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The Symmetrical Organized Trio

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It was a cold and windy night in Death City. Every store was closed and almost every living soul was at their houses sleeping the night away. Some people were out in Death City in the middle of the night doing whatever they want. Some were out on the streets, some were at the Chupa Cabra's Bar, some were even at the basketball court playing basketball.


Meanwhile, there was a couple walking on the sidewalk enjoying their time with each other. The woman had her arm wrapped around the man's arm. The woman looked up at her boyfriend and smiled "This was the best date in my life, Eric!" she said while smiling at him. The man looked back at her, "If you love that so much, just wait and see what I have for you next Saturday."


"Great, I'm looking forward to it!" The couple continued to walk. While they were walking, a big shadowy figure slowly follows them. The woman stops walking and the shadowy figure quickly disappears when she looks behind her. The man looks down at her a bit curious on why she stopped walking. "Is there something wrong?" The girl turned her head back round to look at him. "Sorry, I'm just getting the feeling that someone is following us."


The man looked around him and doesn't see anything or anyone following them, "Nobody's even out here", he looks at her and chuckles a little, "You must be just imagining things." The woman looks down, "Maybe your right...never mind then, let's keep moving." They continued to walk and the shadowy figure appears and starts to follow them.


The two walk across a corner into the alleyway in between buildings. The woman had her purse hanging onto her shoulder with a key chain hanging out. The key chain fell out of her purse and dropped on the ground. "Oh", the woman notices key chain, "I dropped my key chain." She turns around to reach for her key chain only to see big clawed feet. The woman paused for a second and slowly looked up to see a pale ghoul-like creature with sharp claws and pointy teeth. Its eyes were blood red and almost his entire body was skin and bones. It looked down the woman in and glared at her in hunger. The woman widened her eyes in fear and her jaw drop. She was so scared, she couldn't move an inch. The man turned around to see his girlfriend in front of the creature.


His eyes widened, "What the hell!" The creature starts to roar making the girl scream. The man grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him, "What are doing just sitting there, make a run for it!" They runaway still holding each other's hand while the ghoul starts running after them. They run across another corner in the alleyway where there was a wall. "Oh no!" the girl squealed. The man grew irritated, "Crap, a dead end!"


They turn around and sees that the ghoul is right in front of them. The ghoul slowly walks towards them. The monstrous ghoul growled, licking his lips and ready to eat the couple. He grew his claw and the woman trembled in fear, "It's going to eat us, Eric!" The man walked in front of the woman. He spread his arms and legs apart to protect his girlfriend, "Don't worry baby, I'm not gonna let this thing touch you."


On the other side of the streets, there is a tall apartment building with three people standing on it. "Oh dear." One of those people happens to be a young teenage girl at the age of 14. She looked beautiful. Her hair was black, silk and quite symmetrical. She wears glasses, her eyes were violet and her lips were pink. She was wearing a mini black dress with dark gray sleeves and her dress had a bow with a bright small opal gem on it. She wears black stockings over her knees and black ballet looking shoes with ankle boots. Over her clothes, she wears a small black hooded cloak which also has a gem on it, that hides her hands.


She looks down at the scenery with the couple and the ghoul, "It looks like we have trouble lying ahead of the head of us." A young man at the age of 18 walks on the left beside her. "That was kind of expected, I mean you're walking on the streets in the middle of the night with almost nobody around you. That's not scary at all," he says sarcastically. On the right side of the girl stands another young man who is the twin of the one on her left, "Woah! That thing looks so creepy and yet funny at the same time!" He says with a smile on his face.


The twins looked very alike. Both had the same hair, same eye color, and the same clothes. Their hair is naturally black while the bangs on the side of their face are blonde. One had his bang on the right side of his face and the other had a bang on the left side of his face. They both wear a leather bomber jacket. Both of them had on t-shirts, one had a red shirt and one had a blue shirt. They both wear blue jeans and black shoes with colored stripes on the sides, one of the twins had red and one had blue.


"Boys," the girl spoke, "I believe this is our cue." The twins gave a serious look, "Right!" The trio leaped from the building and landed in front of the couple on their feet. The couple widened their eyes at the sudden appearance. The girl turned her head to looked at them with the corner of her eye and gave a small smile, "No need to be worried, you'll be safe. Just leave it to us."


The girl turned back around and signaled the twins, "Boys?" The twins stared at each other with a smirk and gave a nod. They jumped and transformed into shiny silver twin rapier swords with circle gems on the handles. Just like their clothes, one of them was red and one was blue. The swords dropped and the girl caught the swords making a pose. The man and the woman looked at the girl in shock embracing each other. The man spoke up "Who are you people?"


The girl kept her eyes on the monster and shouted, "Don't worry about that, just get out of here!" The couple obeyed her command and ran passed her and the ghoul quickly. The ghoul turned and was about to go after them, but the girl zipped right in front of it before it could do so. She glared at the ghoul "They are no longer your concern, you are to deal with me now." She spins her swords and makes a pose. "I am Eve Ballard, and with the help of my brothers Joseph and Joshua, we will take your soul!" The ghoul roared and charged at Eve. Eve jumped, flipped over the monster and landed behind it. The ghoul turned around and charged at Eve with his claws. She blocks it's hand with her sword and used the other to slice the ghoul's eyes. The ghoul screamed in pain and covered his bleeding eyes.


Eve decided to tease the ghoul and smirked, "Oh no," she says sarcastically, "You poor thing, I've sliced your eyes. Now you're not able to see me. Whatever will you do?" The ghoul grew angry and roared. The ghoul starts growing blades on his back and his claws grew bigger. Then the ghoul itself starts to grow a bit bigger and he roars again. Joshua looks appalled at the ghoul's features "Hey sis, I think you made it angry."


Joseph, like Joshua, is appalled by the ghoul, "Just what in the hell is that thing?" Eve struggled a bit, "We have no time to figure that out, just focus you two." The ghoul jumped and charged at Eve with his claws ready to attack. Eve zipped underneath the monster on the other side the alleyway before it hit the ground. The ghoul turned around about to attack Eve, but she was able to throw the sword at it before it was able to. The sword stabbed through the ghoul's chest weakening the ghoul and Eve ran towards it with her other sword and sliced the ghoul in half. Defeated by Eve's attack, the ghoul turned into the red floating soul. Eve used Joseph to suck the red soul inside the blue jewel on the handle of the sword. She walked to Joshua and picked him up.


Eve huffed and puffed, "Well then, I believe our job is done." She throws Joseph and Joshua behind her and they turned back into their human form. Joshua stretched "Hah! That monster was so easy. We beat him in less than a minute." Joseph put his hands in his pockets "I'm surprised we killed him when he grew blades in his body. The thing was so weak." he commented while smirking.


Eve turned around to look at boys with a smile, "I'm really proud of both you. You are very stronger than before, despite your laziness." The twins smiled and thanked Eve aside from the lazy part, "Thanks, sis."


The three siblings walk on the streets towards the Chupa Cabra's Bar and stop there get their ride home. Eve pulled out her phone to contact her mother, "Hello, mother.....yes, we took care of that monster. We're done for the night. .......At the Chupa Cabra's Bar......yes, thank you mother." she hung up her phone. "Mother says she'll get the driver to pick us up." They stand there in front of the bar for a few minutes quiet.


Joshua broke the silence "So guys, do really think that Lord Death guy gonna let us in the DWNH school?" Eve kept a straight face with her eyes closed, "It's DWMA Joshua, and yes he should. I mean, after all, we did just defeat a monster. So we're well qualified. "Honestly, I'm looking for to it," Joseph said while smirking.


Eve looked up at the stars and smiled, " am I."