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Different direction taken

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The cold hard rain plummeted on the rogue slayer’s face. The dark brunette was rooted to her spot as she watched the vengeful Buffy coming straight towards her. She looked around to see there were so many places she could run to in the darkened cemetery but the thought of running scared Faith more. Gripping Faith’s knife harder as Buffy drew closer. Faith just wanted to run and scream but she couldn’t. Her breathing hitched and her body shook. She could feel the revenge pouring from Buffy. Faith just wanted to run and keep going but she needed to know how it would end, every time Buffy came after her, Faith just needed to know. Faith gave up on looking around the stormy cemetery and searching for an exit and just concentrated on the blonde slayer who was becoming increasingly closer. Faith took a breath and accepted her fate as Buffy plunged the knife into Faith’s stomach again. Faith was now eye to eye with Buffy. Buffy yanks the knife out, lifted her boot and kicked Faith into the empty grave that was placed conveniently behind her. Time slowed down as she plunged into the grave. She could see the insects crawling through the loosened, wet soil and as time slowed the depth of the hole felt deeper. Then she hit the bottom with a thud but the brunette slayer was unable to move. Buffy stood over the grave, entranced as the grave slowly filled with dirty, cold rainwater. Faith clutched at her stab wound, trying so hard to stop the bleeding. The water rose higher and higher until Faith’s face was almost covered. The last thing she saw was the hatred in Buffy’s eyes and everything went to black.

Faith snapped up in her hospital bed. Her breathing rushed and her eyes darting in every direction, not knowing where to look or who to look for. Faith didn’t understand where she was, the last thing she remembered was Buffy trying to kill her, over and over again. Then the real memory came through, Buffy stabbing Faith and then Faith falling to her not so apparent death. She seemed to be in an empty, dark, dirty white room. It looked like something out of a horror movie. She tried to move until she was pulled back. She felt a sharp pain in her arm and looked down to see the IV drip and the heart monitor wires on her chest. She shakily reached up and ripped the wires off her chest and then pulled the needle out of her arm. She took a moment to settle herself as she pumped in panic. Faith slowly pushed the sheets off of her weakened legs as she used all her energy to swing her body round on the bed. Her legs trembled in weakness as the tips of her feet as they slowly planted on the floor, not knowing how long exactly she had been in that bed; obviously long enough that she needed to give her body a little bit of time to catch up with her brain. Her legs felt weak but usable. She pushed herself up from the bed and took another look around. The dank room screamed of a woman who had been long forgotten and left behind. A feeling that had never been a stranger to Faith, she had always been accustomed to neglect and lone survival, that was until she had met the mayor anyway. She turned from the depressing sight of the now unused bed and headed for the door. She needed to know what the hell was going on and get back to her original job.

Faith walked down the deserted hospital corridor, looking for anyone amongst the torturous silence. At the end of the hall, she came across a young dark-haired woman in a red jacket and holding a teddy bear, appeared through the fire door. The woman noticed Faith straight away and walked over to her.

“Excuse me; do you know how to get to third floor west from here?” The young woman questions as a confused Faith stops in front of her.

“What?” Faith asked confused.

“Oh I see…you um need some help or something?”

“Graduation” Faith asked with a bit more confidence now but sounded more like a statement.

“What?” The woman asked, herself now confused.

“Graduation…I gotta get to Sunnydale high graduation now!” Faith snapped, her body starting to get uncomfortable, patience was never her fortay.

“Well, you can’t…I mean Sunnydale high isn’t even there anymore,” Fear drenched over Faith with the young woman’s comment. Not knowing how long she had been in the hospital, not knowing whether the mayor or the Scooby’s had come out on top.

“What day is it?” Faith questioned as she now feels the pressure to gain more knowledge and quickly.

“Friday…” The woman answered.

“What date? The date” Faith asked with more urgency.

“February 25th…” The woman replied looking at Faith more nervously, just about ready to run away and regretting talking to the obviously angry and confused patient in front of her.

“What year?”

“Maybe I should get you a nurse…”

“What happened at the school?”

“Don’t you just wanna...?”

“Just...tell me” Faith snapped at the frightened woman, whilst her words were laced in fear, worried of the answer.

“Well, it was a tragedy really, lots of students died…the principle, the mayor, I really think I should get you some help…”

Faith could no longer concentrate on what the stranger had just told her. The one man she knew she could rely on was gone, their plan had failed and now once again, Faith was doomed to walk this Earth alone with nowhere to go. All Faith knew was she needed to get out of that hospital now before anyone noticed that she was out of her bed. The woman continued to look at Faith nervously, regretting being there at all, wondering how long she had to wait to make an excuse to leave the obviously angry patient that she had managed to upset more. She instead decided to slowly edge backwards to get to the exit that she had just come through. Faith looked up at the woman and could see what was happening and she just smirked, knowing that after 8 months in a coma, she would still beat the woman to the exit.


Tara slowly packed the crystals into one of her drawers as Willow put her spell books back in her bag. The two women had tried a locator spell to see if they could track Adam but with the spell failing the two decided to call it a night. Not that Willow knew that Tara had purposely done the spell wrong. She couldn’t risk Willow finding out about her demon side, not until she could understand it herself and be able to explain it. She couldn’t risk anyone coming after her without the right information, Buffy may just want to kill her or worse the commando guys could lock her away forever having experiments done on her. Most of all though Tara feared the way Willow would look at her after she found out. Willow was already conflicted about the two women’s relationship, knowing Tara was part demon could send Willow running. Sure Oz was a werewolf from what she was told but that was only three nights out of the month, it could be controlled, that might not be the case for the blonde witch. Sure she felt bad for not being able to help with finding Adam but she did what she had to.

“ the spell was a bust…,” Tara stuttered to Willow as she went to sit on the end of the bed. Willow looked up from her bag where she resided on the floor.

“It’s ok; maybe we could try it again sometime? We may have got something wrong…” Willow said, wearing the same face she usually did when spells didn’t go her way the first time around.

“Yeah sure, I’d like that” Tara responded giving Willow a small shy smile. Willow smiled back at the blonde as she got off of the floor and joined her on the end of the bed.

“So uh…ha…um you know how I told you about Buffy and the rest of the Scooby’s, well did you want to come with me for a meeting this evening?”

“I ttt..thought you weren’t ready for me to meet them?” Tara asked curiously.

“Well truthfully I’m not really but Buffy noticed that I wasn’t around a lot and I’m not comfortable with lying so I told her that you were helping me with spells and now she wants to meet, make sure you not a demon or something..” Willow nervously laughed as she nudged Tara. Tara returned a nervous smile and edged away a bit.

“A DDD…Demon, that’s funny, well I wouldn’t want to impose, you guys have a special thing going, you don’t need anyone new in the mix,”

“Of course we do (Willow grabbed Tara’s hand in shock) I know it wasn’t my idea for you to come but thinking about it, it sure is a good idea, two witches are always better than one and I’m sure you’ll get on great with everyone,” Willow gave Tara’s hand a squeeze and smiled.

“O..ok if you’re sure, I guess I could meet the gang…for you,” Tara responded looking at the ground, her nerves taking over her whole body at the thought of sitting in a room of professional demon hunters, counting down the days until her twentieth and them all finding out the truth. Everyone hating Tara for lying to them, and hating her for being a demon.

“Great, come on, let’s go to my door so I can drop my bag off and we’ll head over there, this is going to be really good,” Willow beamed as she grabbed Tara’s hand and they head out to the other side of campus, ready for her first Scooby meeting.