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You, me and the ocean

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The sky was grey, the wind powerful and the rain felt like daggers as it flew down from the angry sky. Kirishima sighed. This really wasn't the greatest way for him to be introduced to his new home. As soon as he had stepped off the train, he had been hit with buffering winds that seemed to have a personal vendetta against him. He stood for a minute under the shelter of the station's bike shelter, searching for someone to ask for directions. Unsurprisingly, everyone seemed to be hidden away, sheltering from the impending storm.

He decided to walk to the seafront and gather his bearings there- maybe there would be someone he could ask for directions. He soon realised his mistake as he neared the ocean. The wind got worse, if that was possible, and the rain was coming down in sheets, smashing onto the pavement. He kept his head down, pulling the hood of his hoodie even further over his head. He thought about grabbing his umbrella, and then realised that the storm would probably tear it to pieces before he had a chance to open it up. Sighing, he continued walking.

He began to hear the sea, its waves crashing down with tremendous power, almost deafening. Confident he was walking in the right direction, he picked up speed. He could see the funfair he remembered from his childhood now, bright colours standing out against the deep greys of the storm. Rain cascaded off the curved roof of the bumper-car area, creating a waterfall. The claw machines opposite the bumper cars were still on, the bright lights distorted by the water pouring down the front of the machines. The yellow gates to the park were locked shut, and the rides inside looked forlorn with the pouring rain striking down all around. Kirishima crossed the road and walked up to the gates, running his fingers along the bars, the rain falling as he did so. He remembered coming here as a child, excitedly riding all the rides he could at the fair, grabbing fish and chips and eating them on the stony beach. Then they would buy ice-creams from the shop across from the funfair, and stroll through George street, marvelling at the shops selling all kinds of things. He'd press his face up to the window of the sweet shop, begging his parents to buy him sweets. They never did, reminding him that he'd just had a ice cream.

Smiling at the memory, he continued struggling through the rain. Passing by the old fishing huts, he noticed a figure sitting on the waterlogged pebbles of the beach.

Someone would have to be insane to sit there in this weather- especially next to the sea. The ocean swelled violently, tall waves crashing onto the beach. He could feel the spray on his face from where he was standing. And it was cold. Incredibly cold. The gusts of wind billowing in from the sea were freezing, as if they had come straight from the arctic.
Grateful that there was another person here and that he hadn't moved to an abandoned seaside town, he walked up to the stranger. He was facing the ocean, and didn't seem to notice Kirishima standing behind him.

"Hey man, I'm new here and I was wondering if you know where-"

The stranger turned his head and Kirishima was suddenly struck with how incredibly good looking this man was. His features were sharp and defined, his crimson eyes narrowed as he turned to look at Kirishima.

"Fuck off."

He muttered, and turned back to look at the sea. Yep. Definitely insane. And insanely good looking. Kirishima rolled his eyes. No matter how good looking he was, this stranger had just told him to fuck off and he wasn't going to take that for an answer.

"Come on, man! I've just moved here and I have no idea were my house is supposed to be," Kirishima started. "There is literally no one else here to ask."

"Fucking idiot," the stranger muttered under his breath. "Who even moves here anyway?"

Kirishima sighed. This was a lost cause. He turned round and started walking back to the beach. Suddenly, a short, pink-haired girl appeared in front of him.

"You actually talked to Bakugou?" She said incredulously.

"That's who that was?" He replied, trying to work out where this girl had appeared from.

"Yeah, we went to school together," she explained. "All he ever does is shout at people."

"Wait- is he Bakugou the famous painter? As in, Bakugou Katsuki?" He asked incredulously.

"Yep, that's him," she said. "Just don't talk to him about his paintings- he'll probably punch you,"

"Noted." Kirishima said, still stunned that he'd just met one of his favourite artists. And he'd told him to fuck off. Great.

The pink-haired girl carried on. "Actually, don't talk to him at all,"

Kirishima made a mental note to talk to Bakugou more. He was intriguing. Kirishima has never met someone who would willingly sit on a beach in the middle of a raging storm. He had also never met someone who was that attractive before.

"Um, anyway. I've just moved here and I'm completely lost. I can't find my house."

"Your house? You're moving here?" She seemed surprised that anyone would want to move here. "Got any directions at all?"

"It's on the same road as a pub called the crown," he said, trying to remember what the estate agents had told him. "And the house is number 4."

"Really?" The girl smiled,"I work at the crown!"

"Awesome!" Relived, Kirishima grinned. "Can you give me some directions?"

"I'll walk you there," she said. "I'm Mina, by the way. Mina Ashido."

"I'm Kirishima. Thanks for helping me and not telling me to fuck off." He looked in Bakugou's direction.

Mina burst into laughter and began walking. Kirishima followed her, grinning. At least he now knew one person in this town.

They arrived at his new house, a quaint cottage which was weathered with age. Pushing the door open, he invited Mina in. She declined- her shift at the crown started in 5minutes.

"I'll dump my stuff here and head over there," he replied. "Do you guys serve food?"

"Yeah- I'll see you there!" Mina replied, dashing away. Kirishima closed the door, grateful to be sheltered from the storm. The moving van was coming tommorow, so he'd have to make do with what he'd packed in his backpack for now. Walking upstairs, he chucked his backpack on the floor of his bedroom. Pulling out his sleeping bag, he laid it on the floor. Wishing he'd brought a towel with him, Kirishima ran his fingers through his red hair. It was soaking wet and the spikes he spent so much time working on were flattened, hanging limply around his face. He grabbed a tshirt out of his backpack, and tried to use that to dry his hair. It worked, but now he had two soaking wet tshirts. He chucked them on the radiator along with his hoodie, and his waterlogged jeans. Grabbing more clothes out of his backpack, he pulled on a pair of jeans, tshirt and baseball jacket. Now for his hair. He grabbed his gel and started working on it.

20 minutes later, his hair was spiked up and ready to go. He slung his backpack round his shoulders and peered out of the door. It had stopped raining, but the wind was still billowing through the town. Kirishima strolled to the pub, and pushed open the door. Inside was full of people, laughing and talking. He looked for a table and spied one on the left side of the pub. It was a large table, with a bench on one side, the side that was facing the wall, and chairs on the other. Plopping down on the bench side, Kirishima opened up the comic he had brought with him to read. It was a superhero comic- red riot to be specific. Lots of people told him he was too old for superheroes now, but he never listened. He enjoyed the comics and that was all that mattered. Leaving his bag on the table to signify he was sitting there, Kirishima walked up to the bar, where he saw Mina serving drinks. She noticed him standing there and hurried over.
"I thought you weren't coming! Want something to drink?"
"A coke, please." He requested. As Mina poured the drink, she began talking.
"I can't believe you've just moved here! It's great that there's more people to know and make friends with now!"

Kirishima couldn't believe that he had made a friend within the first couple hours of him living here.

Mina stopped her ranting, and slid him the drink across the bar. He paid and walked back to his table, a lopsided grin on his face.

A couple minutes later, he was completely engrossed in his comic. So much so that he was startled when he heard a gruff voice speak.
"Shitty hair, and and even shittier taste in reading material."
Kirishima looked up and saw Bakugou standing there, red eyes glinting. Bakugou pulled out a chair and sat down across from Kirishima. He crossed his legs and pulled a sketchbook out of his bag.
"I thought you hated people," Kirishima said, jokingly.
"I do."
Kirishima laughed. This guy was too weird.
"Then why are you here?" He asked, grinning.
"I need a fucking drink, shitty hair."
Bakugou pulled out a pencil and began sketching. Kirishima could help but keep glancing at him over the top of his comic. His eyes were focused on his drawing, eyebrows pushed together in a frown and he was scowling. Kirishima wondered if he ever smiled.

Ten or so minutes later, Kirishima had finished his comic, and ordered his food. Bakugou was still sitting there silently, sketching away. His sharp features stood out underneath the dim lighting of the pub. Kirishima found it hard not to stare.

Half an hour later, Kirishima had finished eating, and got up to leave, slinging his backpack into his shoulders and stealing one last glance at the blonde, still focused on his sketch. Kirishima rolled his eyes and started the short walk back to his house.