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The Symmetrical Organized Trio

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It was a cold and windy night in Death City. Every store was closed and almost every living soul was at their houses sleeping the night away. Some people were out in Death City in the middle of the night doing whatever they want. Some were out on the streets, some were at the Chupa Cabra's Bar, some were even at the basketball court playing basketball.


Meanwhile, there was a couple walking on the sidewalk enjoying their time with each other. The woman had her arm wrapped around the man's arm. The woman looked up at her boyfriend and smiled "This was the best date in my life, Eric!" she said while smiling at him. The man looked back at her, "If you love that so much, just wait and see what I have for you next Saturday."


"Great, I'm looking forward to it!" The couple continued to walk. While they were walking, a big shadowy figure slowly follows them. The woman stops walking and the shadowy figure quickly disappears when she looks behind her. The man looks down at her a bit curious on why she stopped walking. "Is there something wrong?" The girl turned her head back round to look at him. "Sorry, I'm just getting the feeling that someone is following us."


The man looked around him and doesn't see anything or anyone following them, "Nobody's even out here", he looks at her and chuckles a little, "You must be just imagining things." The woman looks down, "Maybe your right...never mind then, let's keep moving." They continued to walk and the shadowy figure appears and starts to follow them.


The two walk across a corner into the alleyway in between buildings. The woman had her purse hanging onto her shoulder with a key chain hanging out. The key chain fell out of her purse and dropped on the ground. "Oh", the woman notices key chain, "I dropped my key chain." She turns around to reach for her key chain only to see big clawed feet. The woman paused for a second and slowly looked up to see a pale ghoul-like creature with sharp claws and pointy teeth. Its eyes were blood red and almost his entire body was skin and bones. It looked down the woman in and glared at her in hunger. The woman widened her eyes in fear and her jaw drop. She was so scared, she couldn't move an inch. The man turned around to see his girlfriend in front of the creature.


His eyes widened, "What the hell!" The creature starts to roar making the girl scream. The man grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him, "What are doing just sitting there, make a run for it!" They runaway still holding each other's hand while the ghoul starts running after them. They run across another corner in the alleyway where there was a wall. "Oh no!" the girl squealed. The man grew irritated, "Crap, a dead end!"


They turn around and sees that the ghoul is right in front of them. The ghoul slowly walks towards them. The monstrous ghoul growled, licking his lips and ready to eat the couple. He grew his claw and the woman trembled in fear, "It's going to eat us, Eric!" The man walked in front of the woman. He spread his arms and legs apart to protect his girlfriend, "Don't worry baby, I'm not gonna let this thing touch you."


On the other side of the streets, there is a tall apartment building with three people standing on it. "Oh dear." One of those people happens to be a young teenage girl at the age of 14. She looked beautiful. Her hair was black, silk and quite symmetrical. She wears glasses, her eyes were violet and her lips were pink. She was wearing a mini black dress with dark gray sleeves and her dress had a bow with a bright small opal gem on it. She wears black stockings over her knees and black ballet looking shoes with ankle boots. Over her clothes, she wears a small black hooded cloak which also has a gem on it, that hides her hands.


She looks down at the scenery with the couple and the ghoul, "It looks like we have trouble lying ahead of the head of us." A young man at the age of 18 walks on the left beside her. "That was kind of expected, I mean you're walking on the streets in the middle of the night with almost nobody around you. That's not scary at all," he says sarcastically. On the right side of the girl stands another young man who is the twin of the one on her left, "Woah! That thing looks so creepy and yet funny at the same time!" He says with a smile on his face.


The twins looked very alike. Both had the same hair, same eye color, and the same clothes. Their hair is naturally black while the bangs on the side of their face are blonde. One had his bang on the right side of his face and the other had a bang on the left side of his face. They both wear a leather bomber jacket. Both of them had on t-shirts, one had a red shirt and one had a blue shirt. They both wear blue jeans and black shoes with colored stripes on the sides, one of the twins had red and one had blue.


"Boys," the girl spoke, "I believe this is our cue." The twins gave a serious look, "Right!" The trio leaped from the building and landed in front of the couple on their feet. The couple widened their eyes at the sudden appearance. The girl turned her head to looked at them with the corner of her eye and gave a small smile, "No need to be worried, you'll be safe. Just leave it to us."


The girl turned back around and signaled the twins, "Boys?" The twins stared at each other with a smirk and gave a nod. They jumped and transformed into shiny silver twin rapier swords with circle gems on the handles. Just like their clothes, one of them was red and one was blue. The swords dropped and the girl caught the swords making a pose. The man and the woman looked at the girl in shock embracing each other. The man spoke up "Who are you people?"


The girl kept her eyes on the monster and shouted, "Don't worry about that, just get out of here!" The couple obeyed her command and ran passed her and the ghoul quickly. The ghoul turned and was about to go after them, but the girl zipped right in front of it before it could do so. She glared at the ghoul "They are no longer your concern, you are to deal with me now." She spins her swords and makes a pose. "I am Eve Ballard, and with the help of my brothers Joseph and Joshua, we will take your soul!" The ghoul roared and charged at Eve. Eve jumped, flipped over the monster and landed behind it. The ghoul turned around and charged at Eve with his claws. She blocks it's hand with her sword and used the other to slice the ghoul's eyes. The ghoul screamed in pain and covered his bleeding eyes.


Eve decided to tease the ghoul and smirked, "Oh no," she says sarcastically, "You poor thing, I've sliced your eyes. Now you're not able to see me. Whatever will you do?" The ghoul grew angry and roared. The ghoul starts growing blades on his back and his claws grew bigger. Then the ghoul itself starts to grow a bit bigger and he roars again. Joshua looks appalled at the ghoul's features "Hey sis, I think you made it angry."


Joseph, like Joshua, is appalled by the ghoul, "Just what in the hell is that thing?" Eve struggled a bit, "We have no time to figure that out, just focus you two." The ghoul jumped and charged at Eve with his claws ready to attack. Eve zipped underneath the monster on the other side the alleyway before it hit the ground. The ghoul turned around about to attack Eve, but she was able to throw the sword at it before it was able to. The sword stabbed through the ghoul's chest weakening the ghoul and Eve ran towards it with her other sword and sliced the ghoul in half. Defeated by Eve's attack, the ghoul turned into the red floating soul. Eve used Joseph to suck the red soul inside the blue jewel on the handle of the sword. She walked to Joshua and picked him up.


Eve huffed and puffed, "Well then, I believe our job is done." She throws Joseph and Joshua behind her and they turned back into their human form. Joshua stretched "Hah! That monster was so easy. We beat him in less than a minute." Joseph put his hands in his pockets "I'm surprised we killed him when he grew blades in his body. The thing was so weak." he commented while smirking.


Eve turned around to look at boys with a smile, "I'm really proud of both you. You are very stronger than before, despite your laziness." The twins smiled and thanked Eve aside from the lazy part, "Thanks, sis."


The three siblings walk on the streets towards the Chupa Cabra's Bar and stop there get their ride home. Eve pulled out her phone to contact her mother, "Hello, mother.....yes, we took care of that monster. We're done for the night. .......At the Chupa Cabra's Bar......yes, thank you mother." she hung up her phone. "Mother says she'll get the driver to pick us up." They stand there in front of the bar for a few minutes quiet.


Joshua broke the silence "So guys, do really think that Lord Death guy gonna let us in the DWNH school?" Eve kept a straight face with her eyes closed, "It's DWMA Joshua, and yes he should. I mean, after all, we did just defeat a monster. So we're well qualified. "Honestly, I'm looking for to it," Joseph said while smirking.


Eve looked up at the stars and smiled, " am I."

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Eve's POV

I was walking on the street to the Death Weapon Meister Academy School with my twins along with me. This isn't exactly our first day of school yet, but we were just going to the school to talk to Lord Death about the school rules and how things shall go. We also have to sign an agreement to the school, at least that is what my mother told me. Our reasons for joining this school is because my mother and my late father were students in the DWMA. My mother was a meister and my father was a weapon. Two years ago, upon discovering that my twin brothers, Joseph and Joshua are weapons, my mother wanted us to know what it felt like to be in the DWMA. So my mother hired a fencing instructor to teach me how to fence and how to use a sword. How was my mother able to hire a fencing instructor? Well me and my brothers come from a wealthy family. My mother was talented in singing, instruments like piano or violin, and she is also a famous writer for books. My father is talented in martial arts and is very athletic.

No one's POV

Eve and her brothers continued to walk. Joshua, as always, had a happy-go-lucky smile on his face and Joseph had a calm look. "Are you sure you know where we're going?" Joseph said as he looked down at Eve. She kept a straight face and looked ahead of her "Of course I am." Although this was their first time going to the academy, Eve was well aware of where it was located. After all, her mother did say if they find the DWMA, they should see a long staircase and big lit candles. While walking, Eve and the twins walked pass a few people. One of those people happens to be a teenage boy with 3 stripes on the left side of his black hair. He was wearing a black suit with white rectangles on it. Three rectangles on his shoulder and four on the front side. He has a skull stuck to his collar and on his right hand, he is wearing a skull ring on his fourth finger and another Skull ring on his left hand. Behind him were two girls who looked like they were in their late teens. The girl on his right side had dirty blonde hair and was wearing a cowgirl looking outfit. She was wearing a white tie with a sleeveless turtle neck belly shirt. Along with that, she had on black high-heeled boots, jeans, and a cowboy hat. The girl on the boy's right looked younger than the other girl with bright blonde short hair and had on the same outfit, except she's wearing shorts. While Eve and her brothers walked past them, the boy glanced at Eve noticing how symmetrical she looked and stared at her in awe. Eve noticed the boy looking at her. She smiled at him and continued to walk followed by her brothers. The girl with dirty blonde hair noticed that the boy stopped and looked at him with concern, "Is something wrong Kid" she said. The boy shook his head a little, "No," he said, "Let's keep going."

Eve and the twins approached the academy and noticed a very long staircase. Eve smiled, put her hand on her hip and looked at school. The boys, however, looked more appalled by the stairs seeing that they have to walk up the stairs. After standing there for a few seconds, Eve spoke up, "What a magnificent school! Okay, let's go." Eve began walking a few steps while the twins dropped and flabbergasted on the ground. Joseph quickly got back up, "You expect us to walk up there!?" he shouted and pointed at the staircase. Eve stopped walking and looked at Joseph, "I honestly don't see the problem. We do have a few stair staircases at our house, do we not?"

"We only have like 20 steps," Joseph said still pointing at the stairs, "This seems like a thousand steps!" Eve gave a frustrated sigh, "Well there's no other solution on getting up the school. Now stop your complaining and let's go, we don't want to keep Lord Death waiting." she demanded and she continued to walk. Both Joseph and Joshua groaned frustratingly and started walking up the stairs.

*20 minutes later*

Eve and the twins finally walked up to the stairs. The twins plopped on the ground exhausted. Eve turned and looked at the twins and gave them a smile with her eyes closed, "See, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" The twins kept laying on the ground sweating Joseph looked up at Eve and gave an irritated glare, "Are you kidding me?"

The twins got back up and followed Eve to the door. Before they get to the door, they notice a teenage girl. She had a Gothic looking appearance. Her hair was black with red tips on the ends and she had a bang on the right side of face hiding her right eye. Her eyes were red and she was wearing black earrings. She was wearing a short red shirt with a black star on it and black jeans along with long black tied up boots. She was leaning against the wall beside the door the with her arms crossed and was standing there. It almost looked like she was waiting for someone, and she was. She notices Eve and her brothers and walks up to them with her hands in her pockets.

The girl stops walking and speaks, "Hey. You guys here to see Lord Death?" Eve nods, "Why yes. My name is Evelyn Ballard. If you would like to, just call me Eve. These young men are my siblings, Joseph and Joshua." Eve said as she gestures her hand to show the girl the twins behind her. "I take it you're a student here?"

"Yeah. Name's Darcelle Brooks, but if you want, just call me Darcy. I'm a scythe weapon." Darcelle says with a smile. Joshua put a big smile on his face and looked at Darcelle excitingly, "Awesome!! You're a scythe!?"

"Yep." Darcelle pulled out her arm and turned it into a scythe, "Check it out." Her scythe was shown to be black metal and had a red stripe with sharp ends. The scythe had three sharp metal thorns on the other side that were long but kinda small. Eve and the twins looked at Darcelle's arm and were amazed. "Whoa!" Joshua spoke up, "So cool!!"

Joseph agreed, "Yeah, that does look cool."

"I know right." Darcelle turned her arm back to normal, "Anyways, come with me." She turned around and started walking inside the school with the trio following her. "Are you going to show us around the school?" Eve asked. Darcelle kept her face straight ahead, "I'm only going to do that for you on your first day. Right now, I'm just showing you to Lord Death's office." Eve and the twins walked through the hallways and looked around them in awe. Eve spoke up, "It is just as magnificent as it is on the outside." Joseph looked amazed and smiled, "I'm already liking it here." Joshua had sparkles all over his eyes, amazed by the school.

The four teens approached the door to the grim reaper's room. "Welp," Darcelle spoke, "This is Lord Death's room." Eve smiled at Darcelle and thanked her, "Thank you very much."

"No problem. So you guys know your way back to the front door right?" Darcelle asked. "I believe we do," Eve replied. "Well, I believe my job here done for now." Darcelle walked away to her classroom, "See you guys later." Eve and the twins waved goodbye to Darcelle and walked into the office. Eve and the twins looked around the place and see clouds all over the room, there were even clouds on the ground. Windows were shown in the air and strange cross-like foundations stuck to the ground. The trio walks up to see a black figure with a skull on it. The trio stopped to look at it. "WAZZUP, WAZZUP, WAAZZUUP!" He spoke with his hands popping out. Joshua kept a smile on his face "I'm liking him already." Eve put a smile on her face and greeted the black figure "Why hello there, I take it your Lord Death?" Lord death put his hand up to say hi, "That's me. Good to see you! Thanks for coming!"

Eve chuckled, "My name is Evelyn Ballard, and these two are my weapons, Joseph and Joshua. They are also my brothers." The twins smiled at Lord Death, "What's up?" They both said together. Lord Death nodded, "Ah yes, your mother has called and told me all about you three. Back in the day, she and your father were quite a pair. They would go on many missions to capture 100 soul's, including a witch's soul." Eve kept a smile on her face, "So we've been told. Anyways we're here today to join the Death Weapon Meister Academy."

"Yes, your mother has called and told me about that too. It's quite simple actually." Lord Death pulled out a paper with every information about the academy and a pen, "All you have to do is sign the Academy agreement." Joseph looked at the entire paper, "Is that all?" Lord Death nodded, "Yep, but before you do that, I must explain the rules first." Lord Death continued to speak while the trio listened.

"If two Meisters are dueling on school grounds, one of the faculty members must be present to witness." Joshua spoke up, "Wait so, we're allowed to fight people here."

"Yes, you are well qualified." Joshua and Joseph seemed to enjoy that rule. Lord Death continued, "There is a shinigami list somewhere inside the hallways. On the shinigami's list, there is a list of individual's whose soul's are evil must be killed. You will be allowed to capture the souls. Those souls will be concluded by me. Taking souls such as good ones are forbidden. Plus, you are only allowed to capture 99 souls, including a witch's soul."

"What will happen if we capture 99 souls," Eve asked.

"Good Question Eve," Lord Death said, "If you capture 99 souls, a witch's soul included, you will become a powerful Death Scythe." Joshua jumped excitingly, "For real!? Awesome!!?"

"If there are any emergencies, you are allowed to come into the Death Room without permission. Does all that make sense?" Eve and her twins nodded. Eve spoke up, "Is that all?"

"Not exactly." Lord Death replied, "If you violate any of these rules, you will be expelled from the Academy, no exceptions." Joseph look at Lord Death appalled, "Are you kidding? You gonna kick people out just like that, without even giving a second chance or a suspension?" Eve looked over at Joseph, "This isn't exactly like our last school, Joseph."

"Oh please," he said to Eve, "Like you knew that was going to be a rule?"

Eve ignored Joseph's comment and looked back at Lord Death, "Are there any other things you can do that could get you expelled?"

"Only a few," Lord Death answered, "You can get expelled by failing all class subjects, capturing souls poorly and failing remedial lessons, is that understood?" The trio nodded.

"All three of you will be E.A.T students." Lord Death continued, "That stands for Especially Advantaged Talented. That is a curriculum that involves a student to fight against evil using their power."

Lord Death pulled back to paper and pen out, "I believe that's all I have to tell you. Now all of you sign this agreement." The trio did as Lord death said and signed the agreement. "Great, you are now officially students at my academy."

"All of you will start your first day next week on Monday, and I'll have a student show you around the academy."

The twins gave each other a hive five and Eve smiled happily at Lord Death, "This is wonderful Lord Death and thanks to you. All of us hope to have a great year at the academy, that includes the next three years."

The trio waved goodbye to Lord Death and left the room. Joshua had an exciting look on his face, "Guys, I don't believe it. We're students at the DWMA. I can't wake for next week!"

"Honestly," Joseph spoke, "I can't wait either." Eve spoke up, "This is going to be a big week for us, next week boys. Be Prepared."


Timeskip to next week at the DWMA

Eve's POV

All of us decided to get up a little early to go to the DWMA to take a look around the school. It took me a while to get the twins out of bed, so I just gave them a vicious glare and bonked him on their heads just to get them to get out of bed.

We were approaching at the DWMA and see Darcelle at the front door along with two boys. One of the boys had a white spiky hair with a headband on his head that says Soul on the front side. He wears a black jacket with yellow gold color on his sleeves. He also wearing red pants and shoes in the same color as his jacket. He also had sharp teeth, which is quite unusual for a person. The other boy had a blue star-shaped looking hair. He wears a black and white suit with shoes that have stars on it. He also had a star birthmark on his right shoulder.

Darcelle approached us and smiled, "Hey Eve, boys. I'm about to show you around the school, you guys ready?" Joshua spoke up with his hand up balled to a fist "We're ready as we'll ever be!"

I was about to speak, but I noticed a girl standing right behind Darcelle. She looked really shy. I spoke to her "Um, excuse me?" The girl jumps a little. Darcelle looks behind her and sees the girl, "Chill Piper, they're nice people." The girl comes from behind Darcelle and shows her herself. She has long white hair that reaches her bottom. She had stitches all over her, one on her left eye, one on her neck and her legs. She has bright blue eyes and her skin looked a little pale. She had on a long-sleeved baggy shirt that almost seemed like a dress and showed her left shoulder, except kinda small almost like a mini dress. Her dress had stitches as well, the top part of her dress was purple while in the middle it is grey and on the bottom, it's back to purple. She wears slippers that almost covers her entire feet, and they also have stitched all over.

"Oh my," I thought while noticing her stitches, "Just how did she get those stitches? I guess I shouldn't be surprised since almost everything in this world is strange, Death City especially." The white-haired girl blushed and looked down with her hands stuck together. I gave her a sad look, "Poor girl, she looks as if she had a rough past."

Darcelle chuckled a little, "Forgive her, this is her first time interacting with other people." Joseph looked a little concerned, "Her first time?"

Darcelle put her hand on the girl's shoulder "Yeah, I guess you can say she was homeschooled for a while. The main reason why she's attending this school is because her dad is a teacher here." I took a step towards the girl, gestured my hand to give her a handshake and smiled at her, "Hello, Piper, was it? My name is Evelyn Ballard, but if you would like, call me Eve. The boys standing behind me are Joseph and Joshua."

"Hey, nice to meet you." they both said together. Piper looked at my hand and put a little smile on her face. She put her hand on mine and I shook it, "Hi, it's nice to meet you too." Her voice sounded soft and a little quiet. Darcelle grinned, "I'm showing her around the school too. This also her first day here." I looked at Piper and kept a smile on my face, "Well then Piper, let us all have a great school year." Piper nodded with a little blushed kept on her face, "Yeah."

"Alright," Darcelle spoke up, "Now that everyone's here, why don't we get starte-"

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" the blue-haired boy shouted and jumped in front of Darcelle, " I am Black Star the worlds greatest assassin! The number one big man who will surpass God! Bow down before the Almighty Blackstar-

Darcelle punched him on the head before he was able to say anything else, "Can it Blackstar! Not everybody in this school has to know who you are." The boy, Blackstar I believe his name was, lied on the ground with a large steaming bump on his head twitching from Darcelle's massive hit. Darcelle introduced him, "Sorry about him. This goofball here is Blackstar. He is also my boyfriend, unfortunately."

My brothers and I looked at both of them in shock, "Huh!" Joseph spoke up, "You're dating him!?" Blackstar hopped back up and put his arm around Darcelle, "That's right! This awesome girl here is my girlfriend and my number one favorite fan! I'm her shooting star! Isn't she lucky to have someone like me in her life?" Joseph gave a sarcastic look and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I bet she's very lucky."

Darcelle sighed and pointed her thumb over to the white-haired boy, "This cool dude sitting over there is Soul Evans. He's a childhood friend of mine." Soul looked up at us and waved his hand.

"Anyways let's get started on the tour," Darcelle said as she walked over to the door like me, the twins and Piper followed.

Chapter Text

No one's POV

It was Monday and at the DWMA, everybody was in their classes learning, meanwhile, Blackstar and Soul were outside at the front entrance of the school, skipping class to wait for someone. That someone happens to be Death the Kid. Kid, along with his partners, is another new student at the DWMA and is Lord Death's son. Blackstar wanting to "surpass god" considers Kid a rival to him since he is "The God Of Death" and wants to battle against him along with Soul.

Meanwhile, inside the DWMA, Darcelle is walking in the hallways with Piper, Eve, Joseph, and Joshua following her. Lord Death wanted Darcelle to show the new students around the academy. Piper was right behind Darcelle holding her hands together and looking around the interior, fascinated by its appearance. Eve and her twins were also fascinated, Joshua especially. "Alright," Darcelle says while walking and having her hands in her pockets, "The first thing I'm gonna show you guys is the library." Eve had a smile appear on her face with eyes sparkling behind her glasses, "Oh I would be delighted to see the library!" Darcelle looked at Eve and smirked, "I take it you're a bookworm huh? That kinda reminds me of a friend of mine."

They walked through the halls and find a big door that says Library on top of it. Darcelle put her hand on the doorknob and open it to let Eve and the others have a view. Eve looked around the Library and was fascinated. She walked inside with the twins following her. The library was three floors tall with a staircase and a few ladders. It also had bridges connected to the opposite sides of each floor with numerous books to fill the whole library. Eve stopped in front of a section of books and pulled one out. The title of the book was called "Light in My Darkness" by Helen Keller. Eve was always interested in Helen Keller and her talent in book writing.

Piper walked beside her and looks at the book herself, "Helen...Keller?" she says as she reads the author's name. Eve looks at her, "Do you not know who she is?" Piper shook her head. Eve was a little surprised since almost everybody knows of Helen Keller. "Helen Keller was the first woman who was born deaf and blind to earn a bachelor of arts degree. She is a great author." Eve explains. Piper widened her eyes looking surprised, "Deaf and blind? That can happen to a person?"

"So," Eve said. "It's sad but true. Despite her condition, she was very talented in writing."

Piper looked a little concerned about Helen Keller, "How is she able to even write books or communicate with people?"

"At a young age, Keller had a teacher named Anne Sullivan who taught her everything about how to communicate. How she wrote books? Let's just say she has her ways." Eve said while smirking. Piper looked a little confused, still wondering how Keller was able to write without seeing, but now she seemed a little interested in Keller herself, "Helen Keller seems interesting. I think I wanna know more about her." Eve kept a smile on her face, "I have a book about her in a library at my home. If you'd like, I could bring it over to you tomorrow so that you can read it." Piper smiled with a small blush on her face, "Really? Thank you." Darcelle walked in between the two girls and looked over at Eve, "Sorry, but I couldn't help but hear that you have a library at your house."

"Why yes. It's almost as big as this one too." Eve replied, referring to the school library. Darcelle wondered for a bit and spoke up, "Are you guys or something?" Eve nodded. Darcelle's eyes widened a bit, "No way? Then I guess you have maids and butlers, chefs included?" Eve again nodded. "And your house is pretty huge right?"

"It is quite big, yes," Eve replied

Darcelle wondered a little more, "Say, who are your parents?"

"Evangeline and Arthur Ballard."

Darcelle widened her eyes in amusement and looked at Eve, "No way, are you for real? You and your brothers are seriously the children of Evangeline Ballard?!!"

Joseph nodded and said, "Yeah. What, you know who she is?

"Who wouldn't?! She's an awesome singer and is great at music." Darcelle said and smiled excitingly, "It figures you guys will be related to her. You kinda look like her," Darcelle pointed over at Eve, "You especially Eve. I see where you get your beauty from.

Eve blushed and smiled at Darcelle's compliment, "Why thank you, Darcy. I appreciate your compliment."

"You know," Darcelle spoke with her hands on her hips, "I was never a fan of rich people, but I could get used to you guys."

Eve, the twins, and Piper we're done sightseeing the library and Darcelle walked them out of the library. They stopped at a bulletin board and Darcelle spoke up, "This is the mission bulletin and reception board. This is where meisters get missions to fight evil and get more kishin eggs to make their weapons Death scythes. You're free to pick whichever mission you want unless you're assigned to a specific one by Lord Death, but they have special requirements, like the ability to sense souls. Some of these missions don't just involve fighting off bad guys, they're just for helping distressed people."

They walked over to the classroom that was pretty big with students and a teacher inside and had plenty of space to even battle in. "Here it is, the Class Crescent Moon," Darcelle added, "This will be your main classroom, as you can see, it's packed with students." Eve, the twins, and Piper looked inside and the first thing they noticed was a man sitting a rolling chair. The man had on a white lab coat with stitches and a shirt that also had stitches. He wore glasses and on his face was a stitch underneath his right eye. Also, he strangely had a big sized screw stuck to his head.

Eve and the twins looked a little freaked out by the man's appearance. Piper smiled after noticing the man, "Hey look, it's my Dad." Eve and the twins looked appalled at Piper, back at her dad and back at her again. Joseph spoke up and pointed at the man, "Your telling us that you're related to him?"

"Well, technically we're not related, he just adopted me." Joseph looked down at her, "Um....okay." Joshua, with his eyes, still widened, looked oddly at the screw on the man's head, "Does he know he has a screw sticking out of his head."

"Yeah, he put that there himself," Piper added.

"Seriously?!!!" Joseph and Joshua said in a surprised tone. "I guess that explains where you got the stitches from," Eve said. Darcelle spoke up, "Don't you guys remember me telling you she has a dad that's working here." She pointed over at him, "That is Dr. Franken Stein. He started working here last week and will be our homeroom teacher. He loves dissecting animals and experimenting on things. I should know. Ever since he became our teacher, we've been doing it every day."

"Then he must be a science teacher," Eve said with her hand on her chin. Joseph stared at the man, "He's not wearing a lab coat for nothing."

"Ok," Darcelle says putting her hands in her pockets, "Let's move on." She walks past the classroom. The students walked to a dark room where there were crooked looking cylinders with faces on them. "This is the special tutoring room, of course for tutoring students," Darcelle spoke.

They walked into a hospital looking room with several beds, examining the room, medicine storage, and a doctor's office. Darcelle spoke, "This is the dispensary room, basically a hospital room, and I'm pretty sure you guys know what that's for. Next!"

The students walked over to a balcony that students we're able to access. "We have a couple of school grounds for students to come for free time. Right here is one of them, you can even train or do battles here. That's what it's made for after all." Darcelle walked over to the front of the balcony and signaled her hand to the new students to walk over to her, "Come and check this out." Eve and the others walked to Darcelle and she pointed over to the side of the DWMA only to see a forest with lots of trees. "You see that forest over there, basically it's a school garden or second campus. You can train there too."

The students walked outside of school to walk to a track. "This is the school running track. We mostly come here for P.E. exams and classes." Darcelle added. They walked back inside and Darcelle showed them the shower rooms. She pointed over to them, "These are the shower rooms. After you get done with P.E. you come in here to take a shower."

They walk over to the dojo room. "This is the dojo room. Of course, you come in here to spar against some meisters and weapons." They walk to another room right beside it, "Right here is the dancing studio."

Sparkles appear on Eve and the Twins eyes and they all looked excited, "DANCING?!!" they all said. Darcelle put her hand in front of them making a stop sign, "Don't get too excited rich kids, it's not that kind of dancing. This room is used for beginner meisters and weapons to improve their combat skills." The trio looked disappointed, "Dammit." the twins said sulking. "How disappointing," Eve said who is also sulking.

Darcelle showed them to the cafeteria, "This is the cafeteria. Here, they serve food that can be served all around the world." Joseph and Joshua smirked, "Score!" they said as they high fived each other. The students walked out of the cafeteria into the hallways. Darcelle pointed at two doorways, "These are the restrooms, one for boys and one for girls. There are a couple more bathrooms in certain places around the school, so you don't have to worry about coming all the way over here."

Darcelle looked at the new students, "Since we can't walk out of school campus I'll just tell ya about the school dormitories." Piper looked bewildered, "Dormitories?"

"For one of you that don't know," Darcelle said referring to Piper, "a dormitory is basically like a hotel or apartment for students to stay at when they can't rent their own house. There's one for girls and one for boys. You guys pretty much already have a roof to go over your heads. So there's no need for you to worry about that."

Darcelle showed them all the to the bottom of the school to show there are a couple of other rooms. "Us students aren't allowed to be down here without permission, so I'll make this quick." She pointed to the first one, "This is the dungeon room, this room is for prisoners to get tortured or punished. We hardly had any prisoners in this school, so it's not used as much and the school faculty hardly cares about it, but we still have it here just in case." Darcelle pointed to the room beside the dungeon room, "This one over here is the overnight room. This is simply just for visitors."

Joseph looked around the room, "It's almost like a jail cell."


The students walked all the up to the front entrance of the school. Darcelle smiled and looked at Eve, the twins, and Piper, "Welp, that's about it. I hope you enjoyed your tour." she said winking. Eve smiled at her, "It was a great tour, Darcy, and we thank you," she said bowing.

"No problem, and if you have any questions, just ask the teachers or Lord Death."

Piper heard gunshots outside, "Hey, what's happening out there?" The students looked outside to see Soul and Blackstar fight against the boy Eve and twins walked passed by last week. "Looks like my hot-headed boyfriend is in another fight." Darcelle said with her hand on her forehead, "What on earth am I gonna do about him?"

There was something Piper has been wondering ever since Darcelle had introduced Blackstar to her. She tapped on Darcelle's shoulder to get her attention. Darcelle turned to look at her to see what she wants. "Hey Darcy," Piper spoke, "are you and Blackstar partners?"

"Huh," Darcelle chuckled and waved her hand signaling no, "Oh um, no. He already has a partner, we're just dating." Darcelle looked over at the fight and noticed a few people watching one of those people was a sandy blonde girl in her early teens with pigtails. She wears a white blouse with and yellow sweater vest and a tie. On the bottoms, she wears a red plaid skirt and black boots with white buckles. There was another girl right beside her, and unlike the pigtailed girl, this one was in her late teens. She has long black hair in a ponytail. She wears a pale yellow, sleeveless outfit with a skirt end that has a slit down the side with a bright yellow star emblazoned on the right side of the chest. She also wears a dark brown scarf and a tight dark brown stocking on her right leg starting just above the knee and white boots. The other person standing beside the girls was Dr. Frankenstein.

Eve notices the people witnessing the fight and decides to meet them. "I think it's time we start meeting new people on the first day, don't you agree boys?" she says looking at her brothers. The twins looked at each other then smiled and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that's cool," Joseph said. They walked over to people along with Piper and Darcelle. Eve stopped behind the pig-tailed girl and tapped on her shoulder, "Excuse me." The girl turned around to notice Eve and the twins. Eve continued to speak, "Good morning, my name is Eve Ballard." She pointed to the twins, "These are my brothers/weapons, Joseph and Joshua." The pig-tailed girl smiled and shook Eve's hand, "My name is Maka Albarn. This is a friend of mine, Tsubaki." She said pointing over to the blacked haired girl. She looked at Eve and smiled, "Hi, it's nice to meet you."

"I take it those two over there are your partners?" Eve said referring to Soul and Blackstar.

"Yeah," Maka said. Then she pointed over to the white-haired boy who charging at the black-haired kid with his arm turned to a scythe, "That kid over there is my partner Soul. The blue-haired kid is Tsubaki's partner, Blackstar."

Eve and the twins watched the fight along with Maka, Tsubaki, and Dr. Stein. Eve was mostly looking at the black-haired kid. She was watching his every fighting move and was impressed. She couldn't help but notice him blocking and dodging Soul and Blackstar's every attack. "Tell me, just who is that black-haired boy with the two guns," she asked Maka.

"Oh him? That's Death the Kid, and his two weapons are Liz and Patty. He's also Lord Death's son." Eve and the twins widened their eyes. "I didn't know Lord Death had a son," Eve said

"Oh yeah," Darcelle spoke. "I meant to tell you guys about that." Maka noticed Darcelle, "Oh, hey Darcy. I didn't see you there." Darcelle smiled at Maka, "Hey Maka. In case you didn't know, these guys are new at the academy. I already showed them around the school."

Piper looked at Maka and decided to introduce herself. She walks over to her with her hands stuck together and her head facing down and speaks in her soft voice, "Hello...m-my name is Piper Stein and... in case you didn't know, I'm the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein."

"Huh?!" Maka's eye's widened in amusement, "You're Professor Stein's daughter?!!"

"I know," Joseph spoke, "we didn't believe either." Stein heard the conversation and looks back at them with a cigarette in his mouth, "You shouldn't be surprised, after all, she does have stitches as I do. Although we're not related." Maka seemed a little confused by that last statement. How could Piper have stitches when she's not related to Stein? Plus, Stein wasn't born with stitches, he was the one who put stitches all over his body himself. So if that's the case, then why and how does Piper have stitches? Those were the things Maka was wondering. There was only one solution she could come up with, and she was pretty terrified for Piper about it.

"Um, Piper...Stein didn' know?" Maka asked, a little paranoid. Piper was confused as to see why Maka was being insecure, and she already figured out what she was thinking. She waves her hands in front of Maka with a worried face giving a no signal, "No, no, no! It's nothing like that. I have these stitches for a reason." Maka was even more confused.

"It's a long story," Piper said while blushing. Maka looks a little calm, seeing that there is a good reason why she has stitches, and it was pretty sad....and painful. Maka decides to brush it off, "Oh, I see now, but anyways," Maka takes Piper's hand and gives her a handshake, "My name is Maka Albarn. It's nice to meet you." Piper smiles, "Yeah, same to you."

Soul and Blackstar stop fighting Kid for a bit. Blackstar speaks up, "Let's hurry up and finish this guy off." Soul smirks with his arm still a scythe, "Its about time." A question mark appeared on Kid's head, shown that he was demented on what they were planning, "For what?"

"You should quit while you're ahead of your appendant death," Blackstar says with a cocky smile.

"Just hearing you say that makes me wanna laugh." Kid said with a glare.

"You won't be laughing once you taste our power of friendship," Blackstar says. "That's right," Soul says, "It's incredible. The power is beyond belief."

"What." Kid says getting his two guns prepared. Whatever Soul and Blackstar were about to do, they were prepared and confident about it. "Let's do it," Soul tells Blackstar. Blackstar replies, "Yeah." The three boys stand for a while.

"TRANS-FORM!" Soul yells jumping up in the air turning into his weapon form. Kid looked amazed with pink blushes," Woah!" Patty looks up at Soul amazed, "That is so cool!" Liz kept a dull look, "I don't think they're taking this very seriously." The twins looked up at Soul and Joshua was just as fascinated as Patty was, "Woah! Are you seeing this bro? That looks so awesome." Joseph begged to differ, "Yeah, but I honestly don't get the power of friendship thing. Kinda cheesy if you ask me."

Darcelle agreed with his comment, "I think it's more corny than cheesy." Blackstar stands straight looking up at Soul with his hands in the air ready to catch him, "Come on, Soul!" Soul turns into his scythe form and falls into Blackstar's hand yelling, "FRIENDSHIP!!" and Blackstar yells "FUSION!!"

Blackstar catches Soul, but unsuccessfully. Blackstar catches the blade part of Soul that was stuck in the middle of his head. The scythe slowly drops in front of Blackstar and Blackstar stands there for several seconds with his hands still on top of his head together and had a rather stupid look on his face. Then, all of a sudden, Blackstar starts looking up screaming in pain with his eyes widened and blood shooting up out of his head uncontrollably.

The eye part of Soul in scythe form looked angrily at Blackstar with a sweat, "Why in the hell would catch me with your head moron!" Blackstar closed his hair together to stop the bleeding from his head, "I don't know!"

"Do it right next time!" Soul says irritatingly. Blackstar tries to pick up Soul, but to no avail, "You're too freaking heavy! I can't pick you up!" Blackstar grunts struggling to pick up Soul. The blood from Blackstar's head starts to come out again.

"I'm not heavy." Soul says, "Maka picks me up and swings me around without breaking a sweat."

"Soul and Blackstar are lacking in the compatible wavelength department," Maka spoke. Stein agrees with a cigarette kept in his mouth, "So it seems." Blackstar still struggles to pick up Soul with his nose running and teeth grinding, "Come on stupid scythe! I'm just here to pick you up!" Blackstar starts struggling so hard that he accidentally starts to use his soul wavelength on Soul and shock him, which causes Soul to pop out of his weapon form and spit out blood. Soul turns to Blackstar with an angry and frustrated look and starts yelling at him, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HITTING ME WITH YOU SOUL'S WAVELENGTH!? THAT HURTS, YOU IDIOT!!" Blackstar starts to sweat nervously, "Oh. My bad."

Maka speaks up with an unimpressed look, "It's almost hard to watch. Those morons can't seem to connect each other's wavelengths at all." Tsubaki kept an appalled look on her face with sweats all over. Stein speaks up, "Before a meister with his or her weapon fight an opponent, they adjust their wavelengths with each other."

Soul turns his back on Blackstar with his hands in his pockets and speaks in a disappointing tone, "Blackstar, it's over between us." Blackstar looks up at him with blood spreading down on his face, "Wait, what exactly are you saying, Soul." Soul looks down, "If we try to stay together like this, I'll only end up hating you. It's for the best."

Maka, Tsubaki, and Stein looked a little confused by their behavior. Eve and the twins looked just as confused and uncomfortable, so did Piper and Darcelle. As for Kid, he seemed bored. "Hey," he says looking at Liz in her gun form, "Can I shoot them now?"

"Just wait," Liz replies, "Things are just starting to get good." Blackstar looked down, "Oh, I understand....but is it okay if we stay friends?"

Soul turns around and runs in slow motion to Blackstar with a googly expression, "You idiot! Of course, we're still going to be friends, forever!"

Blackstar runs over to Soul with the same look on his face, "Oh Soul!


"Oh, Soul!"


"Oh Soul!"(A/n: I am getting an "I Will Always Love You" vibe on that part. LoL:))

"They need professional help," Maka says with a weirded out look. Eve was still a little confused by the odd bromance scene. Joseph looked a little uncomfortable, "What in the actual hell was that?" Joshua looked back at Darcelle, "Hey Darcy, are they-" Darcelle knew what he was about asked and quickly replied, "No, they're just being stupid." Blackstar and Soul hug and Kid unexpectedly shoot them.

" fingers slipped." He says in a sarcastic tone. Joseph and Joshua snickered after he said that.

Soul gets back up, "We're not just gonna quit in the middle of a fight." Blackstar gets up along with him, "Right, we're not giving up until we beat him." Kid glares at them, "Kay, will see how well that works." Soul and Blackstar charge at Kid and Soul turns his arm into his scythe blade. Blackstar uses his soul wavelength, "Let's see how you handle the taste of my soul waves!" Blackstar tries to hit Kid with his soul wavelength, but Kid ducks and trips Blackstar, with Blackstar flying over him.

Maka speaks up, "Blackstar's specialty is martial arts, but Kid is just playing with him. And for the way he's been fighting today, Soul doesn't have a chance against him either." Soul charges at Kid with his arm blade, but Kid blocks it with his gun.

"You are slow as you are stupid." He says mocking Soul. "You're going down!" Blackstar says as Kid shoots them both. Kid notices that Blackstar tied him with his grey belt-like material, "You idiot! You fell for it!" Blackstar uses his material to drop Kid on the ground. Soul runs to Kid, jumps and turns into his scythe form, "Gotcha!" He attempts to hit Kids face with his blade, but Kid quickly dodges it by moving his head away. Kid backflips away from the scythe and makes Blackstar hit the side of the blade with Blackstar belt material still tied to Kid's foot. Blackstar's material is untied from Kid's foot and Blackstar twitches from his hit to the blade, "Ok. Now I really wanna kill that guy."

Eve, watching Kid this whole time was impressed by Kid's fighting skills. He had two weapons like she did, except her brothers were rapiers. Eve had already begun taking an interest in Kid. "Our partners are pretty useless, huh," Maka asked Tsubaki. Darcelle crossed her arms looking mainly at her boyfriend. Darcelle loves Blackstar a lot, but just like everyone else, she can get pretty annoyed with his behavior sometimes. However, since she's dating him, she puts up it just like Tsubaki. Darcelle notices Piper looking at the fight and put's a disappointing smile to her face, "Sorry you have to witness this Piper. If you want, I can take you to class." Darcelle could already tell just by looking at Piper that she was a timid girl and didn't like to see fights. Piper looked over at Darcelle and appreciated her caring, but she kindly declined, "It's okay Darcy, I'm enjoying the battle. Besides, this isn't my first time seeing a fight like this." Darcelle looked a little surprised. How can a shy girl like Piper, enjoy an unnecessary fight like this? "Ok then, if you say so." The two continued to watch the battle.

"And now it's time to see the power of a grim reaper!" Kid says with a serious expression. He starts his soul resonance with Liz and Patty. "Let's Go Soul Resonance!" they all yell.

Kid floats three inches from the ground, powering up and starts to show his soul. "Huh," Maka looks a little astounded, "It looks like their souls are about to expand."

"Now their showing off their true strength," Stein says.

"Ah yes," Eve speaks up, "I can see their souls myself. Kid's soul has incredible strength. With whatever their about to do, I doubt they'll lose this battle."

"Ok!" Soul yells, gesturing his hands, "Let's see what you got huh!!"

Blackstar yells along with him, "Reaper shmeaper! Bring it on!!"

Joshua looks at Kid amazed, but a little confused as to what he's doing. He asks Eve, "Hey sis, just what are those guys doing anyway?" Eve keeps her eyes focused on Kid and his weapons, "It's obvious, isn't it? They're doing Soul Resonance, a phenomenon performed by meisters and weapons." she says as Kid gets ready for the resonance. Eve continues to explain to her brothers, "Soul Resonance is performed when the meister's soul wavelength is sent into their weapon, which then amplifies it and sends it back to the meister. In turn, performing this generates a strong wavelength which can enable a powerful technique to be performed. The three of us should practice that on the weekends." Joseph agreed, "Yeah."

Kid arms start to grow black needles and his weapons start to transform from guns into cannons. Kid lands on the ground safely squatting, "Execution mode ready. Prepare to die!"

Soul starts to get nervous, seeing that Kid is gonna do a powerful blast from his cannons, "Um, I don't like the looks of that."

Blackstar doesn't appear to be nervous at all. "Come on little man, what're gonna do?!! I've swatted flies scarier than you, so there! HAHAHA!!"

Liz and Patty start to speak.

"Resonance stable," Liz says. "Noise at 0.3%."

Patty starts speaking, "Black needle wavelength, fully charged."

"Preparing to fire. Feedback in 4 seconds" Liz says

"3, 2, 1"

"Fire now!" Patty says cheerily with a peace sign.

Kid points the cannons at Soul and Blackstar and says, "Death Cannon!" The cannon immediately shoots out fire wavelength going towards Soul and Blackstar. Soul starts to panic, "This doesn't look good! We should run!" Blackstar disagrees, "Hah! Don't be ridiculous! No way something like that is gonna hurt me! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLLLLLEEE-!" The fire hits both Soul and Blackstar. Blackstar and Soul passed out from the blasts. Kid stands straight back up and his cannons turn back into guns. Tsubaki immediately runs to Blackstar, "Blackstar!"

Both Darcelle and Maka sigh and Darcelle runs to BlackStar along with Tsubaki. Stein looks over at Piper, "Did you enjoy seeing the fight, Piper." Piper looks at her father and replies, "Yeah."

"Pretty soon, whenever you find a weapon partner, you'll be fighting just like that."

Piper looked away and blushed "Oh um... I guess." Piper was always a timid girl and Stein knew that, but she knew that was gonna have to change when she attended the academy. "Don't worry," Stein said, "I can still teach you some things you have to know. So don't get so nervous, ok."

"Ok," Piper replied.

Eve clapped at the scenery of the fight, "That was wonderful performance! Bravo, Bravo." Kid looked over to the side to see who was clapping. His eyes widened when he noticed Eve clapping and smiling for him. Kid realized that Eve was the girl that walked passed him and his weapons. Now that he's able to look at her longer, he noticed how beautiful and symmetrical she looked along with the twins and he immediately takes interest in her. He then starts to notice something else, which cause him to spit out blood and fall back on the ground. Liz and Patty turned back into their human forms and looked at Kid.

"Oh great." Liz says in a bored tone, "Here we go again." Stein rolls over to the three teens on his rolling chair, "What happens to him?"

"Not much, just a little cut," Liz says. Eve and the twins walked over to them and Joseph spoke, "A cut? What do you mean?" Maka walks over and explains that the reason Kid fell over is because a little bit of his front hair was sliced and cut off from Soul's last attack on him, ruining the symmetry. Because of his OCD for symmetry, he coughed up blood and fell over. Hearing symmetry reminded Joseph of something about Eve, "OCD for symmetry huh? That reminds me of you Eve." Eve looked up at Joseph, "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. At the house, you would always get upset if anything isn't organized or in order." Joshua smiled and chuckled, agreeing with Joseph, "You would always come to our room and make us clean up. You probably have an obsession with anything organized."

Eve gave an irritated look and closed her eyes, "Don't make fun of me because the both of you live like pigs. Is it wrong for everything in the house to be clean and organized in an orderly fashion, including the whole world?"

Lord Death walked up to the academy, "Wazzup, wazzup, Waazzuup!"

"Hi there, Lord Death." everyone replied. "So I heard my son had a very eventful first day of school. It can be difficult sometimes. I hope no one was hurt too badly." Lord Death said. He looked over at Eve and the twins, "I see you three have made to your first day of school, I hope you have a great day." Eve smiled and replied, "Thank Lord Death. I'm pretty sure we'll have a great time here." Lord Death saw Piper, "That includes you too Piper. You have a great day!"

Piper looked down blushed holding her hands together, " thank you, and I will."

"All right everyone." Lord Death spoke, "I'm going to take Kid home now. He could use some rest. Byeee!" Lord Death waved and walked down the stairs. Liz and Patty followed him with Liz holding Kid on her back.

Eve watched Kid leave with his father. Joseph notices this and smirked, "Already falling in love on the first day, huh?" Eve wouldn't say she's in love with Kid since she hardly knew him, but she doesn't deny her interest in him. "Not exactly, but I guess you can say I'm interested."

Maka walked over to Eve and the twin, "Hey Eve, if it's alright with you, I can show you how we do things in the classrooms." Eve smiled appreciating the offer, "That would be great, thank you, Maka." Eve the twins followed everyone else inside the building.

The first day of school and Eve and her brothers already made some new friends. What do you think will happen next?"

Chapter Text

Piper's pov, (age 11)

I was walking crookedly on the ground in the middle of the forest. It was nighttime, the sky a little cloudy and it was cold and windy. My eyes felt droopy and were baggy. The black dress that I'm wearing was messy and ripped, it was also kind of short to the point to where my bottom was almost showing. I was messy, and I had dirt all over me.

I was lost. Lost in the middle of the forest cold, hungry, tired, saddened, and desperate. I wanted to cry because of the pain I have inside me. Ever since my parents' death, I have been lost in the forest not knowing what to do or even how to live. My parents had died last year because of some type of demon monster. They tried to protect themselves. They mostly tried to protect me, but just by doing that, they got killed, right in front me where I could see them. Every time I sleep, that was my nightmare, my parent's getting killed by a savage beast. I don't know what my parents did to deserve getting killed, but whatever it was, that's no excuse. My parents were nice people. They loved me, they would take care of me, they would make me happy in any way they can.

However, they were the only people that I would ever be around with, literally the only people. I was homeschooled ever since I was little and my parents were always over-protective of me. They were always such worrywarts. They were always worried that if I meet new people, I might get picked on or bullied. They worried that if I go outside and play, somebody might capture me or kill me, which is why they come outside with me. My dad worried that if I become friends with a boy, they might do something that will hurt me or make me uncomfortable. Somehow I think all dads are like that. Somehow, I don't think that's the only reason why they protected me.

I'm guessing that them being over-protective is the reason they got killed. Since I was homeschooled, I never had any friends, I didn't even know how to make friends. Because my parents kept me away from people, it made me think that all people are bad people. Then again, it might not be true. You'll never know unless you meet a person, but still, there are lots of people you can't trust.

Even if my parents did keep me away from people and all things, they didn't deserve to die. It should've me. I should've been the one the monster would kill. I would rather have that happen then have my parents killed. It is a lot better that way.

I'm pretty sure my parents are watching me right now. They're probably really worried about me. I know they don't want me to, but I have no choice but to find somebody to live with. I don't want to live in the forest for the rest of my life. While living in the forest, all I had to eat was bugs or other innocent animals. As gross as it is and as much as I don't want to, I had no choice. I even had to drink water from the lake.

While I was walking, I noticed a small bunny hopping passed me. It stopped for a minute to scratch itself. I carefully walk without scaring it. It stops scratching and I carefully grab it and bring it close to me. It looked at me with its small eyes. I smiled and giggled on how cute it looked. I pet its ears with my fingers softly. It looks like it was comfortable with me petting it. Despite my eating animals to survive, I see animals as my friends and companions. I get my love for animals from my mom. My mom was a veterinarian, and she would always find animals that are lost and sick. She would cure them and find them a family to live with. I put down the bunny and let it go free. I continued to walk through the forest.

I became thirsty. I walk over to a lake, bent down and put my hands in the water. I took a sip and splashed the water in my face, trying to feel refreshed. All of a sudden, I hear the bushes ruffling a little loud. I turned around to see what made that sound. I didn't see anything behind me or beside me. It was probably just another animal or something. I hope it isn't anything big. I stood back up and walked to a graveyard looking place. Of course, there were tombstones all around the place. Some trees had no leaves and only had hooks hanging from them. It looked kinda creepy. I walked to one tombstone that looked like a cross but with a circle in the middle. I never saw a tombstone like that, it looked pretty interesting. I looked at the tombstone a little more and I hear noise coming from right behind me. I turned around, looked up, and widened my eyes in fear. The same demon monster that attacked me and killed my parents was right in front of me. I slowly and crookedly step back and tripped beside the tombstone I was looking at, falling back and hitting the ground. I slowly moved away from the monster, but the more I moved away from it, the more it would come closer. I had no choice but to just get up and run. I quickly got up and ran past the monster and the monster ran after me.

I tried my best to get away from it, but for a big monster, it was fast. It caught up to me and hit me like a baseball bat with its big claw. I flew across the graveyard and hit a tombstone. I dropped on the ground and coughed from the hit. Before I could back up, the monster ran up to me and sliced the right side of my eye. I screamed in pain and my face started bleeding from the slice from that monster. The monster jumped over to me and started using his claws to scratch my upper body to my bottom. I screamed even more in pain and was weakening. I didn't know what else to do. All I could be just lay there with my eyes closed and get hurt by this monster. "Somebody.....please help me!" I thought while crying.

Before the monster could impale me, "SOUL FORCE!" I heard someone say. The monster went flying far from me hitting a tree. I try opening my eyes to see who that someone was. All I saw was a man who looked like he was in his late 20s. He also had grey her and some black thing on his head. I couldn't see what it was because my eyes could barely open from that monster's attack. The man walked over to the monster to finish him off. As for me I closed my eyes and blacked out, feeling unconscious.



Timeskip to 2 days later,

"RUN PIPER!" my dad shouted while he and my mom blocked the monster away from me. "But Daddy," I said holding my Dad's arm, "I don't wanna leave you guys." Dad pushed me away so that the monster won't hurt me. "RUN! NOW!" he yelled again. I refused to leave and I yelled again, "NO! I refuse to leave you and mommy!"

"PIPER!-" before my dad could finish his sentence, he and mommy got impaled by the monster. I widened my eyes at the sight of blood coming out of my parents. I was shocked, feared, and horrified. "MOMMY! DADDY! NOOO!" I screamed in horror. The monster appeared towards me and I tripped and fell on the ground. I was so scared that I could barely move. The monster raised his claw at me and impaled me


I shot up from a white bed, huffing and puffing with my eyes widened. I put my hand on my forehead at a sudden headache. I was sweating and my heart beating fast. I calmed down a little, "Another nightmare." I thought. I looked around me noticing I was in a hospital-like room. There were a few hospital beds and I was laying in one of them. I felt something over my right eye and put my hand over it. I was wearing bandages over my hurt eye. I just remembered that my eye was hurt by that monster that tried to attack me. I noticed something else. There was a stitch on my left wrist and all over my left arm. There were stitches on my right arm too. I looked at my legs, and they also had stitches. I touched my neck and around it was a stitch.

All these stitches must've been for the cuts the monster gave me. I was more worried about where I was and how I got here. I hear footsteps coming in towards the room and I got startled a little. Coming in was a man. The man had a stitch on the right side of his face and he also had on glasses. He wore a lab coat that had stitches and a shirt and pants that also had stitches. His shoes included. There was also a giant screw stuck to his head, which kinda shocked me. He looks at me and speaks, "I see you're awake." I nodded at him. The man walked towards me and I felt nervous looked down and blushed. I was homeschooled and the only people I've ever been around with are my parents, so I was never used to talking to other people. We stayed silent for a moment. I didn't want to keep quiet for long, that be rude of me. So I decided to break the silence, " you t-the one that...saved me from that monster?"

He nodded at me. "Oh, um...Thank you." I replied. He didn't respond to me. He walked to his computer to the other side of the room to look at something. I wondered for a bit, "He looks like he can be a cold person, but he doesn't seem all that bad." I observed him for a moment from top to bottom. He looked kinda interesting to me. He looked like a scientist, a really smart scientist. He probably is really smart. This is my first time seeing an actual scientist. He walked away from the computer and towards me, "Are you sore anywhere?" I rubbed my arms a bit, "Not really," I put my hand on the bandages over my eye, "I am feeling a little sore on my left eye though."

"That's because I put a stitch on your eye and of course all over your body," He said looking at me with his green eyes, "That creature did a real number on you. Several scratches." I rubbed my bandages it was kind of uncomfortable on my eye, "Can I take these bandages off." He shook his head, "Not yet. Your eye was meant to heal for at least 4 days. Right now this is day two." When he said that, I realized something. How long was I asleep? I looked at him in amusement, "Have I been asleep for two days!?"

"As I said, that monster did a number on you. Luckily I was there to save you or else you would've been sleeping a lot more than just 2 days." He said pushing up his glasses close up to his eyes. I didn't believe he would save me, but he sounded pretty honest about it. After all, I didn't see anybody else but him. He was the only one I saw defeat that monster with a really powerful hit. I felt appreciated that at least someone would come and save me. I gave him a small smile, "Thank you, again. What's your name, mister." He was silent for a little bit, but he smirked and spoke up, "I'm Dr. Franken Stein." then he started twisting the screw in his head.

"Dr. Frankenstein?" I gave him a confused look. I've never heard anyone be called that name before. Does he like the Frankenstein character? Is that why he has a stitch on his face and probably all over his body? Is that the reason for the screw in his head? "So Frankenstein like....that big green zombie guy?" He chuckled a bit, "No, that's just my born name. Dr. Franken Stein." I guess Franken and Stein are separated. I'm still wondering about the stitches and the screw. "Forgive me for asking you too many questions but, why do you have stitches on you? Did you hurt yourself? And what about that screw in your head?" He stayed silent for a moment and looked at me with a rather sober look. I realized that I was probably being rude. It's probably none of my business, I could get curious easily though. I was about to apologize to him, but he spoke up as he put a cigarette in his mouth, "Everything and everyone in this world is an experiment to me, that includes me as well." I thought for a moment, and figured out what he was saying, "So what you're saying put the stitches and screw on because that's like experimenting, and you like experimenting on things and people?" I hope that didn't include me. That would be scary.

"Not just experimenting," He lighted up his cigarette, "I also like dissecting. But this..." Dr. Frankenstein put his hand on his screw, "There's another reason why I have this. It's to help me focus on my thoughts." I understood what he was saying, "Yeah, I guess that's reasonable."

I had to go to the bathroom ever since I woke up. I slowly tried getting up off the bed. Mr. Stein walked up to me with his hands in his lab coat pockets and said, "What are you doing?"

"I need to go to the bathroom," I said still trying to get off. I said I wasn't sore, aside from my eye, but my legs and arms were a little numb because of the stitches. Mr. Stein pulled his right hand from his pocket and put it on my back while his other hand took my left hand. I blushed when he did that. "Be careful," He said while helping me off the bed, "Your legs and arms are still numb. It will stay numb until probably tonight." At least I was standing perfectly fine. I could walk fine too. I looked up at him, "Could you tell me where the bathroom is, please?"

"Once you walk out the door, go right, and once you go to the end of the hallway, take a left." I thanked him and walked out of the doorway.

Stein's Pov

I watched her walk out the door. I was looking at her soul inside of her. "Her soul is shown to be bashful and timid, but warm-hearted and well-mannered." I noticed something else about her soul. I sensed that it was quite powerful. I was a little surprised, then again I shouldn't have been since I did put some of my DNA inside of her. Why did I do it? Well, it wasn't just because I was experimenting on her, but there is something "special" about her. She's could be a meister. She probably gets it from somebody in her family. I thought back from two nights ago when I save her from that monster. She was unconscious not moving an inch. I looked at her and saw her soul. I was guessing she was part of the DWMA.

One thing I was wondering is, where her family was. Did she get separated from them or did she run away? Was she living in an orphanage? I hear her footsteps walk back inside the room. She looked like she was wondering about something. She spoke, "Um, we're in your house, right?" I thought it would've been obvious to her, "Of course, where else would we be in?" She laughed a little, "Oh uh...ha ha ha, I thought so. Since in most hospital places, there would be more than one bathroom or toilets. I looked around at your house. It looks nice. I even saw that you had a laboratory." I wasn't expecting her to look around at my house. I hope she didn't see anything too personal. She thought for a moment and had a worried look on her face. "Oh, I'm sorry! I probably shouldn't have done that without permission have I!? I'm sorry!" she bowed down at me.

"It's alright. You don't have to apologize." I replied to her. Then I realized she didn't tell me her name. "Hey tell me, what's your name?" She looks up at me and stopped bowing. She put her hands together and smiled, "My name is Piper, Piper Bloom." Piper Bloom huh? Pretty interesting. I complimented her, "You've got a nice name." She blushed and looked away, "Thank you." She said folding her hands together. She walked over to the bed and laid back down. I saw my rolling chair on the other side of the room. I walked over to sit, sat on it backyards and rolled over to Piper. I wanted to talk to her more and know some stuff about her. I especially wanted to know about her family and how she got lost. "So Piper, tell me about yourself." She looked up at me, curious about what I want to know. "Do you have a family? If so, then how did you get lost in a forest."

She put a sad look on her face and looked down. She stayed silent, probably not wanting to talk about it. I looked at her and waited until she started speaking. She eventually started speaking, "I did have parents." I heard her say "did". That means something bad probably happened. I asked her what happened. She started to tear up a bit, "They both died because of that monster you killed two nights ago. It was going to attack me, so I ran away."

"So you don't have nowhere else go? No other family member?" She shook her head no. I thought for a moment. I'm not sure if I should adopt her. Though I have to admit, I felt sorry for her and I didn't want to see her cry. So I thought of a solution for her, "Tell you what, how about you stay with me for a while, and then I could find somebody to take care of you." She looked at me wiping the tears away from her right eye, "I don't know about that Mr. Stein."

"What other choice do you have. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in the woods, do you?" She thought for a moment, seeing that I have a good point. She looked at me and agreed to the idea, "Ok, that's fine with me." She smiled at me and I smiled back. Somehow I think I can get used to her. All of a sudden, I hear growling. I noticed that it was coming from Piper. Piper noticed it herself and got embarrassed. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and blushed. I chuckled, "Are you hungry?" Piper nodded and still blushed. "In that case, I'll make you something to eat." She smiled, "OK." I rolled backward out of the door, but unfortunately, I fell back. Piper popped from out of the bed, "Oh no! Are you ok!?

Piper's Pov (In the present, Piper age 14)

Darcy was sitting in front of me in the cafeteria with her food in front of her listening closely to my backstory, "So eventually, Stein changed his mind and decided to adopt you, huh?" She said as she put some food in her mouth with her fork. "Yeah," I replied with a cheerful smile, "I've only stayed with him for two months, and he already started to love me like I was his own daughter. He's as protective as my parents too." Darcy took a sip from her juice box, "Well at least he lets you outside and be friends with other people."

"Hey, don't be like that. My parents were only trying to keep me safe. They didn't want me to get hurt or captured or anything like that."

"Don't get me wrong, I get that they were trying to protect you and all, but they need to get that not everybody and everything living on this earth is bad. You'd think they let you be free." She took another sip from her juice, "You should agree with me. Tell me, out of all the people you've met, who has been bad to you. I mean, you got adopted by someone, you've even made good friends so far, like me." I have to admit, she was right. I love my parents, but they have been a bit too overprotective of me. Still though.

Darcy finished her food, "So, didn't you mention before that Stein fought off some students." I figured out what she was talking about, "Oh yeah, I think that was a...remedial lesson."

"Oh, that remedial class? Soul and Maka were the ones who took it that day. Blackstar and Tsubaki too. So anyway, tell me about it. What did you think about the fight?"

(Time back to 3 weeks ago)

I was inside my room upstairs sewing the ripped arm from my stuffed bear. I heard talking coming from outside, so walked over to my window upstairs to see who it was. I noticed that there were four people outside. They must be the students that my Dad(Stein) was talking about. I walked downstairs to my living room to tell my Dad they're here. I see him sitting back on his rolling chair, looking at his computer and twisting his screw. He notices me, "Do you need something, sweetie?"(A/N: It's unusual for him to say that I know)

"I just wanted to let you know that those students you were talking about are out front. I saw them outside my window." He stayed silent and twisted his screw some more, "Stay inside, ok Piper." After he stopped twisting, he pushed himself away from his computer desk with his feet. I know what he's about to do. It doesn't usually end well. "Dad, wait!" I yelled. He rolled to the door, hits it open and falls backward. That was the tenth time he's done that this week. He's actually done it a lot more times than that. He walks backs inside pulling his chair behind him and gets back on. I looked at him with a concerned look "Dad, you're not going to try that again, are you?" He replies to me, "It's worth another shot."

"But Dad, you're just gonna fall back again." Dad twisted his screw again, "It's fine, I'm used to it. You should know that by now." He's right, I do know that, but I still don't want him falling backward. Like he said he was going to do, he rolls back to the door. Of course, he falls back again. I put my hands on my face, "Of course that's gonna happen."

I decided to stay inside as dad told me and think for a few moments. Remembering yesterday that Dad told me I might be joining this school called Death Weapon Meister Academy. I felt indifferent about it since I'm not fully used to other people. I'm afraid that everyone might hate me or be mean to me. My dad told me not to worry and that I was going to have a great time. Since I trust him, I felt better about it. The students outside probably might be nice people, I hope. I walk over to the door and peek outside. I tried not to show myself since I'm not ready for people to see me face to face. I tried to find dad, and I see that he was grabbing a girl by one of her pigtails. He also drew a couple of lines on her stomach. I heard him say he was going to use her skin like sandpaper. He wasn't going to do that, I don't think. I tried looking at the students' souls. The girl with the pigtail's soul has a more determined and strong-willed personality. The blue-haired kid's soul was more wild and hotheaded. The other girl with the blacked haired ponytail has a soul that's a lot more gentle and good-natured. Lastly, there was another boy that has white hair like me. His soul is laid-back and kind of arrogant. For some reason, I couldn't help but look at him.

I noticed that the blue-haired boy used soul force on my dad and my dad let go of the sandy blonde-haired girl. I gasped a little too loudly at the sight of my dad getting hurt. The white-haired boy heard me gasp and turned around to see who it was. I squeaked and quickly hid behind the door.

Soul's pov (small one)

I heard someone gasp at the door. I turned around to see who it was, but no one was there. "I could've sworn I heard someone gasp. Freaky.

Piper's Pov

"That was a close one," I whispered to myself, "I hope he didn't see me." My heart was beating a little fast. I need to stop being so scared. Those students don't seem all that bad. Although the blue-haired one kinda sets me off, still. There was something about that white-haired boy that I couldn't get out of my head. I had to admit he looked kinda....cute? Wow. That's the first time I've ever admitted something like that about a boy. I looked back outside and see that both the white-haired boy and the pigtailed girl were about to go against my dad. The white-haired boy turned into a scythe and I was amazed, "Wow! That's!" They were about to use their Soul Resonance. Dad taught me something like that once. It's like when a meister's soul is resonating with a weapon's soul using soul resonance. They did the witch hunter resonance. They tried to hit my dad, and he blocked the hit by holding the blade part of the scythe. I panicked a little, but I had faith in my dad, "Come on Daddy, you can do this."

My Dad struggled, but he was able to break the witch hunter and the girl fell on the ground. I'm glad my dad was able to block the attack, but I felt kinda bad for her. She put all of her efforts into that attack but failed. I feel like I wanna hug her. My Dad walked up to her and the white-haired boy turned back into a scythe. He hovered over of the girl and then he said something that made my heart skip a beat, "Back off. I won't let you touch my meister." When he said that, I widened my eyes, blushed and heart started beating harder and faster. My Dad raised his hand at the boy and said, "In that case, I'll start with you."

It seemed like he was about to do something, but all he did was put his hand on the boy's head and said, "You earned a passing grade, good job." The boy and girl got confused. Dad continued to speak, "Your extra lessons have been completed. You gave up your own body to protect your meister. That's all you need to do to pass a grade to me." he said smiling. The boy was still confused, "Ok, maybe I wasn't clear the first time. I'll say it again...huh?"

My dad explained that a guy named Lord Death got him to help out with the remedial lessons. The students thought he was an evil person, which he isn't. They even thought he killed the blue-haired boy, but it turns out he was alive and well. There was a zombie looking guy named Sid that was in on it too. He was standing there beside the black-haired pony-tailed girl the whole time. I got startled since I didn't even notice him there. The white-haired boy got a little mad that they got tricked, "What the hell was the point of this!? To see if you could scare us to death!?

"This was just a test," Dad said pushing up his glasses. Then he grinned, "But I confess that it was fun scaring your kids. You should've seen your faces!" I giggled at dad's comment a little too loudly and the boy heard me again and turned around, I think the other students heard me too. I squeaked again and hid behind the door as quickly as I can.

Soul's Pov (small again)

I heard someone giggle behind the front door and turned to see you it was. He/She quickly hid behind the door and I saw a tint of white hair. "Ok, now I know saw somebody behind that door." That dissecting freak hops on his rolling chair and starts spinning around on it. He stopped and said, "Hey everyone. I'm sure your all tired. Why don't you all spend the night at my laboratory." Like Hell!

"THAT'S A BIG FAT NO!!!" Me, Maka and Blackstar yelled.

Piper's Pov

He probably saw me at that time. I started to panic. I hope he didn't see me! I thought back to what he said about his partner when he hovered over her. My heart started to beat again and I blushed. Butterflies were fluttering all over my stomach. The way he protected his meister reminded me of how my birth father protected me and mom from that monster. "Don't you think about laying a finger on my wife and daughter! I won't let you touch them!" That was what he said. "My heart keeps on beating and for that white-haired boy. Why is that?"

(Back to the present)

"And that's how it happened. Then after that, my dad became a teacher here and I became a student." I said as I finished my food.

Darcy listened to my whole story and liked it, "That's a cool backstory. I'm sorry about your parents though." I gave her a smiled and replied, "It's ok. I'm pretty sure they're in a better place now. And that they're watching over me." I hope that someday, I'll see them again.

Darcy gave me a mischievous smirk. She put her hands under her chin and said, "So... About Soul." I start to realize where she was getting at and I looked down and blushed hard with a nervous look. Darcy started to laugh.

Chapter Text

Piper and Darcelle were in Dr. Frankstein's classroom during break time along with some other students. Piper was reading the Helen Keller book that Eve gave her. It looks like she was curious about that woman. Darcelle, sitting on the left side of Piper, groaned and looked rather bored, having the side of her head laying on her right hand with her golden eyes droopy and baggy. Piper hears Darcelle's groan and looked up from the book. She looked concerned for Darcelle, "Is there something wrong Darcy? You don't look so good." Darcy yawned and dropped her head on the desk. Piper put her hand on Darcelle's right shoulder.

"Not really. Last night, my little psychotic brother kept me up all night with nonsense, I was barely able to sleep. Somehow I think he has ADHD." Piper looked bewildered when she heard "brother". Darcelle continued to speak, "He was laughing, screaming, and running around all over my room. I had to listen to loud music to ignore him, but even that didn't help."

"You have a brother?" Piper asked.

"Yeah, four of them, and they were all a pain in my neck. Except for one of them, we agree on most things." Darcelle rubbed her eyes and yawned again. "Then again, when you're the only sister in the house, it's not that easy." Piper wouldn't know what it was like having a brother or a sister since she is the only child in her family. If she were to have a sibling, she would love and care for him/her. Though she could never imagine siblings not getting along with each other or hating each other. So she asked Darcy, "Do you hate them?" Hate is a really strong word, Piper knows that. She would think that hating on a relative or close friend would be....wrong. Darcelle looked at Piper and replied, "No, of course not. I love them to death. Still, sometimes they just want to make me put them in a hospital, but we care about each other and will always protect one another. Since I'm the only sister, they mostly protect me."

Piper looked back at her book. Darcelle looked back at Piper for a moment and wondered something. "Hey, Piper?" Piper looked up from her book and over to Darcelle, "Yes?"

"Are you planning on finding a weapon?" Piper wasn't expecting Darcelle to ask her that, "W-Why do you ask?"

"Well you've only been in school for two weeks, so aren't you gonna ask anyone to partner up with you?" Piper looked down at her hands were locked together and she blushed, "Well...I mean....umm...." she stayed silent for a moment. Darcelle looked demented at her, "What is she getting shy for?"

"Since I'm staying in the DWMA, I guess I should find somebody to partner up with, but I don't know who. I hardly know anybody here." Piper realized that Darcelle doesn't have a meister, "What about you, Darcy?"

Darcelle figured Piper would ask her that. Ever since she got into the academy, she hasn't found anybody to partner up with herself. Mostly because almost every student in the academy already had partners. If she were to choose anyone to be her partner, he/she would have to be somebody that she can trust or someone that she likes. There was Blackstar, but he already has Tsubaki. Plus after seeing that battle he had with Kid, there was no way he would be able to use a scythe like what he did with Soul. However, there is this one person Darcelle had in mind, "Actually there is one person I'm thinking about asking to be my partner."

Piper looked astonished and smiled at Darcelle, "Oh really, who is it?" Darcelle grinned, looking over Piper mischievously and chuckled, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Piper was confused, "Hmm?"


*In the Library*

Eve was in the library looking for a book to check out. The library at the DWMA had plenty of interesting books for her to read. Some were fiction and some were nonfiction. Her most favorite types of novels are history, romance, and mystery. Right now, Eve is looking for history since it's her first favorite. One book caught her eye. She pulled it out of the book section and read the title "Mariette in Ecstasy."

"Mariette in Ecstasy. Looks interesting" Eve thought as she turned the book around to see the backside. While she was looking a the book, Lord Death's son, Kid walks in the library. He was going to check out a book, but notices Eve and looks at her, "That girl." He starts to observe her elegant appearance. Her face was calm and focused on the book she was looking at. Her hair was shiny and silky. It looked symmetrical to, front side and back. Kid decided to introduce himself. He straightened his jacket and fixed the rest of his clothing to make sure he looked "perfect". He walked over to Eve and stood in front of her expecting her to notice him. She was, however, too focused on the book to notice anything. So, he cleared his throat and she stopped looking at the book to see Kid standing in front of her.

Kid gave her a small smile and said, "Good morning. I'm pretty sure you're aware that I am Death the Kid, the son of Lord Death." He gestures his hand to her, "I just wanted to say that it is a great pleasure to have you here at this academy." Eve puts a smile on her face and shakes Kid's hand, "My name is Evelyn Ballard, but if you wish to, refer to me as Eve. And yes, I am glad to be here." After hearing that name, Kid realized that it was symmetrical. There are two E's and a V in between those letters. He kept a straight face, but in his head, he was blushing, feeling more attracted to her than he was before. "Eve. Her name is even symmetrical." He thought, amazed.


Eve continued to speak, "And let me just say, that was a marvelous battle you had with those two boys. Your fighting moves with your weapons surprised me. I was very impressed." Kid blushed a little at her compliment and thanked her, "Thank you very much."

Kid noticed the book and read the title. He was a little astonished that she would read a book like Mariette in Ecstasy. He shouldn't be surprised, she does look like she could be the type of person that be a bookworm, "Do you have an interest in historical novels?"

"Why yes." Eve replied as she walked over to the Librarian to check out her book with Kid following, "I have never seen a book like this before. I have read all the books in my library, even the ones in my bookshelves. I wanted to try something new." She gave her book to the librarian."You have a Library at your home." Kid asked. Eve nodded. Kid remembered Eve saying her name was Eve Ballard.

"Tell me, who are your parents?" Eve turned to look at Kid, "Evangeline and Arthur Ballard." Kid's eyes widened a bit when she heard her last name and remembered something else, "You're the daughter of Eve Ballard? Aside from my family, she the richest woman in Death City. As for you're father, he was known for his martial art skills." Eve took her book from the Librarian when he checked it out, "True, and not only that he and my mother were students at this academy."

"Anyways I must go. I'm wanting to make sure my siblings don't get into any mischief." She walks to the doorway and stops to look at Kid with a flirty look, "It was a pleasure meeting you, I would love to speak with you again, Death the Kid." She winks and walks out the door. Kid couldn't help but be attracted to Eve, especially to how symmetrical she looked. Her name was even symmetrical. "She's perfect. Beautifully symmetrical!"


Piper's POV * 1 hour later In the bathroom*

After using the bathroom, I walk over to the sink to wash my hands. I turned the water on, used the soap dispenser to squirt soap on my hands and put it to the water. While washing my hands, I thought back to what Darcy said in the classroom, "You've only been in school for two weeks, so aren't you gonna ask anyone to partner up with you."

"Maybe Darcy's right. I'll have to find a partner at some point. Plus I don't want to be the only one who captures souls." I pulled the towels from the towel racket and dried my hands. Suddenly I hear the doorknob twist which startled me. The door opened revealing Maka. She noticed me and smiled pleasantly, "Hey Piper, how are you?"

"Oh um, I'm doing fine," I said blushing with my fingers locked together. She walked up to me keeping a smile on her face, "So, have you found yourself partner yet?" I wasn't expecting her to ask me that, "No, not yet. I'm not used to the people around here. As a matter of fact, I'm not used people period." Maka gave me sorry look, but kept a smile on her face confidently, "It's okay, I'm pretty sure there are some people around here that wouldn't mind being your partner. You just have to find the person who you think is right for you. If you have a close friend, you can partner up with them." 

"Well," Piper spoke, "One of the main people who are close with me is Darcy, but she already found someone to ask to partner up with." After hearing that, Maka was a little surprised, "Really? Darcy seriously found someone she's gonna partner up with?"

"Yeah. Is it really surprising?"

"Well, ever since she arrived at this school, she never really bothered to ask anyone to be her meister. Not that she didn't want one. It's just that she wasn't really interested in anybody here. Plus, almost everybody in this school has a weapon." Maka explained.

"Oh really," I asked her. How come Darcy is all of a sudden wanting a partner now? I thought on another subject for a second and asked Maka a question, "Hey Maka, how did you and Soul become partners." Maka tried replaying the time she met Soul, "Well It happened pretty fast. I heard the piano playing in a room and saw Soul playing it." I didn't Soul can play the piano. Maka looked down and kept a calm smile on her face, "Something about that song, the way he was playing it. It somehow got to me and I liked it. Just like that, we became partners."

"Oh really? It sounds like you two are great friends huh?"

It sounded like she and Soul are kinda close. Somehow it made me uncomfortable and uneasy. I brushed the thought off and walked past Maka, "Well anyways I better get going. I'll see you later Maka."

"Oh yeah, you too."

I walked out of the door and noticed a white-haired boy beside me. It was Soul. He noticed me and he widened his eyes at my sight. I gulped

No one's POV

Piper jumped when Soul noticed her and she quickly stood up straight with her fingers locked together. Now that she looking at him up close, he looked a lot cuter to her. She looked down, trying not to stare at Soul and blushing hard. Just standing there not saying a word felt awkward. Piper didn't want to make it quieter than it already is, so she tried to break the silence, but Soul already spoke, "Um...Hi."

Piper jumped again, "Umm.....h-h-hello." she stuttered. Her heart was beating so fast that it almost seemed like it was going to jump out of her chest. Piper doesn't know why, but she thinks she might like him, like-like him. Even though it was kinda obvious from the start. Seeing that she was too nervous to say anything else, Soul spoke again, "So you're the Professor's daughter right?" Piper nodded, still blushing. Soul was a little confounded by how red she was getting.

"Her face looks like a tomato. Is she that nervous when she's around new people?" Soul thought. He looked at her a little longer and she looked down. "For a girl who has stitches, she looks kinda cute. Now that I think about it, wasn't she the girl I saw hiding behind the door at Stein's place?"

"So, what's your name?" Soul asked. Piper looked up at him and said, "Um....m-my name is Piper."

"Piper huh? Pretty cool name." Soul responded with a smirk. Piper blushed at his compliment and looked down again, "T-Th-Thank you." Soul never saw a girl that was this shy before. He tries to figure out something to talk about, "So uh...were you the girl that was hiding behind the door at your Dad's house?" She squeaked and fiddled with her fingers while they're locked together. "I'm gonna take that as a yes." Soul thought with his eyes furrowed.

"So, did you enjoy the fight?" He asked. Piper looked up and started to blush a little less. Soul felt relieved, she looked like she was about to pass out from embarrassment. "Oh, um yeah. I....was impressed with you and Maka. Actually...I think you were cool." Soul widened his eyes a bit. He wasn't expecting Piper to call him cool. Since he liked being a cool guy, it touched him. Piper continued, "I especially liked that you tried to protect Maka."

Soul blushed a little and put his hand on the back of his hand rubbing it while looking away, "Uh umm....thanks." Piper and Soul stood in silence for a minute blushing a little.

"Hey, Piper." Piper and Soul heard someone call Piper's name and turned around to see who it was. It was Darcelle. She walked to them and noticed them together....alone. She gave mischievous look and grinned, "So, what were you guys talking about."

"It's not what you think!" Piper said flustered as she waved her hands around, "We were just talking about the remedial lessons that Soul had with Maka and the others." Darcelle laughing at how agitated Piper was getting. Darcelle laughing made Piper blush a lot more than a tomato. Soul noticed Piper's face and panic, "Oh crap! She's turning red again!"

Maka came out of the bathroom and notices Darcelle laugh, "Hey Darcy. What's so funny?" Darcelle calmed down her laughing and answered Maka, "Nothing too important." she wiped a tear from her eye and put her attention on Piper, "Anyways, Piper I want you to meet me outside at the school grounds after the next class at 2."

"Huh?" Piper looked at Darcelle confusingly, "Why? Do you want to talk to me about something?"

"Yeah, you could say that," Darcelle said as she walked past the three teens. Piper caught up to Darcelle, "Wait, Darcy," She said as she grabbed Darcelle's hand, "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it right here?" Darcelle turned and looked at Piper with a serious look, "Is there something wrong with me talking to you outside?" Piper flinched at Darcelle's serious look and quickly let go of her hand, "Well there's nothing wrong with that at all. It's just, well... is it in private?"

"It can be. I'll see ya there." After that last sentence, Darcelle walked away with her hands in her pockets. Piper was left curious and a little uneasy. Maka and Soul were just as curious as Piper was.

"Well, that was odd," Soul said. Maka looked at Piper and could tell she was anxious. "Are you okay, Piper?" she said concerned. Piper turned Maka and answered, "Oh, umm... yeah I'm ok. Anyways, I'm sure it's nothing too serious. After all, Darcy and I already became friends, so I'm pretty sure she's gonna talk about something friendly related. No need to worry about anything." After saying that, Piper chuckled and walked to her father's classroom. Sure she seems positive, on the outside, but on the inside, she's anxious.

*In Stein's Classroom*

"Ok everyone, the class is dismissed." Stein notified to the students. Some students left the classroom and some just stayed. Piper couldn't concentrate on the Helen Keller book right in front of her. She was still thinking about what Darcelle wanted to talk to her about. She's been wondering about it ever since class started. She barely paid attention to Stein when he was speaking to the class. "What does Darcy want to talk to me about, and why does she want to talk about it outside?" Piper looked around to see if Darcelle was still in the classroom. Darcelle was nowhere in the classroom, so she probably left early.

Eve stood up from her seat along with the twins. She notices Piper sitting by herself in deep thought with the book in front of her. The twins notice her too. "Hey, what's wrong with Piper over there?" Joshua asked. Joseph wondered the same thing, "Yeah, I've been noticing that she hasn't been paying attention in class. It was almost like she was in her own little world or something." Eve grabbed the book she got from the library and held it beside her.

"I'm sure she was just in deep thought about something," She says to Joseph, "but I must admit, whatever she was thinking about seemed to bug her." Eve walks over to Piper with the twins following. Piper just sits there with a straight face and was hardly paying attention to anybody. "Good afternoon, Piper," Eve says with a smile on her face. Piper slightly jumps at hearing Eve's voice and turns to notice her and twins behind her, "Oh, hi Eve. Hi Joseph and Joshua."

"Yo!" The twins said with there hands up.

Eve jumps to the point, "We've noticed that you had something on your mind throughout the whole class time. It looked like it bothered you. Is everything okay?"

"Oh um, it's nothing. It's just that Darcelle wanted to talk to me about something after class at the school grounds and I've been thinking about it ever since class started. It looked like it was important, so I've been wondering what she wanted to talk about."

"Well," Eve speaks, "You'll pretty much know when you go the school grounds."

"Besides," Joseph speaks, "Shouldn't you get going? She said after class right?" After hearing him say that, Piper sprung up from her seat realizing Darcelle was waiting for her, "Oh no, your right. I better get going." Piper quickly walked down the desk and ran out of the classroom.

Joshua seemed inquisitive about what's going on between Piper and Darcelle. He wanted to know why Darcelle wanted to see Piper himself. Mostly because he was always a nosy boy. "This is way too interesting. We should go and check this out." He goes and follows Piper, but Eve grabs his jacket collar before he was able to, "No, we shouldn't pry into their business."

"Oh come on, Eve." Joseph says hyped up, "We've only been in this school for two weeks and we've only seen one fight. I'm wanting to see some action here. After all this school is all about fighting." Joshua balled his hands into fists with a big smile on his face.

"This has nothing to do us, Joshua," Eve says impatiently.

"Hold on," Joseph speaks up and raises his eyebrow, recalling on what his brother said, "Why do think that their gonna fight?"

"It happens all the time with some people." Joshua says, "Whenever a person asks another person 'can I talk to you outside' it means that he/she is asking for a fight." Joseph and Eve gave him a funny look. Joshua was not dumb, then again he wasn't smart either. He mostly isn't smart. He tends to be immature at most points, even when things tend to get serious. "Either you're that dumb, or you just read too many comics," Joseph says with a dull look. Joshua furrowed his eyebrows, "Oh come on! Man, you guys are no fun at all." He turns around and runs to the direction Piper was going. Eve follows him reaches her hand out to grab his wrist, "Where do think you're going?" Joshua turns to look at Eve, "You guys can stay here if you want to, but I'm gonna check this out." After saying that he ran out the door. Eve sighed irritatingly and Joseph put his hand on her shoulder, "You and I both know he won't take no for an answer. All we can do right now is follow him to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble himself."

"I suppose you're right. Let's go." They follow Joshua out the door. Maka overhears Eve and the twins and notices that Piper isn't in the room and assumes she's already going to the school grounds. Maka isn't the one for being nosy, but she is curious about Piper and Darcelle. "Hey, Soul."

Soul turns his attention to Maka as he relaxes on his seat with his legs on top of the desk and his hands in his pockets. "I heard one of the twins saying that Piper and Darcy might be fighting. Do you think that's the reason why Darcy wants to see Piper?" Maka seemed a little concerned. Soul shrugged. Maka got up from her seat, "Maybe we should go to make sure."

"Are you sure about that," Soul says as he raises his eyebrow. "I know this is none of our business, but I'm just a little worried. Let's go." Maka runs down the desk. Soul hurries and gets up to follow her, "Hey Maka! Wait up!"


*Piper's POV (at the school grounds)*

I hurry and run to school grounds. I hope I'm not late. I stop at the grounds and see Darcy standing there with her back laying on the balcony. Her head was lowered, it almost looked liked she fell asleep. I walk over and spoke up to her, "Hey Darcy, I'm here." She looks up at me. I decided to jump to the point, "So anyway, you said earlier you wanted to talk to me about something. So what is it."

"Actually," she spoke, "I just wanted a favor from you."

"A favor?" I was confused.

" Yep. Piper, I want you to battle against me."

I raised my eyebrows and widened my eyes, "What?"

Chapter Text

"I want you to battle against me."

Piper stood silently with her eyes widened staring at Darcelle. She was surprised and stunned at the favor that Darcelle wanted. She can hardly call "can you fight me" a favor. "You what?"

    "You heard me." Darcelle said frankly as she crossed her arms, "I want you to fight me. Physically." She smirked and looked Piper ready for action. Piper stood nervously in front of Darcelle still a little stunned. Piper doesn't want to fight Darcelle. Not because she's afraid she'll lose since she has been training with her father before she got enrolled in the DWMA, but only because she became friends with Darcelle. Piper doesn't like to fight her friends.

      Why does Darcelle even want to fight Piper? She does look like the type of girl that would fight people just for the fun of it, but why Piper? Did she do something to make Darcelle upset? There has to be a good reason.

  "Just in case you're wondering," Darcelle spoke up, "This isn't because I'm upset with you about anything. I'm not upset at all." Piper sighed and felt relieved, "Oh, ok. Well then, why do you want to fight me?"

    "You remember when I said that I found someone that I want to be partners with. Well, you see I want to see if I'm strong enough to be her partner. Not only that, I want to prove to her that I'm strong." Darcelle became serious while looking Piper, "As a weapon, I have to be strong to protect my meister. I've only been in this school for a year and I have tried to look for a meister, but it seems like everybody is taken already, except for one. So, gonna help me out or what?"

    Piper is now understanding Darcelle's reason for wanting to do this, so she's guessing it'd be okay. Whether she likes fighting or not, she's still willing to help out her friend. "Well ok, if that's what you want, I guess we can spar with each other. Why me though?"

  Darcelle thinks for a moment and speaks, "You were just the first person I thought of, that's all. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I've told your Dad about this."

  "Huh!" Piper says exclaims, "You told my dad?"

"Yep. I didn't think he'd be okay with it. And besides, he's right over there." Darcelle points to the direction Stein is and Piper turns around to see him behind her. She jumps at Stein's unexpected appearance, "D-Dad!!?" He waves and smiles at Piper, "Hey sweetie."

  "Are you sure this is ok? I mean, you having to watch me fight someone?"

    Stein nods, "I've seen you fight well in the past Piper, but that was only when you were training with me. Now I'm wanting to see if you can be able to do this on your own with someone else." Stein sucked the smoke on the cigarette he had in his mouth and blew back out, "Can you handle it?"

Piper was silent for a moment and said, "Yeah, I think I can." She turns to Darcelle. Darcelle cracks her knuckles with a smirk on her face, "All right. Let's get this started."

*In the Hallways*

    Joshua ran through the hallways trying to look the school grounds. He was wanting to know what was going on between Piper and Darcelle. Well, that's not exactly the case, he was just wanting to see if they were going to fight. Joshua was always interested in anything having to do with fighting, especially wrestling. Sometimes he would try to wrestle with Joseph whenever they're at home, but Joseph wouldn't react because unlike Joshua, he's not immature. Joseph would react if Joshua starts getting on his nerves or if he ticks him off in any way.

      "Oh come," he says struggling, "Where are the school grounds at?" While he's running, his two siblings are following him. Eve calls out to him, "Joshua, wait up." Joshua hears his sister and stops running. "Oh, hey guys. So, did you change your mind?" He says while putting his hands on his hips and grins. Both Joseph and Eve were huffing and puffing after running around the school to catch up to Joshua. Joseph stops huffing and puffing, "First of all, you're going the wrong way. The school grounds are upstairs to the right." He says as he points behind him. "Second of all, let's just say we're keeping an eye on you, just to make sure you don't get into any trouble."

  Joshua keeps a grin on his face, "Works for me. Alright, let's go!" he runs past his siblings and they followed him. They reach to the school grounds and notice that Stein is there watching his daughter about to fight a weapon. Eve walks beside Stein, "Hello Professor. What's going on here?"

     "See for yourself." He said as he pointed to Piper and Darcelle in front of each other. They notice that Piper and Darcelle were stretching. Eve stared with an improbable look, not believing what's gonna happen between the two girls. She frowned, "Don't tell me..." Joshua looked at the two girls with an excited look on his face and his hands balled into a fist, "So I was right! I don't believe it, they're actually gonna fight!!" Joseph looked at his brother, "There's no way in hell you knew this was going to happen."

      Piper and Darcelle were done stretching and they face each other. Darcelle held up her index finger, "Before we do this, let me ask you something. You do know how to fight, right?"

      "Yeah, I think so." Piper replied, "After all, I've been training with my Dad." Piper was thinking back to the time where Stein taught her everything he knew whenever it came fighting. Because of his DNA that he gave her, she can use her soul wavelength for any technique. That includes soul shock, soul force, she can even do soul thread sutures. The one thing she doesn't know how to do yet is the fight with a weapon, and that's another thing Stein will have to teach her sooner or later. "I was physically weak whenever I first started living with my Dad. I didn't know the first thing about fighting. That was never a word in my vocabulary. All Dad ever taught me was science, math, and other school things." Piper was getting less nervous about fighting than before, "Now that my Dad taught me everything. I think I'm pretty confident and I thank him." Piper looks over at her father and gives him a cheery smile. Stein smiles back at her after hearing what she said.

    Eve smiled while looking at Piper. "Your daughter is a really sweet girl."

"Yeah," Stein says, "She really is."

Darcelle got into her fighting stance and smirked mischievously, "I know you're my best friend, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go easy on you. So you better give it your all."   Piper smirked, "It's all right. I wasn't expecting you to."

Darcelle made the first move. She decided on doing something simple and rapidly charged at Piper with just a punch. Piper blocked that punch with her two arms. It took Darcelle by surprise. Piper tripped Darcelle and flipped her onto the ground kinda hard. She backed up away from her and waited for her to get back up. The move Piper did surprise Eve and the twins and Stein looked like he was expecting it. Darcelle stood up on one of her knees and looked at Piper, "I started with just a simple punch just so that I could see if she could to block it. Guess I was right." Piper started to get a little worried since she threw Darcelle on the ground kinda hard, "Oh no! I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you did I!?" Darcelle slowly stood up, "Don't worry about it. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't got in a fight before. That was nothing."

  "I just don't want you to get hurt."

"I said don't worry about it," Darcelle says a little irritated. "What I want you to do is not apologize every time you make a move on me. I did say give it you're all, didn't I? That means you're free to hurt me however you want." Piper felt a little uneasy about this. Darcelle continued to speak, "Look this just a friendly little match. It's not like we're gonna kill each other. Were doing this just to see if I'm stronger than I look. If you want to back away from this fight, then I can find somebody else to spar against." Piper shook her head no, "N-No, it's ok. I-I'm sor-" she quickly covered her mouth.

    Joseph was impressed with Darcelle's spunk, "She is one tough chick." Darcelle and Piper went back to fighting. Piper seemed to have a lot more strength than Darcelle. Maka and Soul walk into the scene where they see Piper and Darcelle fight each other. "So they are fighting," Maka says. Eve hears Maka behind her and smiles, "Hello Maka, Soul. No worries, Piper and Darcelle don't have any issues with one another. This is just a friendly match."

  "Oh really? Well, how is it going so far?"

"They just started, but Piper's doing good so far." They began watching Piper and Darcelle. Darcelle charges at Piper with some martial arts moves as Piper dodges and blocks her attacks. Joshua's eyes start to sparkle while watching Darcelle fight, "Whoa, awesome!! I didn't know she can fight like that." Piper stopped Darcelle's attacks holding her fist and foot as they froze. Piper was impressed with Darcelle's fighting, "Wow Darcy, I never knew you can fight so well."

  "I took a few classes before coming to this school. I didn't think it'd be so easy for me. But I could say the same for you." Darcelle spun around and kicked Piper after running towards her. Piper flipped backward and hit the wall with her feet pushing herself from the wall ready to use her soul wavelength on Darcy. "SOUL FORCE!" she hits Darcelle in the stomach with her electrical hands sending her flying to the wall. Piper hit her with her wavelength so hard, she broke the wall.  Maka widened her eyes at what Piper just did, "Soul force? That's exactly what you did in the remedial lessons Professor."

  Eve starts to wonder something about Piper and turns to Stein, "Professor Stein? You mentioned before that you adopted Piper. How is she able to do the techniques you can do if you two don't have the same blood?"

  Stein smokes on his cigarette and starts to speak, "While she was sleeping, all I did was give her some of my DNA. Then again, I'm pretty sure she would be able to do those techniques without it. She doesn't have to have the same blood as me in order to do soul shock."

"How about the stitches?" Eve asked.

"There was a kishin who attacked her, by giving her cuts and bruises. She didn't have that many cuts, but...." Stein gave a sadistic look as he smiles, "I guess you can say I went a little far on the stitching. I don't regret it, though." Eve looked a little nervous after he said that.

"Wait, you said you gave her your DNA?" Joseph asked. "Doesn't that mean that she's basically is related to you." Stein shook his head, "It doesn't exactly work that way." Eve looked at Piper for a moment as she charges at Darcelle with a few kicks, "Professor, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a look at your daughter's soul."

"Do as you please," Stein says as he smokes his cigarette. "I'll do the same," Maka says. The two girls start to look at Piper's soul. Eve begins speaking, "Piper's soul is very sweet and caring, yet a very shy one." Maka looks a little astonished by Piper's soul, "Yeah and not only that. It's really strong and powerful. It's almost as strong as the Professor." Eve agreed with Maka's comment. She turned to Darcelle to look at her soul, "As for Darcelle's soul, it's more blunt and rebellious, yet calm and has a kind heart." informed Eve.

  "Her soul is quite strong too. But it's nothing compared to Piper's." said Maka, "Honestly, if I were against Piper, I'm not sure if I'm able to win against her, not even with Soul."

Darcelle got stuck to the wall trembling a bit from Piper's attack and fell on her knees and hands. She was struggling to get up, "Okay, I definitely wasn't expecting that. Damn." Darcelle looks up to see Piper falling from the air about to kick her. She quickly moves out the way and she kicks Piper on the back. Piper falls onto the ground and turns to see Darcelle on top of her holding her down. Piper tries to get Darcelle off of her, but she struggles. Darcelle laughs, "Come on Pipes. I know you don't wanna be here any longer than I do. So why don't you give up? I could tell you're probably tired."

  Piper glares at Darcelle, "I am not gonna lose like this." She brings up her legs and kicks Darcelle off of her, "You know, I'm having fun with this. It's kinda weird to me because I don't like fighting at all, but after 10 minutes of fighting with you, I don't feel uncomfortable about this at all. You and I are going to continue this fight. I don't care if you're tired. Plus this fight will probably be a waste if I turn away from it, so I'm not gonna give up on this. After all, you did say give it you're all. Why stop now?" Piper gets up and smirks at Darcelle. Darcelle stands up and smirks back Piper, "Ah, starting to act like a tough cookie aye? I like that." Darcelle cracks her neck and her knuckles, "Alright then. In that case, I'll stop when you stop." She got back into her fighting stance.

"And I'll stop when you stop," Piper says as she is ready to fight Darcelle.

    Soul looks at Piper the whole time amazed by the way she was acting right now. Not only that, he was pretty impressed with her fighting skills, "That Piper so cool."

*1 hour later*

Piper and Darcelle are on the ground huffing and puffing. They were both sweating and they were so tired that they could barely move an inch. Piper looked over at Darcelle, "Do you *huff* *huff* want to stop? *huff* *huff*"

   "Might as well. I'm too tired to even move a finger right now." Darcy says with a dull look. She looks at Piper, "Hey Piper who do think won?" Piper slowed down her huffing and puffing, "I don't know, but I think it's a tie."

      "Yeah, I agree." She sat up rubbing the sweat from her forehead, "Ah, what the hell. I actually would've chosen you to be the victor since you used your soul wavelength on me. I doubt I got any stronger." Piper widened her eyes a bit after hearing her say that and sits up, "Don't say that Darcy. Of course, you've gotten stronger. I couldn't even think of another strategy after that last attack you did on me. It was kinda one of the reasons why I didn't want to continue fighting you. If anything, I would think that you would win. I want you to teach me that one day."

  There was a bit of red on Darcelle's cheeks and she looked away from Piper, "You think so?"

"I don't think it, I know it," Piper said smiling at her. Darcelle scratched her face still blushing. She was never used to getting compliments like that, "Well...thank you." Piper wiped the sweat from her forehead with her sleeve. Eve and the other students seem satisfied with the match. Piper remembered something Darcelle said, "That reminds me Darcy, didn't you say that after this you wanted to ask somebody to be your partner, now that you're strong."

  "You know what Piper, I did." Darcy said as she stood up, "As a matter of fact, I'm gonna ask her right here, right now." Piper looked bewildered at her, "Huh? Right here?"

  Darcy turns to Piper, bends down at her, and gestures her hand so that she can get up, "Piper Stein, will you be my partner?"

Piper widened her eyes, not believing what she was asking. "The person I wanted to be partners with is you," said Darcelle. "I didn't know why, but whenever I first met you. There was something about you that interests me. I could tell that you were a shy and timid girl that would probably turn steam red every time someone even took a glance at you. To be honest, I kinda pitied you, but it's not just that. Whenever I have gotten to know you, I knew something about you interest me. And...well....actually, I don't have a good reason. I just knew that I liked you. You seem to be a lot better than most other kids I've met. You're like the one and only sister I never had. So, you wanna be my meister or what?"

Piper was rather touched and flattered, seeing that she wanted to look for a partner herself. Not to mention she felt the same way about Piper. What interests Piper about Darcelle was her tough and confident personality and that she was not afraid to stand up for herself. Those traits are the exact opposite of Piper. She wishes she would be as confident as Darcelle. Darcelle was the first person Piper wanted to make friends with. She started to tear up a bit and Darcelle giggled, "You don't have to cry about it." Piper wiped the tear away, "I know. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm tearing up." She took Darcelle's hand and stood up, "Yes Darcy. I'll be your partner." Stein rolled with his chair to the two girls, "It looks like you've found yourself a partner. I'm happy for you Piper."

Eve and the other kids walked up to them. "You guys were amazing. I was impressed with the way you fought Piper." Soul agreed with Maka's comment, "Yeah that was a pretty cool fight. You have impressive skills." Piper immediately blushed when she saw Soul since she wasn't expecting him to watch the whole fight. She locked her fingers together and looked down, "Oh umm...thank you." She squeaks quietly. Eve smiles at the both of them, "It looks like you guys are partners now. That's great." Both of the twins smirked and nodded.

"Darcelle, you're a scythe aren't you?" Stein asked Darcelle and she nods. He turns to his daughter, "It looks like I'm gonna have to teach you how to use a scythe, Piper." Piper nods as she smiles, "I can't wait!"

It looks like Darcy and Piper will be partners now. Let's hope that they'll have great soul hunts with each other.