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maze of memories (i wanna see)

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Felix slumps on his bed and closes his eyes, tired from finishing five essays. He just wanted to escape from Earth, go somewhere where studying will be more fun, a place he'd actually like. Minutes later from lying in the same position, Felix got uncomfortable and moved his hands, stopping it after feeling something prickly touch his skin. He immediately opens his eyes and sat up, squinting so that his vision can adjust to the light.


"What.. the fuck.." Felix' eyes widens from what he saw.


Because instead of his bedroom, he's in a forest with a bunch of fireflies. Unlike some of the Forest's on Earth or Human World, the forest is surrounded with trees that has peach and mint colored leaves, along with purple bushes that has.. berries?


Where am I?


It was first confusion and awe, then panic.


I don't know where I am. Am I going to die here?! Oh god, I hope not. I'm probably going to die. Yep. I'm going to fucking die on a place I don't even know off. Goodbye cruel world, your memes are great.


His heartbeat fastened, breathing becoming unsteady. Beads of tears started to fall from his eyes, choking him in the process. He was having a panic attack. Felix, whose mind is still occupied from his thoughts, didn't notice nor feel someone hug him in a comforting manner.


"It's fine, you're fine, stop crying please.." The witch stares at Felix with sympathy before casting a spell, making the freckled boy fall asleep.


He carried Felix bridal style and walked to their place, being careful to not drop the younger.


"Minho? Who's that? Is he another one of your preys?"


Minho rolls his eyes at Chan's question and carefully laid Felix on the empty couch.


The others came running to the living room upon hearing 'Minho' and 'prey'. Only to see Minho sitting on the floor, near a boy who's peacefully laying on the couch.


"No. I saw him in the middle of Pint Woodland, and by the looks of it he was having a panic attack." Minho explains.


"Hmm.. apart from those dots on his face, he looks harmless." Woojin says after examining Felix' body from the back of the couch, quietly counting the dots.


"Ohh- wait what?! Dots?" Hyunjin excitedly screeches, running over to see Felix' face, cooing afterwards.


"He's cuuuuute! Can we keep him?" Jisung asks, looking at Minho, eyes bright.


Minho chuckles at their antics, 'We can't keep him Ji. Obviously he must have someone waiting for him or something."


Minho stands up from the floor and looks at Felix, seeing his face stained with tears, "I'll... put him in my room."


The witch didn't hear any of what the others are going to say as he teleported to his room, bringing Felix with him. He wiped the younger's tears and kissed his forehead before teleporting back to the living room, where the others are now seated comfortably.


"So.. let's just wait until he wakes up." Minho announces, earning a nod from everyone.


"Wait!" Jisung shouts, making them turn their heads to the fae, "What do we do if he"s.. you know, homeless?"


"We'll let him stay here."

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Felix opens his eyes, vision blurry. He sat up and winced as a sudden urge of pain hit his head.


"Hey, are you okay?"


"Oh crap! Who are you?" Felix asks, keeping distance to the person who spoke, that is in front of him.


And now that he thinks of it.. Light blue walls, huge bookshelf, drawers with herbs, a ritual table.. this isn't my room- wait. A ritual table?!


Felix stares wide-eyed back and forth to the ritual table and to the person in front.


"Sorry, did I scare you?" Felix shakes his head in response, still eyeing the person suspiciously, "I'm Lee Minho, by the way." Minho offers his hand, which Felix hesitantly shakes.


"Lee Felix."


"Nice to meet you, Felix." Minho smiles at Felix, and Felix didn't know if it's the smell of herbs or Minho's smile, but it made his breath hitch- hopefully the herbs.


The room is filled with silence as Felix only stared at Minho with astonishment, mouth agape.


"Hey, Felix. You sure you're okay?" Minho asks, placing his hand on Felix' forehead, closing their distance.


Felix lets out a strangled "eung" and quickly responds with, "I- uh- yeah! I'm fine! I'm good! Better than ever!" before letting out a forced laugh.


Minho only stares amused at the panicked boy with a smirk on his face.


"Anyways, you're here at my room. I found you in the forest. You were panicking, so, I comforted you by making you sleep." Minho informs.


Felix nods and bit his lower lip, "Mi- minho hyung.. where am I?" He hesitantly asks.


Minho's eyebrows furrows at the question, "You don't know where you are?"




"What? How?"


"I don't know! I was just in my room to take a nap, and when I opened my eyes I was suddenly in the forest." Felix explains, confusion and frustration evident on his voice.


Minho shuts his eyes close, supposedly in a deep thought. His eyes opens, pupils wide, and bolted out of the room faster than light (Usain Bolt-sunbaenim could never), leaving a very confused Felix behind.




Seungmin, who happens to pass by the Kitchen, is suddenly dragged by Minho to the living room, where the others is seated, mirroring Seungmin's confused face, except for Changbin and Hyunjin who sat there unbothered.


Probably another one of Minho's shenanigans - Seungmin thinks.


"Okay, so um. Group meeting." Minho starts, taking a deep breath, "Felix- the boy I found in the forest- may or may not be.. a human."


Silence, then gasps.


"Minho! You know we're not allowed to have human's here, considering we have two vampires and a werewolf. It's too risky." Chan reminds the younger.


"I know! I know! But it's not my fault! I didn't even know he's human to begin with." Minho defends himself with a sigh.


"So.. what should we do now? It's not like we can throw him out, it's more dangerous outside." Seungmin speaks, earning a nod from both Woojin and Chan since he did have a point.


"Let's just make him stay here for a while." Woojin says, to which Changbin responds with, "Great. Another annoying creature."


"Changbin, just because you had a bad past with humans doesn't mean every human is bad." Jisung deadpans, ignoring the glare that the said vampire gave at him.


"Minho-hyung, isn't it better if we just tell Feniks everything?" Jeongin suggests. Hyunjin snickers, correcting the way Jeongin pronounced the human's name.


"Good Idea. Let me bring him here."


Minho teleports in his room, startling Felix who is reading spells on Minho's book.


"Sorry to scare you, Felix, but there's something we have to say to you."




"Uhh.. there's actually eight of us, so.." Minho fidles with his fingers, and looks at Felix who put the book down to the table.


"Oh, cool. Where are they? It's rude to keep someone waiting right?" Felix looks at Minho with a smile; a smile so breathtaking it felt like something tugged at Minho's chest.


"Oh- yeah, I guess. They're actually downstairs.


"Lead the way the, my witch."

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Minho, who is too busy listing ways on the human would react to knowing that they aren't his kind, didn't even notice that Felix called him a 'witch'- with a my. When they arrived downstairs at the living room, Felix is met with undeniably handsome faces of seven other guys.


This isn't fair, why are they all handsome?


Chan clears his throat, "So, Felix.. this might shock you but," He pauses, studying Felix' reaction who remained calm, "We're not humans."


They all expected for Felix' reaction to be "Oh my god! Stay away from me!" or straight up just faint since Minho did found Felix panicking in the forest, so a "Guessed it." didn't exactly process in their minds.


"What?" They all say in unison, and Felix oooh-ed internally.


"But, but how?" Seungmin asks, still buffering; nothing can give it off easily 'cause they all look human and everything looks normal- except for Minho's room that has herbs and books everywhere- but hey, a normal person would've just guessed that the owner of the room is a fan of witchcraft or something.


"Just guessed it." Felix repeats and sits down on one of the free stool placed on the corner of the room.


Don't get him wrong, Felix is just a very observant human, it's all. So knowing that they're all supernatural beings didn't shook him the least; he's secretly a fan of supernatural beings, especially vampires but shh. He noticed it from the way every gems and crystals would light up as their owner, Minho came. The way Minho's eyes would sometimes have a glint of purple shimmer over them, and the way Minho's hands always leaves a not-so-visible golden trail on his fingertips.


But, what really gave it off was the teleportation. How Minho suddenly appeared in the middle of his room, white dust disappearing into thin air.


"So.. you're not creeped out or anything?" Chan confirms, still staring at Felix. Strangely, the human's scent isn't that strong, like something is covering it up. Perfume, maybe?


"Nope." Felix answers, popping the 'p'


"That's unusual, typically humans would be scared.."


"Well, I'm not." a human. "What are you guys? I only know that Minho-hyung is a witch."


"My name is Chan, and I'm a vampire." The guy with porcelain skin, curly blond hair, and crimson red eyes says. 


Felix internally squealed at that. Because, holy fuck, he's a vampire, and he's hot.


"I'm Woojin, and I'm a sandman." Woojin smiles at Felix, twirling his hands until a butterfly made with golden sand appears, flying around the room.


"Changbin. Also a vampire." 


"I'm Hyunjin! And I'm a siren." Hyunjin's mole sparkles on the light as he moves, along with other scales that is visible on his collarbone.

     Oh. He's a handsome.

     Oh, he's a siren.

     Shit. I think I'm gay.


"I'm Jisung! A sun fae!" Jisung smiles widely, eyes glowing a lighter shade of brown ever so slightly.

     Yep, I'm gay.


"I'm Seungmin, plant manipulator." Seungmin gives Felix a flower and smiles slightly.


     Where the fuck did this came from?


"Jeongin! I'm a werewolf." Jeongin grins, showing his pearly white teeth and fangs.


"What the fuck. This isn't fair." Felix whines, teary eyed and pouting.


They all cooed silently at the cute human, but Woojin soon spoke up.


"Felix, why are you crying?" 


"You guys are all handsome.." Felix sniffs, "and you all have powers." 


They all stared at Felix with a dumbfounded expression, except for Jisung who's trying hard to contain his laughter by covering his mouth.


"I- Felix, stop crying, okay?" Woojin caresses Felix' hair in a comforting manner, showing him his free hand, "Look, if you stop crying, I'll give you a sand rabbit."


Felix immediately wipes his tears, "I'm not crying," He beamed a smile, as if to prove a point.


Yup, they're also gay for Felix.


But surprise, surprise, Changbin ruined the mood.

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"Felix, you do know that we can kill you right this instant, right?" Changbin says, still suspicious of the human sitting on the stool.


Woojin gives Felix the sand bunny, as promised, secretly glaring at Chanbin for being too rude. Changbin ignored the glares being sent to him and waited for Felix' answer, the latter playing with the bunny.


"You would've done that already- even before I was awake- but you didn't." Felix ruffles the bunny's fur, smiling slightly, before turning back to stare at Changbin, "Besides, I'm not afraid of death or pain." He says casually, shocking the others once again.


     Dang, he's really casual for someone talking about death.


Changbin clicks his tongue in annoyance, Jeongin's werewolf senses already picking out 'danger'. Jeongin quietly whispers into Chan's ear about what might happen, the older nodding understandably.


"Oh, really?" Changbin stands up from the couch, alerting the others.


"Changbin, sto-" Chan is cut off when Changbin wasn't in his place anymore.


He already pinned Felix to the wall, hand gripping tightly on Felix' neck, but the younger didn't even flinch nor struggle, and instead stared at Changbin unamused, annoying the vampire more. He tightened the grip, nails digging onto  Felix' neck, making it bleed. Chan orders Seungmin to cover Jeongin's eye, since the youngest isn't that good at controlling himself when he sees blood, and stands up, placing a hand on the other vampire's shoulder who ignored the action.


"Ack!" Changbin smirks when Felix finally struggles, while the others panicked.


His smirk soon fell when Felix burst out laughing. As if him almost dying on a vampire's hold didn't do him harm. Changbin retreats his hand from Felix' neck, the human dabbing after he did so. The others only stared confused on Felix' laughing figure, as much as his laugh is infectious, they still can't believe what the hell happened. The others circles around Felix after he stopped and bombarded him with questions, not noticing that the wound on his neck already healed.


"You're not normal, are you?" Seungmin asks, eyebrows furrowed as he checked on Felix' neck to see the damage, only to see two black spots behind the humans ear. It didn't look like a wound or a tattoo, it looks more natural, like it's already embodied in him.


Felix notices the way Seungmin examines the mark behind his ear and immediately changes the topic, "Hmm.. my friends say I'm weird.." He pauses, "Oh wait. I don't have friends!" then laughs again.


Jisung's expression turns from disbelief to concern, "A- are you okay?" 


"Yep! Why would I not be?" 


"You literally, almost got killed." Hyunjin mumbles, staring at Felix with concern lased in his eyes.


They all stare at the overly-hyper human and to Minho. The witch looks taken aback by the sudden stares, "What?" He spoke.


"Oh my god! You have weed in your room!" Jisung says dramatically, placing the back of his hand on his forehead and faints.


"I knew it!" Jeongin plays along, pointing accusingly at Minho, "You sneak weeds at your room every day!"


"What?! No!" Minho shouts and shuts everyone using his spell, sighing in relief when only muffled words came out of their mouth.


They all stare at Felix when he laughs, a genuine one. A laugh that makes them feel that everything is moving so slow, them remembering the look on Felix' face when he laughs. God, he's the human embodiment of Sunshine and Rainbows. Minho was too starstruck to even realize that he accidentally removed the spell to keep their mouth shuts, only realizing when they all cooed very loud. Minho shakes his head and holds Felix' hand, unintentionally startling the latter. Minho only smiles at Felix and hugs him, before teleporting to his room- which is, officially Felix' room too-.


"Holy shit, he can do that?"


"Jisung, just say you're jealous and go."


"Aren't we all?"


Chan sighs, "Unfortunately."


Minho sat Felix on the bed and ruffled his hair, the younger scrunches his nose as he does so. Even though it might not look like it, Minho knows that Felix is tired even when he just woke up from the look on the younger's face. Yes, he's laughing, but there's an emotion that Minho sees on Felix' eyes; sadness.  



Felix' PoV


"Felix, I know you're tired. Just sleep, okay?" I nod at what Minho hyung said and laid down on the bed. I'm thankful he knew what I really felt. Just like before. I close my eyes and waited until Minho hyung left. After feeling his presence gone, a tear I tried to hold back fell. I sniff and cry quietly to myself, biting my lip to hold back a sob.


I missed them, I really do. I want to tell them so bad, but I can't. Not yet. How can I tell them that I missed them when they don't even remember me? 


The mark behind my ear burned again, along with many other marks on my body, but I'm used to it. It always happens when I think about my past memories with them. What I did before was a really bad idea. Now I have to suffer the consequences.


I glance one last time to the F5L9-X tattoo on my wrist and cried my self to sleep.

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It’s been a week since Felix was found from the forest, still not saying anything. There is a written rule for one of his kinds; never get attached. Sadly, he did. Though, he’s still thankful that they didn’t suspect anything and just ignored how Felix looked and acted around them- like they were old friends.


Felix and Jisung is another type of story. They really became close for someone who just met a week ago. Maybe it’s because Felix knew almost anything about Jisung- the past Jisung- or maybe because Jisung just wanted to be close to Felix. Who knows?


Felix stands up from the porch, and dusts his pants that Seungmin gave. He looks around and decides to walk to the forest. The sun is shining but the cold breeze balanced everything.


     What a perfect weather to walk.


Chan warned him to not go to the forest before, but Felix didn’t care. He can protect himself, after all. Besides, the forest looks peaceful, and if something did happen, he’ll just have to accept it. Just like always.


Everyone left him behind, saying that they are going to buy foods and all that jazz. But for someone going out to buy, they looked over-equipped; they have knives placed on their pocket and has bags that what Felix thinks has potions and herbs.


Felix finds a hut with a guardian inside while walking in the forset. And Felix smiles when he recognizes who it is, smile getting wider as the guardian recognizes him too.


“Felix, fancy seeing you here. I thought they already vanished you from Xachiodal.”


Felix cringes from the memory but shakes it off, “That’s what I thought too, Eric.”


Eric walks over to Felix and engulfs him in a hug, “It must have been hard...”


“It is, but I’ve gotten to the point that I’m used to it.” Felix chuckles bitterly, making Eric frown, “Felix, you’re not supposed to get used to it.”


Eric changes the topic when Felix remained silent. He gets something from one of his boxes and gives it to Felix.


“Here.” Eric places the earring on Felix’ hand.


“What’s this for?” Felix asks, looking at the silver feather earring, confused.


“It lessens the burns from the mark and helps you control your powers. You know what happens when it gets out of control, and you haven’t used your powers for long so…” Eric explains, smiling sheepishly.


Felix smiles back and wears the earring, “Thanks, Eric. You’re the best.”


Eric nods, “Anyways, why are you here?”


“I was just taking a stroll around the forest when I saw you.”


“I’m flattered,” Eric laughs, “You can get anything from the forest, don’t worry, they’ll know you have my permission.”


“Thanks again. I’ll visit you when I have the time.” Felix turns around to walk but remembers something, making Felix turn around to face Eric again, “By the way, how come you still remember me?”


“Felix, I’m a guardian. And a guardian never forgets.”


Felix walks around more in the forest after hearing Eric’s answer. He’s glad that Eric remembers him. After walking for half an hour and having brought gifts for the others from the forest, he went back to their Cabin and secretly feels happy when they’re still not home, giving him enough time to wrap his gifts and surprise them.


Felix gets inside of the bathroom; the most secure place he can think of inside the cabin, and places the things he brought in the bathroom table.


*A pack of blood that another vampire gave him for Chan and Changbin.

*Cookies from a friendly witch for Woojin

*Bloodstone Necklace for Minho that he made with the help of some pixies after he played with them.

*A bracelet made with pea-sized conch pearls for Hyunjin that a Pincoya named Irene that he saw from the river gave him. Turns out that she was there in the river to get something for her sick girlfriend Seulgi and is about to go back in the sea when she saw Felix and gave him the bracelet as a parting gift since they talked to each other and Felix helped her find the thing she was looking for.

*A glass jar filled with fairy dust that he got from a fairy named Momo, because apparently Jisung is too lazy to fly using his wings and fairy dust is the easiest solution.

 *A solid round orb that has a water from the well inside for Seungmin.

 *And a Moonstone for Jeongin for when he transforms.


Felix finishes wrapping. Now he just have to wait until they come.

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Felix hid the gifts behind his back and went out of the bathroom upon hearing the other enter, anxiety bubbling up his mind but he quickly dismissed it and called out to them.


“Uhm, guys...?” Felix hesitantly asks, anxiety turning to confusion as they turn to Felix with a glare. The sharpest one being Chan’s.


Chan stands up from his seat and bolted to Felix, holding the younger by his collar harshly, “This is all your fault!” Chan screams, the younger frowns and looks at the others, who didn’t even budge an inch to hold back Chan. Chan tugs Felix and throws him out of the house, gifts scattered and ruined on the floor, “Get out! I don’t want to see you anymore!”


Felix sits on the ground after being thrown harshly, tearing up as he sees the now ruined gifts. He looks up to meet Chan’s eyes that turned blood red from anger, “Please, just- just tell me what’s going on...” Felix pleads.


Changbin came from behind Chan and spat, “You’re the reason bad things are happening to us!’


Felix bursts into tears from all the blaming, he didn’t even what the hell they were blaming him for. Minho came out from the house and walks near Felix, unintentionally giving the latter hope, which soon died down as the witch only stared emotionless at Felix’ crying figure, purple eyes already turned grey, “Why did I even save you?”


What Minho said completely broke Felix. He stands up, limping as he does so and ran away, hearing Hyunjin’s voice say, “That’s right! Run! So we don’t see you again!” made him cry harder. He ran and ran until his tears blurs his vision, tripping him on a vine, but Felix didn’t stand back up as his legs also gave up on him.


Felix shouts from despair, looking at the sky who looks back at him almost mockingly, “Why… just, why?” and hits himself with a twig as he cries harder. Without realizing, Felix’ shout was heard by Eric who ran to where Felix’ voice came in panic. Eric’s eyes widen when he sees Felix harming himself with a twig and ran faster until he slips next to Felix.


Eric holds Felix’ hand, throwing the twig away and laid Felix on his chest, holding the crying, fragile boy comfortingly, “Felix, what happened?” Eric asks, holding Felix’ hands with his, squeezing it.


Felix looks up to Eric, teary eyed, “E- eric.. they, they kicked me out…” he explains, chocking, “All I wanted was to give them gifts..”


Eric lets out a sigh of sympathy and carries Felix on his back carefully and walked to his place in silence, hearing only the hiccups and sobs of Felix.


He sits Felix on the couch and crouches down to meet his face, “Felix, do you know the reason why?” he asks, still holding Felix’ hand.


Felix sniffs, “I do- don’t know.. They kept saying that everything is my fault.” Eric wipes Felix’ tear, shushing him, before standing back up, “I’ll… go get you water.” The guardian felt Felix’ hand tighten on his hold, “Don’t leave me, please.”


“Fine,” Eric sits next to Felix and hugs him, “They better not come looking for you right after or I’ll kill them.” He says through his gritted teeth. Mad because they hurt Felix, his precious Felix who still hung out with them even though he had a curse, his precious Lix who came looking through the forest for their gifts, only for it to be ruined.


Felix whispers a “..please don’t.” voice as fragile as glass. Eric cups Felix’ face, the latter’s eyes puffy and nose red, “But Felix, they hurt you.” He reasons out. Felix must have remembered the thing that happened again as he cries once more, hugging Eric tightly.


Eric hugs him back, panicking as Felix’ body starts to heat up, “Felix, calm down. You’re heating up.” He reminds his friend, but to no avail, Felix heats up more, “Breath with me, okay?” Felix nods, “Good. Inhale…  Exhale… you’re doing great Lix.”


After a while Felix’ body temperature went back to being warm, dozing off after crying for so  long. Eric carries Felix and puts him on his bed, tucking him. He casts a protective barrier around Felix, to keep any nightmares from entering and walks out of his house to Chan’s house, getting angrier as he gets near. They must have felt his overflowing presence engulfing the whole forest even their house as they all came out one by one.


Woojin’s eyes dilated and looks at Chan, “What is the guardian doing here?” Chan shrugs, “I.. don’t know, but we screwed up.”


Minho must’ve gotten what Chan said as his mouth agapes, “There’s no way in hell the guardian is Felix’ friend.”


Eric hears their conversation and scoffs, “There is a way.” before glaring at them, sending shivers down their spine.


Because they just broke a rule known to any creature: Never Make A Guardian Mad.


Chapter Text

Their fear grew as the forest darkens, different type of creatures stood behind Eric's back, mirroring his expression of anger. 


"Can't we just talk about it?" Woojin spoke, circling themselves with a sand barrier that he made.


Eric rolls his eyes at the statement, "Talk about it? Why? Did you talk to Felix properly when you kicked him out?" 


Changbin steps out of Woojin's barrier, walks near Eric and says, "Why are you so concerned for him anyways? He's just a mere human." Eric takes a step closer to Changbin, eyeing the vampire down, "Mere human? As far as I know, he's more powerful than any of you." 


The vampire scoffs and smirks mockingly, "Yeah, right. He's just a useless, powerless, crybaby, that Minho saw in the forest." 


Eric bursts at Changbin's last statement. He moves his hand upward, and in an aggressive motion, downwards. The ground opens, swallowing the vampire whole, only leaving his head above. Changbin tries teleporting but a spell is cast to nullify his powers, making him weaker as he tried various of ways to get out. They all became alert and ran near Eric, while the guardian repeatedly summons a spike below them, successfully hitting Jeongin while the others barely dodged. Woojin makes a sand spear and throws it to Eric, the guardian catches it effortlessly and turns the sand spear into stone, throwing it back at Woojin. Woojin doges and summons a sand golem. Eric does the same but with mud, the two golems fighting each other.


While Eric was busy with Woojin, Chan sneaks behind him and puts the guardian on choke-hold as Minho casts a spell to make Eric fall asleep- wrong move. The other creatures saw what was happening and attacks the two of them, getting the two away from Eric. Seungmin protects him and Jeongin with a vine cocoon as he healed the now unconscious werewolf, while Hyunjin fends off other creatures planning to attack the cocoon with his pearls. Hyunjin stops attacking abruptly, then screams in pain, clutching his head. The vine cocoon breaks. Seungmin looks up and sees Hyunjin screaming, another creature is also staring right at Hyunjin with dead eyes. And Seungmin knows it's the one causing Hyunjin pain. Carefully, Seungmin puts his hand up and engulfs the creature with his flower, shaking in fear as the flower immediately turns to ash. Jisung flies up, other fae's follows him and attacks, fighting in mid-air.


The fight continues, and it's obvious on who's winning. Chan stands up, limping, and looks around; Hyunjin and Jeongin passed out on the floor as Seungmin desperately tries to heal them, Woojin fighting weakly with the stone golem and a bunch of gremlins, Changbin buried on the ground with his head up, also passed out after wasting his powers, Minho trapped on a magic cube, and Jisung falling from the sky. Chan teleports to Jisung, barely catching the fae, and carefully lays him on the floor.


Chan looks at Eric, and pleads, "Please.. let's stop this fight."


Eric glares at Chan, "Stop this fight? Who do you think started it in the first place?" he asks.


Chan is about to answer when he is cut off by a faint voice from behind Eric, ".. stop this... please.."


Eric turns around from where the voice came from, "Felix!" he shouts. Felix looks horrendous, even though he didn't fight- his hair is a mess, right hand covered in blood and a single, flaming wing, placed on his back. He looks straight at Eric, and the guardian notices Felix' eye color switch from Red to Black repeatedly as a single tear fell, before Felix faints.


Eric catches Felix on time, and with his free hand, he motions a circle, fixing all of the damage fast and constant until only the eight is left. Eric leaves their place, flying somewhere to get Felix healed and checked up.


"What exactly is Felix?" Chan asks the witch who just got out from the cube. Minho shakes his head no, "I don't know. But we should get everyone inside first.. and dig up Changbin."

Chapter Text

Eric lays Felix' limp body on the bed, Kevin watching from his side. After what happened, Eric immediately brought Felix to Kevin; a well-known healer and Guardian of the Sand(huehue get it? lmao i have no humor), his kind originally kind and caring- though Eric is sometimes sarcastic-, hence why he's so confused that Woojin fought. Eric thinks that something is wrong with the eight of them, because why would they kick Felix out of the house all of a sudden and pick a fight they know they'll obviously lose at? Much to his confusion, Eric watches as Kevin does his stuff. It only takes a minute or two, the healing much faster with the help of Hwall; a Caladrius. And Eric would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous when Hwall's head tilted to the side ever-so-slightly.


Kevin turns to look at Eric, holding a paper that he proceeds to read, "So, based from the tests that we did, Felix is.. fine. Just exhausted from having a sudden outburst of power, but he still needs time to recover, maybe a couple of days." Kevin pauses and nods a couple of times as Hwall whispers something to him, "Hwall also noticed a strange wave of power coming from Felix, so he might need someone to watch him while he's still unconscious. We already patched up his bruises except for the wound on his back so we still need to disinfect it and change the gauze, and lastly, we need some Zenmush which can help regain his Zeal back."


Eric takes time to process what Kevin says, "Zenmush, right?" Kevin nods, "Okay. I'll be right back. We have that in the forest, I think."


"Sure. I'm going to have Hwall watch over Felix while you're gone since I still have a lot more creatures to heal," Just as Eric is about to fly, Kevin adds something, "and honey, it can't be found on the forest. You have to find the Sea Guardian and get permission from him." Eric spins around in shock and excitement, "You mean, Juyeon?!" Kevin nods again, smiling.


Eric spreads out his wings and takes off, almost hitting it on a few tall branches on his way to the sea, which isn't supposed to take long since he was in Kevin's hut that is built near the ocean. Eric felt way too excited to mean Juyeon, it has been a hundred of years since they last saw each other, only communicating through their familiars when they need something. To say that Eric is whipped for the Sea Guardian is an understatement, heck, he would literally do anything for the Sea Guardian. Sadly, Juyeon doesn't feel the same. (spoiler: he does. Eric is just too dense to notice the way Juyeon looks at him.) 


Eric smiles when he sees the tower Juyeon built in the middle of the sea and lands on the balcony, knocking on his glass door. Juyeon walks to the door and opens it, also smiling, "Hey, Eric. Nice seeing you after a long time."


"Yeah, you too." Eric says, blushing from how awkward the atmosphere is, "A- anyways, do you have any Zenmush?" He breaks the tension, blushing more as he stuttered.


Eric misses the way Juyeon looks at him fondly and hears his answer instead, "I think I have some. Wait here for a bit." Eric nods, and looks around the room as Juyeon went down. He plopped on the couch and hugged the pillow tightly while smelling it. It smelled like the sea- as expected- and a hint of vanilla. Oh, how Eric missed him.


"Here you go." Juyeon hands him a pouch of Zenmush, Eric gets up from the couch and walks to the balcony after thanking the Sea Guardian, wings already open. Eric proceeds to fly up, stopping mid-air as he hears Juyeon say "Wait!" Eric waits and watches as Juyeon goes back in and out, holding something.


"I.. want to give you something." Juyeon starts.


Eric flies near him and sat on the railings, "What?"


Juyeon unfolds his hands, revealing a silver ring that has gems colored emerald green around it, "Umm.. it's a ring.." Juyeon blushes, looking away from Eric, "It can, can help you regenerate your Zeal back." The Sea guardian whines, making the other laugh, "Why are you whining?" "It's just- argh! Why do I have to stutter?!"


Eric cooes and wears the ring, feeling his body relax more, "What's the gem in the middle? It look like emerald, but probably not." 


Juyeon smiles at Eric, "It's Romahirine. One of the mermaids gave it after seeing it on the sea floor." Eric's mouth gapes, "Holy- I thought Romahirine is long gone."


"I thought so too," Juyeon looks fondly at Eric, "but you should go now, it's for Felix, right?" 


Eric almost forgets why he's there in the first place and flaps his wings, accidentally hitting Juyeon in the face who just laughed it off. He waved goodbye and flied back to Eric's hut.


"Here you go, Kevin." Kevin thanks Eric, while Eric sat beside Hwall who fell asleep.


Kevin places the Zenmush on a vile, mixing it with Flux Bloom and Ocean Rue. He casts a spell, making all of the components added in the vile turn into a glowing cyan-colored liquid. He squeezes some of the liquid on a Pasteur pipette, and walks over to Felix. He opens Felix mouth slightly, letting a few drops fall on Felix' mouth before closing it. Felix' body glowed for a few seconds before turning back, all of them confused.


"That's a first." Kevin breaks the silence, "Usually they don't glow that much." 


Eric looks at Kevin, mouth formed in a thin line, "I thought it's mean to bring back his Zeal?"


"It is. I just didn't expect his Zeal to be drained." Kevin explains, examining Felix' body once again in case there's some side effects, thankfully, there's none.


On the other side, all of the members looked at each other in confusion.


"Who are you?"


A shadow watches them from afar, laughing wickedly as it successfully mangled with their memories. With a last cast of spell, it disappears into thin air, leaving a trail of ashes behind.

Chapter Text

Chan's PoV


I looked around the room. I'm surrounded with seven creatures. I don't know them, and it seems like they don't know me too. Where am I? 


"Who are you?" I ask, hearing their voices ask the same thing grew my confusion more. 


One of the creatures jumps behind the couch, only his hair and eyes visible. He looks scared and confused.


I tried to approach him but my vision became hazy and I struggle to keep my eyes open. It's getting harder to breath.. My nose is becoming stuffy. I feel like dying. My body gave up on me, making me fall on someone. I tried to go out from his grasp but I felt too weak, I hate this, I hate being weak. I close my eyes, and with one last glance to the hanged picture on the wall, I pass out.



"Chan hyung!" I turn around to where the voice came from, only to see nothing but walls.


"Chan!" The voice came again, but this time, raspier. I block my ears using my hands, shouting "Shut up!" as the voices kept on repeating my name. I felt something cold and wet run down my cheeks, and out of instinct, I touch it. Tears, why are there tears? I look up and see the gray sky, along with the edge of the walls. It's a maze. What am I doing on a maze? The voices stop, the silence enveloping the whole area. 


The wall opens to a road with two ways, a tall plant and wall separating them. I examine the sign on each one, both have the same letter H but different in colors. One is white, while the other is red. I thought of it for a moment, before picking the road with a red H. It led to another part of the maze. I want to go out as fast as possible. The loneliness and walls are suffocating me. Left, Right, Up, Left, Down. Feeling panicked, I quickly run, not minding which way I'm going. I stop running to a dead end- a wall with a mirror. I approach my reflection, seeing myself for the first time in years. 


It's me. But why do I feel like it's not? 


I stuck my hand to the mirror to touch my reflection, but something from the other side tugged me in. I look around my surrounding. I'm at a pitch black room. I look once again in the mirror, he's in the maze, casually walking out. I tried hitting the mirror with my fist, but it didn't break. I slowly crumple down, feeling hopeless.


I'm trapped.


Woojin's PoV


I was taken aback when this pale vampire suddenly fell on me. He tried to struggle but I didn't let him. I don't know him- them- but why do I feel like I do?


I lay him down on the couch, cautious of the werewolf behind it. I turn around when I heard a tug. One of us fainted again. I felt panic rise up as they all faint one by one. I ran to what looks like the kitchen and got cold water from the fridge, splashing it on my face to keep me awake. I blinked my eyes a couple of times, but it still remained hazy. My world started to sway, making me hold on to the table. I felt pain in my legs before it went numb and I fell to the ground. I winced in pain as my head hit the ground and closed my eyes, letting myself become unconscious.



I touch the walls beside me. It's a maze with two ways. Without much thought, I picked the white one. It led to more ways but I keep going right until I'm met with a dead end. A door. I open it with no hesitation whatsoever, and a light surrounded me. I close my eyes from how bright it was and saw images of my memories with them. Chan, Minho, Changbin, Hyunjin, Jisung, Seungmin, and Felix. I open my eyes when I feel someone touch me.


"Woojin?" I look up to the figure who spoke, "Seungmin?" Seungmin nods and looks around the room, before turning to me, "What road did you pick?" 


I look at my hands to see if I'm really alive before answering, "The white one." Minho nods once again. He looks panicked.


"Why? What's happening?" 


"Chan and the others picked the wrong road except for You, Me, Jeongin, and Jisung." Seungmin paces around the room. Now that I notice it, all of them are gone. "Oh god, this is bad."


"Where are the others?" I ask.


"I don't know! But they're trapped in the maze!"


I think about other theories on where they possibly are until something in me clicked.


I felt my heartbeat go faster as I struggle to get the questions out of my mouth. Seungmin notices me and frowns worriedly.


"Seungmin... How did you know they're trapped?"