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A Worrior In Disguise

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Fa Ping entered the beautiful garden of the Fa family. The light breeze filled the air with the sweet fragrance of lotus flowers. Treading up the stairs leading to the door, he raised a pale, slender hand and knocked three times. Grandmother Fa’s delighted (though Ping could sense worry too) face greeted Ping when the door flew open. “Oh, Ping!” She gave him a hug that would have crushed him before, when he was...still human. You see, Fa Ping was...a vampire. He kept it a secret to anyone but the Fa family. The fact that he shared their surname was because he actually had been an ancestor to them, although they hadn’t met him before that fateful day two years ago when he had been bitten by China's most infamous vampire. "Come in, dear." Ping followed the grandmother into the kitchen.
That familiar giggle he’d grown to love interrupted his train of thought. A little girl of about five years (“I’m turning six soon!” she would say and stomp her little foot if she had anything to say about it, which Ping could definitely endorse) came running. Mulan was strong-willed, even for her young age. With coal black, smooth, shiny hair, just like Ping himself had, she was a very beautiful little girl. She often grew irritated whenever someone commented on her beauty “I’m not beautiful, I’m smart!” and Ping would say "how about both?" and she would smile brightly at him saying "both. Both is good!" nodding vigorously.

Grandmother Fa looked at Ping, who had lifted his little friend into the air and was spinning her round and round, making her giggle. She smiled at the scene. "Ping?" He paused and hold the girl in his arms. "Yes?" "Thank you for staying with Mulan tonight." "It is really no problem, grandmother Fa. Right, Mulan? We'll be fine." "Yes, brother!" she beamed. Ping smiled. They truly were like brother and sister.
"Fa Zhou and Fa Li will be back from the market in a few hours and I will be back from my walk in one hour."

When grandmother Fa had left, Mulan whispered to Ping "I'll show you something." She took Ping by the hand and lead him to a cabinet. "Open it!" she said eagerly. "Mulan, I don't think...." Ping began but she sighed impatiently. "Daddy showed me yesterday when I asked about the war. He said he is too old to go to war, but you're not! Open it!" she begged again.
Ping took a deep breath and opened the cabinet doors.