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We're In A World That Don't Want People Like Us No More

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1899 - The times changing, outlaws and gangs are being hunted down. There are a few of us boys that will keep on pushing till the very end, no matter what. I’ll keep this gang going until I can’t no more, I promise you that.

A slow flowing river was the only sound that could be heard, it was peaceful and that’s saying something. Watching the deer drink from the water before dashing off to hide from the slightest sound of possible danger, the small birds singing with the view of the mountains with the untouched snow resting itself gently on top.

Must be freezing up there… Not that it’s much better down here. A young Winchester outlaw thought while he slowly lets himself fall back gently against the small rock that he chose to rest upon, his journal placed on his leg he was allowing himself to let out a satisfied sigh at the peacefulness of the world, instead of all the loud gunshots, men yelling at each other that part was chaotic.

With the sun starting to allow itself to get eaten by darkness for the moon to shine with a whistle for his horse, Koda, a black and white mare with a white star on her face, she was resting herself by the edge of the river. Standing up to his feet carefully tucking his journal in his satchel, walking over meeting his mare halfway, patting her neck gently all while giving her a carrot before he hoisted himself up beginning to head back to what was going to be what he’ll call home, for now.

The Winchester boy would slow his horse down gently tugging the reins just enough pressure that she got the message to slow herself down as they neared the camp. No one was standing guard which meant they were probably around the campfire. Nearing the hitching posts he swung his leg behind him just as his Mare stopped fully allowing him to hitch Koda up.

As he suspected there was chatter among the men sitting around the small campfire, no one looked up as the young man walked through to his own tent he didn’t have his original setup, replaced his cot for a sleeping bag on the floor, involuntary he didn’t want to give it up but the past run-ins with the law wasn’t all that good for them. Having to leave their original camp for a makeshift camp no one else complained other than he did but he got used to it after a week he actually preferred it.

Taking a seat at the table just next to his tent seeing it unoccupied for the time being getting out his small knife testing its sharpness not paying attention to the world around him, which was still alive with the sounds of wildlife that was awake with the rest of them.

“So. You’re looking at that knife likes it’s gonna give ya the answers to the existence of the universe.” The young boy looked up startled as he heard a familiar voice.

“Well I hope it will give me the answers to something, it’s not working,” He’d reply without looking over his shoulder but he didn’t need to as the figure moved to sit next to him.

“Ah right, whatcha been doing this afternoon then, Dallas? You been out for a long time.”

“Well, if you must know I’ve been out just having a relaxing time and studying creatures before they become our next meal.” The older boy would snap back at his youngest brother, Jesse. This resulted in Jesse putting his hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright. Maybe you need to go back out there, clearly, the relaxing part didn’ work for ya.” Jesse would slide in before jumping to his feet skipping away to, unfortunately, annoy others but thankfully it left the outlaw to sit on his own for a while.

Putting his knife away he called it a night slowly doing the short walk to his tent, glancing toward his twin brothers tent seeing the flaps already shut, not wanting to bother him he began shutting his own, settling down on his cotton sleeping bag laying back with a content sigh allowing the sounds, from the animals to the quiet whispers of the few that continued to stay awake, drifting him to sleep.

→ → → → → →

Dallas was awoken by an irritating brother once again. Grumbling to himself trying to get to his feet in the half-asleep state he was in, frustratedly smacked open the flaps of his tent seeing the retreating form of Jesse towards the horses. Shaking his head Dallas walked over the pot over the fire picking up the hot water to make himself a coffee.

Looking over the camp it was coming alive slowly, the girls doing their usual business it tends to be reading, doing a few chores or chatting up one of the younger guys. Walking away from the pot the Outlaw sleepily walked in front of his twin's tent seeing it open making him look inside seeing him laying down reading a book but taking a closer look he noticed the small child with their head on his brother's chest.

“Having fun there you two?” Dallas spoke with a smile on his face heard the slightly amused grunt from his brother. Leaning against the crate beside the tent opening taking sips of his coffee it was slowly waking him up.

“Not really was waiting on you to wake your ass up. I’m gonna take little Isaac here into town for a few things. Wanna come?” Dean places down the book slowly glancing at Dallas as he let Isaac crawl over and off the small bed standing next to Dallas.

“Alright, got nothin’ else to do so why the hell not.” Downing the rest of the coffee Dallas threw his cup near the pot glancing at the ten-year-old before picking him up throwing the now laughing child over his shoulder prancing his way over to the horses.

“Let’s go!” Dallas exclaimed placing a giggly Isaac down gently nearer the horses.

Dean led the way with him riding Baby, a completely black mare. Dallas followed along on Koda, Isaac who was holding on to the front of the saddle with Dallas’s arm around him to keep him steady.

Once far away from the camp, the boys began talking.

Trotting on the road they saw the town in their sights, Valentine, always smelled like sheep shit not that it bothered Dallas or Dean but Isaac made a face making Dallas let out a little laugh. While walking along the road Dean slowed at one point being quiet, apart from the sound of Baby’s feet hitting the dirt road. Being curious Dallas decides to glance in the same direction through the trees but it was clear a gang was camped there. Both brothers glanced at each other giving a nudge with their feet to speed the horses up quicker.

“Was that who I think it was?” Dallas spoke a few minutes after they slowed their horses down. If another gang was hanging around there parts Dallas knew they’ll be in a little trouble. If it was the other gang that they didn’t find as a big threat at all, they had a silent agreement with one another they didn’t bother them, then all was good between the two and they left them alone.

“I don’t think so but keep an eye out either way,” Dean announced after a few moments patting Baby’s neck just for well behaviour. The town Valentine was just the usual hitching their horses in front of the stable out of the way, letting Isaac off first before Dallas hopped down himself. Dean was already walking the minute his feet hit the floor, Isaac stayed closer to Dallas while they walked towards the general store.

“Take it your gonna buy yourself a new gun?” Dallas folded his arms in front of his chest, Dean just shrugged slowly.

“Maybe, but you know what to get at this point.”

Dallas watches the back of Dean walk away, with a small shake of his head Isaac was looking at him waiting for them to do something. “Alright come on, enough standing around.” That got them both moving inside the door.

It took them at least a good few hours to collect everything, more time was spent buying the small boy clothes rather than the ones he’d been wearing since they got him. “Alright get out, time to go home!” Dallas carried everything out, Isaac pranced out the door feeling all proud about his new clothing.

Dean wasn’t so happy about the clothing Dallas rolled his eyes pulling himself up onto Koda, lifting Isaac up letting him hold the old sack of food they just bought.

“Are you really gonna be in a mood because he got better clothes than you?” Dallas began talking once out of Valentine.

“No, it’s the fact you bought the damn clothes when he already had clothes!”

Dean was frustrated but let out a sigh to calm himself down, the boy did look less then an orphan even if he is one. They neared the same spot as before but they got their answer to who was occupying the space there, two of the men in that gang came charging out galloping past them barely noticing them at all.

“Well, not a threat then,” Dallas mumbles out but Dean still heard it as he let out an overexaggerated sigh. “That’s good for us, right?” Dallas frowned starting to become annoyed himself.

“Yes, it’s brilliant for us. Also means if they’re here something is following them, and that’s the part I’m worried about.” Dean made them speed up wanting to get themselves back to the safety of their camp.

Upon arriving, Dean remained on his horse to show confusion on Dallas’s face but let him do his thing, yelling at the back of a disappearing Dean. “Don’t do anything stupid!” Dallas put his attention on Isaac who he let off his horse gently. Once Dallas made sure the boys' feet hit the floor he got off himself letting Koda walk away from them to go graze on the grass.

“Come on, let's give these then hang out with the rest for a bit.” Dallas guides Isaac to drop the supplies off before going to properly introduce the kid to the others. All while thinking about what got his brother so irritated so quickly.