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purgatory is a p2w game masquerading as a f2p one

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a super overcomplicated premise

Shen Jiu never thought that he would be allowed a second chance at life after all the sins he had amassed, but it appeared that the gods were much more merciful than he thought, allowing him to reincarnate after dying in the cave Luo Binghe had imprisoned him in.

He was reborn in a strange new and modern world where cultivation no longer existed, to a pair of parents that were distant but still loved him in their own way. He tried his best to be a good son to them and did many kind and charitable deeds in an effort to pay back the sins of his past life. Since the heavens had given him this chance, he would not squander it. He would live to be the person his Qi’ge had always wanted him to be, no matter how uncomfortable he felt when wearing the skin of a good person.

And then he died due to food poisoning and woke up Qing Jing Peak.

Shen Jiu just knew things were too good to be true.

-o- -o- -o-

first target: YQY(andere)

“……Shidi? Shidi, can you hear me speaking?”

Many a time Shen Jiu had thought about what he would say to Yue Qingyuan if he ever had the chance to see him again. There were times where Shen Jiu envisioned himself scolding Yue Qingyuan for his foolishness at falling for Luo Binghe’s bait. Other times Shen Jiu saw himself apologizing to Yue Qingyuan for everything he had done. And, during quiet nights where Shen Jiu’s homesickness was at its peak, he allowed himself to imagine being held in his Qi’ge’s arms as he cried.

All of that went flying out of the window the moment he was rudely roused by Yue Qingyuan’s voice.

“Qi’ge, shut up and let me sleep,” he groaned, turning over in his bed.

There was a brief moment of silence before Shen Jiu immediately shot upright into sitting position, painfully aware of where he was and who he was. He looked at Yue Qingyuan with a calm expression on his face while inwardly scolding himself for his lack of discipline. He shouldn’t have let himself go like that! So what if he spent years and years in the modern 21st Century? It didn’t excuse his slip ups!

Was… Was Yue Qingyuan crying??

“Xiao Jiu,” Yue Qingyuan whispered and held Shen Jiu’s hand. Whatever he said next was completely drowned out by the flood of information that slammed into Shen Jiu’s mind.


Capture Target: Yue Qingyuan

A gentle peak lord who shares a past with you. However, just what hides behind that ever-present smile of his?

Immortal Heart 50% | 50% Demonic Heart


What… was going on?

[Welcome to Proud Immortal Demonic Love, the top dating simulator in the APP Store! Please wait while we bind the account {Shen Jiu}!]


[Binding finished!]

[Special VIP Account User {Shen Jiu} registered. Unlocking special mode…]

[Special mode unlocked!]

[Welcome {Shen Jiu} to Proud Immortal Demon Love’s special mode! Due to your special role in the world, you have to earn enough {Karma Points}, KP, in order to prevent your disastrous fate from coming to pass. Current KP: 0/1000]

Shen Jiu lay back down in his bed.

“Xiao Jiu? Xiao Jiu?? Someone, call Mu Qingfang!”

“I’m fine, Zhangmen-shixiong,” Shen Jiu said. “Also, don’t call me that.”

“...Qingqiu-shidi,” Yue Qingyuan said in a much more subdued tone of voice.

“I apologise greatly for my informality, Zhangmen-shixiong,” Shen Jiu said, trying to ignore the fact that Yue Qingyuan was still holding his hand. At this rate, the entire limb was going to turn numb. “I am feeling better now. Thank you for your concern.”

“You never need to apologise to me, Qingqiu-shidi,” Yue Qingyuan said earnestly. “And I give you full permission to call me Qi’ge whenever you like. Please.” It was as if Yue Qingyuan was a dog that had heard the word ‘walk’ and was now persistently panting after Shen Jiu. Hadn’t he been someone who always looked at Shen Jiu from afar? Why was he behaving like this now?

Should Shen Jiu indulge him? Would that give him Karma Points?

“...Qi’ge…” Shen Jiu said quietly. Yue Qingyuan’s eyes widened and his grip on Shen Jiu’s hand became tighter.

“Xiao Jiu,” he choked out. “Qi’ge is here.”

A bar that only Shen Qingqiu could see seemingly manifested out of thin air.


Yue Qingyuan

Immortal Heart 40% | 60% Demonic Heart


Wait, wait, wait. Wasn’t the bar at 50-50 before? Why did it change? And Shen Jiu didn’t know exactly what ‘Demonic Heart was but it sounded terribly ominous.

Shen Jiu very quickly snatched his hand away.

“I’ve said it,” Shen Jiu said. “Now I need rest.”

“Qi’ge understands.” Shen Jiu began to realize that he shouldn’t have said that name. “Qi’ge will leave Xiao Jiu to rest now.” Reluctantly, Yue Qingyuan left Shen Jiu’s room. Shen Jiu waited until he could no longer hear Yue Qingyuan’s footsteps before prodding at the bar.

[This is the Heart Type bar! Each Capture Target begins with an even split between Immortal Heart and Demonic Heart. Based on the choices that you make, you can have the Immortal Heart Ending and the Demonic Heart ending! Don’t worry, {Shen Jiu}, both endings are good endings. You will only reach the bad ending if your Karma Points are not sufficient.]

[Would you like a sneak peak of Yue Qingyuan’s Demonic Heart Ending?]

Shen Jiu didn’t even have a chance to reply before he blacked out.


A hand brushed hair from his face, tucking it behind his ear. It took a while for Shen Jiu to take in his surroundings but when he did, he was confused. Hadn’t he been in Qing Jing Peak earlier? Where was he now?

Shen Jiu shifted and the slide of silk against his skin caught him off balance. He looked down to see himself dressed in black and gold, colors similar to those used on Qiong Ding Peak.

“Has Xiao Jiu woken up?” Yue Qingyuan asked, smiling.


Something dark flashed past Yue Qingyuan’s eyes and his mouth twisted into something Shen Jiu could almost call a frown.

“Is Xiao Jiu alright? Qi’ge hasn’t been Cang Qiong’s Sect Leader for a long time. Now I am simply Xiao Jiu’s Qi’ge and Xiao Jiu is Qi’ge’s Xiao Jiu.” There was a brittle look in Yue Qingyuan’s eyes. It was a look that terrified Shen Jiu. “Cang Qiong Sect was not enough to keep Xiao Jiu safe, so we had to leave it. Besides, Xiao Jiu doesn’t need anyone other than Qi’ge, right?”

With burgeoning horror, Shen Jiu slowly became aware that there was something metallic surrounding his neck. Hesitantly, he lifted his hand up to touch it.

It was a collar.

Yue Qingyuan smiled sweetly at Shen Jiu.

“Qi’ge doesn’t need anyone other than Xiao Jiu either.”


Shen Jiu gasped himself awake.

What the fuck, in what universe was that considered a good ending?!?!!