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For even tinsoldiers can find home

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In the midst of numerous calculations and possibilities, there was always some that differed in some fundamental way. A blip that was unexpected and not noticed until it was too late. With Minerva concentrating crafting ideal bloodline for activation of the sun shields, Juno took note on the final product.

Desmond Miles. Almost perfect. But too willful, too rebellious, too stubborn. Just like these humans were right now. While his blood may be strong enough and the outcome preferable…There was still a chance of him shaking her off. Juno wanted someone more malleable.

She touched the timeline, tweaking the future just a smidge and with a smile watched to changes bloom. Now she only needed to settle to wait in her temple for Desmond to arrive in order to enact the second phase of her plan.

And thus have him out of the way of Aaron Miles.


By the time Minerva noticed, it was already too late and she needed to record a message for they cypher that they’d receive through the prophet. But through calculations, she could see where her original intended was and thus reach to him as well, offer words to him and give peace of mind to new cypher.

She could only hope that would be enough. That Juno hadn’t done anything else as she was running out of time. For this purpose, Aaron should fit as well as Desmond would’ve.