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Seokjin sips his coffee with a frown but soon brushes it off as Taehyung slides into the chair across him with biggest grin he ever saw. The younger is clearly in good mood, and it gives Seokjin a reason to smile too.


“You didn't wake me up.” Taehyung pouts, but the smile on his lips indicate he doesn't mind it.


Seokjin shakes his head. He walks around to cup the younger's face and kisses him on the lips. “You slept so well, I didn't have heart to wake you up.”


“But I wanna make coffee with you, and-” Taehyung's eyes betray him and find the box in the middle of the table. “See your face when you opened that box.”


Seokjin sits next to Taehyung, taking his hand and intertwine it to his. “What are these, sweetie?”


“Happy watch!” Taehyung beams.


Seokjin hums, kissing Taehyung's knuckles peacefully. “And what is that?”


“You must have seen the ads, Hyung-”


“Baby or Jinnie only, sweetie.” Seokjin jumps in, and Taehyung lets out a shy smile.


“Yes, Jinnie, you must have seen the ads. It's so cool. We can see our happiness rate!” Taehyung practically screams in delight.


“You want us to wear these together? That's why you bought two?” Seokjin asks, detaching his hand from Taehyung's to bring the other cup of coffee for the younger.


Taehyung's eyes sparkle. “You don't mind, right, Jinnie?”


Seokjin pushes back his bang, watching Taehyung sips his coffee intently before mumbling,”I won't mind, sweetie. If that makes you happy. Thank you for your gift.”


“You sure?”


Seokjin smiles, leaning to peck the younger's nose. “Why are you so cute this morning. You're that happy?”


“I wanna show everyone how much I'm happy to be with you!” Taehyung reaches the older's face and kiss his cheek so fast. Seokjin blinks.


“Oh, do that again!” Seokjin demands.


“Do what?” Taehyung sinks on his chair, pretending to be busy with his coffee.


“Kiss my cheek.” Seokjin offers his cheek. Taehyung giggles.


“Don't wanna!” Taehyung strokes the older's cheek and nudge it lightly. “I have morning breath. And you're ready for work.”


“Do it or else I won't let you sleep here again.” Seokjin threatens, his eyes lighten as Taehyung rolls his eyes and kisses his cheek.


“Good boy.” Seokjin ruffles Taehyung's bang. His stomach twisted in discomfort as he remembers he should leave Taehyung soon for work.


“I should leave now.” Seokjin sighs. “Do you have class today?”


“I have one class at noon. Will leave around 10.” Taehyung stands, take one of the two boxes, opening it and beams as he sees the golden watch.


“The golden one is for you. It will shine on your skin.” Taehyung takes the watch, stroking its glass lovingly before circling it into the elder's wrist. “See? That's perfect!”


“Thank you for this, Taetae.” Seokjin leans to peck the younger's lips.


“I have morning breath!” Taehyung pouts, pushing Seokjin backward.


Seokjin chuckles. “Who cares?”


“Let me see your happiness rate.” Taehyung holds his boyfriend's hand and frowns. “It's only 60%.”


“Who's happy to leave the finest boyfriend in the world, My Sweetheart?” Seokjin grabs his coat, pampering Taehyung's face with butterfly kisses. “Call me when you're ready to leave, when you're arrived at your dorm, when you go to uni-”


“I know!” Taehyung giggles. “Just leave already! You're gonna be late.”


“Take care.” Seokjin winks and disappear behind the door.




Seokjin stares at the pile of files on top of his work desk. He makes sure they are arranged based on their priority once again before sighing.

He’s just about to make a call to Taehyung when his happy face shows up on his phone. His depressed mood instantly rises.


“Sweetie?” Seokjin doesn’t even bother to say hello. “Why didn’t you call me?”




“𑁋Jinnie.” Seokjin cuts him off impatiently. He can sense the younger is rolling his eyes across the line.


“Jinnie, I’m right outside your office!” Taehyung utters excitedly.


“What?” Seokjin replies lowly, dumbfounded.


“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Seokjin is convinced his boyfriend is pouting.


“I’m happy, Sweetie. But how you get here? It’s so far from your campuss𑁋”

“I have my way. Please come here already.” Taehyung sounds a bit irritated, but his tone is playful. “I know you’re done.”


“Wait a minute, Tae.” Seokjin huffs, frantic rising up inside his chest. “You need something? Water? Tea?”


Taehyung chuckles. “Jinnie, I’m all fine.”


Seokjin breathes. “Okay. I’m coming.” He adds helplessly,”Don’t go anywhere. Not even an inch.”


“I’m literally 21 years old, Baby.” Taehyung is trying his best to keep his voice low, but Seokjin knows he’s running out patience now.


“Don’t cut the call𑁋” Seokjin warns, his free arm reaching to turn his PC off. “I’m serious.”




Seokjin sighs, relief to hear Taehyung actually agrees. He’s kind of too protective, Taehyung once said, but the moment the elder’s eyes landed on Taehyung, he just knew Taehyung is the one, so the younger had no idea, he will never understand. Seokjin practically pinning over Taehyung for more than six months before finally, finally Taehyung gave in. The younger said it was not like he wasn’t interested, but the fact that Seokjin had been a succesful adult working in top company was overwhelming while Taehyung was still an ordinary student in uni.


But Seokjin made it. And Taehyung never regretted his decision.

Seokjin deliriously throws all his stuffs into his backpack, annoyed how he’s struggling with only one hand free.


“I’m on my way there, My bear.” Seokjin slurs, and he hears his boyfriend hums in contentment.


Seokjin ruffles his brown hair messily and storms off outside his office, glad that his superior has been home already, so he doesn’t need to chit chat. He goes to the elevator and presses the ‘L’ button, feeling slightly bad to make Taehyung waits.


“You’re still there?” Seokjin asks while he’s inside the elevator.


“Of course I am.” Taehyung replies, his voice comes out a bit shaky, likely due to lack of signal.


“Are you hungry now? Wanna get something to eat?”


“I wanna eat something you make.” The younger sighs, something in Seokjin’s head alarmed.


The brown frowns. “You had bad day?”


“Just regular student day. Nothing extravagant.” Taehyung miffs.


“We can talk about it later, okay?” Seokjin taps his foot impatiently. “What do you wanna eat?”


“No idea.”


When the elevator finally sets down in lobby, he goes to the couch right away, finding Taehyung is seated with pout, his feet bounching back and forth.


“Baby.” Seokjin calls out and ends the call.


Taehyung looks up, his eyes instantly sparkling as he smiles wide with Seokjin approaching him.


“Let’s go home, yeah?” Seokjin reaches for the younger’s arm.


Taehyung intertwines their hands naturally and following Seokjin after. But before Seokjin opens his car door, the younger detaches himself.


“Where’s your watch?” Taehyung asks.


And Seokjin’s blood runs cold. “Inside my bag?”


Taehyung’s face falls and it wasn’t left unnoticed. The brown’s heart drops at the sight.


“You are ashamed to wear it?” Taehyung’s mouth agapes, his eyes scream disappointment and sorrow.


“Not even close.” Seokjin declares. “I don’t want people in office know my happiness rate, Taetae. Not everyone is good.”


Taehyung bites his lips, sadness still there in his face, and Seokjin waits with his heart beating so loud.


The elder glances over Taehyung’s watch, he barely can see the rate. But he is sure it’s 64%, still pretty good eventhough Seokjin doesn’t trust that device completely.


“Will you wear it for me?” Taehyung looks up, his voice pleading, and who’s Seokjin to reject him.


“Of course, Baby. I will wear it once we get inside, okay?”


Taehyung doesn't answer, so Seokjin takes it as a yes and opens the door, his hand on the younger's back, nudging him to get inside. His mood obviously getting better, and Seokjin looks over the watch. It shows 72%. That's good.


Seokjin spends no time to crawl into driver's seat, gropping for his watch somewhere inside his bag and reluctantly wear it meanwhile Taehyung is waiting for him in silence.


“Your seatbelt, Sweetheart.” Seokjin reminds, leaning to kiss the younger's cheek.


Taehyung obeys, buckling up his seatbelt with a grin. He sure loves getting kiss, Seokjin knows it by his heart.


But then Taehyung ruffles his raven hair and lets out a sigh, looking at outside while Seokjin start driving.


“What's wrong, Tae?”


“Your happiness is only 56%.” The raven says, not even looking at Seokjin. “What happened?”


“Usual work stuff.” Seokjin takes a deep breath, trying to sound nonchalant.


“What can I do to make you happier?” Taehyung asks, looking down and fidgeting with his fingers.


Seokjin tries to focus on his drive, but he slows it down to have proper conversation with the raven. He can sense Taehyung's not feeling good, and he doesn't know why. It's bugging Seokjin.


“Just kiss me more than usual?” Seokjin jokes, but Taehyung turns and tilts his head.




Seokjin arches his brow. “Okay?”


“I wanna make you happy.” Taehyung quitely says. “You aren't that happy with me.”


The brown takes a sharp breath, getting a clue what's gotten into Taehyung.


“We've been together for a whole year, Sweetie. You know me better than that.” Seokjin reaches to caress the younger’s cheek. “It's just work shit.”


Taehyung shifts uncomfortably. His hands tucked carefully on top of his lap as if he's afraid Seokjin will hold them. The brown blinks, his heart aches just thinking how the younger thinks he’s not happy.


“I was humiliated today, but seeing you is increasing my happiness rate this much.” Taehyung mutters. “But it doesn't work that way with you.”


“You were humiliated?” Seokjin's tone rises unconsciously. “Why? Who did that?”


Taehyung’s eyes land onto the golden watch. His lips purse in tight line. “I don't wanna talk about it.”


Seokjin breathes out, forcing himself to not sounds like he's upset. “Okay. That's fine.”


Taehyung glances at Seokjin's watch. He then turns to the other and saying,“I love you, Jinnie.” His fingers caress the brown's arm with gentle move.


Seokjin turns, looks slightly confused but mostly endeared. His smile curves the way Taehyung loves the most as he replies, “I love you too, Baby.”




Seokjin is leaning over his car when Taehyung appears, his boxy grin goes wider.


“You pick me up!” Taehyung shrieks.


Seokjin opens his arms, welcoming Taehyung in his embrace while smiling contently. He pecks Taehyung’s head before letting him in.


Taehyung seems like on his best mood, Seokjin notes as the younger's watch shows 87%. He gulps nervously and peeks at his own watch. It says 62%. That’s it, he is doomed already.


Seokjin buckles his seatbelt, his mind wanders. He grips the steer and looses his sleeve so slowly, hoping Taehyung will miss the move. But the younger is done with his seatbelt, he has nothing to do beside waiting for Seokjin and that’s when he catches Seokjin’s motion.


The younger holds Seokjin’s wrist, taking it closer to him, inspecting it and his shoulders slump in disappointment.




“That’s okay.” Taehyung breathes out. “That’s okay. I will make you happier today.”


But it doesn’t seem okay, Taehyung bites his lip, staring at nothing in particular longingly.


Seokjin starts the engine, clearing his throat. “You wanna go somewhere?”


Taehyung turns, smiling wide that reaches his eyes, surprising Seokjin. “No. Just wanna cuddle and watching anime together.”


“Good decision.” Seokjin praises, and the younger beams.


The rest of their journey is filled with comfortable silence, but Taehyung doesn’t mind it, he needs to think something to make Seokjin happier.


That’s why when Seokjin parks his car in the basement of his apartment building, Taehyung blinks away at the sudden dim light.


“Let’s get home, Baby.” Seokjin mutters, ruffling the raven’s hair before getting out, followed by Taehyung.


They enter the elevator hand in hand, something that Taehyung likes a lot despite some judgement stare from random people, but mostly both of them didn’t care.


And then something hits Taehyung. He pulls his hand out of Seokjin’s once they are inside the elevator.

“What’s wrong?” Seokjin asks, his tone is just plain curious.


“Do you𑁋 do you always held my hand because I like it?”


Seokjin exhales, wondering what else has gotten into Taehyung. “I like it too, Tae. What’s wrong?”


But then the elevator reaches their floor, Taehyung has no other choice than letting Seokjin squeezes his hand and leave.


When Seokjin clicks the door, he pulls the younger into his embrace and he can feel how finally tension leaves out Taehyung’s body.


“Mind to tell me what’s wrong?” Seokjin asks, patting the younger’s head, not caring that they still hasn’t changed and standing in the entryway.


“I don’t want you to do things just because I love it.” Taehyung murmurs, refusing to look up.  “Is that why you aren’t happy with me? Because you only care about my happiness𑁋”


“That’s bullshit.” Seokjin frowns, isn’t aware that Taehyung still can’t see him now. “Can we drop this? You know I’m so so happy with you, Sweetie.”


But it seems like it upsets Taehyung. He sets himself free, not giving Seokjin chance to reach him as he turns around, fist clenched on his side.


“I’m gonna cook something for us. Please shower first, Jinnie.” Taehyung walks into the kitchen. Seokjin follows him, a pinch of worry has bubbled up to his throat.


“Hey, what about we cook and then afterward we shower together?” Seokjin suggests, watching Taehyung opens the fridge who seems in deep thought over what he can take to cook.


“No.” Taehyung says in determine. “You have taught me to cook, remember? I can cook by myself now.” He’s still kneeling in front of the fridge, completely obvilious how Seokjin leaning into the kitchen counter, breath starting to be heavy.


“I believe you can cook, but𑁋” Seokjin’s words vanish in his tongue. “Why you take that?”


Taehyung puts the veggies on top of the kitchen counter, swing around and back with cutting board in hand. “Take what? Veggies? Because I will make bibimpap, it’s your favorite right?”


The younger’s back kneeling, contemplating what else he can make. Bibimbap is easy one though, it can be done once Seokjin out of the bathroom.


Seokjin pales, mind wildly imagining Taehyung and knife. He can feel anxiety hit his airway, blocking his brain to form a proper excuse to make the younger give up cooking.


“I𑁋I’m craving for ramyeon. Can you𑁋 can you just make it while I shower?” Seokjin finally finds his voice.


Taehyung turns and looks up, pouting. “I wanna make real food, Jinnie. Just trust me. Go take a bath.”


The younger doesn’t understand. Seokjin ruffles his hair in frustation, now nausea attacking his stomach and blurring his vision. “Then, let me𑁋 let me see you cook.”


Taehyung takes two eggs and some slices of bacon out of the fridge, smiling as he place them neatly next to the veggies.


“I wanna surprise you, Jinnie. Come on.” Taehyung coaxes, his eyes crinkle in joy, nudging Seokjin wholeheartly. “Take your time.”


Seokjin forces himself to leave, but his hands already sweating cold. A memory of Taehyung burnt his arm three months ago goes into his head, fresh and terrifying. It even left a permanent scar on Taehyung’s forearm, and Seokjin definitely will never forget it. Taehyung is not particularly careless, but once he gets too excited, he will lack of awareness over anything else happening.


“He’s grown up man, Hyung, learn to trust him more will you?” Seokjin remembers Namjoon once said.   “You worry too much for no reason. He loves you lot, are you blind?” That was Hoseok saying. “I’m sick of you asking Hoseok whether Tae has problem in college or not. Taehyung will open up to you if he thinks it’s important for fuck sake.” That was Yoongi when they four had a night out.


Seokjin massages his temple, dragging his feet toward the wardrobe, trying to pick whatever it is to wear but his mind keeps wandering around Taehyung over and over again.


He jolts when his phone rings. Seokjin kicks the wardrobe door and harshly takes his phone out of his pocket, seeing Namjoon’s name on the screen. He frowns.


“Halo?” Seokjin didn’t intend to make it sound rude, but Namjoon seems like he doesn’t even notice it.


“Seokjin hyung. We got the name.” Namjoon whispers like it’s the biggest secret of the century. “They are in the same class for english. He mocked Taehyung for his poem, saying it has a lot of grammatical errors and𑁋”


“And?” Seokjin waits with his eyes narrowed.


“He said,’you should’ve asked for your boyfriend help since he’s the best alumnus and you’ve sucked his dick to get privillege here.’” Namjoon says, disgusted.


Seokjin grits his teeth. “Send me his name and phone number, and I don’t know, his address?”


Namjoon sighs. “What are you gonna do?”


“Nothing violent, don’t worry.”


Even from here Seokjin knows Namjoon is rolling his eyes. “And what makes you think it’s less worrying?”




“Hyung.” Namjoon warns. “Taehyung won’t like it.”


“Taehyung doesn’t need to know.” Seokjin mutters stubbornly.




Seokjin turns, watching Taehyung stands in the doorway in terror. His glance falls into the red fluid drops onto the floor. His eyes grow impossibly wider. His grips tighten, and Seokjin weakly whispers,”Namjoon, I’ll call you later.”


“What is that?” Seokjin throws the phone onto the mattres and takes rushed steps. Colors drained from his face.


“What is that ?” Taehyung raises his brow. “I should be the one asking that, Jinnie, am I right?”


Seokjin inspects Taehyung finger, fresh blood covering the tip of his finger, and suddenly the older has the urge to die.


“Sit.” Seokjin demands with shaky voice, his eyes blinking irregularly.




“No what?” Seokjin sprints toward the nightstand, trying to find first aid kit in panic, tears pouring down into his cheeks.


“What were you talking about with Namjoon hyung? Why I can’t know?” Taehyung asks, his voice annoyed and demanding. But Seokjin can’t focus on that, he doesn’t even remember what was he talking about.


“Wait a minute. Stay there.” Seokjin comes to Taehyung, pushing him softly to the matress, making him sit. He kneels, holding Taehyung’s unharmed hand. “Wait a minute.” He breathes out. “I forgot where I put the fucking first aid kit.”


“Are you crying?” Taehyung’s heart breaks. He glances over the watch, it shows 32%, the lowest he ever saw. His chest stings. “I’m fine, Jinnie, I really am. It’s little𑁋”


“Shut the fuck up!” Seokjin yells. Taehyung agapes.


The older looks up, instantly regretting it as Taehyung’s eyes start to water. He buries his head on the younger’s lap, muffling cry. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”


“I’m𑁋I’m … fine. Why are you crying?” Taehyung chokes out. “Why are you crying? What’s happening to you today? Why you talked to Namjoon hyung and not me? Why?”


Seokjin shakes his head, detaches himself from Taehyung. “I need to find the damn first aid kid.” And he roams all around his room, ignoring Taehyung’s silent cry. He then walks out, leaving Taehyung and his uncontrolled mind. He unconciously rubs his bloody finger to his pants, doesn’t even feel the pain.


How many times Seokjin held back his feelings? Did Taehyung hurt him a lot? Was Seokjin ever happy with him? Taehyung closes his eyes, recalling how Hoseok, his senior in uni asked him to meet certain person in their university annyversary two years ago. It was Kim Seokjin, one of the best alumnus that was invited to the annyversary to give his speech. Taehyung was fully aware Seokjin was interested in him. It turned out Seokjin is a good friend of Hoseok and Yoongi, both of them are his senior from the same faculty. And he’s also best friend of Namjoon, one of assistant lecturer that happened to be Taehyung’s mentor too. Namjoon is briliant, he’s likely follow Seokjin’s step to be the best alumnus too, but he doesn’t leave uni yet since he enjoys mentoring whilst he has been graduated.


Maybe it’s getting too much for Seokjin. Maybe Taehyung is no longer wanted. Maybe Seokjin has flown too high and Taehyung can’t reach him no more.


But it’s not hard to love Seokjin, he never gave up to gain Taehyung’s respect and attention. Taehyung loves him with all his gut now, but maybe it’s too late, he never made Seokjin happy enough, he never made Seokjin felt loved enough, it was always the other round.


Taehyung can feel it to his core, Seokjin is leaving him. What did he expect? Seokjin is special, and Taehyung didn’t appreciate it enough. He flinches when Seokjin dropped the first aid kit box on the floor, his eyes are puffy, his lips redden, but God, he is the most beautiful person Taehyung ever seen.


“Why did you rub it, Taehyung-ah?” Seokjin says lowly, but it somehow triggers something inside the younger’s chest.


“Why you called me Taehyung-ah?” Taehyung winces as Seokjin treats his wound.


But Seokjin is too focus on Taehyung’s finger, his brows knitted into one, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

Taehyung shallows bitter lump on his throat. Seokjin’s watch is still wrapped around his wrist, showing 46%. Taehyung’s sight is starting to blurry.


“What are you talking about with Namjoon hyung?” Taehyung asks once Seokjin is done.


Seokjin refuses meeting his eyes and it’s like a slap on the younger’s cheek. Seokjin is leaving him, and he told Namjoon. Taehyung forces back his tears.


“Let me take water for you first.” Seokjin leans, pecking Taehyung’s lips before standing up and storms out.


Taehyung collects his heart and mind, determined to leave Seokjin alone. Maybe Seokjin will rethink his decision. Maybe tomorrow they will be fine. Maybe Taehyung can stop hurting Seokjin for awhile. He stands, brushing his wet cheeks and leave Seokjin’s room quitely.


Taehyung is almost reaching the door knob when Seokjin grips his wrist, turning him around with dejected face.


“Where𑁋” Seokjin shallows. “Where are you going?”


Taehyung can feel tears prickle his corner of eyes. He places his palm on top of Seokjin’s, holding it to set him free.


Seokjin’s eyes widen.


“I𑁋I’m going to tell you what I was talking about with Joon.” Seokjin pulls Taehyung away from the door, his grip tightens.


Taehyung looks up, bitting his lip nervously.


“I𑁋I asked him to … find out which moron that humiliated you𑁋I was planning to do something without you knowing𑁋” Seokjin pauses, watching Taehyung’s eyes blink. He begins to tear up. “I’m sorry𑁋But I haven’t done anything, I swear𑁋 can we, can we go to bed and order something to eat𑁋 please.”


Taehyung inhales deeply, loosens Seokjin’s grip to hit the older’s chest continously, tears pouring down to his cheeks. “Why did you do that? Why you always think of me?”


“What𑁋” Seokjin pushes back the younger’s bang.


“You𑁋” Taehyung gets dizzy out of nowhere. “I get it now. Why you aren’t happy with me.”




“Don’t call me that!!” Taehyung bursts. “I hate it when you call my name!”


Seokjin opens his mouth, but Taehyung cuts in,”Stop putting me on top of everything! I’m not even that worth it for you. Just𑁋stop it. You deserve to be happy too. I love you so much𑁋” Taehyung hiccups, but as Seokjin leans, he takes a step backward, face soaked with tears. “𑁋you deserve more.”


Seokjin’s mind goes blank. “I’m𑁋I’m happy.” He whispers.


It’s like watching someone you love dying. Taehyung feels it to his heart. He thought Seokjin was leaving him, but it seems like it’s something even worse. Seokjin willing to do everything for him and it hurts him to know that he never once made an effort to show Seokjin that he will do the same. He was too drown into Seokjin’s love, comfort and assurance. He feels safe and secured.


It’s not like Seokjin will leave him, it’s otherwise. Seokjin will stay forever, whether Taehyung makes him happy or not. Taehyung feels sick to his stomach.


“I’m leaving.” Taehyung didn’t intent to make it sound like that , but the look on Seokjin’s face telling him he made huge mistake.


Seokjin’s grip on his arms loosen, his lips tremble as stares at Taehyung with so much pain and lonesome.


His voice cracked as he mutters,“Are you leaving me?”


Taehyung’s heart drops. “What𑁋”


“You’re leaving me.” Seokjin’s voice comes out frantic and agitated. His first tear breaks free and the rest followed in an unbroken stream. “What did I do so wrong?”


“No, Jinnie𑁋 listen to me𑁋” Taehyung begs. “I’m not leaving you. I just𑁋 I meant I wanted to go home.”


“You said I deserve more𑁋” Seokjin argues. “You are leaving me.”


Taehyung wants to reason and defends himself, but he keeps his mouth shut as he realises how it sounded so wrong indeed. It’s so tiring . All the arguments, all the tears, even the stupid blood of his were useless. Seokjin palms his forehead, crying his eyes out.


It’s when Taehyung reads 17% on his watch. His heart sinks.


Taehyung forces his mind to stop overthink. He takes a step closer and wraps his arms around Seokjin and buries his face in the crook of the older’s neck.


“I said it wrong. I’m not leaving you. I love you so much, Jinnie.” Taehyung whispers, his lips ghosting over the older’s neck. “Forgive me, please.”


Seokjin exhales shakily, but he reciprocates the younger’s embrace. “Don’t leave.” He leaves the insecurity unhidden.


“I’m not. Let’s get to the bed.”




Taehyung’s eyes snapped open as he feels Seokjin’s stripping him.


“Am I waking you?” Seokjin says softly. “Let me change your clothes, will not be long, I promise.”


Taehyung whines but he complies as Seokjin slips in pajama into the younger’s bare body. He kisses Taehyung’s belly as he does the last button. The younger giggles.


Taehyung frowns when Seokjin’s no longer on the bed. He opens his eyes, feeling heavy more than ever, but he feels lonely without the older.




“I’m here, Baby.” Suddenly the bed dipped, and Seokjin is there, wrapping the younger's waist with his arm. His scent sends peace into the younger's gut.


They both leave their conscious soon. Chest up and down in sync.


Taehyung shifts in his slumber as his stomach grumbles. He yawns, pressing his body closer to Seokjin, caressing the older's palm. He turns around, slowly opening his eyes. He blinks at the sudden brightness. Neither of them turned off the lamp. Too drained to even did their night routine.


Seokjin still looks so ethereal and breathtaking. He didn't even change his clothes, Taehyung fondly notices. The younger brushes his forehead, pecking it longingly.


Then something on his wrist catches Taehyung's attention. He brings Seokjin's wrist to him, hearts pounding inside his chest. His mouths opened in shock as it shows 100%. It's perfect happiness. Seokjin is happiest when he's asleep with Taehyung.


"Baby." Seokjin opens his eyes, frowning. "Are you hungry? Want me to order something? Turn off the light?"


Taehyung drops Seokjin's arm and throws his face into the crook of the older's neck, tearing up.


"Hey, what's wrong?" Seokjin reaches the younger's back, caressing it softly.


"Your watch, it shows 100%." Taehyung mumbles incoherently. "Why?"


"Oh, Taetae." Taehyung can feel Seokjin's smile. "You have no idea, but I'm happiest when you laying down next to me. I can make sure your safety, watching your pretty eyelashes, how your lips mumble my name on your dream, and how you hugged me when you had nightmare."


Taehyung wraps his arms around the older's neck. "Why did you never tell me?"


Seokjin cackles. "You won't believe me."


Taehyung whimpers. "'M sorry."


"That's okay, My Baby." Seokjin cups Taehyung's face, kissing his lips, innocent yet lovely.


"I wanna make you happy everyday." The younger plays with Seokjin's top button.


"Let me think." Seokjin pretends to think. "Then you need to move in with me, right?"


Taehyung's eyes widen.


"I've thought about that a lot, you know? It's driving me insane when I'm not sure about your safety. It's so far from your campuss, but I can order an uber for you, I can make sure you are healthy and ready to study, I can see you once I go home, I can hug you to sleep. It sounds like perfection and dreamy." Seokjin utters, his eyes filled with anxiety mixed with hope.


"Is this not too soon?" Taehyung asks, not meeting the older's eyes.


"You think so?" Seokjin tries so hard to hide his disappointment.


But Taehyung shakes his head and grins. "I'd love to."


Seokjin's face breaks into pure joy and relief. He showers the younger's face with kiss.


"I love you so much." Seokjin whispers, eyes glassy.


"I love you so much." Taehyung echoes, pecking Seokjin's nose. "And we can stop wearing these stupid watches start tomorrow."


Seokjin laughs. "You sure? You did like these watches few days ago."


"They are stupid." Taehyung joins into laughter mess.


Oh, how Seokjin never imagined something more perfect than this night.