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Two Spies and a Baby

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Pouring himself a cup of coffee Will looked out of the large windows of his apartment, a view completely different than any place he has ever lived. After countless years he's given to the FBI, nearly two years of fighting along side Frankie, his body ached and didn't move as fast as it used to. Frankie tried to hide it but he saw the way she rubbed her shoulder after a particularly rough fist fight. He lightly suggested that they should retire and was surprised when Frankie agreed with him. That was a year ago. After exploring all the parts of the city they've called home for most of their adult lives Will realized they needed something to occupy their time. They couldn't exactly get desk jobs, Will thought they would be too bored while Frankie so eloquently said she would kill everyone in the room and then herself. It was then that Will remembered the private security sector. It wasn't as high pressure as their last job but it still let them see some action whenever they wanted. So, they opened up their own firm, Dead Drop.

Will walked across his living room, he sat down on the couch and as soon as he propped his feet up on the coffee table he heard a knock at the door. His body instantly stiffened, switching into spy mode. Jai had helped him and Frankie find their apartments. There was a total of six people on this earth who knew his address. Five of them were currently on a mission in another country and the other wouldn't be awake for at least another two hours. Grabbing his gun and tucking it into his waistband he moved suspiciously towards the door. He opened the door and was practically thrown a baby.

Will could count on one hand the number of times he's held a baby. As he gently swayed the child he leaned against the counter, trying to fight off a panic attack. His mind swirled as he went over the whirlwind of events that happened that morning. In a matter of five minutes he went from relaxing on his couch, about to go for a run to being roughly handed a baby and a diaper bag by a distraught woman at his door wearing sunglasses and a hat.

"She's yours" was all the mystery woman spoke before she took off down the hall leaving Will dumbfounded and holding a crying infant. That was over an hour ago. It took Will 45 minutes to get her to stop crying, he was sure the neighbors were going to call the police. It took another 15 minuets, and apparently, the sound of the faucet running, to get her to fall asleep which brings Will to now. As Will rocked the sleeping child back and forth he spotted the diaper bag, surely there must be a letter or something. Looking around for somewhere to put the baby down his eyes landed on the door to his bedroom. Laying her down in the middle of the bed he built a pillow fort around the baby, praying she wouldn't roll over and fall off. Walking back into the kitchen he emptied the contents of the bag onto the counter. The last thing that floated out was a folded piece of paper, 'Will' was written in a neat cursive. Skimming the words his suspicions were confirmed.

She is definitely his daughter

Her name is Sophie

She's 10 months' old

As Will began to inspect the other contents of the bag a sharp cry pierced through the apartment. Another 45 minuets of soothing later Will realized he was in way over his head. He took out his phone, his thumb hovering over the call button. After a moment or two of stalling he pressed down and silently begged for an answer.

"Will if you ever call me again before noon on a Saturday I will shoot you and they'll never find the body." Frankie hissed through the phone. Will winced and instantly felt bad for calling her this early but he was desperate. Ever since Prague they had been in a weird limbo. They kissed but they never talked about it again. Both of them felt the line they drew early on blow away in the wind but neither wanted to address it. So here they were, not quite friends but also not quite in a relationship. He took a deep breath before continuing,

"Frankie please come over I need your help." He whispered.

"Why are you whispering." She sounded more annoyed.

"I'll explain when you get here just please hurry." A slight panic filled his voice. He heard her sigh and mumble some incoherent curse words, was that French, before replying,

"You owe me Chase."

30 minutes later she was at his apartment, drink carrier holding two strong coffees in one hand, the other raised to knock on the door. Before her knuckles made contact the door swung open. The sarcastic comment Frankie had locked and loaded died on her tongue when she saw baby in Will's arms. Looking at the child Frankie guessed she couldn't be more than nine or ten months' old. The baby looked at her with wide piercing green eyes, a dead giveaway for who's child this probably was. She then took in the small curls of sandy brown hair. It was an eerie combination, if she didn't know better….

"I didn't know you had a kid." She asked making her way into the apartment. She smiled as she heard a light chuckle from the man.

"I don't." he clarified rather quickly. Frankie looked at him and then back to the baby raising an eyebrow. The baby stared back at her with wide eyes. Will noticed and laughed, "you wanna hold her?"

"Oh what? No no no no I'm good." Frankie held up her hands in protest, kids for whatever reason just did not like her, all they did was cry in her arms. Will thrust the baby into her arms anyway. Frankie grimaced looking down at the baby in her arms, she wouldn't admit it out loud but she was probably the cutest baby Frankie had ever seen.

"See look at that, you're a natural!" Will beamed, the corner of his mouth quirking up into a smile. Her stomach did a flip at the sight, that's been happening almost every time he looks at her since the incident in Prague. She just replied giving him a sarcastic smile. Frankie began to bounce the child back and forth, she giggled and Frankie involuntarily smiled but quickly schooled her features.

"What's the little cuties name?" Frankie cooed at the girl, shocked at how naturally the voice slipped out.

"I'm Will, Frankie you know that." He teased. She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"I meant the baby." She said as she shifted the girl to her hip.

"S-sophie, the note says her name is Sophie." Will studdered a bit and walked over to the counter, fishing around for the piece of paper. Frankie sucked in a breath.

"What's wrong" Will asked, immediately concerned.

"It's nothing" Frankie deflected, embarrassed about being affected by something so trivial. Will raised an eyebrow and she caved, "that's my grandma's name. I always said to her that if I ever had a daughter I would name her Sophie. But she passed before that could ever happen so…" she softy stroked the baby's soft curls. Will's gaze met hers, he watched as she continued to run her fingers through Sophie's hair. Both unsure what to say to Frankie's confession.

"Why did you call me Will?" She asked putting her hand on the hip not currently supporting the baby. He had to fight back a laugh, she looked like such a mom. Baby on her hip while simultaneously giving him a stern look.

"I didn't know what to do, she just showed and handed her to me. I figured you would know what to do." He shrugged.

"What so you see breasts and instantly think mommy?" she fired. Will not so discreetly shifted his gaze down to her chest and then back up with his signature smirk. "You're such an ass" she laughed. "Do you remember who left her, I'm sure there's something legally we can do."

"She showed up in a hat with sunglasses covering half her face, she was gone before I even registered that she was there." Will sighed and sat down on a bar stool, he rubbed his hands across his face before looking back at Frankie and Sophie, "I couldn't even tell you what color hair she had. She might have had an accent, I don't know I honestly think I blacked out once she handed me the baby."

"Do you think it's…" Frankie insinuated, she didn't want to come right and say Gigi but it was the only logical solution. Will softly exhaled.

"I think I would have noticed if she was pregnant, but thanks for bringing that up." He tried to make a joke but Frankie still saw the hurt.

"Well I'm sorry it's the only option that makes sense unless you have a secret girlfriend we don't know about."

Will just groaned and put his head in his hands. "Please Frankie, I don't know what to do. I'm completely out of my element here." Will held his breath as he watched Frankie continue to run her fingers through the baby's hair, pretending to think about it. Eventually she rolled her eyes with a smile, looking hastily at Will's living room,

"Fine but we're probably going to have to go shopping, you have absolutely nothing here that's safe for a baby."