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    Six egos sat around a table, they’d all come in relative types of early. Host and Google had been first to arrive, followed by the others.

    “This is going to be a nightmare,” Ed drawled as he took his chair.

    “Might as well listen, though,” Dr. Iplier commented. “I mean, if we don’t he’ll just keep talking our ears off about it.”

    Wilford burst in through the glass doors with a VHS tape of all things and a wide, manic smile. His crazed eyes did one sweep of the room before he walked towards the foot of the table, the T.V behind him. “Good, good, you’re all here.”

    “Well you’d talk all our ears off if we didn’t,” Ed reminded.

    “Alright,” Wilford began in a slightly more serious tone, the one he used when he was only slightly sane. “I have a friend coming over and I’d like you all to be nice because I need to get him to like the idea.”

    “Who is it?” Silver trying to lean past Dr. Iplier to hear what Host was muttering about, but Dr. Iplier pushed him away.

    “He’s an old friend of mine,” Wilford announced proudly. “I already pitched the idea to him.”

    “So why’s he coming then?” Ed dismissed.

    “Well when I told him about the idea he loved it,” Wilford told them in pure excitement. “But he’s got a bit of a stick up his ass so try not to embarrass me in front of him.”

    “Warfstache asks, even though what he’s just said is physically impossible,” Host narrates.

    Then a shrill ringing began to seep into the room, starting out quietly until all the Egos, even Google were wincing in pain.

    Wilford grimaced as he headed to the door, “Ahh, he’s here, and someone’s testy today.”

    “Darkiplier steps out of the Void to stand on the other side of the glass door,” Host narrated as his words were in time with the reality around them.

    A man in greyscale stood behind the glass, an odd red and blue afterimage echoing off of him, and it just looked like the color leached from the very world around him.

    “Wilford opens the door as Dark steps in,” the Host narrated quietly, other narrations coming from him as the other Egos just stared at the newcomer.

    “As promised, old chap, I took care of everything,” Wilford said as he walked with Dark to the head of the table, the greyscale man sweeping his hair out of his face, color only returning to an area after he’d long since passed it.

    “Hopefully,” the newcomer replied in a gravelly tone that had a deeper echo to it. Google became inhumanely still, while the other Egos shifted uncomfortably as he took his seat. Dark’s eyes swept the room, before he made a gesture to Wilford. “Well, let’s see this T.V show of yours.”

    “Right, you’ll love it,” Wilford promised and raced to stick the VHS into the T.V, despite there not being a slot, so he just made one appear hooked up to the T.V.

    With that, 80’s sitcom music chimed up on full blast and they were just left to watch the lunacy in front of them.

    Normally Bim and Google would have jumped to comment and jab at Wilford, but the newest “Ego” was quiet, only occasionally echoes of the creature, or whatever it was, screaming but Wilford didn’t seem phased or comment about it.

    Finally, after hearing an interrupting segment of Wilford’s confession to killing Santa Claus, and sleeping with the wife of one of his employees, he turned the T.V off and spun around. “So, what’d yah think?”

    “Well, this is bullshit,” Ed chimed in response, his distance away from the newest ego made him braver than the others, even as Dark seemed to silently scream and fragment before snapping back together each time as if nothing happened.

    Ed’s words seemed to spark courage in the others as they began commenting and arguing with each other, Dark began fragmenting again at the noise.

    “Shut up, shut up, shut up,” Wilford snapped at them, talking with his hands the whole time. He continued his pitch and insulted Silver like he always enjoyed doing. Finally he played with his suspenders a bit and promised, “So listen to ol’ Warfie, ‘cause . . . uh . . . Wilford knows what’s best.”

    That comment earned him the stink eye from Dr. Iplier, but any spiteful comment Iplier had planned, was cut off by the deep, echoing timbre of Darkiplier.

    “Look, Wilford,” Dark swept his hair to the left to pull it back out of his eyes. “I appreciate what you’ve done for us. But how is this supposed to help us take back control?”

    The whole room seemed to be on edge, except for Host’s constant but quiet narrations, and Wilford seemingly unfazed by Dark’s words or the constant ringing in the room.

    Dark leaned forward, the creaking of his chair made louder as he gestured to himself, “We are the heart and soul of this channel after all.”

    Google spoke up next, piggybacking off Dark’s words to try and redirect the focus of the meeting. Almost as if Dark’s words gave the Egos more courage, others began to voice their complaints. Ed with his removed footage, Bim with Wilford’s choice in game show host — namely, anyone other than Trimmer himself — and Silver with the fact that he hadn’t even been included.

    Wilford naturally balked at their criticisms, insisting on his “revolutionary” new show, giggling like a maniac.

    It was only made worse when Dr. Iplier seemed to agree with him, since he’d been the only person besides Wilford to be treated well by the show.

    At this point the rest of the egos, except for the Host, seemed to resign themselves to the fact that Wilford was just going to do whatever he wanted and there was no stopping him.

    But then the meeting was momentarily interrupted by King busting in to announce his presence, and then leave. It threw Wilford off his train of thought, and Ed off of his salesman pitch.

    “Look, Wil,” Dark cut in before anyone else could start up. He looked like he’d already won the argument. “I respect you, I always have. But you’re missing the point of this endeavor.”

    Everyone expected him to dismiss Dark like he always did with the other egos. But instead:

    “Alright! Alright! Okay!” Wilford huffed out, curing under his breath, to the shock of everyone, Google included. The android turned back to study Dark who was just smiling in satisfaction.

    All the egos were too busy looking at Dark, so it took Wilford shooting Septiplier to bring them back to the conversation. Iplier rushed to Septiplier’s side, already fussing and freaking out.

    “Wil?” Dark called out, the ringing at an ear splitting level. Wilford winced.

    “What?” Wilford was still holding his gun.

    “Let’s think on this and see what we can salvage,” Dark told him in a calm tone, standing slowly. “Keep the footage, we might need it for something.”

    “Finally!” Wilford began waving his gun around, making Ed and Silver duck away in fear but Dark just glared at it. “Now you’re speaking my language.”

    Dark stood up, “I have a hunt to engage in. You know where to find me.”

    “Not at all,” Wilford grinned, appearing right in front of Dark. Dark tapping the revolver to the side with two of his fingers. Wilford finally put it away. “Mind giving me hint?”

    “Find Mark, and you’ll find me,” Dark began walking towards the door. Wilford slid over to open the door, smiling at him.

    “See you around old friend,” Wilford’s grin didn’t disappear.

    Dark straighten out his lapels and walked through the door, disappearing into the absolute blackness of the Void.

    “And Dark leaves the meeting, drawing it to a close,” Host announced as Dark disappeared. Wilford then walked out, the VHS in hand as he strolled out, humming to himself.