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In My Own Space

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║ Warm rays of sunshine illuminated the small bedroom and marked the beginning of a new day. The child that inhabited the bedroom slowly woke up. However, while he tried to stretch his body, he noticed something hard on his back that prevented him from completing his daily morning routine.


Confused, the boy tried to reach his back to find out what was in the way. To his surprise, his hand couldn’t touch his back.


He opened his eyes completely to look at his hands and noticed that they weren’t normal but similar to the ones of an insect.  Fear started to bloom inside him. Being unable to contain it, the child screamed. ║


“Izuku?” A female voice startled Izuku out of his reading, making him jump a little. The woman covered her mouth to hide her smile and spoke again. “Sorry, sweetie, but you are going to be late for school. You need to get ready.”


“Okay, mom” Izuku slowly stood from the wooden floor. The book between his hands was a fairly thin one. The paper cover was somewhat worn, and the colors were a bit pale. However, the pages were in good condition.


He closed the book and looked at the front cover to read the title and author’s name, “Change by F. K.”  After staring at it for a moment, he decided to take the book with him. 


Izuku took some steps toward the door but he stopped suddenly and turned around “Oh, I almost forgot.” Walking back to the spot where he sat previously was a small metal box. Inside it were several books. Most of them were really old, published during the beginning of the twenty and twenty-first century.


“I wonder how my dad got these books.” Izuku said absentmindedly while closing the box. He stared at it for a moment before running back to his room to get ready for the day.




║ The child’s scream was heard by everyone inside the house. In a few seconds, quick footsteps approached the bedroom. The door was opened to allow the people on the other side see what was happening.


What they saw let them speechless and horrified. Instead of seeing a young boy above the bed, there was a giant insect. A giant insect with the boy’s face. ║


“Hmmm… so this book really was written before the first quirk appeared. After all, mutations are something normal these days.” Izuku affirmed to himself as he was walking towards his school.


“Hey, wait for me!” a voice was heard behind the green-haired boy. By pure habit, he looked behind him to find a girl waving her hand in his direction.


The girl sped up as she passed by his side and slowed down once she reached the people in front of him.


 “Why did I look behind me? There was no reason for her to talk to me.” He muttered as he looked back to the book on his hands.




║Silent fall upon everyone in the room. Even the sound on a pin drop could have been heard at that moment. No one wanted to make the first move either, too afraid of verifying that this wasn’t a dream and have to deal with the consequences. However, as time passed, the cold grip of reality was felt.


Cruel, evident, and inevitable.


The first one to react was a young girl. “Is that you, brother?”


The boy-insect slowly nodded as if he couldn’t believe it himself. “Yes… it’s me.”║


Izuku arrived at his school five minutes before the bell ring. He opened the classroom’s door slowly, making sure to look at the floor all the time. Once he was inside, he quickly walked towards his designated desk and sat down on his chair.


Some minutes later, his teacher arrived, too.


‘Good, I made it here without any problem’ Izuku thought with relief.




║ ”Here is your meal, sweetie.” The woman said as she avoided to look at her son.


“Mom, what am I going to do now? Will people accept me as I am now?” The high pitch in the child’s voice was gone. His words were pronounced with a raspy voice.


She closed her eyes and tried to show a warm smile. It didn’t work. It was painful to look at and far from being sincere. “Everything will be okay. You’ll see. ” Once the woman was outside and saw her husband, she collapsed on the floor. She covered her mouth with one hand while tears fell down her face.


“I don’t know what to do. It has been weeks since he woke up like that. Is he going to stay in that form for the rest of his life? I…” she gritted her teeth in desperation. “I’m scared every time I see him. I can’t stop myself from wondering if that is still our son, or if it is a monster that took his place.” She whispered as quietly as she could. She didn’t want to be heard the one in the bedroom.


Unknown to them, the child hearing had improved due to the transformation, so he heard every single word.


Doing his best to stand up, the boy took the plate with his morphed hands. He put the food inside a bag in the closet and went back to his bed. ║


It was time to take a break at school. The other students arranged their desk to eat near their friends. As usual, they talked about making plans for the weekend and other mundane things.


Izuku stayed in his corner, opened his bento box, and thanked for the meal. He wanted to eat, but the anticipation of knowing what was going to happened motivated him to keep reading the story.

The green-haired boy was worried about the protagonist. He hoped everything would get better soon. 




║He lost track of time.


The boy didn’t know how much time had passed.  He didn’t remember the last time he left the room. He didn’t remember the last time he had a proper conversation with someone. He didn’t remember the last time his family didn’t saw him with pity, sadness, or fear.


He really was tired.


His body was weak.


He just wanted to sleep.║


The only thing that Izuku could do was to stare at the book in disbelief. “It can’t be true. This ending is…”  


Suddenly, a hand snatched the book from Izuku’s hold. An undignified squeak of surprise left his lips as it happened. “Hey, fucking Deku, don’t ignore me when I’m talking to you.”  Red eyes glared down at him.


“Kacchan, give me the book back!” Izuku said as he stretched his arm to grab the book again. But Katsuki didn’t agree with the idea, so he moved it away from him.


“Katsuki, what is that?” said one of the two students that were approaching them.


Katsuki’s followers.


“Huh? A book? It looks really old.” The second student said as he took a closer look at the book. “Wow, it’s from the 1900’s! Do you know how much money you could get from it? A lot, dude!”


Izuku’s face paled after hearing those words.


“Heh, that’s a good idea actually.” A cruel smirk formed on Katsuki’s face as he spoke.


“What?! No, you can’t-“ An explosion directed at the desk interrupted Izuku.


“I can’t?” Katsuki’s lips contorted into a snarl. “Who do you think you are to tell me what I can and can’t do, ah!?”


“I-is just, it is no-not heroic to ta-take people’s things without their pe-permission.”


Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s collar shirt, pulling him forward. The hand’s temperature was really high after making the explosion, so it was burning Izuku’s skin. “Listen to me, Deku. You think you can become a hero, but you are not more than a useless, quirkless nobody.”


Katsuki’s face got closer to Izuku’s. “So fucking shut up before I blow that stupid face of yours.” Katsuki ruthlessly released him, making Izuku fall from his chair.


While walking away, Katsuki looked back. “If you wanna be a hero that badly, there’s a quick way to do it. Believe that you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life and take a last chance dive off the roof.”


Izuku stayed there frozen like a statue.


║He was unwanted, he knew that.║


‘No, you are wrong!’


║He brought disgrace to the ones around him.║


‘That’s a lie!’


║He deserved what was happening to him.║




║His disappearance would be beneficial for everyone.║


“No one wants a useless person around.” That’s the last thing Katsuki said before closing the door, leaving Izuku alone.


Izuku’s body started to shake while uncontrollable sobs passed through his lips.


║The child closed his eyes.║


A hole tore open below izuku and swallowed him down.


║And took his last breath.║


The only evidence of Izuku being there a moment ago was the backpack lying on the desk.