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Save Me

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Midoriya's P.O.V


Is there a light that can save me from my home, will I ever be saved from this torture


"Deku-kun, you okay?" I blink a couple times then focus back on reality, "Y-yeah!" I stutter and Uraraka helps me up. Iida comes running over to me, sweating a bit, "Midoriya-kun! Are you ok!?" I nod then stretch a bit, "What happened again?" I ask and Uraraka thinks then answers, "Well you were about to test the sword All Might gave you then it like, shined a huge blinding light and you went flying into this rock here." She says then smiles, I thank her, "Well we should return home since it's getting dark now." Iida says fixing glasses, I nod agreeing with him, dreading the walk back home.

On the way back we all just chatted plus I just wanted to keep my mind off of home while we walked but soon we all went sperate ways and now I'm at the door of where I live.

I take a big gulp then reach for the doorknob and open the door. I walk in and take off my shoes and put them by the door then quietly close the door and go upstairs up to my room but of course while walking upstairs, creak, the step decided to hate me and I sigh waiting for him to yell, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY AGAIN!" I hear the yell throughout the house and stomping coming towards the stairs, I out of panic run towards my room and slam the door behind it, but since he didn't have locks on the doors I just leaned against it.

"IZUKU OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!" He yells pounding on it, "Please dad not today..." I quietly sob, "I SWEAR IF IT WAS THOSE 'FRIENDS' OF YOUR I MIGHT AS WELL NEVER LET YOU OUTSIDE AGAIN!" He yells again and pounding on my door even harder and I can hear it cracking, "Dad please!" I yell but he ignores me and continues to pound on my door. I cry on the other side of the door, 'He must be drunk... he doesn't usually bother me for this long...

Soon enough he punches a hole through my door and grabs me by the hair tugging me then throwing the door open. He lets go of me and I cower in the corner of my room, "NEXT TIME DON'T IGNORE ME!" He yells then punches me straight in the stomach making me fall over. He gives me one last kick in the side before leaving my room, slamming the door behind him, even though there isn't a reason anymore.

I stand up still in pain and change my clothes and snuggle up into bed, 'At least he wasn't as bad today...' I curl up into a ball in my bed and close my eyes, drifting off to bed.

~Next Day~

I slowly open my eyes yawning and stretching on my bed before sitting up and looking at my surroundings,  "Just another torturous day..."  I say then groggily get out of bed and change into and white undershirt with a green vest over it with some white gloves, blue pants and my regular red high-tops. I also grab my backpack and pack it with essentials like food and stuff and put on my belt thing and my sword. I walk downstairs expecting to be yelled at but instead there is a note on the counter and I read it,

Izuku, I'm going to be out today doing things. You can go out but be home before I get home or else... see you later...get ready for dinner

Sure thing dad, there is totally gonna be dinner. He's Probably getting drunk and getting chicks to fuck him, what else would he be out for. I sigh and walk outside remembering, "Oh yeah All Might wanted to see me today!" I exclaim then quickly skip off to the castle.

~Time Skip~ 

I walk into All Might's office and see Uraraka and Iida there and I say hi, "Alright now that you're all here I have a mission for you." He says and we nod waiting, "You will go to Endeavors castle and and get chef that I bought from him and escort him here." All Might says and we nod, "you will be starting the mission... now actually this shouldn't be to hard so go!" He exclaims then laughs, I giggle then head out with them. This sure will be one long day...

~Time Skip~

We stand at the outskirts of town and I pull out my map, "Ok so the kingdoms not to far away from here so we're just gonna have to cross this giant forest, some hills and a swamp, easy peasy!"I exclaim and Uraraka joins me and Iida just shakes his head, "Well he should be going, which way first?" Iida asks and I giggle, "We could take the shortcut straight through the bandits camp..." I say and Iida starts to freak out, "I have already told you two that that place is dangerous and dragon riders go there with there dragons. No." He states and Uraraka pouts, "Come on Iida it will be fun, please?" She asks making puppy eyes and Iida sighs, "Fine but if anything is past the line we leave straight away." Iida states and me and Uraraka cheer.

We walk towards the camp which is like an 30 minutes from the outskirts of the kingdom. Once we make it we wait on the outside and look in and see no one? Weird, "Alright let's go back." Iida says and Uraraka pouts, "No we just got here this is like a once in a lifetime chance that nobody is here, come on." She grabs Iida's arm and drags him in as he protests. I follow behind then then hear a rustle behind me and I turn around, "Hello?" I ask but nobody answers so I just shrug it off and catch up with them, "Hey guys let's check out that cave!" I exclaim, Uraraka nods and Iida disagrees but he go's anyways because we're his friends. uwu

I walk in and spot someone on the ground with red hair, I was about to call out but someone covers my mouth and drags me out from behind, I start to freak out and kick me legs but my friends don't hear me and tears swell in my eyes, 'this can't be it' I close my eyes shut tight and after a bit of dragging I get tied up and thrown onto the ground then I hear a grunt, "huh?" I open my eyes and see who it is, "K-Kacchan!" I exclaim and he quickly covers me mouth, "Don't be so loud nerd." He whispers.

"But Kacchan I-I've missed you so much, where have you been for the past 8 years of my life?" I ask and he just scoffs and looks away and doesn't answer my question, "I saw you and knew it was you by your stupid green hair and freckles. I saw you and you friends went into the cave my dragon is in so I brought you out here because... he knows you." Kacchan says and I give him a confused look, "Then why'd you tie me up?" I ask showing him my arms because my hands are behind my back, "Because I thought you would run back to your friends. Now stay quiet I don't want the others to find us." I open my mouth to talk but nothing comes out but tears well up in my eyes, "What is it now nerd?" Kacchan asks and I shake my head, "N-nothing." I say then close my eyes and mouth looking down.

Kacchan just clicks his tongue, "Fine but not now I'll tell you later. But why do we have to be quiet?" I ask and Kacchan groans, "Because if me members find you they'll kill you on the spot just like the other bandits but since you're not a bandit I saved you so be grateful and shut. up." he says and I quickly nod and look down, "Bakugo where'd you go!" I hear someone yell and I'm guessing that's them so I peep through the bush and see a guy with yellow hair, a guy with black hair, and a girl with pink hair, 'Maybe that other guy in the cave was another one of his members then.... where's his dragon?' "Kac-" He covers my mouth and shushes me and I notice the guys were literally so close and I was about to panic if they came any closer.

"Deku-kun!?" I hear Uraraka call out and I panic and toss and turn, "Stop!" Kacchan yells then his friends come this way and I panic, "Ohnoohnoohnoohno!" I exclaim then his friends peek over the bush, "So you caught a hideaway bandit, nice Bakugo." The guy with the yellow hair says and pulls out a knife, "No wait!" I squeak out then Kacchan covers me, "He's no bandit don't touch him!" Kacchan yells and they back up, "Okay Bakugo don't explode us to." The guy with the black hair says.

Kacchan helps me up, "You're coming with us." He says and I panic, "Wait no Kacchan I have to go to Endeavors castle for a mission!" I exclaim and struggle to get out of the ties, "Nerd calm down we're not kidnapping you, I was going to get you a better sword Deku!" Kacchan yells at me and I sigh in relief, "but wait Kacchan this sword is just fine." I say and Kacchan scoffs, "yeah sure right Deku!" He yells the reaches for my sword, "Wait Kacchan you can't-" As soon as it's all the way pulled out, it drops to the floor and Kacchan can't pick it back up, "... hold it..." I say and Kacchan glares at me, "FINE THEN YOU TRY THERE'S NO WAY YOU'RE STRONGER THAN ME!" He yells then starts to untie me, "But Kacchan it doesn't matters how strong you are it matters wh-" "SHUTUP NERD!" He yells and finishes untying me.

I reach for the sword and Kacchan looks at me with anticipation. I grab the handle then pick it up without a problem and Kacchan looks so pissed at me, "WHAT THE HELL!?" He yells stomping towards me, I walk backwards but trip over a rock but before I could fall someone catches me, "What wrong Midoriya?" I look up and see Iida with Uraraka. I stand up, "nothing just a friend." I smile at them then I get grabbed by the collar from behind, "HOW!?" He yells and sweat drips down my face, "W-well you know I just was w-" "Woah calm down Bakugo." I look to the side and see the boy from the cave from before. Kacchan let's go of me and I fall but my friends help me back up.

"oh I see you'e okay!" I smile at him and he nods, "I was just taking a nap before flying off again!" He exclaims then smiles showing his sharp and pointy teeth, "Flys....? Wait are you a half dragon!" I exclaim excited, he nods and I go nutz, "Oh my god I've never seen a half dragon before. What's it like. Can you fly by just popping wings out of your back or are you those rare types who can fully transform into a dragon because that would be so cool! Do you have scales, wait can you breath fire even without transforming? Actually I've heard a lot about dragons but half dragons I've just seen a couple books about them. I guess they're li-" "SHUTUP DEKU!" Kacchan yells interrupting me and making me jump, "I'm sorry!" I exclaim then close me mouth.

"heh. It's ok seems you have a lot of questions and know quite a bit about our kind huh?" I nod then look away embarrassed, "Well we better get going!" The girl with the pink hair exclaims, "actually if you don't mind I wouldn't mind giving you guys a ride somewhere." The red head says and my eyes light up, "Really!?" I exclaim and he nods, "I wouldn't mind at all!" I exclaim and look over to Iida and Uraraka who are also nodding, "Wait a minute who said I'm okay with this!" Kacchan yells and I giggle, "Oh come on Bakugo don't be jealous!" The guy with the yellow hair exclaims then Kacchan grunts and looks away, "Fine." He says and we all whoop besides Iida.

"Well let's introduce ourselves, I'm Eijiro Kirishima, this is Denki Kaminari.." He waves and gives a big grin, "This is Hanta Sero..." He waves, "This is Mina Ashido..." She smiles, "Nice to meet you!" She exclaims, "And I think you already know Katsuki Bakugo." He says smiling, I nod but the others don't but then Kaminari speaks up, "Hey little dude sorry for almost killing you earlier I thought you were a bandit." He says while awkwardly rubbing his neck, I brush it off, "it's fine. Oh also you don't know us! I'm Izuku Midoriya, this is my friend Ochaco Uraraka." I say pointing at her then she gives a simple wave and a hello, "And this is-" "I'm Tenya Iida nice to meet you I hope we can get along well. Also sorry for interrupting you Midoriya I just thought it would be more formal if I introduced myself." Iida states fixing his glasses, I giggle, "It's fine, well shall we get going?" I ask and Kirishima nods, "back up, I might crush you." He says and before I could react Kacchan is dragging me back and the others follow. We hide behind the rock and I look out and watch him transform.

After he's done we walk over and get on and I hold onto Kacchan as we ride to the castle.