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Female Destiel Oneshots

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"I don't consider myself a violent bitch but I'm also not a laid back bitch. And if I don't like how you treat my girl, expect hell on your ass" -made up quote



Deanna: after another successful hunt, Sam, Cas, and I went to the nearest bar for a drink. Dealing with a nest of Vampires, I believe we deserve it and celebrate a little. As soon as we walked in all eyes were on us. I didn't care and we all know Gabe would kill anyone who looks at Sam, but I felt a sense of protection and pulled Cas closer to me. I death glared at all as we walked to the clear back

Cassie: "thank you," I said quietly to Deanna. Unlike the Winchester sisters, I still don't like the way people look at me. I feel exposed, naked to the world. I know what people are capable of especially with sexuality and I know fear. I don't like going to the bar alone and both the sisters agree it's not a good idea I don't go alone to places like this. I can still feel eyes on me and I wanted to disappear

Deanna: I can feel Cassie getting scared and wanting to leave. I thought a kiss will cheer her up and I saw a cute shade of pink plus that little smile. 'Mission accomplish.' Order what you guys want. I want to go to bed and not worrying about moving anytime soon

Cassie: "just a drink is fine with me. I'm not really hungry tonight." 'Or actually noticing the eyes on us is scaring me more'

Deanna: Cassie never really back down from food and I frowned a little as I was getting worried but I let it slide this time and remember my order and Sam's

-after a waitress gets their order and they start to dig in (Cassie ordered something as Deanna was getting tired of her stomach going off)-

Cassie: 'fuck I need to pee.' I wiggled slightly in my seat but FUCK I needed to go. "Deanna I need to pee..."

Deanna: I sighed but got up (painfully might I add) to let her out before sitting back down. "Hurry up babe, my back is fucking killing me"

Cassie: and hurried I did as I rushed to the bathroom. After I finished my business I washed my hands but someone (a guy taller than me) walked in and I froze as he looked at me, smirked, and locked the doors. I knew what he wanted and I couldn't scream as I shut down from fear. He started to walk up to me and I backed up. 'Deanna help...' I plead silently

Man: "well aren't you a pretty little thing"

Cassie: he started to choke me and I started to panic and struggle now. I didn't want to die or be raped and at that moment I started to cry. He laughed and licked away my tears

Man: "can't wait to have you, slut~"

Cas: I felt his hand going up my thigh and I kicked him in the balls out of panic. He groaned out and both of us collapsed. Without thinking I screamed and cried for Deanna and Samantha before he punched me in the head

Man: "make a sound and I'll shoot your brains out"

Cassie: I head a gun cocked and felt it at the back of my head. I cried harder. I head Deanna screaming for me and her trying to open the door. 'Please help me!' I screamed in my head as he started to strip both of us

Man: "be quiet and it'll all end soon"

Cassie: I closed my eyes, I didn't know what to do but all of the sudden the door came down and someone was on the guy as someone dragged me out. Cries of pain came from the man as whoever was with him gave it to him. I soon found myself in the car with Deanna who was comforting me. "What happened..."

Deanna: "Sam called Gabe as I told her too when we heard you screamed and he rushed down. I kicked the door down as Gabe and Sam tackle the guy off of you and I took you. I'm so sorry, Cassie." I hated seeing her cry, be afraid, or hurt. I tugged her hair behind her ear

Cassie: I kissed her. It wasn't her fault, never. She always dragged me out of harm's way. "Deanna don't blame yourself. It's okay, it's being taken care of. We'll go to the motel, cuddle, and sleep. As you said, we have nothing after tonight. We can rest"

Deanna: I smiled, I love Cassie to death

-half an hour later after police investigation-

Deanna: I laid on the bed, waiting for Cas. "Babe, come join me" I half whined. I smiled when I heard her giggle and pops into the room. I opened my arms and she gets on the bed and curls up to me. I held her and sighed in peace. "I love you"

Cassie: I snuggled more into her. "I love you too, Deanna. Now rest. You need it"

Deanna: "so do you" I mumbled

Cassie: I nodded, too tired to fight with her. Today was one hell of a day for us all. I smiled when I felt Deanna kissed me, I love her so much and nothing will change that