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Todoroki's Rhapsody

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    “GIVE UP SHOUTO! YOU ARE JUST PROVING HOW USELESS YOU ARE!” The villain yelled, sending another wave of flames his way. Todoroki barely dodged it, his body aching. He had been fighting his father for hours, the man had proven dangerous when he had turned villain. He just needed to take him down, somehow.

His mother had been removed as a hostage thanks to his sidekicks quick thinking, but this was proving difficult. The old bastard still had it in him. Both were seriously wounded and on their last legs.

Shouto gasped and hissed when a flaming arrow went through his arm, he sent a barrage of ice to distract his father. He then nearly fell when he felt the earth shake, SHIT!

    “Hahaha, they finally arrived.” smirked Enji. He had gotten an earthquake quirk user recently, this was going to be quick. He just needed to finish off this brat of a son. But what nobody accounted for was that the building was unstable thanks to its age and that the fight inside had shaken it up. Soon it started to crumble around them, Todoroki leaning on the wall for support.

Enji scoffed, watching his son. “Useless.” he muttered, blasting a hole in one of the walls. He was going to escape. No! Todoroki couldn’t let that happen! Without thinking he sent an ice spear flying towards him. Enji’s eyes became wide and he brought up a fire was too late. It struck him through the eye, going through his head.

All that was left was an empty stare from the remaining ice blue eyes, staring at Shouto. Anger, confusion and nothingness. Oh god, he had killed a man. How...Why..Oh god.

Before he could think further the building crumbled around him and he felt something hit him. The building was collapsing around him. God he felt so tired-He just wanted to rest. He had been tracking his father for days with no rest. He felt himself fall, the darkness engulfing him easily.


He woke up with a gasp, something was crushing him from the front and back. God, how much time had passed. He looked around, his vision was blurry.

Is this the real life? he thought to himself, trying to figure out where he was.

Is this just fantasy? had he died? Is this like a vision or whatever is on the other side? His breathing was labored and his body screamed with pain. If he died he was certainly in hell.

He looked around when the memories hit him, the tears pricking his eyes. Caught in a landslide...No escape from reality.

He coughed a few times, his eyes becoming heavy. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice yell. “ Open your eyes!” He wanted to ignore the voice, to just go sleep...but a little spark in his mind refused to. It yelled: ‘ Look up to the sky and see whoever is the last person to see you alive. You can’t leave them alone. You are a hero!’

Infront of him was Uraraka, crying as her quirk was trying to lift the boulder off him. He sighed in relief as he felt it lift slowly. She dragged him out gently, picking him up.

    “GUYS! I FOUND HIM!” she yelled, tears pricking her eyes.

    I’m just a stupid boy, I need no sympathy.” He chuckled, gently reaching up to try and dry her tears.

    “Don’t say such things Todoroki! You are a great hero and friend and I will be damned if somebody does not care!” she said strongly, sniffling as she ran through the rubble.

    “You should be more like Denki, you would be under a lot less stress when we get hurt. Because he is easy come, easy go. Little high, little how. Any way the wind blows, doesn’t matter to him. ” he commented, feeling lightheaded. He was spewing whatever came to mind, trying to keep himself awake. He needed to see his mother, he needed to see if she was okay. It was all worth if she survived, she needed to be alive.

    “Shouto!” He heard more yells and suddenly wild green curls, spiky red hair and his mother’s worried eyes filled his view.

    “Mum.” he smiled weakly, a pressure lifted off his shoulders. He wanted to cry so much, she was alive. Finally, that bastard couldn’t hurt her. Then it hit him...He can’t hurt her...Because he is dead. What had he done?! He looked at his mother, shaking in Uraraka’s hold.

    Mama, just killed a man. ” he muttered, trying to tell her what had happened.

    “I know Shouto...I know. They found his body. It’s okay, he won’t hurt me anymore. He won’t hurt our family anymore.” she cupped his cheeks, her grey eyes full of tears.

    “But...But I killed him. Put the ice in his head, pulled my trigger now he’s dead. Mama, life had just begun we had been finally free of him. And now I’ve gone and thrown it all away. Mama- ” he saw her crying even harder, her ice cold tears hitting his face. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” he shakily reached up to wake them away. His hand was badly burnt and it ached, but she was more important. He felt a sharp pain, his vision becoming blurry.

    “I think he is falling into shock! We need to get that medic!” Yelled Deku, somewhere in the background. Todoroki glanced at his mother again and spoke with what was left off his power to stay awake.

    “If I’m not back up this time tomorrow, carry on carry on. As if nothing really matters. ” he muttered, as the woman tried to hold him.

    “We can still save you! Just stay awake, Shouto! Please! They have such wonderful quirks! You will be fine, just please stay with me.”

He sadly smiled up, speaking with a raspy voice. “Too late, my time has come. I was always so afraid of it it would send shivers up my spine . But right now my body’s aching all the time , I don’t think I can be saved... Goodbye everybody I've got to go. ” He looked around, seeing barely their silhouettes. “ Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth .” he then realized, that oh god he was dying. He was DYING.

    M-Mama...I don’t wanna die. Sometimes wish I'd never been born at all .” he cried softly in his mother’s embrace as the world turned black. It was...rather peaceful. No pain, no emotions, just a gentle nothing.



Suddenly he was pulled into something loud, bright and it filled him with dread. He heard whispers as he was pulled into the room.

    I see a little silhouetto of a man. ” mumbled somebody and Todoroki was thrown on the ground. It was hard, hot and unpleasant. He groaned and looked up, he saw a weird looking clown infront of him. He was being addressed by somebody and Todoroki looked around. He was in what looked like a court, except the jury was on both sides. He squinted at it and realized he recognized a few of them. They looked like old uncles and aunts that had died when he was young or before he had been born. His mother and father’s line were each on one side and somebody from his father’s side was leaning  over the rail.

    “Scaramouch, Scaramouch will you do the Fandango?” he joked, getting punched by the man. He then disappeared as he heard something loud. Like many a gunshot being fired at once. Then he saw the light, it wasn’t gunshots.

“Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me.” squealed somebody from his mother’s side. On the seat of the judge suddenly sat two figures. One looked like a white misty shadow and other...oh god it was his father. Where Todoroki had hit him there was an eyepatch over it and he smirked down at his son.

    “At least my worthless son died with me.” he commented, watching Shouto try to pick himself up.

    “Welcome to hell son.” he laughed, it was a laugh that froze your blood in your veins.

“Now now Enji, this is his trial. Do not get ahead of yourself.” hissed the mist and the man quickly looked away.

“Yes, whatever.” he mumbled, crossing his arms.

Todoroki looked at his relatives, rather curious. He recognized his grandparents near the front, his father’s having soft expressions. From what he remembered, they were actually nice people. He felt a chill go down his spine as he turned to see his mother’s parents. Both looked cold and his grandmother scoffed at him.

    “Failure.” he heard both of them mumble. No wonder his father got his mother’s hand, these people were horrible like him.

Little mists rose from the ground and a chorus started singing an ancient song and it quickly ended with the last line. “ Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, figaro, magnifico.” after that they went back under and a the white mist spoke.

    “We are here for the final judgement of Shouto Todoroki! He died while on hero work, age 30.”

    “Minutes before his death he killed his own father right after ripping his mother away from him.” Explained Enji proudly, glaring daggers down at his son.

    “Because you were keeping her hostage!” he hissed up at him.

    “SILENCE!” Yelled the white mist, looking annoyed at the pair of them. “Shouto Todoroki you may begin your defense on why you should be sent into the light, instead of staying down here with your father.” it said with a harsh and cold voice.

Hecking really?! He dies and now he has to do this shit?! He took a few moments to clear his head, looking straight at his father.

    “I have trained to be a hero since I was a kid and since my quirk was discovered I sulked and I felt like: I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me , I wanted to give up. But my eyes were opened by number 1 hero Izuku Midoriya. He was kind and he helped me and after that started my uphill battle. I reconnected with my mom and siblings and I started doing whatever I could to help. A hero is never off the job. And never in my life had I killed a single person, injured? Yes. But I only killed him, because he was a threat. I was half-dead and the spear was supposed to hit his shoulder. He would have been fine if-”

    “I am not so sure I am fine Shouto.” spoke his father through his teeth.

The mist seemed rather annoyed. “Why did I expect this would go smoothly?” it muttered and it started to grow. It started projecting Shouto’s whole life, many of his relatives gasping.

    He's just a poor boy from a poor family. Spare him his life from this monstrosity. He deserves to go to the light!” they started to speak up, most of them agreeing the boy had been through enough. Enji and some of his mother’s relatives didn’t seem impressed.

Enji scoffed. “He is just easy come easy go. He doesn’t care for others! Look how he destroyed those buildings, injured those villains! How cold he is!”

    “And whose fault is that?!” Shouto yelled up at him, his rage starting to bubble out in bursts.

    LET ME GO! I WANT TO GO BACK!” he yelled angrily up at the mist. It let out a cold and deadly laugh.

    Bismillah, no we will not let you go . You are never returning to the land of the living Shouto Todoroki.” it spat out, watching him reel. He punched the floor, leaving a dent that was quickly sealed.

    LET HIM GO!” yelled the relatives that were on his side. “He should go to the light! Go with us!”

    Bismillah, we will not let you go.”  said Enji calmly, trying to tip the scale in his favour. “He should stay down here with me. He is not a kind man. Harsh and cold just like me.” he said calmly, watching a fight break out.

    LET HIM GO!” they yelled and the ones against it rebuked back.

    Bismillah, we will not let you go.” they stated coldly, being the opposite of the passionate bunch trying to save him.

    Let me go!”  Shouto suddenly spoke up after watching them go back and forth. They turned to him and spoke again. “ Will not let you go. ” They smirked as his emotions burst back through.

    LET ME GO!” he yelled at them looking quite pissed. Enji jumped down from the judge’s seat. He landed with a giant shake to the ground, which threw the shaken Todoroki off his balance. He grabbed his son’s shirt collar and brought him close to his face, before speaking to him. His cold eyes glaring daggers into his soul.

    “I will never, never let you go. ” he said, his cold laugh filling the air. Todoroki struggled against his hold, yelling in protest. “ Let me go!” he growled. Enjoy smirked simply and spoke again.

    Never-” he was interrupted by a slap to the face. “ Let me go.” Shouto hissed and suddenly he saw a bright flash of light. The white mist had started to engulf him.

Oh oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no- He couldn’t stay here with his father, no! It was too much!

Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia.” he heard the mutterings of his relatives, they seemed to distant. He felt like he was suffocating, his lungs barely having any air.

Let me go!” he yelled for the last time. His thoughts raced but one thing was certain in them. Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me for me for me- he gut interrupted by being slapped into the ground. He looked up and saw his father’s figure. He was laughing, before the mist started to surround him and it went into his mouth and nose.

    So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye?” it asked with a cold voice as he started to choke, clawing at his throat to get a breath in. It eventually let Enji go before he would be knocked out. He looked up at his son and spat out more of his horrible words.

    So you think you can love me and leave me to die? You are a SHAME! A SHAME TO THE TODOROKI NAME!”

Shouto flinched and looked down at Endeavour, before kicking his face.

    “You are mistaken. I do not love you, old man. I stopped loving you the moment you laid a bad hand on my mother. The moment you made her suffer!” he spat at him, throwing himself to wrestle the man. If he was stuck in hell, SO BE IT! He was going to kick his father’s ass for all eternity .

Enji looked up shocked, looking at the mist with begging eyes.

    Oh baby can't do this to me baby-” he get interrupted by another kick from Shouto who was filled with pure rage. Before he could do more, he felt himself being pried away from him and looked up to see his grandparents. People were coming out of the stand, a few of them kicking Enji and they let go.

    “Run! Go now! Get down the corridor and never turn back, we will see ya on the other side. Go while Enji and the bastard are distracted!” they yelled over the chaos. Shouto nodded, starting to run. But soon he felt out of breath, something was in his lungs. Trying to stop him.

Just gotta get out just gotta get right outta here- he thought to himself as he ran, not slowing down for nothing. He jumped into the light on the other side and felt the peace once again.


He opened his eyes and looked around. It was familiar...but also not. He looked down and saw his mother, she was being hugged by Natsuo. Some time seemed to have passed since they weren’t at the landslide. Both seemed..older.

    “And he had the audacity to say: Nothing really matters .” she teared up again, sniffling.

    “Ma, that was just Shouto. But anyone can see . He cared for you and us. He died for us so we can have a break from that bastard.” he chuckled, holding their mother close.

He tried to reach for her, but his hand just went through her. He sighed and looked around. Huh, he did used to think a lot like that. Especially before the sports festival all those years ago. A constant stream of: Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters to me

God he was an idiot, a really big idiot. He sighed and shook his head, this was a mess. He was started when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw his grandma, who smiled.

    “I am happy to finally see you Shouto. You grew into such a good man.” she said, looking so proud.

    “I would kick my son’s ass if I could reach him again right now.” sighed his grandfather with a shake of his head.

    “W-Where do we go?” Shouto asked, a bit scared yet excited. His grandfather smiled.

    “I guess... Anyway the wind blows. ” he said as a gentle breeze from the window pushed them, leaving his mother and brother in peace.