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A Green Bunny

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My POV (Shadow)

I walk down the streets of Musutafu to the local park. At a slow pace, I am able to take in the beautiful city around me. When I get to the park, I could hear the cry of a small child. On the ground was a small green haired boy. There are bruises and burn marks on his body and clothes.

"Oh my. Are you ok?"

The child sniffles and nods.

"Come here. Let me clean those injuries. How did you get these burns?"

"Kacchan didn't mean to. He was just showing us his quirk."

'Kacchan? A friend? What kind of friend uses their quirk on you for fun?'

I pull a first aid kit out of my bag and pull the small boy onto the bench nearby. I grab the burn ointment and began applying it to his wounds. The boy stops crying after a while. 

"Hey. Could you tell me your name?"

"Izuku. Midoriya Izuku."

"Oh wow. What a lovely name. Can I have it?"

Izuku giggles and shakes his head no. I fake pouted, "Aw man. I guess that means I have to stick with my boring name."

"What is it?"

"Akane but my friends call me Shadow."

"Do they call you that because of your quirk?"

I nod, "Yup. I am able to control the shadows around me." I lift a shadow from a tree and solidify it. I then use the solid shadow to pick up some trash on the ground to throw into the garbage can.

Izuku's eyes lit up with amazement. "Ohsocool.Howdoyoumaketheshadowssolid?Howareyouliftingtheshadow?Whataretheymadeof?Aretheredrawbacks?Whatelseareyouabletodowiththem?"

"Woah, kid. Slow down and breathe. I can't understand you. One question at a time."

"How do you make the shadows solid?"

"Well I'm not exactly sure but my therapist thinks that the shadows aren't actually solid. We have a theory. Since I pull shadows from the world around me, I compress them into several layers giving the illusion of solidity. Here look."

I pull the shadow towards me and hold in front of Izuku. He reaches to touch the shadow but can't grab it. 

"My hand goes straight through it!"

"Uh huh." I finish the last bandage and stand up. "All done. Are you hurt anywhere else?"


"Good. It's late. I'm sure your parents are very worried about you. I'll walk you home."

I picked up Izuku and placed him on my hip. "Where to Mr. Midoriya?"

Izuku smiles and gives me directions to his house. As we walk, he asks me more about how my quirk works. The walk to the Midoriya household wasn't long. I knocked on the door. 

I could hear a muffled "Coming!" through the door. The locks turn and a green-haired woman opens the door. Her eyes lock onto the child in my arms.

"Oh, Izuku! I was so worried."

"Sorry, Mama." I place Izuku down and he walks over to his mother.

"Thank you. Please come in."

"Oh, ma'am I don't want to be a bother."

"Nonsense. Come in. Come in."

I walk in and sit down on the couch. Mama Midoriya preps some tea in the kitchen and brings it over to the living area. 

"Ma'am thank you. I found Izuku in the park with some bruises and burns on him. I bandaged all the wounds I saw."

Mama Midoriya's eyes glisten, "Please call me Inko. I should have known something was wrong. Katsuki has such a rough personality. I didn't think he would-..." She blinks the tears away.

'Ah, I see. The waterfall tears must be genetic.' 

"Ma- Inko. If you don't mind me asking, who is this 'Katsuki'?"

"Izuku and Katsuki have been friends since they were born. But I noticed recently Izuku coming home with more injuries than a five-year-old should have. When I ask, he always has some excuse. I didn't want to believe his own friends could hurt him."

"If I'm prying, you don't have to answer but why are they bothering your son? He's such a sweet boy."

Inko froze at the question. I could tell there is a story there but I won't force her to tell. After all, she just met me. I ease Inko to other conversational topics. We spoke for an hour before I have to leave.

"Ma'am. It's being great speaking with you. Perhaps we could talk again?"

"Oh, sweetie. I'll be more than happy to talk with you again. How about this Saturday?"

"That would be great."

I pick up my bag that I rest on the floor earlier. Before I get to the door, Izuku runs up to me and gives me a hug.

"Bye bye Miss Akane."

I ruffle his hair, "Call me Shadow kid." Then I walk out the door.


Early Saturday morning, I wake and change for my morning jog. I do a few stretches in my apartment.

"Oh, that feels good."

I grab my phone, put my earbuds in and head out. Music plays in my ears as I begin to walk to the beat of the song. I slowly ease my walking pace into a light jog.

About ten minutes into my jog, I hear a scream. I pause my music and stop moving.

"No!" I hear.

I raise the shadows around me. "Cover me." Using my quirk, I cover myself with the building's shadows. I walk over to the alley. On the ground was a young woman. I could see a pool of blood underneath her body. I gulp and hold my breath. Out of nowhere, a large blade embeds in the wall next to my head. 'They could sense me?!'

"I know you're there. Why don't you come out?" I look to my left and see someone trying to blend into the shadows. 'A villain?' I reached out to the shadows covering the villain and pull them towards me revealing to person hidden. 'That's that psycho who likes stabbing woman and carving their hearts out. I must be careful.' I pull out my phone and sent my location and a brief message to a friend.

"Fine. If you do want to come out, I'll drag you out myself." He began charging at me.

"Fuck," I whisper to myself.

I duck under the knife he thrusts forward. I pull off the belt I was wearing and straighten it. It locks in place. 'A boa staff as a belt. Best thing Hatsume has ever made for me.' I swing the staff upward and knock the villain a few feet away.

"Stupid bitch. I'll kill you." He gets up to charge me again but gets wrapped up in a light grey material. A scarf.

"About time you got here. I was wondering if you were ignoring me again."

"You're lucky I was in the area." Eraserhead jumps down and lands next to me.

"Hizashi would have come to help."

Shouta hums and secures the villain. I hear police sirens getting closer.

"You called the cops?"

Aizawa gave me a pointed look.

Two police cars park and block the entryway to the alley on both sides. I look and see who exists the car. 'Damn it. Detective Tsukauchi is here.'

"Ah. It seems you are never too far away from trouble Ms. Akane."

"I swear it's not my fault. Trouble just seems to be attracted to me." I replied cheekily.

"Could you tell me what happened here?"

I look at Shouta then back to Tsukauchi. "Well, I went out for my morning jog like I always do. After about 15 mins or so, I turn to jog down this street when I heard a scream. I then hid to see what was going on. I contacted Eraserhead by sending my location and a message to come help."

"And you fought the villain?"

"Self defense. He was charging at me with a knife."

"You always carry a boa staff with you on a morning jog?" The detective questions.

I shrug my shoulders, "Never know when you might need it."

Naomasa sighs and pinches the bridge on his nose. "Warning this time Shadow. Don't do this again."

"I have my hero license you know."

"Which is currently on suspension after the last incident you caused."

'How was I supposed to know Endeavor was under that building. Not like I intentionally dropped a building on him. Even he deserves it.' I think to myself.

"Am I clear to go?" I could feel Tsukauchi's stare. I shiver.

"Yes. You may go."

I press a button on the side of my staff and it unlocks and bends like a belt again. I put it back on my waist. "Thanks for the help Shochan!" Then I took off in a sprint.

The last I heard before I turned the corner was, "I told you not to call me that!" I chuckled.

The rest of the jog home went smoothly. I took a shower, changed clothes, ate and then made my way over to Inko's home.

I knock on the door. "Hello?"

The door unlocks and I see Inko standing in the doorway. Her smile was bright as she greeted me. She let me into the apartment.

"Izuku! Ms. Akane is here!"

A small body flew into my legs almost knocking me over.


"I guess someone is happy to see me." I smile and pick Izuku up and place him on my hip.

Izuku smiles and hugs my neck.

"Inko I do have a surprise. I'd like to take us out to the park and my favorite restaurant."

"Oh, you didn't have to do that."

"Ma'am. I can see you work very hard for your son. Let me treat you. I know we haven't known each other very long but I always trust my gut feeling."

There was a pause before she sighed. "Ok, but you can't do this every time we meet."

"How about most of the time?" I smile. She smiles back and shakes her head. I watch Izuku as Inko gets her purse.

"Hey, buddy. Guess what. I have a lot of fun stuff planned today."

"Like what?" He asks.

"Well, we will go to the park and eat at my favorite restaurant. Then I have a gift to give you."

"A gift. For me?" The five-year-old tilts his head a little.

'God he is so cute. Must of get it from his mother. I wonder what his father looks like.'

Inko comes back to the living room. "Ok. I'm ready." We leave the apartment and head to the park. I put Izuku down so he could walk on his own. Like our last walk, Izuku quizzed me more on my quirk. I answered the best I could and listened as Izuku came up with theories on different ways to use my quirk. He surprised me with his information.

"Inko?" I whisper. "Does he have an intelligence quirk or something? This is amazing."

"Actually" she pauses. "He doesn't have a quirk."

I raised an eyebrow, "Really? Could have fooled me. I'm guessing you spoke with a doctor."

She nodded.

We spent about two hours in the park before going to a BBQ restaurant for lunch. Inko and split the bill since she didn't want me paying for everything. After eating, we go to the pond area of the park to relax.

"You know Inko this may sound weird and I know I haven't known you for long but you are like the sister I never had."

She giggles, "You aren't the first person to tell me that."

"I'm glad I'm not the only one then. You just have that effect on people."


We spent the next few hours enjoy the sun. Izuku tired himself out and laid his head in my lap for a quick nap. I stroked his hair as Inko and I traded recipes and argued over what the best flavor of ice cream is.

Out of nowhere, there is a loud bang. People in the park begin to scream and scramble away. I shake Izuku awake and place him on my hip as I got up. I help Inko grab all our stuff and guide her away from the chaos. Behind us, the ground shook. I turned and see two villains fighting Endeavour.

'Of course, it has to be this idiot. Does he not see the destruction he's causing? He's dropping trees on innocent civilians.'

"Inko! Take Izuku and get as far away from the park as you can."

Before she could leave, a tree falls and blocks the way. She yelps and hugs her son tighter. I take my belt off and extend it. 'Damn it. I need to get them out of here. What should I do?' I grab Inko's arm and guide her out of the area making sure to dodge the falling debris. 

"I need you to trust me Inko. Can you go hide by that building and make a call from my phone?" I hand her my phone with Detective Tsukauchi's number ready to dial. "Just tell the detective that I told you to call him!" I say as I run towards a villain. 

I pull the trees' shadows close to me and wrap them around my boa staff. As quietly as I could, I sneak behind the closest villain. I raise my weapon high and slam it into his unsuspecting back. The villain flew forward into a tree. I dive for cover and pull more shadows towards me.

"Cover me." The shadows flow up from the ground enveloping my body.

Flames shot past me. I turn to see Endeavor a few yards away from me. Using the shadows created by his flames, I grab ahold of the pair of villains. Their own shadows lock them in place. The flame hero shifts to look at who helped him. I shoot him a cocky smirk.

Endeavor sneers at me, "What are you even doing here? Didn't you have your hero license revoked?" He was clearly displeased with me.

"Suspended not revoked. No thanks to you. How's your back?" I snark back.

The flames on his face flare up a bit as he stepped closer to me. Before he could do anything though, Detective Tsukauchi and Present Mic approach us.

"Twice in one day Ms. Akane?"

"I was just trying to enjoy my free day in the park with a friend. Not my fault this dumpster fire over here started knocking down trees and causing massive panic."

The detective sighs and pinches his nose. I told all I could about the situation and then transferred custody of the villain to Present Mic. 

"Hey, Yamada. You free sometime soon?"

Present Mic thought about my question for a bit, "Probably not but if you want to swing by the studio, you can."

"Alright. I'll make sure to do that."

I run over to Inko. "Hey, are you guys ok?"

Izuku hugs my legs tightly. I pick him up and hug him close to my chest. Inko handed my phone back to me, "Yes. I called that detective and he arrived quickly." 

"I'm glad you are safe. Now let's see about getting you guys home." We start walking to the entrance of the park. "Do you like Nikuman? There's a little store along the way that sells them." 

Inko chuckles, "It would seem like you are always hungry."

I blush, "I...uh...well.." 

She shakes her head and leads the way back to her apartment.

"Wait for me!"