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Kiryu had spent the last few months working as the Dragon of Majima trying hard to push down any inappropriate thoughts or desires he held towards Majima, knowing that they were meant to be strictly professional. Sure, Majima was wild and did whatever he wanted without a care in the world, but even Kiryu couldn't believe that he would willingly sleep with any of his men. He acted less like a leader around them compared to every other patriarch, however he also knew how the Yakuza worked. He could be professional, Kiryu had seen it first hand in the meetings he held, standing by his side as passive as he could be; although it was hard to not admire the way Majima commanded a room of rich bastards all wanting a slice of the metaphorical pie that was Kamurocho Hills.

Well he thought things were professional for the both of them until Majima had basically humped against his thigh in the fighting cage. Now he could at least let those feelings known, years of unresolved and rather pent up sexual tension between the two finally being snapped. They were pretty much fucking one another every day since that had happened, back to acting the exact way they had been when they were younger. It felt good to finally at on those desires, but that still didn't change Kiryu's true feelings for Majima.

In fact, working with him had only made those feelings more intense. His desire to protect Majima had sometimes gotten ahead of him, causing him to take blows he otherwise wouldn't have. He knew full well that Majima didn't need his protection, he was one of the strongest men in the Tojo Clan, as strong as Kiryu himself. It didn't stop the feeling that if Kiryu didn't protect, didn't stand in and do his job as bodyguard, as Majima's dragon, then Majima would be mortally wounded or even killed. It made his anxiety grow in a way he'd never felt before, and this often led to Majima berating him, that same hint of distress in his voice lacing with the usual anger from before. Kiryu just couldn't understand what Majima's feelings were for him and it left him confused and angry, both at himself for not just being able to read and understand Majima, and yet also at Majima for being so damn cryptic!

It was when he was spending his usual time with Haruka, helping her out with some schoolwork she was struggling on, that he felt his phone buzz. He frowned a little and looked down to see that it was from Majima himself, which was odd considering that if Majima needed him he'd usually bring one of his men to find Kiryu, or go find him personally.

"Who's that?" Haruka asked, breaking him from his thoughts.

"It's Majima, he wants me to meet him in his office. You don't mind if I go there to see if he's okay, do you?"

Haruka shook her head, having acclimatised quite well to this new life. She was a lot closer to Majima than she'd originally been, and accepted whatever strange relationship Kiryu had with him now. She deserved a lot more credit than Kiryu gave her, none of this could have been easy.

Giving her a small smile of thanks, he ruffled her hair before getting up and making his way down to Majima's office. A small sense of deja vu overcame him as he remembered walking down this very path to join Majima as practically second-in-command, changing his and Haruka's lives forever. Even if he walked that path too many times to count, he figured it would still trigger that memory at random times.

Not wanting to make Majima wait any longer, he knocked on the door before opening it. Majima was with his back to the door, though he turned when he saw Kiryu there.

"Kiryu-chan!" he greeted, the same grin of delight on his face as if this was the first time he'd seen Kiryu that morning. Majima's enthusiasm over seeing Kiryu, no matter when it was, left a warm feeling settling in Kiryu's body.

"Hello, sir. You wanted me?" he asked, trying to straighten his face as best he could whilst a small smile threatened to tug at his lips.

"Yep. Got some presents for ya. Follow me!"

Without giving time for Kiryu to ask about these presents, Majima was making his way out of his office, heading towards the general area of his bedroom instead. Kiryu wondered if one of these 'presents' was simply an excuse to fuck Kiryu, Majima was pretty good at finding excuses to have him in his bed. Their bed…? Kiryu wasn't really sure whose bed it was anymore.

"Is this present a new bed or something?" Kiryu asked, an amused tone to his voice.

"Only until we break our current one. Though it's meant to be built to last against that kinda stuff," Majima responded with a smirk before shaking his head. "The thing I wanted you to see is in our wardrobe."

Something about that fact Majima called it their wardrobe made a strange feeling well up inside Kiryu and he tried to keep a straight face as Majima went to grab what he'd gotten him. He came back with what was obviously some sort of suit and Kiryu frowned a little in confusion.

"I have clothes, I don't need new ones…"

Majima put a hand up to stop him from saying anything else. "Yer suit doesn't match with mine, it makes ya stand out like a sore thumb," he told him as he unzipped the bag protecting the suit.

Kiryu's eyes widened as he saw Majima reveal a black suit, the trim identical to the one Majima himself wore. It even came with a crisp white shirt underneath, and matching tie.

"Sir… you didn't have to…" Kiryu began, at a loss for words. A part of him wanted to turn the present down but he figured Majima had gone the extra mile to find his measurements and something about looking the part of a true bodyguard made this feel much more permanent.

"You might look hot as fuck in yer current outfit, but this'll make ya fit the part that much more," Majima replied, shaking the suit in his direction again.

Kiryu blushed at the compliment and took it off him, failing to keep the soft smile off his face as he looked down at the suit in his hands, running one of his hands across the fabric gently, afraid that one small movement could rip it. It seemed to be pretty expensive, and Kiryu briefly wondered where he'd bought it from before he noticed Majima staring at him.


"Well, go on try it!"

Majima seemed a bit too eager to see Kiryu getting dressed and the blush on his cheeks worsened even more. "You're not going to… you know…."

Majima sighed heavily and smacked a hand against his face. "Kiryu-chan, I've fucked ya enough times to know what yer body looks like. You can get dressed 'round me."

There was no way out of this, and Majima did make a good point, so without another word he started to strip out of his iconic grey suit, his back slightly turned to Majima despite everything. He could feel his eye on him the moment his shirt came off to reveal his toned upper body, though it was quickly covered up again by the white shirt of the suit. The rest of his new suit followed, and soon he was allowing Majima to adjust things to his liking before he stepped back to admire the new look. The suit fitted him perfectly, and Kiryu wondered just what Majima had done to get his measurements that exact.

"Damn Kiryu-chan," Majima whistled as he looked him up and down. Kiryu felt that same embarrassment from before at the shameless gaze of desire Majima was giving him, averting his own gaze a little as his cheeks heated up. "You look a lot more intimidating in this."

Kiryu was glad the suit made him look more intimidating, this wasn't exactly a fashion show after all, though he was surprised to see the gifts hadn't stopped there as Majima pulled out a few boxes from his desk. One was obviously a shoe box, which he opened up to reveal a brand new pair of dress shoes, black to match his outfit. They were also a perfect fit. The second of the other two boxes, both surprisingly small, contained a pair of sunglasses.

"Why do I need these?" Kiryu asked, putting them on anyway and blinking as the world darkened a little.

"Mostly wanted to see you in them, to be honest," Majima replied, leaning against his desk with a smirk. "But they also hide yer eyesight from potential threats. It's a lot better if they don't see you watchin' them, that way you can pounce without them realisin' it."

Majima's logic was sound as always, and Kiryu found that he felt a lot more like a bodyguard with the sunglasses on. Like one of those bouncers you would see escorting celebrities around. The final box, however, got his attention the most. It looked the fanciest of the lot, and as he took his sunglasses off to better get a look at what was inside, he once again wondered just how much all of this had cost.

When he opened up the box, Kiryu felt his breath completely stop. Nestled atop some velvet inlay sat a pin much like the one he used to wear back when he worked for the Tojo Clan. This time, however, engraved on the pin was the kanji for "Dragon of Majima."

"Majima…" Kiryu whispered as he took the pin out of its box, his hands starting to shake a little. After a few unsuccessful attempts at pinning it to place, Majima reached out and quietly put it on for him, giving Kiryu a loving smile.

"D'ya like it?" Majima asked. "Wanted you to have somethin' special, to stand out from the rest."

"Isn't my job not to stand out?" Kiryu replied playfully, but deep inside his heart felt like it was going to burst.

Majima hadn't said anything when he'd given Kiryu the pin, but he didn't need to for Kiryu to understand the significance of his gift. It wasn't just something for Kiryu to wear and show off his special position within the Majima Family, it was a symbol that Majima trusted Kiryu and that, most importantly, Majima wanted Kiryu to stay as his dragon. And that didn't mean just being Majima's bodyguard, that also meant staying as his lover.

"Majima… I love this I-" Kiryu stopped himself, looking a little afraid until Majima reached up and stroked his cheek in a gentle manner, something you could rarely attribute with the Mad Dog.

"Go on, my dragon."

Kiryu felt that same lurch in his stomach he always got from that nickname, bringing his own hand up to cover Majima's, leaning into the touch. "I love you."

He was expecting Majima to laugh and call him stupid for thinking that their relationship could ever border on love, but instead Majima just closed the gap between them and kissed him in such a tender way that Kiryu was afraid he'd broken him. He kissed back despite himself, eyes closing shut as the kiss slowly deepened, hands settling on Majima's waist to bring him that much closer.

When they pulled away, the look Majima was giving him made his breath hitch and he had to bury his face against Majima's neck to stop himself from getting overwhelmed. Majima chuckled softly, reaching up to stroke Kiryu's hair, letting him have his moment. It eventually passed, and Kiryu looked back up at Majima.

"Does this mean we're…?"

"If ya want. It's up to you though, I don't want you gettin' into somethin' yer not ready for again," Majima replied and it surprised Kiryu to see him so considerate.

"I want this, Majima. I want you. I have done for a long time now," Kiryu told Majima, remembering the time when Yumi had told both him and Haruka not to run away anymore. He hadn't ran away when he'd decided to take the job, and he wouldn't run away from his feelings.

Majima's response was to kiss him again, and Kiryu realised he could definitely get used to being Majima's boyfriend.

"How long have you-?" Kiryu asked as they broke away again, staring at Majima. His good eye was brimming with adoration and Kiryu's stomach twisted itself into knots.

"For a while now. Kinda realised it when you came to work with me. Went through all sorts of turmoil," Majima replied, idly playing with Kiryu's tie.

"I'm sorry I… I thought that this would be too unprofessional, that what you wanted was just physical," Kiryu answered, surprised when Majima put a finger over his lips.

"Shh you don't need to explain yerself. We both got a lot of shit to sort through, but we have all the time in the world now."

Kiryu smiled despite himself, kissing Majima's lips again. "Does this mean the bedroom becomes ours?"

"Since when wasn't it ours?" Majima laughed, pressing their foreheads together. "You practically moved in the moment we started sleepin' together."

Kiryu glanced around at his various pieces of clothing and knick-knacks now dotted around Majima's bedroom, his cheeks flushing a little. He practically had moved in from his spare bedroom the moment they'd slept together.

"As much as I'd like to cuddle ya, we got some shit to do. But tonight, I want some premium Kiryu cuddles," Majima spoke up, and Kiryu couldn't help but grin.

"You can have more than cuddles, if you behave," Kiryu teased, laughing as Majima pushed him playfully.

"Oi, I'm the boss 'round here!"

"Yes sir."