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Dangerous Love

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Alphas: Prime Leaders, top of the a/b/o food chain, and 90% of alphas are quite dominant. Their appearance seems kinda of wolfish: Fangs, sharp facial features, and powerful scents. When an Alpha wants to court an Beta or an Omega they must pay a dowry to the other's parents. Some Alphas have very high sex drives when their interested in an Omega the Alpha tends to very possessive and sexual towards the omega. 

Betas: Neutral, no heats or ruts, normal scent, and Medium sex drive. These Betas are the chill dynamic, some Betas are high-strung but majority are very companionable. Beta and Omega are very rare in society. Only 60% of betas can get pregnant by an Alpha.

Omegas: Submissive, Sweet scent, and Primary caretakers Omegas are the mothers of the dynamic, very calm, and sometimes stubborn. Once a month Omegas have heats were their bodies craved to be mated they also can get pregnant easily in this stage. Male Omegas has female figure and genitals not male genitals.   

Intersex Omegas means that they have female organs not male organs.

That's all for now folks!