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im drinking some wine in the sun while posting this. unheard of.

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Theoretically Yoongi is the one of the most talented witches in South Korea.

Theoretically, he has multiple awards and certifications that proof of that.

Theoretically, he has year -long experiences and most people come to him for advice.




Now for some reason he totally 100% screwed everything up. Not just a little. But like… a lot.


He didn't even know it was possible to screw up this badly. Because for some reason he managed to turn himself into a cat. Into a black cat.


At least he thinks he's black because currently yoongi can only see his small paws and some of his backside if he turns but other then that...


He only wanted to make a potion for Hobi. A simple potion to help the younger sleep better since Hobi had been feeling restless the last couple of weeks and none of their other potions had an effect on the younger.


And he screwed it up.


It's like having a PhD in Physics and screwing up a simple equation of 2+3.


Yoongi is absolutely humiliated.


He isn't even sure what to do next. Isn't sure how to proceed. He cant’ call anyone for help because hes a fucking cat and his boyfriends won't be home until evening. Or at least the capable ones, the ones that would have the actual power to help him. They all live together in an old house near the ocean and the forest.


Namjoon is a witch with connections to the oceans so he has to be close to the water. Jimin is a plant witch so he likes being near his flowers and trees, while Jungkook is a animal witch so he likes to join Jimin when they go into the forest. Taehyung is not exactly a witch but a medium, he can talk to spirits and ghosts, communicate with a world none of them can see or sense. Jin is an empath, able to sense how other feels, knows when to make people feel better whenever they feel down. And hobi… well… they all were not quite sure what Hoseok was. They could feel that he was magical in some way but until this day they didn't manage to figure out what power Hoseok exactly had.


Yoongi on the other hand was a potion witch. Has been doing potions since he was born. In fact a sleeping tea is one of the easiest things he has ever done for god's sake and here he is.


A stupid mistake, a wrong syllable, a shaky hand which put in too much cinnamon and now he's a cat .


He begs that one of them will come up with a solution.




Yoongi unfortunately gets stuck in the attic for the next couple of hours to come. he can't reach the door handle and the door is closed shut.


he tried for a while to somehow open the door. he scratched at the wood, meowed as loud as he could but nothing would help.


so here he was curled up in a tight ball of fur next to the window in the sun.


honestly, it wasn't even that bad being a cat. he had nothing to do, could sleep the entire day and chill in the sun. and he was soft. (yoongi loved cats, maybe a bit less than dogs but still he loved them. loved when they purred while he stroked them, loved nuzzling into their fur and kissing this little head, playing with their paws. she's kinda glad he was turned into a cat. imagine if he had accidentally turned himself into a mosquito. the horror)


the only kind of weird thing so far were the cat instincts that manifested in him. he couldn't stop licking himself, sniffing everything and he loved sleeping in the sun. and god if someone could just cuddle or pet him that would be amazing .


yoongi knows it couldn't have been long since he turned himself into a cat but it felt like ages went by and he craved companionship. he wanted to sleep close to someone, wanted tomsone to pet him. he doesn't understand why he feels this lonely as a cat. its like hes still yoongi, human yoongi but he's also a cat. a cat that has instincts and needs. both of these sides mix together, both of them trying to dominate his brain.


the whole situation was confusing and messed with yoongi's head but that's what happens when magic get involved.


he just hoped the others would come home soon. he didn't want to be alone anymore. not when he was in a vulnerable situation like this.


not even 20 minutes later yoongi could hear the doors their house open. He quickly jumped up and walked towards the still closed attic door and stared pathetically up to the door handle.


he trained his ears towards the direction of where the sounds came from and he's pretty sure that he was able to identify jimin's loud laughter and namjoons voice. yoongi had hoped for jin or jungkook to be home first since those two were more likely able to find him with jungkook being able to speak to animals and jin being able to sense auras. yoongi didn't give up though, instead he walked even closer to the door, scratched at the wood as loud as he could and meowed loudly. he sounded quite pathetic even to his own ears and hoped that one of his boyfriends would be able to pick up on his distress calls.


he just wanted to be out of this room. being stuck in a room with no way out certainly wasn't the funnest thing he ever did.


please find me.


yoongi didn't know it was possible for a cat to be this vocal . but surprisingly he could, he was as loud as possible, meowed and scratched, begging on desperate. he just wanted to be taken care of, wanted to feel safe and comforted, not alone and locked in.


it took a while until he could hear footsteps on the stairs, the wood creaking under the weight. yoongi stilled for a second but then began his wailing again. the footsteps came closer until yoongi could see the shadow of another person through the gap under the door. he moved a couple steps back not wanting the door slammed into his face.


the door opened and namjoon stepped in, a confused expression on his face, “hello?” namjoon asked into the room.


i’m here


instead of words meows came out of his mouth. he. namjoon immediately looked down, onto yoongi.


“oh..” namjoon crouched down next to yoongi and hesitantly extended his arm, “how did you get in here little one?” namjoons voice was soft, comforting, as if he talked to a scared, wild animal. and maybe in another situation this would have annoyed yoongi but right now it was comforting, calmed him down and made him feel cared for.


its me. its yoongi!


“maybe yoongi accidentally let you in.” namjoon whispered under his breath. the words weren't meant for yoongi but were probably only an observation of namjoon, still yoongi protested loudly trying to explain how he was yoongi. namjoon of course didn't hear him instead he had a fond smile on his face while he watched yoongi.


“you're so cute.” namjoon said and gently touched his back. the soft, warm touch send shivers down yoongi's body, “i bet once i show you to jimin he's going to eat you up. he loves cats.” namjoon gently began to stroke him and his fur. first only his back and stopped at his tail, then slowly the neck too and lastly yoongi's ears. it felt so nice. he felt warm and comforted, cared for and soft. he couldn't describe what exactly he felt but a simple touch to his sensitive ears had him purring and rolling on the floor.


“you like that?” namjoon asked gently, a smile smile adoring his face. yoongi purred loudly and namjoon led out a shuckle.


“do you want to go down? i need to help my boyfriend with cooking and if i leave him alone any longer i fear for my life.” namjoon once again gently stood up and then picked up yoongi. it was weird . weird to be carried around by a human, the feeling of hands holding him up, not being able to stand on anything. it was scary. he knew namjoon wouldn't let him fall and wont hurt him but his instincts screamed at him to scratch namjoon or dig his nails deep into the others skin to have a good hold. yoongi tried to calm himself down knowing namjoon wouldn't do anything to hurt him and kept his claws out but away from namjoons skin.


they walked down the stairs until they met the ground floor and walked into the kitchen. jimin was sitting on the counter humming to a song that played from the speakers and seemed to be absorbed in his plants at the window sill.


“jiminie…” namjoon announced his presence. jimin turned around with a bright smile, his mouth already open in some kind of comment when he caught sight of yoongi in namjoons arms.


“oh?” jimin exclaimed, “whos that?”


“i don't know. i found them in the attic,” namjoon explained. jimin stepped closer, extending a hand towards yoongi. his small hands were just a gentle, stroking his fur and yoongi let out a purr.


“oh you're so cute.” jimin whispered. he looked up to namjoon, “can i?” and then yoongi was transferred from one arm to another. jimin smiled brightly at him, his eyes squishing shut and if yoongi would have been human he would have smiled with the younger.


“you're so soft,” jimin whispered in awe. jimin nuzzled his face into yoongi fur and gently places a kiss to his furry body. he knew jimin was affectionate with cars, loved stopping for them on the sidewalk, petted them, kissed them and adored them until it got even to much for the cats. it felt nice though, having such a warm body curled up to yoongi.


he wonders if by being a cat he became more affectionate and needy for intimacy.


“yoongi wasn't there?” jimin asked namjoon.


namjoon shook his head and sat down onto the floor next to jimin, “no he wasn't. it was just the cat up there. i wonder what happened.”


jimin stared intensely into his eyes and yoongi meowed again, hoping that one of them will understand that it's him .


“maybe yoongi went out? get something for another portion?” namjoon offered. jimin tore his gaze away from yoongi and nodded weakly at the explanation.


“what do we do with this little thing?” jimin asked, “do you think they have a home?”


youre my home


“i'm not sure,” namjoon replied. he stroked yoongi's ears again, “but they seem very kind and affectionate. didn't even hiss at me.”


“no cat could ever hiss at you joonie.” jimin exclaimed. namjoon flushed red at the comment.


they all sat in silence for awhile, jimin holding yoongi in his arms while namjoon petted him. they talked about food and dinner and even though yoongi remembers exactly that jimin and namjoon promised to cook tonight the two decide to order take out “because they were having a cat problem”. yoongi would laugh normally at their cheekiness but he couldn't, not as long as he found himself in this form.


he hoped jungkook would come soon the only one he could actually speak and communicate to.


yoongi almost fell asleep, cuddled up so closely between namjoon and jimin but the loud banging of the front door startled yoongi and he jumped up. his claws dug into jimin's skin and jimin let out a yell of pain.


“im home.” jungkook greeted them. hoseok followed jungkook inside loudly talking about something that happened at the dance studio today.




yoongi didn't know how else to get the others attention so he meowed loudly once again hoping, praying jungkook can understand him. jungkook looked up at his calling quickly throwing his shoes to the side and running into the living room.


“hyung?” he asked, his big brown eyes wide.


“yes?” namjoon and jimin answered at the same time.


“no! not you.” jungkook exclaimed. he looked around the living room and yoongi was about to call out again when jungkook's eyes landed on him still in jimin's arm, “yoongi hyung?”


“what?” namjoon asked.


hoseok by now also made it into the living room and watched everything from the door. jungkook meanwhile came closer, looking at him curiously, “it's you isn't it?”


yes its me. can you help me?


“Yoongi? what happened to you?” jungkook whispered, concern shining in his eyes. namjoon and jimin looked at them with confusion.


my potion went wrong and i turned into a cat.


“oh hyung,” jungkook whispered out. namjoon looked up, “this is yoongi?”


“yes,” jungkook replied, “hes a cat.”


“thats why hes been so calm and affectionate towards us,” jimin had a slight pout and looked down at yoongi, “i'm sorry i didn't notice hyung,”


it's okay. don't apologize.


“he said not to apologize,” jungkook mediate between them. jimin nodded in understanding. their living room was silent for a second until hoseok stepped forward a bit closer.


“is he okay?” hoseok asked, worry painting his voice. everyone looked at jungkook who just shrugged and looked at yoongi.


im okay. i just miss my body.


“he said he's okay. earlier he told me his potion went wrong and he turned into a cat.”


“a potion?” hoseok asked, “was it the one you wanted to make for me?”


yes but hobi don't feel guilty. it's not your fault.


“it's not your fault hobi-hyung.” jungkook explains. hoseok nods but yoongi can see the guilt on his features. he hopes hoseok won't blame himself


“what do we do?” jimin asks.


“we need to find out what potion yoongi was trying to brew, what went wrong and then ask another potion witch to reverse the effects.” namjoon explained simply. he ran his hand through his hair, stress obviously on his face, “i want us to act fast. these potions can be dangerous. we don't know how long yoongi is allowed to be in this form before he turns 100% into a cat.”


“we wouldn't let that happen,” jimin whispered and stroked yoongi's ears comfortingly, “we’ll take care of you.”


“should i cal jin and tae?” hobi offered, phone already in his hand.


“they should be back here any second. i talked to jin-hyung earlier.” jungkook explained. hoseok nodded and put his phone away again, “did you two make dinner?” he asked curiously.


“uhm…” ji min began but clearly seemed a bit embarrassed by their laziness.


they ordered take-out


jungkook grinned but decided not to translate anything instead walking to the fridge to get them all some cold sprite. he handed one to hoseok who took the cold bottle thankfully and pressed a kiss to jungkook's fluffy black hair. jungkook giggled cutely which made yoongi heart soar. he wished he could kiss jungkook too, kiss all of them in fact, hug them and make sure they all eat and rest well. it tore at his heart not being able to communicate well with his family, with his soulmates, his own coven.


tae and jin came exactly when the delivery man knocked on the door. at that point yoongi had curled up in a tight ball on his chair in the kitchen after jimin shooed him away telling him he needed to help lay the table. yoongi was keeping track of everything from his chair, hearing namjoon already making calls to potential witches that could help them, jimin getting out plates and glasses, jin and tae taking the food from the delivery man while hobi was changing clothes upstairs. jungkook sat next to him, quietly but there , in case he needed help.


it didn't take long for tae and jin to catch up on what happened. jin let out a loud laugh when he found out what happened to yoongi, “how did our yoongi manage to screw up a simple potion like a sleeping drink?” jin asked bemused. yoongi decided to hiss at jin for making fun of his mistake (even though jin was right. it really was quite embarrassing what happened to him). jin laughed again but then dug down to make sure yoongi was okay and not hurt. he knew jin would do anything to help him out of this position so yoongi wasn't ctually upset in any way.


tae took it on himself to make sure he had something to eat. the younger roamed through the whole kitchen trying to figure out what to feed yoongi, “what would he even eat? cat food? or maybe fish? would he like our food or is that bad for his cat belly?”


it was cute seeing taehyung so concerned about him and yoongi heart swelled with love watching their spirit talker all focused. at the end they decided to give yoongi some tuna from the dose hoping it'll suit him. surprisingly it tasted quite well.


yoongi with jungkook's help later explained to the others what exactly happened and what he thinks he might have done wrong. namjoon writes everything down carefully in order to give the information to other witches so they can ask for help.


once they all make their way to bed yoongi decides to sleep with jin and jungkook. they usually switch beds every night depending with who they want to sleep at night, since they haven't found a bed yet that fits seven people. yoongi curls up on jins broad chest and falls into a deep sleep knowing that his soul mates would do anything to help him and get back his form.




every witch dreams of finding their coven. aka. other witches that are destined to work and live with them together. most covens usually start a romantic relationship with one another but some covens keep it to work relations only. covens are there to match different witches together, that complement one another. sometimes it's obvious when 4 witches, one from each element fit together and become a coven, other times the powers are completely randomly shuffle with one another but somehow it fits .


that's how yoongi's coven is. they have a wild mix of powers (+hoseok's still undefined power) but they met and clicked . when yoongi met namjoon he just knew namjoon and him had to stay and work together. they were quite different in personalities and at the beginning they often fought with one another. yoongi had spent countless hours in bed wondering if he and namjoon were really supposed to form a coven together or if it was just some stupid mistake of the universe.


what brought them together was a oil spill accident in the sea. tons of oil was spilled into the ocean and namjoon had been distressed. as a sea witch he felt with all the animals and living beings in the ocean. the oil would destroy what he grew and cared for. yoongi came up with a potion that would dissolve the oil and save the coastline. they worked well together and on their way of getting to know each other yoongi and namjoon fell in love.


they worked together late at night, stayed in the study areas of their university and shared some sweets while debating current issue. the day everything changed was in autumn, almost 8 months after they met. yoongi and namjoon where walking home, already 11pm, after they finished an assignment. namjoon stopped yoongi next to a street sign and before yoongi could ask what was going on namjoon kissed him on the mouth.


they both were a bit awkward, especially namjoon who had (and still has; a hard time initiating physical contact). namjoon blushed and stuttered, apologized but yoongi reassured him that it's okay and that he feels the same.


jungkook came next. a bright, happy boy who just joined university. yoongi always had to hold back his laugh when he saw how smitten jungkook looked while he was looking at namjoon. jungkook was cute, obviously had a crush on namjoon and ran after him like a puppy. namjoon was whipped for the younger, constantly gave jungkook all his attention and time. they went together to the ocean, jungkook talking to namjoons crabs and seagulls while namjoon helped whenever jungkook reported that some water isn't clean enough for the fish to live in.


meanwhile yoongi met jin. they had a similar sense of humor, managed to get along quite well. yoongi reminded jin to not take on the responsibility of the world, that he doesn't always have to help everyone and also take care of himself and his own feelings. as an empath jin tends to put other people before him since he sees and feels what they feel but in the process often forgets taking care of himself.


they didn't expect more people to join their coven since four people was a standard and normal coven size. of course there were covens with less and more people but four was pretty normal.


but then hoseok and tae came along. hoseok who was an anomaly to all of them but he fitted so well and they all knew hobi was part of them. hobi told them how hard it was growing up with the knowledge that you are magical but not sure what exactly your magic is. he suffered a lot under his own insecurities, went to multiple witches for help but none of them could tell what hoseok was, their magic immune against him.


jin found tae talking to the air in front of their house. first he was frightened but once tae explained he could see a sad spirit in their house jin let the younger one in. they all instantly felt that tae connected to them and how well he fitted into their home. tae managed to help the lost soul leave their house peacefully and in the souls place tae moved in.


they were all sure that by now they were complete. six people in a coven was quite large but of course they have and never will be quite the normal coven.


yoongi found jimin on the edge of their garden. silent tears running down his cheeks and yoongi had stopped in shock. he asked the other if he was okay, why he was crying. jimin accused him of being a horrible person with a horrible soul because they destroyed all the plants and flowers. yoongi had no idea what the stranger was talking about because they didn't have any plants or flowers in their garden yet. they didn't have the time to plant any since they only moved in a couple of months ago.


“you killed them all.” jimin accused him, anger clearly visible on his face. yoongi had to admit he felt quite intimidated by the man in a big, oversized sweater and pink hair. it turned out later that the previous owner had destroyed all the plants and old trees in their garden, even some very precious and rare flowers. jimin who was sensitive to plants felt their pain and agony and came to the garden. since then jimin made it his personal job to care for their garden and protect all the flowers and plants.


yoongi grew fond if their coven, grew fond of the people, of his soulmates, grew fond of the affectionate touches, the late night kisses, the cuddles, the laughter, the fights and tears, handholding and make ups.



“he did what now?” jihyo asked.


“turned himself into a cat.” jimin answered.


“what an idiot.” jihyo responded. yoongi hissed at her but she looked at him unimpressed, “well thank god i am also a potion witch and can try to help. though reversing potions is harder then doing one, i can't promise anything.”


“can you do anything?” taehyung asked. he had yoongi on his arms, holding him tightly to his chest, “we don't know how long he can stay in this form.”


“namjoon send me a message with what happened and i think i can try something.” jihyo leaned against the kitchen counter, “but honestly? i have no idea how yoongi managed to turn himself into a cat. usually when you misdo the sleeping potion you blow something up or fall into a coma but a cat? i have never heard of that before.”


“i called dahyun by the way. she's not in town currently but you know how she can see the past?” jihyo explained while she got out some tools and potions. dahyun was part of her coven and her girlfriend and was famous for seeing the past when she touched people or objects. “she will be here by the end of the week and if we still need her magic she can try to get into yoongi shoes and look at what exactly happened.”


“thank you.” jimin answered. “we appreciate the help.”


jihyo waved them away. “haven't seen you all around. how are you all?” jihyo asked while preparing the potion. it was only yoongi (as a cat) and taehyung and jimin. the others had to go to work or had classes to attend. jimin and tae the only two free to take care of yoongi.


“were good!” tae exclaimed, “we had some cool things going on and some spirits have been asking me for help but we're all fine.”


“that's good to hear.” jihyo said. it was clear that she was only listening with one ear too focused on the task in front of her, measuring and weighing certain ingredients and adding them to a bowl. it didn't take her long to brew the potion together and put it down in front of them.


“i think this should work. he has to lick up the whole bowl.” yoongi meowed indicating his understanding. taehyung put him down onto the table and yoongi began licking. the taste wasn't the best but also not bad, like a mix of chilli and banana. he couldn't quite explain but he didn't want to have the taste longer on his tongue then necessary. after he liked up every drop, they all waited with hold in breaths for something to happen. it felt like eternities passed and yoongi had already begun to give up that something was about to happen but then his skin started to tingle and he let out a surprised yelp. his whole skin tingled not in a painful way just weirdly and then it stopped . yoongi looked around hoping to be in his human form again but he was still on the table, still so much smaller than his boyfriends.


“oh god.” jimin led out.


what? what happened?


and then taehyung burst out in laughter, “this is pure comedy.” taehyung giggled out. yoongi looked up even jihyo was smiling amused.


“hyung,” jimin started to explain, “your fur. its rainbow.”


its what?


“wait let me take a picture.” jihyo said. she got out a phone, took a picture of yoongi and then showed the screen to yoongi who stared at himself. he was… literally a rainbow. his fur which used to be black turned red, yellow, purple, blue, green and orange.


what the fuck.


“i don't know what went wrong.” jihyo said. her voice was apologetic.


“it could have been worse i guess.” taehyung replied.


jihyos brow furrowed in concentration, “i don't have a backup plan as of right now. i apologize for that. i need to go over the formula again.”


“should we come back a different time?” jimin asked


“yes. i think that's best. i need to figure some things out first.” jihyo explained already pouring over her notes.


“thank you jihyo. we appreciate it.” taehyung said. he scooped yoongi up again and walked out of jihyo's coven house.


“damn.” tae said once they stepped into the sidewalk.


“that didn't go well.” jimin added. taehyung led out a sigh, “i’m just worried.”


jimin stepped towards tae and cupped his face into his small hands, “taehyung it's going to be okay. we’ll get yoongi back.” taehyung led out a sigh against jimin's palm and nuzzled into the warmth.


“i just miss him.”


im right here.


jimin looked down to yoongi with a gentle smile, “yoongi we just miss you. who can i beg for food and attention if you're a cat?” yoongi knew that jimin was trying to lighten the situation with a joke. it made taehyung let out a giggle again and yoongi appreciated it.


“come on let's get some food for yoongi.”




yoongi was bored . he was bored and no one wanted to pet or entertain him.


why did he even have boyfriend if they didn't bother to even give him a little stroke behind his ears? the disrespect.


it was raining outside. for a while yoongi had watched the raindrops slide down the window. watched birds find shelter outside and the flowers curl up to protect their delicate petals from the heavy rain.


but now he's bored.


namjoon was looking out for him today. after yesterday's unsuccessful try to turn him back into a human and him instead getting rainbow colored fur, namjoon had called various other witches that said they could look into his condition.


so now it was just namjoon and yoongi. namjoon working in his computer being busy and productive while yoongi… well…




yoongi knew the other couldn't hear him, couldn't understand what he was saying only understood that he was meowing.


but meowing could be just as annoying as anything else.




yoongi tried again. namjoon was observed into his work, not looking up for even a second when yoongi was talking. rude.


listen to me


yoongi walked closer to namjoons chair and sat down directly by his feet.


i want attention


still no reaction. maybe he was a bit mean. but namjoon knew him so long he would be fine with a bit of teasing.




yoongi dug his claws half heartedly into namjoons leg who at the feeling led out a shriek and pushed his leg away. at least now yoongi had what he wanted.


“yoongi? what the hell?” namjoon exclaimed loudly and looked down at yoongi who was licking his paws in mock innocence.


“you're a brat.” namjoon mumbled to himself.


well you didn't give me attention. what was i supposed to do?


namjoon studied him intensely, “listen i have no idea what you’re talking about or what you want from me.”


yoongi, if he could would roll his eyes. instead he wiggled his tail and tensed his body ready to jump onto namjoons lap. namjoon noticed to late what was about to happen and before he could block yoongi, yoongi already found himself on namjoons thick thighs with a content purr.


“damn, why do you always have to use your claws.” namjoon complained


it's in my nature idiot.


namjoon grumbled something again that yoongi didn't bother to pick up on, to satisfied having made it onto namjoons lap. he closed his eyes ready to fall asleep while namjoon started working again.


yoongi thought that maybe, maybe now he would be content but joke was on him because he still wanted to be petted. wanted namjoon to only look at him right now.


damn he's really starting to think like a cat.




he's pretty sure if he was a human he would sound all pouty and bratty but as a cat it just came out as meow.


namjoon please


yoongi stood up from namjoon lap and decided to climb on namjoons laptop. if the only way of getting namjoons full attention was by blocking the computer (plus the hard drive was warm) then so be it. yoongi layed down on the laptop and looked up at namjoon who watched him with unimpressed eyes.


“you're horrible.” namjoon said defeat clear in his voice, “what do you want from me?”


cuddle me.


namjoon looked at him with clear affection in his eyes, a small smile on his face which showed yoongi he wasn't actually upset. namjoon led out a chuckle and started to pet yoongi. yoongi who felt everything so much more and intensified couldn't help but pur loudly and roll onto his back showing his belly.


“you became so affectionate in a cat's body hyung.” namjoon responded, “its cute.” namjoon petted him and gave him a deep belly rub and massage. yoongi felt like he was in heaven. his whole body never felt so good. maybe it wasn't bad staying in a cats body forever. he could lie in the sun all day, get cuddles and do absolutely nothing.


but he knew that he would miss the feeling of jin's lips against his, miss squishing jimins cheeks and hugging taehyung close, would miss sleeping with jungkook in a bed and talking to namjoon, would miss laughing with hobi.


at the end of the day it comes down to his 6 most precious people.




they asked multiple witches for help. told them every time what happend, hoping that have a result, a solution, anything .


yoongi's fur turned back to black thankfully or he might have died of humiliation. but unfortunately no witch came up with a good and real solution. they tried multiple spells, tried multiple potions, asked and did research. everytime it ended up fruitless and yoongi stayed in this body which was becoming more familiar which each passing day and thuis he began to think more like a cat.


after more then a week they knew time was running out. if yoongi stayed in this body for much longer he would eventually become fully cat and could never turn back into a human. he tries to fight it, fight the instincts and everything that comes with it but…. it was becoming harder with each day that went by.


they were at another coven. and again nothing worked. yoongi didn't understand. it couldn't be this hard to turn him back into a human? there must be something he had overlooked, something he hadn't taken into consideration...


taehyung was nervously tapping his phone the entire walk back which made yoongi feel even more anxious. he missed his boyfriends, missed the cuddles and the kisses, the quiet i love you, the make out session in the kitchen. god he missed them .


taehyung-ah it's okay.


jungkook looked up from where he was currently untying his shoelaces and looked at yoongi in surprise. his big brown eyes gazed at yoongi and goddamn yoongi heart ached . he wanted to walk up to jungkook, wanted to take his cheeks into his palm, wanted to stroke jungkook's long black hair, kiss him tenderly until jungkook moaned. he wanted all of that back.


“he said it's okay hyung.” jungkook addressed taehyung who in response looked over at yoongi who was being carried by jin.


“hyung…” taehyung whispered.


suddenly there was a loud noice coming from the kitchen and they all turned towards the direction. hobi stood at the table, head hung low, fist trembling on the table, “no! no it's not okay.”


“seokie,” jin began but was cut off by hoseoks loud sob.


“it's not okay and we all know its not okay. hyung,” hoseok let out another heart wrenching sob, the emotions from the last couple of weeks overflowing and yoongi heart hurt. he wanted so badly to go to hoseok, wanted to hug him, hold his trembling body and whisper into his ear, promise that it will be okay, that everything will be okay again. “hyung is a goddamn cat. and we don't know, we dont know whats happening or how to turn him back.”


jimin having seen enough if his lovers breakdown walked over to hoseok and hugged him from behind, hobi went limp in jimin's hold and jimin took it as a good sign to hold him even tighter, “i just want my yoongi back.” hoseok whimpered.


“hoseokie-hyung.” jungkook said quietly, also tears in his eyes. hobi opened his arms for jungkook and jungkook jumped straight in getting hugged tightly against hobis chest. namjoon led out a sigh and stepped forward to join the hug, taehyung did the same until it was just jin and yoongi left. yoongi meowed indicating that he wanted to join the hug. seokjin nodded, hugged yoongi's small frame close to his chest and then closed the gap to join the big hug. hobi was still crying but now all of them gave him encouraging touches and whispers.


“dont feel guilty hobi-ah,” jin murmured.


“you feel guilty?” taehyung asked confused, “but why?”


hobi looked at them with wide eyes, tears gathering faster and faster in his eyes, “it's my fault yoongi hyung even brewed the potion in the first place. he wanted to make something for me and if i didn't-” hobis voice broke again and it tore at yoongi heart. he wanted to scream and shout, reassure hobi that it wasnt and never will be his fault, “if i didn't have sleeping problems it wouldn't have happened. and i feel so useless. i don't have a power. i can contribute to anything and i'm so sorry.”


“you idiot,” jimin murmured, “you stupid, loving idiot.”


“thanks jimin-ah.” hobi whispered back sarcastically.


“it's not your fault,” jimin replied, “how could you ever even think that?”


“he's right,” namjoon stepped in, “this is a simple potion. yoongi does it all the time for customers. yoongi made a mistake while brewing it. that's not your fault.”


“and hyung,” jungkook stepped in, “you arent and never will be useless.”


jin stepped in to reassure hobi some more, “we are all helpless in this situation. the only person actually able to do something is jungkook but that's it. you think jimin as a plant which can turn yoongi human again? you think namjoons crab magic can help him?” namjoon interjected with a slight hey! of his magic being called crab magic but it made everyone laugh so yoongi was thankful for jins teasing.


“we love you hyung.” taehyung said finally.


hoseok whipped the tears under his eyes away, his face was red and all blotchy and it hurt . hurt yoongi to see his love crumbke like this.


tell him i love him and that i never will and never have blamed him for this


“he loves you hyung,” jungkook repeated, “he doesn't blame you.”


hobi looked at yoongi still pressed against jins chest. he grabbed forward and took yoongi from jins arm. hobi pressed his head against yoongi's soft fut and inhaled, “i love you yoonig hyung.”




“i don't know why the spell won't work. we went over every step, every possible solution. he should be turned back into a human.”


“i'm sorry that we couldn't help you.”


“we’ll try again. maybe so long we go over everything again ask our friend. he's a good witch.”




it's hard. its really, really hard watching his coven slowly crumble apart.


yoongi can see it in their eyes, every morning when they wake up, the rings under his boyfriends eyes are darker, a bit more sadder. he watches namjoon pour over countless textbooks, watches jin call everyone he knows, watches taehyung ask ghosts for help. jimin stays more and more in the garden surrounded by his plants, meanwhile jungkook holds him just bit tighter, talks to him a bit more often and hobi. well hobi… yoongi doesn't seem him that much. everytime hobi looks at him yoongi can see guilt in his lovers face.


it's horrible. it's so horrible to watch it all and be able to do anything. he tries, tells jungkook to tell the others that he loves them allthe time, tries to get their mood up with cuddles and headbumbs. sometimes it works.


once he was out in the gardens watching jimin speak with his herbs and flowers. he could see jimin's sad face, could hear the tremble in his voice, could hear the occasional yoongi-hyung and i miss him.


he walked over not being able to bear it anymore and gently nudged jimin's hand with his head. jimin looked down in confusion and then a smile spread over his face


“hyungie.” jimin greeted him. yoongi meowed and nudged jimin's hand again. jimin let out a small giggle and then started to pet him. yoongi instantly began purring and jimin smiled brightly.


they spend the evening like that. at one point yoongi crawled into jimin's lap and jimin explained to yoongi what the plants were up to what they were thinking and, and, and…  all the while jimin continues to pet him. it was nice and it left jimin with a smile. yoongi promised himself once he was human again he would garden with jimin more often.




they tried something completely different next.


it was jin who suggested it and they believed it to be worth a shot. it's been 10 days already and yoongi felt less and less human. he didn't want to tell jungkook his concerns since its a heavy burden to carry but he could feel it and at least yoongi was worried.


they didn't have long.


there was a witch, a witch that lived all alone at the shores of the sea. it was a two hour travel but it's said that she can see the future. jin thought maybe if she can see the future she can help guide them onto the ride path.


jin rented a big van where they all could fit inside and they all made their way to the witch's house. it was literally in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but forest and the sea right next to her. it was certainly a beautiful place but also quite lonely. ironically the witch they were visiting lived in a small cottage. it was like in the movies and so dramatic that yoongi would have laughed if he could.


the door was open when they came closer, namjoon shouted a hello in greeting.


“come in, come in.” a voice came from inside. they stepped inside the cottage. it was cozy and inviting, bright colors everywhere, the fresh summer breeze coming through the open windows. shelves full of books and art, shells and other cute things.


“i saw you coming.” the witch said, “hello i'm euna.” she smiled brightly.


“hello. thank you for having us.” namjoon bowed and they all followed suit, “we wanted to ask you-”


“i know,” euna replied, “i saw it. come on to the kitchen. i made some tea and then we can start.” they gave each other looks but followed euna silently into the kitchen where in fact six cups of tea stood and a small plate of milk.


“i thought you would also like to have something to drink.” she said and looked at yoongi. yoongi meowed and from jungkook's hold jumped onto the table.


“you seven found yourself in an interesting situation haven't you?” euna said while she stirred some milk into her tea. the others nodded. jin stepped forward and looked into euna eyes, “can you help us?”


she led out a sigh, “i'll try my best. my magic works in funny ways. i will see multiple futures in front of me, every scenario as possible as the last. it's up to you to decide what to make out of the information that i give you. but i need to warn you,” she said, “sometimes knowing more about the future can corrupt your mind and change everything.”


yoongi didn't have to think long or at all. they tried out everything they could try, asked every witch available for help. this is their last possibility, consequences be damned


lets do it.


jungkook repeated what he said and everyone nodded. euna folded her hands, “very well then.” she took a sip from her tea and then stared straight into yoongi's cat eyes. his whole skin shivered and he felt cold, cold and vulnerable. he led out a whimper. before he could get to uncomfortable and heated, or his soulmates interfered, the sensation left his body and he relaxed.


“there are two possible futures that i see,” euna began. she had her eyes closed, her face knotted in concentration, “the less desirable one is where yoongi stays as a cat. he will lose all memories of ever being human. one day he'll walk outside, get lost and will never return to the cove and your lovers again.” everyone looked at her in shook. this was the scenario that they were most afraid of, the scenario they didn't want to have, wanted to desperately prevent.


“please tell us the alternative.” jimin whispered.


“the other way is more desirable.” she began, “you.” euna opened her eyes and looked straight at hoseok who flinched at the attention, “you are the only one who can turn yoongi back. you are the key.”


“me?” hoseok asked bewildered, “i don't understand.”


“your powers.” she replied, “your powers can turn yoongi back human.”


hoseok shook his head, “i dont have powers though that's the problem.”


“you have powers and you have used them quite the amount of times. hoseok-ssi you need to think . really think. its right in from if your nose, has been all your life.”


“but,” namjoon stepped in, “we asked so many people for help. we can't figure out what hoseok's powers are. we tried.”


“do you remember what all these witches said?” euna asked.


hobi thought for a second, “they said their powers don't work on me.”


she smiled, “exactly.”


“i still don't understand.” hoseok answered.


“wait.” taehyung interjected. everyone turned towards him, “wait. do you remember why yoongi had tried to make that sleeping drink in the first place?”


“because i couldn't sleep.” hoseok replied.


“yes, but there's more. remember hyung tried out all the leftover sleeping teas we had from other witches? they didn't work. that's why yoongi even tried to brew the potion.”


“yes but what does- oh.” namjoon said. a small smile curled around his face, “taehyung you're a genius.”


“i'm missing something aren't i?” jin asked.


“its okay. ill explain.” namjoon said. he seemed all excited, a big smile plastered on his face, “it's so obvious now, i can't believe we oversaw it the whole time. basically, i think hobi might have defensive powers. he never gets affected by potions or other magical spells. like when witches tried to find out what powers he had. it never worked. its because he blocks of magic.”


“that…” hobi begins, “actually that does make lots of sense.”


“but i can see his aura.” jin exclaims, “how does that fit?”


“i don't know a whole lot about defense witches but they cant hide their soul from others. they can defect others powers but their soul is still there. if hobi would die theoretically taehyung could still see and talk to his soul.” namjoon explains.


“but how,” jimin interrupts and points towards yoongi, “how does that help with yoongi hyung?” they all looked towards euna who had been watching them silently.


“when you get home you should look up what powers defense witches have. it's more than just being immune to other witches spells.”


“was that our silent signal go leave?” jin asked.


euna laughed, “no you can stay longer if you want but i would advise you to figure this out as fast as possible,” she looked back towards yoongi, “he doesn't have long you see.”


it turned uncomfortably silent in the cottage until namjoon stood up and thanked euna for her time. they all stood up and bowed to the woman and then made their way back to the car.


“hobi.” jimin broke the silence surrounding them and grabbed his hand, “i'm glad we found your powers. how do you feel?”


hobi had a smile on his face but it was clear it wasnt 100% genuine, “i'm not sure. it's a lot to take in.”


“we'll figure it out hyung,” jungkook said, “whatever it is, just know you're not and never will be alone with this.”


hobi took a step towards jungkook and kissed his hair gently, “thank you jungkookie.” hobi whispered. yoongi could catch it all since he was clenched tightly in jungkook's arms. then hobi bend down to yoongi level, “i don't know what i have to do hyung but believe me i'll try everything.”


iknow. and i love you.


hobi even without jungkook's help understood what yoongi meowed at him. hobi gave him a smile and then turned to the others, “i don't say it often and i apologize for that but please know that i really do love you.”


“damn yoongi turns into a cat and suddenly everyone turns cheesy.” jin winks at hobi in good nature, “now come one we need to get home and figure this out.”




it didn't take them long to figure out what euna meant. witches like hobi were not only able to block and be immune to spells and potions they could also take away spells.


the only questions was how .


“how am i supposed to figure out my powers in just days? every witch takes years to figure themselves out!” hoseok fell back onto the couch with a grim expression, “i found out today that these might be my powers and now i'm supposed to turn a cat into a human?”


the response was silence everyone looking somewhere else because they had no idea. no clue how to deal with this. even though there was information on hobbies powers since witches exist and wrote down how their powers function but at the end of the day every witch is different and they use their powers in different ways.


hobi laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation, “damn yoongi.” he pointed towards where yoongi was sitting on a bookshelf, “you really put us in a funny situation.”


jin laughed, “once yoongi is back to human i'm going to lock him away so he doesn't even come close to his potions.”


yoongi led out an offended meow.


“at least i made enough videos and pictures of him so we can use it as blackmail material for the rest of his life,” jimin giggled and hold up his phone.


it was amazing how quickly they could adopt to the mood change. it was clear that hoseok was trying to bring up the mood and brighten the situation and it seemed to be working because jimin was on the floor holding his tummy with laughter while taehyung almost cried through his giggles and namjoon let out loud amused hahas.


it was so much better to see them happy like this.




he slept with taehyung and jimin that night. jimin fast asleep on taehyung's chest while taehyung was on his phone reading a webtoon, gently stroking jimin's hair once in a while. yoongi sat on taehyungs pillow next to his head and read along with him.


the webtoon wasn't… well it wasn't exactly his taste but it was better than nothing. it was romance, two boys falling in love during the summer. taehyung and jimin liked that sort of stuff while yoongi preferred movies and academic texts more. he wasn't the biggest webtoon reader though the storyline was quite sweet and he quickly found himself intrigued.


sometimes taehyung would whisper out a question to yoongi and hongi would meow to answer taehyung which made taehyung giggle as quietly as he could in order to not wake up jimin.


it felt nice spending time with taehyung like that. usually he and taehyung go out to eat ice cream or hang out to watch a movie. but they never read a book together. yoongi might have to reconsider this once he got human again.


if he got human .


“i'm tired hyung.” taehyung yawnend, “i'll go to sleep yeah?” yoongi purred and took the opportunity to snuggle up next to taehyung. he was on jimin's other side, right between to taehyung's chest and arms. the younger was always so warm and soft yoongi couldn't help himself but purr loudly.


“ah hyung,” tae laughed and started stroking his fur, “as much as i love you as cat since your so cute and fluffy, i miss you a lot.”


i miss you too taehyungie


“come back soon yes?”


i'll try.




two days later and probably yoongi's last day, jin came running down the stairs towards the living room (where mind you yoongi was getting bis best cuddling session ever from jungkook) and shouted loudly, “he has it!”


yoongi just stared at him unimpressed.


“has what?” jungkook asked


“hobi! he figured it out!” jin stepped forward a slight flush all over his face which made him look even more prettier than usual. cute. jin quickly bend down to yoongi and smiled brightly, “yoongi-ah, we can get you back.” a soft smile, such a soft smile just for him. but then jins words hit him. we can get you back.


yoongi jumped up in excitement and jin laughed holding his hands wide open, “come on i'll take you.” yoongi jumped into jins arms without hesitation and pressed himself flush against the elders chest, “you to kook-ah. lets go.”


they quickly made their way upstairs to where the attic was or more precisely yoongis workplace. hobi was standing in the middle of the place, eyes glazed over, hands clenched slightly. he looked up though as soon as jin announced their entrance.


jungkook stuttered a bit over his words, “hyung, you figured it out, yeah?” his voice was full of admiration and excitement, jungkook's eyes big and shiny.


hoseok rubbed his chest nervously, “i think so? its at least our best guess.”


“namjoon, jimin and taehyung aren't here but i don't think we should wait with this.” jin looked pained when he said it, yoongi could see he didn't like the idea of their coven being incomplete at such an important happening, “but we don't know how long yoongi has left. these could be his last hours. we should try it out and hope that hobi really figured it out.”


i agree.


jungkook addressed jin, “he said he agrees with you, jin-hyung.” jin led out a sigh of relief at those words, “thank you yoongi ah.”


“so i should just do it?” hoseok asked his voice insecure. it hurt yoongi to hear hoseok like that usually so sure of himself and his abilities.


jin walked over and touched hoseok's arm comforting, “as much as you can. don't pressure yourself whatever happens we know you did your best.”


hoseok looked at yoongi, still cradled in jins arms and nodded, “okay, yeah. sure.”


i believe in you


“he said he believe in you.” jungkook repeats.


hobi laughs, “god hyung once your human again i'm going to kiss the magic out of you.”


please do.


jungkook blushed a bit at the words and yoongi laugh internally. jin stepped in, to get them back on track, “okay hoseok do you need anything?”


“no i don't think so. i just… i just need to see if my hypothesis is correct.” hoseok looked unsure again but took yoongi from jins arms into his, “i love you yoongi.” hoseok closed his eyes before yoongi could reply and yoongi's heartbeat picked up rapidly. he can't lie, he was nervous, horrified at the outcomes. what if hoseok's magic didn't work? what if he really did stay a cat and would lose everything? what about his coven?


hoseok put his hand onto yoongi head and furrowed his brows in concentration. for a good minute nothing happened and yoongi started to slowly lose hope but then a tingling sensation ran through his whole body, making his skin itch, his head hurt. he felt nauseous, horrible. he wanted hobi to stop but as soon as he had that thought he suddenly felt himself crashing onto the floor, with a yelp of pain and a shout from jin in the background.


it didn't take him long to figure out what happened because as soon as he opened his eyes he could see how big he was, could see his skin and his hand, his legs. and then he noticed how he was literally laying on hoseok, who had been holding him while he was still in a cat's body.


“oh my god i did it.” hoseok shouted in amazement when he saw yoongi in front of him, “hyung, hyung?,” hoseok cupped his face and looked into his eyes, “are you okay? can you hear me? do you feel alright?”


yoongi looked into hoseok's bright eyes and honesty the only thing that ran through his head was how much he missed hoseok. so instead of answering yoongi bend forward and kissed hoseok onto the lips. hoseok let out a surprised shriek but quickly grabbed yoongi's waist to hold him tightly and kissed back. it was a messy kiss not lustful or romantic just… desperate and needy. yoongi wanted to feel human contact, wanted to feel lips onto his, having been starved of them the last days. he wanted to be hold and talked to, wanted to feel like a human


at one point hoseok disconnected their lips and looked into yoongi eyes, “i guess that means yes.”


“damn yeah hobi.” yoongi grinned widely happy, so goddamn happy, to be back and feel human again. it didn't take long until the big form of jungkook came up from behind and engulfed him in a big hug, “hyung, hyung.” jungkook said. yoongi kissed his hair, smelling the fabric softener jungkook always uses and relaxes against the younger.


“jungkookie,” yoongi stroked jungkook's cheeks, “thank you for everything, you saved me, us . you did so well.” yoongi praised, so proud of their youngest one.


“it's the least i could do.” jungkook replied and then also kissed him. it was just a slight kiss, jungkook to giggle and smily to have any deeper kisses. yoongi smiled, endured by their youngest.


“i dont get any?” jin said. yoongi turned towards their oldest who was pouting at him, “after everything i did for you. after all the furballs you threw up that i cleaned up, all the bellyrubs i gave you… this is how you repay me.” jin pouted in mock thetrics.


yoongi laughed and opened his arms for his hyung. jin smiled and collapsed into yoongi. they stayed like that embraced, soaking up each others warmth. jin kissed the side of his neck and whispered, “i'm so glad you're safe yoongi-ah.”




namjoon, jimin and taehyung come home hours later. yoongi sits at the kitchen table with some chocolate ice cream before him and smiled brightly at them. jimins is the first to notice. he lets out a loud shout and then runs to yoongi, only to engulf him in a big hug, “hyung… what. how? what happened?” jimins checks him over, touches him everywhere, “how did you change. what happened?”


yoongi chuckles, “jimin ah, calm down.”


jimin giggles and leans in to kiss his face, a peck on the nose, a peck on the cheeks, a peck on the lips and eyelids, peck, peck, peck, “im so happy hyung.” jimin replies.


“me to jiminie.” yoongi smiles up at him. jimin presses another kiss against his hair and then takes a step back to let namjoon hug yoongi. namjoon often is a bit awkward and out of his element when he shows physical affection. yoongi can see namjoons hesitant hand going back and force, deciding if he wants to cradle his hair or just hug him. yoongi makes the decisions for him and stands up to fall into namjoons chest. namjoon immediately melts against yoongi and puts his head onto yoongi's shoulder.


“i’m okay joonie.” yoongi whispers. namjoon hums in acknowledgment, “you better be.”


namjoon doesn't stay in his arms for long. he quickly gets embarrassed and takes a step back, red flushing all over his cheeks. taehyung quickly takes his place though and presses a big fat smooth against yoongi cheek, “thank god, thought i would have to clean your litter box forever now.” taehyung teases with the biggest smile on his face.


“these are your first words to me? really?” yoongi replies sarcastically. taehyung winks, “had to spice up the mood a bit.” and then taehyung kisses him on the mouth. taehyungs kiss is slow, needy. but at the same time weirdly passionate. it leaves yoongi breathless and shaky.


“okay i know this all emotional and stuff,” namjoon interrupted and taehyung disconnected himself from yoongi, “but what the fuck happened.”


hoseok raises his hands at that, “i can explain. basically, i managed to figure out how to make my powers of use.”


jimin looked at hoseok with wide eyes, “how did you manage that?”


hobi laughed embarrassed, “i actually went through some twitter and tumblr posts to see what witches with my powers were writing. one witch  complained how unfair it was that she could only undo spells if she knew how they were made. so i went upstairs and tried to figure out what happened to yoongi's spell. i touched one of the glasses with yoongi's herbs and suddenly i just knew . instead of cinnamon and sugar he mixed cinnamon and salt together. that was the problem and that's why none of the other potion witches could help us because we didn't even know he screwed up the herbs.”


“i was lost in thought,” yoongi defended himself.


“anyway,” hobi continued, “i then touched yoongi and just had to think of the spell and how it was made and boom,” hoseok made a loud sound effect, “there he was.”


“damn thats kinda lame in hindsight,” comments jin, “we were all so worried and went to all these witches and turns out yoongi just screwed up salt and sugar.”


“maybe i should just turn back into a cat. you were all much nicer.” yoongi grumbled and put another spoon of ice cream into his mouth.


jimin stared at the bowl of ice cream and yoongi without much thought shoveled some of the chocolate onto his spoon and flew the spoon to jimin who obediently opened his mouth. he then brightly smiled at yoongi, his eyes disappearing and his crooked tooth showing, “this is why we need yoongi.” jimin finally said.


namjoon snorted, “so he can feed you food?”


“exactly,” jimin winked.


yoongi chuckled slightly because this, this domesticity, the banger and teasing with affectionate gazes and touches, kisses and laughs. this is what he missed.