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The rescue of Yui

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My name is Yuuji Ayukawa, I am 28 years old and a Hermaphrodite. I have a now 1 month old baby girl, Yui, with my mate Minato, a 18-year-old dinosauroid. I am now pregnant again after the unthinkable
happened. Rape. So as of right now I am unsure who the father of my baby is.. Any whoIm going to tell you about how Minato and I got out little Yui back. The journey started after the hospital that held her was compromised. With the help of a chinesse dinosauroid village helped Minato take our stolen baby away from those horrible doctors. But once we had her in our arms again we had to give her back because Minato and I couldn’t have the dead bodies of other dinosauroids pile at our feet, so we gave our precious Yui back to those monsters to save the lives of the taken dinosauroids from the village we were living in. Those doctors then took my Yui to a hospital in Vietnam, away from us.