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Katsuki’s day had started off the usual, he’d woken up at 4:30 AM, done some training, looked over homework while drinking a protein shake and made lunch.

So of course he had assumed everything would be the same as always, however on the way back to the dorm after a visit to his parents house, a young woman screamed ‘Thief’ were running after a man wearing black clothing with a covered face, and Katsuki, being a hero-in-training, obviously couldn’t just act like nothing, so he stormed after the man and caught him with ease, which was no surprise considering he would be the number one hero one day.

That is until the man, who for some reason hadn’t expected to be caught (and by a teenager no less) started screaming at Katsuki to let him go, and other things, but he didn’t care enough to keep listening.


“Hah!? Shut your fucking trap and try getting schoolfed some time instead of fondling your stupid dick, or better yet, get a fucking job you dipshit!”


The man shrieked and lifted a shaking hand and slapped Katsuki across the cheek.

And the next thing he knew was that his world turned to white.




Katsuki woke up to someone knocking on his door, he glanced at his clock on the bedside table to see it read 7:32 AM. He threw off his covers and trotted to the bathroom to brush his teeth in a hurry, quickly pulling on his UA uniform, packing his things and threw open the door, almost hitting Kirishima in the face, thankfully he backed away before that could happen.


“Morning Katsuki! I didn’t see you and Todoroki training in the gym room this morning when I went to bring you guys your shakes, so I figured I should check the kitchen, but you weren’t there either, so I thought you might still be in bed. “ His red haired friend smiled at him with (poorly) hidden concern.


“What the hell Shitty hair? Since when do me a-”  Katsuki, who had finally made eye contact with Kirishima, noticed the guys usual spiky red hair was no longer spiky, instead it just fell flat down unto his shoulders. And while Kirishima did occasionally walk around the dorm with his hair down, but never when in his uniform when going to school. Never.

Kirishima, who noticed his friend staring, just smiled and made a questioning hum.


“Since when do you what?”


“Since when do you go to class with your hair down?”


Kirishima’s smile fell as his eyes widened a bit with confusion, lifting his hand going through his hair as if to mimic spiking it.


“What are you talking about, Katsuki? I’ve never spiked my hair? Or well I suppose it kinda spikes when I’m using my quirk, but otherwise never, no?”


Katsuki’s eyes bristles as he takes a deep breath, growling out the response.


“Oi Shitty hair. When did I give your fucking guts permission to call me by my first name? And secondly, when the flying fuck did me and Half & Half train together?”

Kirishima backed away a little at Katsuki’s outburst, his brow furrowed.

“Katsu-eh- Bakugou- let’s calm down alright? We’re going to be late to class otherwise”

Katsuki pushed Kirishime aside and into the wall and stormed past him, not even going to the kitchen to get something to eat, just straight to class.




When he entered the classroom, he couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong.

Katsuki was usually very organized, always up early, always doing his best, yet somehow he didn’t remember what day it was nor did he wake up on time this morning.

He sat down at his seat, ignoring everyone as they (For some fucking reason) said a cheerfull ‘morning Katsuki!’ in some way or another.

However his attention was refocused when a female voice, that he both recognized, but at the same time he didn’t recognize, spoke to him from behind.

He turned around, scowl already full on in place as red locked onto a golden gaze that withheld any of its usual malice.

“Bun bitch”

Toga looked extremely surprised, then angry, her long golden hair done in a loose bun swaying as she leaned further back.

“Excuse me?”

“No, excuse you, what the fuck are you doing here? What the actual fuck is going on today what the hell.”

There were several gasps around them, one coming from Toga herself.

“What even is your problem today Katsuki? You’re acting unlike yourself. Did you know Eijirou walked around the dorm asking about you this morning? Did you?”

“Hah?! I’m acting weird? Everyone else are acting weird! Either everyone is doing some horrible joke, or I have gone absoloutely fucking crazy”

Katsuki hadn’t realised that he had stood up during his outburst. His eyes scanned the classroom, everyone was staring at him, he looked back to the seat behind him when he realised a crucial fact that he (somehow) forgot to mention before.


“Where the hell is Deku, Bun bitch?”





Then, Uraraka from the corner speaks.


“Who is Deku?”


“The heck do you mean with ‘Who is Deku’ Round Face? Don’t bullshit me, you two dated for like, a couple of weeks during our first year!”


The silence in the room turned from an angry one to a tense one, everyone was watching and listening, but no one dared to speak up.


“No… I… I’ve only been dating since our second year… Which you would know, since you were one of the first people I told”


“Well if you didn’t date Deku as you said, then who? Fucking frog girl you had a crush on in second year?”


The tension in the room multiplied even further, surprising faces and expressions all watching on.


Uraraka walked until she stood right in front of Katsuki with a stern expression on her face.


“Who are you?”


“Hah?! The fuck are you talking about, Round face?”


“That. You have never called me that, much less yell at me. Also… Frog girl, Asui, died in our first year.”


“Oi oi. What the hell are you talking about? She didn’t, Aizawa erased Handjob’s quirk before he could touch her.”


“Aizawa was too busy fighting a villain at the time. Actually, I think the villain is known as Snapshot these days, but back then he wasn’t exactly wearing the same costume he does now. I only remember because he protected you from a villain.”


“I.. I don’t recall that happening. We are talking the USJ accident right? Back then it was only low grade villains, Handjob, Warp bastard and the noumo.. Seriously what is going on today?”


“You’re almost right, but one of the low grade villains was actually one of the leaders of the league. Though of course we didn’t find out till we found their hideout by accident while trying to rescue Eri from the Shie Hassaikai. We found that Chisaki, the leader of the Yakuza group, was working together with The league, that’s where Shouto-kun and Eijirou fought Snapshot, who was working as a bodyguard under Shigaraki’s orders. But I only recognized him from his eyes, since he was wearing a costume this time.”


“Why are you telling me all this? I already know. Or, well I thought I knew, but. Ugh. Fuck! Why is all this so fucked up today!? How come none of y’all knows who Deku is!? How come Y’all are suddenly best fucking friends with me, how come YOU are here?!- He points at Toga - You are a fucking villain, you kidnapped me with the leage during summer camp! So could SOMEBODY just fucking explain what the heck is going on!?”


The class look worrisome at each other.


“I think I should be able to help us, considering I’m getting tired of all the yelling.”


Katsuki, still angry from his outburst, sneers at the violet haired man next to Uraraka.


“Huh?! Fuck off Insomnia-”




Katsuki couldn’t move as the effects from Shinsou’s quirk had rendered him motionless, face slack and voice dull.


“What is your name?”


“Bakugou Katsuki.”


“Do you know who Toga Himiko is?”




“Who is she?”


“Female villain with blonde hair, golden eyes. She always looks like she’s climaxing, is fucking annoying. Idolizes Stain the hero killer, has a weird fetish about blood, I suspect it’s due to her quirk. Was 17 when I met her, she was a part of a team of villains who went to kidnap me during our training camp in first year. Later met her again when she had disguised herself as Utsushimi Camie from a different school. Haven’t met her since as far as I’m aware.”


Toga looked at him with a worrisome gaze and big wet eyes.


“And this ‘Deku’, do we know who that is?”





“He goes to UA Class 1A.”


“So it’s a he? Tell us about this Deku.”


“Deku is Deku. Annoying, pissing me off, he’s improving so much, fucking muttering cocksucker”


Confused glances were exchanged in the class.


“What does he look and act like?”


“Deku is around my height with a muscular build, tan skin and freckles on his cheeks, shoulders and back. His hair is wild and curly, dark green, eyes are a beautiful emerald. His face is round, but a defined face. He is a confident, albeit shy man who mutters all the fucking time about everything he finds cool. He likes quirks and analyzes them in his spare time, recording it down in his notebooks. Hero fanatic, likes All might and me.”


Shinsou glanced to Uraraka and frowned.


“You two sound close..? Are you?”


“No. We grew up together, he used to follow me around and compliment me all the time. We know almost everything about each other, but we’re not friends. Or close.”


Shinsou released his quirk as he nodded to Uraraka.


“Katsuki… I… I’m sorry to say but we have never met anyone by the name of Deku. So either this is some kind of quirk, or you’ve gone mental, as you’re definitely Katsuki.”

Katsuki, who had yet to move, was busy in recalling his thoughts and occurrences these last couple of days, as this couldn’t be real.

And then it hit him.


“The thief”  He gasped and looked up and around himself to his classmates, he touched his cheek, feeling no sting or raised skin.


“Thief?” Kirishima, Shinsou and Uraraka ask in unison.


“I was on my way back to the dorm from a visit to my parents. I stumbled upon a girl who was chasing a purse snatcher, so I caught him. He then slapped me and the next thing I know I wake up to the sound of Shitty hair thumbing on my door.”

“You don’t suggest this is a quirk at work, do you?” Kirishima asks.


“Huh? Of course I do you idiot. What else could it be? Obviously I am not the Katsuki you know, and you are in no way the class that I know.”


“Wait, hold up. Are you saying the Katsuki we know, our Katsuki, has switched places with you?”




The class all glance at each other worrily, but no one says anything, the more they think about it, the more accurate it sounds.


“So…” Toga begins.




She scoffs at him.


“God you’re so rude. So. What are you going to do?”


Katsuki smiles one of his menacing smiles that oozes confidence.


“I’m going to find that fucking thief and make him return me to my own world.”

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Katsuki woke up to his alarm blaring from his bedside, clock reading 4:30 AM, confused as he turned it off, maybe he accidentally put in the wrong time? Oh well, once he were awake there was no way he would go back to sleep. Stretching his back, he found that he was still wearing last nights trekking clothes and scowled down at himself. Now that he thought about it, he didn’t actually remember going to sleep last night, scratching his face as he stood from his bed and went to his bathroom to shower, he wasn’t sure if he and Shouto were going to spar this morning, but he figured the other man would just train by himself if Katsuki didn’t show.


After his shower he glanced at the clock, about an hour had passed so he decided to just put on his uniform and then go to the communal kitchen and cook breakfast for himself and everyone else, since there was a good chance Shinsou or Shouto was awake.


Trotting slowly into the kitchen he noticed that Shinsou was in fact awake, he was sitting at the kitchen table with a couple.. All might? Notebooks around him, some open and some closed. Katsuki ignored the weird feeling in his stomach and set about whipping together pancakes for the class and himself, going with a more european style as they were thinner.

When he was finished it was about 6:45 AM, he had made quite a big batch so there were enough for everyone, most of his classmates would most likely come walking into the kitchen soon, so he sat the pancakes out on the table and a plate for everyone, he had already placed pancakes on his own and Shinsou’s plates, to which the violet haired man glanced at Katsuki from his notebook, emitting a confused expression.


Katsuki sat down and started eating when Kirishima walked into the kitchen, Katsuki noted his friend had styled his hair this morning, it looked nice.


“Mornin’ Eijirou, there’s pancakes if you want some.”


Kirishima who had been looking into the fridge froze and turned to look at Katsuki who was looking at him, he didn’t look angry he just looked strangely… calm.


“P-Pancakes?” He said with a questioning expression as he looked Katsuki over.


“Yeah. They’re freshly made. You can have as many as you want, if you have room for more that is. I assume either you or Shouto drank my protein shake.”


Kirishima’s surprise gave way to confusion as he moved to sit down in front of Katsuki at the table.


“Why would Todoroki or I drink your protein shake, Bakubro?”


Katsuki looked up from his plate and frowned at his friend.


“Bakubro? Is that a new nickname, Eijirou? Not that I’m not , uh, flattered. It’s just.. Why?”

He said with slight distaste, he took a couple of deep breaths afterwards to calm his rising anger down.


“Eh…? No, I’ve been calling you this since year one. Though you never did like it… I usually just call you Bakugou though.”


“But Eijirou, you haven’t called me Bakugou since our first year. You, and everyone else just called me Katsuki after summer break and start of second year.”


Kirishima smiled a confused smile.


“Oh wow, that would be weird if we all suddenly started doing that. I can’t even imagine any of us referring to you by your first name, not even Mido.” Kirishima said as he started eating pancakes.


“Mido? Who’s that? I don’t recall anyone in our class with that name.”


“Wah Bakubro, that’s cold. And here I thought you two were getting along a lot better, guess not”


“Who? I don’t particularly think I don’t get along with anyone from our class, am I wrong?”


“Bro, I’m pretty sure you don’t get along with anyone but me, Denki, Mina, Sero and occasionally Mido.”


Katsuki opened his mouth to question Kirishima’s words, but a squeal from the kitchen doorway was heard and they both paused to look at Mina who were entering the kitchen, Jirou, Yaoyoruzu and Denki right behind her.


“Eeee! Pancakes!! Are they for us?? Who made them, did you, Eiji??”  Mina sat down besides Kirishima who shook his head and pointed to Katsuki, who were pushing the pancakes towards her, saying to help herself.


“Eh? EH? Bakugou made them? For us? For real???!”


She stocked a bunch of pancakes onto her plate and duck in with favour, enjoying the flavour.


The rest of the class slowly walked into the kitchen, some sat down at the table and started to eat, they all expressed their surprise at Katsuki’s antics, to which he replied:


“What’s up with y’all? You’re all acting like I’ve never cooked for you before.”


“Well, you haven’t” Said Denki.


Katsuki looked at him with an arched brow, opening his mouth, but got interrupted before he could speak.


“Eh? Kacchan made breakfast?? Why?” It came from behind Kirishima, who said a quick ‘Morning Mido’. Todoroki right behind him.


Katsuki’s mouth hung open in surprise as he looked at Izuku, who upon noticing Katsuki’s stare, smiled at him in question. Katsuki stood and trotted over to where Izuku stood.


“What are you doing here, I-z-u-k-u?” Katsuki growled at him, taking hold of Izuku’s shirt. Snarling in his face.


Katsuki believed himself to be in good control of his anger, but all that went out the window whenever Midoriya Izuku were involved.


“Eh? Kacchan? What are you doing?”


“What am I doing? What are you doing!? We don’t have room for villains such as you, here. Get lost, Izuku.”


Izuku’s eyes widened with disbelief before putting his serious expression on, taking hold of Katsuki’s wrist and pulling his shirt from his crip.


“I don’t know what kind of joke this is, Kacchan. But please don’t joke about that, I’m not a villain, and neither are you.”


“Not a villain? Maybe not officially no, but I know the truth ‘Zuku. Did you really think you could hide your identity huh? S n a p s h o t.”


“W..What are you talking about, Kacchan? Snapshot? That.. That’s not my hero name and you know it”


“Hero name? Hero name!? You threw away your chances to be a hero when you sided with that hand guy! I know I always told you you would never be a hero, but Izuku! That didn’t mean for you to become a fucking villain! Quirkless or not, you could still have been helping others!”


Katsuki were all but shouting now, everyone was watching the scene play out in front of them. To Izuku, it reminded him of the fight they had back in their first year.


“Kacchan… I’m not quirkless..?”


“Ah right, sorry you have two quirks now dontcha’ Snapshot?”


“Kacchan, what are you on about? Sure my quirk has gotten… interesting over the years, but it’s only one quirk. You know this.”


“Ah right, forgot your fire breathing and fucking arrows were one and the same, my bad.”


“Fire breath? Kacchan that was my dad’s quirk, not mine, my quirk is strength enchantment!. Seriously though, what is wrong with you?”


Katsuki glared at Izuku, looking him over but then it hit him.


The scar across his forehead was gone.


“Y...You’re not Izuku? What’s goin on, where’s your scar?”


Izuku looked down on his arms at his scars and back up again, meeting Katsuki’s eyes.


“Uhm, Kacchan my arm-”


“No not those, I mean yeah they are new, but I’m talking about the one on your forehead! It starts at your hairline and ends above your right eyebrow, but it’s not there?”


Katsuki stepped closer and lifted Izuku’s fringe, his fingers tracing the invisible scar.


“What is going on… You’re not the Izuku I know..”


Katsuki stopped and looked around at everyone, his eyes landing on Asui who were standing with Uraraka.


“Or.. more precisely… I’m not the Bakugou Katsuki you know”.