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Once and Future Destiny

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The footprints of the Once and Future King and his guardian Emrys were still preserved in the dust in that ancient cave. The only things to stir the stale air were low sweeping robes making little circles in the dust. Three sets of pale weathered arms jutted from within the darkened folds of their cloaks, while matted hair hung limp from shadowed faces. The scene was enacted with disquieting stillness as age-old feet shuffled over the ground. However, even as time bowed their backs and withered their hands it could not touch the voices of these three as they rose in verse.

The Once and Future King

Emrys at his side

In all his wisdom is so prone to folly

The one who uttered this let a hint of a sneer enter her voice.

That their journey has at last

Come to rest

On the edge of a knife

Compassion spars with duty

Love and hate stare at each other through a veil

The tallest woman picked up the refrain.

And the hands that weave fate's tapestry have ceased

All watch with bated breath

Far away a wolf pack suddenly ceased their hunt. Baby chicks stopped their crying. Insects' humming died. The White Mountains were silent.

And none can foresee the outcome… She trailed off and the hush of the outside entered the cave.

The last woman broke the silence with a whisper.

Because fate was never set in stone.