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[Podfic] Safe Distance by merripestin

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I was seeking a good, long Johnlock fic that needed a podfic done, and a lot of people on tumblr recommended Safe Distance. I love this story! I can't believe I got to do it. I hope I did it justice.

This is a long podfic, with long chapters! So I've included a zip file of the chapters as individual mp3 files, as well as a single big mp3 file, in case they're easier for some players to wrangle. The m4b file has chapter stops every 30 minutes, as well as at the top of every chapter.

If you have problems with files, or wish for a different format, please let me know in a comment, and I'll be happy to oblige.

If you have recommendations for other stories in need of podfic, please let me know that too!


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