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Ever After High Music Shuffle Challenge

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Renegades by X Ambassadors
Darling doesn’t care. If this twisted society they live in doesn’t want her and Holly to be together, if all the people in power care about is them following their destinies, then so be it. Watching Holly embrace Poppy tightly, sniffling, Darling tries not to cry.
“It’s not forever,” Holly says. “We need to fight this system. I’ll be back. I promise.”
Then Darling and Holly are on the run. They see themselves on “missing” posters when they walk through the villages at night. They won’t come back to civilization until they’ve found a way to change things. It’s as simple as that. Until then, they will be in hiding, but they’re together. That’s all that matters to them.

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day
High school has been quite the experience. There have been many ups and downs. Holly has grown in so many wonderful ways. Since Darling became a part of her life in her junior year, she has had the time of her life, more than ever before. Her routine has had to make way for unpredictability. They have rode their horses through the woods, gone stargazing at midnight. Darling has taught her to swordfight. They have lied in each other’s arms on the forest floor as the crickets chirp in the bushes around them. Holly loves her knight in shining armor more than words or, amazingly, even poetry could ever say.

Hey Soul Sister by Train
Holly feels a deep connection to Darling. Maybe it’s because they both spend more time daydreaming than socializing. Darling makes the term bookworm seem meager. Holly writes like it’s what sustains her. Darling reads what Holly writes and smiles widely the whole time.
“I love you,” she says when she reads Holly’s short story about her very own knight in shining armor. “I never knew I had a kindred spirit until I met you.”
Holly leans in, softly kissing her.
“You’re the girl of my dreams,” she says. “I can be myself around you. I literally want to constantly be with you.”
She kisses her, longer and more passionately.
“There’s nobody else I’d rather have a soul connection with,” Darling whispers against Holly ear.
And with that declaration, she trails kisses down Holly’s neck.

Some Nights by Fun
Some nights, Darling can’t do anything but drink shot after shot. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. Her leg is a bum. No more being a hero for her. She finds herself in bed with random girls more often than not. Who is she? This isn’t the honorable woman that she always aspired to be. She just wants this to end. She wants to sleep and never wake up. When she feels warm, familiar arms envelop her late one night at the bar that has practically become her home, she leans into the embrace and breaks down into heaving sobs. Where the fuck has Holly been these past years? She herself had said that it’s best if they had their distance. Now she wishes she hadn’t.
“Oh, Darling,” Holly whispers. “What happened?”
“Who the fuck wants to die alone?” Darling croaks. “I sure don’t.”
That twelfth shot had hit her hard.
“Nobody,” Holly says, kissing Darling’s head. “And you won’t. Let’s get you home.”

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
Darling is addicted to Holly. The first time she kissed her, she figured that this is what would sustain her from now on. Holly whispers that this is what she wants. They go to Darling’s room and kiss some more. After a month, Darling’s lips hurt from so much making out. People are talking. Holly doesn’t want people to know. Darling doesn’t care if they do. Soon, people’s words are getting to Darling. They're dykes? Ewww. Gross.
These insults are all that echo through Darling’s head after a while.
“Who the heck cares?” Holly says.
She loves Darling, and that’s all that matters to her.
The knight and her princess reveal their relationship one warm April day, holding hands for all to see. Darling has a sword that she isn’t afraid to show off. Who will dare talk now?

If You’re Gone by Matchbox Twenty
Darling thinks she’s lost Holly. Holly is gone. It’s as simple as that. Their love was an empire, Darling thought. Now it’s nothing but a crumbling tower. It’s Darling’s fault. She knows this. She doesn’t believe in herself. She doesn’t believe in them. Her chest aches without Holly in her arms at night. Come home, she texts Holly. "We need breathing room," Holly had said. Darling can’t breathe, though. She’s paralyzed. She watches the door, hoping desperately that Holly will walk through it. "We simply can’t relate to each other on this!" Holly had cried, her voice hoarse from screaming. She was admitting defeat. Darling doesn’t want kids. She wants Holly. Holly wants both. "This is a problem," Holly had said. You're damn right it is, Darling thinks miserably as she stares at the sugar dissolving in her cup of tea.

Spirits by The Strumbellas
Darling spends the majority of her time in her head. Her thoughts may as well be the blood pumping in her veins. Stuck in daydreams, her mother always says. Holly, this creative, caring, intelligent mastermind, that springs into her life understands this, though. She encourages Darling, never gives her the impression that there’s anything wrong with her. Darling feels different after a while, though. Being with Holly is suddenly more enjoyable than being in her imagination. Holly is real. She is bursting with energy, with love, with life. As they sit side by side at the dock over the lake, Darling wants to be here and only here. This moment is perfection, and she just wants to be alive in it.

Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
Holly believes that she will only live once. This life is her only chance, and she has to make it count. Nothing can be perfect, though. As she types an e-mail to the sales manager, she runs a hand over her face, sighing deeply. Making ends meet is all she can do right now. When will it end? Who knew that both her and Darling’s parents would die, that a new illness would wipe out so many? All they can do is stick together, soothe each other's pain.
“I can change,” Darling says. “I can tell the queen that I can’t do the quests, at least for a while, and get a normal job.”
“No, you can’t,” Holly says, “and I really don’t want you to.”
Holly can be different people. She can work a tedious 9 to 5 job. She can be an explorer, freely journeying without a care in the world. She can be the mother, cooking and cleaning and comforting her girlfriend when she comes home, drenched in sorrow. That night, Holly stands at the river’s edge, breathing deeply, hoping the chilly air will cleanse her mind, her soul. Darling takes one look at her tearstained face and wraps her arms around her.
“Shhh. I know it’s hard, baby,” she whispers. “This is a new road for me, too. I never thought this would be my life. But I’m living it with you, and that’s all the incentive in the world to keep going.”

Polaroid by Imagine Dragons
"She’s so reckless," Darling’s mother complains. "She won’t stop running around and pretending to be a boy." Darling already feels inadequate enough by the time she’s a teenager. She’s not the princess her mother wanted. She’s a let-down to the woman who raised her. Darling can’t slow down, though. She explores, learns, runs, trains, breaks the damn status quo relentlessly.
“She’s an honest-to-God head case,” her mother says one night on winter break, loud enough for Darling who is sparring with Daring in the next room to hear. “She isn’t normal.”
“Sometimes I feel like there’s a void inside me where my love for my mother should be,” Darling confesses one night weeks later.
A tear rolls down her cheek. Holly takes her in her arms and hugs her fiercely.
“I love you for who you are, a courageous, independent, strong, intelligent, devoted, compassionate young woman,” she says, her voice trembling. “Your mother is missing out on an amazing gift.”

Wonderwall by Oasis
Darling doesn’t want to follow her destiny. She wants to be a knight, to fight for justice and protect people at any cost. Do her parents like that? Not at all. She feels defeated lately, like what her parents think actually affects her for some stupid reason. Holly is there, though, a bright, active, loving girl whose imagination knows no bounds. As Holly lies on Darling’s lap, lovingly playing with strands of her platinum blonde hair, Darling doesn’t know how to put into words what she feels for her.
“You make me complete,” she ends up stuttering. “I don’t know how I could do this without you. I don’t even know if I’d believe in myself at all anymore.”
She’s surprised to feel her eyes stinging.
“What do you mean?” Holly asks, sounding shocked.
“I mean that--you save me, Holly. Every day, just by being you, by being a light in my life, you make me okay. You make me unstoppable.”