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I Think I Wanna Marry You

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Izuku Midoriya was a male Omega aged 22 who worked as a match maker for Alpha, Beta's and Omega's at a company called Earth Angel. The company was well known for its success rate in finding its clients the perfect partner. The company strived to meet the needs of their clientele no matter the preference within reason of course. A client had to be 18 years or above to register with the company before they would even considered as potential suitors. The company's motto was: We'll find you your earth angel.

The president of the company and owner Mr Toshinori Yagi made it very clear that their clients had to be of legal age and come from respectable backgrounds. Mr Yagi wanted to make sure that the potential suitor would take good care of their future mate, especially when it came to the safety of Omega's. In the past many Omega's had been forced into bonds and marriages without their consent and became depressed to the point where they would take their own lives. Ever since then a law had been placed to protect an Omega's personal rights and safety. In order to make sure Omega's had a say in who they chose as their potential partners match making companies where established.


It was a Monday morning and all seemed well with the world well those where the thoughts running through a certain greenette's head as he made his way to work.

However the moment Izuku walked through the doors to his work place he was greeted by Ochako who worked as receptionist at the front desk.

"Oh hey there Izuku .....nice weather we're having huh?" That was it whenever the brunette started talking about the weather he knew something was up.

"What is it this time?" Izuku said with a sigh

"Well it's just that your dad said he wants to see you in his office asap. I'm not sure what it's about though but he looked serious about something." The brunette said in hushed tone, apart from her only certain people knew that
Mr Yagi was Midoriya's stepfather. Midoriya want people to think that he got this job because he was the stepson of the boss. He wanted to prove himself that he could do this job purely on his own merit and talent. And so far he's done just that to the point where's rated the No.1 match maker.

"Fine I'll go see what he wants and don't worry so much I'm sure it's nothing too serious" The greenette said with a warm smile upon his freckled face

"Well you can always come and talk to me if something happens ok" The brunette said with a smile

"Thanks Ochako well I had best go and see what he wants" Midoriya sighed as he walked down the hallway and stood in front of an office door which read: Mr T.Yagi President

Midoriya knocked twice on the door before he entered the room.

"You wished to see me sir" The greenette said as he walked into the office

"Are Midoriya my boy come in please take a seat" Mr Yagi said from behind his desk. The man in question was large in stature standing over 6ft at least with a muscular frame that would put even a grizzly bear to shame. He has blonde hair and bright blue eyes and he was also an Alpha.

"Dad we're at work could you please stop calling me your boy it's embarrassing" Midoriya sighed true the man maybe his stepdad and he loved the man dearly but the blonde Alpha could never stop gushing over the greenette.

"I know.......but it's only the two of us at the moment so it should be fine right?" Yagi said as he waved to his stepson to sit down

"Ok fine but please don't say it in front of others, do you know how much of a hassle I had to go through last time because you just had to praise me and call me Your Boy! Not to mention all of the rumours that followed after that. I had to explain that you treat everyone like their a part of your family and that's why you called me your boy although it is technically." Midoriya went into one of his ramble's

"Yes......yes......I promise not to do that anymore, just sit down ok"

With a sigh Midoriya stopped his rambling and sat down in the chair in front of a big sturdy desk.

"So what was so important that you had to see straightaway?"

"Well it looks like we'll be getting a new client and I want you to be one to see to them"

"You do realise I'm already working on 3 other clients at the moment. There's Mr Hinoki who's looking for well mannered Omega who also enjoys classical music and going to the opera, then there's Miss Shibuki who's looking well built muscular Alpha who's bald and has to be a man. Then there's Mr Ondo and Miss Fumito who's looking for a third to join their relationship Alpha or Omega so long as they like cosplay and gaming." Midoriya closed his eyes as he crossed his arms, he really didn't have the time to deal with another knew client

"You may change your mind when I tell you who it is?" The blonde said with a smile playing on his face

The greenette looked doubtful but he was curious as to who this person was.

"Fine who is it then?"

"Very well then you know of the company called that works with ours called Wedding Bells, well I was asked by their C.E.O to look for a suitable mate for the Alpha son. His name is Katsuki Bakugou."

"What........................are you serious right now? That's one of the largest companies that deals with weddings, from the wedding planners, catering, the wedding attire, hotels, photography. Also Katsuki Bakugou has been in dozens of magazines as a top model, and he's been voted as the No.1 Alpha most women want to marry plus he came in second for the most eligible bachelor." Izuku went into one of his monologues as he spoke his thoughts out loud

He was soon brought back to reality by the sound of his father's voice.

"Well my boy it seems you know your stuff, especially about their son" Toshinori said with a proud smile upon his face

Izuku looked up from his mumbling state as he replied

"Huh....................I urm well who hasn't heard about that company after all nearly all of our clients use that firm to plan out there wedding's . Also it's only natural for me to know about single eligible Alpha's after all they could be potential clients someday hahahahaha..........." Izuku said nervously as he laughed off the last part. He didn't want his father to know that he secretly had every single magazine and news paper clipping about the famous Alpha. After all who could blame him Katsuki Bakugou was every Omega's dream Alpha and he was so Izuku's type. But of course he knew that an Alpha like Katsuki would never find an Omega male like him attractive after all Alpha's like that usually want busty beautiful female Omega's for their partners.

"Yes that is true but the same can be said about us, the Bakugou's have heard of our success rate and since every other matching making they've tried so far has failed they came to us. Not only that but they also heard about you my boy, apparently a few of your past clients know the Bakugou's and told them of how they met their partners and who it was that helped them" Yagi said looking proudly at his son

"Hugh........wait a minute they've seriously tired other companies and not one of them found a suitable partner for him?"

"It appears so my boy, apparently young Bakugou is very picky when selecting his partner. Every Omega that he has seen so far he's turned them down flat. Some companies even tried to mix it up by introducing him to other Alpha's and some Beta's unfortunately that didn't work out either. Which is why Mitsuki Bakugou the head of and C.E.O of Wedding Bells chose our company and asked for that you be the one to find her son a partner." Yagi said as he clasped his hands together on the desk while looking at his son

"I take it you already accepted the job offer?"

"Well it's not like I could very well turn them down now could I" Yagi said as he rubbed the back of his neck

"And what am I supposed to say to my other clients? I can't very well leave them and focus on someone else now can I!" Izuku took his job very seriously, he made absolutely sure that his clients got the very best. He would spend days going over every single detail of information that his clients had given in order to find the perfect partner and in the end everyone of his clients were completely happy with the outcome. As a matter of fact every single one of his clients had gotten married to the partners he had chosen for them and were now living happy lives thanks to him.

"About that I spoke to Mirio earlier and he said he would be happy to take over for you while you deal with Mr Katsuki Bakugou."

"Fine it looks like I've got no choice but you owe me one!" The greenette said as he crossed his arms

" about I get you that limited edition figurine from that comic you like so much"

On hearing this the greenette's eyes sparkled with glee, he'd been after that figurine for ages but never had the time or money to go and buy it. So yeah of course he was excited about getting the figurine, after all he was a total nerd when it came to manga, comics anime and games.


" boy if all goes well and you find young Katsuki Bakugou a suitable partner I'll buy you that figurine" Yagi with a huge grin on his face

"You got yourself a deal" Izuku said as he took hold of his father's hand to shake on it. Now all he had to do was to work with a certain ash blonde bombshell of an Alpha who he secretly had a crush on by the way, find him the perfect partner no big deal he could this he hoped.


The next day Izuku waited in the meeting room where he awaited his client to be a Mr Katsuki Bakugou. Oh god he was so nervous, even though he'd done this a thousand times before. The clock on the wall ticked away the time as Izuku sat on one of the green sofa's situated in the middle of the room. there was a small coffee table in between the two sofa's. Along the back wall the was a small unit where you could make a cup of tea or coffee to serve to the guest's along with any snacks that might be in the cupboard.

Izuku had been waiting patiently for 30 minutes now, the clock show 11:30 am meaning that his client was 30 minutes late. He wondered if something had happened or if he just couldn't be bothered to go through with this whole affair.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and then the door opened revealing a two tall gentle men. One was tall and very well built, he had short dark hair, wore glasses and very serious as he held a file book. He was wearing a dark navy blue suit and a red tie, painted black shoes. The other man was tall with ash blonde hair and ruby red eyes. He was well built but wasn't broad as the other man, he was wearing a black suit with an orange coloured tie and black painted shoes. Izuku could tell that these two men where Alpha's by the sent they were giving off. Not only but Izuku knew right away that the ash blonde was Katsuki Bakugou the very person he was supposed to meet.

"Ahem.....I'm Tenya Iida and I'm Mr Bakugou's personal assistant, and the man standing next to me is Katsuki Bakugou. I must apologise for making you wait good sir, our car broke down and so we had to hail a taxi to bring us the rest of the way."

"Oh that's quite alright really I'm just glad you took the time to meet with me today. I'm Izuku Midiroya and it will be my pleasure to assist you in this endeavour." Izuku said with the brightest smile he could muster

"No.....the pleasure is ours" As Iida and Izuku both shook hands

Iida turned his attention to the ash blonde who hadn't said a word since their arrival.

"Katsuki it's bad manners not to introduce yourself when greeting someone new!" Iida said sternly as he pushed up his glasses

"What's the point you already stated who we are? so why do I have to waste my time introducing myself again?" You could tell by the ash blonde's demeanour that he didn't want to be here.

"Because it's good etiquette that's why, one must set a good impression when meeting someone for the first time. Plus the company may end up working more closely with Earth Angle if all goes well" The tall man said

"Yeah like that's gonna happen" Katsuki with a bored expression on his face as he walked up to the greenette

"Hey there Deku I'm Katsuki Bakugou nice to meet you" Katsuki said as held out his hand

Izuku was a little taken back, was this really how Katsuki Bakugou acted. And what gives with that name he just called me? Well two can play this game! Izuku thought to himself

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Kachan I'll do my best to find you the perfect partner" Izuku countered back to the blonde with a smile upon his freckled face as he took hold of Katsuki's hand to shake

Katsuki just smirked as he shook hands with the small green haired Omega. Oh he was gonna have fun with this one, from all of the so called match makers he'd previously met this greened haired beauty was the only one who had the balls to sass him not to mention the nickname the greenette had just given him. Katsuki had only agreed to go through with the match making thing just to shut up his mother.

He recalled the conversation he had with her which in their case wasn't a conversation but more along the lines of a screaming match. In the end they came to an agreement that if he didn't find a suitable partner by his 26 birthday then she would drop the whole marriage thing at least for now any way. Of course Katsuki agreed to this knowing that he could find some way to turn down the potential mate. Now it wasn't as though he was against the idea of having a mate, it was the whole idea of being told he had to have a partner and start a family before he reached 30. Like he had to follow the social standing and be like everyone else. No he would decide when to get married and who he would marry.

Katsuki Bakugou had been to 6 different match making companies so far and with each one he turned down every single potential partner that was brought to him. All he had to do was to keep up the act of not liking the potential mates for him and he would be off the hook. After all in 3 months time he would be turning 26 meaning he wouldn't have to get married at all.

But it seems his mother had caught on to his little plan and took matters in to her own hands. So here he was meeting a green haired Omega beauty who just so happened to be his type and to his dismay the greenette was his match maker of all people. So now not only did katsuki have to find ways to turn down potential partners that greenette would find for him but also try and find some way to date the little beauty.