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Dragon Aspects

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Aspect of the Wild: Misaki - The dreamer

 Misaki sobbed she knelt beside the fallen green dragon "No, no this shouldn't have happened" She cried as the dragons form altered into that of a human. Misaki shifted closer her green eyes watching in awe as she scooped up the body "no mother please dont go" Misaki cried into the womans grassy green hair "mother please"

A woman knelt beside her, her eyes concerned, her firey red her blowing around her "Ysera is gone, my dear, Xavier has already gotten into the hearts of many, she would be glad she was free, she's the Aspect of the wild, of the emerald dream, if he had her the druids wouldn't stand a chance" the woman cooed "My darling niece, please do not cry for her, she is at peace" Misaki lent into her and hiroki sat at her other side 

"We need to go, more of Xavier's minions are coming" Hiroki said as Ysera's body fade and rose to become the stars. the woman nodded

"We must hide, we cannot let Xavier win" she added steeping away from Misaki and Hiroki her form altered into a huge dragon before lowering herself so the young Misaki and Hiroki could climb aboard before taking off into the air soaring to their hiding place.

 Aspect of Magic: Masamune - The spell weaver


Masamune watched as the various object floated around as his father cleans up their small hiding spot. "Dad do you really need to do that, im always ducking flying objects" Masamune groused as he ducked his way through the living room.

"Nonsense" Kalecgos smiled "We're aspects Masamune, we have to keep sharp"  he added as everything flew into place, "How was school? was she there?" he asked.

"No, she's just vanished" Masamune held out his hand and in a flash of blue a piece of paper appeared in his hand. "It's also that time"  Kalecgos gave Masamune a sad look

"Im sorry, Masamune..."

"I know you gotta be hidden" Masamune sighed as kalecgos pulled him into a hug

"Tell me your choice, my boy" the elder aspect smiled "I know whereever you go will be good, My little mage" Suddenly the small house shook and Kalegos moved away from his sn to see what was going on before backing away from the window. "Masamune run"

"What? Dad!"

"Run! you know where you can go just run" Kalecgos gripped his son's shoulders "Masamune, I couldn't stand Xavier getting his hands on you, please just go my little mage" Masamune nodded tears flooding his eyes 

"I'll be waiting..." Masamune hiccuped

"I know, now go" Kalecgos guided masamune away and Masamune scrambled to safety when an explosion of magic knocked the wind out of Masamunes lungs and the mana that flowed through all living things was temporarily drained. Masamune turned attempting to spark any part of his magic but paled and looked towards what once was his home "No..." before he could shout the warning he heard his father's cry of pain and a flood of his fathers magic in his system. knowing their was nothing he could do he ran to his cousins

 Aspect of Life: Hiroki - The life binder


Hiroki held the sobbing Misaki as she felt within herself for the links to the other Aspects. Both the okder woman and hiroki shuddered at the feel of the loss of Kalecgos. "Mother, Masamune, he's still..."

"I know my darling" the woman smiled sadly "My brother wouldn't let his son suffer his face"

"Alexstrasza why did we have to hide!?" Misaki sobbed "Why couldnt we stand together"

Alexstrasza knelt before Misaki "I know this is hard but you are the new aspect of the wild misaki just as masamune is the new aspect of Magic, and Hiroki when I pass the aspect of life. bound as siblings just as we all were, we need to think about you making it through" Alexstrasza smiled cupping both the younger girl's cheeks "you children are our pride, your fathers would have been proud should they have seen you now, just as the boys' mothers would have been"

the two girls looked at each other as Misaki clung to Hiroki "Now that your champions are gone what could we possibly do" Hiroki whispered

"My dear, you will one day have your own" Alexstrasza smiled "Now I must go, I will check on the others, just stay here" Alexstrasza ordered as she stood and left her form returning to that of a dragon once she had left. Hiroki moved away from Misaki when she finally stopped crying. 

"We'll be ok Misaki" Hiroki soothed their dragons eyes meeting "we're dragon aspects, we do what we need to, we have the bronze blue Red green and black dragonflight at our backs we just have to be careful for now"

"The dragonflight...huh?" Misaki took a deep breath walking over to help her cousin who was cleaning the dishes. Just as Hiroki turned to hand Misaki a cup she gasped dropping it as the sound of a dragon's cries rang through the night "Hiroki?" Misaki asked cautiously.

"Alexstrasza... is gone..." Hiroki shook

"Oh hiroki..." Misaki cooed pulling her close 

"We need to move...quickly before they find us too" Hiroki sniffed as she pulled misaki out of the house both sprinting for their lives

 Aspect of Time: Kou -The timeless one


Nozdormu watched as his son as Kou watched back. the aspect enjoying how attentive his son was. Kou watched as his father examined the flows of time, examining events of the past, shaping fates of the humans unaware, such is that of the lord of time. Kou was eager to learn despite already being nearly as good as his father . Stopping his flow he turned his attention fully to his son. "Isn't their something youd rather be doing boy? like a painting you were planning on entering in your school competetion?"

"its done~" Kou chimed "its even twisted to look villainous" he added 

"Good, as proud as I am of your works, I dont want them outing you" Nozdormu smiled "Come my boy, we must get ready for Alexstrasza" he added leading his son towards the door in order to greet the dragon. once they stepped out they saw her form just as it came crashing down into the earth her eyes lifeless. Nozdormu closed his eyes looking at her timeline, to study what happened before turning to Kou "Get out of here! find your cousins!" Nozdormu snarled and Kou merely backed up a few steps "Now, boy!" and with that Kou sprinted using his pauses in time to run farther and faster only to crash into another figure and backed up relaxing when he saw it was Masamune. 

"We need to go they got Alexstrasza and my father is..." Kou started 

"I know they got Mine and Ysera too" Masamune said sadly "Misaki and Hiroki are waiting with Thrall and Zen" Masamune added holding out his hand Kou took it and in a blue flash the were gone

 Aspect of the elements: Zen - The Earth warder

Zen sat with the girls when Masamune and Kou arrived, thrall ushering Kou into the living room with the girl. Hiroki ran to Kou hugging him tight "Im so glad you're okay, I just felt Nozdormus thread snap..."

Kou hugged her "I'm sorry about-"

"Dont say it. but thank you" Hiroki sighed.

"We should split up again" Misaki suddenly spoke earning everyone's attention.

"Misaki you were the one that said we should stick together" Masamune said quietly

"But now we have only one experienced Aspect left we dont stand a chance until we find our champions" Misaki answered

"Misaki is right" Thrall pointed out "Im the last aspecof my century left, its a matter of time before they find me as well" each of the new aspects looked down, including Zen

"we aren't hiding the right way though" Misaki pointed out as her eyes shifted into that of a normal human's forgoing the dragon irises "we need to blend in"

"Good call i have good people who are willing to take in each of you aspects, allow me in my final moments to get you all settled" Thrall smiled, Zen looked like he wanted to protest but kept his mouth shut knowing the truth

"The old gods took this too far" Masamune hissed

"But we have to deal with it" Hiroki pointed out "if this world is survive then we have to"

"We dont have time" Kou whispered "theyre here thrall"

Zen looked to thrall who smiled back "you know who they are Zen take them to them" Zen hugged thrall shaking "take care," thrall pushed him away "go before they close I will give you the time you need to hide"

Zen nodded leading the group out and away from the hidden home. Zen knew the second Thrall died, Hiroki let out a pained sob as soon as his light was snuffed out.