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Live Like Legends (die like heroes)

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Yoongi narrowed his emerald eyes at the figurines. They'd been rearranging themselves again, he knew they did it to aggravate him. Instead of the painful grimace and fighting stances he'd left them in, they were now blowing kisses at one another. He felt his guts twist in protest, he always was allergic to romance. The glare from his eyes could have killed a human in seconds, the glass figurines began to wilt. Slowly, they moved into combat poses and their dopey expressions became fierce. The witch gave a swift nod and departed to find Namjoon, he'd left him a note last night ordering three elk antlers, a rabbit tail and a chicken foot. He had no doubt he'd have them, disappointment was not a emotion he wore well.

Yoongi emerged out his shared apartment when a scream tore through him. His pulse quickened and eyes widened, the scream came again; desperate, terrified... Human. The blood drained from his cheeks and before he was aware of making a conscious decision, his legs were moving on their own. It was natural, he has always helped the humans and any other being that may be in danger. It was expected of him really, considering he was a witch.

Witches were one of the more stronger race, having the ability to control certain elements and the gift of intelligence. Witches saved the human race from extinction after the werewolves nearly wiped them all out nearly 300 years ago. The dragons and witches sided against the wolves during The Great War, having destroyed all trace of the werewolves. Only a few wolves wander around, having to stay in their human form. Any evidence that they're a wolf and they will be immediately executed. Werewolves were known to lose control every year during the 'blue moon'. A week before the blue moon the last remaining wolves evacuate far from any city or town so they are able to shift and let their instincts take over. The blue moon lasts six nights and werewolves are unable to control themselves till it is over.

Yoongi jumped over a old cobbled wall to come face to face with two glowing eyes. He froze. The intense stare hypnotizing, holding him in place. They held so much emotion, as if telling a story. The eyes were blue and amber but not the kind of shades that are easy to describe. It was almost like they were both made of diamond and gold at the same time, with purple creeping in around the blue as if it were trying to take over. Yoongi blinked and the beauty was momentarily covered by the shield of his eyelashes; naturally long and soft looking - feminine compared to the rest of his well structured features. By the time he eyes opened again, Yoongi had still not recovered from the intense stare. It was a stare that communicated the former pain, and its wish for Yoongi to let go and to move on. But the witch could not move on, just as he could not forget those glaring eyes.

When a growl echoed through Yoongi, he finally came back to his senses. His world seemed to slow down when he realized a huge wolf stood infront of him, anger in its eyes and the smell of blood made its way around Yoongi. The wolf had seen better days; it's black fur was thin and it clung to its frame. Yoongi could count its ribs. Its movements were faltering as if each step pained it and its head was sunk low to the ground.  Then just as it was about to move, it tumbled to the ground as if it was meant to lie down but couldn't coordinate its limbs. With its great head on Yoongis lap, it closed its eyes. This dangerous animal with no concept of death was ready for its long sleep.

"Oh my god." Yoongi breathed out, trying to remove the head off his legs. "Oh my god," he repeated. He stood, staring down at the sleeping wolf. It was beautiful, really. It's huge paws that held nails as sharp as daggers. Legs long and slender.

"Yoongi? What is this?" Namjoon whispered, too scared he might wake the animal. After the announcement Namjoons eyes were as immobile as the rest of his face, as if a situation like this was impossible to absorb any faster. He was frozen for maybe three whole seconds before the corners of his mouth resumed their usual softness and his eyes quit staring. He turned to the Yoongi.

"I.. Can explain."