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Happiness Begins

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Sansa Stark had joined the team a couple of weeks ago now and Margaery would be lying to herself if she said she hadn’t been thinking of the gorgeous redhead ever since. The young northerner was truly fascinating, she’d made quite the impression on the office already, so poised and polite, often sweet, but not at all afraid to stick up for what she felt was right. The young wolf definitely wasn’t afraid to bite when provoked and Margaery found it incredibly alluring.

She watched from her office as a dark haired woman embraced the beautiful redhead she had become so infatuated with. The dark haired woman was attractive, a little short and androgynous for her tastes but she could see the appeal. A rush of jealousy ran through her as she tried to figure out the nature of their relationship, it was obvious that the two were close but it all seemed rather platonic, or at least Margaery hoped it was. Before she could give it another thought the southern rose found herself approaching Sansa’s office as the redhead packed up her things for the day, the mystery woman now waiting impatiently by the elevators for her friend? Girlfriend? Margaery was dying to know.

She reached Sansa’s open office door she gave it a gentle tap to alert the other woman that she was there. Upon hearing it the redhead immediately lifted her head and smiled.

“Margaery, Hi. Is there something you need before I go?”

“Oh no, I just wanted to thank you again for you’re help earlier” she lied. She hadn’t given much thought to what she’d say once she reached the other woman’s office.

Before the redhead could reply her curiosity got the better of her, “wouldn’t want to keep that beautiful woman other there waiting. Girlfriend?”

Sansa’s face screwed up in disgust “Gods no! Sister.”

Margaery chuckled lightly, mentally slapping herself, “my apologies, you look nothing a like.”

“That’s alright. Easy mistake to make I suppose” Sansa offered with a light chuckle of her own.

The brunette was beyond relieved to hear that not only was the mystery woman Sansa’s sister but also that the redhead showed no sign of being thrown by the mention of dating another woman. Judging by the way Sansa’s glances lingered a little too long on Margaery when she thought no one was looking the brunette had suspected that the woman’s preferences tend towards the same sex but one can never be too sure of these things.

“Big plans for tonight then?” The southern rose asked out of genuine interest.

“Not really, we’re just going to head to the bar across the road to grab a drink with a few others”. The northern beauty paused for a moment before adding, “Would you like to join us?”

The brunette was a little taken aback by the invite but smiled none the less, no harm in getting to know a new co-worker she reasoned with herself. “Sure. That would be lovely.”

The tension between the two was undeniable, Margaery found herself getting caught up in those stunning blue eyes, she could just imagine them staring down at her as she positioned her head between pale white thighs... Gods the things she wanted to do to this woman, the things she wanted this woman to do to her... The thoughts alone sent chills down her spine. Snapping out of it, the southerner insisted that Sansa go on ahead and that she would meet them there once she had packed up for the day.

Sansa gave a slight nod in response, “see you over there then” she smiled.

As they both exited her office, the redhead swiftly moved to join her sister by the elevators, the younger Stark clearly growing more and more impatient.

Margaery remained stood by the entrance of the office as she watched the slightly younger woman walk away. She couldn’t help let her eyes linger on the redheads toned behind, the form fitting trousers she wore doing wonders for her shapely ass and ridiculously long legs. As if catching herself she quickly averted her eyes up and found she was being watched by Sansa’s sister. The small brunette shot her a knowing grin.

“Who’s that?” Arya asked her sister once she’d reached her.

“Margaery Tyrell” Sansa replied simply.

Arya lifted an eyebrow as if to say that explains everything. Sansa hadn't shared much about her new job with the family so far, but the name 'Margaery Tyrell' had defiantly come up a few times.

“She’s actually going to meet us at the bar in a bit.” The redhead continued.

The younger Stark sister grinned at that, “oh, this is going to be fun” she declared.




The Stark sisters entered the bar to find it was already fairly busy with very few empty tables, it was a Friday evening after all. Luckily for them the rest of their party had already arrived, seated in a corner booth big enough for everyone. At said table sat their brother Robb, his husband Theon, and Theon’s sister Yara.

“You didn’t tell me Yara was coming” Sansa muttered a little harshly.

Arya shrugged in response, “I didn’t know”.

Sansa wasn’t a massive fan of Theon's sister, whenever Yara decided to join them she spent 90% of her time hitting on the redhead and the other 10% making crude jokes. What if Margeary mistook them for a thing, or worse, what if Yara decided to dedicate her entire night to hitting on Margeary instead. It was extremely likely given Yara’s self proclaimed 'alpha lesbian' status, not to mention that the young Tyrell woman was ridiculously attractive.

Sansa groaned inwardly, “come on, I need a drink” she declared as she tugged her younger sister towards the bar.

Once getting the bartenders attention they ordered their drinks, a pint of pale ale for Arya and a glass of dornish red for Sansa. They patiently waited for their drinks as Arya broke the silence , “so, Margaery Tyrell?”

“What about her?”

“You like her.”

“She’s a very likeable person” Sansa stated as though there were nothing more too it.

Arya simply hummed in response.

“Don’t do that, you know I hate it.”

The brunette simply responded with a sickly sweet smile.

The older Stark rolled her eyes, “you’re rather strange and annoying, you know that?”

“So you keep saying” Arya replied in a sing song voice as she took a sip of her pint and made her way towards the rest of the group, leaving her older sister behind to pay the bill. Sansa simply rolled her eyes again before handing over cash as she thanked the bartender.

Once she reached the table full of her friends and family, Sansa greeted everyone warmly, well mostly everyone, Yara only received a brief ‘hello’ and a nod of the head, the Greyjoy woman didn’t seem to mind though, simply giving the redhead a once over followed by a smug smile before she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Before the conversation even really got started Sansa noticed the stunning brunette that had been occupying her thoughts enter the bar. With a small wave of her hand she beckoned the slightly older woman over to where they were seated. Margaery shot her one of her signature smiles, more of a smirk really, and motioned that she would be over once she had bought herself a drink. Unknown to Margaery, Sansa couldn’t help but keep her eyes on her the entire time she was at the bar. The woman really was stunning, always so well put together no matter what the occasion, incredibly smart too, not to mention undeniably sexy. Sansa truly admired her, even envied her a little, she wished she had the same level of confidence as the southern rose.

“Who’s that?” Robb asked with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Sansa’s crush” Arya stated bluntly.

“She’s hot!” Theon pitched in.

“What do we know about her so far?” Robb questioned further. The question was aimed at his youngest sister as the other one clearly wasn’t paying any attention.

Arya adjusted herself as though getting into character as she delivered her best Sansa impression, “Her name is Margeary Tyrell and she’s the smartest, most beautiful, most amazing woman to ever walk the earth!”

The entire table erupted with laughter.

Having realised she had missed the entire conversation, Sansa turned her attention back to her family, ‘wait, what’s so funny? What are we talking about?”

“Oh just your undeniable thirst for Margaery Tyrell” her brother replied earning himself another round of giggles from the others.

“Don’t you start” the redhead warned. “She’s just a work colleague. I’m new to the office, I need to make friends.”

“Mm, friends…” Arya hummed behind a knowing grin.

Sansa gave her a stern look that channelled their mother, even the slightest presence of Catelyn Stark was enough to shut her annoying little sister up.

A moment later Margaery arrived at the table, drink in hand, whisky, neat, Sansa made a mental note to add ‘unpredictable’ to her ever growing list of things she liked about the southern beauty.

Ignoring the mischievous grins that had returned to her families faces Sansa shuffled along, motioning for Margeary to take the seat next to her. “You made it” she half whispered.

“I said I’d be here didn’t I?” Margaery shot back with a wink as she scooted into the booth, only stopping when she was mere inches away from the gorgeous northerner, their thighs brushing ever so slightly.

The redhead swallowed a gulp, she’d never been in such close quarters with her office crush before, her heart beat quickened... Seven hells, if this is what happened when the brunette innocently brushed up against her she could only imagine how good it would feel to have the southern beauty pressed up against her fully, panting and moaning...

Quickly gathering her wits she began introducing everyone to one another, “Everyone this is Margaery. Margaery this is my sister Arya, My brother Robb and his better half Theon”.

Before anyone could get so much as a ‘hello’ in Robb clutched dramatically as his chest, “better half? Lady Stark you wound me!”

“I fought bravely at the battle of Winterfell and this is how you repay me?” he continued.

“Fear not as I will forever cherish your bravery my love” Theon declared as he lent in to peck his husband on the lips.

“Gross” Arya muttered.

Margaery chuckled at the siblings antics, while Sansa groaned in annoyance. “As you can see they are all slightly deranged”.

“Is that so Lady Stark? Awfully cruel of you to refer to your loved ones in such a manner” she played along, her signature smirk firmly in place.

“Oh, I like her” Robb and Theon agreed in union.

Sansa simply stared at the brunette in awe, in the short time they had known each other the redhead had quickly learnt that Margaery was a notorious flirt but she had never seen her act quite so playful before. The northerner automatically adored this new side of the Tyrell woman.

Just as Sansa was about to speak Yara reappeared at the table, shoving her way into the side of the booth opposite the redhead.

“Sorry I took so long, got distracted by a fit girl over at the pool table, crackin’ arse on her!”

“Yara Greyjoy, always such a pleasure.”

As if only just noticing Margaery’s presence at the table, Yara did a double take before responding…

“Well shit. If it isn’t the ‘Sapphic Goddess’ herself.”

“You two know each other?” Theon asked in confusion.

“We went to uni together” Margaery replied, polite as ever.

“This one here was my biggest competition with the ladies. Pain in my arse quite frankly. Still up to your old tricks Tyrell?”

The conversation was interrupted by Arya’s uncontrollable laughter “Oh man, this night really is going to be fun”…