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Bright Colors

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Shinsou took a deep breath before opening the shop doors. His hand quickly moving to cover his eyes from the bright sunlight. The summer air engulfing him almost immediately which causes his shoulders tensing up as the heat moves in on him and began beating down on him relentlessly, soon causing beads of sweat to drip down his forehead. Despite having only just opened the door; he was already prepared to crawl back into bed.

“Shinsou!” A voice sang, accompanied by the sound of skateboard wheels against pavement.

It took every muscle in Shinou’s body to prevent his eyes from rolling back into his head. With the click of his tongue he slammed the shop doors once more as he retreated inside.

“Hey!” Kaminari’s voice rang through the door. “Come on!”

“We’re closed.” Shinsou responded bluntly.

“Lies! You were just opening.”

Letting out a sigh, Shinsou pulled the door open once more. “Why are you here?”

Kaminari’s presence seemed to buzz around him like a fly he could never seem to swat away and every single thing he did aggravated Shinsou to no end.

“For a popsicle of course!” Kaminari beamed, pushing his way into the shop before bolting to the back.

“Can’t you buy them somewhere else?”

“Yeah I could,” said Kaminari. “But then I wouldn’t be able to see your beautiful face.”

“Get out.”


“You heard me, pay for your damn popsicle and get out.”

“Fine, fine.” He laughed. “But you know I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Sure whatever.”

Kaminari’s lips lifted upwards as he set a five hundred yen coin on the counter. “I’ll see you later.”

Hearing as the blonde’s footsteps faded into the distance, Shinsou found himself staring at the ground. A light pink hue gracing the tops of his ears.

Damn he’s annoying.

* * * * *

The next day; just as promised, Kaminari appeared before him once more. This time his eyes shining with a hopeful look in them.

“What is it now?”

“This!” Kaminari shouted, slamming a flyer down on the front counter.


Isshiki Summer Festival

Date: Sunday, June XX

Location: Isshiki Beach


“Let’s go!”

A creased formed between Shinsou’s eyebrows as he shook his head, “Absolutely not.”

“How come?!” Kaminari begged. “It would be fun.”

“Not with you.”

“Hey! That’s mean.”

“I’m not going.”



“Please~” Kamnari asked again, his voice falling into a small whine.

“I said no.”

“How about if I promise not to come by the shop anymore?”


“Hah!” Kaminari laughed. “I got you.”

“Don’t joke around.” Shinsou said his eyes having cemented into a cold look.

“I’m not joking.” The blonde boy defended. “Though it would only be for a week. I don’t think I could stay away too long.”


“Please!” Kaminari whined, his voice several octaves higher than the last time he spoke. “I really wanna go with you!”


Kaminari’s face turned a bright red, his eyes forming into a small glare as he puffed his lips out into a pout. “This is so lame.”

“Just go with your other friends.” Shinsou said. “Besides I don’t really care for festivals anyways.”

Leaning his head on the counter, Kaminari’s glare didn’t falter in the slightest. “How do you know you don’t care for them if you’ve never been to one.”

“I’ve been to one.” Shinsou said averting his gaze.

Though that was a lie and he knew it. Shinsou had never gotten the opportunity to go a festival as he had never been invited to one. Now even if he were to consider it, he was unsure he even had a yukata to wear.

“Really? Which one.” Kaminari asked.

“You know..”


“The New Year’s one.”


“At the shrine..”

“Which one?”

“What is this twenty questions?!” Shinsou defended. “I’ve been to plenty of festivals.”



“Then one more shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“Right.” Shinsou agreed. Wait.

As soon as the words left Shinsou’s mouth, Kaminari’s yellow eyes widened with excitement. “No take backs!”


“Ah! I said no take backs.” Kaminari cut in before he could speak. “I’ll be back tomorrow night so we can go together.”

Before Shinsou could argue any further Kaminari had dashed out the door. Having been left in confusion, his brain tried it's best to make sense of what had just happened.


"I'm not going." Shinsou tried to resolve with himself, "I told him that I wasn't. Just because he got me to accidentally agree doesn't mean I have too."

"Agree to what?" A voice asked.

Looking up, Shinsou's eyes widened in surprise to finding Todoroki and Midoriya at the entrance of his shop.


"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Anyways, what are you guys doing here?"

Midoriya shrugged and nodded his head toward Todoroki as he walked to the back, "We thought we could stop by for some popsicles."

"Oh sure, go ahead."

The second Todoroki pulled open the freezer his face fell into a disappointed gaze. "You're out of Orange."

"Yeah, blame Kaminari. He eats them like they’re popcorn."

"Oh yeah, I think I saw him leaving as we walking." Midoriya said, resting his hand on his chin. "Does he come here often?"

"Unfortunately." Shinsou said.

"Then do you by chance know if he got any good news?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Well when we saw him leaving he just looked really happy." Midoriya explained. "I thought maybe something good happened."

As they set the popsicle they had picked out on the counter, Shinsou noticed that the festival flyer was still sitting atop it. Though before he could move it, Midoriya had already spotted it.

"Oh, are you going to the Isshiki festival too?" Midoriya asked.

"No..I- I wasn't planning on it." Shinsou replied, his hand resting on the back of his neck. "Kaminari came here to ask me to go."

Though awaiting a simple response, looking up at his two schoolmates once more he found them staring at each other with odd looks on their faces. Almost as if they were talking to each other without really having to say anything.

"Uh, guys?"

"Sorry!" Midoriya spoke frantically. "So-uh are you two going um..together?"

"Probably not. I really don't feel like going."

"Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea." Todoroki finally spoke up. "Going that it."

"Why do you say that?" Shinsou said, handing the receipt over to Midoriya.

"Uh-well.." His green haired friend stuttered for a bit. "The fireworks are really amazing! Anyways, we gave to go. See you around Shinsou!"

With that he grabbed Todoroki's hand and made a beeline for the door.


Before Shinsou could say anything else they were already gone.

That was weird.

Not really wanting to think about it anymore he returned to his work.

The next day as evening edged closer, Shinsou felt himself growing more and more apprehensive.

Maybe he's not coming after all.

Glancing up at the clock, it was almost time to close the store. If he was serious about going he would of been there by now. The bright, glowing sun handling began to set; coloring the sky a deep purple which eventually faded into the night sky. In the deserted shop Shinsou leaned against the counter and gazed outside one of the windows. As his chin rested on his palm, Shinsou felt yet another sigh escaping.

"Geez!" He spoke aloud. "What am I so down for. It's not like I wanted to g-"

Just then, the door flung up hitting the bell hard. At the threshold standing a very out of breath and sweaty Kaminari.

"S-sorry- I-I'm late." He struggled to get out with every breath.

"What the hell happened?" Shinsou asked as he handed Kaminari a water off of one of the displays.

"I'm sorry I'm late." Kaminari said, "I tried to leave work early but someone called in- and- they asked me to stay and even though I said no they-"

"It's fine." Shinsou cut in. "Really, I already told you I didn't want to go anyways."

"Don't say that, I was really looking forward to it. I even went to buy a Yukata last week."

"Last week?" Shinsou repeated. "How long have you been planning this? You only also mean about the festival yesterday."

"I- Well, you see.." Kaminari started. "I was really looking forward to today because of something else."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't really say," Kaminari admitted his facial features darkened. "I really want to tell you a certain way.."

"Tell me what?"

Kaminari said nothing in response, unable to muster up even the smallest bit of courage.

"Kaminari." Shinsou spoke. "You can tell me. What is it? Did something bad happen?"

"No, it's nothing like that." Kaminari said in a small voice. "It wasn't anything ba-"

Just as he was speaking a loud boom echoed throughout the store.

"What was that?"

"No!" Kaminari yelled as he ran to the door. "The fireworks, their already starting."

"Yeah, didn't the flyer say they would be starting around this time."

"That's not the point." Kaminari responded, his eyes shifting from side to side as he searched the night sky unable to see them from the shops entrance. Soon after his eyes were beginning to gloss over with tears; as he blinked, a few fell from his eyes and down his cheeks. His lower lip quivering soon after as he spoke, "It was really important to me that we went to see them."

Shinsou's heart sunk at Kaminari’s sudden display of emotions and without thinking he grabbed onto the blonde's hand and pulled him back into the store. "Follow me."

Heading to the back, he lead Kaminari up a staircase he had not scene before.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Shinsou pushed open the door and they were met with a cold breeze.

Another boom echoed through the sky and Kaminari could the Fireworks just as they burst, each one drawing a unique pattern of its own into the sky. The bright colors burning the unique image into both their minds.

"Wow," Kaminari said as he stepped further out onto the rooftop. In awe at the view; it felt as if he could see everything despite only being a few stories high.

A small gasp escaped him as more fireworks broke across the sky like ink on a starry canvas.

Though Shinsou was more interested in watching Kaminari's expressions than watching in the show. Finding enjoyment in the way his eyes would light up and the way his face looked just as he started to smile. Something about it was..

Shaking his head, he rested his hand on Kaminari's shoulder. "Hey, now that we've seen them. What was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Oh," Kaminari started. "Right."

Shinsou watched as the smaller boy fiddled with his hands a bit, as if laying all his ducks in a row for shooting his shot.

"I don't think there's any easy way for me to say this without feeling like I'm gonna have a heart attack but.." Kaminari paused for a second as his gaze met Shinsou's. "I like you."