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Calm Before The Storm

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"Did you get in?"

"Enough to try for the entrance exam." You answer your friend, holding a piece of paper in your hand, shaking lightly as you stared in disbelief.

"You made it."

"I made it."

"YOU MADE IT!" He repeated.

"I MADE IT!" You cheer.

"Eiji!" You cry out and practically jump him, you pounce on him and he lifts you up easily, spinning you around. His black hair flarred out much like your long skirt did. You held onto your friend, his own paper in his hands. He confirmed that he got enough points for the entrance exam a moment ago, but you where more concerned about how you scored on the tests that you were given.

"We made it." You both say in unison, your best friend and you had made it. His quirk, Hardening, would definitely get him into the hero course. And you could only pray that you're own quirk, Storm, would help you along to the hero courses as well.

That was the only thing you remembered in those months before school ended, acceptance to take the entrance exam. Besides two kids getting busted up by a sludge monster and All Might returning. The summer months passed quickly. All Might made more saves, Kirishima still hung out with you and you both trained together.

Kirishima was your only friend really. You got to attached to people for your own good but you did your best to steer clear of making friends. Putting yourself and others in harm's way with your quirk and sickness. But since Kirishima was practically immune to anything all to destructive and dangerous he stuck around and you clung like a tick.

Kirishima Eijirou had bright red eyes that you adored, and black hair that was silky and soft despite his quirk. He had a scar on his right eyelid from when he first developed his quirk and you swore to him it made him look 'tough and manly' when really he just looked cute.

I know what your thinking, that you love each other right? Well, in a way yes, he loved you dearly, as his little sister and best friend. And you loved him just as much, like he was your big brother. He was, really, he was your family.

After your mother died while giving birth to your stillborn baby brother, your father kind of shut down. Your father was the CEO of a lumber and furnishing company, Currently he was working on a large project from the Second Pro Hero: Endeavor, specifics weren't given but your dad was away often, he slept at his office, and sent only a few text messages and calls every month. You can't remember the last time you saw him in person. Or well, alive in person at least, when he did come home on the weekends he was tired and disheveled, usually going straight to bed, only claiming he had dinner at his office already before the door slid shut and the shuffling of clothes were heard, he would stay in bed all weekend working on whatever and you would only bring him food, he would send you away if you wanted to conversate with him.

"I don't have time to talk, I have work to do."

Due to the lack of interest your father held for you, you were raised and looked after by your grandmother instead, or you looked after her.

Kirishima was the one that looked out for you. He was the one who convinced you above everything else that you could be a hero. Kirishima was a bit of a coward, and more pessimistic at the time. It was a dream you two shared, to become heroes. He wanted to be confident, he wanted to be less lackluster. It was when he stood idle by the side, frozen while you fought of a bully. You got a few scrapes and he piggy backed you home afterwards.

Silent as he walked.

He came to you the next day with his plan of action, to study hard and enter UA Academy, the most prestigious highschool in West Japan. And in a flurry of emotion and hand gestures with his plan, he asked you to join him on the journey, knowing that you too wanted to be a hero.

You picked at your food and sneezed, quickly covering your tickled nose before coughing into a napkin. Kirishima paid no mind to your incessant coughing, knowing it was an after affect of your quirk. He nearly offered you another napkin but thought against it and just pushed your tea cup forward.

"Will I see you at the train station tomorrow to walk to the school? Entrance exams are tomorrow, remember?" He said, sipping on his soda. Despite it being Autumn and a chill filling the air he still liked the way cold things felt against his sharp teeth.

You finished your coughing and drank your warm tea, lemon and honey to soothe your burning throat. "Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"Remember or walk with me?" He teases.

"Both." You giggle and stir the warm liquid in your cup. "I wonder what they'll have us do, it can't possibly be more testing."

"Probably something to showcase our quirks right? Oh jeez I hope I do okay, my quirk isn't anything flashy." Kirishima groans and you chuckle.

"I'm not even sure what they'll be doing either but all we have to do is do our best! Your quirk is amazing and we've worked so hard, we can't start doubting ourselves now!" You raise your fist with a proud smile before you sneeze again and groan. Kirishima chuckles and pets your hair.

"Oh, hey can I have more ice please?" He asks. You look up at him and roll your eyes. You hold your hand over his glass and actijvate your quirk.

Your eyes turn pure white from their natural (e/c) color and quarter sized hail begins to fall from your palm into his glass. When the ice fills his glass you deactivate your quirk and your eyes turn (e/c) again.

"Thanks." He grins and picks his glass up.

"No problem-ACHOO!" You sneezed, which initiates a coughing for and a few people look at you as you cover your mouth and pick up your tea cup, your shaking hands brought it to your lips and you took a gulp to soothe your cough.

"Bless you~" Kirishima teases.

"Shut up, Hard-head."


As promised, you meet up with Kirishima at the train station and you both rode and walked to the academy, sharing conversation with one another. Luckily your coughing was minimal today and you were nice and warm in your blue coat, purple scarf and fuzzy white ear muffs. Kirishima was in a zip sweatshirt and some joggers. His black hair was up with a pony tail and his lips were turned up in a smile. He looked around at a few other student who were showing off their quirks.

"Pretty flashy stuff huh?" Kirishima mumbled, stroking his chin between his thumb and forefinger.

"I wouldn't be to worried, we've been training for this. Come on, registration is this way." You point the the entrance and he nods. You take his hand and you both walk forward.

Giving your names, the people who are in front of you stamp something on a card and given to you. "Please go to the observation deck down the hall with the other students. Take a seat anywhere and you'll be given instruction for the entrance exams." A women with black hair and a skin tight, white body suit gestures down the hall. Is it appropriate to wear something like that? It must be a hero costume, this chick is probably a pro hero.

You and Kirishima follow her instruction and go down the hall where other students are flowing into. You see a blonde boy screaming at a green haired boy and roll your eyes. A blue haired boy is directing people into the auditorium and you feel irritated as he screams at you and Kirishima to take a seat in a specific row.

Grabbing Kirishima's hand you tap the side of your earmuffs. Playing that you can't hear him with a fake smile before you pull Kirishima to a seat so he can sit next to you.

You take your earmuffs and scarf off while he takes he jacket off and ties it around his waist. You see a yellow haired guy walk out on stage in sunglasses, the huge wall screen behind him flashes with the school logo and he begins to talk.

"What's up UA high?! Thanks for tuning into me! Your school DJ, lemme hear ya!" He states loud and clear but the entire audience, even you and Kirishima stay silent. "Keepin' it mellow huh? That's fine, I'll skip straight to the main show. Let's talk about how this practical exam is gonna go down, okay?"

The picture on the screen changes to four different robot looking things with numbers on them.

"Are you ready?!?!" He shouts suddenly with a rocker voice that startles you and you cough into your sleeve while Kirishima rubs and pats your back as the guy continues. More silence from the crowd and he clears his throat, explaining the system and how it works.

Basically there will be four types of robots in a ground area. Each robot is labeled a different point from 0-3, what didn't make sense to you was why the biggest one wasn't worth any kind of point. A few people where talking about the cards given to you and once again, the blonde, green, and blue haired boy was causing disrupt and making a vein buldge in your forehead. Screaming how the two were being way to loud and also asking questions about the exam before he turned to you.

"And you!" The guy points at you with a frown and with a chop of his hand he begins to verbally reprimands you. "Stop your coughing! You're disrupting everyone here! If you're sick you shouldn't even be taking this exam!" You gawk at him and try to stand to give a bite back to his words but Kirishima squeezes your hand and you hold your tongue. Lips curling and twitching dangerously as the guy sits down. Present Mic chuckles nervously at the tension and begins to talk again while Kirishima rubs your back again.

"Don't listen to them, (Y/n), he's just being irrarional, focus on the exam." He whispers and you nod.

"The cards given to you by other faculty members were for the sorting process, some of you applied together or from the same schools across Japan and we can't give a risk of two people who work well together dominating the battle field," well shit that sorted you and Kirishima out, "each ground will host a different stage of battle and terrain, everyone do your best and go PLUS ULTRA!"

This time some students cheered and clapped. You bumped your fists with Kirishima's and gave him a quick hug. "Do your best okay, no matter what happens, and don't be afraid, you got this!" You assure him. He smiles and kisses your temple before ruffling your hair.

"Same to you Thunderstorm, go beyond, do your best!" With a smile you both split up to go to your areas.

You arrived at yours a little early it appeared. There was only a few students. A girl with a black pony tail, some kid with a facial scar and white and red hair, a large guy with a buzz cut who was talking someone else's ears off. There weren't many but you shrugged it off and lined up, removing your coat and autumn wear again to stand in your black mid calf skirt and turtle neck, you got a few weird looks from the others but paid no mind, yes you would be battling robots in this.

Present Mic appeared once again and called roll, apparently this was everyone and you shrugged, groups must be smaller than you thought. Which was a little nerve wracking considering how many people were in the auditorium.

You raise your hand when he calls your name and then puts the clipboard he had under his arm pit.

"All right, since your all recommendation students-" wait what? "-you won't be fight robots but instead running a race to see your agility. This is an obstacle course race so be sure to use your quirks to your liking to help you succeed. This isn't about getting first place but more so passing and getting through the obstacles with your quirks." He says and your a little dumbfounded.

Everyone lines up at the start line but your frozen in your place. "Um, step to the line please and thank you!" The blonde adult states, tapping your shoulder.

"I'm sorry but did you say recommendations list?"

"Yes, I did, your a recommendation student right?" He quirks a brow.

"Not that I know of." You admit shyly.

Present Mic pulls the clip board back out and flips a few pages, he finds your name and shows you. "You're (Y/n)(L/n) right?" You nod slowly.

"Yep, you're in the recommended list, how did you not know?"

"I-I guess no one ever told me?"

"Huh, does that mean you took the written tests and exams?" He asks.

You nod again and he laughs, pushing you up to the line next to the multihaired boy. "Well that was a lot of extra work for nothing then, just do your best in this for now and we can discuss the matter later." He pats your shoulder and provides a thumbs up and you nod.

'I was on the recommendations list the entire time, I didn't need to go through months and months of testing and exams, I didnt need to study for days on in.' "Well fuck me side ways." You mutter. A loud air horn goes off above you and you find yourself sprinting. The guy that was next to youb pushes off with a blast off ice behind him. The large one next to him had wind swirl behind him and push him forward.

Right you could use your quirk, getting a running start was good. You activated your quirk and you're lifted off the ground. The wind making you fly and pushing you upward. Your eyes turned a hazy purple as you flew forward to follow the other people racing a head of you. You ducked and dodged in the hair as projectiles where thrown and you watched as everyone used their quirks to zip past one another. You were in third place thanks to your quick reflexes in the air but that didn't mean you could up how much wind was in the air. You were only in third place because you borrowed some of the wind users stuff. It smelled like honey suckle and bread, it reminded you of the large teddy bear in your room.

The multicolored guy was still infirst place until the final stretch when the larger one pushed passed him and one by a single hair. You followed the finish line a few feet behind them and panted as you ran and touched the ground. Nearly tripping as you got further forward before finally stopping. You turned around and saw a horrified look on the larger guys face. You walked over to them and felt a chill scatter across your skin as the red and white haired guy passed you.

"You're in the way." He muttered and you shivered, goosebumps breaking out on your arms as you glared back and walked to the guy who still stared after the other boy.

"Hey, good job!" You smiled up at him and his frown turned upside down and he turned to talk to you.

"Oh hi! Didn't see you, I'm sorry, what did you say?"

You chuckle and hold your hand out. "I said you did a good job, you got first place right? I'm (Y/n)."

He shakes your hand enthusiastically, they're big and warm and you feel the goosebumps on your arms go down.

"Yeah I got first! But only by a few seconds. What place did you get?" He asks with a huge smile.

"I got third, you guys are super fast, I could barely keep up!" You say, your eyes glimmering as you two converse.

"Oh, I'm Inasa Yoarashi, I'm the first person on recommendation, how about you?" He states enthusiastically.

"Oh, well funny story really, I actually had no clue I was on the recommendations list until today. I even took all the written exams and tests for no reason because I didn't know." You say sheepishly.

Inasa laughs a bit, "I admire a girl who goes the extra mile, you're so passionate it's amazing!"

Inasa was about 6'3 with a brown buzz cut and black eyes, though they held a happy shimmer in them, he reminded you of a busy honey bee with how much he talked and a teddy bear with how big and bear like he looked. He seemed like the cuddly type as you both walked towards the exit, he was so passionate about hero's and anything in general, finding a love in anything and everything, he kept going on about how he liked your style and how you moved when you showed him that you could fly granted there was wind. Him being the happy go lucky guy and wanting to see your quirk of course provided you with the power and you flew for him.

"If you don't mind me asking, what was up with that multicolored hair kid earlier? The one with the scar on his left eyes, with red and white hair?" Oh you shouldn't have asked, Inasa's smile faltered and he sighed, his face pulling into a grimace.

"That's Endeavor's kid,"

"The pro hero Endeavor? Like, has fire for a beard, huge, red hair, and angry looking Endeavor?" You halt and he stops to and nods.

"Well, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the flaming tree huh?" You home and instead of a large belly laugh Inasa just nods and looks down.

"Well, whatever he said to you I hope it wasn't to bad, who needs to listen to that crap anyway? You got first on recommendations so you have more of a right to be here than him." You smile.

He perks up a bit at your assurance and you begin to walk again. Endeavor's kid huh, yet he has an ice quirk, it would make sense considering just how cold her really was. He must have said something to throw Inasa off his game, it seemed as nothing could make the large boy upset. It didn't help that the cold itself made you sicker than you were already.

You sneezed and he said bless you with a cheery smile. You two got back onto the topic of school work but he seemed less interested in that. You retrieve your items from a locker you placed them in and curled up in your coat. He noticed and smiled.

"You really like the warmth huh?"

"Hmm, oh yeah, my quirk is a little upsetting, I'm constantly sick."

"What is your quirk exactly? Just the power of flight?"

"Oh no, it's much more than that," you explain, a smile forming. He asks if he can hear more about it and suddenly your on a full rant. "I have the power of thunder storms, I inherited it from my mom who had a storm quirk, but my dad has a intimidation type quirk, I can control storms and anything to do with them really and my eyes change color based on the powers I use! I can use lightning which gives me the ability to control electricity, I can make thunder sounds by clapping my hands, at a close range that's lethal but it's all about the sound waves, I'm able to create ice with my hands by using hail and sleet, I can make huge hail balls and throw it at people like a baseball for example, I can make it rain in a room depending on the size. When I sing I make soft rain noises that help people get to sleep. I can fly by manipulating wind in the air," Inasa is hanging on every single word your saying, completely enthralled with it.

"It's great and all but the downfall is that I'm constantly sick, I never get over coughing or sneezing and some days I have a fever, it gets worse the colder I get so that's why I like warm clothes. Well, warm anything really." You chuckle and gesture your jacket.

"I guess it doesn't really help with my wind huh?"

"Oh no, I like your wind, I think it's warm, and it smells good too, like honey suckle." You gush before immediately regretting that. He beams down at you and you turn red.

"Well thank you! And if it makes you feel better-" wow he knew you embarrassed yourself, "-I think you smell good too, kinda like fresh rain, like the sky." He grins and your heart flutters.

He stops and you realise your at the gate. "Thank you, for talking to me, it was super nice meet you." You smile.

"Yeah, I hope to see you around." He states, his smile never fading but the shine in his eyes going a bit dim. He suddenly pulls his phone out of pocket and gives it to you. "Can I have your number? I really like talking to you!" He grins.

You smile and punch your number into his contacts list, you hand him your phone and he mimics your actions with his own contact information.

You read the name and raise a brow, "Gale Force?"

Inasa laughs, "yeah, I planned my future hero name out already and that's mine. You can change it if you want-"

"No, I like Gale Force, it's very 'you'." You smile down at your phone screen.

You put your hand out to shake his and he takes yours and pulls you into a hug, his nose going in your hair as he lifts you up, your feet dangling. You wrap your arms around him in surprise before you finally melt against his honey suckle sent. He sets you down and his explanation is, "sorry, I've always been more of a hugger myself, is that okay?"

You laugh and nod, giving him a squeeze before you both let your arms fall flat. "Of course that's okay, in this world it's hug or be hugged, and I'm very emotionally unstable so I'm pretty much down for both." You joke.

He sighs, a smile still playing with his smooth looking lips. "Well I'm here to hug ya any time you need." He catches on to your 'very emotionally unstable' bit before he pulls you into a much more gentle embrace. Your head falls to his chest and you inhale his scent again, knowing that he's inhaling yours too.

"Hey (Y/n)?!" You jump and bump your head against Inasa's chin, making you both stumble away and hold the sore spots. You turn around and see Kirishima rushing after you with a huge, stupid smile on his dumb face and you can't help but laugh when he picks you up and spins you around. He's rambling about how he just knows he passed and that you did too, and you can tell he can't wait to receive his UA letter.

You wave to Inasa, who is laughing as Kirishima carries you off into the distance. He waves back and give you a nod while Kirishima talks and talks.

You both end up going for ice cream to celebrate, you tell him about the whole recommendation thing and then you smack your forehead for forgetting to talk to Present Mic about it. Again, another guy is laughing because of that situation.

Oh well, you'll just have to remember next time, you knew that you would be accepted because of your placing in the race and the recommendation in general so you didn't need to worry about getting into the hero course. Kirishima was able to rack up plenty of points so he didn't have to much concern for it. Until he said something that threw you off for the third, wait no, the blue haired guy, recommendations, what the Endeavor kid said, embarrassing yourself in front of Inasa, fifth, you were thrown off your game for the fifth time that day.

"You want me to help you with what?"


"Ow! That hurts!"

"It's not my fault your hair is so knotted, but I have to brush it out before putting the bleach in, Eiji your hair is pitch black, it's gonna take atleast 3 boxes of bleach to get it to the correct color so I can put the hair dye in it. Just hold still." You smile at him and he pouts, leaning back for you to keep brushing it and you do it more gently so he hopefully stops complaining.


He nods and you smile. You pick up the premixed bottle and begin to squirt the product in the lengths of his hair. You squint at the instructions and massage the bleach into his hair. Tonight would be a night of red hands, celebration, and maybe a beer or two. Kirishima's mom's were out of the house and you had slept here plenty of times without issue. Tonight wasn't gonna be any different.

You stroked his head and he leaned into your touch, almost purring, "Don't fall asleep Kiri, it's gonna get warm and that'll wake you up." You coo, you start humming and gentle rain noises fill his ears, making his eyes droop. In all honesty, him being asleep while you did his hair would help your headache and he wouldn't complain about a single thing.

When Kirishima falls asleep, he's out cold, he sleeps like a dead person, the only signs of life being his breathing and the subtle twitch of his right eye. Now that he's dreaming of God knows what you continue to bleach his hair. Setting a timer on your phone for an hour. Of course the process is repeated and he finally starts to rouse when you rinse his hair our for the final rinse, his head a bright yellow and making him stick out like a sore thumb.

"(Y/n), stopppppp." He whines and you roll your eyes.

"I'm just rinsing your hair you big baby, you've been asleep for four hours. It's 2 in the morning. I've done all the bleaching of your hair." You grin and he sits up. His hair is still a sipping wet mess and he shakes his head and body around like a dog.

You squealed as water splashed on to your skin but he seemed more awake now. He looked in the mirror and gaped like a fish out of water.


"That's what I'm thinking." You cringe, the blonde was reallllllly unflattering on him, you didn't know if it was his face shape or his eyes, or the way it was parted right now. But it looked bad.

"Can we fix it?"

"When we put the colour in yes, not sit down again and hold still. I need to blow dry your hair so I can dye it."

And a box of comic book red hair dye and 20 minutes later Kirishima is playing clean up with you in his bathroom, tossing empty boxes away and munching on a late delivered pizza. You sipped tea out of a straw and sighed, looking at your watch.

"How much time left for this? Wait can we do my eyebrows too?"

You groan. "40 minutes left, and, you psychotic piece of shit why didn't you tell me the first time around!" You laugh and shove his shoulder. Making him start laughing too, sleep deprivation and the smell was kinda getting to you both. "Ughhhh fine but I'm never doing this again,"

You dig a half empty bottle of bleach from the trash and scrub Vaseline on his face while his nose scrunches up and he squirms like a puppy. 2 hours later your scrubbing his eyebrows of red hair dye, having no tolerance to do it three times, you did it once and left it in for a longer time, his eyebrows came out a bit darker than his hair but neither of you could tell a difference.

So, you both said fuck it for the night and you both fell asleep in a pile of pillows, blankets, and limbs.