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The Family Business

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     Black clouds stormed in the sky, thunder roared, and freezing cold rain fell to the ground with no end in sight. The trash and dirt that littered the streets washed away down into the storm drains, but no amount of rain could ever make the streets clean. Crime and violence was at a all time high. Everyday, it seemed more and more people were turning into criminals. The mafia families were at the peak of power, taking over the city faster then anyone could of predicted. The police had given up trying to stop these families, turning a blind eye to all their crimes for the right price, except for drugs of course. Prostitution, blackmailing, and murder was fine for the right price, but drugs was where the line was drawn. Things got even more intense when a monster family started to gain some territory in the already crime ridden city, encouraging more monsters to leave the underground where they hid for countless years. People could not even tolerate their own kind over minor differences. How could monsters ever hope to make it in a human world where it was kill or be killed among their own people? Only time could tell, but nonetheless, another family, a monster one at that, joining the ranks in a already desperate city would only make things worse. Blood will run down the streets in a tidal wave of death and violence. While they played their games, the innocent and honest will take the hardest blows, but that's just how the game goes. The honest lived hard lives, barely able to pay for their protection fees, let alone their bills and rent. More honest people were forced to turn to a life of crime just to keep themselves from drowning. Some families were even forced to make sacrifices. Sometimes, the kids had to go. Some tell themselves that their kids will find better families and in some cases, it was true, but there were the unfortunate souls that never got a chance. Not even the orphanages that promised to take good care of the children in their homes would not give them a chance, killing their chances of normality before their lives even started. 

     The freezing rain chilled her down to her very soul. Not even the thin, worn out clothes the orphanage gave her helped keep the cold off of her. Her fresh cuts stung harshly and she felt sore. Her body shook violently from the cold, the rain and wind making her pain even harder to deal with. Anything was better then that place though. She'd rather be cold, hungry, and hurt then spend another moment in that horrible place. The ally did little to protect her from the elements, but it at least helped with the pain in her back. Her back only burned now, but at least it wasn't as cold as the rest of her was, even if it wasn't by much. Tears streamed down her face as the little girl pulled her knees close to her chest and rested her forehead against them. She didn't know what would happen to her or how long she would last like this, but she'd rather die here in the cold then in the hell she had been placed into. All she knew was that her body was freezing and on fire all at once and her eyes were getting heavy with each passing moment. She fought to keep her eyes open, terrified if she fell asleep now that she would never open them again. However, it was a losing battle and soon enough she was plunged into darkness with nothing but ice and fire surrounding her body with the sound of rain slowly lulling her to sleep. 

     Then, a sweet motherly voice broke the sympathy of the rain. At first, she didn't understand what the voice said. She didn't have the strength to open her eyes to look at the voice's origin. Besides, it was more likely a voice that had nothing to do with her. It wouldn't be the first time someone walked past a troubled soul without a regard for them. That was something she wasn't a stranger to. However, the voice started again, this time with a much deeper voice accompanying it. While the first voice was sweet, the second one was far deeper, almost booming, but still sounded kind. This time though, both voices sounded closer and had a hint of panic in them. The sound of rushing footsteps came towards her, not past her, but towards her. She slowly lifted her head and forced her tired eyes to open just wide enough to see what had came to her. When her vision cleared up, she was shocked to see a goat woman with a pair of small horns on her head and wide, concerned eyes. Her fur was snow white and looked soft to the touch. She faintly noticed that her fur looked dry for the most part, but now was quickly getting soaked by the rain. Along with her fur, the goat woman's tan dress was getting wet as well. She could see the dress wasn't cheap, but not overly expensive either. It was short sleeved, buttoned at the chest, and had a cloth that wrapped around her waist and tied into a knot in the front. Even though she was shocked to see a goat woman in front of her, she had no strength to react beyond her eyes opening just a bit wider. Frisk remembered all the stories the other kids told her about monsters. That they would eat her when they got the chance or rip her apart, and when she saw the woman's claw coming for her, she expected the stories to be true. However, she was shocked when no pain sheered through her body. No claws ripped into her flesh. The woman put her large, clawed, paw on her cheek. Her touch was so tender and soft. She hadn't felt someone touch her so gently in years that the simple gesture was enough to make her want to cry even harder. 

     "Oh my...", she whispered softly, just loud enough for her to hear the woman's words. 

     "Poor thing...", the second powerful voice spoke, surprising her again when she finally noticed who the second voice belonged to.

     Standing impossibly tall behind the goat woman was a goat man. His horns were much bigger then the woman's and a mane of golden hair around his head and face reminded her of a lion. He was huge and wide, yet, his eyes showed sadness and just as much tenderness and care as the woman's did. The man wore a tight fitting black and striped suit, white undershirt, and red tie. On the right side of his chest there was a pocket with the edge of a cloth showing itself. In one massive paw, he held the umbrella she assumed the woman abandoned. His sheer size was enough to intimidate even the biggest human, but he didn't seem like a scary man. He strangely seemed gentle despite his massive size. 

     "We can't leave her here...", the woman spoke again, looking behind herself to the man before looking back at her again. 

     Frisk suddenly felt the woman's arms wrap around her small body, gently picking her small body up off the ground. She expected to feel her cuts sting her the moment the monster grabbed her, but she felt nothing. She barely even felt cold anymore. Frisk watched as the man pulled out a brick like phone out of his suit and started calling someone. Who, she couldn't tell. His voice became background noise as he held the umbrella over the woman as she held Frisk, finally feeling the rain no longer falling on her skin. Her weak eyes looked up at the woman as she felt her body being held tightly in a hug like embrace, up against the woman's warm chest.

      The woman whispered the most comforting thing she's ever heard just as she felt herself losing consciousness, "You're going to be okay. We'll take care of you."




     When Frisk woke up again, she was in a soft bed with a wet rag on her forehead. It was a room she didn't recognize, but it was a place that she had dreamed of. A nice warm bed, books, toys, everything a child could ever want. She thought that this was all a dream and any minute now she would wake up back in the cold, damp room of the orphanage in a hard bed, but it was too real to be a dream. Frisk tried to sit up but it hurt to do it. That's when she realized that her old rags for clothes were replaced by a blue and purple sweater dress. It was nothing like she's ever seen before and softer then anything clothes she's ever worn before. Did the goat lady make it herself? When she lifted the blankets a little, she pulled her dress up a little to see that the cuts on her side had been bandaged. Frisk let the blanket down as confusion rushed through her. Did those people...bring her home and patched her up? 

     She wouldn't have to wonder for long. The door to her room opened and a little goat boy walked through with a plate with a bowl on it in his paws. He oddly looked a lot like the goat woman with a pair of pretty eyes, but he had some tiny details that reminded her of the goat man as well. He didn't have any horns yet, but maybe because he wasn't old enough to grow them yet. He looked a couple of years older then her, maybe eight, but no older then ten. He was dressed in a sweater similar to her's, but colored green and yellow instead with a pair of shorts. When he looked towards her, a little smile grew on his face.

     "Oh, you're finally up!", he happily spoke to her before walking deeper into the room and placing the plate down on the end table near her.

      He looked at her curiously, but happily and spoke again, "Mama, wanted me to bring you some soup hoping you'd be awake now. She'll be so happy to see you're up. She was really worried about you. She said you had a really bad fever."

     "Your mom isn't scared of getting you sick?" Frisk asked, her voice weak, but just strong enough to get the words out without much of a struggle. 

     "She says I don't have to worry because monsters don't get sick as easily as humans do.", he explained, "My name's Asriel."

     She smiled softly, "My name's Frisk."

     He looked at her a bit strangely, "Frisk? That's a odd name, but I like it! I hope we can be friends and play together when you get better!"

     Frisk smiled a little bigger from his words, "Yeah, me too..."



     Asriel was sweet and visited her often after that. While she wasn't strong enough to talk for long periods of time, he talked plenty for the both of them, but Frisk didn't mind it. It was actually really nice to have someone to talk to that was nice to her, even if she didn't do much talking. Asriel and her became friends quickly. She found out it was Asriel's bed she was sleeping in, but because his dad wasn't home often, he was able to sleep with his mom while she got better and he didn't seem to mind letting her use it either. His mother, whose name she found out was Toriel, came to see her a lot too. Toriel gave her medicine, made sure she ate at least a little bit every day, and helped her whenever she needed something. Frisk never could remember anyone who treated her so kindly. Toriel and her son seemed quite fond of her and even the man, who she found out his name was Asgore, seemed to really like her despite being gone most of the time. She really liked being here. She finally felt safe and loved. Frisk feared that once she got better that they would take her back to the orphanage, not knowing just how bad it really was. The orphanage convinced her that nobody would want her. That she would live there forever until she was an adult or until something very bad happened to her. It was always a fear that one day Toriel would come in and tell her they were going to send her back to that place.

     One day, Toriel came to check on her and asked the question she was terrified of hearing. "Do you have a family?"

     Frisk didn't want to lie to the woman who treated her so kindly. It wasn't fair to her, so even with fear rising in her chest, Frisk simply shook her head.

     "Oh poor dear...", she sweetly spoke, gently stroking her short brown hair. 

      Toriel was quiet for a moment before finally speaking with a smile and warmth in her eyes, "Well...Asgore and I have been talking and...we would love to have you as our daughter."

     The words surprised Frisk so intensely that her eyes widened and she froze, staring at the goat woman, unable to believe what she was saying to her. 

     "R-really? Me? Your...daughter?", she asked with her voice starting to shake and her eyes starting to water up.

     Toriel nodded softly before saying, "What do you say?"

     Frisk practically leap out of bed and hugged Toriel tightly, tears running down her face, "Yes!"

     Toriel hugged her new daughter tightly and nuzzled her sweetly, whispering, "Welcome to the family Frisk."


     She never thought this day would come. A family actually wanted her. Asriel was going to be her brother, Toriel her mother, and Asgore, though often absent, would be her father. It was everything she ever dreamed of. While she never expected a monster family would be the one to take her in, she wanted it more then anything nonetheless. She loved them all and they loved her back. As she cried tears of happiness into her new mother's chest, Frisk finally felt happiness. Never did she ever expect that she had just entered into a family that was much bigger then expected, she also didn't expect the unimaginable to happen.