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Bakugou was finally enjoying a nice day off. It feels like forever since he’s been allowed a break from his singing and modeling career. He can’t say he really hates them, he actually loves his jobs, but sometimes he does get a little overwhelmed with all he does.

When he was younger it broke his heart when he found out he couldn’t become a hero when he was announced quirkless.

He fell into depression and wouldn’t talk to anyone. He threw away all his hero merch and had locked himself in his room for a while. Because of it, he even stopped going to school for a while.

Then one day, while he was listening to T.V. a new and upcoming actress, had come on T.V.

She told of her hardships of being born quirkless and people telling her she couldn’t become an actress, cause no one will ever like a quirkless person, but she proved them all wrong.

She is now one of the most sought-out actresses, and one of the most inspirational women of her time.

When Bakugou had heard her story. He got inspired to finally move forward in his life.

He finally got himself out of his depression. He asked his parents if he can get a private tutor who can teach him, cause he still wasn’t ready to go back to school and face those kids who made fun of him again.

His parents were happy that he finally got out of his depression and were happy to do everything they can to help.

He started doing many different things to see what he was good at. He found out he was pretty good at everything, but what called out the most to him was singing and modeling.

His parents had agreed to help him with his dreams, but it was only on the condition that he graduated High School.

They were happy he had dreams, but they still wanted him to have some education. He was a smart boy, his tutor said. If he were to study for the next 3 years he would probably be able to have graduated high school at the age of 10, and studying he did.

He ended up graduating from high school when he was 9. Then he decided to do college courses online for a computer engineer.

His parents kept their deal and allowed him to model his father's designs.

He became an instant hit with him being the child of the most famous fashion designer and model in the world.

The next thing he did was start a channel for his singing.

A label had heard his songs and wanted to sign a label with him.

He signed a contract with the label and his debut album was a big hit in Japan and across the world.

He won awards for it, and when the people learned he was only 11. They were shocked that an 11-year-old had achieved such a big thing.

Now he’s 15 and is still as big as ever, he has even started acting. He was even able to land a movie with the actress who had inspired him to keep moving forward.

Bakugou was walking through the park wearing a mask, hat, and sunglasses so no one would recognize him.

He walked through the park stopping to pet dogs, walking through with there owners.

He then went to a food truck that was selling ice cream and brought some.

He was just enjoying his walk and eating his ice cream when he saw a young girl looking around. Probably to find her guardian’s.

He walked over slowly not wanting to scare her and bent down so she was level with her, “What are you doing here? Are you lost?” He asked quietly.

She looked towards him and was hesitant to speak, not knowing if he was trustworthy, so instead, she looked down and gripped her dress tightly.

Bakugou just stood there for a second deciding on what to do. On one hand, he could just leave her here. On the other, he can help her find her guardian’s and then be oh his way.

He reached his hand up and took off his mask, sunglasses, and hat so she could see his face. He knows a lot of people know him, so hopefully, she will recognize him.

She had looked back up at him when she heard the movements, and her eyes widen in recognition and just as she was about to scream his name, he put a finger up to his mouth telling her to be quiet.

She gave a nod and was quiet, but her face was one of pure joy.

He quickly put the items back on just in case someone else might see. “So are you lost?” He asked again quietly.

She finally decided to speak, “I-I ran away from my caretaker.” she said looking down at her feet, guilty.

“Why would you do that?” he asked worried that something bad was going on that made her run.

She was silent again, before gripping her dress tightly “I-I know they’re busy with school, but I just wanted to go out and play, but no one would go with me, so I snuck out to go play. Then when I realized how long I was gone, I tried to find my way back, but realized I was lost.” She confessed.

Bakugou let out a little hum before standing up.

She looked up towards him and he just simply bent down and picked her up, and settled her on his hip. “Well how about this. I have a day off today, so how about I play with you for a little bit, then we can head back to your caretaker. K?” He asked.

She gave a big smile and a nod of her head.

“So what’s your name?” He asked just now realizing he never asked her

“My name is Eri!” She said happily.

He let out a laugh at that, “Well hello Eri, and you already know me, but my name is Bakugou Katsuki. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you to Katsu-nii!” He smiled at that and gave her a pat on the head.

Bakugou had decided to go to an arcade because Eri has never been, and she was curious about how it was.

They stayed there for a bit playing against each other, and it was amazing seeing the pure enjoyment on her face.

After they had finished playing at the arcade, he decided to take her to a skating rink.

Eri had ended up falling many times trying to get the hang of it, but Bakugou was there to always help her back up and continue. She still enjoyed it even though she still hadn’t gotten used to it.

After playing for so long, they worked up an appetite. They decided to go to a family restaurant to eat.

She ended up telling him about her life. Told him about her onee-chans and onii-chans who she loves. Told him about her 2 caregivers, who support her and take care of her.

He ended up telling her about some of the stuff he’s planning to release, like the new song he was working on, and a movie he was in that hasn’t been announced. So she had to keep it secret. She gave a nod and was super excited for them.

After they had eaten he decided to take her to the mall.

They ended up buying some new dolls, and some cute new clothes for her.

Just before he decided to call it a day, he had come out to see the new All Might movie. So he took Eri with him to watch.

Finally, he decided to call it a day. It was getting late and he had to get her home before night falls completely.

“Where do you live?” He asked holding her hand with one hand while his other held the stuff they had brought.

She took one more lick of her candy apple before responding. “I live at U.A.” She responded.

He stopped processing what she had just said. He was worried about what exactly he would be accused of for taking here around for a little bit.

He was knocked out of it when he felt a pull on his hand. He looked down to see her looking up at him worriedly.

“Katsu-nii are you okay?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, I was just surprised. Do you enjoy it there??” He asked continuing walking.

“Yep, everyone is so nice! They play with me sometimes, Deku likes to sneak me candy apples when papa and Dad aren’t looking. Hito-nii plays with me and also teaches me some moves. Dad doesn’t really like that. He’s worried I will hurt myself.” She said as she skipped along.

As they walked it was getting darker and there were fewer people on the street.

Bakugou couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being followed. He picked up Eri and started walking faster.

As he continued walking he saw a car pull onto the street that they were walking on.

He quickly turned a corner, hoping that it was just a coincidence, but when they turned to, he started running.

He held Eri closer to him as he ran, cursing himself for not bringing his phone.

As he ran he turned down alleys hoping to get rid of them, but it wasn’t working it seemed as if they knew exactly where they were.

Cursing his luck it must be one of the people's quirk. “Eri do you have a phone?” He panted out praying she did, cause he knows he wouldn’t be able to keep this pace for long.

She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out a little phone. It was one of those models that only allowed you to speed dial one person.

“I need you to call that person, quickly!” He demanded

She gave a nod and called the person.

What felt like forever a panicked voice finally came over the phone.

“Eri?! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” The person asked.

Before she can respond he took the phone. “I need you to track this phone!” He said out urgently.

“Who is this?” The voice asked.

“Not now, we are currently being followed and I don’t know how long I can keep going.” He said feeling his lungs burning.

It was silent for a few minutes you can hear voices in the background and movement. “We have your location, the closest person is 10 minutes away. We are trying our hardest to get to you.”

“Okay is there a dir-” He cut off with a cry of pain, feeling a searing pain go up his leg.

They fell and he can hear the person yelling and asking if they’re ok.

As he reached for the phone, a foot came down on his hand, and he couldn’t help the scream of pain he let out.

He saw one of the men walk over to the frightened Eri and reached his hand out to touch her.

“Don’t you touch her!” He yelled out.

The man who was stepping on his hand let out a cold laugh. “Oh? And what are you going to do about it?” He said laughing as he grounded his foot down on his hand.

Another man walked out of the car and over to them. “Hey stop delaying, and just grab the girl. The faster we get this down the faster we can get our payment and leave.” He said.

The guy stepping on his hand finally pulled his foot away, but then he sent a kick to his side.

He let out a gasp from it, feeling a sharp pain from his chest. ‘Shit I think they broke a rib.’ He thought.

“What do we about this guy?” The man who kicked him asked.

“Dispose of him, he’s seen too much.” The guy said climbing into the car again.

The guy gave a nod before heading back to the car to get some items.

The only one left was the one who has grabbed Eri.

He pushed himself up to his feet and ignoring the pain coming from his wounds, he made a run for the guy and punched him in the face making him release Eri.

“You little brat!” The man yelled out in anger throwing a punch that connected with his face.

He didn’t go down but instead threw his leg out to trip the guy.

The guy landed with an oof. Bakugou quickly climbed on to him. Getting him pinned

While he was dealing with that guy the other had snuck up behind Eri and caught her.

“Move away from my buddy or I will hurt the girl.”The guy said.

He looked up to see Eri in the man’s hold trying to get away from the knife pointing at her throat.

He gritted his teeth but moved away from the guy.

The guy he was holding down, took this opportunity to pin him down to the floor.

“Man what a tough little guy you are. Almost made us lose our money.” The guy said. He then went and removed the hat and mask that had stayed on Bakugou’s face.

“Well shit, guess our luck isn’t bad tonight. To think we would run into Bakugou Katsuki. Look’s like we’ll be getting a lot more money this time.” The man laughed out.

“Drug him, we're taking him with us.” The guy holding Eri said.

When Bakugou heard that he started struggling to try to get out of the man’s grip. He then felt a needle pierce his neck. He felt his body start to go numb, his vision started to turn blurry. Just before he passed out, he heard a yell of his name before darkness consumed him.