of a surprise - he was exhausted, far more than he'd even realized before this vacation, and the release of hormones from his self-pleasuring had caused him to relax more than he normally would have allowed himself to. It was similar to what had happened last night, with him falling asleep shortly after they finished, but Zossie wasn't about to let him sleep this time.

Instead, she cleaned him off, then propped herself up on the bed next to him. "Thanks for showing me your technique! I'll be sure to use it in the future."

"Hm...?" Dulse blinked up at Zossie, looking a little embarrassed. "Ah... yes, I suppose that was a learning experience for you as well... I- I look forward to it."

The flush on his face grew deeper at those words, and Zossie knew that he'd meant it. "I'll leave it up to you, but I hope I get to try it out soon..." She gestured at herself. "Speaking of techniques... watching you really got me going. Can I show you mine?"

This got Dulse's attention; he snapped out of his half-dazed state, and stared at her with eyes that were too wide for how tired he'd been before. "Your... technique...? I- I wouldn't be opposed... if that's... what you want to do..."

It was as close to a yes as she was going to get. Content with his response, Zossie sprawled herself out on the bed beside him, and wasted no time in bringing a hand between her legs; she watched him as he continued to stare, his eyes straying downward as she pressed a finger inside her slit, brushing against the sensitive spot at the front.

Just that light touch sent an intense spark of desire through her. She was even more turned on than she'd realized, and a small part of her wondered if she'd even be able to show him much; she discarded that in favor of stimulating herself, catching her nub between two fingers as she spread her legs apart in an effort to make her actions more visible.

"That's..." A mixture of curiosity and anticipation swept across Dulse's face. "Would... one finger work?"

Zossie slowed her pace, knowing that she wouldn't be able to speak otherwise. "Either way works... just fine... I just like it... this way better." She raised her free hand to her chest, caressing one of her petite breasts, and she had to resist the urge to close her eyes. "I switch it up all the time, though... so if you want to do it... the simple way, then..."

She trailed off then, returning to a faster pace of stimulation. One of her fingers slipped further down, tracing a quick circle around her entrance; she used the hand on her chest to touch her nipple, two fingers grasping the little protrusion as she switched to rubbing the more sensitive one below with one finger. It was half to prove her point, and half because she wanted to do something else with the other finger.

Zossie didn't miss the subtle change in Dulse's expression when she pressed the tip of her finger inside herself. She wondered if he'd imagined something else, something more intimate and special - that boy's mind was firmly entrenched in the gutter today, and she loved every second of it.

"You're..." Dulse's mouth hung open as Zossie began to move the finger in and out, her mouth twisting into a weak smile for all of two seconds before she gave a loud yelp instead, pressing against the nub between her legs with one finger. She wanted to savor it, to stretch this sweet moment out just a little longer - but her body disagreed with her, craving release to an extent that she couldn't resist it.

Once she picked up the pace again, it wasn't long before Zossie lost control. Her vision blurred and she cried out, her thighs tensing as an incredible surge of sensation swept through her; she gave herself a few more rubs, drawing out the feeling as her inner walls tightened around nothing, save for the tip of her finger that she had left inside herself. Her hand remained there for a while afterward, savoring the weak, lingering contractions that eased her down from her peak.

It was a little selfish, but she had trouble focusing on much of anything else right now. She wasn't sure if it was because of her boyfriend watching her the whole time, but that had been far better than she was used to.

"Zossie..." Dulse's voice jarred her from her momentary reverie; he sounded downright awed. "You are... truly stunning. Thank you for showing me this..."

Zossie moved her hands to brace herself as she sat up. "If you want to see it again, just ask..." She gave him a bright smile. "That was... pretty awesome. Can we do it again sometime?"

"Ah... yes." Dulse averted his eyes, and she noticed that his face was a most interesting shade of blue. "However, more importantly, I... believe that watching you may have defeated the purpose of..." He trailed off, shame clear on his face.

She knew exactly what troubled him. It wasn't a secret - and less so when she glanced down.

"Sooo... does this mean I can try out your technique?" Zossie offered, her smile broadening into a grin. Dulse gave a resigned nod, then flopped back down on the bed; the last of his resistance had shattered, his rational side too weak to continue working with the promise of more physical pleasure awaiting him, and that was just what she wanted.

He'd needed this for a long time, and she regretted waiting so long to give it to him.

Still, it wouldn't be fair if he didn't at least get the chance to return the favor. Zossie propped herself up beside him, using one arm to keep herself steady as she reached over to touch him with her other hand; as her fingers slid around his reignited arousal, she noticed how hot he felt under her touch, his pulse prominent within his engorged flesh. An involuntary shudder went through her body as she realized that this would be her first time stimulating him like this.

Dulse didn't miss Zossie's unusual position, and he slid an arm around her to pull her close, his lips brushing against hers in a brief gesture of affection. His other hand settled on her hip, moving forward just a bit, but he didn't move any further than that - a silent question lingered in his eyes, a request to show her how he handled her technique.

"Sure," Zossie responded, smiling, as she spread her legs a little. Dulse wasted no time in pressing his hand between her legs, his gentle touch sending a spark of delight through her body; this felt different, both from what had happened last night and the events that had transpired moments before, and she felt her heart begin to race in anticipation.

She kept a slow and steady pace, her fingers teasing his hardness with each stroke. She noticed it moving in her hand just the slightest bit, the involuntary tensing of his muscles serving as a reminder that he enjoyed her touch; she enjoyed his as well, his finger finding her sensitive nub as he leaned in to kiss her again, deeper and more passionate this time - but it didn't last long, as she broke away to cry out when he started flicking at the protrusion with his finger.

This wasn't her technique - it was one that he had devised based off of what he'd seen before. She felt herself tremble with each motion, the calculated strikes sending sharp bursts of sensation through her body, and it took all her effort to focus on stroking him in return.

"Wh-what..." Zossie managed to say, though her voice was strained from pleasure. "...What gave you... that idea..."

Dulse said nothing in response, and went back to rubbing her. She felt disappointed for a split second before he pulled her in for yet another kiss, his free hand trailing along her side, and she couldn't find it in herself to be upset; this moment was perfect, just them sharing each others' bodies, their inhibitions forgotten as they strove toward a mutual, glorious goal.

When they parted, Zossie took note of the fact that Dulse had started moving his hips in time with her hand's movements. He was really getting into it, and she decided to reward him a little; she traced the underside of his shaft with her thumb, noting the ridge there, and he shuddered and bit his lip in response, unable to fully stifle the moan that rose from his throat. He retaliated by pressing a finger inside her opening, rubbing along the front, and she didn't even bother to quiet herself as she yelped and stiffened with the feeling.

Just a few strokes later, she felt his body go rigid, and his arousal pulsed in her grip; she was treated to the incredible sensation of feeling him release, a series of clenches along his shaft as his essence sprayed across the bed and himself, and that was enough to send her over the edge as well. Her breath hitched as she tightened her thighs around his hand, eyes closing as her mind was overtaken by pleasure, and her inner walls tensed around his finger, eliciting a sharp gasp from him as he pulled himself away from her hand.

Ah yes, the refractory period. When Zossie's head cleared, she noticed that Dulse had once again rolled onto his back, his breathing heavy and his eyes half-lidded, and the blood had drained from his manhood, leaving him too sensitive to enjoy any further stimulation. She didn't suffer from the same problem - her lower parts still tingled a little, craving more - but she decided that she wasn't going to push him any further, knowing that she'd already worn him out all over again.

"I..." Dulse looked up at her after a brief silence, a slight panic in his eyes. "...I have to use the bathroom..."

Oh, right. "Go ahead," Zossie said, offering him a reassuring smile. "I'll wait for you."

Dulse gave a quick nod, then pulled himself out of bed and scrambled into the bathroom. Zossie had to admit that she was a little surprised; he must have been more desperate than he let on, and a small, filthy part of her wondered if maybe she should've just told him to relieve himself right then and there. It would have been a spectacle, for sure - but she also didn't want to cross too many boundaries with him, not when the sexual aspect of their relationship was so new and precarious.

As she waited for him to return, her mind began to wander. Between last night and this morning, she'd gotten to see a side of him she never even imagined existed; he was always so stoic and reserved, careful and calculated in his every action, and the thought that he could be so vulnerable was downright ludicrous. She'd anticipated him being quiet during sex - but he had proven her wrong in the most endearing way possible, his yelps and moans proving that he was quite capable of expressing himself in the heat of the moment.

The other interesting thing was how flustered he got-

"Zossie..." Dulse stepped out of the bathroom, still naked, but she noticed he'd cleaned himself off; he moved over to the bed and collapsed, sprawling himself out in a way that she couldn't help giggling at. He was even more tired than before - she could see it in the way he struggled to keep his eyes open - but there was one last concern that lingered in her mind.

"Hey, what about your sleep schedule?" Zossie recalled the conversation on the beach last night, an amused smile crossing her face. "Weren't you planning to try and maintain it?"

"...We're on vacation," was Dulse's simple, yet telling, response. It was the same excuse she'd used to disregard sleep schedules, and to hear it parroted back at her by him of all people made her collapse in laughter. She wasn't going to judge him for it, of course, but the fact that he'd changed his tune after just one night was absolutely hilarious.

Once Zossie managed to collect herself, she pulled herself close to him, snuggling against him; the least she could do was ease him into slumber. "Well... I guess I'll be waking you up later, then." She rested her head on his shoulder, laying one arm across his bare abdomen. "...Sorry for wearing you out like that."

"...That's a lie," Dulse pointed out, and he gave a weak laugh. "You aren't apologetic at all." He mustered the energy to slide his arms around her, the fingers of one hand running through her long hair. "Thank you..."

"You're welcome," Zossie whispered, and she said nothing else as she watched him drift off. There was something indescribable about watching her lover sleep, his prone form laid out before her, so helpless and exposed; she felt the urge to protect him, to watch over him until he woke, and she had to remind herself that he was perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

Despite that rational side of her, she decided to indulge her urges for a while. At some point in the day, she would need to get something to eat - and so would he, so she made plans to pick something up later on and, if he hadn't awoken by then, she would bring it back to the hotel.

For some reason, the thought of running errands like that during their vacation didn't feel anywhere near as imposing as her regular work, and she wished this week didn't have to end.