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As far as Namjoon's concerned, the problem is very apparent― both Jimin and Taehyung love attention.

In different ways, sure, but they're both after the same thing. They're chasing the reaction of the people around them; the candid response of their audience. He thinks it's something in the shock, the split second of disbelief, or the way they have to push their own limit in order to push everyone else's. 

Naturally, the two of them are touchy. Everyone knows this. And describing it as touchy is Namjoon being mild with his description. Because on their best day, Taehyung and Jimin very literally can't keep their hands off of each other. There are reasons why the two of them are typically sat two or three people apart during official tapings of Run episodes and VLives. Sometimes it's nearly impossible to get through what they have to as a team because the two of them just cannot get it together. 

It's cute, Namjoon can admit. Very cute, or whatever. He can't lie and say he doesn't get some form of satisfaction from seeing how happy they make each other. As the two of them have grown, their relationship has matured. Over the years, Namjoon has taken notice of the way the two of them have ripened both individually and as a pair.

Taehyung and Jimin have managed to build an invisible bubble around themselves and Namjoon commends them for that. Whenever they're together, Namjoon's noticed the way they sort of take a step back away from the world around them and live in a world of their own even if it's just for a little while.

And in a lot of ways, Namjoon is happy for them. Because the life they all share is hard. Being an idol is hard. Spending more time than not in front of cameras and cellphones is hard. 

Every day comes with a brand new rumor. Every hour comes with a brand new legal matter to discuss at an upcoming meeting. Every minute comes with a brand new problem. And for them to have found and built a relationship that's purer than the impurities of their daily life is rather impressive. Namjoon's never told them, but he's proud of them. He means it, he's happy for them.

But fuck, he wishes they'd learn that there's a time and a place to make out, and in the van in front of everyone is not it. It's one thing when it's just in front of the members; because similar to Namjoon, they've grown to become used to it. But in the van, there are managers. Not to mention, their driver today is a complete stranger. Namjoon's sure the last thing he wanted to see today in his rearview mirror is two horny twenty-three-year-olds making out three rows back.

It's a lesson they've yet to learn because Namjoon's currently staring at Jimin biting Taehyung's bottom lip. As always, they've tuned out the rest of the world. They're both wearing headphones, so in a way, they've tuned out each other as well. Namjoon chuckles softly to himself and attempts to look away, but then he looks back a second later. 

Removing his own left headphone, Namjoon asks loudly, "Don't you two need to breathe?"

Namjoon's comment catches the attention of everyone except for the lovebirds. Mission: already failed.

From a row away, Seokjin looks over his shoulder at Taehyung and Jimin and then smiles while shaking his head. 

Keeping his eyes downward, Seokjin says, "Think they just breathe into each other's mouths back and forth like some weird CPR." 

There's a part of Namjoon that wants to respond back that humans breathe in oxygen but breathe out carbon dioxide, so breathing back and forth wouldn't actually keep them alive as they'd eventually run out of oxygen. But he's sure Seokjin knows that. And even if he didn't, the information is useless considering there's not enough grant-funded scientific research to properly explain why Taehyung and Jimin can't seem to go a second without latching onto each other. 

"Take bets on who's lung collapses first?" Yoongi asks, butting in with a sarcastic smile on his face. He's removing one side of his headphones as well and sitting forward in his seat. For a moment, he looks over at the couple and then darts his eyes back and forth between Namjoon and Seokjin. 

But it's Jeongguk that answers. He says with a laugh, "No fair, that's too easy. Taehyung can hold his breath for like two minutes."

Hoseok sucks his teeth in a disagreeing manner. "Jimin's full of surprises, though. And loves being the underdog. I think he could take him." 

Everyone laughs. Well, almost everyone. Taehyung and Jimin continue to be oblivious. 

Namjoon's sitting by the window, so in theory, there are a million other things that he could focus his attention on. Just on the other side of the glass are beautiful trees, a breathtaking skyline, interesting pedestrians, and scurrying animals. Cars of all sizes and colors zoom past with passengers inside with lives just as complex as Namjoon's, but none of those things seem to occupy his mind for long enough to distract him. But for some reason, he can't look away from Taehyung and Jimin. 

The two of them are sat side by side, but Jimin might as well be in Taehyung's lap. Jimin's got his leg draped over Taehyung's thigh, his legs almost obnoxiously spread to do so, and both of his arms around Taehyung's neck. And while Jimin's fingers brush through the back of Taehyung's hair, Taehyung's thumbs trace Jimin's cheekbones.

Namjoon can see it from here, both of their lips are beginning to swell and redden. Not surprising considering they've been at this for nearly the entirety of the fifteen-minute car ride. And Jimin catches Taehyung's lip between his teeth teasingly whenever the chance is presented.

Every once in a while, they smile against each other's mouths and Namjoon finds himself smiling too. But he doesn't mean to, it's like when two characters on television are laughing so the person watching begins to laugh as well. It's instinctual; it's contagious. Like someone yawning just a few feet away. 

One quick look around the van lets Namjoon know that everyone else has redirected their attention elsewhere. Even Yoongi, who's closest to Taehyung and Jimin, has tilted his head toward the window and focused his eyes on the blur of life outside. It's impressive the way everyone else has been conditioned to be unphased by Taehyung and Jimin's extremely outward displays of affection. 

At least, as unphased as humanly possible.

With a terrified look on his face, Namjoon looks downward. An embarrassingly familiar warm sensation runs through Namjoon's lower half followed by a tightening feeling. And it's as if he can physically feel his blood flowing down to one specific organ instead of keeping his entire body functioning properly. In a hurry, Namjoon reaches for his jacket which was balled up beside him a moment ago and places it (suspiciously) over his lap. 

With a frustrated, near-silent grunt, Namjoon intentionally adverts his eyes to somewhere― literally anywhere― else. But that brings him into an accidental staring contest with Jeongguk.

Giant, dark doe eyes lock on Namjoon's and now he's stuck for the second time within the last sixty seconds because he can't look away either. But there's something in Jeongguk's stare that's almost more guilty than the stare Namjoon knows he's giving Jeongguk. Like somehow he's just caught Jeongguk red-handed, like Namjoon's caught him in the middle of stealing something, like he's ashamed, like...

Jeongguk pulls his hood up over his head, black material draping over black hair, and tilts his entire body away from Namjoon. 

But it's then that Namjoon feels the van come to a stop. He looks out his window. They're at the venue. Usually, Namjoon would be relieved to have arrived. But he's not in much of a position to stand up right now and tying the jacket around his waist won't help him either. As far as he can tell, he's screwed. 

From a row away, Seokjin tosses a water bottle in Taehyung and Jimin's direction. He misses terribly, but Namjoon doubts he was actually trying to hit them. It does the trick though, it gets their attention. Once they're both looking, Seokjin mimes for them to remove their headphones so they can hear him. 

"Separate yourselves willingly or I'll do it forcefully," Seokjin only half-jokes. He's tossed both of them over his shoulder more times than he could count for various reasons. They both know he can and would. 

Jimin takes his leg off of Taehyung's with a roll of his eyes, but a triumphant look on his face. Neither of them verbally respond to Seokjin, but they both listen. Silently, they gather their belongings and wait for their manager to come around and open their door.

They even exit the vehicle at different times; Jimin lets Yoongi and Jeongguk out ahead of him. As they leave the van, Namjoon watches Jimin fix his hair back into place. When he's satisfied enough, Jimin slides out of the van as well and follows them inside. 

Then there was one. 

Namjoon sits rather frozen in his seat, trying to think of disgusting, sad, painfully unsexy things to help himself out. But no matter what he thinks of, flashes of Taehyung and Jimin's mini-show keep overpowering all of the sick puppies and grandmas with missing teeth in his mind. 

"Namjoon-ah?" Hoseok calls, second to last out of the van. He must've noticed when Namjoon wasn't immediately following him.

Hoseok holds his arm across the van door like an elevator, as if it'll close automatically and lock Namjoon inside forever if he moves. His eyebrows are raised questioningly and his mouth hangs open in a soft 'n' type of shape, drooping just slightly at the corners to emphasize his confusion.

When Namjoon doesn't immediately answer, Hoseok follows up with, "You okay?"

Mentally shaking himself, Namjoon clears his throat and says, "Yeah, fine. Sorry, I―"

He slides down the row toward the door. As he does so, he makes an effort to keep his jacket layered over his legs. Intentionally, he doesn't make eye contact with Hoseok when he exits the car and then pretends to look for something in his jacket pocket the entire walk into the venue so he has an excuse to keep it in front of him.

And eventually, by the grace of a god Namjoon doesn't even believe in, it's safe for him to remove the jacket. It's sort of pitiful, but Namjoon's never been more relieved in his life. 

There's an arm wrapping itself around Namjoon's shoulder no more than a few seconds later. It takes no effort to recognize it belongs to Hoseok.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he questions, squinting in Namjoon's direction as if running a mental lie detector. 

Namjoon forces a smile. "I'm fine, bro," he says. Then, because that sounds painfully ingenuine, "Just tired, you know. Show after show. It gets to you after a while." 

At that, Hoseok can easily relate. Namjoon can sense Hoseok's worry subsiding just a bit. They're all feeling the drag and exhaustion of being on tour. It sucks, but Hoseok seems visibly relieved that it isn't much more than that. Besides, Namjoon thinks Hoseok would maybe push him away if he knew the real reason he was acting funny just now. It's kind of hard to explain that their bandmates accidentally gave him a boner. 

Ruffling Namjoon's hair for a moment and then pulling him into what Namjoon is pretty sure can be considered a love-filled headlock, Hoseok tells him, "We're all feeling it. But we'll be fine, right? We're always fine."

In a way, Namjoon agrees. He knows they, as a team, will pull through the exhaustion they all feel. And although Namjoon used it as an excuse, it's definitely something he's feeling. So Namjoon takes some comfort in Hoseok's words. But what Namjoon isn't sure about is if he'll recover from both the embarrassment and knowledge of understanding he got hard from watching Taehyung and Jimin make out. 

Namjoon thinks maybe he needs to call a group meeting. 

They need to set up some boundaries. 



Life with Taehyung and Jimin is like living with live-action, softcore porn playing at all times. That's Namjoon's defense. And he doesn't think anyone else quite understands what he means by that besides the other members. And maybe a handful of their poor managers who have been exposed to Taehyung and Jimin's shamelessness. 

If Namjoon was held at gunpoint and forced to pick a point in their lives where Taehyung and Jimin's actions became too apparent to ignore or brush off as something else, he'd pick ISAC 2017.

He doesn't think he's being outlandish or exaggerating to describe their behavior on that specific day as completely fuckin' out of control. They started in the morning when their audience maxed out at a mere six, but that was apparently more than enough. 

At first, it was sort of adorable. Feeding each other at the breakfast table and stealing kisses when the other was least suspecting it. Little things like that. Namjoon remembers catching them out of the corner of his eye more than a few times.

Jimin's hand massaging at Taehyung's nape. Taehyung's fingers on Jimin's thigh under the table. Jimin catching Taehyung's chin between his index and thumb to pull him into a kiss. Taehyung's tongue in Jimin's mouth. Namjoon saw it all. But still, for them, it was rather tame. Regular things just about anyone would expect from a couple. Especially since Taehyung and Jimin seem to have stationed their relationship in the honeymoon phase. 

By ten a.m., they were splitting the hour-long drive over to the stadium between loudly complaining that they never have any proper time alone and emphasizing the 'P' in PDA. When Jeongguk jokingly told them to get a room, that segued them back into whining about working so much they haven't spent a proper night together in ages. 

"We're off tomorrow," Namjoon remembers offering as a positive reminder. 

And at that, Jimin had kissed Taehyung― slow and deep― then said with a smile on his face, "Can't wait." 

Turns out, Jimin meant that literally. He wasn't going to wait until tomorrow.

Truthfully, Namjoon doesn't have the entire story, because he did make an effort to participate in ISAC like he was supposed to, but there were just some instances he couldn't help but see. He was positioned right behind Jimin who, of course, was right behind Taehyung, during the opening ceremony dance. And Namjoon isn't sure who was in charge of their order, but he thinks maybe next time the two of them should be in the back.

Namjoon's memory recalls Jimin spending a majority of his time patting Taehyung's ass. Near innocently at first, but soon his actions turned more deliberate and more flirty. Namjoon pretended not to see the expression of pure excitement Taehyung had when he turned around to look back at Jimin, and made his mind erase the way Jimin had draped himself around Taehyung's shoulders and whispered devilishly (way too loudly, by the way) into Taehyung's ear, "How about we give everyone a show today, baby?" 

It was in that exact moment Namjoon realized two things: one, Taehyung and Jimin absolutely love the idea of people watching them; and two, the more eyes on them, the better. 

The thing about ISAC is that there are long breaks in between when each group is scheduled to compete. Namjoon had attempted to mingle, not just with his members but also with members of other groups. They see each other at music shows and year-end events, but don't often get a chance to swap stories and just hang out.

Honestly, Namjoon enjoys that they're all brought together for something other than music. It's all of their passion; sometimes there doesn't need to be a first place winner. But in a relay race? Fuck yeah, Namjoon will destroy any other idol group in close vicinity. 

He thinks he was speaking with someone from GOT7. Jinyoung, maybe, when two figures in white hoodies caught his eye. And in hindsight, they shouldn't have, because all of the males attending were in white hoodies. But there was something familiar about those specific figures that Namjoon was drawn to. Namjoon had spaced out from the conversation quite rudely, but soon everyone was looking at what he was looking at so it was okay. 

On the sidelines, on the green-colored cement, Taehyung had Jimin pressed to the floor with his hand in the air preparing to spank him for the second or third time. Taehyung and Jimin aren't stupid, they knew the entire stadium was watching them. How could they not? No other two members of a group were making a show of publically punishing one another. 

With his jaw dropped, Namjoon had watched the way Jimin had poorly attempted to block Taehyung's hand, but then easily give in to allow Taehyung's hand to come in contact with him again. When Jimin had pretended to move away, Taehyung had pulled him back, pushed his hoodie up to remove any extra barriers between his hand and Jimin's ass, and spanked him again.

At that, the crowd started to roar. Not cheer― roar. And because of that, all of the other groups turned their heads in search of what was causing such a loud response. Namjoon, in a way, had felt some sort of secondhand embarrassment from the number of people that were watching Taehyung and Jimin at that moment, but they seemed to just come even more alive.

Taehyung had straddled Jimin shortly after, both of their eyes beaming with exhilaration and liveliness. Jimin's hand had massaged Taehyung's thigh and Taehyung laughed a secret, smug type of laugh. Like he was literally daring Jimin's hand to go higher. To touch him for real. In front of everyone. 

But no more than a split second later, Jimin pushed Taehyung away and he went chasing after a discarded water bottle. 

Namjoon had clumsily stumbled back into his conversation with Jinyoung, but images of Taehyung smacking Jimin's ass in front of a stadium full of people replayed in his head for the rest of the day. 



As time went on, Namjoon began to conclude a few things. Like it's not a reoccurring accident that someone in the group always, always, always hears when Taehyung and Jimin are having sex.

It's not just Namjoon; all members have fallen victim to the Jimin and Taehyung Bang-a-thon. But the common courtesy rule is when the walls are thin, which they always are, especially in the dorm, that there should be an attempt to be quiet. But with Taehyung and Jimin? It seems the thinner the walls, the louder they are. Neighboring them in hotels is always fun. 

The thing about their group is that it's not a secret that they all hook up with each other. Taehyung and Jimin consistently and (nearly) exclusively since they've declared themselves in an official relationship, sure. But all of the other members as well. All of their paths have crossed at least once; they're a spiderweb. 

Some members find themselves waking up next to each other more than others, but at the end of the day, it's sort of free reign. They've never talked about it to get a proper definition, but Jeongguk called them all his boyfriends once and Namjoon thinks that sounds right. Together, they're a polyamorous something. It's easier just to go with it without questioning the technicalities of it all. Their life is complicated enough. They don't have time to overthink making out with their group members. 

So it's not shocking or any form of breaking news when Namjoon finds himself alone in bed with Jeongguk. They're already two glasses of expensive red wine in, so Jeongguk's a little tipsy. He's cute all the time, but he's very much an adorable drunk. One minute he's speaking normally, the next minute he's ranting a mile a minute about the beauty of 24-hour delivery service and the definition of destiny. 

Namjoon kisses him. Partially to shut him up, but mostly because he can't resist it anymore. 

When Namjoon pulls back, Jeongguk smiles. Perfectly aligned teeth shine in the dull hotel room light and Namjoon swears he brightens up the whole room. And for just that, Namjoon has to kiss him again. But this time as a thank you. For always making him feel better. 

A little bit deeper this time; he pulls Jeongguk in closer and cups the side of his face. Easily, Jeongguk falls into Namjoon's rhythm and drops his jaw just enough to let Namjoon's tongue inside. He laughs, so Namjoon laughs, too. Again, he pulls back. 

"What?" Namjoon questions, still petting slowly over the side of Jeongguk's face. He's perfect, all the way down to his facial structure. It's not fair, but Namjoon spends his time admiring every aspect of Jeongguk so it's okay. 

And Namjoon doesn't know if it's the hopeless romantic in him, or the hopeless romantic he knows is in Jeongguk, or maybe the atmosphere, but he's expecting Jeongguk to say something heartfelt. Something about how the way they all met for a reason and how it's meant to be, something about Jeongguk joining the company because of him and always being a little bit in love with him, something about how being together feels right. What he's not expecting is―

"Taehyungie-hyung and Jimin-hyung are fucking." 

Namjoon swears he hears a record scratching in his head. 

He's not sure if he's more taken aback by Jeongguk's words or the way he's said it. Namjoon knows it's the alcohol, but typically Jeongguk isn't so blunt with his phrasing. Not that he doesn't curse and make inappropriate sex jokes just as often as any other young adult his age, but when it comes to things like this, Namjoon just simply wasn't expecting him to say it the way that he did. 

"Um," is Namjoon's empty answer. 

Jeongguk puts his hand on the wall behind them, and it's only then that the upbeat, persistent, loud knocking of a headboard against the other side of the wall becomes apparent. Namjoon knows this happens too often nowadays because he genuinely tuned it out until Jeongguk brought attention to it. 

Simply, Jeongguk says, "I hear them." 

"We always hear them," Namjoon comments, mixing a smile with a roll of his eyes. He isn't quite sure his intention of the comment, though. Maybe it's just a test to see how Jeongguk feels. 

With a bit of a giggle, Jeongguk questions, "Does it annoy you? To hear them and see them and..."

Jeongguk's voice trails off into silence but his actions are loud and clear. Namjoon feels Jeongguk's hand on his knee and traveling slowly upward. For just a moment, Namjoon's air catches in his chest. 

Breathlessly, Namjoon shakes his head a few times before he says, "No, it's just..."

And it seems he, too, has lost his voice. But that's a common occurrence around Jeongguk. He has that effect on him; especially when he's suggesting exactly what he's suggesting right now.

There's a golfball in Namjoon's throat that he can't swallow no matter how hard he tries. He attempts to suffocate it with Jeongguk's mouth instead. Without much thought, Namjoon tips himself to the side until his and Jeongguk's lips are connected again. 

When they part, Jeongguk gestures toward Taehyung and Jimin on the other side of the wall and admits with his cheeks blushed rose and his eyes angled downward, "I don't know, I think it's kinda hot." 

And at that moment, two glasses of expensive red wine in, and completely under Jeongguk's spell, Namjoon could allow himself to agree. He's nodding as he's licking at Jeongguk's bottom lip. Namjoon tastes berries and anticipation, so he pulls Jeongguk closer. 

Through kisses and wandering hands, Namjoon asks Jeongguk what he wants. And as easily as ever, he tells Namjoon he wants him on top tonight. With his eyes closed, Jeongguk spreads his legs and allows Namjoon to settle between them. They've rid themselves of all clothing except their boxers hours ago, all of this beginning with the intention to talk and then sleep, but something about hearing Taehyung and Jimin so vividly through the walls has gotten them both worked up. 

Namjoon carries condoms and lube in his duffle bag which Jeongguk only has to lean off of the bed to reach. He's smiling his beautiful, charming smile as he rolls the condom onto Namjoon and lubes up his length. Still, like the perfect type of background noise, Taehyung and Jimin can he heard through the wall. Taehyung's damn near begging Jimin to go faster and Jimin's telling him he only gets what he wants when he asks nicely. 

As Namjoon's lining up against Jeongguk, they hear Taehyung moaning out, "Please, Jimin, please." And Namjoon can't explain why it makes his time with Jeongguk even better, but it does. Somehow hearing them turns both him and Jeongguk on. Jeongguk's moans intertwining with Taehyung and Jimin's might be the prettiest thing Namjoon's ever heard. 

He's starting to think maybe the two of the flaunting their sex life all over the place isn't such a bad thing at all. 



When they have time, movie nights at the dorm are a regular occurrence.

It gives the seven of them time to experience things together that isn't the constant pressure to perform and entertain. In that time, they're able to feel like normal twenty-somethings.

No cameras, no staff members, no fans. 

But there are snacks and blankets and, usually by Jeongguk's request, horror films that typically end with Seokjin and Hoseok burying their faces in each other's necks. Yoongi likes to act like he's unaffected but suspiciously takes frequent bathroom breaks when the killings start. 

As to be expected, Taehyung and Jimin spend more time making out than retaining anything that happens in the movie. Silences in the scenes are filled with soft moans from the two that Namjoon tries desperately to ignore. But over the months, he's beginning to find it harder and harder to do so. Both figuratively and literally, he assumes. 

Usually, Namjoon's sitting a person or two away from the lovebirds and he's able to tune out everything that's not the zombies on the screen. But some nights, he finds himself right next to them and it's then that's it's impossible not to split his time between watching the movie and watching them. Deep down he knows it doesn't matter where he's sitting― the two of them are distracting no matter what.

Namjoon knows all of the members get a little too caught up stealing glances at the two of them than focusing on the film. That's another piece of knowledge he's gained over the months. His talk with Jeongguk lead him to studying everyone else's behavior. Imagine Namjoon's surprise when he spotted all of the members stuck in the whirlwind of Taehyung and Jimin's daily shows. 

Over time, Taehyung and Jimin have escalated from mildly obnoxious make-out sessions to extremely obnoxious make-out sessions.  The type that transition to Jimin sitting in Taehyung's lap, massaging his fingers through Taehyung's hair, and sucking hickeys onto his neck. It's like each time, the two of them press their luck. They always go a little further. Like they want to see exactly where the other members will stop them.

But maybe that's where the problem lies. No one ever stops them. Not really. 

(No one wants to.)

"I have a spray bottle, I'm not afraid to use it," Seokjin often jokes. But they know he's only saying it to bring some comic relief to the tension-filled living room. It's true, he'll spray the two of them with water in a heartbeat without a second thought, but he mostly says it to lighten up the mood.

Sometimes, the five of them find themselves so transfixed that none of them are watching the movie at all. With wide eyes, slightly hung mouths, and blood rushing south, they stare at the two of them.

And it's then, when it starts to get too much, when they all start to think maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to join in too, Seokjin speaks up.

And like clockwork, Jimin comments back, "Good, I like to get wet." 

Jimin's a brat, but so is Seokjin. So it's not uncommon for those two remarks to snowball. Those times, Namjoon's able to maintain self-control because Jimin and Taehyung are forced to separate long enough for Jimin to go back and forth with Seokjin. But other times, Jimin's a bit too preoccupied with Taehyung's lips and Taehyung's hands and Taehyung's tongue and ignores Seokjin altogether. 

And in those times, Namjoon's also a bit too preoccupied with Taehyung's lips and Taehyung's hands and Taehyung's tongue. Right along with Jimin's lips and Jimin's hands and Jimin's tongue. Namjoon finds himself staring― literally staring― at the two of them kissing each other. He follows their hands' every move; the way they linger at the hem of each other's shirts, and how sometimes, on really daring nights, they slip down each other's pants. 

If the circumstances were different, Namjoon would feel a lingering sense of guilt. Maybe have an existential crisis about his whole life. He'd worry about sorting his feelings for his members and question if he's able to be satisfied with the sort of free-for-all arrangement they have set up right now.

If the circumstances were different. If being the keyword. 

Because currently, the circumstances are as follows: Taehyung and Jimin intentionally make themselves the center of attention and everyone easily falls under their spell. At this point, most of the members don't even try to deny it. No one admits it, but everyone knows. 

And it's there that Namjoon's found his inner peace about this whole seemingly on-going situation― everyone watches them. Not just him. And from Namjoon's extensive observational research, everyone's just as affected by Taehyung and Jimin's mini sex show as he is. Perhaps, they're just better at hiding it from the rest of the members. But Namjoon credits himself on his attention to detail and he's concluded that each member has found himself... a bit too worked up more than a handful of times.

To be completely honest, whatever Taehyung and Jimin decide to do is more interesting than any movie scene, and they know that. Namjoon figures the two of them understand good and well that they've got the five of them wrapped around their finger.

They must know. They have to. Namjoon can only imagine having that in the back of their heads adds fuel to their fire.

There's too much glimmer and satisfaction in their eyes when a member suddenly dismisses themselves and heads to the bathroom. Their reasoning is apparent, the way there's typically a pillow or bowl of popcorn strategically placed in front of their groin as they exit the room. 

But it's like a game they've all decided to play but never once spoke the rules out loud. 

Taehyung and Jimin clearly get a kick out of it. Namjoon watches them watch everyone else while they're climbing into each other's laps and sticking their tongues down each other's throats. And Namjoon also watches the other members darting their eyes between the television and the live show just a few feet away from them. 

And sometimes, when Taehyung and Jimin are really on a roll, two or three members sneak off to the kitchen or the bathroom and return fifteen or twenty minutes later. They always come back with a face more blushed than it was when they left, just slightly out of breath, and clothes a bit more wrinkled than they were not too long ago. 

Namjoon's been there before; he knows exactly what's happening. He knows what they're doing.

High off of the free live show in their living room, members help each other out any way they can. Quickies in the hallway just outside of the living room are common as well. 

But it's not the sex part that leaves them feeling sinful. They've all hooked up with each other more times than any of them can count. It's accepting that they couldn't resist watching Taehyung and Jimin. Something about that seems taboo.  

Maybe it's something about knowing they're doing exactly what Taehyung and Jimin want. 



Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok are recording Ddaeng, so there's sort of no musical reason why Taehyung and Jimin are also at the studio today. More specifically, there's no reason why they're on Namjoon's couch in Namjoon's studio while the three of them record Ddaeng.

No reason besides to make out, apparently. 

Dressed comfortably in a light blue hoodie and khaki cargo shorts, Namjoon swivels back and forth in his desk chair. It's on wheels, so he scoots by the inch from one position to another in the process, watching Yoongi with admiration from the other side of the glass.

The two of them butted heads at the beginning, similar to Taehyung and Jimin, but Namjoon has the utmost love, respect, and praise for Yoongi.

Namjoon doesn't speak about it often, but he gets an overwhelming feeling of pride when he watches Yoongi record. Without meaning to, memories from their trainee days replay in Namjoon's head. All of the late nights they stayed up wishing and waiting for this moment― to have their own studios, to have creative control, to write and produce music constantly, to be in a position to be recording a song for their group's Festa. It's a dream come true. 

"Since you won't let me feature on a Cypher," Taehyung begins with a soft giggle from Jimin to follow. "Can I feature on this?"

Both Namjoon and Hoseok spin around in their chairs. 

Hoseok speaks first. With an emptiness to his promise, he says, "Next time, Taehyungie." 

Taehyung rolls his eyes. He's been hearing that since 2014. 

"I'll audition," Taehyung suggests, biting his bottom lip to hold in his laughter. But then he clears his throat and brings his hand in front of his own face in a dramatic, calming manner. Again, he clears his throat and adjusts his face to a more serious expression.

Namjoon presses his index finger to the side of his mouth to keep his face straight as Taehyung begins eagerly, "Hip hop? Ddaeng! Rap style? Ddaeng!"

He's resting on Jimin's chest, who's more or less flat on his back to accommodate Taehyung's positioning, so he doesn't sound or look very convincing. It's comical. Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin can't help but laugh. As his own hypeman, Taehyung pumps his left arm in the air in time with the beat playing, which bounces his whole body against Jimin's.

After a few moments, Jimin stills Taehyung in his arms with a bearhug. At that, Taehyung makes a winded type of sound and dramatically deflates himself into Jimin's arms like he's a balloon that's just been popped. 

Once snug against Jimin's chest, Taehyung asks as he laughs, "How was that?"

Namjoon answers, "Needs work," playfully with a shake of his head at the same time Jimin kisses Taehyung's hairline and tells him, "Perfect, baby." 

Picking approval over criticism, Taehyung lifts his head up just high enough to be face to face with Jimin and says in an overdramatic tone, "Really?!"

They're silly, and honestly, they're almost unbearably adorable. They're sweet with each other; playful and gentle. Namjoon swears he feels cavities literally forming in his teeth from watching them sometimes. (It's better than the growing feeling he gets in his pants sometimes, so he doesn't complain.)

Like the two of them can read Namjoon's mind and immediately decided to taunt him, Taehyung tips his head forward until he's mere centimeters from Jimin's lips. Instinctually, Namjoon bites down on his own. He doesn't think it's physically possible, but he swears he feels his pupils enlarging as he watches Taehyung smirk flirtatiously when he pulls back just when Jimin lifts his chin. There's a split second expression of feigning annoyance on Jimin's face, but it's drowned out by his pure love for Taehyung. 

It happens quickly― the way Taehyung's legs spread just enough to straddle Jimin, then way Jimin's hand finds a home on the sliver of skin peeking out between Taehyung's boxers and his shirt that's beginning to ride up, the way Taehyung quickly gives in and deepens the kiss. And Namjoon doesn't know what the hell's gotten into him, but fuck, he can't look away. And for long, long moments, there isn't even a thought in his brain that tells him maybe he should. 

Perhaps Namjoon imagines it, but he swears Jimin steals a glance in his and Hoseok's direction before dipping his hand underneath the material of Taehyung's boxers and cupping his ass. Even from his distance away and the layers of clothing, Namjoon can see the way tips of Jimin's fingers knead into Taehyung's skin. And the music is still blasting loud, so maybe Namjoon didn't hear this correctly, but he swears Taehyung whimpers into Jimin's mouth. 

In a way that's both subtle and obnoxious, Taehyung positions himself perfectly in Jimin's lap. His entire weight seems to be exactly where Jimin wants it to be, and Namjoon watches the mix of pleasure and excitement that washes over Jimin's face when Taehyung grinds his hips just slightly. 

Namjoon's couch isn't huge, so Taehyung and Jimin more or less take up the entirety of the space allotted, even on top of each other the way they are. One wrong change of position and they'll be on the floor. Normally, that thought alone would be comical to Namjoon, but not right now. Right now he finds himself hyperfocusing on each time Taehyung's lips meet Jimin's, he counts the milliseconds they go without contact and holds his breath when they reconnect.

Jimin whispers something to Taehyung, and still, with the beat blasting, Namjoon isn't sure if he hears him properly. But Namjoon squints his eyes to read Jimin's lips and he could swear on all of his Ryan dolls that Jimin says to Taehyung, "Sit back, let them see you." 

A moment later, Taehyung does just that. There's an amused, soft smile on Taehyung's face as he straightens his back to adjust the way he's sitting on Jimin.

Jimin's hand begins at Taehyung's collarbone and slides down his midsection until his fingers hook around Taehyung's waistband of his pants. Taehyung gulps, Namjoon does too. 

"Should I do that again?" Yoongi asks from inside the booth, nearly forgotten in Namjoon's mind.

Visibly, both Namjoon and Hoseok jump. Namjoon's eyes connect with Hoseok's for a moment before they both look away sheepishly. It's only then that Namjoon concludes in a delayed manner that he wasn't the only one sucked into Taehyung and Jimin's gale. Hoseok scratches nervously behind his ear and forces a smile.

In synch with each other, they both spin themselves around to face Yoongi through the glass. Guilt is apparent in both of their eyes, Namjoon knows it. Fuck, they're both terrible liars. 

"No, um. It was... great, hyung. It was perfect," Hoseok stumbles out. With a mildly annoyed look on his face, Yoongi taps his headphones and then shugs in Hoseok's direction, signaling he can't hear Hoseok inside of the booth. Hoseok forgot to press the button to enable his mic. To compensate, Hoseok offers Yoongi a dramatized thumbs up. 

Yoongi rolls his eyes. 

"You weren't even listening," he accuses, pulling the gunmetal colored headphones off of his head so that they hang comfortably around his neck. Custom designed with Yoongi's name on the inside arch. Wagging his fingers to depict he's only joking, Yoongi adds, "I'm gonna smother you both." 

"I was listening!" Hoseok yells back defensively. 

Under the table, Namjoon watches Hoseok's hand adjust himself. His hand disappears into his loose-fitting sweatpants for a moment and then reappears a split second later. If Namjoon wasn't looking for the action, he definitely would've missed it. But Namjoon knows Hoseok's ears only burn this red when he's drunk and when he's horny. There isn't any opened alcohol in the studio today, so it must be the latter. He's trying to hide it, though. Namjoon understands. 

Oddly, Namjoon feels a sense of solidarity shoot through his body. It's nearly pathetic, but he takes a bit of comfort knowing he wasn't the only one just now that was a bit too affected by whatever the hell Taehyung and Jimin were doing. 

Sarcastically, Yoongi says, "Good."

He pulls back on his headphones, twirls his index finger in a circular motion to signal he wants the playback to start again, and says, "Then you'll listen again." 

Hoseok laughs a strained type of laugh but presses the buttons necessary to restart the loop. 

From the corner of his eye, Namjoon notices Hoseok sneaking a paranoid type of glance in his direction. Like he's worried Namjoon is staring at him. Like he's scared Namjoon knows something about him he shouldn't. 

But Namjoon intentionally keeps his eyes forward in an attempt to focus on making music and not Taehyung and Jimin making out a few feet behind him. Problem is, the only thing his mind can concentrate on is matching the soft sounds he hears from behind him to the images his mind is painting in his head.

And by the looks of it, Hoseok understands his struggle all too well. 

Like clockwork, a few minutes later, Hoseok excuses himself to the bathroom. 



The studio windows are beginning to fog up, but Namjoon swears his mind is crystal clear. Fumes from the lit end of the joint being passed around snakes it's way up the canal of his nose and swirls around his brain. A relaxed feeling washes over Namjoon's body. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly like he's seen on those YouTube yoga videos. 

Rather thoughtlessly, Namjoon watches Yoongi take a slow drag and then pass to Hoseok. Everyone's sitting on the floor, but Namjoon can't remember why they decided to do that. But now they're in a poor excuse for a circle and giggling about random things brought up in conversation. 

For a long while, Namjoon only smoked when he wanted to tap into what he swore was a less frequently used part of his brain. It was an attempt to unleash an even more creative section of his mind to enhance his lyrics and his perception of the world around him. He's pretty sure it was a Lil Wayne interview that made him open to smoking as a way to become more imaginative, so he's not exactly sure how credible this particular source is, but it hasn't steered him wrong yet. Plus, quite frankly, he does it because he wants to. It relaxes him.

Musically, they've transitioned to old school hip hop playing softly over the studio's speaker. Without looking, Namjoon knows Yoongi's the one who plugged his phone into the aux cord. The mix of Biggie and Eminem and Tupac makes the owner of the playlist stick out like a sore thumb, but Namjoon loves it. He's derived himself from these influences as well. It's one of the beginning reasons he and Yoongi bonded. 

"Oh fuck," Yoongi says slowly, closing his eyes. He puts his head back and smiles as the beat coming through the speaker changes. "I love this song." 

Instantly, Namjoon recognizes the tempo, the piano playing, the scratching of the record. The World Is Yours by Nas is playing, and goddamn, this song truly takes Namjoon back to his early trainee days. He knows Yoongi is feeling everything he's feeling. They've shared plenty of late night heart to hearts to the soundtrack of this song. Sitting back just a bit, Namjoon steals a glance at Yoongi and smiles at him. 

"Namjoon," Yoongi calls with a wild type of smile on his face. He takes in a deep breath and says, "We planned world domination to this song, didn't we?"

In a mocking tone of their past-selves, Namjoon pitches his voice to a whine and says, "We're gonna be the best rappers in the fuckin' world. Nothing's gonna stop us. They owe us respect!"

Hoseok laughs, Taehyung and Jimin as well. But they're quiet otherwise; Namjoon knows they love hearing their stories. Namjoon and Yoongi have plenty of them. Times that just the two of them have lived through together and they've yet to even speak out loud to another member.

The joint has made a round and found itself back in Yoongi's hand. He takes a quick drag and breathes out slowly, a white cloud emerging from his lips. He smiles and says, "Yeah, we were pretty angry back then, huh?"

"We all were," Jimin says. It's clear that he's imagining himself just a few years ago. He rubs his eyes like he's trying to rid the memory. "We had something to prove but had no idea how to go about it." 

At that, Taehyung points his index and middle finger in the air, taps his thumb against his index twice to simulate a gunshot and sings with a laugh, "Click-click, bang-bang!"

Embarrassed, Jimin throws himself into Taehyung's lap to laugh. Used to it after all these years, Taehyung barely reacts. But he positions his arm behind Jimin's head so that he doesn't roll off of his legs and hit the floor. There's carpet covering the hardwood floor and no more than a four-inch drop, but Namjoon thinks it's cute that the instinct is there. They're always watching out for each other. 

"Kinda miss my spiked mask, though," Hoseok comments, taking a hit. "Don't miss the painfully fake chains we all wore." 

"Poor Jeongguk," Namjoon says with a laugh. "Wasn't he allergic to those gold ones we used to wear? The back of his neck used to turn green."

Yoongi covers his face with his hands and yells although it comes out muffled, "We thought we were so cool, god!"

Taehyung shrugs his shoulders.

"We were cool," he says, appreciating their transformation and growth. "But we're cooler now because we know who we are. If you think about it, we're still the same. We were just so young then, we had no idea what we were supposed to look like or act like. All we knew was that we wanted to make music and we'd do anything to be able to do that. It's cringy but... I don't know, I wouldn't change it if I could." 

Jimin's fingers pet through the back of Taehyung's hair. 

"This is why we don't let you smoke, Taehyungie. You get all sentimental and shit," Yoongi comments; his words have no hardness to them, though.

It's understood he's only joking, and more than that, the glimmer in his eyes also makes it understood that he agrees. He smiles fondly in Taehyung's direction.  

Defensively, Taehyung yells, "I haven't even smoked! Jimin and I passed each time, it's only been you three!"

Namjoon bursts out laughing at the sudden realization. It's true; it's only been the three of them. If Taehyung and Jimin are high at all it's only second-hand and no more than a buzz. They don't usually smoke anyway, Namjoon's surprised they were even offered. Maybe they're more high than they realize. The thought of that also makes Namjoon giggle. 

"Well, whatever," Yoongi follows up with, waving his hand dismissively. "No more of that, I don't feel like crying." 

Almost immediately, Jimin offers, "So let's play a game." 

Namjoon watches Hoseok suck his teeth and reply back with a whine, "You know I don't like playing cards..."

"Who the hell said―" Jimin starts, a wild expression his face. "All I said was a game. There's not even a deck here."

Hoseok is in near hysterics. He covers his mouth with both hands as he rocks himself back and forth. He's laughing so hard there isn't even sounds leaving him, his face is just turning a darker shade of red by the second. Soon, he's on his back in the middle of the circle, laughing so hard he has to hold his stomach now. The rest of them just watch. Partly amused, partly concerned. 

When Hoseok has enough air in his lungs to speak, he sits back up and says loudly in Namjoon's ear, "Dude, I swore he said let's play cards."

Disappointedly, Namjoon says, "No more hits for you."

"Lightweight in everything," Yoongi mumbles, shaking his head. "Shameful."

Loudly, over the older three bickering with one another, Jimin damn near yells, "Let's play Would You Rather."

Namjoon tips his head back and laughs. "God, we haven't played this in years."

With a wicked type of look in his eyes, Jimin says, "Good. Let the games begin."



They get competitive over everything, so Namjoon should've seen coming that this would soon transform into nothing short of a screaming match. 

Yoongi's on his knees because everyone else is sitting on the floor and he feels the need to make himself bigger when he's trying to make a point. He runs his hand through his hair in a frustrated manner and says, "That's not even fair, how am I supposed to choose? I want a different question!"

"I'm not giving you a different question," Jimin tells him through his giggles. "Just pick, hyung."

But Yoongi looks like he's in a crisis. He sits back on his heels and questions, "Lose an arm or lose a leg? I need both of my legs to dance, but I need my arms to hold the mic, Jimin!"

"You don't even like to dance," Hoseok reasons. 

And Taehyung, slightly under his breath, "It only takes one arm to hold a mic..."

Looking down as if his decision is going to magically come true the moment he decides, Yoongi says as he studies his fingers, "I like my hands." 

"So that's your answer?" Jimin asks, ready to move on because there's no reason they should've spent ten minutes on this the way they have. "Lose a leg?"

Deflating his shoulders, Yoongi points out, "But there are pedals on a piano."

"Use your other leg, hyung," Taehyung says. 

Namjoon laughs. "You're all idiots." 

Like he's fed up, Yoongi raises both of his arms in the air and yells, "Fine. Fine! Yeah, lose a leg, keep both my arms."

"Finally, we can move on," Hoseok says, looking in Namjoon's direction. It's his turn to answer now. 

Yoongi taps his chin as he thinks. On his hands and knees, Yoongi repositions himself in a way that allows him to face Namjoon.

"Hmm," he hums as he contemplates the two choices he's going to give Namjoon. But then he says, "Ah! Okay. Would you rather... kiss the first person you kissed again, or kiss the last person you kissed again?" 

Namjoon thinks that question is fairly easy. It doesn't take much weighing for Namjoon to answer, "The last person again definitely." 

Jimin makes a school-yard type of oooh sound and raises his eyebrows. Naturally, he asks, "Who's the last person you kissed, hyung?"

"Jeong― wait, no, Seokjin-hyung," Namjoon says, laughing at himself. "This morning." 

Hoseok points his thumb in Namjoon's direction, raises one eyebrow, and says, "Look at this serial kisser. He doesn't even remember." 

Namjoon waves his hand, denying the accusation. Through his laughs, Namjoon promises, "I remember, I swear. I just forgot for a minute. Besides, my first kiss was horrible so it kinda didn't matter who my last kiss was. No matter what, it was better than my first." 

Raising an imaginary glass in solidarity, Yoongi says, "I feel that." 

Moving on, Jimin says, "Okay, hyung. Ask me." 

Namjoon knew that by rotation, he be asking Jimin a question. So he already has it in his head when Jimin asks. 

"Would you rather never sing again or never dance again?"

There's a flash of something in Jimin's eyes. Fear, maybe. Or pain. Like just the thought of not being able to do one of those things again will somehow make him a lesser version of himself. And Namjoon understands that, really. There are some things in life he wouldn't know what to choose if he had to pick between the two of them.

Luckily this is just a game. So Namjoon thinks it's okay that he snaps his fingers and says, "C'mon, pick." 

Looking down, Jimin says, "Well... I've always thought of myself as a dancer that's learned to sing and not a singer that's learned to dance. So. I guess going by that... I pick never singing again. I'm a dancer before anything else." 

Like some kind of alliance, Namjoon watches Hoseok give Jimin a high five and say, "Hell yeah." 

Their spontaneous Dancers of Korea meeting only lasts a few seconds because soon after Yoongi's urging them on by saying, "Jimin, it's your turn."

In hindsight, Namjoon should've known it'd be Jimin to change the feel of the game. Just a slight shift in the way he's sitting lets Namjoon know there's about to be a turn. There's a look in Jimin's eyes now that Namjoon doesn't currently have a name for. One that's mischievous and deviant and a bit sexy, if Namjoon's being honest. 

"My turn, right?" Jimin questions. Namjoon knows Jimin already knows it is. 

He smiles; runs the tip of his middle finger over the curve of his bottom lip for a few moments before he says, "Okay, yeah, I got one." 

Namjoon doesn't know why his heart is beginning to pick up speed, but it is. Jimin's always been able to make his heart race a little. There's something sort of irresistible about him, Namjoon isn't afraid to admit that. It's so easy to fall under Jimin's spell, and the worst part is that Jimin knows that. All too often, Jimin uses it to his advantage. He's a little devil and Namjoon absolutely loves that about him.

Jimin sits forward and asks slowly, "Hoseokie-hyung... would you rather..."

Namjoon blinks hard. Jimin's voice is getting deeper, more gravely, sexier. And Namjoon knows it's not the weightless feeling in his head that's allowing him to imagine this. Jimin's definitely subtly changing his voice and his body language. A quick glance around the room shows that everyone's feeling it as well. Namjoon watches Hoseok swallow hard; Adam's apple bobbing almost nervously as he waits for Jimin to finish his question. 

It's then that Jimin's hand crawls backward, up Taehyung's leg, and grips around his thigh. For a moment, Namjoon's transfixed. Unintentionally, his eyes follow Jimin's hand and watch the way his fingers bend at the knuckle to squeeze at Taehyung's thigh through the thin fabric of his loose-fitting black pants. Taehyung bites at the space just under his bottom lip inside of his mouth. Namjoon watches the way he makes an effort to keep his face blank. 

Smiling just a bit, Jimin finishes with, "Kiss me... or kiss Taehyung?"

At Jimin's side, Taehyung chuckles an amused type of laugh. He adds, "We won't get mad, hyung."

All eyes are on Hoseok now and Namjoon swears he can physically feel Hoseok's brain working to come up with an answer. He sees him struggling with answering for real, or somehow making a joke of it. He could easily flip it and say something like, "I've already kissed both of you, so what's the difference?" but honestly, Hoseok isn't the type to say that. Think about it, maybe. But definitely not say it. 

Nervously, Hoseok sits up straight and scratches at the back of his neck. He says, "Huh?"

But Jimin isn't falling for it. He shakes his head and answers, "You heard me." 

Emptily, Hoseok says, "Um." 

Taehyung laughs again, clearly getting a kick out of Hoseok not being sure who he wants to pick. Namjoon thinks he wouldn't know what to say either, and he's happy he's dodged this bullet.

The thing about their relationship with each other is that everyone's kissed everyone, everyone's hooked up with everyone. At least once, everyone. But they've all been separate and meaningful experiences. At least to Namjoon. He doesn't think he could rank any of them. Not really. There's a reason why they've all decided to keep kissing and hooking up with each other. Why pick if there's no need to?

Thinking out loud, Hoseok says, "Okay, wait. Let me think." But then a second later, "How am I supposed to pick when you're both right here?"

Jimin shrugs. "Just pick," he says. He smirks, mostly to himself, and adds, "There's no wrong answer." 

Namjoon agrees with that. Honestly, there isn't. Even so, he's curious as to who Hoseok will pick. 

But Namjoon also knows Hoseok hates picking favorites. He doesn't like to make someone feel like prefers another person over them. The only time Namjoon's ever seen Hoseok bluntly pick was when he called Yoongi his soulmate, but the two of them have their own unexplored, unresolved feelings that drove that statement out of him. Neither of them is ready to hear it, but they're about two more hookups away from being the group's second established relationship. It's cute, though. Silently, Namjoon's rooting for them. 

Yoongi and Hoseok's relationship isn't the issue at hand right now, though. Currently, all four of them are waiting to see who Hoseok would rather kiss. 

"Jimin, you do that thing with your tongue when you kiss," Hoseok reasons out loud. "You know I like that."

He's sitting criss-cross and taps on the carpeted floor with his right hand. A moment later, he looks over at Taehyung and says, "And you always end up giggling when I kiss you, it's so cute. It just makes me wanna keep kissing you." 

Jimin nods like he relates to what Hoseok just said and it makes Namjoon laugh just a bit. 

Sighing, Hoseok asks, "I can't pick both?"

Jimin's face stays straight when he answers back, "You know you can't."

Like he's making a split, pressured decision, Hoseok closes his eyes and says, "Fine. Taehyung." 

Namjoon's eyes quickly shift to Taehyung. His face first shows surprise― widening eyes, raising eyebrows, a dropping jaw, but then it subsides into something like confidence and triumph― a settled smirk, glimmering pupils, the biting of his bottom lip. Namjoon looks away, only to survey Jimin's reaction. But honestly, he looks pleased. 

"Good choice," Jimin tells Hoseok. Then, scooting away as if to give them room, he tells Hoseok in a challenging voice, "Show me." 

Hoseok's eyes go as big as saucers, but so do everyone else's. Everyone besides Jimin and Taehyung, like the three of them have somehow fallen so easily into their plan. Jimin looks back at Taehyung, rubs his thumb over his cheekbone and says, "It's okay, right, baby?"

There's an eagerness to the way Taehyung nods at Jimin, then looks over at Hoseok and says, "It's okay." 

"You two are nuts," Yoongi says, shaking his head. But there isn't much genuineness to his tone. In fact, despite his words, Yoongi's face seems to be awaiting Hoseok and Taehyung closing the space between them and doing as Jimin's instructed. 

Piggybacking off of Yoongi's comment, Hoseok says, "Yeah, that's insane..." But then his eyes furrow, like he's contemplating it, and questions, "...isn't it?"

But Jimin's determined. His eyes pass over Namjoon for a moment and Namjoon finds himself holding his breath. Jimin eventually focuses back on Taehyung and he says, "No, it's not. It'll be fun."

And Namjoon swears he has no idea what's gotten into him, but he encourages without much time to filter himself, "Yeah, go ahead." 

A bit shocked, they all look over at him, but Jimin soon steals back the attention. With a hand on Taehyung's back, he urges him forward gently and says, "Go ahead, you know I like to watch." 

Thank the universe for the thickness of cargo shorts, because Namjoon feels his dick twitch just slightly against his thigh. He knows it's only a matter of time before he gets hard if this situation keeps escalating. It's never been a secret that they're all attracted to each other, but Taehyung and Jimin continuously make a show out of it and Namjoon doesn't think he can take much more. Fuck, these two are something else. 

When Namjoon's brain refocuses on the current state of their Would You Rather game that's somehow turned into some spontaneous version of Dare or Gay Chicken, Taehyung's on his hands and knees, just inches away from Hoseok. There's an arch to his back that Namjoon's always loved, and he follows the line to the curve of his ass and back up to his face.

Eventually, Namjoon's vision shifts over just a bit and lands on Hoseok. And god, Namjoon can tell he's done for. But honestly, who in their right mind would turn down a kiss from Taehyung? Namjoon knows he wouldn't. 

Hoseok's hand guides Taehyung forward. With just the silent instruction of his hand on the side of his face, Hoseok repositions Taehyung until he's comfortably seated in Hoseok's lap with his arms slung loosely over his shoulders. 

As if waiting for approval, Taehyung looks back at Jimin and raises his eyebrows. But Jimin's pleased, Namjoon can tell. He offers a barely audible, "Mmhmm." 

Namjoon's heart is beating so hard he's positive it's going to break out of his chest and do backflips in the middle of the room.

And suddenly it's all a blur. The way Hoseok's hand presses firmly on the small of Taehyung's back to pull him closer. The way Taehyung dips his head forward to meet his forehead with Hoseok's. The way Hoseok's other hand grips the back of Taehyung's hair like he needs to keep him in place. The way Taehyung smiles at that, tilting his head to the side and opening his mouth just a bit. The way their noses bump twice, trying to perfect their angle, before closing the space between their lips and kissing for real. 

All of it presents itself like jumps in movie scenes each time Namjoon blinks. 

The kiss only lasts a few seconds, but Namjoon's brain properly short circuits within that time frame. Soon enough, Taehyung scoots himself off of Hoseok's lap and back next to Jimin on the other side of the circle.  

"C'mere," Jimin mumbles no more than a second after Taehyung's settled himself beside him. He uses his right hand to steady Taehyung's chin and he leans forward to steal a kiss from Taehyung's lips as well. And Taehyung, as eager as ever, quickly falls into Jimin's rhythm and kisses him back. 

With these two, it's always a show. There's plenty of tongue and a few soft moans before they pull back, nearly panting, and licking at their own lips like they can still taste the other there. Taehyung smiles at Jimin first, and then Jimin smiles back. They separate, but hold hands as they sit. 

Now there's no way to deny it, Namjoon is definitely hard and by the looks of the way Hoseok and Yoongi are adjusting and repositioning the way they're sitting, he can assume they're in the same boat. But when Namjoon looks over at Jimin and Taehyung, they just look satisfied. Accomplished. Like this was their plan all along: to get the three of them as worked up as possible for their own enjoyment. 

When things have settled just a bit, Jimin asks, "Shall we continue?" but honestly, Namjoon doesn't think he can. The situation in his pants is becoming more and more of a problem. 

It's completely obvious, but Namjoon excuses himself and heads to the bathroom. He hopes to return with less of a tent in his pants and the images of his bandmates making out in front of him gone from his memory. 

Well... the memories can stay. Namjoon knows for a fact he'll use them later.



Weeks later, Namjoon would like to say things have calmed down. He'd like to say that their dorm has become less of an opening scene to some video on PornHub. But if he said that, he'd be lying. If anything, the instances of Taehyung and Jimin seemingly going out of their way to be the center of attention while they do things like make out and touch each other have multiplied. Exponentially. 

In fact, they've become more and more daring. And Namjoon― honestly, he's become more interested. More invested. Taehyung and Jimin have become the frequent stars of his fantasies when he has his alone time, and it's all their fault. The two of them know exactly what they're doing, but Namjoon blames himself more for falling victim so easily. 

"How long is this flight?" Namjoon hears Seokjin ask from somewhere behind him. They're in first class, not yet rich enough for their own private jet, and in those seats that face forward to the row ahead. It must be Namjoon's lucky day, Taehyung and Jimin are the pair facing him. 

The seat beside Namjoon is empty, so he leans into the aisle, makes eye contact with Seokjin and taps the seat as an invitation. 

"It's like six and a half hours," Namjoon informs him as Seokjin takes a seat beside him. He's got a fluffy pillow in one hand and his phone in the other. There are headphones hanging around his neck that he adjusts to cover his ears.

Sighing happily, Seokjin says, "A six-hour nap sounds perfect." 

From across the way, Jimin laughs. "Six hours? I think that's just called going to sleep, hyung, not a nap."

Seokjin shrugs and says, "Mind your business, kid." 

Jimin doesn't answer. He makes a quick transition and focuses his attention on whatever Taehyung's watching on his phone. Namjoon thinks that's a wise choice. Not many people win in an argument against Seokjin; especially when he's a bit grumpy due to exhaustion. Namjoon looks down and smiles to himself. 

Over the loud system, the pilot suggests for all passengers to fasten their seatbelts as they'll be taking off soon. Namjoon's quick to secure his seatbelt without issue, Seokjin as well, but Taehyung and Jimin seem to be having some sort of problem. 

"That's not how you do it," Namjoon hears Taehyung say as he laughs. "Why in the world would yours connect to mine?"

And Jimin says back, "Shut up, let me help you." 

"You're not helping," Taehyung replies, but he surrenders anyway. Namjoon's eyes shift forward just in time to watch Jimin finally fasten Taehyung's seatbelt and then glare at him in a playful manner.

Jimin sticks his tongue out, in a way that's meant to tease Taehyung for accomplishing something he said he couldn't, but Taehyung doesn't miss his chance. Quickly, he leans to the side and catches Jimin's mouth with his own, tongues brushing, and lips settling against each other. 

Surprised, Jimin pulls back first. But only long enough to smile and regain himself. Jimin's hand cups around Taehyung's neck to keep him in place as he kisses him. This time, Jimin has control. From across the way, Namjoon watches the way Taehyung follows Jimin's lead― opening his mouth when Jimin wants him to, tilting his head to the other side when Jimin begins to go the opposite way, relaxing against the steady hold of Jimin's fingers. 

Without barely looking up from his phone, Seokjin warns in a monotone, "Spray bottle."

At that, with giggles from both of them, Taehyung and Jimin separate. One of them makes a comment, Namjoon isn't exactly sure which one, but they mumble something about Seokjin being single and jealous. Seokjin hears him though and chucks his pillow at them a moment later. But Taehyung's got quick reflexes. He catches it before it hits either of them. All three of them laugh. 

Gently, Taehyung tosses the pillow back with a promise to be on their best behavior. Seokjin doesn't believe it, neither does Namjoon, but their doubt is warranted. Taehyung and Jimin are never on their best behavior anymore. Because their worst behavior brings them all sorts of attention and they all know that's what they like. 

So understandably, Seokjin takes Taehyung's word with a grain of salt. Clearly unconvinced, Seokjin replies, "Uh huh." 

A minute later, Seokjin adds, "If you two get us kicked off this plane because you can't keep your hands to yourself, you both can walk to Japan, okay?"

Seokjin's threat is clearly an empty one bc it results in Taehyung pretending to literally take off his pants and Jimin can't help but burst out laughing. Good thing he has his seatbelt on to hold him into place. He leans forward in his chair, covering his mouth as he laughs. Namjoon smirks to himself, but he thinks watching Jimin laugh is making him laugh more than Taehyung's bratty reaction. 

But despite that, the four of them quickly transition to a calm state not too long after.

Seokjin gets lost in whatever he's watching on his phone and within an hour or so he's asleep next to Namjoon. Across the way, Taehyung and Jimin are both doing separate things on their phone as well. Taehyung seems to be watching a movie while Jimin is most likely listening to music and scrolling through Twitter to interact with fans. He loves interacting with them as much as they love getting the notifications on their phones that he's posted something new. Namjoon admires Jimin's relationship with their fans. Every spare second they have, he tries to remember to post something to give them updates. 

Hours creep by slowly. Namjoon feels each one pass through his body; maybe he's subconsciously counting the seconds. By now, he should be used to long flights. Six and a half hours should be nothing compared to the other ones they've been on that have been more than doubled this time. But he thinks maybe he's just anxious to get to their hotel and lay down in a real bed. This week has been particularly exhausting. 

To keep himself busy, Namjoon writes lyrics. Most of the time, not even with the intention of writing something good enough to make it onto the album or a project of his own. Just as a way to get out some of his feelings and attempt to better understand his perspective on life and himself at the time.

Often, Namjoon looks back on the randomly scribbled lyrics and gains insight on himself and the way he was processing situations in those moments. It's rather therapeutic. 

For some reason, though, movement from across the way keeps catching his attention. At first, Namjoon tries to ignore it. He tells himself reasonably that Taehyung and Jimin are humans, they shift and reposition themselves just as much as anyone else would. But after Namjoon's brain registers the consistent, pattern-like movement he begins to try to subtly decipher if what he thinks is happening is actually happening. 

More and more, curiosity gets the best of Namjoon and he decides then that he can't take much longer not knowing for sure. His eyes begin on the carpeted floor of the airplane and slowly make their way higher. Inch by inch, Namjoon takes in the scene and makes note of exactly four things. 

One, Jimin's right foot is overlapping Taehyung's left, but Taehyung's leg is bouncing like he's nervous. Namjoon thinks maybe Jimin's leg is over his to still his jitters but it's ineffective. Letting his eyes continue to move upward, the second thing Namjoon takes notice of is the fact that both Taehyung's jacket and Jimin's jacket are draped over both of their laps. 

Although it's not particularly cold on the plane, Namjoon would've been inclined to not overthink the jackets if it didn't bring him to the third thing― Jimin's hand under the jackets. 

Namjoon's not naive, he knows exactly what they're doing. But if Namjoon's honest, like all the other times, they're not really trying to hide it. Struck, for only a moment, Namjoon's eyes linger on the up and down motion of Jimin's hand he registers through the layers of jackets.

This brings Namjoon to the last thing he takes notice of― Jimin. More specifically, the way his eyes are only locked on Namjoon before Namjoon looks at him. Like he's been staring at Namjoon this whole time, just waiting for his gaze and everything else to finally get Namjoon's attention. If that's the case, mission: accomplished.

As always, Taehyung and Jimin get what they want. 

There's a daring, cocky type of look in Jimin's eyes. And for a moment, Namjoon feels intimidated. Over the years, Namjoon's learned a lot about the members and one thing he's come to understand about Jimin is that he loves to be in control. And right now, without much effort on his part, he's got both Taehyung and Namjoon wrapped around his devilish, sinful, talented little finger.

Suddenly, there's a lump the size of a volleyball in Namjoon's throat. He swallows, but he swears that only makes it double in size.

For a few long seconds, Namjoon's vision shifts just slightly to the left.

He sees Taehyung leaning into Jimin, resting his forehead against Jimin's jaw, biting down on Jimin's shoulder every so often, and squeezing his eyes shut. From behind, Namjoon is almost positive it looks like Taehyung is just sleeping on Jimin's shoulder. And honestly, from the front, it pretty much looks like that too. But Namjoon knows them too well and he's already taken notice of what's happening under the jackets donned over their legs. 

Jimin nudges his head against Taehyung's, kisses his forehead to get his attention, and then whispers something to him. Something that makes Taehyung smirk and he nods back. Then, for just a moment, Taehyung's eyes open and he looks over at Namjoon.

And honestly, Namjoon isn't sure how long they've been at this, but Taehyung looks absolutely spent. He's all but panting when he forces his eyes across the way to meet Namjoon's. There's a subtle smirk on Taehyung's face like he's welcoming Namjoon to their show. But he's only able to keep that expression for a few moments before Jimin's hand does something and he has to bite his bottom lip to keep quiet.

He drops his head and closes his eyes. Again, Jimin kisses his forehead. 

The gesture this time is supposed to be comforting, but there’s a cocky type of expression on Jimin’s face as he does it. He cuts his attention between monitoring Taehyung and stealing glances at Namjoon. He looks excited at the fact that he knows he has Namjoon's full attention now. 

Somewhere in the back of Namjoon’s mind, there’s a voice telling him he should look away. But honestly, he doesn’t want to. And what’s the point? Jimin and Taehyung clearly don’t want him to.

Namjoon’s a little tired of pretending. And if he’s willing to go a step further in his honesty, he thinks he’s a little too hooked to look away even if he wanted to. Which, for the record, he doesn’t.

He thinks Jimin can sense it. For a long while— which must only be seconds but feels like hours, days, eternities— Jimin’s eyes lock on Namjoon’s. Namjoon’s mouth goes dry, his palms become sweaty, and he shifts nervously in his seat. And at that, Jimin smiles.

Like he’s transfixed, Namjoon’s gaze locks on the motion happening under the jackets. A now rapid up and down movement that has Taehyung biting his bottom lip. It’s a pale shade of pink between his teeth. Namjoon feels the need to warn him he’s gonna break skin if he’s not careful.

Taehyung’s mouth drops open and Namjoon finds himself leaning forward just a centimeter. Just in case a sound escapes Taehyung’s mouth, he wants to hear it. He feels like he needs it.

Namjoon isn’t sure what’s gotten into him. A primal instant typically buried in his deep subconscious coming out.

It’s part of the human basic needs— food, shelter, sex— but Namjoon isn’t quite sure if this is justified. Watching his bandmate getting his boyfriend off on a plane ride to Japan just for the hell of it probably doesn’t make the cut for Maslow's hierarchy. But Namjoon doesn’t care.

There’s a thin sheet of sweat coating Taehyung’s forehead, but it’s hidden well under his bangs. Despite that, Namjoon can tell by the way the very ends of his hair is beginning to stick to his skin. He looks beautiful in Namjoon’s humble opinion, but he’s positive the entire world would agree. Taehyung always looks beautiful.

If Namjoon concentrates hard enough, he can almost feel Jimin’s hand on him, too. Blinking rapidly, Namjoon’s pupils widen when he notices the very slight change in Taehyung’s facial expression.

He’s close. So close. Namjoon can tell. Suddenly, there’s a wanting, pulling type of sensation burning in his stomach as well. He feels like he’s watching a sports event and cheering for his favorite team to win the championship.

In an instant, Jimin and Taehyung are the star players on Namjoon’s team and the prize is in sight.

Come on, Namjoon catches himself thinking. Come on, you're so close, come on.

Namjoon’s jaw clenches. He’s not sure who’s tenser— him or Taehyung. Right now, Namjoon thinks he’s winning because he’s digging his nails into the armrest and bouncing his leg nervously while Taehyung’s face has gone… rather euphoric. Like he’s decided to completely surrender to Jimin and the magic he can do with his hand and he’s at peace with it.

To Namjoon’s right, flight attendants pass unsuspectingly. Their presence doesn’t stop Jimin at all. Namjoon flicks his eyes downward for a moment, just to check to see if the movement stops, but it doesn’t. God, these two are daredevils.

For a moment, because he’s out of his mind, Jimin looks up and greets one of the women serving drinks.

She stops and gestures toward the items on her cart, offering them tp him.

Impressively calm, Jimin says, “No, thank you, I’m okay.” He looks over at Taehyung like he’s checking to see if he’s awake. A moment later he says, “Yeah, no, he’s tired. Nothing for him either, thanks.”

He never loses his rhythm under the jackets, and even does a twisting type of motion with his hand that makes Taehyung flinch. Namjoon watches Taehyung’s chest rise and fall in an upbeat manner, trying to keep himself under control.

Jimin’s a menace. Dangerously bold. Namjoon feels his heart racing for them. But Jimin seems completely unphased.

“Ready, baby?” Namjoon reads on Jimin’s lips as clear as day.

Keeping his eyes closed, Taehyung nods back in contained but frantic type of manner. He looks cute, Namjoon can admit. The almost desperate expression etched in the knitting of Taehyung's eyebrows. The blushed color to his skin. The way he buries his face into Jimin’s neck right after.

At that, Jimin pouts sympathetically. If Namjoon knows anything about Jimin, he knows he likes to tease. He can only imagine how long Jimin’s been keeping Taehyung at the end of his rope.

Namjoon feels equally as worked up as Taehyung. He can tell exactly when Jimin begins stroking him with the intention to finish him off. Taehyung’s legs tense up and he squeezes his eyes shut.

Jimin’s eyes wander to meet Namjoon’s once more before turning his full attention to Taehyung. Namjoon can’t hear him or read Jimin's lips because he's turned his head to the side. But his lips are brushing against Taehyung’s temple as he begins whispering to Taehyung, kissing at his head almost encouragingly every so often.

It doesn’t take much more than that. Namjoon can only imagine whatever Jimin’s saying to Taehyung mixed with the expert type of way he’s moving his hand is enough to send anyone to climax.

When Taehyung comes, Namjoon counts the seconds.

One, two— it hits him hard, every muscle in his body stiffens. Immediately, his face scrunches in pleasure and he hides it against Jimin’s neck. Namjoon commends Taehyung's self-control. As anyone, Taehyung's loud in bed. He's got a thundering voice by nature, but he's especially talkative during sex. Namjoon can't imagine the type of restraint he needs right now to stay silent. Mentally, Namjoon applauds his efforts. 

Three, four, five— he’s panting. Staccato breaths that he can’t quite settle inflate and quickly exit his lungs. Like he doesn’t know what else to do, Taehyung bites Jimin’s shirt. He looks dizzy, like Jimin's hand is driving him out of his mind. And Jimin's absolutely pleased, he smiles.

Six, seven— Taehyung's mouth falls open with silent cries. Namjoon can bet he's digging his nails into Jimin's thigh the same way Namjoon's digging his into the armrest. Right now, it feels like he and Taehyung are one. Namjoon feels out of breath, too. He gulps. 

Eight, nine― Jimin's smiling as he talks to Taehyung now. His words are still too quiet, clearly for Taehyung's ears only. But Namjoon can only imagine the poetic way Jimin's perfected the art of intertwining praise with filthy, otherwise crude words. He's a master at it. 

Ten― by now, Taehyung's settling down. Jimin's peppering his forehead and the bridge of his nose with kisses. Their eyes meet when Taehyung's brain is finally working properly enough to remember how to open them. He smiles up at Jimin, and Jimin smiles back. And from across the way, Namjoon smiles, too. 

It's then that the pilot is heard overhead again. He warns the passengers of upcoming turbulence and urges everyone to keep their seatbelts on until further notice. And like clockwork, the plane begins to rock back and forth. The movement causes Namjoon's arm to knock into Seokjin's accidentally. 

The sudden motion wakes Seokjin up from his nap. Immediately, he looks over at Namjoon for answers. 

"Turbulence," Namjoon supplies quickly. "It's okay. Just keep your seatbelt on. You can go back to sleep." 

Seokjin blinks at Namjoon emptily, like it takes his brain an extra few seconds to process the words since he just woke up. After a few moments, he lets out a slow breath and says simply, "Okay."

But then he looks over at Taehyung and Jimin and warns in a playful voice, "Just because there's turbulence doesn't mean you two should find a reason to do anything you shouldn't do, okay? No joining the mile high club." 

Too late, Namjoon thinks to himself. 

From across the way, Taehyung smiles sheepishly in Seokjin's direction. He shakes his head. 

"Us?" Jimin questions back in an overdramatic tone. "Never." 

He doesn't even attempt to sound convincing. But it's fine because Seokjin doesn't believe him anyway. His response is a dramatic roll of his eyes that makes Namjoon smile. 

As Seokjin's resettling himself in his chair, he mumbles, "Gonna sign you two up for sex addicts anonymous when we get back home." 

Taehyung widens his eyes and asks sarcastically, "You think they have orgies at the end of all the meetings? We're in." 

Seokjin picks a playlist on his phone, turns the volume all the way up to tune them both out, and tells them, "You're both helpless." 

He closes his eyes a moment later, ensuring he got the final word in. Neither Taehyung or Jimin bother to say anything back. It's decided, Seokjin's declared this conversation over.

Namjoon knows the three of them could go back and forth for the remainder of the plane ride.

Soon after, things begin to settle once more. Namjoon guesses the two of them are satisfied for the remainder of the plane ride because Jimin pulls their jackets off of their laps and uses them as a pillow instead. He folds his up thickly and sets it between himself and Taehyung's shoulder. Jimin rests his head.

Just before Jimin's eyes close, he looks over at Namjoon. And there's a satisfied, please type of gaze in his eyes. When Namjoon catches Jimin's stare, Jimin smiles at him. And Namjoon can't help it, he smiles back too. He can't stop smiling. He doesn't know what to feel. 

It's like they have a secret. Just the three of them. 



Namjoon knows he's being selfish, but he requests for everyone to sleep in the same room tonight. Well, not just in the same room. The same bed, too. 

They've done it a million times since they've been trainees, so no one bats an eyelash at the request or questions Namjoon's motives. But if Namjoon's honest, he thinks watching Jimin and Taehyung on the plane ride over here has left him feeling a bit deprived. There's a yearning in his stomach to be next to someone tonight.

And as Jeongguk once said, they're all boyfriends, and Namjoon couldn't pick exactly who he wanted to sleep next to, so he picked all of them. Because if Namjoon's being honest, he always wants all of them. Some problems are easily solved. Especially when everyone's willing to agree. And truthfully, none of them have ever turned down a group cuddle session. 

"It's been a long time since we've all shared a bed," Seokjin comments.

He's about five people away from where Namjoon is. Somewhere to Namjoon's right with Jeongguk resting on his shoulder and Yoongi's arm draped over his midsection. Seokjin's carding through Jeongguk's hair, like he's trying to help him sleep. But Jeongguk's head is moving and Namjoon can hear little noises coming from their direction.

He's pressing kisses to Seokjin's neck and collarbone. Every once in a while, it tickles and it makes Seokjin smile. He kisses Jeongguk's forehead in return, threatening him lovingly that he'll make him sleep on the floor if he continues. 

Namjoon's on the end, playing big spoon to Hoseok who's draped over Taehyung. Every so often, Taehyung squirms in Hoseok's arms. He seems determined to somehow make himself the big spoon to both Jimin and Hoseok. He gives up quickly and allows for Hoseok to hold him. He pretends to pout, but as always, Namjoon knows he loves the attention. 

Hoseok replies, immediately to the right of Namjoon, "But it's nice, though. We should do this more often." 

Honestly, considering their relationship, Namjoon is a bit surprised how often they don't do this. In various pairs and threes, they share beds all the time. But it's been a while since the seven of them have intentionally crammed into a king-sized bed for a night. And Hoseok's right, it's nice. Their life gets so hectic sometimes, it's important to slow down for a while. 

As far as Namjoon's concerned, they're the only people on Earth right now. All he needs is right here. 

If Namjoon had one wish, he'd wish for his arms to be long enough to hold each of them. But for now, he'll settle for cuddling against Hoseok's back and petting through Taehyung's hair every so often. 

Namjoon's quiet as he listens to everyone talk. There's a different conversation every couple of people. And it's cute the way they're all in the room, the same bed, and still, have branched off into different conversations with each other. 

Hoseok and Jimin are telling Taehyung about a new choreography they're working on. Prior to their flight over to Japan, Hoseok and Jimin had locked themselves away in the closest dance studio for hours. Every once in a while, Taehyung chimes in a playful whine about how he doesn't care about their stupid dance because they didn't invite him. 

Jimin tries to reason, reminds Taehyung he was somewhere with Jeongguk, but Taehyung doesn't accept. 

"Excuses," Taehyung says, already giggling as Hoseok pinches his side under the blanket. "You two just didn't want me there."

The easiest way to shut Taehyung up is to kiss him, so that's exactly what Jimin does. Namjoon barely sees over Hoseok's shoulder, but he hears the way Taehyung's next sentence is abruptly cut off and immediately followed by loud kissing sounds. The playful type, that allows Namjoon to know Jimin's pressing sloppy, fast kisses to Taehyung's head and his cheek and his nose.

Taehyung laughs loudly and it's contagious. Everyone laughs, too. 

To make him laugh again, Hoseok begins tickling Taehyung. And as a result, he turns into nothing less than a thrashing mess. Accidentally, in his attempt to contain Taehyung, Hoseok elbows Namjoon in the chest. It doesn't hurt, but Namjoon plays it up. Mostly to get Hoseok's attention. 

Namjoon holds his hand over his chest and makes a grunting sound. Immediately, Hoseok turns around and calls loudly, "Namjoon-ah! I'm sorry! Aww, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." 

He kisses the spot he accidentally bumped and then kisses the middle of Namjoon's chest. Then Hoseok kisses the spot just a few inches from Namjoon's nipple. When he's there, he uses his tongue just a bit. Small licks that make Namjoon tense up. Teasing. Namjoon's heart slams hard in his chest. He wonders if Hoseok feels it against his tongue. 

Without thinking, Namjoon cups Hoseok's face and guides him upward. He wants to be face to face. He wants to kiss Hoseok for real. 

When Hoseok's lips connect with Namjoon's, Namjoon feels a rush of calmness. Hoseok's always had that effect on him. No problems exist with Hoseok around. Namjoon feels that especially strong when Hoseok's fingers get lost in his hair. They massage at his scalp gently and Namjoon finds himself melting in Hoseok's grip. He closes his eyes and lets their bodies work on autopilot. 

It's like a domino effect in the greatest way. Before Namjoon even has time to comprehend it, the seven of them are a tangled mess of kisses and wandering hands. The blankets are being kicked toward the foot of the bed, and bodies are climbing on top of one another.

In his peripheral vision, who's who is a bit blurry, but Namjoon is almost positive he sees Seokjin lining kisses down the back of Jimin's neck. He kisses at a spot behind Jimin's ear and for a moment, Jimin's eyes close, enjoying the sensation. Namjoon hears him breathe out heavily and then smile. A moment later, Jimin's rolling over in Seokjin's direction. Namjoon thinks Jimin takes Taehyung with him, but he's not sure. Hoseok's understandably occupying most of his attention for him to properly decipher what everyone else is doing.  

He doesn't even know how, but Namjoon ends up between Jeongguk and Yoongi. 

Namjoon is flat on his back now with Jeongguk sitting on his lower stomach. Jeongguk's giggling, splitting his attention between leaning forward to kiss Namjoon and then sitting back up to kiss Yoongi. It's playful and sweet and soon Yoongi's holding he back of Jeongguk's neck to keep him in place as he deepens their kiss.

Content, Namjoon watches the two of them lick at each other's lips like kittens until eventually Yoongi gives up and falls back on the mattress laughing.

Jeongguk's eyes quickly lock onto Namjoon's, sparking with triumph like he's beaten Yoongi in something big. But it's enough for Namjoon to sit up straight― wrapping his arm around Jeongguk's lower back to keep him safe in his lap, of course― and kiss him congratulations. Jeongguk's quick to drape his arms around Namjoon's neck and get comfortable in his lap.

Jeongguk grinds his hips just barely, simply because Namjoon knows he loves the reaction he's guaranteed to get out of him. Trying to keep him still, Namjoon grips both of Jeongguk's sides, pressing the pads of his fingertips into his soft skin. Not hard enough to bruise, but hard enough to keep him in place for a few seconds.

But Jeongguk loves a challenge, he still giggles into Namjoon's mouth and whines out, "Hyung, let me." 

"Hey, share," a deep voice whispers before a body inserts himself between Namjoon and Jeongguk. Taehyung's rambling something about not seeing his Jeonggukie all day and he guides their lips together. That's a lie, the two of them spent all day together, Taehyung just wanted an excuse to cut in. But as always, Namjoon's more than pleased to watch.

In fact, he helps. 

With Jeongguk still stationed in his lap, Namjoon slips his fingers in the back of both Jeongguk's hair and Taehyung's. With a steady but careful grip, Namjoon holds the back of both of their heads, urging them on. He pets through their strands lovingly while they kiss. They're cutely compliant; eagerly, they listen when Namjoon tells them to deepen their kiss and use more tongue. 

Every once in a while, Namjoon teases them. He pulls at the roots of their hair, restricting their motion, and keeping their lips just centimeters apart. Namjoon smiles fondly when Jeongguk, too focused on chasing Taehyung's mouth to register Namjoon's grip, tries to kiss him again but is stopped short. Confused, he lets out a stunned type of sound and then looks over at Namjoon. But Namjoon's heart too soft to keep them apart for long. Almost immediately, he loosens his grip and lets them reconnect. 

Not much involving Taehyung happens without Jimin, so soon, he's there too. Then it's the four of them, kissing and laughing and pulling one another into different positions. There are hands in Namjoon's hair, and another pair around his waist. He's not sure which belong to who but he doesn't care. He intentionally keeps his eyes closed because he doesn't want to know. They're all here and that's all that matters. 

Even when his eyes closed, Namjoon recognizes Hoseok's voice though. He's saying, "Hyung, lay right here. Right here." 

If Namjoon had to guess, he'd think Hoseok was with Yoongi now. The two of them always end up together. They're magnets, but they're not ready to admit it yet. But that's alright. Namjoon thinks that's the beauty of their relationship. Of this. Whatever this is. Nothing they do has to be defined. They just live in the moment and try not to question it. Life's a lot easier and simpler that way. 

They continue just like this for what must be hours but feels like days. Kisses and massages and play fights and cuddles. Everything. All of it. And eventually, when they get tired, they rest on each other. Legs overlapping, fingers intertwined, and heads resting on shoulders and stomachs. 

And just like always, they're a spiderweb. They start to fall asleep tangled up in each other and their bedsheets. Some lay upside down, others sideways, some on top of someone else. But it's comfortable and it's perfect and it's exactly where Namjoon will always choose to be. 

"Goodnight, everyone," someone says. Seokjin, maybe. Namjoon isn't sure, the voice is muffled. 

Someone moves, and so they all move. Adjusting to the change. Namjoon's flat on his back with Taehyung laying on his shoulder. Taehyung's holding Jimin who may or may not be cuddling Yoongi. Namjoon can't lift his head to see that far, but Yoongi likes being the little spoon so it's very likely. 

"I love you all," someone replies.

Definitely Jimin. 

Jeongguk, Namjoon thinks, says I love you back. Then Hoseok. Then Yoongi. 

They're quiet for a moment, but then the silence is soon broken. 

"I'm gonna make breakfast in the morning," Taehyung volunteers.

He's cute because his breakfast is always the same― toast with jelly and fruit― but he looks so proud of himself when he presents it to everyone else that no one ever says anything but praises to him for his efforts. He always wakes up early for it, which Namjoon thinks is adorable, and waits patiently in the kitchen for everyone to wake up and take their share. 

Namjoon tilts his neck so he can kiss the crown of Taehyung's head. He can't see it, but he knows it makes Taehyung smile. 

In Taehyung's arms, Jimin looks back and tells him in a gentle voice, "I'll help you." 

"Alright, let's go to sleep now Taehyung has a big task in the morning," Yoongi says, mostly joking. It makes everyone laugh. But they're all genuinely tired, so some yawn too. 

He's right, though. Namjoon isn't sure what time it is, but he knows it's late. They should go to sleep soon. 

"Goodnight," Seokjin says again, with more determination this time. It's implied lightly to be an order. They'll all keep talking and stay up all night unless someone takes control. 

Smiling, Namjoon replies sleepily, "Yeah, good night." 

Against his side, Namjoon feels Taehyung take in a deep breath and begin to relax. He feels the way his head gets a bit heavier on his shoulder, closing his eyes with the intention to sleep now. Namjoon watches him adjust his hold on Jimin, keeping him close. And Jimin's content, he lifts his arm so that he and Taehyung can hold hands as they sleep. They're disgustingly cute. 

It takes a little while, but Namjoon thinks he's the last one awake. But this happens often, he's used to it. Jimin's usually notorious for staying up late with him, but he's peaceful in Taehyung's arms so he drifted off not too long ago. 

As he lays here, Namjoon stares up at the ceiling and listens to them all breathing. Six different but rhythmic breathing patterns that all calm Namjoon. There's something indescribably comforting about knowing for a fact the people he cares for the most are right here and everyone's safe.

A warm, grateful feeling floods Namjoon's body and he can't help it, he rolls over and hugs Taehyung properly. But Taehyung sleeps like a rock, he doesn't feel it. It's okay, though. The hug is a selfish one, Namjoon's doing it for himself. He just needs to hold someone. If he could, he'd hold all of them. 

It's then that Namjoon knows he can't fight his tiredness anymore. He sees no sense in struggling to keep his eyes open when everyone else is asleep. So Namjoon makes himself comfortable with Taehyung in his arms and allows his eyes to close.

When Namjoon dreams, he dreams of the seven of them on a hot air balloon floating over the world. Up in the air, above all of the struggles on Earth, and serene. But what's most important is that they're together. 



It smells like a fire so Namjoon wakes up abruptly, feeling for whoever's closest to him now to make sure everyone's okay. 

His heart is racing and for a moment everything's blurry. But then there's a calming hand around his wrist, grounding him. Namjoon blinks. 

"It's okay. Taehyung just burnt the toast," Jeongguk tells Namjoon flatly. "Says he forgot about them."

Jeongguk's preoccupied with whatever he's looking at on his phone. Everyone except for Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi are still in bed. 

Laying back down now, Namjoon can't help but giggle a bit. He asks, "How'd he forget?"

"I dunno," Jeongguk replies with a shrug of his shoulders. "Making out with Jimin, probably." 

Namjoon rolls his eyes playfully. That seems likely. 

Noticing Yoongi's absence, Namjoon questions, "Is Yoongi-hyung helping them cook?"

Jeongguk puts his phone down for a moment and tells him, "He walked to the bakery he saw down the street to get us breakfast instead. I think he banned the two of them from the kitchen."

Like clockwork, Taehyung and Jimin reenter the room with pitiful looks on their faces. Taehyung mumbles an apology as he reclaims his spot in bed next to Namjoon. Still laughing, Namjoon rubs his shoulder and tells him it's not a big deal. He tells Taehyung that Yoongi's probably coming back with doughnuts and orange juice for him and iced Americanos for all of the coffee lovers. 

The six of them cuddle together and watch a movie Hoseok picks out as they wait for Yoongi to return. And as always, it's comfortable and Namjoon finds himself thanking whichever lucky stars in the universe aligned to allow them all to meet and join this group together. 

Every once in a while, during interviews, someone will ask them about dating and if it gets lonely on the road without a significant other. Namjoon always tells them no because they find happiness and comfort in other things. But what he doesn't tell them is that its moments like these that he's referring to. Late nights that transition into early mornings with all of them together. 

So yeah maybe it's true, by technicality, that Namjoon doesn't have a significant other. But following suit with Jeongguk's description, as far as Namjoon's concerned, he's got six boyfriends. And that's more than enough.

They're always enough.