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X-Men Sinister (Dark Phoenix Part Two)

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Scott Summers rolled to the other side of his bed, half expecting Jean to be lying there. Instead, he was alone, as he had been ever since she’d gone.

It had been a month. Just a month since his girlfriend, the love of his life, Jean Grey, had lost control of her powers after being possessed by a cosmic force. She’d turned against the X-Men, murdering their leader, Raven, and dividing the team’s loyalties.

They’d been forced to set aside those divisions, uniting with Magneto and his allies to fight the alien D’Bari.

Jean had managed to defeat the D’Bari, but at the cost of her life.

As a result, Professor Xavier had left the school in Hank McCoy’s hands, and the X-Men leadership in Scott’s.

Scott padded to the bathroom he’d shared with Jean and turned on the water, getting it suitably warm before stepping in. He’d gotten used to sleeping naked when he was with Jean and had not yet broken the habit.

After he had washed and dressed, he went downstairs to the kitchen, where Ororo Munroe was arguing with Kurt Wagner.

“You cannot leave the school now, Kurt,” Ororo was saying, “We just lost Jean. Hank and Peter are no longer on the team. If you go, it’ll just be me and Scott,”

“I understand that, Ororo, but I lost control during that fight,” Kurt said, “I killed those people.”

“They weren’t people, Kurt, and there wasn’t much alternative,”

Scott chose that moment to step in, “Kurt, you don’t have to fight like that ever again, but please stay, at least for a while longer until we get our reputation back.”

Kurt sighed and nodded, “Okay,” he said, “I vill stay for a little longer.”

“Great,” Scott said, attempting a smile, “We’ve got a different problem,” he said, now addressing both Kurt and Ororo, “Without the Professor, how are we supposed to use Cerebro?”

“Before Charles left, he and I made some adjustments,” Hank McCoy said, entering the room, having overheard Scott’s question, “Any of us can use it. In fact, I’ve just been down there, and I think I’ve got someone.”

“Where?” Ororo asked.

“Boston,” Hank said.

“Ororo and I will go,” Scott said, “We don’t have classes this morning,”

Hank nodded.

They headed off for the garage. It was almost a 3-hour drive, but it was usually wise to drive, rather than take the Blackbird, on recruiting trips.

Once they were on the way, Ororo turned to Scott.

“How are you?” she asked.

Scott sighed; he should have known this would happen.

“I’m fine, Ro,” he said.

“Scott don’t lie to me. You’re still in mourning.”

“Of course I’m in mourning,” Scott said, “She was the love of my life, and now she’s just gone. Without even saying goodbye.”

“I know,” Ororo said, “I miss her too. I should have stood by her,”

“You looked up to Raven,” Scott said, “and Jean was responsible for her death. I understand why you didn’t at first. But you came around, when it mattered,”

She nodded, but still looked remorseful, “Not soon enough,” she said.

They lapsed into silence for a long time.

When Ororo took over driving, Scott drifted off to sleep, dreaming of Jean, on fire, descending towards him.

He wasn’t sure where they were, only that when Jean landed and the flames faded away, she was dressed in a skintight green outfit with a phoenix emblem on the chest. Gold gloves ran up to her elbows, boots to above her knees. A golden sash was tied around her waist.

“Jean?” Scott asked.

“Scott,” Jean reached out a gloved hand and touched his cheek.

“Jean, is this real?” Scott asked, “Are you alive?”

“In a way,” Jean said, “I am no longer just Jean Grey, though. I am also Phoenix”

“Wh-Where are you?” Scott asked.

“I am in space,” Jean said, “I have been attempting to make reparations for all I’ve done before I return home.”

They drew close and kissed, a passion-filled melding of mouths, tongues and minds.

Then, Scott woke up.

“Are you okay?” Ororo asked.

Sitting up, Scott saw they were at a gas station.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Weird dream.”

“About Jean?”

Scott hesitated before nodding, “Yeah,” he said, “She’s alive.”

Storm’s eyes widened.

“She’s alive? How?”

“She merged with the Phoenix Force,” Scott said, “She’s been in space, trying to repair her conscience before she comes home.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t just a dream?” Ororo asked.

“Positive,” Scott said.

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They arrived at the Drake household in the late afternoon. They were met at the door by a severe looking woman who recognized them immediately.
“You’re not taking my son,” she said.
“Mrs. Drake, we just want to talk to Robert.”
“Bobby is happy where he is. He’s not even a mutant, and if he was, you would not be taking him to your freak school and training him to be a terrorist.”
“The X-Men aren’t terrorists.”
“Tell that to the owners of all the property you destroyed when your girlfriend went crazy.”
Scott glanced at Ororo.
“Why don’t we let Bobby decide?” she asked.
As if on cue, Bobby walked into the house.
“Hey mom,” he said. Then his eyes widened when he recognized their guests.
“Holy shit,” he said.
“LANGUAGE!” his mother screamed, standing to her feet.
“Sorry,” Bobby said, “What’s going on?”
“These people were attempting to persuade me to let you go to their school. They seem to think you are a mutant,”
Bobby rubbed the back of his head, “Yeah,” he said, “I think that’s cuz I am.”
“What are you talking about Robert?”
Bobby held up a hand which he covered in a layer of ice.
“I’m a mutant,” he said.
“Get out of my house. All of you.”
“What about my stuff?” Bobby asked.
“I will burn it. Get out of my house.”
“My granddad was at the Sentinel ceremony in the seventies,” Bobby explained to Scott and Ororo later as they sat in a coffee shop.
“He was killed, and now she hates mutants.”
“It’s okay, Bobby,” Ororo said, “Maybe she’ll come around. Until she does, you’ve got a place with us.”
“As an X-Man?”
“As a student at the Jean Grey School to start. As for the X-Men, we’ll see.” Scott said.
Suddenly, the ground of the coffee shop began to shake. Scott looked behind him, towards the front of the store, where the glass suddenly shattered.
A man in silver armor stepped in through the window, his gaze locked on Scott and Ororo.
“Get Bobby out of here,” Cyclops ordered.
Ororo nodded and dragged the teenager towards the back exit.
“You send away the woman and child, but it is you we are here for,” the man said.
Scott responded with an optic blast, which the man’s armor resisted.
Closing his eyes, the man reached out, and Scott felt the ground beneath his feet began to rise around him, entrapping him.
The man drew a gun and fired a knock-out dart into Scott’s neck, rendering him unconscious.

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“Where’s Scott?” Kurt asked when Ororo returned with Bobby late that evening.

“He’s been taken,” Ororo said, “We need to move, now. Suit up,”

While the adults talked, Bobby looked around and whistled.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” a girl asked.

“Yeah, I’ll say,” Bobby said.

“Kitty Pryde,” the girl said, extending a hand.

“Bobby Drake,” he shook it.

“We’re going to get Scott,” Ororo told them, “Tell Dr. McCoy,” she said to Kitty.

“I want to help,” Bobby said.

“No,” Kurt and Ororo both said, “You’re not trained,”

They were gone before Bobby could protest.

“I can get us on the Blackbird,” Kitty told him, “Come on,”


“I think we have stowaways.” Kurt told Ororo as they prepped the Blackbird.

Kitty and Bobby looked at each other. Bobby had just bumped loudly into the wall of their hiding place.

Ororo nodded, “Yes,” she said, “Bobby and Kitty have hit it off very quickly.”

Raising her voice, she said, “Strap in!”

Kitty emerged and Bobby followed, both dressed in the yellow-and-black uniforms designed for the younger team Scott had organized to reinforce the X-Men.

Just as the Blackbird lifted up through the basketball court, Ororo and Kurt’s eyes widened at the woman floating down towards the plane.

“Jean,” Ororo said.

Kurt muttered something in German.

Ororo raised the plane up enough so that Jean could enter through the ramp.

She took an empty seat behind Ororo, who continued the flight path towards Boston, where Scott had been taken. It was as if Jean had never left.


“Whoever has taken him did a good job of hiding their tracks. I can’t get a psychic trace on Scott at all.” Jean said.

“I saw them go that way,” the barista said, pointing, “They took Cyclops away in a van and went south.”

“Where’s the nearest airport?” Jean asked, suddenly worried.

“South,” the barista said, catching her drift.

“Great,” Ororo said, “they could be anywhere,”


When Scott woke, the first thing he noticed was that his eyes were uncovered, and his powers weren’t working.

The second was that he was stripped down to his boxers, trapped in a glass case.

Across the room, sitting on a throne, was a man in black armor with red eyes and snow-white skin, watching him.

“Welcome back, Mister Summers,” he said in a soft voice.

“Who are you? What have you done to my powers?” Scott demanded.

The man stood and walked over to him.

“My name is Sinister,” he said, “and I have restricted your powers using the dampeners in your cell.”

“Most cells have a toilet you know,” Scott said.

Sinister smiled, “Yes,” he said, “If you have to go, I’ll give you your privacy, but I would recommend holding it.”

“What’s your game?” Scott demanded.

“My game, Mister Summers, is a secret. I am not one of your villains who spouts his evil plan so you can figure out a way to stop me,” Sinister said.

“My friends will find me,” Scott said.

Sinister smiled again, “Yes,” he said, “I’m sure they will. Please excuse me, Mister Summers, I must prepare for their arrival.”

Shit, Scott thought, He wants them here.

He tried to reach out to Jean through their bond.



Woah, it worked. Jean, I’m being held captive by a man called Sinister. He’s dampened my powers. He took me as bait for the X-Men, but he probably doesn’t know you’re alive.

I’m with Ororo and Kurt now. We’re coming, Scott.

He wanted to tell her not to, but he couldn’t think of a way out himself, so he simply said, be careful.

Scott leaned back against the wall of his containment case. It wouldn’t be long now.


The X-Men arrived within an hour. Scott had drifted off, but was on his feet as the glass roof shattered and the X-Men descended.

Jean was in full Phoenix mode, Storm, eyes white, Kurt, sword drawn, and to Scott’s surprise and horror, Kitty Pryde and the new kid, Bobby, who was in full ice form.

Jean shattered the cell with a psychic burst, floating Scott’s spare visor over his eyes before he could lose control of his powers.

He took his place in front of the X-Men as the doors slid open and Sinister walked in, accompanied by three other mutants, all of whom Scott recognized.

The first was Psylocke, one of Apocalypse’s former Horsemen.

The second was Angel, another horseman, one thought long dead.

The third was Scott’s dead brother, Alex.

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“Alex?” Scott asked.
His brother responded by blasting a bolt of red energy towards him.
Just in time, Scott fired back.
Their powers crashed in mid-air.
Scott was pushed back by Alex’s stronger attack. He turned his visor up, but Alex remained more powerful.
Kurt attempted to move towards Nightcrawler, but was struck in the shoulder by a metal shard from his wings. The shard was coated in poison, leaving Kurt incapacitated.
Phoenix and Storm were dueling with Psylocke, who was at a distinct disadvantage due to Jean’s enhanced power. Still, the purple-clad mutant did manage to strike Jean once, leaving behind an open wound, which healed right away.
Not wanting to lose control again, Jean was drawing on the Phoenix Force as little as possible.
While she’d been in space, she’d managed to keep control, but out there, her friends weren’t at risk.
Still, between her and Storm working in sync, they managed to overpower Psylocke.
“Alex, how are you alive?” Scott asked, swerving out of the way as his brother fired another blast at him.
“Thanks to Lord Sinister,” Alex said, “I now live to serve his will,”
Scott, Jean said psychically.
Kurt has taken a turn, we need to get out of here.
Scott glanced at Kurt. His normally blue skin had began turning a shade of purple.
“Bobby, Kitty, get Kurt to the jet,” Scott ordered.
The kids, who had been fighting against Sinister’s armed and masked soldiers, ran towards Kurt.
“I think we’ve seen enough,” Sinister said. He had been observing the fighting.
Sinister’s forces retreated, allowing the X-Men to rush towards the Blackbird.
Jean walked into the bedroom she shared with Scott to find him lying on the bed in just his boxers. She was wrapped in a towel, which she dropped as she climbed up onto the bed and moved towards him, her hands grabbing his boxers and pulling them down so that his cock, now fully erect, could spring free.
“I’ve missed you,” Jean said, kissing him, pressing her body into his and causing him to moan.
They hadn’t had sex since the morning of the fateful space mission. In fact, the call from the president had interrupted their post-coital snuggling. They had a lot of time to make up.
“Scott,” Jean moaned as he penetrated her soaking wet pussy.
He kissed her before quickening the pace of his thrusts.
“I’m cumming,” he warned.
“Cum inside me,” Jean said, and Scott obeyed, letting loose streams of semen inside her. She came alongside him.
“Wow,” Jean said afterwards. Scott had extracted himself from her and now they lay spooned together, still naked.
“I love you,” Scott said.
“I love you too,” Jean said.
Scott shifted, his thoughts drifting.
“What’s wrong?” Jean asked.
“Sinister let us go too easily,” he said.
Jean nodded, “I thought so too. Almost as though he had what he wanted,”
Mister Sinister sat back as the two strands of DNA merged together. One strand belonged to Scott Summers, taken while he was unconscious. The other belonged to Jean Grey, taken from the blood Psylocke had managed to draw during the battle.
Sinister sat back. He knew that the X-Men would likely be back. Scott Summers would want to try and reach his brother.
The X-Men had won many battles over the years, but if they made war with him, Sinister was confident that he would emerge victorious, especially since he’d just gained a new follower.
Yes, he thought, The Wolverine would be a great asset to his cause.

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Hey readers,
I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to this story in a while. I've had writers block on it.
I wanted to let you know I'm working on the story again, but I'm starting over and trying to make some improvements.
I appreciate all the kudos.