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Watery Grave

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“Dick,” breathed Jason as he hurried to the edge of the water, “You came.”

“Of course I did, Little Wing, you asked me too,” Dick smiled.

The Mer was still the most beautiful thing Jason had ever seen. He swallowed and gathered his courage.

“I just- I’ve been thinking a lot and I know it’s a bit crazy but I-” Jason stumbled along.

Dick looked at him patiently.

“... I think I kinda like you. A lot,” Jason confessed, feeling his face flush crimson, "I actually might... y'know, love you... "

“Oh!” Dick’s hands flew to his face, his eyes lighting up.

“I know you must think it’s creepy since we’re not the same species-” Jason started hurriedly, panic and insecurity rising to the surface.

“No, no, Little Wing, I love you too,” Dick promised.

“You do?” Jason asked, barely daring to believe it.

“Always,” Dick promised, his expression hungry, making heat spread through Jason’s body.

“I can’t believe it…” Jason said faintly, shifting a little closer to the water’s edge.

“How about I help you?” Dick said with a wicked smile hoisting himself up to steal a kiss.

Jason felt like fireworks had gone off inside him.  

Dick pulled away and Jason followed his mouth eagerly stealing another kiss, not ready for this moment to be over. Dick smiled against his mouth and deepened the kiss, throwing his arms around Jason’s neck. It was hot and good and wonderful and Jason was on cloud nine.

He didn’t realize how far he’d leaned over the edge until Dick was pulling him into the water with him. A hundred warnings from Bruce flashed through his mind, but-

“It’s ok Jay, I love you,” Dick soothed him, tail tangling his legs and hands slipping under his clothes to touch him even better.

Jason moaned and sighed into another kiss, tentatively touching Dick back. The Mer was excited, that was for sure.

When Dick pulled them all the way under the water, Jason just held his breath. He didn’t want to stop him it was so good . But then the time stretched on and the burning in his lungs started to get urgent.

He tapped at the Mer’s shoulder and tried to gesture towards the surface, but Dick kept doing what he wanted. Jason struggled and tried to get him to understand, but Dick just held him more securely.

Suddenly Bruce’s warnings about Mer and how they loved to find ways to lure humans into the water with them to down them didn’t seem so silly anymore. But Jason had been sure Dick was different.

Jason tried to fight, but Dick easily caught his hands with inhuman strength and kept him pinned. Jason snarled and bit him and Dick laughed and playfully bit him back, as if this was just another game they were playing.

Did Dick even know he was going to kill Jason like this?

Jason struggled as hard as he could, but his movements were slowing as weakness spread to his limbs and fog too over his thoughts. Dick let go of his wrists as Jason's tugging ebbed and happily hummed into another kiss, Jason's strength far too feeble to do anything with his new freedom.

And then Jason’s movements slowly stopped all together.