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Now You See Me

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Magnus's POV

I follow the path of heated stones towards the harbour, the first ships have arrived! The town is bustling with life as the mid morning sun pours heat and hope of summer into the small seaside town of Hadres. Hadres borders the Kingdom of Edom and is often used as a trade route by the Alicantes, a rival kingdom from across the seas.

My family, Raphael, Simon, Caterina and Madzie and I have called this town home for the last 4 years, despite our youth and reckless ways, we were able to build a life here together. However Edom has began to expand it’s borders, it won’t be long before they arrive here, before then we need to leave. If we stay, he will find us and the small happiness we have found here will be taken away. Ragnor has already suffered by his hand, and I won’t allow anymore of my family to be hurt for his amusement and twisted sense of righteousness.

Anyways for now, I need to walk down to the harbour as ships mean more jobs and food. I see, the others have had the same idea, from above it’s easy to see their little heads racing through the crowd, wreaking havoc like a pack of wild dogs, in person there’s honestly little difference. Walking through the town, may have been an understatement, it’s more like I’m gliding over it. Slowing down, I see our youngest, Madzie, being stopped by an ogre, I’m serious this guy looks like he ate his brother and then his dog for dessert. Well, he’s not eating my little pup. As I start climbing down, I see the others have returned and are distracting the ogre with their sheer intensity allowing Madzie to slip away. Smiling, I have to appreciate, their loyalty, another dog-like quality they possess.

A voice roared ‘WHAT THE HELL, KID?’, snapping me back to reality.

Raphael is being dangled by his collar, he must have stuck around longer than the rest, he never knows when to leave whilst he's still ahead.

The ogre, shouts ‘DO YOU WANT TO TRY THAT AGAIN?’ as his fist connects with Raphael’s face.

I instantly see red and lift my hand towards the direction of the commotion. Channelling my rage, I send blue sparks of magic hurtling towards the damn creature.

The world freezes. I hear screams. Are they mine? No.

Slowly I regain my senses as the ogre’s screams subside. A rugged figure emerges from the crowd and calms the ogre, whilst tactically pointing at something. This seems to get the ogre’s attention as he starts intently looking in that direction until he spots it, signalling to his partner. The two men are fearsome sight as they start moving through the crowds with malicious, shoving passersby. I sit on my ledge as they move closer. The ogre’s eyes are a rich honeycomb hazel, and are alight with insanity.

Wait how do I know that?

‘Oh no’ I whisper, feeling my face drop.

They start sprinting towards me, their laughs echoing.

I scrabble to my feet and start scaling the building to the roof. Their laughs falter, as they realize that climbing is harder than it looks.

Now it’s my turn to laugh. I instantly know this was a bad move because it seems that anger is great motivation as their speed increases, just my luck. I hurry to put some distance between us. My arrogance won’t cost me anything this time, since it soon becomes clear that they are incompetent at roof jumping. Not a common sport, I suppose.

The smartest of the pair seems to realise difference in ability and gives up, while the Ogre stupidly carries on. The sun has nearly fully risen, it’s almost time. Opportunities like this are rare and lessons need to be learnt.

Slowing down, I change my route opting for one of the higher, more secluded buildings. I put a few zigzags in there, to add some subtlety to this. Running at full speed, he is slowly closing in on me, the desperation is undeniable.

Now I’m almost within his grasp, but it’s too soon, so I let my adrenaline take over as I soar through the air. The wind pushes me forward onto my selected rooftop, separated from the rest. The first thing, I see is the disbelief in his eyes, he caught me. He knows I can’t make the jump, but he doesn’t know what I know.

Smiling, I step onto the ledge, facing him. His anger fades, as he cautiously looks around the rooftop like my pack of dogs will jump out of the sky. His eyes narrow, he’s realising that this could be a trap, clever boy.

As he begins to face me, I wave him goodbye falling backwards as a swarm of Ravenclaws, daggered ferocious black birds, suddenly appear right on time like every other day. I watch the scene unfold from the crowd below as the birds attack him, but in a few seconds he realises that there is a balcony below the ledge, not as dumb as I thought.

He escaped with only a few scratches and one hell of a tale.

“Hey, Magnus, where have you been?” Raphael asked.

Rolling my eyes I face to talk to the others, they begin to tell me about the new cargo, from exotic fruit to spotted animal fur. Workers will be needed at first light to unload the cargo, this seasonal work will help us get by, but I don’t know how long we can stay here, the money is running out and going back for more is no longer an option.

The kids chatter away as Raphael slips into the kitchen. I leave the kids to their fascinating talk about spiked fruit to find Raphael preparing dinner. As I help him peel the taro crops and potatoes.

He asks again “so where were you?”

“Just on the roof” I reply with a smirk.

“Which roof was that?” he said raising his eyebrow.

“I can’t remember”

He grins and says “I heard a new-comer was foolish enough to go to the Ravenclaw roof”

We both look at each other and burst out laughing. We do the same; one of us just doesn’t get caught.

Before we know it, we’re all in bed and anticipating a long day ahead.