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You had me at Su cuy'gar

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  That's all Theron really knew was work. Or getting shot at. One of the two usually but it was a life he was use to by now. He was at least proud to be aiding his old friend with the war effort. After their first meeting, even with his cautious nature, he liked the Bounty Hunter. He listened to all sides, thought things through and never seemed to have an issue with helping out even when credits weren't involved.

  Alzeid and him became good friends and with the formation of the Alliance, he happily worked alongside him. But that is what his job usually entailed. Work. He never really got a chance to involve himself with the other crew members aside from Lana, Koth or Alzeid. In the few moments they had to themselves, they'd occasionally stop by the cantina for a drink or he found himself in his bed, the Commander making a slight jab at how he fell asleep at his desk again. He saw the others briefly when he wasn't trying to dodge bullets on the battlefield or running for his life. But only ever that. Now, with Vaylin dead, the throne secure under the banner of peace as per the Commander's request, he could ease up just a bit.

  And ease he did. Right onto his bed. The commander was kind enough to give Theron his own chambers, especially with how his usual spy work required privacy. He had stripped himself of his coat and shirt, kicked off his boots and was about to remove his pants but just ended up falling back on the bed. Never again would he take for granted the feeling of the cushion beneath him and not a metal table or a hard chair. He was granted a couple hours of dreamless sleep until he heard a gentle rapping at the door. He wished it away, ignoring it at first, listening to the muffled voices outside. Just as he was about to fall asleep again, he heard the door slid open. He knew who it was now, knowing only one other person knew the code to get to his chambers and that was only because he had to give it to him in case he fell asleep at his desk again.

  "How did I know you'd be in here?" The commander asked with a faint grin, his hands shoved into his pockets. Theron's reply consisted of grabbing the extra pillow and throwing it in the direction of the voice. He heard the pillow being caught but he also heard his friend laugh. "Missed me. Thought you aimed to please?" 

  "I do. Usually. Except for right now. If the galaxy is in danger again, can't it wait for a few more hours.." He mumbled into the pillow.

  "No, the galaxy is fine. For now. But how can I let you sleep without celebrating victory first?" Alzeid asked as he moved closer, sitting on the edge of the bed. He made a gesture that Theron couldn't see but felt from the wait shift. He heard what sounded like boots on the floor.

  "I told you before, I'm not into dancers. I don't care how cute you think they are." Theron groaned as he rolled over, recalling when Alzeid made a comment about looking into one to help Theron 'loosen up'. But when Theron heard another male's voice, he quickly regretted his words.

  "Sorry. Not a dancer. Only a warrior." A familiar voice said with a faint hint of amusement. Theron was sure he heard it over the holocom a few times before. As eyes finally opened, sitting up, he quickly saw the owner of the voice.

  He first noticed the curt way of how he spoke but when looking to his armor, he understood. He was a Mandalorian with sandy blonde hair and ritualistic scars beneath his piercing blue eyes. He had a hint of a smirk on his face as he held onto the thrown pillow. He looked.. Young. Too young to be in the Alliance but something told him that he had a good reason to be here.

  "Theron, this is my old comrade and my brother, Torian Cadera." Alzeid introduced.

  Theron had to pause in the moment of his embarrassment of calling the man in armor a dancer to look over Alzeid, comparing him to Torian. Alzeid, like Theron, had a few implants himself but kept them hidden well with a fringe of white hair being over his right eye to conceal the lack of one replaced by an implant and a few parts lined on his upper jaw which he hid with his hair. Other than the golden eyes, he was human just like he was. But he looked nothing like Torian.

  "Su cuy'gar." Torian said, returning the pillow to Theron after he stepped closer. Theron found himself actually pulling the blanket over his bare chest like he had something to hide but caught himself, accepting the pillow as a distraction. Torian must have noticed the confused look on Theron's face to the words, quickly explaining with that a faint smile. "A greeting. Means 'You're still alive'. Seen you on the field. Know how to use a blaster well."

  He felt a chill run down his spine after the sandy haired mando spoke the strange words to him. It wasn't exactly a bad feeling either.. But before Theron could properly reply.. Even though he wasn't sure where to begin; At how he was still alive or the compliment, he got a face full of the pillow he had thrown, it gently being shoved in his face by Alzeid. 

  "Come on, come on. Get up, get dressed, we're going to the cantina. I did offer you a drink." Alzeid jumped off. "Torian wanted to meet you. As do a few others."

  "Good things, I hope.." Theron reached over to grasp his shirt, pulling it over his head.

  "Nothing but. Except that you fall asleep at your desk." Torian explained, noticing how Alzeid was already backing up. And with good reason. Theron was about to throw another pillow but the Commander was already skittering away.

  "That was just once!" The spy quickly explained but he was already gone.

  "See you out there." Torian gave a firm nod to the man as a sign of departure before slipping out.

  The spy laid back on his bed, rubbing a hand down his face. He felt.. Flush. Maybe from the lack of sleep. But he knew in a few hours he'd be right back in his bed. He usually didn't like to go to the Cantina unless it was to talk business but.. With the company at hand.. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea.