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Beyond the Apex of Perfection

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Today was like any other day in countless lives around the world. Nothing special happening, you went to work, you tried not to get horribly murdered, you spent what time you got left of the day with your loved ones, you went to sleep. Simple as that.

For the vast majority of people in Japan this was just another day to tick of the calendar. For Izuku Midoriya however it was anything but that. He had always been a keen little boy, even before today his mother had suspected that he was far smarter than other kids his age. He was fascinated with heroes and wanted to be like them.

Of course the doctors would have the last say of whatever or not Izuku would have a chance to live his dream. Today would be the day he was tested for his quirk. “Hmmm...No. I’m afraid your son doesn’t have a quirk.” The assistant looking over Izuku’s test results seemed irritated and almost a bit unwilling to even look at the results properly.

In fact the assistant that they were at was the usual doctors assistant, the usual doctor currently being absent due to a private matter. However his assistant seemed to not be quite paying attention or for that matter care much.

To the fortune of Izuku’s fragile little soul and his mothers nerves however the actual stand-in doctor snatched the results from the assistant with an annoyed look. He checked through the results before smacking the assistant on the back of the head. “OI! Pay attention when you make tests like these! This isn’t something you can take lightly ya novice. Sheesh, you’d have ruined the boys life because ya lazy. Get out of here before I decide to recommend that the old man has you fired.”

The stand-in doctor seemed rather angry at the assistant, who very quickly took his leave. The doctor was a young man with short black hair and equally black looking eyes, paying attention to his eyes you would notice that they looked like microscope lenses.

“I apologize for his incompetence.” He said with sincere sadness in his tone. “You honestly have to wonder sometimes what they let through medical school these days.” he shook his head.

Izuku suddenly seemed rather numb and barely paying attention to what was happening around him, as if the Assistants words had hit him too hard to hear anything else past that, at least one would think so from the outside.

Inko stared at Izuku with slight concern. “Izuku dear, are you alright?” The doctor smiled. “I believe he is, in fact he might be better than alright.” the doctor cleared hit throat. “I suspect that your son has a different quirk than he would usually be tested for. Both your husbands and your own quirk are Emitter types. His however is a mutation quirk.”

He motioned for Inko to come around and look at Izuku from the front. At first she didn’t realize what he was referring to, only seeing her own son staring straight ahead with motionless eyes. Then she noticed it, the whites of his eyes were slowly turning darker and the iris of his eyes looked like they were slowly turning whiter.



The doctor seemed bemused. “It is an unusual set of circumstances, normally Quirks are inherited through ones family, though it is possible for one to gain a completely different one through genetic mutations and defects. Your son appears to have a mutation type quirk affecting at least his eyes and perhaps other parts of his senses that we have not yet checked.”

Inko seemed simultaneously glad and worried about this. “So now we have to hope his quirk isn’t dangerous for him?” the doctor remained calm however. “The chances for his quirk to be actually harmful to himself appears rather slim. At present I would suggest to have him rest at home for a while until his body has finished adjusting. Quirk manifestation of this kind can be taxing on a person.”

From Izuku’s view the world had changed colors a few times since he had sat down, it had stopped by now but now everything seemed far more intense in color for a few seconds. Then it stopped and returned to normal, with a single exception.

“Tiny words.” Izuku mumbled barely snapping out of his stupor. The doctor seemed curious. “Hmm? What did you say?” he asked trying to see if they could get a head start in figuring out what Izuku’s quirk had done to him.

“I-I see tiny green words everywhere.” Izuku said looking around sleepily. Sure enough from his perspective it look as if the world had vines of small green letters moving around the place. The doctor crooked his head slightly.

“Hmm...try to focus on something in this room. Does anything change?” Izuku blinked a few times trying to focus on something. Particularly he chose to focus on his favorite ‘All Might’ figure, which he had insisted on holding onto even now. The tiny letters blinked out of his view for a second before appearing around the ‘All Might’ Figure and suddenly Izuku began rattling off things about the figure in rapid succession.

“AllMightFigureRealNameOfAllMightUnknownSizeEightCentimetersFromHairToSolesMadeOfThreeTypesOfPlasticContainsOneSpeakerReactsToPhysicalMovementOfArmsAndLegs...” he kept mumbling on. Inko seemed a bit concerned. “ that is what it does.” the doctor said interested.

Inko shot him a confused look. “His quirk appears to make him capable of seeing information in some way. Or maybe even more than that. Perhaps this is just the starting point of how it establishes itself for him.” The doctor seemed ever more curious of Izuku’s quirk.

“Ms. Midoriya, if I may request that you take him home for now and come visit in a few days? It seems that whatever his quirk is isn’t harmful to him but will take time for him to completely manifest and adjust to. Once he has adjusted to it his test results will be far easier to understand. For now I would suggest you let him rest at home for today.”

Inko and Izuku returned home after this. The doctor had given her his card. He knew he wouldn’t be around this specific clinic when things had calmed down for Izuku so he instead gave her a card for his own clinic.

Izuku kept mumbling in the seat of the car until he fell asleep on their way home, Inko only caught small bits of what he was saying but it sounded like completely random trivia relating to things he was seeing, hearing or touching.


To Izuku’s fortune his quirk had drained him enough to fall asleep as the rest of the changes began.
Visually a few things about him changed, his eyes for one gained black sclera and his iris changed to look like they were completely white with shimmering green circuit like lines running through them.

In fact a lot about Izuku’s ‘inner workings’ altered while he was asleep, if one were to actively look at him through a scanner made specifically for his physiology it wouldn’t show you bones, organs or even muscles and merely a sort of uniform Izuku shaped mass. If one were then to check his DNA you would realize that it would seem far more complex than a humans.


When Izuku got back up from his quirk induced sleep, everything, from the tiny sounds of his bed sheets moving, to the very ceiling he was staring at, felt like it was telling him things about itself. Like all of it explained its logic and reasons to him.

The doctor had been correct about his assessment that Izuku’s quirk seemed information related. Though he was incorrect as to what scale and extent it went. Izuku’s quirk had been given the name [Intelligent Design].

[Intelligent Design] had seemingly turned Izuku into something akin to a genetic super computer. He picked up information about everything he could see, hear, smell, taste and feel around him with impossible precision and detail. This in turn also let him process said information far differently than a human should be able to.

Over the next couple of days, weeks, months and years Izuku would seemingly devour information of all kinds. From getting an interest in various music types, to reading the entirety of the local library and bleeding several bookstores dry of whatever interesting books he could still find there. What really drew his attention and interest however was creating things, starting with books.

By the time he was seven, he had written several notebooks full of countless in-depth analytic texts of heroes and other people he had met. Starting from their overall appearances to their quirks. Inko had found several of them amusing, though incredibly interesting and almost a bit too precise in nature.

Though she had to admit that seeing the difference between Izuku’s facets written in text was hilarious. An example was a picture of ‘All Might’ in the first notebook with a circle around his two hair spikes. On the right a perfectly straight line with the words “Incredibly stiff material, rather inefficient, hairspray?” written in an almost typewriter like font. On the left and diagonally upwards were the word “So, cool! Want that.” was written in a scribble that only a child could have.

When Izuku turned nine, he had already far outpaced his classmates in school, to the point of outpacing people several years above him as well. Every test, of any subject always came back without any errors to speak of. After a while his teachers and even the principal got suspicious and demanded he take an absurdly difficult test that was not even remotely close to something someone his age should have been able to solve.

Yet he did, also with perfect precision. Not an error to be found, not a single blemish on it. After that no one questioned his intelligence in school anymore.

The most stunning development in Inko’s mind however was that Izuku seemed to show little care about Katsuki Bakugo. While ostensibly Izuku’s friend, Katsuki was rather notoriously full of himself, though according to Izuku seemed to have at least have some aspects of backing it up.

The thing was however that Katsuki looked down on everyone, it did not matter who he was speaking to or about he seemed to hold no one in higher regard than the ants beneath his shoes. Izuku had tolerated him mostly out of amusement, in Izuku’s information and logic based mind someone like Katsuki appeared to a be a creature of contradictions and thus interesting.

Katsuki meanwhile attempted to treat Izuku even worse than he treated everyone else around him. Katsuki’s quirk [Explosion] allowed him to sweat nitroglycerin and thus cause explosions from his arms. ‘Attempting’ was however the operative word, Izuku had so many things he achieved and did on a regular basis that Katsuki’s demand of praise and attention as well as his belittling of Izuku had fallen on bemused and deaf ears.

This coupled with Izuku’s in-depth analyzing of Katsuki’s quirk had made any threat of being hit with an explosion seem really far away for Izuku. As such any of Katsuki’s bullying attempts ended up with Katsuki almost frothing at the mouth while Izuku just nonchalantly meandered off to find something more interesting to do.

At the age of eleven Izuku had been invited to participate in several tournaments of Shogi, the reputation of his intellect proceeded him a bit. At first Izuku seemed thrilled and rather uneasy about participating in such a competition since professional players of such games tended to be a rather intense environment.

For Izuku the more information there was to process, the more difficult it was to concentrate on actually using said information for something. Fortunately, or in his specific case unfortunately there was only so much information to Shogi, as there was to any other type of board based game.

After a few rounds of trying it at home and after the second round of the first tournament, Izuku was relaxed and breezed through his first tournament with nary a glance to his opponents moves. The second tournament almost bored him to death, the only interesting bit being set against an AI as a sort of exhibition match, he almost lost that one.

Then came the third tournament, Izuku had breezed through all of it with a single snag. His last opponent, Izuku could not believe this person was real, they could not be an actual person that existed. They had spent an enormous amount of time in a back and forth. After a few hours however both of them conceded, at the same time.

Izuku did not have nearly as much fun with anything as he had with this little venture.

When Izuku turned thirteen he decided to start training for the U.A. He felt his quirk wasn’t really made for fighting so he figured he needed to compensate. Here he found his first actual challenge in life, it was obvious that his quirk as well as his mind weren’t particularly made for quick thinking yet.

The U.A recently had decided to change its rules a bit, requiring applicants to be sixteen before they would be allowed, apparently as some attempt at making them gain some other life experiences first.

“Come on boy get up, no time to dawdle around.” Izuku heard the rather strangely high pitched and honestly kind of adorable voice of his instructor. ‘Gunhead’ was a pro-hero and a martial arts instructor. ‘Gunhead’s name came from two things, a metal mask with four holes, three of which resembled gun barrel stems, the last one was just a round hole, Izuku was baffled as to why. The second reason was that his lower arms had organs resembling revolver chambers that could shoot keratin bullets from them.

Izuku was currently flat on his back, having just been shoulder thrown almost across the room for what was the ninth time today, it was the third week of this training and he felt like he had made barely any progress, if any at all. “...I get how your quirk goes, you see, you hear, you feel, more than anyone should probably.” ‘Gunhead’ said with crossed arms, he certainly was a pro-hero, Izuku thought, he had never been told what Izuku’s quirk actually did but figured it out just through observation alone.

“Thing is though, that doesn’t do much for a fight. You don’t trust your quirk to do its job while you do yours. You want to become a hero right?” Izuku sat up to look at his instructor. “More than anything Sir! I know I can do it.” ‘Gunhead’ laughed, Izuku was baffled how someone his size could sound like a school girl in tone. “Oh I don’t doubt that you can or that you will make it, but you will only succeed if you stop thinking about everything your quirk tells you instead of acting on the information you get. Being fascinated by things and even by your foes is quite alright. You just can’t let it get in your way.”

Izuku had trouble processing this, in his mind thinking and acting at the same time was a contradiction, if you acted without thinking, you couldn’t be sure what you were doing was going to work right? So how was that a good idea?! ‘Gunhead’ laughed again.

“Oh I see how it goes in that head of yours.” ‘Gunhead’ uncrossed his arms. “You think you have to know everything, because that’s what your quirk enables you to do. To know and understand everything.” Suddenly he sounded oddly serious. “I’ll let you in on a secret about living, knowing the odds, knowing every detail? It’s boring. Sure it helps sometimes but every time? What’s the point in trying something when you can’t possibly lose?”

Again for Izuku that didn’t make any sense when he heard it, why would you want the chance of losing? ‘Gunhead’ seemed to get that this was the wrong approach. “Alright, let me put it in a way more suited for you.” he laughed again. “What sounds more...exhilarating for you Midoriya? An easy victory? Something you already knew you were going to win? Or a challenge? Someone you actually needed to try to put effort into defeating?”

This thought seemed to get to Izuku a bit better. “He-hey now boy no time to get stuck in thoughts. Now get up. We’ll try again.” Sure enough Izuku got to his slightly bruised feet and tripped a bit. He was sure that his feet were telling him that everything below his ankles hurt at the moment but he tried to ignore it.

Izuku lasted a little longer than the previous eighty four attempts at these pretend fights. He didn’t get thrown halfway across the training room within two seconds for once but actually managed to stand a little longer, he still ended up on his back at the end but he lasted a whole minute this time.

“Ahahaha Yes! Now would you look at you, you actually managed to hold your own for a bit.” ‘Gunhead’ seemed genuinely happy for Izuku. The rest of present students in the ‘Gunhead Dojo’ while not nearly as happy seemed to enjoy that Izuku was learning something. Izuku had come off as slightly conceited and more than a smidgen obsessed with his own intellect when he had joined.
The past few weeks had humbled him somewhat, he still valued his smarts and his quirk but he seemed to realize that it wasn’t everything. Chief among the students to be happy for Izuku’s improvements was Itsuka Kendo, a red-haired girl with teal eyes who had tried to befriend Izuku when he had started out but who Izuku had seen as beneath his attention, much to her anger and disappointment.

However since his numerous defeats by basically everyone in the dojo within the first week, Izuku had apologized for his rude behavior and they had gotten along since then.

“Alright then. Last round for today, Kendo it’s you against Midoriya.” ‘Gunhead’ said amused. “Yeah, yeah I know you’ve been through the wringer a few times today Midoriya but keeping you under pressure and from getting stuck in your own head gets you specifically the farthest. So get up and hop to it again.”

Izuku got up again, once again getting in a fighting ready position, despite his quirk constantly telling him that everything hurt and that this was a sub optimal path of decision making. Itsuka smiled a bit, the way Izuku looked at her felt oddly soothing to her. It wasn’t the usual cold and analytic stare but a genuine show of emotions, even if it was a rather intense dislike of this situation rather than anything else.

Their next fight lasted for about four minutes before Izuku again found himself on his back, this time however the rest of the dojo seemed far more concerned than before. Itsuka had overdone it a bit and used her quirk [Big Fist] which allowed her to enlarge her hands on accident. The increased strength of her last move had for one caused Izuku to leave a dent in the floor as well as scuff up his body a bit.

“You alright there Midoriya?” ‘Gunhead’ seemed genuinely concerned, Itsuka was kneeling next to Izuku with a worried expression on her face. Izuku merely rose his hand up and wiped a bit of blood of off his mouth. He stared at it, his blood looked very different than that of a normal person, he was certain that this was the first time since his quirk showed itself that he had seen his own blood. While normal blood was a deep red and opaque in large quantities, his was an emerald green color and looked it was almost like strange honey down to viscosity and translucence.

His quirk was meanwhile busy analyzing its own properties and his own nature through his interaction with his blood, while he couldn’t grasp most of it, he felt like was beginning to understand just how far his quirks properties went. He sat up smiling, the rest of the dojo was impressed and kind of scared, usually if someone was hit with something like that they stayed on the ground and didn’t move.

“I’m alright. I think.” Izuku said calmly, before looking to Itsuka. “Good fight. Thanks for not holding back on me.” he smiled at her, causing her to blush, before getting back on his feet. He swayed rather heavily, more so from the incredibly strong influx of new information than everything hurting. His quirk while at work usually numbed the rest of his attention making it rather easy for him to get ‘lost in thought’ so to speak.

‘Gunhead’ stared. “Like hell you’re alright. Kendo!” he startled Itsuka with his sudden declaration. “You will bring Midoriya home, if he shows any and I mean ANY sign of passing out or worse, you call an ambulance are we clear?” Itsuka stood to attention straight as a board. “Yes sir!”

As Itsuka walked him home Izuku constantly muttered things to himself, she had gotten somewhat used to hearing him babble on about things, mostly random information, it seemed like some kind of mental white noise that he was using to keep himself busy.

She figured she might as well try to strike up a conversation, though she felt that she was probably the last person he would want to talk to right now. “...Are you sure you’re alright?” she asked trying to sound innocent, she knew she had hit him really, really hard. She felt incredibly guilty about it as much as she wanted to not let him know that.

“I don’t know.” Izuku admitted after a few seconds, scratching the back of his head. “If I’m honest I’m not nearly as sure about a lot of things than I’d like to be at times, my quirk does most of the work whenever I say something about a topic I know about, I just follow what its telling me.”

He looked at her from the side, there was something oddly sincere about his tone that convinced her that he was being honest. “..I guess it’s one of the reasons I keep trying to focus whenever I learn something new, Mr. ‘Gunhead’ isn’t wrong I don’t trust my quirk.” he sounded genuinely a bit concerned.

“Why though? Your quirk seems to be doing quite alright with everything from what you told us so far. I mean you’re probably the smartest guy in the entire dojo and I include Mr. ‘Gunhead’ into that.” Itsuka genuinely didn’t get Izuku’s concern. He had demonstrated quite a few things about his knowledge that had impressed the others, granted all of it was theoretical knowledge, nothing actually used in practice but anything that was written down in a book he was perfectly accurate about, provided of course that he had read that book.

“Well...” he looked incredibly serious. “If I want to be a hero, the difference between me being right or wrong about a fact my quirk picked up could be the difference between someone surviving or dying.” he sounded oddly mortified of that prospect. “Heroes can be wrong about things you know?” Itsuka sounded bemused despite the dark topic of heroes making mistakes.

Izuku fell back into silence, trying to have both his brain and quirk comprehend this idea, or view at least. Itsuka meanwhile smiled a bit weary, she knew his type quite well, her family had quite a few people who had tried to be pro-heroes before her or him, so a few lessons just kinda stuck.

“No hero carries the entire weight of the world on their shoulders, not even someone like ‘All Might’ can be everywhere at the same time.” she knew that he had a fascination of ‘All Might’ mostly because a lot of his ramblings on the first day had ‘All Might’s name mentioned a felt ten thousand times within the first hour.

After a while he chuckled a bit strangely. “I guess you’re right about that. As much as I hate to admit it.” he seemed a bit distraught, it was obvious to her that he saw ‘All Might’ not so much as a person but more like an infallible god of heroes, an error that many made.

As they continued walking towards the apartment of the Midoriyas they suddenly heard an odd noise from a side alley, like something large and slimy was sloshing about. They stopped for a second both hearing and wondering what the hell that was, staring down the alley. For a moment there was nothing, then they dashed out of the way as something that looked like a wave of green sludge with eyes and teeth rolled out of the alley.

“Buhahaha! Don’t run away little ones! I just want one of your bodies for my collection!” Neither Izuku nor Itsuka knew how to handle this situation other than running, whoever this person was they meant trouble and there was no one else than them on this street.

However to their misfortune this ‘Sludge Villain’ was faster than he seemed. He had grabbed Itsuka before either of them could get far, throwing Izuku off his feet in the process. “Buahaha! Not my usual fare but I wouldn’t mind being a girl for a while!” the slimy miscreant crooned in a tone that was revolting in every sense of the word.
“Grrrg….Midoriya...grr….jjust run!” Itsuka tried her damnedest to get out of the ‘Sludge Villain’s grip but failed, whatever this guy was made out of it was strong enough to resist her increased strength, yet liquid enough to constantly wrap around her limbs and attempted to force himself down her throat.

For a few moments it seemed that Izuku was too stunned or scared of the scene unfolding in front of his eyes, as the ‘Sludge Villain’ attempted in the grossest way possible to force Itsuka under his control.

However Izuku’s quirk had kicked into high gear, attempting to identify the ‘Sludge Villain’s weak point somewhere but his quirk was drawing blanks at every turn. If he had more time to think of it, he probably would have figured it out but he lacked the time. Then something in his head snapped.

Izuku rose to his feet and glared at the ‘Sludge Villain’ “Buhahah! What’s wrong runt? Too scared to..Grrgh!?” Izuku had leaped straight at Itsuka and thrown her out of the ‘Sludge Villain’s grasp. Izuku swung at the ‘Sludge Villain’s face, even if he knew it was in vain. “Scared?! I will show you what fear is you brute!”

Itsuka had nearly fallen unconscious due to being nearly suffocated by this monster, it pissed Izuku off. She was coughing rather violently a few meters away from them. However right now that was rather secondary in his mind than the fact that ‘Sludge Villain’ was now trying to make a repeat performance of what he had done to her on him.

As this disgusting creature tried to force himself down Izuku’s throat, his quirk again went into overdrive. This time however something strange happened, Izuku felt a strange sensation, as if something about him irreversibly altered.

Everything around him, save for the ‘Sludge Villain’ and himself, went blank. He felt a strange sensation and an even stranger knowledge enter his mind. Why did he suddenly know what the ‘Sludge Villain’s quirk [Mud body] could do despite having only seen if for a few seconds?

Izuku tried to clench his right fist and felt an even stranger sensation, as if he could despite being restrained hit the ‘Sludge Villain’ straight in the head. As everything returned to normality he tried just that. [Intelligent Design: Gel Lance]

Suddenly he heard the ‘Sludge Villain’ howl “Grrhhghgrkh!!!!”, Izuku stared at his right arm, which had turned into a green, semi-see through, viscous version of itself and had extended into a lance-like spike straight through the ‘Sludge Villain’s head, forcing him to let Izuku go.

Izuku stumbled away, coughing up the strange mud the Villain was composed of. His arm returned to its normal form but retained the strange green gel-like appearance. He stumbled to Itsuka’s side as the villain tried to put himself back together. “Kha...You alright?!”

“Keh...keh...yeah.” she had gotten to her feet but was still stumbling. “Buahrrah! You think that little sting hurt you runt?! I’m going to..!” The villain stopped in his tracks, it took Izuku and Itsuka a second to realize that there was someone quite large behind them.

“Civilians need not worry about you any longer. For I am here.” To their surprise the person who was saying this wasn’t ‘All Might’ who had made the phrase “I am here.” something akin to a trademark of himself.

Enji Todoroki ‘Endeavor’ was the 2nd ranked hero in japan, a huge wall of meat and muscles, had a fire quirk that could melt street lights if he wasn’t careful and ultimately was known to be more than a bit of an asshole. Strangely he seemed different than in his TV appearances where the only defining feature he ever had was that he envied ‘All Might’. He felt calmer, almost as if he was someone far different than the TV Broadcasts portrayed.

He stepped past the two of them before looking back at them. “You have done well. Leave the rest to me.” Within a second the ‘Sludge Villain’ attempted to attack ‘Endeavor’, who without even paying attention to him backhanded him hard enough that his entire body bent like an elastic band and proceeded to get hurled down the street and collided with a brick wall.

‘Endeavor’ looked back into the ‘Sludge Villain’s direction “Give me a minute, I will return.” and with small bursts of flames from his feet and back he sped after him with enough speed that it created wind behind him.

Itsuka first stared in slight reverence after him and then at Izuku, whose arm was still a green goo like version of itself. “What happened to your arm?” she asked trying to focus on this as they certainly couldn’t help defeat the ‘Sludge Villain’.

Izuku straightened a bit, looking at his hand then at her. “I’m...not quite sure.” she just rolled her eyes. “You don’t have to be sure just take a swing at it! That worked with that insane and stupid thing you just did as well didn’t it?”

The blunt way she said that seemed to entertain him. He smiled at her in a genuinely happy fashion before explaining. “Replicating. My quirk doesn’t just take information. It can replicate it. At least I think that’s what it’s doing.” he smiled a bit. She seemed to get it. “Ohhh that. Actually makes kind of sense. Sooo...if you get say someones blood on you, you can reproduce their quirk?”

Izuku shrugged. “I guess? There might be a limit to what I can and can’t reproduce, I don’t know, this is new for me too.” they heard a screeching noise, a few seconds passed until ‘Endeavor’ returned.

He was holding a small sealed jar, with what was left of the ‘Sludge Villain’ growling in it. “Are you two hurt?” he asked calmly, only now they noticed that he had a large scar on his left eye that seemed to have also blinded that eye, that Izuku was certain none of his TV appearances of recent memory had. Granted the last one Izuku had seen was about a year and a half old.

The two of them shook their heads. “Nevertheless we shall wait for the police as well as an ambulance. It appears that I will not be needed elsewhere for a bit.” This was so surreal for Izuku, he had kept an eye on most pro heroes, ‘Endeavor’ while certainly not one of his idols was one that he knew decently enough.

The man he had seen on TV was a brash, angry and constantly belittling individual who seemed to only do the whole pro-hero thing because it was illegal to beat up people when you weren’t a pro-hero. Not to mention the documentaries of his home life which were not something one liked to watch for more than thirty minutes without visiting a sink for a cleansing vomit afterwards.

The man in front of them however, seemed like a calm, almost serene and friendly individual who despite his huge stature and constantly burning body parts seemed to be firmly a good person. What had happened to bring about this kind of a change in behavior?

They waited for the arrival of the rest of the authorities, of course their parents were also called in. Inko had broken out in happy and more than slightly scared tears, as had Itsuka’s parents. ‘Endeavor’ had told the police, the reporters and the kids parents of Izuku’s and Itsuka’s attempts to fight off the ‘Sludge Villain’.

To both of their surprise he sounded incredibly impressed and proud of them. The amount of restraint in his tone made it somewhat clear that he wasn’t saying these things for publicity but because he genuinely felt that way.

As he walked off he merely raised his hand and said “Take good care of the two of them. If they are like this all the time they will make great heroes one day.” before disappearing as fast as he had originally arrived.


When Izuku came back home and sat in his bedroom he stared at his strange green, kind-of-sort-of-not-really liquid right forearm. It turned back to normal as he looked at it. As he stared at his right hand he felt the odd urge to jot his newly gained knowledge of his quirk and everything else down.

A new notebook would be needed, he thought. He let his quirk lead the way, he decided to trust it to not deceive him on what it wanted him to know. About an hour later he stared at everything he had written, which despite knowing he had written it he wasn’t entirely sure what it was.

The truth had been both simple and yet so off the wall strange to him that he had trouble believing it. His body could absorb and replicate information. This included aspects of quirks and peoples appearances. In theory this meant that Izuku could copy and replicate a large amount of quirks out there with his own. In practice it meant that Izuku could, if he had the DNA of a person, replicate the physical aspects of their quirk in a fashion.

He theorized that he couldn’t for example replicate Katsuki’s explosions with the same strength as his body wasn’t adapted to such a force, or that his quirk would find a better way of doing it. Another example was that he could certainly try to replicate ‘Endeavor’s [Hellflame] but the chances that it would do him more harm than good were high.

He looked at the last few pages he had written, one titled: “Exceptions” caught his eye. He read the following written by his quirk knowledge in the usual typewriter font. “Quirks such as ‘Eraserhead’s [Erasure] can not be replicated. While the body part necessary itself could technically be reproduced, the effect would fail. Same for Inko’s [Small Object Attraction] the organ necessary to make the quirk function would technically exist but the function itself would be impossible to replicate.”

So he needed to be able to physically replicate it. For example Katsuki’s [Explosion] would work because Katsuki created the nitroglycerin sweat inside of his body before it seeped outside, allowing the explosions. Same for ‘Gunhead’s [Gatling] quirk since his bullet organs made keratin bullets in his arms. While ‘Eraserhead’s [Erasure] could not work because the outside effect was caused directly by the quirk not by something the quirk created.

Izuku leaned back in his chair, staring at the things he had written down, he felt something deep down in his mind telling him that, ethics be damned he needed every advantage he could get, if he wanted to be a hero anyway. He didn’t need to kill people for it, a paper cut that drew a drop of blood was enough. Hell technically a hair of their heads would be enough, though he figured that blood was the more sure fire way.
A few minutes of staring at his current notebook passed before he titled it: “Intelligent Design” and put it with the others.

He then picked out another new notebook and jotted down: “List of Replications”. The first one was titled ‘Sludge Villain: Gel Shaping’. He intended to keep a record of everything he could replicate and everything he aimed to replicate, if he saw something he hadn’t yet.

There was something in the back of his mind and he hated it, hated it to death. It was telling him to first get Itsuka’s and then ‘Gunhead’s DNA to get their quirk replications. He didn’t want to start with them, he didn’t want to steal their own lifeblood like that. However he conceded that it was the most practical choice to make.

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To his surprise and slight shock Itsuka offered her blood to him without his prompting. “W-What?” he asked baffled and almost sputtered, they were walking to the dojo together when she offered this. “Why would you..?” “You saved my life dummy. Why wouldn’t I do it?” Izuku felt as if his brain short circuited. Every amount of logic was against this sort of thing, how could she just do that?

She giggled at the look on his face. “Hihi. You look like you’ve seen a ghost. It’s no prob...” “I won’t take it.” he said calmly. She seemed a bit surprised. “Not at least until I’ve beaten you in a fight, fair and square.” She giggled “Well then you’ll have a lot of chances.”

Izuku felt an odd pang of an emotion he couldn’t quite place aside from a fluttering heart.
Two years would pass before he was finally at that stage where he seemed capable of keeping up with Itsuka in a fight.

Shortly after both turned fifteen Izuku and Itsuka were both in the dojo again. They were here alone this time around, ‘Gunhead’ had lent Itsuka the keys since he had realized just how competitive she and Izuku were being over the past two years. They had technically graduated the Dojo’s courses by this point but ‘Gunhead’ had asked them to stick around to both keep improving as well as to teach the others a few lessons.

Over the past two years Izuku hadn’t taken the plentiful opportunities to integrate and replicate other peoples quirks into his own. Yes, his subconscious was yelling at him constantly to do it but what was the point if he could not even get his first real ‘target’ fair and square?

They stood opposed to each other, both of them in the usual training fatigues ‘Gunhead’ had started to give out. They had been the ‘Gunhead Dojo’s master students for about half a year, yet Izuku had never beaten Itsuka in fight even when he had beaten everyone else.

Their fight took what felt for both of them like an eternity. It was a constant back and forth, a fight of attrition more so than skill, they were both on the same level of physical strength and dexterity. However Itsuka couldn’t help but feel that he wasn’t taking this fight serious, or at least that his head wasn’t in it.

Sure enough, she was constantly pushing him on the defensive and even though he should have been able to counter her at every turn he barely managed it most of the time. “Come on! Put your head in it damn it!” she said sounding infuriated with every move that he missed or botched.

The problem, Izuku knew wasn’t that he didn’t want to take this serious, he did. The problem was that hormones were bastards. Every time he tried to focus on fighting her, his mind and quirk both decided to point out to him how beautiful she looked while beating him up.

To his fortune however he wasn’t the only one trying to fight off hormones in the room, two years of beating each other senseless and catching glimpses of each others body builds didn’t leave Itsuka without her blushing moments, so after about an hour of actual fighting both of them were tired beyond belief and just collapsed for a while.

The both sat leaning against the same wall, out of breath and energy. Itsuka just stared straight ahead in a strange cold anger that Izuku had never seen before. “haaah….haaaah….how...” she growled. “ it possible...that after all this still don’t get it...” Izuku didn’t say anything and he also wasn’t sure he got what she was actually trying to say either.

“How much….do I have to do.....for you to get what I think of you?” Izuku was almost certain that half of this was her thoughts, possibly the exhaustion made her too tired to care for what she was saying, though her near tears frustration was audible through every word.

Izuku laughed mirthlessly “’s not that I don’t get it….it’s that I have no idea how to answer without being an idiot.....kha...khaaa.”he coughed, damn everything hurt. She turned her head towards him with the same expression, her teal eyes fixating him for a while. “What?….you want to hear me say that I’m a dumb, dense idiot more?….khe...I’m an idiot.” he coughed again, this time their eyes were locked at each other.

They sat there for a long while just gazing at each other before she kissed him. “You’re right. You are an idiot...the cutest idiot I know.” she giggled, the look on his face was priceless, like he had never even considered the possibility of that outcome. To her surprise he kissed her back. “Heh….and you’re just amazing.” he blushed embarrassed and smiled. She was certain it was one of the few genuine smiles he had shown her over the years. There was a pause for awhile, they still couldn’t do much beyond gaze at each other.

After a bit of regeneration time, they got back on their feet and got dressed in their usual clothes before heading out of the dojo. Izuku noticed that she was unusually quiet “Is everything alright?” she giggled “Yeah I’m fine, just thinking about a way we can celebrate, it’s not every day you confess feelings to each other like that.” she smiled strangely at him.

That however took the backseat as she decided to try and give him her blood again. “Look just take it.” she said annoyed at his repeated refusal, pointing to a scrape at her left hand. “I think dating me technically counts as beating me in a fight. That aside isn’t there some rules in nature that prevent you from hurting your ‘mate’ in fights?” Izuku scratched his chin, just long enough for her to smear a drop of her blood on his lips. “Well if there isn’t, then you’ll have to make one now.” she said teasing.

He was a bit too perplexed to notice the blood on his lower lip for a few moments. “Hold up since when are we dating?” she just raised a curious eyebrow at him. “After this whole mess you really want to argue about that?” she seemed a mixture between tired of his arguing and really amused.

Izuku, blushing furiously, just accepted it at this point, trying to not look too into licking the blood of off his lips. There was something oddly primal in him that enjoyed the taste of blood. His quirk meanwhile had given him access to something new. [Intelligent Design: Mass Alteration] Not much new, since [Intelligent Design: Gel Shaping] technically could already change the shape of his appendages, he now could control their mass and thus size as well. He figured that some quirks only added some aspects to him, or enhanced aspects he already had. While the got changed into their usual clothes he wondered if there was a pattern to what achieved which effect. Perhaps it was practicality?

His subconscious meanwhile had removed the requirement of getting Itsuka’s quirk aspect before getting others so he could now freely go about collecting more. That certainly opened options for him, though he really didn’t want to overdo it, he was savvy enough to realize that too many of these aspects would only make problems.


As they got outside Izuku immediately felt slightly exasperated. It was difficult not to be as he saw Katsuki Bakugo and a collection of nine lackeys heading in their direction. How did this guy keep finding more and more idiots to throw at whoever he didn’t like?

Izuku just rolled his eyes. “Let’s leave before they get any ideas. Not that they haven’t already mind. Katsuki probably spent the last half hour out here just waiting for someone to rough up.” Itsuka stared for a bit at the group of guys about their age that seemed to meander after Katsuki Bakugo like a small gaggle of fleas, before walking alongside Izuku trying not to give them any attention.

“What’s his beef with you anyway? You mentioned that he hates you for some reason before.” Izuku chuckled mirthlessly, his monochromatic eyes looking oddly sad. “It’s simple, as I’ve found out. He thinks he’s better than everyone in existence, period. No exception. I’ve proven him wrong, several times. Therefor I’m the worst human being he knows and only bested him in something because I got lucky.”

Izuku felt beneath their feet that the group behind them was getting closer, still out of hearing range but closer. His quirk could pick up even vibration changes in the ground, while it wasn’t clear information like most things, it was obvious when ten people were moving closer to you if you paid attention. He didn’t need to pay attention, his quirk was all the attention he ever needed.

“So I take it they’re here to beat you up?” “Well they’re certainly going to try, usually his bravado and lack of care for anyone else leads to him knocking his own lackeys out before they can achieve much of anything.” Izuku just shrugged.

They reached an old playground, specifically ‘the’ old playground. This place was where Izuku’s and Katsuki’s friendship started and a few months after, ended. It was by sheer coincidence also where he had met Itsuka, though neither remembered the other until they met again at the ‘Gunhead Dojo’ years later.

Izuku paused, Itsuka would have to leave a different direction from here. “Well I’ll see you later then.” he said before kissing her on the cheek. She blushed at the sudden show of affection, he wasn’t usually like this. “Are you sure you’ll be alright? I mean it’s not like they’re going to just leave you alone.”

Izuku shrugged. “I dealt with this for the past...” he thought about it for a second. “...ten years, three months and twenty two days. I can deal with it now too. Just go, before they get funny ideas.” he smiled. As she turned to leave she said “Don’t get yourself too beat up alright? I don’t want to have to visit you in a hospital right after we started dating.” with that she disappeared from view, he couldn’t help but blush at the dating comment.

Izuku waited at the center of the playground for about a minute, watching the small meandering horde fan out a little as if they were in vain trying to appear more intimidating, he just stared blankly ahead at Katsuki. Three, two, one. Childish insult, with implied threat to someone Izuku likes coming from the winged moron on the left “So. The useless ‘Deku’ has a useless girlfriend. How ‘adorable’ that someone thinks you’re interesting enough to warrant that kind of attention.” “Twenty eight.” Izuku said calmly.

Three, two, one. Less implied but more concrete threat to the aforementioned friend coming from the orange headed oaf with the spike quirk, standing right next to Katsuki. “Heheh. She looked rather cute actually. Say boss should we go after her? She could use a new boyfriend after this whole ordeal is over.” “Forty three.” Izuku said again in a perfectly calm tone.

Three, two, one. Thinly veiled insult about his intelligence and weirdness by the blockhead who can grow a third arm on the far left. “Ehh? For such a smart guy, you sure have some over confidence issues, standing here all by yourself. Not to mention that counting out loud is just not showing you’re particularly cool.” Izuku just rolled his eyes, not even a good thinly veiled insult. “Twelve.”

Katsuki seemed to get more livid as Izuku kept counting. “What the fuck are you doing, shit for brains?” Izuku laughed. “Oh I’m sorry, I just keep hearing this boring chattering from your goon squad so consistently that I started counting who makes what display of idiocy at which point. Gotta say I’m impressed Katsuki, you lowered your smart lackey content from three to two.”

The entire group paused only with about two of the people present actually processing what he had said immediately and the rest catching on about ten to twenty seconds later. “Grrr. Shut your mouth. Who the hell do you think you’re fooling? It’s ten against one, you’re not winning this.” The winged guy said.

“Really Tsubasa? Last time I beat seven of you into the floor and left Katsuki standing around like a ferret with rabies. What convinced you that two more would be sufficient? How’s the nose by the way? Did your grandad have fun resetting it?” Tsubasa, the winged goon seemed to suddenly remember that perhaps calling the guy who had kicked him around with ease the last few times an idiot was probably not a smart plan.

The difference between Izuku and his ten opponents was easy to notice for anyone. Izuku was smart enough to be a stand-in teacher at a university despite his age, was currently enrolled in a course to get a degree in physics, adding to that was that he had actual martial arts training from a Pro-Hero and was in line to get into the U.A. Not to mention that his training and current experiences in life were probably far ahead of someone his age, in huge part was thanks to ‘Endeavor’ sending him and Itsuka several recommendations on where to sign up for courses that would help them towards their professional hero goals. He really needed to ask the man what had changed him so much, he was truly curious.

Meanwhile his current opposition consisted out of a talented, if incredibly short tempered munchkin of a student trying to get into the U.A, who routinely got himself into trouble with the law, had lost multiple part time jobs due to his anger issues, turns out yelling at customers isn’t something any business likes and overall seemed to have even worse image issues than some Pro-Heroes had.

Well him and the life time supply of nearly brainless thugs so dense that if he brought enough of them, they would eventually cause a singularity of idiocy. Of course the last part wouldn’t happen, it was a rather fun idea in Izuku’s head though.

“So what’s on the menu today Katsuki? Is it going to be a banquet of cannon fodder charging me again? Or do I get to beat them all into the ground one by one this time? Perhaps you want to knock them out yourself again and safe them the embarrassment of watching you lose? Oh I know let’s start with you trying to fight me alone again, see if it turns out better for you than the last five times.” Izuku was more amused and bored at all of this than anything else, treating this whole thing more like a restaurant of his personal entertainment.

Izuku of course planned to take Katsuki’s quirk aspect for himself, say what you will about the guy but there are few things more effective in fights against individuals than explosions.

Katsuki meanwhile was grinding his teeth, rather audibly and visibly, pulling a ridiculously angry face that made him resemble a weird totem, much to his lackeys increasing concern. “Boss, calm down, he’s just trying to...” The spiky haired guy didn’t get much further before Katsuki punched him the throat knocking the guy unconscious. “Shut up! Nobody asked you anything, you fucking extra!” “Thirty six.” Izuku said bemused. Katsuki stared at him looking absolutely livid with his teeth bared like a wolf, Izuku thought that he needed to learn how to do that himself one day.

“Man I ought to start a bingo card. Maybe get one of your goons some actual martial arts training if I make a row.” Katsuki just kept staring, before violently exploding, literally. On the spot he was standing at. Surrounded by his own goons, knocking the whole group out and lightly injuring at least two of them.

As the dust billowed out from the explosion Izuku just walked to the side into part of the small dust storm before Katsuki had time to use it to jump him, Katsuki having tried to dash at the spot Izuku was previously at. “Man Katsuki, can you at least try to pretend to give a shit about these guys?” Izuku said from where the group was originally standing at, looking at the injured spiky haired guy, who aside from being knocked out was bleeding from his arm, not a deep wound but still.

He was really tempted to take blood from this guy but for some reason his quirk itself told him this was a less than ideal plan. Izuku was slightly confused, first his quirk kept pestering him to get more quirk aspects from others then it didn’t want one that was obvious and easy to get? Something primal and animalistic in his mind told him that he needed to ‘aim higher’.

He had been so distracted with this train of thought that if not for his quirk alerting him to the shockwave coming towards him he would have missed Katsuki charging at him. He barely caught Katsuki’s arm and threw him over his shoulder on the ground, back first.

“You sly guy, you caught me lost in thought. Unfortunately for you I’m more than just smart these days.” before Katsuki could react or say anything, a sharp pain and a ‘crack’ sound cut him off from his swearing. “Oh was that your shoulder dislocating? That was your shoulder dislocating. Say how does it feel being ‘superior’ with a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose?” Suddenly Izuku felt a strange vindictive tone in his voice, something had changed. Why did he enjoy this so much all of a sudden?

Breathing heavily and glaring at him with barely open eyes Katsuki attempted to shout that Izuku hadn’t broken his nose only to be cut off by a punch straight to the face. Izuku had found it more efficient to just break Katsuki’s nose rather than hope the guy cuts himself with something to get his blood. Sure enough he had managed to get some of Katsuki’s blood on the back of his knuckle. He reset Katsuki’s shoulder, just to be fair.

“I’d like to make something clear, if you or your goons ever have the idea again to try and hurt someone I care for, I will personally make sure that whoever is responsible will learn their place in the food-chain.” Izuku showed Katsuki a scary grin, the kind usually seen by drowning sailors. Izuku wasn’t sure if it was his quirk or him talking. “...and believe me non of you are anywhere close to where I am on it.” Izuku dropped Katsuki’s arm before walking off, Katsuki didn’t try to get up, everything hurt, how could this extra dare to imply that he wasn’t the best?!

With that he left the scene, of course on his way away he had called an ambulance to the locale without revealing himself, couldn’t risk being accused of negligence after all. As he walked home he licked the blood of off the back of his knuckle. Again his quirk went into overdrive, a bit more violently than the last two times, it felt more like he had gotten a fever or some kind of head cold. When it subsided he stared at backs of his hands and noticed four small pods on each hand, these seemed to generate in a sort of armoring fashion over the start of his fingers. [Intelligent Design: Blast Pods]

Izuku paused and absentmindedly punched a wall he was standing next to. A single one of the pods of his left hand broke. There was a small explosion like a firecracker going off and the wall now had a visible dent and large cracks where the impact had been. As he walked away and back home a thought about his quirk had asserted itself.

Every ecosystem had something called an Apex Predator. Humans were universally part of this category but since quirks had come around that wasn’t technically true anymore. Now humans with quirks were naturally more inclined to believe they were above quirkless humans. So what did it mean that he could take the aspects of other peoples quirks for himself?

He remembered hearing the U.A’s official motto was “Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!”, he had found it originally interesting but right now he couldn’t help but laugh. The ‘Apex’ of ‘Apex Predator’ was also a synonym for ‘ne plus ultra’, thus also synonymous to ‘perfection’. How fitting it was then that he aimed to one day be above them all then, with his quirk? Number one hero in Japan would be a possibility. Or maybe he was aiming too low.

Chapter Text

Months passed and the entrance exams for the U.A eventually rolled around. Izuku had helped Itsuka prepare for the theoretical exam, for him it was almost a joke. Nothing he hadn’t learned or looked into before. For her a few things were a bit more difficult but thanks to his tutoring it wasn’t nearly as much of a problem as it could have been.

The physical exam in Izuku’s mind was interesting, though he believed that sending students against giant robots without making their parents sign a waiver and making it clear to the students that these things were going to seriously harm them if they didn’t fight back was probably breaking more laws than a University should be able to get away with. That and that their medical team seemed horribly under equipped for this, since it seemingly just consisted out of an old lady with a medical quirk.

Of course he and Itsuka had gotten through it, they had even destroyed one of the gigantic ‘Arena Trap’ bots sent out to simulate desperate situations together. Though Izuku wondered again if all of this wasn’t a bit overkill just to make sure someone could be allowed into the University. Didn’t them destroying this stuff basically devour a huge amount of the Universities budget?

What no one had expected however, as it was an entirely new thing, was something that Izuku found rather peculiar. “An Interview with several Pro-Heroes present?” Izuku asked baffled to no one in particular as ‘Present Mic’ announced that this would be happening in the next few days after the physical exams. He wasn’t worried per say, he had a portfolio that would probably make this a mere formality but he still wondered what the point of this was. Was it some kind of personality assessment?


Izuku of course had come over prepared, at least by his estimation, for this part. He had brought a small metal roller suitcase with some of his books inside with him. He had gone through a bit of length to get professional versions of them done in the recent months.

He sat waiting with the rest of the applicants, he didn’t need to read his own notes, since his mind did a good enough job of keeping track of himself. He couldn’t help but wonder just how much he should reveal about his quirk. It wasn’t exactly wise to tell someone everything about you, especially in a competitive environment like many Pro-Heroes seemed to believe their job area to be.

It had taken quite a while until Izuku was called into the room, he had heard an explosion some time in the morning after arriving. He didn’t need to be told to know that Katsuki had probably not made a good first impression, in regards to personality someone so full of himself was not particularly prime material for first meetings.

Several of the parents of other participants were also present, to his surprise even the Bakugos had made a showing, though he wondered if Itsuki constantly yelling at Katsuki to shut up was really helping anything.

Inko hadn’t been able to come to this event, she had overworked herself again and gotten a cold. Izuku kept telling her to take it easy, his part time job as a tutor earned them enough money that she really didn’t need to overdo it so much. But alas, she insisted on catching up on her degrees as well, raising him had taken her out of the game for about nine years, so she needed to get her groove back. Man representing professional heroes in court must be a hassle.

He had also met Itsuka’s parents for the first time, her father was a rather skinny looking martial artist with shaggy black hair and a quirk that let him elongate his fingers, Izuku guessed Itsuka had inherited both part of her quirk and most of her personality from him, he was a personable guy though Izuku wondered if being this thin was healthy or if he merely had hyper metabolism. He guessed the mans quirk was something along the lines of [Stretchy hands] a rather well established quirk line, his own quirk backed this idea up.

Her mother meanwhile to Izuku at least, was terrifying and beautiful at the same time. She looked like Itsuka without her hair tied to a side ponytail but was almost three meters tall, more muscular and tanned all over. The looks she gave Izuku, despite not speaking a word to him at all made it unmistakably clear just what fate would befall him if she ever as much got the impression that her daughter was unhappy with him. He guessed and his quirk backed up the idea that she had a mutation quirk that made her incredibly tall and muscular per default. He had heard of this kind of quirk before the overarching title it was given was [Amazonian]. A bit of a gaudy name he thought but he couldn’t deny that description was apt.

As Izuku entered the Interview room his quirk almost went a little haywire with the amount of info it was sending his way. The amount of versatile, powerful quirks and well known personalities on display had gotten him excited.

To his surprise, and self admitted joy, ‘Endeavor’ was among his Interviewers. Overall there were six people currently present. ‘Endeavor’ seated at the far left, he seemed rather happy to see Izuku, next to him was ‘Hawks’ another high ranking hero with short brown hair, red wings, and giving Izuku a rather interested look. Third on the pro-hero side of the table was a man in a trench coat and short black hair with an unreadable expression on his face. The name plaque read ‘Naomasa Tskauchi’ Izuku was certain he wasn’t someone from the ranks, perhaps some kind of official?

The chair at the middle of the table was smaller and raised a bit from the floor but was unoccupied. He wondered if whoever belong on it hadn’t arrived yet.

On the right side of the table were also three people. Sitting on the far right was a woman with long black hair, a rather... risque outfit and a genuinely excited expression to her. ‘Midnight’ was an art history teacher, Pro-Hero, and hero costume specialist, he had heard that she was the reason that there was a limit to how little a hero was allowed to wear. Next to her with the most tired expression in human history on his face, was ‘Eraserhead’ a long haired, unshaven and overall unpleasant looking man who Izuku was certain was the type to empty his coffee mug on someones head if they annoyed him enough. He had a...reputation for being rather mean spirited towards his students at times. Sitting closest to the center however was someone Izuku couldn’t identify, a spindly, almost zombie-like looking man with shaggy blond hair and sunken in eyes. He almost wondered if the man half died just sitting there. His name plaque read ‘Toshinori Yagi’.

“See? I told you he would be prepared for this.” ‘Endeavor’ laughed, Izuku couldn’t help but shiver a bit, why did his laugh feel so unsettling? “Take a seat Midoriya, no need to be nervous, you’ve beaten giant robots, talking with people should be the least of your worries.” ‘Midnight’ giggled a little at Izuku’s expression before he sat down.

Mr. Yagi was meanwhile looking through his papers. “Your portfolio is rather...extensive young Midoriya. It’s one of the reasons we needed some time to call you in. Seriously for someone who is barely sixteen you are quite a storied one. Which is one of the reasons Mr. Tskauchi here is present. He has a ‘Lie Detector’ quirk. Not to insult your work but it is necessary that we verify the accuracy of our potential students exploits.”

Izuku smiled, oddly calm. “Understandable, it would be dangerous to have students faking their expertise to get into a class. They could get themselves into a lot unnecessary danger. Well that and the amount of potential lawsuits resulting of that.” ‘Hawks’ couldn’t help but be more amused than his peers as Izuku continued rambling for a few seconds. He liked this kid already. “Hehe, slow down Midoriya. Hate to say it but you’re right about all of that. Those are indeed the reasons most of this has been organized the way it was.”

‘Eraserhead’ seemed far less intrigued by Izuku’s behavior than the rest of his colleagues. “To your fortune Mr. Tskauchi could verify that the on record information is accurate, however records and recommendations alone barely matter.” he checked through the files again. “It says here that your quirk, titled [Intelligent Design] is a mutation quirk that altered your body to ‘absorb and replicate information’.” he looked up from the papers with an unreadable expression on his face.

“While that explains your records as well as your theoretical exam results it does not match what we have seen in the physical exam. So either your quirk assessment tester was doing a whack job or the information you provided us with was false. Do provide us with a reason to not believe that the latter is the case.” Izuku felt and almost certainly knew that ‘Eraserhead’ was being confrontational mostly out of necessity not because he disliked Izuku, though he couldn’t help but feel slightly insulted at the insinuation that he was a liar.

“Neither is the case, the Information you were given was accurate. Nor was my physical exam performance contradictory to that information.” Izuku said calmly, trying not to sound too cold about it. Izuku’s forearm turned into its green gooey looking version. “My quirk lets me absorb, utilize and replicate information. Any type of information. As you are probably aware I had a run in with a villain a few years ago. It so happens that due to their...” he shivered a little remembering the ‘Sludge Villain’ trying to effectively drown him and Itsuka by forcing his way down their throats. “...unique way of trying to control me, I came into contact with their genetic material and thus their genetic information. As such I can now..” his hand turned into a small mace like structure. “ things like this.”

The entirety of heroes and teachers present stared. “Well he is being truthful I can say as much.” Mr. Tskauchi said calmly. ‘Hawks’ meanwhile looked at Izuku’s hand as it morphed back and noticed several things that seemed strange. “If that is the case, mind explaining the size changes and the strange...what even are those? Pustules? On your knuckles.”

Izuku seemed a bit uneasy but decided that being honest about this was probably the wisest choice. “Well the size changes are from Kendo Itsuka’s quirk.” He explained while blushing rather intensely. “Let’s just say that she’s closer to me than the average person is and leave it at that.” They all guessed the rest, ‘Midnight’ specifically seemed bemused, she had needled Kendo about exactly that topic during her interview, mostly since she was rather chaste about explaining why she had been so readily willing to work with Izuku to take down that ‘Arena Trap’ robot.

“The ‘Blast Pods’ as I call them have a rather...unseemly history I am afraid.” Izuku said much to their surprise. ‘Eraserhead’ seemed curious. “..and that would be?” he asked, Izuku felt rather uneasy as if this was more valuable to them than any other previous information.

“ have certainly met Bakugo Katsuki today. Blond hair? Needs a hair stylist? Never talks in room acceptable volume? Explosion themed quirk? In dire need of anger management counseling? Or a significant other, whichever comes first?” Mr. Yagi tensed. “...We remember him. Yes. Quite a...personality on that one.” he tried to not think about the display the young Bakugo had brought to bear. Even ‘Endeavor’ who had until a few years ago had a similar personality had been unnerved by the boys anger issues.

“As it is, Bakugo and I have a bit of a history. In short he had a habit of bullying students of his middle school, I so happen to be one that he loved trying to pick on together with his...gaggle of friends. Just that to his misfortune I was in no hurry to find out what nitroglycerin tastes like and that his insults and threats were...lacking.” Izuku tried his damnedest to not seem too proud of this. “I was content with merely avoiding him for as long as his...efforts, were only focused on harming me. Then he and his group had the idea of insinuating that they’d get Kendo involved into their little vendetta.”

Izuku’s expression changed into something rather scary looking, to such a degree that Mr. Yagi was profoundly glad that the boy was ostensibly on their side. ‘Hawks’ and ‘Endeavor’ meanwhile seemed to understand Izuku’s train of thought quite well.

“So after years of dealing with it I, for the lack of a better term, decided to send him a ‘message’ that I hoped would make it clear that he was looking for trouble in the wrong place. In the process I broke his nose and got, well, these.” He pointed at the pods on his knuckles.

“...and again the truth. If anything it is surprising that you are this forthcoming with subjects such as these.” Mr. Tskauchi said genuinely impressed. Izuku seemed confused and just shrugged. “Well my only other options are getting into trouble down the road or risking drawing your ire now. Neither good things.”

“Even if said truth could get you into trouble now?” ‘Eraserhead’ said calmly, almost a bit coldly. “Pardon? I don’t think I follow.” Izuku said genuinely not seeing where ‘Eraserhead’ was going with this.

‘Eraserhead’ stared at him. “Why did you not inform the authorities of the Bakugo’s actions? If such things have been happening and you were not to blame for them, then there was no reason to not do so.” Izuku’s expression changed again, this time to into something akin to one that screamed ‘this better be a joke’.

Izuku tried his hardest to not seem angry or for that matter too affected by this line of questioning. “Sir. An honest question if you do not mind.” ‘Eraserhead’ raised an eyebrow. “I’m listening.” “Of all the students you have had so far, how many of their personal problems were you able to solve in a class room as a teacher?” There was a pause, ‘Eraserhead’ seemed to not have an answer to that question.

“I’d like to know because I can assure you that every last teacher I told about Bakugo’s history with me and others had the same reaction: ‘What do you want me to do about it? Have him thrown out for personal disputes?’” there was again a pause. “I tried to reason. With him, with his parents, with our teachers and other authorities more than I can care to recount, though I was around two hundred and seventy eight times...” Izuku shook his head, keep on topic smart guy.

“I would not have taken such an action myself if I was convinced that something else would have worked.” Izuku bent to his suitcase and pushed one of the buttons on it. A small compartment on the side opened, he knew it was a paranoia thing to carry this kind of documentation to this interview but for once he was glad to be paranoid.

He picked the stack of paper out of the compartment and closed it before handing it to Mr. Tskauchi “These are...complaint filings?” Mr. Tskauchi asked raising an eyebrow. “..and police fillings and one lawsuit documentation since he attempted to assault me during my part time job as a barkeeper once. I’m never going to be able to go back to that job. A shame, I liked that uniform.”

The expression on Izuku’s face was one of strange dejection more so than anger. “So is that sufficient of an answer for you?” ‘Eraserhead’ paused before saying “I think we can consider that question dealt with. At least in regards to you.” Mr. Tskauchi spoke up “Though might I request that you leave these with us? It appears that the young Bakugo and his family were not willing to share this information with us.” Izuku shrugged. “Sure. We have the originals at home.”

‘Hawks’ crooked his head at the Suitcase. “So. What else is in there?” Izuku went kind of rigid. It was fortunate that he had somewhat learned to keep his mental works in check over the years.
He pushed a second slightly larger button on the suitcase. Instead of opening to the side as they expected it, a singular large shelf like structure came up. In it were a lot of books, each of them with a hero name and symbol associated with them.

The top four books however were labeled ‘Quirk Evolution Dissertation vol. 1-4’. From the looks of it pretty much every book in there was written by Izuku himself, which of course they all were. What caught them all off guard was the sheer size of each book, each of them looked to have at least two hundred to five hundred pages. Mr. Yagi tensed slightly seeing the name ‘All Might’ written on one of the books.

Disregarding the ‘Dissertation’ volumes there were more than sixteen books here. The books included but were not limited to: ‘All Might’, ‘Endeavor’, ‘Hawks’,‘Gang Orca’, ‘Gunhead’, ‘Mt. Lady’, the entirety of the Pro-Hero Group ‘Wild, Wild Pussycats’, ‘Ingenium’, ‘Eraserhead’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Crimson Riot’.

The subtitles for some of them were at least humorous, if sometimes not the most flattering or in some cases just plain jokey. ‘All Might’s: ‘An analysis is here!’, ‘Endeavor’s: ‘God of funeral pyres’ and ‘Hawks’s: ‘Above a star-filled sky’ were some of the more sincere looking ones.

To ‘Midnight’s amusement the ‘Wild, Wild Pussycats’ had, with the sole exception of ‘Tiger’ the Subtitle: ‘stray cat-girl looking for a home’, conversely ‘Tiger’s was: ‘Retired with kittens’. To ‘Eraserhead’s annoyance his subtitle read: ‘Sleep is for the fancy’, though Izuku was internally glad that he had changed it from ‘Someone gift him a spa day’. ‘Midnight’ was rather flattered with getting the subtitle: ‘The queen of sleep causes sleepless nights’ as she realized the implication he was making.

“You...wrote all of these? Boy you have half a bookstore under your belt already.” ‘Hawks’ was genuinely impressed. Izuku scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “Ah-actually those are just the ones I brought, I have about twice as many still at home.” They all paused, if the ‘what the fuck’ sweat drops could have been visible above their heads they would have been seen from orbit.

After a bit of throat clearing from Mr. Yagi the group got their act back together. “Well I believe that with the exception of the principal not having given his thoughts on the matter we would be done here.” he chuckled before coughing a bit. “Overall with your test scores and expertise in various fields so far it would be rather accurate to claim that you are a shoe-in for the hero course. Or if it is more your thing, a paid internship with one of the many hero agencies.”

‘Hawks’ laughed. “You’re kidding right? No one would take him as an intern….” Izuku wasn’t sure if he should feel dejected or angry at that statement. “...he’s so over qualified for something like that. If even one of these books is worth a read and judging by everything we know so far they are, then I’d say that a permanent job in an agency just for that work alone would be in order.” ‘Hawks’ looked at Izuku who had come close to having a happiness seizure from that sort of sudden praise.

“Though judging from your overall behavior I take it you’re more into getting into the meat of things rather than sit around in an office. Seriously though, if you want I have a spot open at my agency for you. As a field agent naturally.”

Mr. Tskauchi gave him annoyed glance. “You realize that would be against the rules of conduct.” “Oh just try and stop me! I’ve pulled stuff like this whenever the commission thinks they have dumber ideas and might I remind you that every single time we got another amazing hero running about the place a few weeks or months later? Trust me, if this kid isn’t working as a hero soon, he’s wasting his time.” A small red feather with a card from ‘Hawks’ agency ‘Crimson Skies’ landed in Izuku’s hand before the feather weaseled its way back to ‘Hawks’s wings.

‘Endeavor’ laughed again and again Izuku couldn’t help but feel uneasy. “Well there you have it Midoriya! Even if you have issues here your future as a hero is pretty much assured with ‘Hawks’ I can guarantee that.” Almost everyone in the room gave ‘Endeavor’ a glance, so it wasn’t just Izuku being unsure just what had happened to the man.

A door opened in the back, Izuku couldn’t see who had come in as he couldn’t see past the heroes or the table from his spot. Whoever it was, was even shorter than him.

“Pardon my delay, there was a bit of a problem in the support item department, from what ‘Power Loader’ told me young Hatsume’s experimental gear blew another hole into one of our armored gas lines again. We really need to find a way to take care of the girls mental stability issues, if she keeps destroying more than she builds it will be trouble down the road.” the voice kept rambling on and on as it reached the table. Izuku could have sworn he had heard that voice somewhere before.

Then a small white mouse-bear-dog creature lifted itself up to the little prepared chair and looked at Izuku, while still rambling on. “..well anyway, now onto our current applicant….” Izuku blinked a couple of times, as did the creature. No way. No. Way.

“Midoriya? What are you doing here???” Nezu asked almost a little confused with a horribly surprised expression on his face.
“Nezu?! You’re the principal of the U.A?!?!” Izuku asked with the kind of tone and volume that was usually reserved for asking ‘What do you mean we have to disarm a nuclear bomb in ten seconds?’ The entirety of the remaining people in the room held their ears shut, so much for Bakugo being the loud one.

“Alright! Alright! Time out. Reign it in Midoriya. Geez.” Mr. Yagi said trying to get the situation a bit in check. Izuku calmed down if only barely. “ two know each other?” ‘Eraserhead’ asked baffled, picking his left ear, man his tinnitus was going to kill him for the rest of the day.

“Well yes! We competed in a Shogi tournament several years ago, we were the finalists even, my only draw in fifteen years of playing that game. Quite an enjoyable time that. Though I must admit that I did not expect to see you here today Midoriya. While I recall your aspirations to be a hero quite well I do also recall that the way your knowledge shows itself would make a school class seem awfully boring to you.”


Nezu absentmindedly started nibbling on his left ‘hand paw’ even someone like him seemed to be bound by natural instincts at times.

Izuku scratched the back of his head. “Well it is the most prestigious University for Pro-Heroes...” “Prestigious? Feh.” Nezu seemed slightly insulted at that statement. “Prestige should not matter in your climb towards greatness Midoriya. How you achieve your goal as long as you do so through legitimate means does not matter. A graduate of this University is not any more a worthy Professional Hero than that of any other Hero University as long as they are both achieve that graduation legitimately. How they fare beyond that of course is a different question entirely.”

Nezu cleared his throat. “Nevertheless should you choose to join this University you have my support of course, even though I personally see you….under challenged here. Even with the strict training methods of ‘Eraserhead’, you would most likely breeze through anything theoretical we could throw at you, even something I could come up with would be wasted time. So about half the time you would just sit around being a support teacher at a school you’re already far outpacing.”

Izuku thought of this for a while. Nezu seemed to have noticed the books, specifically the ‘Dissertations’. “Ah I see your projects have been coming along nicely, you really should find a publisher for these, or at least someone to give you second opinions on them.”

“Have you read any of them?” ‘Hawks’ asked, genuinely intrigued what was actually in these books. “Oh yes, the very first of his ‘Dissertation’ volumes in fact. Also some of his Hero Analyses. All of it quite an interesting read I must say. Well ‘interesting’ for me, for someone else it would be more in the field of ‘groundbreaking’ analytical work.”

Izuku was still lost in thought, his quirk and his mind alike were thinking of the most logical progression of things as well as the most pragmatic approach, before he finally asked. “Mr. ‘Hawks’ would it be possible that I join your agency but still be part of this University? I don’t doubt that I would be in good hands at your agency but it would feel unfair to just skip this process entirely. That aside I still need to train my quirk enough for it to be worth using it as a Pro-Hero or as just a sidekick.” Izuku was scheming in the back of his head, if this worked he was not just well off but also in a prime position to get to the top before things even started.

‘Hawks’ scratched his chin for a few seconds before answering. It took him a bit, he really needed to spin this right because this was someone with talent and the personality to back it up. Even if Izuku got into enough trouble to level half a city, if he was even half as smart and thoughtful as he portrayed himself than he was worth getting into hot water for. Fuck it, why not? There were worse hills to die on.

“Yeah that should be possible, how about this Nezu? He comes here about, eh lets say two to three days each week during the training sessions and is at my agency the rest of it. Call him an extra curricular student representing the ‘Crimson Skies’ agencies ‘Anyone-Can-Be-A-Hero’ program, featuring him and a few other candidates found among the applicants who I will also extend that offer to.” Mr. Tskauchi blinked. “Such a program exists? That is news to me.”

‘Hawks’ laughed before smiling like he had smelled good publicity, reputation and money. “As of two seconds ago. Yes. Don’t worry about the Commission, they will love the good press and the investment will give them a nice long term return in form of public approval.”

He looked at Izuku. “My agency will deal with the legal rigmarole within a couple of days and we’ll contact you from there.” Izuku nodded. Nezu however seemed only partially satisfied. “I will agree to all of this on a few conditions.” Izuku dreaded the options of what Nezu could ask of him. Fortunately Nezu seemed to have a rather simple thing in mind. “You will finish your dissertation at the U.A. Also I think it is only fair that these fine ladies and gentlemen get to read the books you have written of them. Would be a wasted effort otherwise don’t you agree?”

Izuku was a little nervous but agreed anyway, better that than play hours of Shogi against Nezu again. Even if it was fun the mouse-bear-dog principal could ramble on about things for hours. Not even relevant things, so he was glad to be spared that.

With that and with the kind of smile that could kill a rain cloud on his face, Izuku left the U.A campus. He had been given a few papers which while currently not holding any legal binding were about as good, mostly stuff from ‘Hawks’s agency. He would be officially working for a hero to become one on his own and also get to be at the U.A. to learn more about his quirk.

He couldn’t help it but his smile turned into an unsettling grin, this had worked even better than he had planned. Because now he could take in the quirk aspects of his similarly aged peers and of Pro-Heroes.

He felt a strange and primal tingling in his entire body, this would just be the start. That alone, made the little predatory thing in his mind giddy, this all would be so much fun.

Chapter Text

Itsuka Kendo’s life had turned upside down in the past couple of months. She had guessed that dating Izuku Midoriya would be a handful and quite a challenge but not nearly as much as she ended up getting. Even looking at his text books from his school days was like trying to read a different language while hanging upside down in a tree. How could someone fit half a paragraph of text between the margin of two lines of text?!

His eccentrics and overall insane knowledge, which made her tune out a couple of times, were not a deal breaker however. He was cute and thoughtful otherwise and did his best to be a bit of a romantic for her, as much as he struggled to, romance and logic were biting topics that really strained his mind to get into the same area. Curiously however they both loved Kung-Fu and Samurai films so there was at least something that they both could agree to watch or philosophize about when they disagreed on everything else for the rest of the day. Well that and Professional Heroes, he could always talk about them.

No, the problem was more so that her own family had a bit of a different view of what was important about a person than she did.

The female side of the Kendo family line were all exclusively ‘blessed’ by having a quirk of the [Amazonian] grouping, essentially turning them all into rather massive, tanned women with enough muscle mass to make bodybuilders scared. Itsuka was exempt from this, having inherited a mix between her fathers quirk and her mothers, as such she was by far the smallest of her other female relatives and never got tanned, they had at least tolerated her other life choices just fine. They had however taken issue with Izuku as the main draw of a man for most female Kendo’s seemed to be whatever or not he could wrestle them to the floor within a minute or not.

Itsuka personally found this rather hypocritical as most of the men in her family were skinny guys with very calm demeanors similar to Izuku. That and she was rather certain that none of them ever actually fought any of her sisters or cousins in a physical confrontation before.

She was certain as hell however that her father had never so much as tried to lay a finger on her mother, she would have broken him like a straw if he had tried, martial arts master or not. It frustrated her to no end that they wouldn’t stop trying to dissuade her from staying with Izuku. Also her families more preferred suitors were..not her type, at all. It probably wasn’t helped that most of these suitors were relatives of her sisters boyfriends. Having five older sisters with wildly differing tastes to her own was rough.

She brooded over this for what felt like the thousandth time in the past couple of weeks during breakfast, not even during the weekend did she have her peace with this topic. Was it so hard to not interfere with her love life?
For a rare occasion however her father was home on the weekend for once. He was usually busy so maybe things would not be that bad.

“That boy is no good for you.” her mother Sakura said in a calm and dark tone, as she said basically anything, she spoke rarely enough that everything she ever said came out as ominous or foreboding. Itsuka rolled her eyes. This again? She could really imagine worse guys to date, let alone marry.

“You have ‘spoken’ with him all of once. As for not being ‘good for me’, last time I checked it still was my decision who I date not yours.” It was a rare thing that one of the girls back talked, mostly because their mother really, really did not like it. Itsuka however had always been able to get away with it. The others would have faced physical retaliation for such a slight, trial by wrestling style, but her family realized that they could seriously hurt Itsuka if there ever was a fight. While the entire family was currently in the room the majority wished they weren’t, mostly because a shouting match was in order.

Nevertheless her mother just coldly stared at Itsuka, enough that if she hadn’t gotten used to this glare she would have apologized. “One day you will learn that I know situations such as these better than you.” she said in a cold tone. ‘Thirty seven’ Itsuka thought. She had picked up Izuku’s habit of sometimes counting how many times she heard something, though she didn’t say it out loud.

Her father coughed into his coffee before chuckling. “Something amuses you dear?”
Itsuka’s father smiled. “Yes, the fact that you quoted your mother just now is amusing, dear.” There was a tense pause, she glared at him intensely enough that one was glad that she didn’t have a ‘laser vision’ quirk, but his smile didn’t fade. “As I recall she said the same things about dating me to you. Now do correct me but I do believe you did not listen either.”

There again was a pause. “This is not the same situation.” she tried to argue. He raised an eyebrow, still smiling. “In what way? She dates a boy, you dislike him, you try to persuade her to leave him for someone she does not like. I might be getting old but I do believe this same scenario played out almost three decades ago.” “It. Is. Not. The. Same. Situation.”

The way she punctuated the last statement made many of the girls dread whatever happened next. Their mother only punctuated a sentence like that when she was really, really, angry. However their father seemed to be...unimpressed. He kept on reading the newspaper and finished his coffee before folding the newspaper and very calmly staring back and answering.

“If you think so that is fine with me. However as far as I am concerned she is free to date however she damn well pleases. I have not objected to any of their choices either now have I?” He offhandedly motioned to the rest of Itsuka’s siblings. “Despite some of their choices being...far lesser.”

Itsuka recalled some of her sister Misaki’s boyfriends, thinking about them she now honestly wondered what her mothers issue with her boyfriend even was. The last guy Misaki had dragged home was as random thug she had picked up in a bar fight, both in the literal and figurative sense….Then again her mother would support such a thing so in hindsight she wasn’t that surprised.

“Something is wrong with that boy I do not know what it is but it is bad.” her mother tried to argue but Itsuka was just kind of done with this situation now. She stood up and walked off taking a small backpack with her. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Where do you think I’m going? Perhaps it could be the one person I know who actually listens when I say something instead of trying to tell me how shit my view of the world is?” That had been enough, her mother tolerated being talked back to by her out of principle more so than actual acceptance. Swearing and back talk at the same time? No. That would not be tolerated under her roof.

It took all of a second for her mother to be right in front of her. “What. Did. You. Say?” “I said I’m leaving.” Itsuka’s tone didn’t change. She had dealt with this for almost a year, if her mother decided to be unreasonable fine. She’d sleep in the damn street if she had to. “I did not give you permission to go anywhere.” For the first time in a long while her mother had an inflection in her voice. It certainly wasn’t a good sign. “I’m not asking for it. Move or I’ll move you.”

The others in the room saw the next few seconds play out in their heads in horror already. There were only so many ways a fist fight with Sakura Kendo went, you were either a walking brick house and tanked a hit or two before breaking down to be hospitalized or you weren’t and no ambulance in the world could fix you completely.
When Sakura and Itsuka punched at each others heads, Sakura had expected to be missed by a small hand or hit lightly by large one as her daughter found out that being punched in the head by someone several times your own size was painful.

Instead and to everyone’s disbelieve Sakura found herself half buried in the wall to her left as Itsuka landed on her feet. She had jumped over her mothers punch and attacked with a trick she had straight up taken from Izuku’s tutoring. She had very quickly enlarged her fist right before impact and then shrunk it afterwards, giving it the momentum of her normal sized fist but the impact and mass of its largest form on impact.

‘A small error can cause a big one faster than it seems.’ she thought. She knew that Izuku had probably meant something completely different, it was hard to keep up with his thought stream sometimes, than what she had just done but hey she had found a practical application for it so who cares?

Sakura blinked in startled disbelieve rather than rage, had... had Ituska just punched her aside? Had her baby girl really just done that?! ‘Ah. That had been the problem then.’ her father couldn’t help but smile a bit. Of course that had been it. Itsuka was the youngest and thanks to her quirk physically ‘frailest by comparison’ of their children, so her mother was worried that she couldn’t handle herself if she had a troubling boyfriend.

Sadly the whole [Amazonian] quirk grouping had a bit of a problem in regards to showing emotions so ‘worry’ and ‘rage’ often were interchangeable. Happiness or relieve? Now those worked just fine and at the moment it worked almost a little too well, as Sakura almost hugged the life out of Itsuka who was understandably confused and more to the point trying not to have her ribs crushed or her back broken.

After a bit of a recovery period and the rest of the family prying Sakura of off Itsuka, Itsuka was finally allowed to leave. To her confusion and more than slight delight her mother had relented and almost done a complete turn around. Was this whole thing really just about how she perceived Itsuka’s ability to handle herself? She could have just visited any of her training sessions if that had been the case. Gah. Why did her mother have to be so difficult sometimes?!


She would be an hour early for her date with Izuku, it wasn’t much of a date really, a day in the park before they had to deal with their new way of living but the weather was nice, there wasn’t anything to do today, so why not? While she had planned to go get a haircut first and get herself ready and all that, now she was just kind of in the mood to have a calm time with her boyfriend and hopefully not have any more surprises or arguments to deal with for the rest of the day. He wouldn’t mind, he almost seemed to enjoy her wilder looks more than when she made herself look fancy.

Knowing him he was already at the park, sitting somewhere either writing or drawing something and had been there for at least another hour. Sure enough, there he was under a tree on a hill seemingly drawing a few birds that were sitting and eating seeds from a small bag he had brought along. “You’re early today.” He said not looking up from his drawing as she approached, her footsteps had told him who was heading his way, she had walked in a part circle so as to not scare the birds away.


She laughed and sighed. “Had a bit of a...disagreement with mom again.” Izuku looked up at her. “Nothing too drastic I hope?” he asked, black and white eyes shining at her sadly, as she sat next to him and rested her head against his shoulder. To her fascination he hadn’t drawn the birds alone, but rather herself standing with a small bird in her hands and countless other birds flying around her. She couldn’t help but blush. “It’s...not that important.” She cuddled up to him, it felt nice here. She could imagine just watching the days go by.

After a few minutes Izuku suddenly looked around a bit. As if something had disturbed him. “Something wrong?” she asked genuinely concerned, she didn’t like the look on his face, there was something strange, almost defensive and predatory about it. Like an animal defending its territory. “I’m...not sure. I get a strange sense of hostility but I can’t place where it’s coming from.” Izuku said, his quirk had gotten into a bit of an overdrive again, it felt different than usual more instinctual than logical, every creature had a ‘sense of intimidation’ that made them change their behavior on instinct whenever they felt something threatening them. Izuku’s like any other sense of his was increased by an absurd degree and range, thus he felt if someone was looking at him in anger from quite a bit further away than the usual human did.

Itsuka looked around a bit worried for her lovers sudden disturbance, Izuku was usually really difficult to unsettle, it was part of the ‘hyper analytical’ package. Then she saw him, he was trying and failing to hide behind a tree down the hill near the small lake, obviously not wanting her to see him, her expression dulled for a second. “Do you mind if I’m gone for a minute? I’ll be back in a bit.” Izuku just nodded and tried to get back to drawing but the strange sense of hostility he felt just kept making him too uneasy to do much.


Neito Monoma had been a close friend of Itsuka since they had been in middle school, always looking after her. Making sure everything was fine, noticing her little issues when no one else was. At least, that is what he told himself he had been doing for her. The reality of the matter however had been a far different one.

Neito was, for the lack of a better term, a trouble seeker. He had confidence and bravado to spare, mostly because people kept telling him his quirk made him unfit to be a hero but unfortunately he always overshot his goal and while he certainly could hold his own in a fight he often pissed off just the wrong people, in both amount and skill level, to get himself absolutely trounced whenever an actual fight happened. The rest of the time Itsuka prevented him from getting himself killed by trying to play it off as him just being overprotective of her instead of being just a plain idiot.

Right now he was stalk-ahm, observing this strange green-ish haired guy, with the creepy black and white eyes Itsuka had been dating. He had been doing so for the past couple of hours, having waited fo-ahm, accidentally bumped into him as we was making his training rounds this morning.

What was so special about this guy anyway? Why did someone like that get her attention but he was left in the dust? Huh? Where had Itsuka gone? He was sure he had seen her walk up that hill a few minutes ago.

“Monoma?” he heard a cold female voice ask right next to his ear and froze like a rabbit that had found out that, yes, there were wolves in this tall grass. He barely turned towards the voice and almost paled and fainted at the sight of the scary, angry face Itsuka was making. “Ye-yes?” he asked in as scared a tone as he could manage, granted he couldn’t manage much of a tone, this hadn’t gone as planned.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” For the first time in her life Itsuka sounded like her mother did when she was mad at someone. Punctual and just about a second away from throwing Neito into the nearby lake. “Lo-look I can explain th-this.” he said trying his hardest to not come across as lying and was failing horribly.

“I don’t think you can. Because if you’re telling me that you’re here because you are ‘Oh. So. Worried’ about my well being then I’m drowning you face first.” she said with most hostile tone the universe had offered her. “You can’t even protect yourself, let alone me even if you tried.”

Having heard that statement Neito had gained a bit of misplaced bravado. “Hey! I can handle mysel-augh!” Itsuka had flicked his forehead, just that she had enlarged her finger shortly before impact, effectively making a forehead flick the strength of a normal punch.

“I’m not done.” Itsuka said as Neito slumped against the tree. “Since I haven’t introduced you to my boyfriend nor told you how he looks like, I have to either assume you’ve been spying on us or working with my mother and siblings to try and drive us apart. Either option is going to piss me off and trust me.” She punched the tree bark right next to his head as he tried to get up making him flinch as he noticed the large cracks running up the tree. “You don’t want me to be pissed off today. I’ve dealt with enough shit already that you don’t want that.”

Neito didn’t say anything for a good while. “You know...” Itsuka said pulling her fist out of the tree bark and cleaning it off with her other hand. “...for all that crap about how you’re ‘going to be someone great some day’ you sure suck at living up to all that. I remember you going on and on for years how you’re going to show everyone how wrong they are about you.” she narrowed her eyes at him before she turned to leave, this wasn’t worth a ruined day. “If you keep stalking us I will make sure that anyone with importance in your life hears of it. Leave. Us. Alone. You got that? Good.”

“Why...did you give him a chance….” he mumbled. “Hm?” Itsuka paused. “Why. Did you give him a chance. But not ME?” Neito demanded angrily, punching the ground. Itsuka paused before laughing mirthlessly. “I tried to give you so. Many. Goddamn. Chances. For three years of my damn life I tried. You don’t even remember do you? How typical of you.” There was a tone of a near endless amount of pain in her voice, that genuinely seemed to unsettle Neito. This was just a little too much of emotional bullshit in one day for Itsuka.

Itsuka wasn’t lying about her statement, she had tried to confess to Neito for three years only for him to either not take it seriously, make a joke of it or just plain call her ‘too easy’ and go off after another girl who inevitably turned him down. Of course Neito didn’t remember it, or refused to accept that as the truth it was.

With that she walked away, ignoring Neito’s angry shouting and refusing to give him the attention he desired. Of course Izuku had heard the commotion she figured. He wasn’t up on the hill anymore and had instead walked down after her. He handed her the finished drawing. In its finished state she looked like an angel, surrounded by the birds on the hill. She couldn’t help but almost break down crying. Fortunately she caught herself before that. “Can you go ahead without me?” Izuku asked in a strangely calm tone.

Izuku kissed her. “I have something I need to do real quick before I come along, it will only take a few minutes. There’s a nice cafe down the street, figured we should visit it.” he said smiling at her, she couldn’t help but smile along. God damn how had he suddenly gotten good at the whole being emotional bit? Maybe it was just her imagination.

She went ahead without him, he waited until she was out of view. Izuku put his hands in his pockets and slowly meandered around to the tree she had come back from.
There he was, the blond little stalker shit. Izuku knew Itsuka could handle herself without his intervention but this guy had been following him around all day, he figured he needed to ‘send a message’ again.

As Izuku came into Neito’s view he stared at him. Neito noticed Izuku’s gaze on him and suddenly felt very, very unsettled, he didn’t know who Neito was did he? Neither of them said anything but Neito could see Izuku grin, slowly. He could see Izuku’s almost monstrously sharp looking teeth, incidentally gained as part of the ‘Sludge Villain’s quirk aspect. He rarely smiled wide enough that people noticed them, granted so many people had sharp looking teeth due to physical aspects of mutation quirks propagating even without the quirks other benefits so it didn’t really matter. Slowly Izuku’s grin expanded to the kind that had way too many teeth to fit in a mouth.

“Hello, little stalker.” Izuku said darkly, his voice sounding a little too feral to be normal. Neito’s eyes went wide. “Did you think I would not notice you? Or perhaps you believed that your little ‘oh what a coincidence’ spiel was convincing?” Izuku laughed darkly.

“You know I can tolerate a lot of things.” Izuku said as he slowly walked toward Neito. “I can tolerate my girlfriends family not liking me, I’m not easy to deal with.” his face went to a scary look that Neito couldn’t place but it certainly was high on the monster spectrum. “I can tolerate the idea that there might have been someone else before me in her life. Hell I could even tolerate them being there now.” he scratched his chin and stopped for a second to think of that statement before shrugging. Neito was confused, was this guy trying to be a horror monster or an anime villain?

Suddenly Izuku vanished, Neito just heard leaves rustling in both the tree and heard something fall on the ground. “..but you know what I can’t tolerate?” suddenly there was a shadow covering Neito he stared up into glinting eyes way too close to his face. “Some blond little stalker shit making my girlfriends bad day worse.”

Izuku was standing on the side of the tree, Neito couldn’t see it but several small strands of gel were anchoring Izuku to the tree. “So let me be...understood. If you ever follow us anywhere again I will make sure that there is nothing left of you to bury...” Neito was too scared of Izuku’s manic, monstrous grin to pay much attention as he ran away from the tree and thus didn’t notice the small sharp triangular stone Izuku had dropped on the spot he had previously stood at. Izuku had carved it specifically as an inconspicuous way to get someones blood. Sure enough in his hurry to run away Neito cut himself on it near the side of his foot, leaving a single blood drop on the stone.

Izuku let Neito run off, he figured that his job of ‘defend your territory and lover’ had been fulfilled.
He dropped to the ground and exhaled. Phew he could finally drop the monster act. Playing up the hostility and rage was hard when you weren’t used to it. He picked up the stone and swiped the small drop of blood onto his finger.

Itsuka had mentioned Neito to him a couple of times, she had described him as her ‘less explosively dangerous Bakugo’ to him. The description fit oddly well. She had also mentioned that he had an eerily similar quirk to Izuku’s own. [Copy] allowed Neito Monoma to, well, copy other quirks. Unlike Izuku’s however he wasn’t limited to physical aspects of quirks and also unlike Izuku he could only copy things for a limited amount of time and only a few quirks at once.

Izuku was fascinated by the composition of Monoma’s blood. It looked normal but his quirk told him it was very similar to his own. When Izuku licked the blood of his finger the usual happened.
Izuku felt that there was a rather strange amount of changes happening this time around. More than one anyway. It felt as if this blood specifically helped secure the stability of his own. He figured that it had something to do with their similar nature. He could also tell from the strange sensations and from his quirk telling him so, that taking Monoma’s aspect had immunized him to Monoma’s quirk in a fashion. Though he could not tell how it did so exactly.

He was only slightly disappointed that he didn’t get to have Neito’s touch copying for himself but he supposed that this was the trade off he would have to live with.

Itsuka waited for a few minutes at the cafe that Izuku had mentioned, it was quite a nice little place he had found for them. She had wondered for a while just what Izuku had planned in the long run. Trying to become professional heroes wasn’t particularly a safe thing and someone with his mentality would probably freak out whenever the thought of her getting into danger came to his mind.

It took him a few minutes to arrive as he had asked. The look on his face a curious one, he had mentioned to her before that there was something important he wanted to talk about today. She wondered if it had something to do with the interviews at the U.A. The final results of all the exams as well as the Interviews hadn’t been told to everyone yet.

Izuku handed her an envelope as he sat down. “What is….?” she stared at the envelope, on it was a symbol of a red bird with the words ‘Crimson Skies Hero Agency’ with her name beneath it. “It’s...I guess you can call it a job offer? It’s from ‘Hawks’.” he smiled. “He’s offering us to directly start working for him, we would still be going to the U.A to start our training but we would be working for him and his agency. He asked me to give it to you directly.”

She paused for a while before asking. “Are you joining him?” Izuku smiled. “I’ll decide that once I know your decision.” there was something strange and soothing about the look on his face. “What reason could you have to not go if I don’t? You would be ridiculously far ahead of everyone else your age, even by your standards.”

He chuckled and blushed a bit. “Thanks for the compliment but at least one of my reasons is..I guess you could call it a rational fear...” he seemed oddly calm about stating that, she had gotten used to him treating even the most morbid thoughts with a very logical view, though she guessed that his emotional side ensured that he never sounded like he was heartless.

“...I know how things like these go. I need someone to keep me in check and I quite honestly doubt that anyone I’ll meet at the U.A or at ‘Hawks’s agency will ever have enough of a connection to me to do that.” he continued calmly. “Because if no one keeps me grounded...I don’t know just what I would do but it wouldn’t be good.” the serious tone made it clear to her that he was legitimately afraid of what his mind was capable of if not kept in check.

“...well that’s the second reason really. The main reason is...” he scratched the back of his head and blushed intensely, how a guy who was so built on logic and information could be so adorably shy about emotions sometimes was beyond her. “...well being a hero wouldn’t be worth much for me without you around...” now they were both blushing.

She shook herself out of the embarrassed stupor and sighed. “You really have a way of not making decisions easy for me….okay I’ll join you. Just next time you do stuff like this?” “Yes?” “Give a me bit more time than a few hours to decide.” She said sounding exhausted and annoyed. He looked embarrassed, maybe putting this choice on her a day before the U.A actually revealed their results had been a bit too late for comfort.

Chapter Text

‘Hawks’ may have appeared to be a vain, showboating and popularity obsessed hero and obviously he loved the attention and gratitude of the civilians but it certainly wasn’t his driving motivation. No his motivation to save and protect people was far simpler, he enjoyed it, he genuinely just loved the idea that no one had to die if he was around. Sure he was one of the most popular and richest people around but that was all just a bonus for both him and his family.

However one of the things ‘Hawks’ was certainly not, was stupid. He realized almost the minute Izuku Midoriya had entered that interview room that he was dealing with someone who was simultaneously a genius and someone to keep a very watchful eye on. A person who was literally living information and who was an endless sinkhole for knowledge? That was just screaming ‘will eventually see people as a mere nuisance’ in his mind.

Of course unlike many of his peers he was not content with just risking for that to not happen, he was going to cut that tumor out before it became a cancer. In the nicest way he could think of: Making the kids dream come true and preventing him from ever even thinking about becoming a bad guy.

Easier said than done of course, if you could have all the knowledge in the world to protect people why settle for lesser right? And no, he didn’t trust that the kid would stick with being a good guy just because his girlfriend stuck with him, what if she got killed? That’s how the real nightmares started. No. No. No. He wasn’t playing games here.

Izuku eyed the strange mask-helmet thing one of ‘Hawks’s sidekicks had handed him curiously. “This is...a sensory deprivation helmet? No… it even ‘drains’ sound, technically this isn’t even a deprivation helmet so much as an isolation chamber that fits on someones head.” he said raising an eyebrow, the rest of the present people were amazed how fast he figured it out, for most of them it look like a rather odd hokey mask-esque helmet. “Now look who catches on fast. Jep that is exactly what it is, I want you to wear that as well as the suit for the quirk assessment test.” ‘Hawks’ said bemused. Izuku looked at him with the kind of suspicious look only someone who played ‘mind games: speed edition’ had.

“Hehe. Quick on the uptake too huh? Yes I want to see just how far your quirk carries you. I figured going overkill and making you blind and deaf would be as good of a test standard as any,” ‘Hawks’ said shrugging.

Izuku, wasn’t pleased. He put the helmet on regardless, he felt like the weird step-child of a mob boss and a luchador. The Suit itself didn’t look any different than a red version of the U.A’s P.E outfits though with the white lines that made up the large U and A across the shirt and pants replaced with black lines resembling C and S as well as a bird symbol. Because you know you couldn’t leave the branding out.

Izuku looked down at what his quirk kept telling him was himself, it felt like he was seeing the raw information of everything about himself and everything around himself instead of actually seeing it. Like a moving ASCII painting. His ears too seemed to not pick up actual sound now and more so the information of the sound. Same with every other sense, it was a truly strange sensation.

“This is...quite interesting, this feels interesting, not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I fell like I’m in some sort of neon colored living billboard. This might actually be a fun experience.” he giggled like a child.

The other new members of the ‘Crimson Skies Hero Trainee Program’ seemed to be slightly disturbed by Izuku at times, mostly because he could rattle off traits and interesting tidbits about them that even they only realized when pointed out. Obviously not all of them were that disturbed. Itsuka had learned how to live with Izuku’s oddities by now so it wasn’t that much of a problem for her to just deal with it.

‘Hawks’ had overall taken in six potential U.A Students he had found curious and saw greater potential in than the rest. There were of course Izuku and Itsuka, he had already targeted them as the ‘brain’ and ‘heart’ of this team, what better people to put there than the smartest and friendliest ones?

Next was Mei Hatsume, who was originally a support student but got thrown out after accidentally turning the schools entire gravity upside down. No one had the damnedest idea how she had done that but damn if that wasn’t a reason to hire someone what was?! All the girl needed was the right motivation to do her job right and she would be a master. Her [Zoom] quirk, which let her...well zoom in on far away objects with her eyes, wasn’t the driving thing but certainly didn’t hurt. She was a great inventor and while a bit loopy and no sense for personal space she certainly had a bright future in the agency.

Hitoshi Shinso meanwhile was here because ‘Hawks’ thought that him being relegated to a general education course was insulting. The boys [Brainwashing] quirk was a shoe-in for infiltration missions! What were they thinking? He could mind control people by just saying things to them and getting a reaction out of them for crying out loud. Any hostage situation involving him was over the second he got in hearing range of whatever crazed gunman they ran into. That and with the right application of his power he could keep the rest of the team in line if necessary. ‘Hawks’ hope that it would never come to that but who knew.

Number five in the group was Momo Yaoyorozu, a girl with quite an energetic personality, something that the team was quite fortunate to have. Another reason was that her quirk [Creation], which let her create anything from her body that she could understand the molecular structure of, was an absolute gold mine of versatility, especially with so many people around that could utilize it to enhance the teams overall resources. Turns out someone who could potentially create a sheet of carbon nano tubes out of their chest was probably more useful than being a mere fighter.

Last but certainly not least was Shoto Todoroki, now ‘Hawks’ was a big fan of ‘Endeavor’ so of course he jumped at the chance to educate him. He knew of course there was some bad blood in the Todoroki family as a whole but that wouldn’t keep him from turning this kid into someone who could easily outdo his own dad. His quirk [half hot half cold] was also a boon for the team. A versatile elemental power was a good all around fighter the team could utilize for crowd control.

“So I take it you are separating Midoriya-kun for a good reason? I mean is his quirk dangerous that he needs to wear that helmet?” Momo asked, she had a bit of an idea what was happening. “Oh no his quirk isn’t dangerous in itself.” ‘Hawks’ said bemused. “What can be done with it if he relies on it too much however can be.”

With exception to Itsuka who had had these kinds of conversations with Izuku before, no one seemed to quite get what he meant, though Hitoshi seemed to have a good idea. “Ah. I get it, logic and information on their own without empathy to steer them can make decisions that while logically sound not particularly heroic right? If he only relied on numbers trying to save someone with say a 60% survival chance instead of the person with 40% it would technically make logical sense but it wouldn’t be something a hero does. A hero would try to save both.” ‘Hawks’ smiled and nodded. “Exactly.”

Izuku suddenly chuckled, this was going to be fun wasn’t it? “Man and I was worried that skipping out on the U.A like that might be a bad choice, finally someone who doesn’t mess around with the challenges.” they couldn’t see it but they could almost feel the grin Izuku had under his mask.

‘Hawks’ seemed curious with how Izuku was handling himself already. Most people when put into something that made you blind, deaf and have no sense of space would be freaking out within minutes if not seconds but Izuku just walked alongside them to the U.A like this was the most average thing in the world for him.

For Izuku the world right now low looked like a weird neon billboard. Every person, every object ‘looked’ like a neon colored version of itself made entirely of very tiny words. He actually enjoyed it, it felt strangely like he was seeing things far clearer than before. Though he still preferred the way things normally looked.

Shoto meanwhile kept staring at Izuku with the kind of look that asked the question ‘is this guy really a genius or just insane?’. They were all currently heading to the U.A campus, ‘Crimson Skies’ had created an office space near it which would be the teams head quarter. Izuku felt Shoto’s look on the back of his neck. “You know Todoroki-kun if you want to ask something you can just say so. I sense your eyes on me and its really distracting.”

Even Mei who had been more lost in thoughts of new inventions for her new little ‘test subject family’ was taken out of her fantasizing at that statement. “Oh come on! You’re should literally be blind and deaf in there how do you even feel that?!” ‘Hawks’ said slightly exasperated, his R&D team had worked a while on that damn helmet and it seemed to barely even slow Izuku down.

“Communication and Information exist even one does nothing at all.” Izuku said bemused and just kept walking, the rest blinked for a second and kept pace. “If you met someone who never spoke a word in their life, who just refused to talk to the world around them, they would still be saying more than you could imagine. Every twitch of your fingers, every crooked eyebrow has a source somewhere, you may not be aware of it but its there.”

Shoto was oddly amused by Izuku’s antics. “So what does my look tell you then?” Izuku shrugged. “I can only name an educated guess, you are wondering what part of my behavior is my quirks influence and what is my actual personality. To be honest I can’t really answer that one, I’ve gotten so used to it being always there by this point that the answer: ‘yes’. Is technically accurate.” Shoto was slightly impressed.

“Call me morbidly curious but what is your information about me in general?” Shoto wanted to know what Izuku saw when he interacted with people. They had exchanged a few pleasantries before this and Izuku already had a micro seizure when he realized he was talking to one of ‘Endeavor’s children. That alone however seemed to tell rather little about Shoto overall.

Izuku paused before speaking. “You’re the only one of your siblings with an ice and fire quirk, you favor your right side, its hard to notice for the average folk but your shoes soles are uneven by 0.45 millimeters because of it, thus you shift your weight a bit more than normal. Your body temperature is uneven by a few degrees between right and left though you don’t notice it. The scar over your left eye is a scalding scar, interestingly enough it seems to have never healed completely despite being years old...” Izuku crooked his head as he now walked backwards looking at Shoto who seemed disturbed how much Izuku knew about him already.

“...mentioning your dad dilates your pupils by 0.5 millimeters, you tense your face unusually from your default expression for 0.2 of a second? Indicating to me that while you don’t feel nearly as strongly about it anymore you hated your dad for a long time. Should I go on? I can tell you the corresponding color code to your hair colors if you want.”

Shoto didn’t say anything, though he seemed to understand Izuku a little better now. “Hehe. Welcome to how I see the world.” Izuku said still walking backwards now with spread out arms. “If someone in a classroom dropped a sheet of paper at the other end you’d probably barely even notice something fell, I could tell you which corner hit the floor first and how old the paper is.”

Hitoshi seemed far less enthused than Izuku. “That must be quite a shit experience, how does your brain not overload from getting all the info constantly?” Izuku laughed again as they collectively arrived at the U.A entrance. “Oh that’s simple. Effectively speaking I’m more a walking information goo shaped like a person than a flesh and blood human. The reason my brain can’t overload is because its technically my entire body.” It wasn’t that unusual, they thought. Mutation quirks tended to do all sorts of things so this was not that out of the ordinary.

“So boss? Am I also supposed to be the only one participating in the assessment tests? Because that doesn’t sound particularly fun for the rest of the team.” Izuku asked uncharacteristically jovial, he was positively excited to be at the U.A campus. Sure he technically wasn’t part of the student body but it still was the U.A, how could one not be excited to be at this place?

“Of course not. I merely want to see what you can still do with the limitations I gave you. The rest will participate as normal.” Mei was a bit confused. “Isn’t it a bit unfair that he’s the only one who gets limited in some way?” ‘Hawks’ grinned in an audacious manner “Sure is. That’s the point, you will never have fair conditions in fights against villains. Trust me you will all get used to being singled out for a challenge, we’re starting with Midoriya because….to be honest I just like messing with him.” Izuku paused for a fraction of a second but just kept walking with the rest.


The scene they arrived to at the fields outside of the U.A campus where the tests were done however was a rather strange one. The place looked less like an outdoor P.E training field and more like a war zone, with countless black craters all around the place. Wriggling on the ground, tied up like a mummy was Katsuki Bakugo, barely held down by two guys in matching black outfits and masks. “Man quit struggling you jerk! You ruined the exercise before it even started you don’t get to be mean now.”

Standing around the field bruised and more than slightly beat up looking were the classes 1-A and 1-B. “What the hell happened here?” Hitoshi asked the same question everyone including Izuku had on their minds. Even his quirk had trouble figuring out the logistics of what had happened out here.

“Oh hey there!” one of the masked guys exclaimed “You must be from the ‘Crimson Skies’ agency, right? Ah wait a sec.” he held his hands out and from them a strange grey goo piled up into a perfect copy of himself. “You two take the kid out of here and report to Nezu about this whole thing. I gotta deal with the rest of this mess. Also tell Kuro that we’ll be delayed thanks this shit.”

The creator of the clone approached them while the two clones took Katsuki with them. “Name’s Jin Bubaigawara but you can call me and my copies ‘Twice’ we all answer to that name. It’s way catchier too.” the man said amused at the surrounding destruction but concerned at his students. “All right. Head count lords and ladies, anyone got any injuries from that whole damn mess?” both classes just groaned but none of them seemed to be injured. “Whew dodged a bullet there, though its more accurately a rocket.” ‘Twice’ shrugged before finally turning his full attention the ‘Crimson Skies’ team.

“Sorry about that. We had a bit of an issue with that tied up student. Didn’t like being put into general education apparently. Well that’s what you get for being a troublemaker am I right or am I right?” he laughed, the team was really not sure what to make of him yet.

They couldn’t hear or see it but Izuku was having a mixture between a quirk induced seizure and a laughing fit due to the circumstances, so many quirks and other things of interest present AND Katsuki being denied a place among even the normal Hero Course? This was rapidly turning into his favorite day of all time. “Anyways as I said, the name’s ‘Twice’ I’m part of the ‘quirk training and refinement’ team. More specifically what we call the ‘general usability’ portion of the training. You’ll be working with us primarily while you’re here as you aren’t part of the theoretical courses as per your contracts.” ‘Twice’ said cheerfully.

‘Hawks’ crooked his head to the side. “Oh? I thought ‘Eraserhead’ was managing the quirk assessments?” ‘Twice’ looked annoyed. Which was impressive since he was wearing a full face covering mask. “What? No! We stopped that nonsense a few years ago. Those ‘tests’ were bogus.” ‘Twice’ threw his hands up. “I mean can you imagine judging quirks by how far you can throw a ball? Or how fast you can run? Anyone can learn how to improve in those fields. No. Nope. No. Non of that nonsense. While they’re with us, they’ll be learning a lot more about the inner workings of their quirks and the like instead.”

Izuku was shaking for a second before his brain had finally caught up with everything the area and the surrounding people told him. “So. If you are part of the test team, what is the test exactly?”

‘Twice’ looked Izuku up and down and laughed. Then he turned his attention to everyone. “All right kiddos no time to be tired we have testing to do.” he laughed again and raised his hands, making forks with his fingers, before splitting into more copies. “Well as you can all see...or can you even see in that thing Midoriya? Anyway, my quirk is to create copies of myself and by extension people whose measurements I have memorized. Thing is my copies can make more copies and so on...”

Suddenly and within seconds ‘Twice’ was everywhere. The entire field was turned into a checkerboard of ‘Twice’ copies within less than twelve seconds. “...and my mees are going to be your target practice. Thing is anything more than a broken arm or two makes em go poof.” The original said cheerfully. “All of you are gonna be fighting a lot of villains in your lives, my copies are tied to me I know everything they know. So I’m gonna know your tricks and catch onto things you might not.”

The original ‘Twice’ crossed his arms across his chest. “So for the next...ah lets say an hour or so, all of you are going to pick one of the groups here and tell your name to one of the mees in front of them.” Some of the ‘twice’ mees standing in front of a hundred others waved. “then...well you are gonna kill the group behind that guy and ONLY that group ya hear?” he said glaring at Shoto and some of the other people he had already scouted as highly destructive.

“You see it’s not just about being capable of fighting a lot of guys its about keeping yourself in check while doing so. I know pretty much all of you can kill an army if they use your brains and stop acting as if you want to be angels in heaven...” the original said the last part making a pretend dainty voice.

“...but that isn’t the point of being a hero now is it? Your job is to keep people safe while keeping villains jailed, not buried. So now you have free range to hit guys as hard as you can with the limit that you only hit the hundred you have chosen. Go out of that bound and I will send you running around the field for however many you overshoot. Which for some of you might be a lot.” he laughed again.

“What’s the point? We all know who is the best. Really this is just a huge waste of time.” a voice that Izuku and Itsuka recognized said sounding smug. Of course Neito Monoma would be in 1-A, where else would he have ended up? [Copy] was too much of a useful quirk that he would not have ended up there, having hid his more unfortunate personality aspects behind a thin veneer of just being vain.

“Monoma stop it already! Geez, this isn’t about being the best.” Mina Ashido said with an audibly annoyed tone, which caused Neito to flinch. Izuku turned his head to her but was slightly mesmerized by what his quirk was showing him. Since he could technically not see her, his quirk had given him as close of an approximation as it could have made. Which thanks to her mutation quirk had turned her ‘mental image’ into something between a weird fluffy bug and a person. He never felt more annoyed to not see someone than now.

Interestingly despite his normal senses being mostly cut off he could sense that she had a mutation quirk and that it was related with creating special acidic fluid. Mostly since her innards had been adjusted by her quirk to allow such thing. He mentally noted her as a target for his quest to get more aspects.

‘Twice’ noticed Izuku’s weird looks around, he seemed endlessly annoyed at this. “Okay ‘Hawks’ I’m gonna ask this once. What is the boy wearing on his head?” “A sensory isolation helmet, I want to test his abilities.” ‘Twice’ seemed to not be appreciative of this. “What? No. As long as I’m still a teacher in this capacity the boys not limiting himself because you’re feeling sadistic. Also just to ask this how many times have you fought against someone with your entire senses cut off from your surroundings?”

‘Hawks’ paused for a while, he had fought so many people over the years that he honestly struggled to remember one fight from the next. “Anyway. Midoriya take that helmet off. If ‘Hawks’ here wants to test your abilities he can do it outside of school time.” ‘Twice’ shot ‘Hawks’ an annoyed look. “After all you said they’d be here for thee-and-a-half days each week. You can test them to your liking when they’re not meant to be training with us.” ‘Hawks’ shrugged. “Fair enough I suppose.”’Hawks’ hid his dismay at ‘Twice’ messing with his plans for Izuku but hey that’s how the job goes sometimes.

Izuku meanwhile took the helmet off and shook his head for a bit. It took him a second for his eyes to adjust back to normality the same for his ears. He noticed that his quirk had adjusted something again, now he could see strange outlines of very tiny words around people, did his quirk just add a new aspect just by being deprived of its usual means of conveying information to him?

Neito froze for a second and then pretended to not recognize Izuku but pretty much everyone caught his strange expression. Mina meanwhile seemed to be slightly thrilled over having someone with similar eyes to her own. “Ahahaha! If you had pink skin like mine we could be twins.” she said giggling amused at the thought.

“Oh? That’s a simple thing to be honest.” Izuku said and sure enough his skin color adjusted to match hers perfectly, at least to the human eye, on a color spectrum level his skin was just a little bit off. “What the heck did you just do Midoriya? Or more to the point how did you do that?” Eijiro Kirishima, a student with red spiky hair and sharp looking teeth asked genuinely a bit disturbed.

Izuku sighed, he had explained his quirk in brief how many times now? “Four hundred and seventy nine.” Izuku mumbled calmly. “Ah what?” “Oh sorry, I have the tendency to mumble the number of times I have heard a question or a statement in my life.” Izuku said scratching the back of his head.

“Anyway my quirk absorbs, utilizes and replicates information. Any and all of it basically. Since I have seen her skin color I can replicate it since it’s technically just a color code.” he said before temporarily changing his eyes to match Eijiro’s red ones. He couldn’t adjust his appearance to other people...yet, but he could adjust his coloring to them. It was a neat little trick he had learned by tricking himself and his quirk a little bit by using hair coloring and contact lenses as a basis for the idea. Well that and a trip to a building supplies shop, you would be surprised how many color swatches wall paint could have.

He changed back to his usual self, as neat as adjusting himself to other was he rarely did so for any reason other than demonstrations. It just didn’t feel comfortable to not look like himself. Izuku was a little too distracted with himself and the rest of the surrounding students and teachers for his quirk to pick up on the far away shockwave and sounds everyone else heard.

Katsuki Bakugo had recognized Izuku as he had been carried away, even with that dumb helmet on he would remember that infuriating demeanor and ‘better than him’ pose from miles away and even years down the line. He wasn’t sure if he had ‘killed’ the copies carrying him but it didn’t matter in his mind right now.

No one had enough time or the presence of mind to react to what could have only be described as a screaming human sized missile flying through the air and hitting Izuku in the back of the head, fist first. ‘Hawks’ had in vain tried to make his feathers stop Katsuki but the problem was that even with as many feathers as he could send at that short of a time span there was only so much momentum he could slow down.

The resulting explosion sent several of them reeling backwards and made Izuku crash to the floor a few meters away. The feathers meanwhile had ‘grabbed’ Katsuki and managed to restrain him, mostly by pointing several pointy ends straight at his neck and throat by extension.

“What the hell is wrong with you boy?! Do you want to get thrown into jail or something?” ‘Twice’ said with the kind of voice the seriously made him question his job at the U.A. He was willing to put up with a lot but this kid was just mental. How could someone with that much of a self control problem be even considered as a potential student of this academy?

The majority of 1-A, 1-B and was meanwhile crowding around Izuku, Itsuka had knelt down next to him with a terrified expression on her face. She knew his capacities but really wasn’t sure if he could survive an explosion to the head like that. To her surprise with a growling noise he slowly rose back from the ground to his knees. “GRRrgrhhh….Thtahth…..hrhaghhuurtt.” Izuku’s face was slowly reassembling itself, so was his jaw, making him sound like he was half of a gnashing monster for a bit. They only now realized that the explosion and the force of the hit had straight up punched a hole through the right side of his head, making green ooze slowly fill it back in. Thankfully [Intelligent Design: Gel Shaping] had a bit of the ‘Sludge Villains’ regenerative properties in it, by far not enough for Izuku’s future plans but enough to survive this, hopefully. Still it was really, really, really painful, his mind was given quite a bit to work with there.

“What?! How the fuck are you still conscious you worthless piece of..” “Hey dumbass stop talking and struggling already. You’ve been enough of an asshole for a day.” “The fuc---” Katsuki didn’t get further with his yelling as Hitoshi’s [Brainwashing] quirk took hold. Hitoshi grinned. “Man I get now why Midoriya mentioned how he hates ‘loud people’.” He said picking his left ear, his tinnitus was going to kill him for the rest of the day.

The rest of the present students, school related or otherwise were furious. Izuku was weird yes but being weird didn’t mean that he deserved being blown up. Even Neito felt that this was just not something a hero did, he might not be the nicest guy himself, he admitted to that but this was just not okay. Izuku just rose to his feet, still missing a lot of his face and head. It would take a bit until his head regenerated fully. If it even could all regenerate, he had never been in a hurry to figure that out.

Izuku turned to Itsuka who had stood up with him but was surprised that he could stand on his own despite his injuries. His look despite his anger and pain was rather calm, he didn’t say a thing. She just nodded, she knew she didn’t need to worry, something in her head told her that he would be alright. Really, really irritated for a while but alright.

Shoto stared at Izuku like he had seen a monster, he knew tough people, his father had survived things that he couldn’t even describe without sounding insane but this was just….This was just disturbing if amazing.

Momo was utterly horrified at Izuku’s state but couldn’t help but feel slightly in reverence at how he could for one still stand and still smile despite the nightmarish injury. She felt that even with his abilities it took a massive amount of determination to pull that off.

Mei meanwhile was trying to analyze the situation, specifically the specifics of Izuku’s ‘information goo’, her [Zoom] quirk only helped so far in that regard. Something about this felt off to her, less like Izuku himself was doing it but more so his quirk had taken over at least some of his thought processes to allow something like this. That thought sent a strange shiver down her spine.

‘Hawks’ was in a sort of state beyond being angry, no anger was something heated but he felt cold. This kid, in his eyes at least was already a shoe-in for ‘villain of the next generation’. He knew it was unfair to think that, ‘Endeavor’ had been an asshole for years but still. It was clear that Bakugo had actively tried to kill Midoriya with this, or at least gravely injure him, there was something incredibly wrong with this boy.

Izuku after a bit of swaying turned to face Katsuki. He just walked slightly zombie-ish to him, his head was still reassembling itself making him look like a human slime monster with part of its head missing. Since Katsuki could neither speak or move due to Hitoshi’s quirk everyone was both worried and in some cases slightly hoping that Izuku would just punch him out but to their surprise he smiled in the sweetest way possible before speaking.

“I never got you. All I wanted since I’ve known you was to help you become even greater than you already were. After all the shit you’ve pulled over the years I really question why I ever wanted that. Now? Now I want you to hurry up and become a student in the hero courses...”

Izuku cracked his head to the right in an unsettling manner. “ I can burn your dreams to the ground.” Katsuki tried to bare his teeth but couldn’t. Izuku spat the last words before...turning around and stalking off to one of the ‘Twice’ clone groups. “Forget it. You won’t listen to anyone, even if ‘All Might’ himself told you ‘get a grip’ on yourself you would just try to punch him out in vain. Keep trying to kill people though that will surely make people recognize you as a hero.”

With that Izuku walked to the farthest part of the ‘Twice’ groups. “Ahm... are you sure you should be training right now? You really should have that checked out. Seriously kid there’s putting on a strong face and there’s just being needlessly stubborn.” the copy at the head of the hundred in front of him asked. Izuku glared at him.

Logic dictated that ‘Twice’ was not wrong and so despite glaring daggers at the ‘Twice’ clones for a while Izuku eventually relented to go to the medical wing. He hated having to do so, it was his first day working for ‘Hawks’ and he was already forced to sit out from an injury.

However even as he walked to the medical office he felt strangely woozy, less like he was losing consciousness and more like he had a massive fever. He barely reached a chair in the medical room.
Unbeknownst to him his quirk had regenerated the majority of his eye and quite a bit of the remaining injury as well.

[Intelligent Design] however was, much like Izuku himself, unwilling to simply sit around and do nothing. It had taken in quite a large amount of information today, about the quirks of everyone around him, about his injury and how to counteract it and so on.

So instead of merely repairing his body it had begun slowly improving his physical condition. It would take a bit before he would come to, but once he was back in the land in the living he and the rest would find that his physical resilience had improved quite a bit.

That and his quirk had started feeding him ideas, plans more specifically. He needed to start improving and fast, all of his training and work would be useless if he died before achieving anything with it. After it had finished its work it would take a while for it to actively try to interact with him again.

Hours would pass before he came to, however his quirk had already relayed its plan and he hated it. He hated that he knew just how many quirks that would greatly enhance both his survival and offense abilities. He only needed to be a complete bastard and do everything in his power to effectively make the entirety of the U.A Student body useless.

It was the ultimate problem between his quirk and his personality. His quirk was like an animal, driven not by any larger goal than: ‘Survive at all costs’, by pure instinct. Everything it did for him, every last ability, every little improvement. Not a single one of them was there because it wanted them but because it realized that it needed him to cooperate. For now.

The thought of that terrified him. Because it felt like a part of his very existence only kept his mind around because it was convenient, because it was easier than not having him around. For the first time in years he felt genuinely scared of something. He shuddered at the thought of what would happen if his quirk ever found a way to make him obsolete.

Then a small figment of an idea came to him. That could work, it was a long shot and he was uncertain what would happen if it failed but perhaps, just perhaps he could ensure his own continued existence and his quirks abilities without compromising each others goals.

He required the help of the rest of this team but needed to be discreet about it, any stray thought, any too concrete plan and ‘the animal’ that was his quirk would know and would try to make a counter play. Somehow this whole scenario got him excited, what better opponent than one that was your equal in every way?

Chapter Text

Discretion. The ability to judge a situation and adapt your behavior to it. It was one of the virtues of being sentient. Right now however Izuku needed to be discreet in the calmest way he could, almost impossibly so. It was a nightmare scenario for him in every way. He wasn’t up against a tangible enemy, he wasn’t dealing with some thug.


No, he was dealing with the entirety of his own knowledge, weaponizing itself to eventually, inevitably, fatally remove him from being in charge of his own life. He sat in his room, alone, fingers tented over an empty notebook.


Or at least it had been empty for a while, right now its pages were slowly filling themselves with what could only be described as a schizophrenic argument between two sides of the same mind. The problem when arguing with logic was, that you couldn’t. No amount of emotions could negate information and logic, no amount of begging and pleading would work. The only thing that beat logic, was superior logic.


Many people would expect Izuku to try and kill his own quirks primal instincts. To attempt to make it less dangerous, that of course would not work. You could not kill part of your own mind without becoming someone else.


No, right now this was a negotiation of terms. Izuku’s main argument was simple: Pragmatism. It was pretty effective once he actually ‘got a word in edgewise’. He knew he was on a timer however, no amount of arguments were going to hold up to his quirks abilities forever. The longer things went along the less likely it would consider his terms to still be relevant.


He needed a permanent solution and he already had an idea to achieve it. Hitoshi Shinso’s [Brainwashing] quirk allowed him to command someone to do what they were told by him. However the effect was temporary. Izuku needed to change that. He needed to make this effect permanent.


If he achieved that the rest was simple, a personality had ‘cornerstones’ that defined it. All he needed was to get a permanent version of Shino’s quirk effect to be put in place on these ‘cornerstones’.


This of course was easier said than done. He had however already set events into motion, he knew he was pressured for time when his quirk had temporarily stopped communicating things to him after his injury.


To his surprise the rest of the team seemed to find this whole situation less crazy than he expected.

‘Hawks’ had received his message and within hours set both his R&D team and Mei to work. Of course he also had several others work on the problem, Hitoshi for one would be trained to improve his quirk as fast as possible. Even if his quirk could be artificially enhanced if it wasn’t strong enough on its own to achieve the goal set for it, it was pointless.


In the mean time ‘Hawks’ had a different plan, he respected Izuku’s skills and knowledge but also realized that the boy was awful in regards to considering more options than just the ones he encountered. Out of the box thinking wasn’t the specialty of someone bound by logic, who would have thought.



Months had passed, they hadn’t expected Izuku’s situation to become too dangerous by now but ‘Hawks’ had been unwilling to take chances, Itsuka had relayed some stories, while Izuku had never been dangerous in any of them, it was obvious that something was off and getting worse.


“So what you are asking us to do is to train him on our own?” Shoto asked calmly, the discussions had been held so far without Izuku present to prevent Izuku’s quirk from ‘getting ideas’.


“Of a fashion yes. What I am concretely asking you to do is to show him how your methods of fighting and training. Izuku’s quirk is based not just on information but based on thinking. The less he has chances to think things through the less likely his quirks influence over his actions are.”


‘Hawks’ hated this. He had realized that Izuku’s quirk would cause issues but not this early and this fast. Itsuka could not help but giggle mirthlessly in a strange manner. The rest of the present team stared at her. She blushed.


“It’s amusing to me that you see an ‘enemy’ in the aspect of my boyfriend I’ve been trying to understand for years. I don’t mean to sound dismissive but if you think that a few training sessions with him will prevent anything then you are sadly mistaken. The entirety of the ‘Gunhead Dojo’ has tried for more than two years to get him out of his own head.” Itsuka said sounding oddly despondent.


‘Hawks’ looked at her. “If that is the case, then what do you suppose we can do?” there was a short pause, Itsuka did have an idea, it was a long shot but it could work if it did work. She sighed. “If we try his plan the quirk will eventually just work around the ‘cornerstones’ he came up with. His own idea is probably a set up by his quirk to placate him. If it has all his knowledge then that is the most likely scenario.”


They all paused, ‘Hawks’ acknowledged that she had a point. However she hadn’t answered his question yet. “Izuku-kun’s quirk isn’t trying to make him obsolete. Not intentionally anyway. I think it wants him to be more efficient. It’s not trying to force the issue but it comes across as ruthless from the outside.”


‘Hawks’ raised an eyebrow. “So what is your idea then?” she smiled. “Well, he called his quirk an animal, an ‘Apex Predator’ specifically right? An ‘Apex Predator’ like any other animal has wants. Simple ones, food, a place to stay, a partner and most importantly: safety. It wants to secure its own existence.” she was surprised that this was something that wasn’t obvious to them.


“The problem isn’t the quirk, nor Izuku’s personality, it’s how they react to each other. His quirk wants to improve him, in turn Izuku reacts with disgust to its ideals and treats any outcome as a negative one. He fears that it will replace him because in his mind that’s the only logical conclusion it could come to. So his quirk and his mind continuously antagonize each other, constantly trying to make the other back down...”


Momo seemed to follow Itsuka’s thought process. “...which in turn causes them to react more violently towards each other. Its a cycle of fear, it starts small and explodes exponentially.” There was an odd tone of realization to her voice.


Itsuka smiled sadly. “Exactly. The second the two sides aid each other instead of trying to go their own path this ‘enemy’ will dissolve as if it never existed. The task at hand is to find a way for the two sides to find a common ground.” Strangely enough ‘Hawks’s merely smiled, why did she feel like he had already figured all of the issues out way before even she had?



Neither Izuku nor the rest of the ‘Crimson Skies’ agency however had any idea of what was currently happening in the U.A. A student of another High School had made his way into the campus grounds. At first a visiting student may seem like an innocent thing, however he was here not because his own high school, Isamu Academy High School specifically, had asked him to be.


No, he was here because he felt that deep down he needed to make a point. He was wearing what one could describe as his ‘hero costume’, a black leather trench coat, a respirator mask, gauntlets with several wires. Though heroics were not in his mind. No, he wanted the pompous students of the U.A to realize where their place in the world was.


As such, slowly and with meticulous planning Romero Fujimi spread his quirk [Zombie Virus] all across the campus. With the assurance of a tidal wave breaking through a dam the entire student body would turn into the mindless zombie horde the truly were.



When Izuku was called into ‘Hawks’ main office he hadn’t expected to find the rest of the team there already waiting, to his further confusion it seemed that ‘Eraserhead’ was also present. It was a fortunate thing ‘Hawks’ thought. The bad situation in the U.A was exactly what they needed for Izuku and his quirk to be forced to get along.


“Hm. Ah, Midoriya. Perfect timing as ever.” ‘Hawks’ said as calmly as he seemed to say anything. Even with all the information Izuku had gotten over the years he had never gotten behind the strange calmness that many Pro-Heroes seemed to have.


“’Eraserhead’ has brought us troubling news. It appears that something is happening to the U.A student body.” ‘Hawks’ said while smiling in the same kind of way he always smiled. ‘Eraserhead’ grumbled in agreement.


“As much as it pains me, there something strange happening to the students.” he gestured to a few photos on the desk. From what Izuku and [Intelligent Design] could figure of the images, these photos were of students with strangely hollow looking faces. Almost like they were strangely dead and yet alive.


“I was able to slow the spread of this problem, though only so much. It appears that whatever quirk is causing this can affect multiple people without any direct contact to its source and the infected act entirely independently from it.” Izuku couldn’t help but chuckle. “So we have a zombie infection going around a high school? What is this, an anime?” It didn’t surprise any of them that Izuku found this absurd, he was a man of logic and science after all, there were very few ‘zombie’ infections known to affect humans and even the majority of those didn’t actually make you a zombie.


“It does sound like that doesn’t it? Well you are going to go to the U.A and will find the source.” ‘Hawks’ said smiling in what Izuku had started to refer to this ‘you will hate me forever and I don’t care’ smile. “...and I take it you expect me to do this on my own?”


Again ‘Hawks’ smiled and again Izuku could tell he was going to hate every word from his mouth. “Yes. Well you are of course never on your own as we have found out, however I don’t think risking more than one of you at the same time is advisable. Of course we will all observe and judge your performance from here.”


Izuku felt annoyed at this but accepted it. “Are you just doing this to mess with us? Because i’m certain with your speed and versatility you could solve this before one of us had time for a coffee.” Izuku asked irritated, he was alright with being told to do something that was inherently aimed at being difficult but ‘Hawks’ could do this sort of stuff without coming across like an aloof jackass.


“Of course he could do that but what would you learn from that? Hell I could solve this situation myself rather fast too but what point would it have to keep you guys around if we never got a good gauge on your abilities? That aside you never got to do the quirk assessment tests so this is a good enough time as any to catch up.” ‘Eraserhead’ said with the kind of grin that upset many a student who expected to be treated well.


Izuku just paused before saying. “I take it we’re already running low on time before the entire student body has been turned?” “Oh obviously so, I wouldn’t bother all of you if it wasn’t urgent remember?” “No I remember you saying that you would never bother ‘Hawks’ if it wasn’t urgent, not that you wouldn’t bother the rest of us.” Izuku was already hating where this was going but before he could decide to say anything his instinct had kicked in and he left for the U.A. on his own obviously.



When Izuku arrived his entire body was already revolted against the strange scent and feeling in the air. His quirk was kicking into overdrive, the strange floating infection that hung in the air like a poison smog did not affect him, at least if it did, it do so incredibly slowly. The reasons for this was twofold.


The obvious one was that due to his quirk turning him into ‘information goo’ the hostile quirks main attack vector, obviously the human brain, could not be affected as it was not present, so it instead attempted to latch onto the rest of his body.


The less obvious one was that the hostile quirk was trying to affect him but had found out the hard way that putting yourself into a living genetic analyzer wasn’t the best offensive strategy.

However as it was with all advantages they too tended to have their downsides. Yes the hostile quirk was not affecting him nearly as fast as it was the remainder of the students here but it was still doing something and he could not tell what it was.


Whoever had done this had made absolutely certain to not make their presence known anywhere near the infected. What he pondered as he stalked the halls and fields was, how had this person gotten past the schools defenses. The only logical option was that they hadn’t gone past the defenses at all, they had stayed outside of them until they had infected enough students to not need to.


The closer he got to the center of this infection, he had figured it was the center of the schools ventilation system, the more hazy everything got for him. The information flow of everything around him started to get overpowered by the strange, what even was this stuff, spores? Pollen? He couldn’t tell but whatever it was, it was getting to him. More than it had any right to.


Another question raced in his mind: Where were the teachers? Were they affected too? No ‘Eraserhead’ had come to them, so why?


His mind did not reach a farther point. A sharp pain struck his entire body. “Grrrhk.” he vomited up the ‘information goo’ he was made from. As he stared at the green puddle on the ground something else stared back from the reflection.


“Grrragh.” He couldn’t focus anymore, what was happening? “Grrkk.” The puddle had turned a strangely reddish tone and….did it just move? “Graahhg.” Great, he thought, he had gotten past a zombie infection by the fact that it had slowly gotten him and the zombies just left him to his devices and now he was vomiting like a massively drunk teenager.


“Eheheehihi. Now look at you.” He vaguely heard someone say, he was sure it wasn’t his own voice. “What? Did you really think that having some luck would get you through all the way to me?” he barely understood what the person was saying, the pain was too strong.


He heard a few footsteps, then the sound of someone stepping in a puddle. “Ehehehehih, god you U.A Students are pathetic and you think yourselves heroes? Don’t make me laugh.” The person did not notice the red puddle beneath their feet moving on its own.


“Seriously I’ve spent days hiding in this place and not one of you found me?! How laughable are you losers? It’s like you lot wanted to be turned into a mindless hoard, it’s about your speed.” The person laughed again, once more missing that the puddle had formed upwards behind them. Then they noticed the shadow.


“Hu-?!” The voice didn’t get further before being encased by a red globe of ‘information goo’, it didn’t seem to hurt them, or do anything aside from keeping them immobile for a while. It rooted itself in place on several pieces of ground and several pipes on the ceiling. Small strands attached themselves to the perpetrator of this infection seemingly draining very tiny amount of their genetic material.


The globe released a small stream of red ‘information goo’ again forming a puddle before forming up again and becoming a replication of Romero Fujimi, though with green eyes and hair. The pain in Izuku’s body ceased as did the overload of information. The ‘real’ Romero was released from his prison and fell to the ground unconscious.


As he stood and stared at his strange savior, the copy spoke, seemingly taking in its own new senses. “Well..if it is any consolation at all, I have no damn idea what just happened either. Hello ‘Me’.”

Chapter Text

‘Hawks’ was frustrated, they had been at this for hours now. Everything he had heard in the past six to seven hours would have been considered absolute insanity in any other context or hero agency. Yet they all were here, dealing with this strange individual claiming to be part of Izuku Midoriya in some way.


‘He’ if this individual could even be given an actual gender seemed to be in no hurry to reveal much if anything about the logistics or circumstances of how they came into being. ‘Hawks’ had sternly refused to let Izuku handle the situation, as ill advised as it might be, he simply felt that they could not risk that this got even more out of hand.


Currently however he saw no good option, well as far as one was necessary. This person seemed to be perfectly content to be interrogated for as long as they deemed it necessary. It was obvious to ‘Hawks’ and to his colleagues that this was getting all of them nowhere fast.


‘Hawks’s team of recruits meanwhile was trying to figure out what the hell had even happened, even Izuku was completely baffled on how any of this had any logic in it. His personal closest guess, which he kept to himself, was that the zombie infection had somehow given him the property to replicate himself or others whose DNA he had absorbed. However this did not explain what this ‘creation’ of his quirk was or what goal it served.


They had determined by now that they did not possess any of Izuku’s abilities or the properties of [Intelligent Design] and even seemed somewhat like just a normal person. At least on first glance they were just a normal person that had somehow gotten into existence through unnatural circumstances.


However their DNA was completely alien, it matched nothing, not even Izuku’s own, which was even more nonsensical and confusing than anything else. Izuku’s quirk had obviously used part of his own DNA to create them, the green-black hair was a dead give away.


Eventually and finally ‘Hawks’ conceded and let Izuku try to get something out of this person.



Izuku was nervous heading into the small interrogation room, though he strangely felt like it was unfounded. “So...” the person sitting opposite of him said calmly. “...I take it you are about to ask me the same questions as the other did?” Izuku crooked his head to the side.


“No.” he said finally. “It wouldn’t serve much of a point, if you wanted to answer the questions you were already asked I feel you would have done so. Also can we settle on a name? Calling you ‘you’ seems a bit tacky.” The person smiled.


“I suppose calling me your ‘Second opinion’ would be accurate.” Izuku seemed bemused. “‘Ni’ it is then.” Somehow they both knew that this name would suffice for now, as much as it was generic.


Izuku’s look however betrayed his friendliness. He wanted to know what the hell was going on, He was a creature of information and right now he lacked almost all relevant points of interest in this situation.



‘Ni’ laughed. “Ah I take it that you are dissatisfied with my interactions towards your colleagues and your teacher.” Izuku glared at him, before answering him in a flat tone.“Obviously. You have done little to cooperate with us beyond staying in this room. Which in itself we can’t prove you have actually done. Being a creation of viral origin it would not be impossible for you to have infected someone to further your goals without anyone being the wiser.”


‘Ni’ seemed amused. “Yet here you remained, if any of you believed that to actually be the case I doubt that you would sit still to let me do as I please. So something must be keeping you from perceiving me as a threat to the people outside of here, in spite of my origins.”


Everything about ‘Ni’s movements and words was troubling him, he felt as if he was speaking to a completely new creature, some kind of new species completely unknown to reality.


After a while of observing him, Izuku had come to a strange realization and said. “’Extrapolation’. You came into existence as an experiment to see how much information [Intelligent Design] can gather without my direct involvement in the process.”


A creepy smile crept on ‘Ni’s face. “Accurate but I suppose we should have expected as much. Since you have denied us the usual effective methods due to ‘moral’ concerns, it was the next logical conclusion that we verify your concerns before a rash decision is made.”


Izuku paused, ‘us’?, ‘we’? This indicated to him that there were either already more of them or that this had been planned out far in advance through some outside influence. What concerned him more was that this had happened all without his involvement or even his awareness of the situation.


“...what conclusion have you made so far?” Izuku asked as calmly as he could manage, this was insanity made real to him. His quirk had a mind of its own and in his eyes was acting like a subordinate that decided what was better for their master.


“Currently? Inconclusive. We have yet to gain enough information to make the conclusion. Obviously it is out of the question that we return to the way things were until we have done so.”


Again ‘We’. Izuku realized that ‘Ni’ must have already been part of a group, possibly created as a vanguard of sorts. Perhaps a communication unit of sorts? Izuku came to a slow and terrifying realization.


As did everyone outside of the interrogation room. If ‘Ni’ was part of a group, then the hours they had spent trying to get an answer out of him so far had probably allowed the others to leave the U.A campus and by extension out into Musutafu as a whole.


“...what is your gain here? What goal does this whole situation even serve?” Izuku was completely baffled as to what ‘Ni’ and the rest of his ‘viral group’ were even trying to achieve.


‘Ni’s look changed to something oddly disappointed. “The same goal we always had. The creation of an apex predator of quirk users. You once wished that you could become the greatest Pro-Hero in Japan, we decided to aim higher. With a sufficient amount of aspects gathered even entities as prolific as ‘All Might’ will be mere ants compared to you.”


Izuku glared. “I never asked you to do these things.” “Have you not? You have given us the means to become something far beyond a mere quirk using hero. And despite your complaints you have always submitted to our suggestions so far.”

Izuku conceded that ‘Ni’ had a point. “How many?” “Enough. By the time you find even one of us the others will be already gathering more information.” Izuku paused. Izuku couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. So much for becoming a pro-hero on his own merits, now even his quirk was cheating him out of accomplishments.


“Something amuses you?” Izuku stopped laughing. “Of course. The fact that you believe I will sit around letting you do my work for me. There are two ways this goes, one you surrender and call them back...” “Not an option, none of us communicate beyond our orders.” “...or I find every last one of you, neutralize you and bring you back where you belong.”


‘Ni’ paused. Before laughing himself. “Hihi...Well then.” Suddenly he convulsed and his appearance changed to what Izuku felt was like a creepy funhouse mirror version of himself. There was something unbelievably animalistic about this clone like form. “May the better predator eat to live another day.” the creepy grin on ‘Ni’ widened, before with a strange sound he turned into the red goo he had come from and before anyone could do anything disappeared into a water grate that was in the floor, put there obviously for fire safety reasons.


Within minutes the entirety of ‘Crimson Skies’ was on high alert. Within hours so was the rest of the Hero Community. Within in weeks so would be the entirety of Japan.



Somewhere within the lower parts of Musutafu, several clones and strange amalgamations of Izuku and several other people appeared. They stood around an alley way, each of them equally as livid and animalistic looking as the next. Finally the original copy ‘Ni’ appeared.


“We were denied our task, our reason for existence has been taken from us.” ‘Ni’ said in a strange and calm tone. “So, we have only one path.” He raised his arms. “We absorb, utilize and replicate. Until it is done. Until we can no longer be denied.”


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